The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 14, 1944 · Page 16
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 16

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1944
Page 16
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RELATIVKS—Pcrpcnnt Jam* IN INDIA—Corporal WHlium L. Brnwn. ivho was formerly employed nt Mottir ("en tfr for KIX yea I'M and on Muled in f!* v j>ttimber, 1U4^. is now with the army air corps In India. After tniininR nt vnrions canipB, hr- flow to Africa, KRypt nnd to India. His mother. Mrs. My7 - tle Brown, «nd hiw wifo, Mrs. MRpdean Brown, reside at 1317 Pearl lit reel. IN rACIFIC—1'rivntc First Claws .Aimmdflpn, L'2. pun of Mr. n nd It. J. AmumlHpn of 71'1 Chester nvpniic, hn B bopn jit'rvinfr in \ IIP HOU( h wr-st I 'H<•! fie n reii fur t hp past two yi'ii rp. I IB 11 •<•<•> i VIM! hin 1 in in )MK JIH rnd ioinn n In Jlawa il and wa« H(*nt lo Aunt ralia n rut then h» New Ciiini'it. He pnrUcipaif'd in t IIH 1 lollandia invaition. Saya hp PIIJOVH Jirn Day's column, HH it. keeps him jiuMcd AH to liia f i • lends' \vheren bout H. CO.MMISSIONKO .Tin 1< KM in( Trout ref iniMsioti and iw now c An., I'or advanced 1 r S'ni of Mr. and Mrs. Jt 1 0 ( lie a 7ider n venue si ud'-nt at I'niverpM y fni M ia. HP i« n niei Kappa fraternity. iit \\ won hi rolb'd at Qn imn«. ] !•• William XV. a nd is n. of SotM lit-rn inhcr ctf I 1 hi \ IN TRAIMNO — Aviation Cadet WIN liur A. Kites, son of Mr. and Mrs. F.rnest ' A. Sites. 2334 Center street, is in tram- Jnff in the army air corps an liombardier- naviBator at Midland, Texas. After pvaduatiliB from KHSI Rnkerslield IhKh ' School, bo \VHB enit'ioyed at Render Drilling Company before his enlistment In September. —Jac-k T>. SerhiPHt. 17, firPTtuin sec'ond fliiHH, enlisted m a nnvy in Aim!, 1 !M4. and in on a RU!> chaser wonn 1 - •\vlinI-P in the wontli 1'ncif tc. ,ln<-k a I- tcndt'd Knkci nf ield Hf-liools nnd WJIH for- riifily rm ployed HH in irk driver fur t he J in kerR field Poultry Simp. HJH pa rent**, Mr. and Mrs. Fred y PI-h rent, reside ut l l ]5 I strepl. IN IH'RMA— Privntp First Class K. Taylor, 21. son «'T Mr. an K. A. Taylor, 701 North siren, i» in fomba t duly in Hurnui w in fan try. HP uradiiaipd from f ield lii^'h S<-liool, where he pl t lie hand, n ml *-nter*'d t IIP ser March. I04:J. Ho ha.s bet>n o Hinc'O May. ]!)1 I. Mr**. Taft. t ho U"rs- ed in —Photo by Austin. RADIO SCHOOI-r-rrivatu William C. Land. -('. son of Mrs. Kvelyn Thomas. ICO4 Hurrlp avejjiic, is HHendins radio Bchool at Si mix Fa HP, S. D, Pel tire BOHIB to radio Mrlmol. Private Laird wan Btationed -^t ^linter Field, ^vhere he waa an airrrn t L dispatcher for 13 months. "He enlisiod In Ortobcr. 1941'. while attending Uakeraficld Junior College. "AIIVANCEO TRAININ«—second I.IPH- teiiant Harold K. 1,'rner recently won his <-nni mi ftp inn and IH now on rolled in advanced training at Qnanlico, Va. Ijieu- It'tiant lirner l« a I'ormer Htudpnt of 1 'n ivci'fiil y of Son I hern ('a llfnrniii nmt is n member of SIB ma Nn fraternity. He Is the son (iX Mr. and Mrs. John T. I'rncr of i!019 Hrundage I.ane. —Serfrennt Clnrenre. P. Terrell. hiiHhand of Mrs. Fay Terrell, who wit h their two children reside, n t 401! A i vin wtroet. has been in New CUiin^a with the enKlncern for 1X months. He rntt'i ed thn wcrvicp in January. 