Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 10, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1908
Page 6
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I Y: 6 THE lOLA PAILT MCgTEK. rBTOAT BTETCnm. JAyTJKT !•. THE K. C. MARKETS Catti* RaMipta Show 9ll9>*t Falllns Off.—41oga jncrtaM. KnnnAR City. Mo,. Jan. 10— RccoJpU of cattle In Knnsaa City yesterday •were B.350; a Keek aico. 5.400; a year ajKK 7.S00. ChlcaKo twelves 8.500 as romiuiret] with 11,000 a week ago and ?.000 a >-oar ago. The five Vi>Mlern markets rocelted 21.050': a *eek a|?o, 23,200; a year ago. 27,00. It took but a short time for dreBsefl beef men to clear the pens of the early arrirals and they awaited eagerly the late trains. Prices were fully 10 cents above the high close Wednesday and 26 to .15 cents higher than Tuesday. In many cases buyers pa(\l the asked prices -without entering the pens and at no time In the past two months have'the same grades of cattle sold higher. An export buyer took several loads of steers at |5.25 to 15.50. and claimed he purchased the same kinds; Tuesday at $5.90 to $5.20. Some 1,600-pound steers were sold at $5.60. Dressed beet men did not hold back on the heavy, grades as they have done In the past ten days, but were eager to get them. The snappy trade •was the result of a few days of moderate receipts with prospects for a small supply Friday. Ten cents was added to the prices of cows and heifers. Medium weight butcher steers and heifers were 10 to IP cents higher. Trading was active and the pens were cleared early. Veal calves, fat bulls and stags wore scarce at higher prices. There was a little belter demand for Blockers and feeders at strong prices. Some countrymen are begln- Jiing to realize that they have let the period of low prices slip by. Some fair Sfi-l-pound steers brought $ nnrt very few stockers sold below $.1.75. Stock calves were JWghor. Receipts of hogs in Kansas City were 24.000; a week ago. 20,000; a year ago, 12.700. Chicago recolvod 46.000. .IS comparoil with ."1, Ofti) a week opo and 24.000 a year ago. The five We.stenj market.s received lO.S.- 000; a week ago.' 74,000; a year ago. 66.200. For the fourth consocullvo day receipts of hogs at the five \\>>k Iem markets were aliovo making the total for the four days nearly 450.000, about 167,000 more than In the same days last week and In the same period a year ago. In the four d!i>-s here receipts were 101,300, not including 22,000 at the Fowler j-ards. Receipts ot wheat In Kansas City yesterday were 42 car.<;; Wednesday's Inspections were 37 cars. ShipmenlF. , 4S cars; a year ago, 79 cars. Prices yfere unchanged to %c higlier. The sales were: Hard wheat—No. 2, 1 car. $1.04; 1 car. $1.01%: 5 car.s, $;1.03; 2 cars $1.02. S cars $1.01. 5 cars iil.00%, 5 cars $1.00; No. 3. 1 car $;i.01%, 1 car $1,00, 2 cars 99%c. 3 dars-99c; No, 4, 4 cars 99%c, 2 cars 99c, 2 cars 98% c, 1 car 98^, 3 cars 97c, 1 car 93\4c, 2 cars 90c, rejscted. 1 car, 93 %c. Soft Wlheat-—No. 2 red, nominally, $1.03 to $1.04;. No. 3 red, 1 Car $1.03, 1 car $1.02, 1 car $1.00, i oar 99c. 1 car ^SMc; No. 4 red, nominally 95c to $1.00. Mixed AA'Jieat—No. 3, 1 car, nOc. Durum WTieat—No. 2, 1 car S7c. Receipts of com wore 26 cars; Wednesday's inspections wore 41 cars. Shipments. 26 cars; a year ago. 22 cars. Prices were unchanged to %c higher. Thb sales were: No. 2. white, nominally 54^40 to 54\c; No. 3 white, nominally 64 He to 54 %c: No. 2 mixed. 5 cars at 64c; No. 3 mixed, 3 cars C4c, 4 oars &3%c. 4 cars 63%c; No. 4 mixed. 1 car 53^c; No, 2 yellow, 2 cars 54\4c; No. 3 yellow, 1 car 54Vic, i cars 54c. Receipts of oats wore 7 cars; Wednesday's Inspections were 9 cars. Shipments, 7 cars; a year ago, 13 cars. Prices were about %c higher. The sales were; No. 2 white, 1 car KO%c, 1 car 50V4c. nominally SOi^c to Bl%c; No. 3 white, 4 cars 50%c. nominally 50c to 50%c; No. 2 mixed, nominally 50c to 51c; No. 3 mixed, 1 car • BO%c, 2 cars 50c, nominally 49%c to £0%c. /niiltaker & Donnell's Bent List 320 acres. 4% miles. 160 acres. 4% miles. SO acres. 