Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 31, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 31, 1908
Page 5
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IN MUNICIPAL ELECTIOTS QUESTION WAS RAISED BY CITY ATTORXET AT COFFEYVILLE. rity Attorney of lola Concnni WItli Opinion by Attorney Oeneml— HncllInK Standi Pot i. C. nLLUi^ FOXDV I IT nssorai PiOFK! laswi NEW YEARS BALL TONIGHT >N5UAL EtKIT fflTE* BI BEB8 OF'FIHB DEPABTMSHT. Pine Hand Painted China at exactly HALF PRICE This Is a Tcry fine line of CHINA and yon can not afford to miss the bargains ire offer. - See WindoiT at dPENCER'S Short Stories iori lola Happenings THE lOLA ICE AND " COLD STORAGE CO. Mawtfactorm, WholMoI* aad lUtafl Dealers CRYSTAL ICE And Dli tilled Woter "Ktm C *li etaran Kea4y f*r lulaeih Fkoaa 111 FRANK RIDDLE, Mgr. —Frank B. BeatUe, V. S., Phone 13D. At M. E. Church. There will be a watch servico at tho M. B. church tonight. After a short business meeting the following pro STam will be given: "Reminiscence"—K W. Mylor. "What of the Future"—S. C. Beatty. "The Joys of the Year From a Religious Standpoint"—R. W. See. "Does it Pay to be a Christian?" from a Lawyer's point of view— W. H Anderson. "WTiat Is the Outlook for the Cause of Prohibition "—Judge Collins. The Year that Has Passed—Mrs. O. \V. Holmes. Musical numbers will be rendered by Miss Florence Root and Miss Kati Coutant. After tho program light re- freshmentB will be served nnd ever.v one will enjoy n noclal hour. ICvery (one invited. Real Estate, Insurance City anfl Farm Loans Low Rate, Annual Interest Payments received at any thne without notice, and Interest ceases on amount paid. Long or Sliort Time Loans. Cunninsham & Arnett For the best and (lulekext roiinKK iifin.fbc ItetlRter'ii nntit roIuinnK. I'rof. IJodlne'i. Talk. I -ai<t evening after the regular meet Ing i.f tho Y. .M. C. A. itlble olasR Prof. IJoillne, head of tlie department of phllo.'iophy and psychology of the Kansas university. addreKged t!ie class on the subject of "(letting Hack to Jesus and Away from Theory. Prob. Undine is an excellent talker and hi^ address was thoroughly en- Joyed by the mcmbcra of the class. —InsNt on havinfc V. S. Flonr. Move Millinery Parlor. Tlie Atchison niininery parlor is being moved today from North Jefferson to" the Hobnrt building at 19 East Madi.-c.!i. "I didn't think that there was a lawyer who would question the right uf women to vote and sign nominating petitions In a municipal election." P. J. Oyler, city attorney, was talking this morning of the question raised by City Attorney Snelllng, of Coffeyvllle. challenging the right of women to sign nominating petitions In municipal elections. "Since the law gives women the right to vote at school and municipal elections, they certainly have the right to sign the petitions of candidates for whom they expect to vote," Mr. Oyler said. After Attorney Oyler had given his opinion as to the rights of female voters In city elections, this opinion from Attorney General Fred S. Jackson, written for Hal Clark, county attorney for Montgomery county, was called to his attention: Mr. Hal R. Clark, County Atorney, Independence, ICansas. "Dear Sir:—In answer to your letter of December 18, I90S, In which you ask-: 'Can women participate in the primary nominations, the same as men? In other words, can they sign nomination petitlon.s, and vote in the primaries, in city elections?' I have to say: "Sections 11 of the primary election law provides: " "No person shall be entitled to vote at any primary unless he Is a qualified elector bf the precinct nnd duly registered therein, If registration thereat bo renuired by law. " °Tlio i)rovlsions as to registration erjuired by existing statutes, and by at!ici!diiici)t now or hereafter made .hereto, shall niipiy