1 !H -'. Ser^eiint Terrell wa« formerly employed by L'niled C.eophyHical (..'onipany. SERVICEMEN $aher*fiett> Californfan Thursdoy, September 14,1944 Horftrant Harry T. Randoiir, 22, son <jf Air. and Mrs. Fred Kamlotir of 2011 Korn Klroot, is ball turret Kimnrr on a Fifteenth Air Force Ji-1'4 liberator hoavy bomber l>aspcl in Italy. In hi.s mission against the coastal guns at Toulon, France, his plane WUH shot up but crashed in a friendly field and all aboard were safe. An accountant in the Shell Oil Company, Sergeant Kandour entered the l.'nitfd States Army Air Forces in September, 1942, and upon winning his wings in April of this year, he departed overseas to his fft-esent organization. Marine Private First Class Robert TV. Shaul, son of Mr. ntid Mrs. Leo (',. Shaul, 1-2X0 Chester Place, is a member of the pioneering ground crew, "Victory T,ine," a transport air group which has traveled the I'acil'ic' from the far south to the Marianas. Attached to a Fourth Marine Air AVing unit, Shaul has been with his outfit for the past eight months and was the first to evacuate wounded marines and infantrymen to provisional hospitals during the heavy fighting. He is a graduate of Kakersficld High School. Flight Officer Leonard C. Hall, Jr., is now attending the combat school at an Kighth composite station in northern Ireland. He is the bombardier on a R-24 Liberator. Before entering the army in February, 194:!, Hall worked as an electrician for the Associated Oil Company in Oil Center-. His parents. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard C. Hall, live at 240(1 La Siesta Drive. His sister, Patricia Hall, is a second lieutenant in the army nurse corps. Lieutenant (.i. g.) Harris Durham Kildy, .Jr., I". S. X. .It., formerly of. Hiikersl'irld, is back in the l T nited States after nearly a year attached to Air (iroup One aboard a carrier oL' the Kssex class. Lieutenant Kilcly participated in a total of ItJ combat strikes against the Bonin, Mariana and Caroline islands. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. J->. Kddy, now reside at 427 Front si reel, Needles, where his father is master mechanic for the Santa Fe railway. Donald Jackson Smith was commissioned a ' second lieutenant recently upon completion of the offieer candidate course at the infantry school at Fort lienriing, Ga. Lieutenant Smith is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William K. Smith of Route 1, Bakersfield. He. is a former graduate of Rakersfield High School. William E. Lewis. 18, 1705 Forrest street. \vns graduated recently from the naval training school at St. Louis, Mo., naval armory, and received recognition as eligible to qualify for the petty officer rate of electrician's mate third class. Corpor il Paul Venable. son of Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Yenable, Route 2, P.akcrsfield, is due to arrive in the I'nited States soon on furlough after serving ItO months in the southwest Pacific theater of operations with the infantry. Herwyn R. Minner, 17. son of .T. R. Mimicr of Tuft, is now attending aviation radioman school at Memphis, Tenn. P.erwyn is a graduate of Taft I'liion High School and was active in sports. He received "boot" training at San Diego. Staff Sergeant David Patterson, son of Mrs. VV. II. Patterson of, 331 Shattuck avenue, Taft, recently enjoyed a "recess" from aerial warfare at an air service command rest homo—a remodeled Knglish manor house where America's airmen may relax between missions. After seven days he returned to his combat station. Sergeant Patterson has completed L'4 missions over Nazi-dominated Kurope. Private First Class Robert C. Waters, son of Mrs. Lulu B. Waters, 2724 I street, has just been graduated from the radio school at Scott Field. 111., as radip operator. He attended Bake.rsfietd High School and was a student at Stanford University, before his enlistment in October, 1942. He is married to the former Joan Schmitt of Bakersfield. Technical Sergeant Frank Ramos, who returned in March from 2!» months in the Aleutians, and who is now stationed at Fort Benning, Ga., is spending a 15-day furlough witli his parents. Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Ramos of Greenfield, and with his sister, Mrs. H. L. Richardson of Slut 1 ;, Kern street. Mrs. Richardson's husband is a technical sergeant at Gardner Field. . Private Harold W. Heimforth, who is married to the former Vera faster of 221 McCord avenue, has just been graduated from the radio school at Scott Field, III., as radio operator- mechanic. His parents. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Heimforth, reside in Bur- lingrkme. Donald E. Moore, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Moore of Maricopa. and Robert 11. Madding, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Madding of Tehachapi, are now in the army speciali/.ed training reserve program at the State College of Washington, Pullman, Wash The promotion of Louis Rosen, husband of Mrs. Gloria. Rosen, 242 Kl Cerrito Drive, from corporal to sergeant has been announced at the headquarters of the Third Bombardment Division in Kngland. He has two brothers in the service. Corporal Harold Porter, T'nited States Marine Corps, is reported recovering from wounds received on Guam. Corporal Porter has been in the marine corps since December, 1!)41, and has been in the south Pacific for 19 months. He is the foster son of Mr. and Sirs. Arthur Mecham of Rosedale. "For excellent performance of duty over a. period of time." Sergeant James D. Kraywinkel. Mil Baldwin Drive, has been awarded the Good Conduct Medal. Kraywinkel is a section chief in a veteran infantry regiment which fought at Guadalcanal with other units of the America! Division. Herman Phelps. son of Sirs. Audra, K. Phelps of Arvin, received his silver wings when he graduated recently from the Marfa Army Air Field, Texas, and was commissioned a second lieutenant. Lieutenant ]'helps is a former student of BaUersfield High School. Wandell D. Hunter, 1701 Forrest street, has received his silver wings in graduation ceremonies held at Lubbock Army Air Field. Texas, and was named a student officer. PKOMOTKD—Marine First Lieutenant Kdward P. McAleor, 2J-ycar-olrf scm of Jlr. mid Mrs. I,. K. McAleer, 115 Fran- ri.s etreet, lias been promoted to his present rank. The leatherneck pilot, is a member of the Corsair Fitrhter Squarl- ron, nml hns taken part In 12 successful strikes against by-passed Japanese jinsi- tion« in tlie Marshalls. The former Bak- «»rsl'iPld Junior College student \vas employed at the local office of the state division of forcstray prior to joining the service. —Air Corps Fliolo RKfKIVKS AWARD—Shown In the cockpit of his R-17 Flying Fortress at the KiKhlh Air Force base in Kngland is Second Lieutenant Uiehard A. .\elms. -1-year-old co-r-ilot from Ba kersl'ield, who was recently awarded the third Oak Leaf Cluster to the Air .Medal. He is a member of the Third Bombardment Division which was recently cited liy the President lor the now historic Kntfland- Africa shuttle mission to Messcr.sehmitt factories 'n HeKensburg. Germany, late last summer. Lieutenant Xeims is the son ot ! .Mrs. \j, C). Xelms of .Kakersfield. •Jloule '<Ji lirt kcrsf icid. )KIH received Inn bars as second licuuri.iMt and wind's HH - na\ isalor at the advanced na\ nation school at KllinKton. Texas. Ho attended liuker Miold Junior College and the University of Onhtonim at Berkeley. He was at one time employed by U. K. Echenck, Bakerslield. —Air Corps J'holu rOMMISBIONEIl--Vernon I.. Nichols. Jr.. IS, \va« commissioned a second lieutenant and received hit* winKtf as navinalor at Sun Marcos Army Air .Field, Texin. Lieutenant N'lchols is ilia Htm of Mr. and .Mrs. Vernon L. Nichols. IN ITALY—Private First rinss Albert. *'. Yahlex. lit. son of Mr. and Mrs. I'M Valde?., T".i<m Hatich, Calienie. has been in service since October. i!M", and is now MM-VIIIK with the inl'auiry In Italy. 1'rivate Valdex allcmled llakersl'ield }|it;h School. HKOTIIDKS— Setgeant Wayne, Wheeler served 29 months In Alaska before returning tn the slates .March 1, 1944. He entered the service In April. 