2 -miles. Two room house. $5.00. Five room house. $9.00. Six room house. $8.00. Five room house. $7.00. Five roo^k house. $8.00. Three room house with 1% acre. $10. »0T r >TIL FEBECABY FIB.ST. IVeather Borean Bnlldlnir AbontBemdy i for Orcnpancy. Mr. SchoppO' of the local weather bureau, expects to move into the new Wither Bureau building about, ttfe first-of Febr^iarj". The new building Is practically completed but some of the finishing touches are yet to go on. The government Inspector will visit here and either accept or reject the bolldins before Mr. Schoppe moves in. ^ • I • 1 And save from $5 to $10 on your purchase at our great Slxovel 'E/rrx Out! Now Going on at the Popular Price Clothiers Oatfitters for Men and Boys DESCBIBES IDEAL lEACHEB. J. M, Greenwood of Kansas City Addressed lola Tearhers. In addressing the teachers of the lola schools J. M. Greenwood, superintendent of the Kansas City, Mo. schols, described his ideal teacher. Mr. Grenwood said the ideal teacher must be practical and a thinker. He also must have the f.aculty of making his pupils think. "Ucsldo.s those faculties, Prof. Greenwood said: "llo must be a man ot good rli.Tractor. It matters not It he has all these iiuall- ties and has not a pond cliaractcr, he Is a failure." This mornliig Mr. Groouwood gave the pupils of the tola high school some Rood advice. He also vlsltod the .lof- frrsou school building. Ho made many favorable remarks as to the work that was liolng done. PLE.VSAM YALLKY HILL. ] Krrol Sloan canio up from Ulack- Well, Okla., the first of the wi -fk to help his mother settle up some business matters an dsell some of hrr stock and rent the place for the next year. Mrs. Frank Kills has a now crcnni separator on trial which does not give good satisfaction at all. Frank and Harry Staller havo both been sick with an attack of pnoiimonia fever. Harry is better now. .Icssio VanNlce got a prntty b;id kick by a horse while playing ball :it school. A driller's horse in the sl .-ihlc at the school house arid the ball rollrd in beside it. Jesse went to gt-l the ball and the horse kicked him striking him on the check bone. E. Balrd had corn ground at Mr. Durtch's Monday. Mrs. Ell Stroh is lying at hor homo quite dangeorusly sick with rheumatism. Oscar eZnts has pneumonia fevor. Frank Ellis ha da sick scpll the first of the week. It cholera morbus In connection with his heart trouble. R. Hurtch blows off the woUs on the Stotler lease and N. E. Osborn bbnvs the one on the Fisher place. Sunday school continues as nsu .il at the Valley but we have no regular preaching here at present YourHotPipes WHEN the heater nun put " hot pipes through the house in place of stoves he thoujht it was something new. But nature put hot pipes all through our biodies to keep us warm long, long ago. Scott's Emulsion sends heat and rich nourishment through the blood all over the body. It does its MTorfc through the blood. H gives vigor to the tissues and u a powerful Desh-produccr. AU Dnmbtii SOc and $1.00. lola. Katisiis, .Ianu:iry Is^t. litil.^. Uosolutiiiiis of Condolence )»y Mr- Cook P<jKt .No. :>l l;|»eartmont of K.iii- sas Grand Army of Uie Uepulilir, oii the (loath and loss of <iur boI<ivpd anrl psle"iiiod Couiradi'. Captain .1. W. Carroll: solved. Thai, in the doaili of our 1 rldvcfl and cstoonii-d Cmnrade, un t ciiijfii of lula, and a I'onirade aii-I Conimandnr of .McCnok I'ost, wr l::i<c lost. oii«' of oiir liolnvod roniradcs of liio Civil War ami a worthy mctii- of McCiKik Post. •l>f >ri >ron\ Mo It lii-solved. That as Coinr.idcs. we extond the wife and f.Mnilv our symiialhy in thoir sad I»o- ;i-a\cmpnt ot one so highly o .<itoPinod and penerally loved by all. And hereby trder that a copy of those ncan- li .tioris he forwarded to the wife and family of our beloved Comrade, also n Ojy of oac-h of the dally papers of <ho c-:>y to h(f published, and a copy fi:i!!:sh<d to the .MrCook Post to be hjiread on Iho minutes thereof. Hy nnlcr of McC<Kik Post, .1. .S. Walkor. Commander. M. F. SAYl.OU. .1. 11. IICX-K, CAPT. 11. S. MOOKE. Committee ot Condolence. TAFT'S NEW BILL Some Concession* to be Made to the Philippine Sugar and Tobacco 1 Interests. "Washington, .Tan. 10.