to ull primaries held under tho provisions of this act." Inasmuch as women ure qualified electors to vote In tho city election, 1 nin of the opinion that they are Jiuallfied to sign nomination impcrs and to vote at the primary election for he nomination of city officers. Under ho rogistrallon law If they voted at • he last regular city election and have not changed their residence. It would not bo necessary for them to re-register in order to vote at the primary election. "Very truly yours, "F, S. JACKSO.N, "Attorney General." Mr. Oyler said that the opinion concurred with his Interpretation of the law as he had previously himself. Wishes all of its patrons and friends a liLodd CM» •t Htm WMtan Held InUMarrCtnmmj iMtHlfW —Newt NotM ud FemMds. NEW We thank you for your past patronage. Our store will be closed all day tomorrow. FAItiv FENCE STOJ'S TIIE.M. Third Bunnwtty In Ten Days to DuKh Into Fence. —Dr. P. E. Wangh, Dentist, Phone 82 Gym Class Tonight. The business men's gymnasium class wliirh was jiostponed on account of the Baker baiiquet will meet this evening in the association building. Early this morning a team attached to a spring wagon, the property of A. B. Mull of Deer Creek township, succeeded In breaking away from a young man employed on the Mull farm. The young man had driven to Gas City after a spool of wire and was at the hardware store In that city when the team made their wash for liberty. The expressed animals came directly to this city and were stopped by running Into an- Candidate for office In the coming ^ther team and wagon hitched to the city election, as well as lola women, p^rk fence. The fence around the will be Interested In the opinion by the ^^^f^ y^rd seems to be a stopping city attorney and the attorney gen- ^i^^ f^j. run-a-ways from the eastern part of the county. This is the third City Attorney Snelling, of Coffey- ^^Ich has been stopped at this ville. however, refuses to alter hte p^jnt during the past ten days. The New Bakery nilEAD, CAKES A.ND PIES EteryUiiuf; in the Line of Pastry Delivered Free Walker Bros. Thone 868. 812 S. Wastafaigton FoN'f SMMtMT. -A. C. Miller, of iVIehlU, baa baea named as the aucceasor to Oaorga Ford, who recently raalgnad hla "position with the Blisaonrl Paellle railway at this itatlon. EBtortalaai lalau. Hfsse Thets and Mable Brewer, of ' lola. and MIssea Blanehie Mllla and Uzzle Driscoll, bf this dty. ware guests of Mlsa Myrtle Eastwood at bar f home on north McRea street, yester- Jay evening. Tbe Dance Tonl^t The annnal ball gfreh by tbe mam- ' bers of the Gas City fire daparfment i will be given tonight. Mualc will be J furnished by the Ensmore orchaatra. There Is every prbapect'" tbat, the \ ' event will prove one of the moataoo- cessful ever given by the fframan. Initiatory Cereaanles. Gas City camp of the Modem Wood- . men of America held initiatory ceremonies- last nlj^t and the local team . was assisted by the degree team'fram La Harpe. After the lodge work an oyster supper was served and a aoelal session held. ° From Illinois. A. W. Pimblack, of Illinois, la a guest at the home of hla uncle, H. O. Adams. Work as Pipe Line. Ben Livingston la world^g with a pipe line construction crew near Leanna. ' > Tisit In Lone Elm. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Hunter, of Sallna, who have been visiting relatives here for aeveral daya, left yea- , terday for Lone EHm where they will | spend a few daya vfaltlnr, after wbldi they will return to their home iti Sallna. Peraonals. / Mrs. Thomaa Churtih. of Altoona, Iii a guest at the home of Hn. J. SI Winter. Mrs. Lulu Cooper, of Bronaoir. la In the city visltlnff friends. ^ THEI ITETSB FAIL. That Is What Ther 8ar Aboat Tkca in lola, and tt la Tberefar^ Bellablek Penalty Goea on Tomorrow for De- llnqnent Taxpayers—Execntlona to Issnc. —Dr."