Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 11, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 11, 1908
Page 2
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ssefi $l;200,000 Marriage Lore. ' Married In white, I Yoii' have chosen all right f ^ Sfarried in blue, -Your love wiil be true; iStifcied in pearl, To^'U liv'e in a whirl; = Married In gray, To^ will go far away; ^tatried in pink, Yonr spirits will sink; Bfarrled In yellow. Ashamed of Iho fellow: K^lrrled In sre^n, Not flt lot l)e seen; Married in red, Ydn'll wish yonrsi'U ih'n>\: ' Marrlpd In hlark. You 'll wish yonrsi 'ir h.irk-. —Ilalllnicro Sun. • + • Miss Anna Rohbina who hav; lu . MI , In the.cltj- for ihe past few iK .ys wns .'guest of Jionor at the ineotlhR of tlii' W, C. T. V. which was hoM nt lln' home of Mrs. .Tames Finloy yo -ji.-ril .n afternoon. Miss Kobbins pav n v<iy Interesting talk about work in iho pbllippltes and other departments of temperance woi-k. He remarks wor< rtcelyed enthtfsIastiMlly and at tlm c'ose of 'the talk there w .is an iiifnr- mil aiBcussioii. Ti\e business lioii;- ;Was also a feature of the afternoon. • •> • Skating Party. large nuEibor of hiph school sfn dents enjoyed a roller skatinR jiarly at the BJast street rink today. . • • . Little Gleaners Club. M3 BS Lena Chenanit is host .=ss of tie Little Gleaners this afternoon. + * * Postpone Club. The pdrty for the 500 club which was to have been given by Mr. nwl Mrs. J. H. Campbell last evening postponed because of the Illness of the hostess. ? . * .> * Called Meetinn. The Ladies' AW isoclety of the First Methodist church will hav<^ a meotin,;.' at hWf past two o'clock on TIMS,lay anejuoon. .Tanuary It. at the church The annual eljoction of olllciMs will o<>"cur. . * • * Art Club Meeting, Thf \ I 8 U R1 8«\.S8ion of the .\r; club hold In the ,Y. M. t\ A. p.ulors .yesterday afternoon. Miss M.nry rhnm berialn, of. Humboldt, ^ w.ns pr,.siiit and presided durittR tjio profrrant. Thc paper of thft "«ftccnoon was rea 1 bv .Jit*. Brwce,'(Jsborne who had for h.r subject the life and works of Cor- regio. Two new menibors. Mr. ;nid Mrs. Grant-Jniler. were voted Into the dub. ' • « * ^ ,Mrs. Eustace H. Brown, of Ol.ithe. pVesldent of the Kansas Fecl .Tation • of Women 's Glnbs is in TOiHM;,n, and L^ill read a paper. A Homely .Afaxim by a Wise man before the state board Removal Sale AT ; Stwall's Jewelry Store ' I.s Still Going On. ' PIrst door North Poslofflee • r \!;ri( MUIM"'. which (.UMI MK :I; aiiiMial ii:<i'tlim ill 'rop"';.!. at d" ] "Ion Ki'iic.x.'ntaiivc li :\ll toniulit ; >.i ;. Hiiini: Is ont- of tln> iiio ^t pli'ii-f j |i!ilil!<" ..|>c:tlci -r.-; miiouK Kau'-a^ j WOSIU'U. SMO lijis iib'jis and cnfrti-' I itij; \v;i', of cvprcs -iiiiq; ttieni. a nicloil ; .I .U-; voici' iii)ti ilKiriiiiUK inannor iiiii ; ii; '\i r\ I 'lisy to Itwik at." Iicini; in if:ict. oui" of t!ii> prcttic-Jt woinori in KiMtV. Tli.> club woni'ii am very ';/i>Mil of tli'ir ii :e;;idcnt and jirstly I • for ;, '•, pre; ntatlve of a most :'.;:ir ;:;i 'nl.' iinil-i'cn'lent in her ^ i>'v.?. aii 'l uiili tie c)'ir."' of h< roiivicllons. liiiJ essrnti .Mliy y i;\ .Til liir t,-,-'os .-luil nt-.iliit'ons .•^wi ci. fliKnifi.^iI. pracious and ciiiti \;\I>M 1. Mrs. nnswn will be In Tojio ka a few .lay> tlie puest of Mrs. J, C. .\11i.-;oii. liiiJ Taylor stn-et.—To- ;.cK;i .Toiiinal. •:• '> '> Surprise Party. Te .nclici at the ^\•i^shinclon liuiM in.;; cave a very iileasant surprise par ly y .