The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 28, 1936 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1936
Page 6
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THE BAKKRSFIELD CAUFORNIAN, FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, 1936 IN SUNSET AREA In Mprrill Armr>x Firm mernu /\nncx i inn Fried No. 1; llns Three More Loenlions Development of tho 1 area of Sunset fli»M proceeds un- kbatod with extensions going on to tho north nnd northwest. Mori-lit Annex <"'ll Company hu» completed Its Fried No. 1 on section 2.I. 12-24, for »n estimated 400 barrels dally of 22 gravity orudo from !Kr.ri-2!>67 foci. Harvey Comstook, superintendent of drilling, states that the company haw three more possible locations to drill, and Is contemplating starting a iccond well 300 feet rant. No. 5 Slntrcl In the same ncctlnn Hallmark Oil Company, thp plonper In the rpvlvnl here, will drill No. C. for which rig builder Jud Allen Is erecting a 122- foot wooden derrick on the north edge of the property. Afford Oil Company has finished Its Fried No. 6 nt 27fif> fpot for a reported !lf>0 barrels dally, which brings tho totnl of the company's produrprn on the loose, now numbering five, up to CO,000 barrels per month. Slumlord Active Standard Oil Company, which controls a large part of tho proven mi- drilled land, hus completed one, spudded another, has a rig up for a third and is grading for a fourth, which will bo drilled opposite tho Merrltt Annex completion. Standard's crew has completed No. 9 In the northwest end of tlto area as It now la defined, for 123 barrels per da)' from 2,101-2780 feet, nnd has spudded Monarch No. 18 on section 26, 12-24. A short distance north of the Monarch well, derrick Is erected (or No. 216 on section 33, 32-24. On section 32, General Petroleum Corporation is endeavoring to extend tho «rai still farther northwest by Midway No. G, now drilling at 2550 feet. • « »• Man Aged 100 Not Not Quite at Peak LOS ANGELES. Aug. 28.—W. K. Miller, 100 yours old lost April 6, walked S miles to »eo his doctor because ho didn't feel quite up to par. "Relax more," udvlsed tho physician. "You're too active for a man of your age." Miller walked home again and took an. hour's rest before sauntering u mtlo to a church service. MINING LOCATIONS F. P. Ml|p»—AniAiidprt Mnrnlnpc Star in Treo Canyon district. II. K. Itiililnprin ct al- Heady Cash In I'luto district. f Irace H. (Jiirrlfinn—<»arrlium WedRo In Mojnvn illwlrlrt. \Vllltird W. Kroin- White riourt 1'Ync'tlun In liniid olHtrlrt. It. I.. JlriinMin—Silver Streak In Kailomnohpr •liHtrlct. II. F. Hurton ft al—Kant half of RoutheaNt quarter of nouthoust quarter of southeast quarter section 24, 26-38. Mary K. Johnson ot al—El Monto, In neel Ion 2r., IH-37. Hod Hock district. Carol A. IXrkoji el nl—Extension In unknown dlntrli-t, section t, 21-30. Amie H. I>loUe« el al—Luckily. In unknown district, section 2, 31-30. Pomoc Crews to Seek New Sands Tllcger Iron Works of Tuft, has fashioned u new type of tubular steel derrick which hns been erected by rig contractor Hert HlKlcy on section 1C. 82-23. for Pomoc Oil Company's nttmnpt to discover fresh production among tho old Idle wells on tho PcrrlH Ituse. £ MiilPR weHt of Tuft. Superintendent W. V. Leonard ii) rigging It up with a unltlzed drnvf works and Installing 1 boilers nearby. Prilling for tin oil sand expected at 2400 feet Is scheduled to begin this week. Tho property hno had divers owners including Hholl Oil Company, Interstate OH Corporation and lately the American Naptha Corporation. TWO MORE UPATLLIAMS Arc'ii Ncnr Tnfl Likened lo Signal Hill IJecmise of Close Drilling Two more derricks are up In tho small Williams area In the hills buck of Taft, which IIOH born dubbed "tho tiny Hlgmil Hill" because of tho crowded Hpftclng of dm r)g« on « 40-acro piece, which was cut up In the early days Into building lots for i I i a HiibdlvlHlon. j I IXMISCS Smnll I'lot j I Hlrch-Uoyer Oil Company of Kul- Ivrton has leased from Frank (lold- man on section 22, 32-23, 11 two-acre lot, which In this region Is assumed to bo two drilling sites. Hlg Contractor N. H. Hannah Is putting up a 123-foot wooden derrick for the first well which will bn drilled with u No. ti unltlzed dravvworks brought tip from Urea. O. A. nirch and .1. II. Hoyer comprise thp. firm. Prepare lo Drill Chanslor-Canfleld Midway Oil Company Is rigging up for No. 19 nt tt point 9C!) '.rot north anil 150 west of tho southeast corner of section 21. 