1941, and is now stationed at Camp Huberts. Chester Wheeler, coxswain, enlisted In February, 1!H2, and Is xervinK in the coast euard in the central Pacific'. He went overseas in April, ItM.'l. Wheeler, a Kradliate of Taft Union IliKh Sf-lionl, was formerly employed by the Cbiuislor, Canfield Midway Oil Company, Their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kd Wheeler, reside at 7110 Pierce street, Tall. '• r ' v - IN imAKCE—Private William D. Lowe. • il. HOD of Mr. and Mm. Law ion L. Lowe. 3011 Twentieth street, has been -in England line* March, where he wan "attached to headquarters company but "'be l»"now itationed in France. H« at» -tended Bak*«tl«ld High School tad «n• <li«t«d in September. 1942. < I OAVAXRY—Private Harold T. Jompp. •on of Mr. and Mm. M. Jompp, 122S Pacific, joined the army In July, 1944. mid i* now stationed at Fort niley, Kar., with the cavalry. At the time of bla induction he wa» a aenior at Bakera- fuld Hi«h School. NAVY— Collins -~M. Hath, 52. idilpfltter firm class, enlisted In October, _ 1042. and in Hialinnud at the destroyer base at .Sail Dieuo. )te fa the HOD nf Mr, nnd MID. K, D. Hath, and his wife, the former Dorothy J.aird. and son, .David, re«id« In Kali Ditto with him. IIKOTIIERK—Staff Sergeant Mlchenl TsltaklH, 55. linn been In the army air corpa ulnee yentember, 1842. and la now stationed at De Rldder Army Air Base, Da Itkldpr. La. Before entering the service he wa« employed at Lockheed Aircraft Corporation. His brother, Corporal«io TnltaktH, iO. enlisted In November, 194L'. unit has been ovi>rwa« 14 mouths with the HlKiial c'"ps. Hn is now in Italy. Ho IIHK received cnmincndajtlnn from headriuarlers o( ihr Fifth Army in Italy for outstandliiK iierformance of duty. The brothers attended Bakorit'ield Huh School and ari aoiu ol ill*. J. Taitakti. 1016 Slxtteuth atrset. —Photo bv Austin. BROTHERS—Corporal Oral S. Meadors. husband of Dorothy Meadors of Bakerefield, entered the service In July, 1942, and i* stationed with a quartermaster ordnance company In France. He has been overseas ciRht months. Corporal Meadors was employed by the Standard Oil Company at time of his induction. Algie Meadors, aviation machinist's mate secom clans, win home recently cm a Li-day leave from Whiting; Field. Milton. Via. Tie enlisted In November. 1942. Pierce Windell Mea- clors. husband of Kathryn .Meadors. Route 6. Hnkersfinld. Is ship's cook second class and Is aboard ship somewhere in ine south Pacific', where be bns been .for 10 months, lie was employed at Richmond shipyards at time o£ his enlistment, are sons of Shuler Meudurs of L,amont. They IV KN<it,AM) —Corporal Lawrence J. .lacomini. LMI. son of .Mrs. Henry 10. Schach. was indu< ted in February. Ifl4:{, and received his training al Keesler, Field. .Miss., and Lincoln Air llnse. Nell. He went overseas in .\uuusl. 11143. and is now somewhere in Knu'land. Before induction, he svas employed at Kich- inond ship:, a rcls. His father. Robert AV. Jacommi and his wife, the former Nitn. Lee Allen and 17-month-old ha by Larry, reside at i.'iUS I'nioll avenue. IN ENO LAND — Second Lieutenant Wayne L. Coleman has joined the crack P-17 Thunderbolt fiKhter proup com- niitiHled bv Colonel Frederic C. Cray. Abilene, Texas. He has participated in several es-ort missions to Kurope and his plane carries either lull. 25U or 000- Ijound honibs on attack missions to the continent. His Kroup has a toll of well orer -T»0 C.erman planes destroyed in the air and on the urouud. His father, W. C. Coleman, resides in Tupman. IN HAWAII—Marcus C. Hornins, Jr.. seaman first class, torpedoman mate. Is now stationed in the Hawaiian islands. He enlisted in December, 1!