-'.slenlay aftornnnn for JUss Nell W'alters. TIiO occusion was ll'.e blrlli- (iay of the suest of honor. The af t( rnoon was made ))'c,ivanl Iiy happy <oaversai ion and a inouu of coiifcc 1 -oi\= pvepnveil by several of the bos- li .-:-es. <?'•?.+ Board Meeting. Mrs. 1,. r. Palmer. pr<'s :den; of tin lo :ud of dirociors of the orpl antic. iii(> ;nul iK'r a -sistan!s held the u? nal lunnllily Inisiiiivs meetin.i; in the CDUii hoi !-;i^ rest room yesterday. The ntlV;- of til' home were rliscussixl ;iiid r 'ans weie made for tile ri>cep l:on of fe ;n- eliild'.in W lio are to eU- 1,1 llle ol!i!liMKl ;;e Uc \l Wi'l 'k. ' Afternoon Tea. l .:iii :rs el tile Trililt.x cliun -li K.ivi' n \\\\ ideasatil tea vest Milay at thi home of >'is. K. Itariiaiil. Tlie hours tietwein Ui 'ei^ ami s^x o'ciork \ver« ol.served atul tli(> quests nimilieret! (« .iil.x live. A ^ Theatre Party. Ms.^ F .l!?.n \>eh .\pt v.ill entertain a party of , I;T 1 friends v .itli a box party at tin- Oran,l toiiicl-.t. Previous to the piny tlieri> wil' b-> a small liinclu-on at the .\pt rcTsidi lire. Th« fHOSTS v.ill l ,e .Miss Klorine Wlieel . r. .Mis-- .May Uri.c; am. .Miss nratia iM 'isr .n. M:Vs M .T;y Croiicli. .Miss K -i- iia Klein. iMiss iUifh Morton, Miss Furej Wholesome ^Those who believe in quality' use BAKING POWDER 25 Ounces for 25 Cents Made from pure, carefulfy- tested materials. Get a can on trial. Vou never saw anidi cakes and biscuit They^ open . year eyea. Mary Hllles, Miss Margaret Smith, Miss Merle Schwartz, and Miss Ruth Allison. Mrs. C. H. Apt will chaperone the party. + • • Penionalt. Mrs. William Vezie is home from a visit in Chanute. Mrs. H. A. Brown and son Lloyd accompanied Mrs. Neff to Humboldt jesterday for a short visit. Miss Linnle Adams Is a Ruest of Chanute relatives. Mrs. George A. Miller, of la Juiita. Colo., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Miller. The many friends of Mrs. N. L. Vezie will be sorry to learn that she is quite ill. .Mrs. G. \V. Adams Is home from a visit In Chanute. .Vn np-to'datc Tandevflle at ihe (•rnnd Sunday night. URADUMTE OPTWiAN EYES T'E STED FREE! .Ho. I'ac, .Santa Fe and M. K. ft T. Watch Iflspecton. GOING OVER OLD EVIDENCE. Attorneys in Thaw Case are Getting Ready for Trial. New York, Jan. 11.—Attorneys in U.e Thaw case are taking a day oJT tnilny and going over their testimony for the last time. Monday the trial proi>er, will be opened with a brief ad dress by .•\sstllant District .\ttorney Gnvan. It is \w\ likely that mon than throe hours will b? consumed Then prosecution of Ihe direct cas< will he closed and the ilefense will be !:e!fun. The jury until Ihe case Is (Inatly compl.-'ted. wi'l he kept under close guard. They are even more clost 'y guarded than is Thaw himself. • First PulilishiHl Jan. 11. 190.S.) PrnLIC-lTKIX NtlTICK. li! .lustlce Court before J. C. .Mer< r. .1. I', of the Ctly of I-a llarpe. Al County. Kansa^. .1. .A. Hrown, plaintiff, vs. Ed Linn 'efendant. rnbliention >otice. Said defendant. Ed Linn, will hereliy :'.ke notice that ho has lieen sued In le aliove named court by J. .\. llrowi :ioii an acrount for 1 12.!>.">. the same eiiKl du'.< and unpaid and that an or"• r of attachment was issue<l in said and levied upon certain .ijood.*-' lul chattels of said defendant for said am of $12.9.'> and $10 the probable •ists of said action. Said order was iisred on the Hth day of Novembir-. :;td7. h: said Justice J. C. Mercer, •nd said cause will he heard at the "ily of La lliirije by said court on thi :/b day of February. 190S. at ten .,'clock a. m. J. A. imo \\7C. Plaintiff. .tio.<!: J. C. Mercer, J. P. !-i!-is-:;n. ItlYISION OKFICKK.S IIEKE. .