32-23, which places It two locations south of the company's big 1800-barrol No. 17. Shell's Second Old River Test Encounters Oil at Higher Level (~* OOD news for nil concerned ^Is the announcement by Shell Oil Company that oil Hand 1ms )>enn struck in the Mpcond well at the new Ten Section field at a level SO feet higher than in the discovery well. Stevens No. A-6 is located 900 feel Mouth of No. 1 and in the same section 29, 30-2C. This would Indicate that the structure rises going south and also that the dip is not very steep -capacity. and the oil sand may extend over a wide area. Shell's crew will set 9 5-8-Inch casing at 7760 feet, and continue prospect ahead. Only 80 feet of oil zone was exposed in the first well and the second will verify or disprove the contention that the field is similar to Kcttlcman Hills where a light oil was stuck on top and later found to be underlain with heavier oil of greater MANY UNCERTAINTIES IN SENATE SITUATION ALBANY 10 GET H> HOWARD J. DUFFY (Asiociatei I'rest Leaned Wire) TVTASII1NOTON, Aug. 28.— Dls- TToenslon and death have raised uncertainties In the senatorial situation In several Important states, but the Democrats nevertheless arc fortifying the majority which Is certain to bo theirs In the next session. AH It stood today, with the re- Work Suspended at Elk Hills Job Operations have been suspended at Elk Hills Petroleum Corporation's wildcat on Taft highway, section 14, 31-24. after coring to 593G feet and recovering mostly shale. Equipment Is left at tho rig and It Is said that the crpw may return later and resume drilling. Tho hole stopped In tho fourth Mya zone which marks tho bottom of the San Joaquln i clays and tho top of tho Etchegoln. ! At present tho rack of fine largo- j sized cores Is it favorite, place for geologists of various companies to "browse" and study fossils. CONTRACT AWARDED BY LOT TOLEDO, Aug. 28. (V. P.)—Identical bids wore HUbmltted for a contract to supply the city with 7CO toiiH of calcium chloride. So, D. K. A. Cameron, city commissioner of purchase* and supplies, awarded the contract by lot. Vedder Missing in Dorsey Test Hole After going down to 1C80 feet nnd ascertaining that the second A r odder sand does not pjclst, Petroleum Securities Company has plugged Dorsey No. 4 back to 1540 feet and cemented 8%-lnch casing at 1485 on the first Vedder oil sand which lately has yielded somo good wells nearby. Tho location In on tho north side of tho small proven Dorsey area between Ml. Poso flold' and Round Mountain, on section 26, 27-28, which Is mostly undrllled. To date tho two A r cddor oil sands have not been struck In any region except tho north portion of Mt. Poso field, although tho second sand has been sought In tho south portion, In Hound Mountain, In Dominion and In this area. *-•-* "CAMEL" LOCOMOTIVE NEXT I'ASADHXA, Aug. US. (U. P.)—Tho Union Pacific announces a veritable "camel" of a loniotlve for next year. It will be able to speed across deserts and everything else for 550 miles without refueling as against tho present 200-mile limit. New Ore Bodies Opened Up on Cactus Queen Property lly J. II. JACKSON Aug. 2S.—New ore bod- •'• lea have been opened up on tbo 400-foot level at tho Cactus Queen mine on tho west slope of tho Middle Huttes, Drifts are being run both ways from tho shaft on Ibis level, with a good vein of oxidized ore In both faces, the combined length of tho drifts being approximately 120 fcot. Tho vein being worked Itf tbo Blue Eagle vein, the Btrlko of which Is north 45 degrees caat and tho pitch 45 degrees east. 