—^Efforts are to I)p n-nowiil soon for a Philippine tariff bill along the lines of the meas- nrv which went through, the House two yeiirs ago and was smothered In the Senate. Seort't.nry Taft Is just as niiirh In oarni'st »lK)nt It now as be was then, and Is goliir after a bill ro- >;-.\nllcsR of any pffoct his course may have on his canilidacy for the Republican presidential nomination. He has boon working with several senators the -last few days, and expects soon to rrarh an arranKi'nient which will justify the Introdiiriion of tho bill he wants. He is willing now to make some (•nno.-'ssion to the sunar and toharro interests, which ilof«'at(><l bis meaBure two years ago. This concession -will bi> In the nature of a llntllatlon on the amount of sui;ar andi tobacco which may bi^ iniportoil Into tlu? T'nlti-d States from Iho Phllipidnos in a year. In the talk which has been had already the limit on sugar has been sot at S.IO million pounds and that on cigars at about 2 mll'lon. That flc- uio is within a few million of potmda of the groalcst amount of sugar over oxiKirle'd from th.-> Pliillpidiies In one year. The Inlmtion Is to make the new bill provide fwr free trade with the islands on all articles except sii- Rar, rice and tobacco. NEWS OF GAS CITY -JACK THE I'EEl'EK" IS IVOKKING • (JAS CITY, ALSO. The ( her «k «-e SuioUcr I»id \ot Kc- ^•ulne Oponitlon This .Morning us WHS llnniorcd It Wonld. Hirtli. The following from the t^arnett I'eeper Is Here, Too. .lack the i'coper, is working In thl.-; city iigaln. The nelghlxMs living In the pxtreino north pari of town were frightened Wodeii .sday evening by the iiUi 'or actions of a man who was t-eeu poriiing inio the windows. ThI.-: jieep- or was uuilke the peeper who has lieen Headquarters for Gas Light Supplies WA M TSf working In lola and other cities he,— SITUATMmS WAMTED AdTctrNenienta under this head will be Inserted three times wltkont charge. .\(iAI>ST CAP A>D «JO>V>S. did not dl.>^erjniinate hut looked Into | houses where Iho men wore as well as Into (ho of wo- n:pii. This end <if the town is being wati'iied very oarefnily by men who do not care to have their Identity, known with the idea of catching iho culprit. ."Mr, Myers Is no Ileller. .Mr. .Myers, the old gontleniaii who has been very ill for the past several weeks Is no better. Ills condition instead of improving is thought ii) be about the .same. .VIr, .Myers is past eighty years old. lie i.', siiHering from a complication of diseases. WA.NTKD—C.irl want:; work in pri- | vale family. Addri -ss ".m:! .Norlh Third. ' WA.\Ti:i)—(Jirl wants g'Kjd jdace to' work at br)use work. tUG South Fourth. WA.XTED—Good while girl for gen- oral hinise work, lUl S. Walnut. Prof. .MiiylK-rry Says Pupils Should ^\uit liitil ('olloifo fSradaation. "The iMomhers of the senior class of Iho lola hish schmil will not wear caps :yid gorwns this year if 1 have anything to say about It." The above statement was made by Superintendent U. W. Maylwrry, of the lola schools, upon being asked if the members of the graduating class were going ot wear caps and gowns this year. Prof. .Mayborry nays caps and gowns belong to the ofillege graduates and the pupils should wait until then before wearing them. 'News •will bo of interest since Kcv. , Itailev was formerly employeil in the Gas City schools: Uev. Henry Hailcy and wife, of llufTalo. Kas.. are roojlc- ing .over the arrival of a lino baby Ibov at their homo. .Mr. IJalley is the l.son of Kev. and Mrs. C. W. Itailoy, of this city and is well known here. MR. F. H. VAN C.L'XHV. of City. Mo., was In the city today visiting friends. Uneeda Biscuit A food to work on— A food to smile on— A food to sing on— Energy and good-nature in every package. The most nutritioas wheat food. 5 1* In moisturt and dust proof packages. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY Cherokee l»id >ot Start. The Cherokee snioltors in ibis city did not resume operations again this morning as It was rumored that they would. One of Ihe men connected wllh the smrller said today thai they would s;art as soon as they could and that \. ill prolialily be so«)n after the pipe line is completed. IVmonals. .1. C. Uainor. of Withlta. was in the city yesterday on businos.s. lie will li:ive for Chanute today. J. D. Piirdy, <if Chanute, was in the city yesterday on a business visit. He is buying horses, K, T. Waiters, of Kansas City, was ca'llng on the merchants yesterday. C.