-^a^alion Army to Hold Special .Mwt; Ings Tuniorron. .\ number of pnmilnent Salvation \rmy otUrers came In today to remain over Sunday with Ibe local corps. Mnonu the oincers are Major .\rlhui 'a.-;. Staff Captain Jack Dale, Capluiii \oiiluup and I.teulenaut Joseph, all )f Kansas City. They are making tin iis:>ecilon of the local corps and will is .^lst itv the meetinKs lomorixiw. TUr 1 ilowliif; mceiliiKs are arranged foi omorrow: Holiness meeting at 10::Ui •Sunday school 1::!0, junior meeting to ,'!:l ."i. praise ser%-ice 3:ir> and ^.ilvation rally S o'clock. .in np-to.dul<> TahdrTlllc at (he •rnnd Snudny night. ITY (JKTS mo WELLS TOD.VY. la.osrr .'i on Northrup Tract Mea.snn Two Million. The city is brinping in two wells on he Northrup tract today.^ This is the .>nd near the power house which wa? ecently leased by the city. The wells rtjm pre.sent indications will reach ilioiit two million. The wells will be >f considerable value to the city this winter. VIOL.VTIMJ QrAK.\>TI>E ORDER. t 'onipahit Wa.H Hade to Conaty Attorney Today. Parties came to rthe county attorney 's office yesterdpy and today and nade complaint that, the quarntlne order on a home on ^uth Fourth street w^as being violated. Officers yesterday gave the parties warning who are said to have broken the order, but oomplaint was made again today. The officers are contemplating making arrests. The residence is quarantined lecause of diphtheria. FRED REINISCH" went to Kansaf; City this morning for a brief business v>s:t. A B •iHto.^ate TaadevIUe Qnai StuiMj Ugkt •i tke IN THE WORLD OF MUSIC Thhe M. T. .\". A., which closed its tweiity-niiilb annual meeiln.g In New Vor!; D. cenii)er 27. 2S. 23. :W and ."51. is lioiug for the musical' interests of this country a work not undsrstood or apreciated as It shou'd be particularly in this state. Possibly a Bk2tcli of the avsoclatlon and its work may Interest tlio lovers of music in lohi and Allen county at large. .Miout Iweiity-nve years ago some •)f the prominent musicians In this country. F. Zercf -Id. sr.. "\\". B. Math ewv, 1,. N. Perkins, of fhicaso. Dudli>y Buck, and Wm. Mason of New Yo"k with otb'.-rs less )iromin«>nt. proposed 'o orKaiiiAe an ".\sF<iciate Club of Mirsicians." Each slate was lo have a music teachers' association, and once a year was to send delpgates te the club meetings to make re|)orls of Un- \ ear's work and progress. Th> •ictlve memlieis were to be t ;'acherP (if irreproachab'e morals, character •Hid capab 'e of inerllorioiis woik In every line of work from pilmaiy to hinher "ladi s. Hail a majority of Ihe states co-op •uatd music today would be free of two of its worst troubles, troubles Kneovn <iiily too well to those who uiiderstaiiil the art of "teaching nni- -iic." So little interest was shown, so many objections raised, jealousy croppet! out here and there, 'every where, (iiat the orlulnal idea was nhan loned Ibit from the seed's sown "here sprung up a plant which has ::rown and spreail its branches til today out of the fortyslx statss 'wenty have vice presidents appoint d liv tlie executive board of the Mil • ir T'acln rs' National .-\ssociation •md at lis .uniiia' meetinir those stat<>v •ir.' r(>i>reseuted b.v teachers and 8tu •left?, musical <lirectors. chorus Ii-ad rs and our own American compo.