'Pho formation Is daclte, with, the vein matter oxidized and some water In tbo bottom of the shaft. There has been somo change In tho ores on tho bottom level, according to re- ports, with tho gold content Increasing and tho silver content diminishing. Tho Blue Kagle nnd tho Cactus Queen properties consisting: of 360 acres of patented ground, being former railroad land, arc operated by tho Cactus Mines, Inc. There lias been some 2000 feet of lateral work done on thrco levels and a program of further exploration und development work la under way. It Is estimated there are 500 tons of milling ore, taken out during process of development, now on tho dump. Twenty men, working two shifts per day, arc employed at the property under the Supervision of Hoy Moore, engineer In charge. nomination of Pat Harrison In Mis sissippi and James F. Byrnes In South Carolina, 55 certain to sit In .Tan nary are listed Democrats, A majority is -18. Barring a break in tho solid south, where most of tho Democratic nominee* arf> not oven opposed, tho margin will bo larger. Tho Georgia primary, In which Governor Eugene Talmadgo will pit his anti-new deal strength against Senator Richard B. Kussell, Jr., conies September 9. In addlllon, Die border states of Ton- iios.Hce, Kentucky an'd Oklahoma are among those now represented by Democrats which wlll"clect again In November. A largo number of tho terms expiring this year Involve southern | states where tbo Democratic nomination long has been equivalent to election. States beslda Georgia which have yet to Nclect nominees aro Colorado, Massachusetts Michigan, Now Hampshire, New Mexico and Rhode Island. In New Mexico, two scats aro open. Of tho 36 to be filled In all, one Is now Farmer-Labor, 12 Republican and the rest Democratic. Of tho 00 sets, 70 wore Democratic last session, 23 Republican, 2 Farmer-Labor and 1 Progressive. NEW OIL AGREEMENTS FILED IAN II. MULL and the Texas npany modify leaso on northwest quarter of northwest nuarter of section 12, 30-2S, by changing rental to read J10 Instead of ?6 per acre. Belmond Midway Oil Company to David JO. Day—Assignment option to sublease of portion section 22. 32-23. Barbra Tlckel to J. I,. Keck—Lease dated January 17, 1936, onc-elBlith royalty, 2-year 3-month drilling clause, noutlnvcst quarter section 21, 23-10. K. J. Development Company and Shell Oil Company extend drilling time on southwest quarter of north- n-fist quarter section 10 und southeast quarter of southeast quarter section 7, S2-29, mid south half of south- rarh quarter of northeast quarter section 13, S2-2S, to July 11. 1938. II. I.. Pomeroy ct ux, C. C. Scliar- f&Z Judged the equal of imported Pilsner Tho death of Governor Floyd B, Olson, who was supporting Roosevelt while running for the Senate on tho Farmer-Labor ticket In Minnesota, left a gap which tho leaders have yet to fill. Fundamental poll- cloB of the candidates account (or party difficulties In other states, such as Nebraska and Michigan. Somo Democratic organization leaders In Nebraska aro smarting yet from Representative Terry Carpenter's capture of the nomination. Senator Edward H. Burke resigned as national commltteeman, rather than support candidates whoso beliefs he does not share. Now It looks as though Senator Gcorgo Norris may run Independently after all, with the benediction of Uoosovelt managers. While Talmadge berates tho now deal In asking Georgia Democrats to send him to AVashlngton, Senator James Couzens Is standing for Republican rcnomlnatlon In Michigan as an. avowed administration supporter. Furthermore, ono of his closest friends, Representative Pron- tlss Brown, is contesting for tho Democratic nomination to oppose him. . Tho southern states in which such mix-ups have been settled for years at least by primary contests are Louisiana, Alabama, North Carolina, Texas, Mississippi, South Carolina, Arkansas, Virginia and Florida. In Delaware tho Republicans yesterday In stato convention renoml- nated Senator Daniel O. Hastings. Tho Democrats have yet to act. For a new taste thrill give Brown Derby the "Pilsner Test TTERE is how beer experts judge •*••*• a. true Pilsner. It's a test thousands have made of Brown Derby in recent weeks. Smell the foamy collar of the beer. Has it a rich and appetizing aroma? Does its deep, creamy collar last —due to tiny bubbles that keep rising from the bottom of the glass? Does it taste not quite sweet— not quite bitter- just at that pungent, refreshing in-between stage? Brown Derby scores high on all these Pilsner points. So high, in fact, experts say it is the equal of the imported. And you pay no duty on Brown Derby. Why not get acquainted with this American-brewed sensation—today. penberer et ux and Standard Oil Company of California confirm lease dated July IS, 1936, for 3 years from date, on northwest section 32, 30-27, ex- oeptlns east 100 feet. James O'Haro