^ Lalhrop. Osteopaths. Phone 4G8 1/ Tfe Imve on sale winter toar- Ist tickets to many points in 5ew Mexico and Texas, with final return limit Jnne 1st, 1909. Please see for particulars, W. E. R.ILSTOX, A^ent. MAGAZINES AND PERIODICALS can be secured of J. E. nE \DEI(S<»X. who deals with the publlHhers and furnishes them ut the lowest price possible. Trial subM-riptlun to Van Korden's, 3 months ^r.c. Iliooo P8. 1U S. Buckeye Batimatcs cheerfully given anoU LOOK AT CUB Nickel Plated Wore When Christmas shopping. Chafing tUsbes, Percolators, gold-lined Tea S4ta, Cake Trays, Baking Dishes, aai many other useful and fancy sjrtJcles. Alao a fine line of Aluminum War& m^eita palBtms^ Fte« Bowden. teMlttl Fell From Train. The Fort Scott Tribune says: Yes terday mornlng'at the Missouri Pacific train due at Fort Scott at 7:30, was Hearing Rich Hill, one of its passcn liers, a Miss Ixiis Olive, of Alhambra 111., met with a serious and perhaps fatal accident. She fell from the train as It was running at a rate of speed estimated at forty miles an hour, and was picked up unco'Viscioua and has since been- In a very grave and criti eal condition. How she fell from the train was not learned in the advices received here last evening. Miss Olive was fnroute to Toronto, a station west of Fort Seott. When she f«ll she struck heavily'with h'-r head and suHtjilned a concuHHlon of tho brain, as welt a :4 numerous fearful cuts and InceruilDnH about the face and body. Rho WHS unconscious pructlcnlly all of yeHtenluy and the latest reports state that Hhe bus only a vague chance of recovery. Wlien the young lady fell the irnin was stopped nnd her body wan plekeil up by the train crew and taken to Rich Hill, where It waa removed to a hospital. No one apparently saw the young lady as she fell nnd It Is believed that In walking from one car to another she lost her equilibrium nnd her body lurched from the platform to the right-of-way. That she was not Instantly killed Is the wonder of those who were on the train at the time, —Always time to eat at the Our Way. L. L. Stone Returns, L. L. Stone baa returned to lola after coming here to visit the Ash Grove Lime and Portland Cement company'^ ^lant. He superintended th<< eonstructlon of the plant and this winter Is attending school at Ann Arbor. Mich., being here for the holiday vacatioA.~<:niuuiute Tribune. opinion atid ho still maintains that women have no right to sign nominating petitions In a municipal election. —The only Cafe that serves the Genuine Seal Shipt Oyster. Our Way. —Cnnnlngbam & Amett, 6 per cent money, —Good Things to Eat "Our-Way." loss to Mr. Mull as a result of the accident Is a wagon seat, a spool of wire, a splintered wheel and a break In one side of the wagon bed. Anyone having place for boy or girl to work for board while attending school, notify lo'.a Business College, •phone 495. Wmihankyou for your llbormi pat' rommgo Iho pmoi ymmr, anti wa hopa 1o kaap your oonfkhnaa ihla yaar aa In ihaiiaaU Wa alao hopa to maka many now fHanasm Wa wlah you ona and all a happy and praaporoua Mow Yoart Bmroiay^SMsMm ^ Gloihing Go, Sioro wUI olaaa tomprrmih at noon ,SrPKE .VE COURT MUST DECIDE. Railroad Rule to Be Tested by Passenger Who Snes-o Delinquents In taxes who do not call around and settle at the office of tbe county treasurer today will find when they do tender payment of "their rent" that the five per cent penalty has been added. Tbe penalty really goes on December 20th, but it has custont to extend this to Oklahoma, Dec. 31—A decision from the supreme court will be necessary to determine just how strong Is the recent ruling of the railroads In this state in that passengers are required to purchase tickets before entering cars. On last Thanksgiving day Grover Dickson of Lindsay started