-: ers. A brief outline of the work it has ilone ami Is doing will be given lom time to tithe. NOT THE RIGHT KIND (Continued from page 1.) pre.sent conditions, no bank has any- ihlng to gain by reporting the condition of the shaky bank, and trying to '<lralghtea it up. Uather it is to the interest of a bank, jiossibly, to have its competitor fail. Now. however, as soon as a banker discovers that some oilier bank is not doing a straight, •safe. leRltimate business, he will eith- r go to that bank and demand that the wrong practices cease, or he will re|n)rt to this department, and have an inspector sent to the shaky bank." TO CURE A COLD IX OXE DAT Take LAXATIVE BltOMO 1 Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund rioney If it falls to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature la on each box. 25c. I'ROMLSCD A B.IBV IIROTilKIL Paderewsk! is making his T^eventh musical tour of the Pnited Stales He playj'd Ueeil-oven's Emperor Con •er:o Willi the Boston Symphony Or Miesfra in New York. Philadelphia ind Haltimonv and the Itubinstein "(Uicerto in Washin.cton ami Brooklyn. The musical season oprned with I niftroiKilitan oiii>ra house siibscrlp *io:i of $.">.'iU .ii (Mi. .Mr. Couried oiienluj-' nitli Cilea's ".Vdrianna I.econvream. \n important newcomer Is the Rifsr- 'aii basso, Cballapin who made his first appearance In Hoifos .Meffsto- fte." F.uir of the private hoxes were •sold nt ?1 t >Ort for the season. Mr. Hammcrsteln. of tlie New Manhattan •>pera house produced "Thais." It was > brilliant debute for MI'^s Mary Card cer. an Ami>rlcan sliii;er wlio hav •nade a name for hi>rs.''f In Paris. On lanuary the IMh he Inlrodnced Tet ra/xiiil who is ralli>il In London "ihi new Pattl." I.IHIaii Nordica has been obtained liy Henry llussell for the Snn Carli> ipera company, and niad,-> her first aiipearance with the cimipany In 'lioconda" in Doston !ast Snfurda.v. "Madam nutferfly." Puccini's oper atic masterpiece, en tour, has already captivated five nations. It was irii^inally iiroduced at l.a Scala. Milin. on February 17. IMt. On .May 'S of the same yr^ar. it was present 'd at Bresica. Since then it was pra luced. in turn, at Naples. Budapest, '.ondon and New York. A dramatized vers on of T.eonca •a'lo's opera "I Papiiacci" was pro luced for the first tinip in this coim "ry in the Euclid Avenue opera house r'leveland. O.. on December 2.S. by Olpa Nether.sole. It was well r .=K ;elv- d. The play is by Charles H. E. Hrookfield. an English author. Nedda. ')? course, impersonated by Xethersole. The Mjisical Qu?stion Box is open to all music lovers. Address E. B. P.. care Register. WILKERSON PAID HIS FINE. Will Not WaiV for Parole by the Commissioners. Wlm. ^llkerson this morning paid a fine and costs amounting to $13.40 and wa.s released from jail. WHker ^on plead guilty to the charge of be- 'ng drunk and disturbing the peace in Kast lola on Christmas Day. Mr. Wil "erson was one among several men ind women who were arrested for 'larticipating in a general scrap. He lied an application for parole with he commissioners, hut they did not act on It this week. CAPT. H. F. Travis returned last 3venlng from a business visit at Kansas City. IVtis to Ite a 5rw Years (;!ft to Llttf^ Ida OirL V Colony correspondent for Ihe Cartel! .News tells the following story: ••.\ snmrt liKiking business mati Miardeil tlie afternoon train at lola, I'mvdt.y accompanied by a bright .lltte miss of perhaps six siimnier.s. iefore the train bad reached Carlyle ;ie ''tile one had made the ac(|Ualnt- iiHe (if most of the passengers and .;. I inteiesied them in telling Ibem i '.'i 1 Ills she hud received for Christ .I-, I'or .New Years, she said she '. iironiised ii doll, a neck chain, .oliie slippers and best of all, she said o the tlartiett young lady, oii whose iup she was sitting, 'papa says I am 'olii;; lo f;et a real live buby brother • or New Years.' Well. It didn't rc- luiie U'licli lime for the young lady to iiange ihe subject of conversation, illie lilt little giri's father became :Mddenly interested in the landscaid- I 'i seen from the car window, ^\'hen .our correspondent left the car at 'oil ::y, Iho question was iirctty well e'.iied ill the minds of the passengers xti.. l:ad laughed themselves almost ilie verne of hysteria, as to why he little lady was going to her grand- iji 's I II a visit and why It was ar- .i.M ^-ed th;it she should be aec<im- i.aiiicd l»y her papa iiiste:id of her All EnthnslHstle Customer. Told her' grocer that if he refiiKcd~fb handle "OCK-PIE" Preparation she would trade elsewhere. She knew •ihe could make Lemon, Chocolate and Custard pies better than the expert ciok if she used "Ol'U-PIK" as all the Ingredients, carefully jirepared. are in the package ready for immediate use. Each package, entuigh for two large pies, 10 cents. Order a dozen today fr «im your grocer. Kxcellcut also as a pudding sauce, cake liiliiig. etc . WOHKS AS IIO.ME-WRKCKER.S. Lowney's ChocoIaLes THAY ARE FRESH. A choice absortment of this popular brand at CRABB'S. When you buy Lowuey'.s Chocolates here, otir personal pledge of their freshness goes with them. Get your next candy at Ciahb's and see how well it pleases you. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Corner Washiiigton and West Sts. Lodge Directory KMGIITS OF MACCABEES.— Knights of .Maccabees of the World meets in K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights in each month. J. W. I'ostwait, commander; H. B. For-' ter, record keeper. TV. 0. 1Y«—Camp No. 101 meets I» K. of P. Hall every Friday night. T. Steele. C. C; A.H.D»-^. Clei« Visitors cordially Invite*. _ KMOHTV OF piTiiiis.- > M^ Lodge No. 43 meets every nda . night at K. of P. Hall. VlstU i« bro tbera InTited. W. S. Thompson. 11. C: [* Chris RItter. K. of R. and 8. * Bosffiess Directory. DB. MeJOLLEN, Special attenUon given to the * treatment of all Chronic Dlaeaa- * es and Diseases of Children. * Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232. * Office In Mrs. Turner's Bids., * West Madison. * M. IV. l^The M. W. A. Lodg» meets every Friday night In M. W. A hall. Visiting brothers Invited. W.H Anderson, V.C: W. A. Cowan, Clerk ~R0 YA L KEiaUBURSi— lola Caiii- No. 36B, Royal Neighbors, meets sto ond and fourth Tuesdays of ea^ month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracle- Mrs. Mary Hntton, 413 W»»* 3;:«et. Recorder. Phone «87. Rea. 70L .DK. 0. L. COX, Bye, Ear, Nose and Throat HpecUcles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. Bids. • • • • FRATERNAL BBUTHERlIOODr- Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meets second and fourth Thursday of each month In A. O. U. W. IfalL VIslUng members cordlaly Invited. W.H.An­ derson, president; Golda Elam, secretary. Junior Urder I'nited American M» ehanlcs. —Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o 'clock In K. P. Hall. AH visiting members Invited. R. A WIdick, Councelor; C. B. Black, Rec Secretary. • Office Phone 1083. - • Night Phono 40«. • DR. It. 0. CHKISTIAir. • rhysiclsa Md Sarseaa. * Rooms 7 and 8. JBvana Bids* * • • • • • Rrts, Tel. 198. Offlca Tel. 163. * DR. J. B. PKPPBB. • • DeatlsL • • la permanently located over • • E. C. McClaln's Clothing Store, • • and is prepared to do all kJnda * • of up-to-date dental work. • • Evening woric by appointment * Distilled Water One hundred pound."