et ux and Peter O'Hare to Standard Oil Company of California—Lease dated Juno 15, 1936, one-eighth royalty, 3-year drilling clause, west 60 acres of north half of northwest quarter section 30, 30-27. Oliver M. I'errln to same—Lease dated July 27, 1936, one-eighth royalty, 6-year drilling: clause, east half of northeast quarter section 28, 31-29. Uuth P. Brewster to same—Lease dated July 25, 1936, one-eighth royalty, 5-ycar drilling clause, northeast quarter of southwest quarter section 21, 31-29, and lota 6 and 6 Falrview Tract. ' Jasmin Orange Land Company to 101 Oil Company—Lease dated August 14, 1936, one-eighth royalty, -2- ycar drilling clause, west half and southeast quarter of northeast quarter sedtlon 23, 25-27. Anna W. Mattlson to Harvey Beyer, trustee.—Assignment lease on west half of west half of northwest quarter of northeast quarter section 12. ! 11-24. Golden'Bear Oil Company, Ltd., to Warren TT,. Deucl—Sub-leuso dated liny 29, 1931), 16 2-3 per cent royalty, 60-day drilling clause, wer.t half of northwest quarter of northeast quarter sec.tlon 28, 2S-27, and east half of southwest quarter of northeast quarter section 2S, 27-27. (trover Thornton et ux to Standard Oil Company of California—Lease dated July 31. 1930, one-eighth roy- ulty, ft-yoHr drilling clause, southwest quarter of southwest quarter section 32. 29-26. Cornelius R. Nikkei et nx, Arthur S. Crltes et ux and W. B. Robb et ux to H. A. Hopkins—Lease dated July 2. 1936. one-eighth royalty, 3- yenr drilling clause, west half of. west half of northeast quarter section 29, 2.1-26. Dan C. liartel et ux, Arthur S. Crltes et ux nnd AV. IT. llobb et ux to H. A. Hopkins—Lease dated July 2, 193G, one-eighth royalty, 3-ye;ir drilling clause, enst half of west half 1 of northeast quarter section 29. 29-26. Paul J. Pepper to It. H. U. Hunt— Assignment »4 of 1 per cent royalty from portion section 20, 29-27. Krncst K. Carlson In Willis An[ der*en—Apslirnn-cnt 40-300 of ! per cent oil, etc., from portion southeast quarter of northeast quarter of northwest quarter section 30. 30-29. Willis Andersen to Nellie K. La More—Assignment 16-300 of 1 per cent of above. Same to KIMe G. Stowe—Same as to 8-300 of 1 pet- cent. Hank of America and Shell Oil Coin- puny agree that second party may suspend operations on west half of i northwest quarter section 15, 32-29, to May 25, 1937. \ Satno to Kame—Agreement to ex- teml (trilling time to southeast quur- ter of northwest quarter section ID, 32-29. to May 23, 1937. I — . MODERN fNTERIOR DECORATING Geauty. comfort and utility are tho essentials of successful homo decoration. Do you plan (o brighten up u room next month? "Modurn Interior DecorattUK" is tho title of a valuable MM*Vico booklet rr.'iriy for Tho Uak• rrhfMil < 'ullfornlan read era through our AVashlntf ton Information llnroiiu. Tin- rhapU'r lu.-iuls it'll the wholrt story of thUs practical and timely household aid: How to Analyze u Hoom—I'so of Color In Your I iom« — St-leotln^ 1 Furniture — IVrlud Furniture—Treatment of \Vlmlo\vs—Decora live Lighting —HIJKH—i.'onceiillnic Radiators. Kvrry houFinviiV should have a v'pv of thin hMpful booklet. KnrloMc 10 cents to cover cost, hamlliritf Ji'Hl po.stai;e. Use Thin Coupon Prevent Employes From Speculating (L'nitfit I'nss Lra'tt M'lrcl WASHINGTON, Aug. 28.—Tho securities and exchange commission— federal "watchdog-" of the nation's stock market—has acted to prevent Its own 1100 employes from speculating- in securities. In a letter signed by Francis P. Brassor, secretary, the SEC warned: "No employe of the commission shall participate directly or Indirectly In any transaction concerning a security subject to tho commission's jurisdiction except that such prohibition shall not be construed to prevent the purchase or sale of a security or commodity for bona fldo Investment purposes." Tho SEC specified all employe hold- Ings of securities must be reported within 4S hours after they wore purchased. Commission officials denied tho order was prompted by alleged speculation in its staff but asserted It was merely a recapitulation In a clarified form of numerous existing regulations. BOTH COUNTED OUT CHICAGO, Aug. 28. (U. P.)