\N>OX HAS LOTTKKY IteprrNentatlrrs Draw for Qnarters In New Oftire Rnlldlnir. Washington, Jan. in—.\ congros- sUmal IcJttery was cond;ici"d today In the house t)f reprosentatlves for rooms In the new ofllre building of that l>ody. Chairman of committees had already been assigned quarters In the new building and today's drawing was participated In only by the 3:!.1 members who are not heads of committees. There was much interest in the proceeding. Much amusement was created by several members insisting on a thorough nnderstandlng of how the drawing was to be conducted. This occasioned much confusion and led to inquiries of the speaker as to what business was before the nouse. Speaker Cannon finally shut off all discussion by directing the drawing to proceed. A blindfolded page drew from the box marbles corresiKmding with the numbers of .the seats of the members. The name Of Kcpre.sentatlve Kitchen of Carolina was drawn first, and he .selected from the diagram In front of the speaker's desk what In his opinion was the choicest room available in the building. The drawing had not proceeded far until It became evident that the members were choosing the rooms with a southern exposnre, by far the most desirable. It Doo« the Bn.sine8.<i. Mr. E. E. Chamberlain, of Clinton. Maine, says of Hucklen's Arnica Salve. "It does the business: I have used it for piles and it cured them. Csed It for chapped hands and it cured them. Applied It to an old sore and It healed it without leaving a scar behind." a ^c at an druggists. _ j WANTED' ~Ml9omUmmmoua "WANTED—Second hand "Winchester pop gun. Inquire lOD South Second streL FOR SALE'imimomUmmmouB M. E. JONES, The Grocer, Says ONE NOTCH LOWER jG packages Life Breakfast Food..25<i j:; packages Corn Flake 2lo FOR SALE Sporting goods store, \ gun. bicycle repair shop; good cstab-. 3 packages Egg-O-See «0 ished busine .-is. Inquire Otto Ohlfesf. { ' l.a llarpe. Kas. Other busine.-s cause _ Potatoes, per bushel <oo for selling. IJest Flour 25c FOR SALE OR TR.\nE-An ostab- , g ^ llshfd real estate and fire Insurance : or i^ctiua huslnos.s. Box Independence, Ka-"*- j po^n Meal l-'O FOR SALE—Hou.sohold go<Kls, house plants, phonograjih. 2<n .North Second. Phono IIM.M. FOR SALlv—Twelve WHiite Rock ^ rhiekens and hen house llxl'S. Ad-j 3 Cans Tomatoes dre.s.s XVZ this ollice. FOR SALE—tJood Studebaker bug-, gv, practically new, with gowl set of. - Cans Kraut $3 ."i .00 harness, for sale at Howard's ' barn If taken In tho next few days at ISO.OO. FOR SALE— A driving mare and buggy. Horse city broke, safe for lady to drive. Inquire 832 North street. 20 pounds Sugar 11.90 1 Cans Corn 25c Z Cans Peas 25c •.•255} 3 Cans Hominy 25o 25o Fancy Dried Peaches, per Tb. ... lac 40 and 50 Prunes, 3 pounds 25c FOR SALE—Good milch cow. quire 401 North Elm. In- FOR SALE— $1800 stock of groceries and store fixtures. 402 South Kentucky street Fancy Three Crown Raisins 10c ^ Horse Shoe and Star Tobacco ...45c *j Round Steak .'. 10c M Porterhouse or Loin 1214c Shoulder Steak, 3 pounds .-Sac Pork Steak 10c FOtt REia. MlmomttMmmouB FOR RE.VT—Eight room, modern! Pprk Chops V'lo house. Adams & Burns. Phone 1161. FOR RE.NT—One five room house ^'^'^ on South Second and one 6 room' Fresh Side Pork house on South Fourth. Inquire 215 i South Buckeye. J. H. Bock. inc 10c FOR RENT—Two choice office rooms. loquii'e at BurrePrs drug store. FOR RENT—Seven room modern house on paved street. 5 blocks from square; newly remodeled. Inquire J. B. Kirk, 621 North "Washington. Cotto'cne ^'^'^ ]02S.ehio. Pbo9e739 FOR RE.\T—Five room house; good repair. Inquire 423 South Cottonwood. FOR RENT—Eight room house. 208 North ^Valn^t. Apidy at 204 North Walnut Its Economy To have your Carpets and Rugs cleaoed hy TkeiolaRng Factory r««ONC ilk. POLAR BEAR TLOliR Has Stood the Test Becaose its the Best Accefit No Other Wm. Oberdorf, Agt For best and. qaiekest resalts w the Begbter Waat Cohunns.

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