! of Crystal Ice will make 12 gallons of distilled Wilier siutable foe family use. Try it IolaIce&Cc]dStora|:eC« FRANK RIDOLB. Mgr. .Monslgnor Tlhen. In Tenipernnce L IT- I ture. S HJ\ TUey Lead .Men. Kansas City, .lau. 11.—••'I'oiul ali- -titielice Is ji privilege lor all. a iliil.* lor some, but not a posllive olillKation for till," said Ihe Ki.ilit Itev .Mnnsigiior rihen of Wichita in a liclun' on "Teniiieraiice" al tlii' .Manual Training SCIKKII last The lecture was iimler the auspices r the Knl«hts of Father Matthew, ti national Catholic temperance orgaiii- /.aticm. .\dverse social conditions, said the speaker, work for liitetiiper .ince. Poverty proilucos drunkenness, even as ii'iiiikenness produces poverty. c:r)|ng ;iita a saloon iioor. some men ccune out rMi. They are men overhurdened. over worked, and perhaps iinderiiaid. In the saloon they get exhaltatiou and forgetfulness of their hard lot. If it is shorillved and they p; y dearly, they have pained a little i i »st from life's liscords. More human love is retiuir- ed to raise humanity. Oppres-sora In the business world shot Id t.ike off the strain that drives human beings to despair. Speaking of domestic striclure.s. and "lome unpleasantnesse; that some- limes drive men to drink. Monsigiior Tihcn said he believed more women wreck homes than do men. Father Tihen has lectured several times in St. John's church here. •ajojs Snap s,\\iJ -jun -sajninsqus asuja}! -oaBJiowl .«oii9.{ B ni B| aufnuaS atji -sajBido on suiBjuoo -uoiidmnsuoa pun uju -otunoud B)ua.\ajd puu sq^noo addix: rt\ sajna 'pioo « mojj s)|nsaj snouas siu3A .ud pnu sSnni aqj siwq -qJtno.. am sdojs II 'pioa JO q:Snoj ano.< ejno Ol sue; jex P «B -'CauoH s..vaioj j £aaom ino.i pnnjaj oi pdzpoqinc aji S)siS:;injp no iBqi XjtUM oj si siiix -\otlce Vf. 0. W. and W. C, There will be a joint Installation to be held at the K. P. :hall Tuesday. Jan. 14. All members are requested to,be present »TEYER»* OROCERY lleuilqiiiirtm fur Good Things to Eat. Tele|>hoDe 139 F. 11. MAJlTCr. • Surgery and Diseases of • Women. • Office and Residence Phone 576 * Office 7 North Jefferson. • DB. W. S. HEILMUH. Fhyslclac ft Sargcaa. Office N. E. Comer of Square. Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'s Store. Rea. Tel 38. Office Tel, 602. P. L. Lathrop, • Mrs. Bessie O. Lathrop. * OSTEOPATHIC rHTSIGIlHS. • Special attention given to Dlf- * eases of Women and Cblldraa. * Over East Side Hardware. • Office 'Phone, Main 468. .* • Thc"OarWdi|'» Re&taurant MBrohaBl^' Lunch 25o Everything in Seasou. S HORT O RDERS OF .M.L K INDS FARMS, In Howell Cunnty, XIssonrL To Exchange for City Property or Merchandise. Write for list. Give full de.scritpion and price of what }ou have. J. T. GILirOL'R. Pomona, Vo. W. H. ANBCBgOH, Attaraey-at-Law. Notary and Stenographer In Office. Phone 465. • • • • H. A. Ehvlng. S. A. Gard. G. R. Gard • EVriNG, GABD * GAKD. * • Lawjen. 1 » • Practice In all Catkt. • W. Uadlaon. Fb^ ns. * JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoast. old reliable Jewelar. 110 East street LivinqstoD Co Vaatoaetora aad BaBtaa. All kinds of work a apacUlty • Saatk ByeaMra. FI MM ISU Iowa Store Bi^ Special Cut on on all ^ kinds ol Merchandise until thin^ change. Av G. HUMIHAa Prop. 17. S, GILntLAM, Oeaeral GaabwiaK Flagstone and Cemaat Sidawalks and Curbins a Specialty. OBea m Eaat Jaekaaa Ava. FtTXaERMLO I Office and Storage Ware Room at /ff West Street ' Phone 35 WhJUker * Dmaell's Rent list 320 acres, 4H miles. 160 acres, 4^ miles. 80 acres,-2 miles. Tvw room bouse, 93.00. Six room, hoose, .48.00. Five room <lioaae. |7.00. Five room botise. |8UK>.

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