—Pat McCleary, Boston, was knocked unconscious when Hans Schnabel, Germany, kicked him on the chin during their feature wrestling nmtch. But Schnabel, tho exertion and the punishment proving too much, collapsed beside his victim. The referee- counted them both out and it was a "no contest." PWA Not to Help With S.F. Subway (United Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Aug. 28.—Public tvorks Administrator . Harold L. Iclccs said today PWA will not finance San Francisco's proposed Market street subway under its new construction program. Tho project, ho said, would take too long to build and labor costs aro too high. Ickes said San Francisco's Hetch Hetchy distribution system "la In tho same position." Tho city had applied for a $20,648,' 000 grant to finance the development. « » » Mexican Officials Coming to Races (Attactatcd Press Leased Wire) MEXICO CITY, Aug. 28.—Colonel Roberto Flcrro, chief of military aviation and Major Adan Galvez Perez, head of civil aviation, will attend tho National Air Races to bo held at Los Angeles September 4 to 7, It was learned hero today. The two are expected to visit aircraft factories to study latest developments In aviation and possibly purchase equipment for tho Mexican air force while they aro In the United States. Wilbur Morrison, general manager of a Pan-American Airways subsidiary, tho Companla Mexleana de AvlacSon. will also attend the races. WPA Project to Start After Four Years; Will Cost $12,000,000, State (Untied I'rctn Leafed Wire) ALBANY, N, Y., Aug. 28.—Almost four years after President Roosevelt ipprovcd tho project, a hugo World War memorial, proposed at a cost of approximately $12,500,000, la bo- Ing contemplated for tho capital of tho Empire state. Mr. Roosevelt campaigned for tho project white governor of Now York. The proposed memorial will cover, two city blocks, including 203 parcels of property, which must be purchased. Several hundred -resident* will bo forced to sock other quarter* to make way for tho project. Tho structure will complete a foursquare building program on Capitol Hill. It will face three huge structures, already there—State Capitol stato office and state educational buildings. A park in the center facing each building, greatly enhance* tho beauty of tho area. Tho World War Memorial Authority, created by tho Legislature, !• seeking funds for tho project. A federal WPA grant of $4,500,000 is bo- Ing sought. Tho remainder will b« raised through bonds. The authority Is headed by Edward N. Schelborllng, state department commander of tho American Legion. Tho body has experienced difficulty thus far in its efforts to win tho federal grant. Even Governor Herbert H. Lehman's aid was enlisted. Mayor John Boyd Thacher of Albany asked th« governor to Intervene after two attempts to obtain a federal grant were unsuccessful. President Roosevelt explained that tho first request to the PWA was turned down'on the grounds of Insufficient funds. In a letter to the Albany Evening News ho said the application was nmdo too late; that the allotment for Now York state was exhausted. No action has been taken on the second request duo to revised regular lions. One Out of Every 330 on State Job (Associated Press Leased Wire) SACRAMENTO, Aug. 28. — One person out of every 330 in California Is In the employ of the stato, Willlam Brownrlgg, executive officer of tho state personnel board estimated today. Brownrlgg said there were 17,709 on tho state pay roll, exclusive of approximately 6000 employed by the University of California and the relief administration. Of tho 17,709, some 16,211 are employed full time, 1498 part time, with an additional 500 to 1000 who get seasonal employment. A largo majority—15,700—are civil service em- ployes. Sacramento county, where the state capital is situated, employ* 3425 with San Francisco and Los Angeles counties following In order with 2379 and 2304, respectively.. Brownrlgg revealed. , The H;ikorsflPia C:il!forniun, Information I'tureuu, Krecierlc J. Ha&kln, director, Washltieton, D. C. 1 enclose herewith 10 centH In c-oln (o.irefully wrapped) for a copy of the booklet, "Modern Interior Decorat- tlllf." Nume.. PERSY ] Street.. City. State At your neighborhood grocory... SAFIWAY to Washington, D. C.) Today Is Ours A New Short Serial by Nard Jones — of Young Love and Long Engagements . Beginning Saturday, September 5, in

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