>4.'I >(> and Kraduatecl from the torpedoman'* school at Han Dietio. He attended Bak> ersfield Hitill School and worked at Harry Coffee, Inc., prior to his enlistment. He is the son of Mr. and. Mrs. M. C. Hot-nine of. 102 Bast Sixth street. NAVY — Apprentice Seaman Kenneth Dow, -.'i. sou of .Mrs. Kreida Costner. ^i;.".2 Center street, joined the navy in July, 1SI14. and is stationed at San Jiiei:o. He is a graduate, of Bakersfi»ld HiKh Sclio'.il and was employed by the California Water Company tor six and a half years. His wife. Mrs. Rose X.ey l.iow. and two children, Ivldie ami Paul, reside at 31i3 tloudman street. AWARI1KD—Private Tloward K. Poore. sou of: .Mrs. James S. DiBKle, J309 Haley slr'-et. lOast liakersf ield. has lieen awarded the Expert Infantryman PadKO at. a ba^e somewhere in the central Pacific. The atlaiument of this hadKe and hinb honor attests to Private Poore's jih\ sica.l sianiina and his prof icieucy in shooting and a 11-n round infantry training. His wile. .Mrs. Kmma Poore, in employed by Vega Aircraft Cot poralion, liakersficld. —Photo by Dorman OVERSEAS—William K. Roussel, 19. torpedonian. setiman second class, lifts been in (lie Hawaiian area since .luly. After Kraduatine from Bakersfield Hiph Srbno], he was employed at Ohio CHI Company before enlisting in December, l'J4:i. He is the Him of Mr. and .Mrs. r. S. Roussel. Route 1. Rakersfield. and his wife. Mrs. Ho?ellyn Rouusel. resides at 214 Columbus Drive. -Photo by Austin. KNC.INEERINO SCHOOL — Kimber Steven Hood, "!). seaman second class, is attending engineering school at San Diego. Before joining the navy in Slay, 1944, he was ejnployed by the Midway Fishing Tool Company. His parents, Sir. and Mrs. ,1. H. Hood, reside at 710 Willow Drive and his wife, Jlf. Vara Hood and two children, (lary and Richard, reside at r>GO Willow Drive. —Air Corps Photo CiRAIHiATED—Kugene C. Oldershaw,. son of Mr .and Mrs. Percy C. Oldershaw of 21)44 Klrnwood avenue, received his nilver wings today when he graduated as a second lieutenant from Marfa Field. Texas. Lieutenant Oldershaw is a former student at Bakerstield High School. NAVY—Sidney A. vRlcarda, Jr., 1!), son of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Ricards, 214 Columbus Drive, is a gunner's mate third class, and Is attached to an amphibious force which is stationed at Fort Pierce. Fla. He is a graduatH of Kast Hakersfield High School, and was employed by Ricards Bootery before his enlistment in August. 194:i. \ MAKINK C'Onr.S—Technical Sergeant <Iiierdon Frank Vnnderpool, Hon of Mr. «nd Mr«. 1*. L. Yanderpoo!. of Caliente, H former employe of the Southern 1'a- rifie, enlisted in January. 1942, and is now wilh the marines in the pouth Pacific. Ilia wife resides in Chicago, also a son whom he has never seen. —"Air Corps Photo CiRADlTATED — Corporal Russell C. Stickler, son of Clyde K. Stickler. 2615 Twenty-first street, was graduated last •week from the army air forces flexible Kunnery school, Laredo Army Air Field, Laredo. Texas. He is now qualified to take bis as a member of a bomber combat crew. — Air Corps Photo GRADUATED— Staff SerBoatH William It. Oilluw. husband of Mrs. Mildred J. Dillow of 709% Decatur street, wnB graduated from tllo army air forces instruction school at Laredo, Texas. He is now fully qualified to become an ln- r Ktiuctnr at one ol' the nation's aerial Kunnery schools. AIK CORPS—Sergeant Richard B. Murrell, 2.1. son al Mr. and Mrs.'Ira Mur- rc'll, :n^9 Seventeenth street, enlisted In the HI-HIy air corps In 11HO. when he VHf just flQishliiK Kchnol. H* i* now •UUIouod at Elgin Field. Fla. SOI'TH PACIFIC—Bill Hudson I» a hoi- pUul attendant and is .lationed In a •otith Pacific bane hospital. He In the •on nt lln. )tar«aret Hudion, 710 Ulao •trevt. RAILROAD BATTALION — Technical. Bennc Donald R. Thompson, a former employe-^ of the Southern Pacific, !• with a railroad battalion In England. He went into (he service in August. 1043 and left (or overseas in March. 1944. Hla wife and small «oa raid* •t 621 Cbarlana Drlv*. ' >

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