with a party of young folks to Chickasha. He alighted from the train at the next station and when he attempted to get a'ooard again was refused by the brake man. Dickson was left behind. He sued the railroad company for $175 damages, and the court at Chickasha has granted him the decision. The case will be appealed by the railroad company. Another proof,- more evidentie, Ida testimony to swell the lonr Uat oC local people who endorae tlia oM Quaker remedy, Doan'a Kidney VOUm. Read this convincing endoraeowttt of tbat remarkable preparation: , . Mrs. Ida Smith, of 507 NorUi St. Tola, Kas., says: "I can Toncb tor Doan's Kidney Pilla being a sennlna remedy for kidney complaint: . My daughter. 15 years of age, taaa Buffered a great deal from that conq^alat which came on her during her Infancy. As time went on her condition grew worse. There were aliarp palna over her eyes and acroas the abdori Ati been the »;u!>«.vn»» 1.^, ~—^ - over ner eyee — January first Observing by the lol^ men In the region of her kldneya. papers that tbe penalty would cerUIn- i t^e^tbe parts a-und^her^eyeaj.™ ly go on tomorrow, many who had neg-, ^^'>^^ ^ ,ito the lected to pay their taxes have be«i j^^^ ^^^^^ acreaming pd^ery- calllng the past few days at the treaa- ^ag. During the night she had temble urer's office and paying up. There dreams and was very rertleM. A pBy- are many, however, who have as not yet attended to the matter. After the penalty goes on. the treasurer will Issue executions on the personal property and they will be placed in the hands of the sheriff for collection. Watch the >ew Year in at Majestic Theater, 70(» feet pictures 5c Glad We're Here, a new one and a flavor seldom tasted. Crabb's Fountain. Tliree MarrlttffCN. Busin «!«H bus been picking up the lust day or two for Probate Judge J. 11. Smith, lie announced the following inarrlngns today: Melvin 8. French nnd Grace M. Katon, both of Chnnute, .lohn K. Shorter and Susie K. Herrlng- botli of Bronson; Frank Minster Flo»«|n Cornell, Iwlh of Chanute. Mr. Klnmore. Sanger Klnmore left today for Manhattan, where he will resume bis stu tdles at the Agricultural college, lie I will visit a few days in Yates Center and Wichita on his way there. • * * * Mr. and Mra. Farmer. Mr. and Mrs. Farmer came in from Oklahoma this morning to spend' a fow days with frienda here. ton. and Get HIP Klk«. the \mi 6c cigar, at CruldiH. ,A home claar. On Real Estate nnslneHS. • E. W, SrroKglnH. of Nevada, Mo., Is In tho city today on real estate business. —For fine livery and boarding stable for. horses, see Ralph R. Drake, Phone 101. 212 North Jefferson. Tote on Candidates. The Eagles lodge will ballot on several candidates at their regular meeting tonight. A week from tonight they will have Initiation and instal- laUon. ^clan treated her and althon^ there r was some Improvenaent It on^'laat0d\ for a short time. We tried dlfCneot remedies, but in no case wenf the r«^ suits satisfactory.^ finally aavir Ddanii ^ Kidney Pills blgbiy recommended by people lu lola and I went to Cftaa. H. Spencer & Co.'s drug store and got a box. Tbe benefit received waa atto- gether satisfactory. My danjgjtter Itt* not had tbe least sign of pain over her eyes since taking thia remedy. and there has been a general improv** ment in her condition in every way. I most heartily endorse Doan's'Kidney Pills." For sale by all dealers. Price SOc Foster-Mllbum Co., Buffalo, ^New- York, sole agents for the United Statoa. Remember tbe name—Doaa'a and take no other. Atchison te Kansas Clt7« Col, J. B, Atchison wen^ to Kaniaa City yeaterday evening to attend ID some legal busJneae In the dlatriet court of Wyandotte cooniy. DnlSSlsoMcii Medical Dbcoyerjf It ufwstfatioa. Coasripariea is tha bts ann it. They

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