The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 28, 1936 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1936
Page 4
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THE; BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA??, FRIDAY, AUGUST 2§, COMMUNITY NEWS: Glennville District Items OLKXNVILU5. Aug. 28.— Mrs. M. W. Hunt entertained with a birthday dlnnor Wednesday evening, honoring her son Kugene. A beautiful rake bearing eight candles was the center of attraction. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dunlnp, Mr. and Mrs, M. W. Hunt, Kvclyn nml F.u- g»nc Hunt. Mrs. C. H. Likely will entertain the Ladles' Sewing Circle with an afternoon meeting on Wednesday, September 2. Mr. and Mr*. Elmer Wllkes and •laughter Krnnces of Olldalc were visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. MI»H II ill h Likely Is visiting for nvcral days at Whlttler n* tho guest of her Mstcr. Mrs. Helen Clark. Mrs. Mottle Moore and Mrs. Martha Kllbrcth motored to Bakenfleld Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Merlll Caldwell and son Charles of Bakcrsftcld spent n MCRNHKS TO HONOR KINO TORONTO, Ont,, Aug. 28. (U, P.>— Ontario ear license markers for 1987 will btiar two crowns, one In each upper corner. In honor of King Edward's coronation year. Thn markers have n military crimson background with white lettering. few days at the homo of Mrs. f'ald- well's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Likely. JCKR Brown was a business visitor at tho L. Jl. Blcphenson station on Tuesday. Mr«. Emma Wllkes Allen of Pasadena Is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Bell Heller. Mr. and Mm. Joe Frnr-ler, who ar« spending several weeks at Fall-view, spent Tuesday at their home hero. Arthur Boon of Dakersfleld was a guest at the home of Mrs. L. J. Conner Tuesday. MlRHCS Evelyn and Vivian Daguc spent Wednesday In Bakersfleld. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil 1'ago and Mrs. Pantile Hughes spent Wednesday afl- ernonn at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dunlap. Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Orrln Olds Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bon Williams and son Wallace of Tiger Mat. FARM WORK SPANS 70 YKAKH MOUNT CARMEL, 111., Aug. 28. (U. P.)—Mlllard Lelghty, 78-year-old farmer who live* near hero, believes ho ' holds a farming record. He started farming, doing plowing timl other hard tasks, when 8 yearn old, and l« still at It—a 70-year spun. Teacher Is Asked to Conduct Band TiBLANO, An*. 28.— C. A. Cattily, director of vocational Agriculture In the Delano .lolnl Union High Hrhool, hnn boon nuked to direct the state band of tho Future Knrmnrit of Ainrrlca fit tho Hlnto fair In Hurra- mcnto. Mr. Cazaly directed a band lit tho spring mooting of Future 1'armors In Sun I,uis Oblspo, inado up of Future formers from schools In tin.- Han Joaruiln valley. Tho l>oyH did so well and tho band WRH BO on- IhURlaNtlcally received that tho Htato vocatlonnl directors decided to havo a sfiitn band mndo up entirely of boys taking agriculture In the various high Helmuts of thn Htato. llpglBtra- lions Indlcnto that there will be u, band of between 12B and 200 pieces. Bdward 1/n lllanc of Delano Chapter, Future Farmers of America, will represent tho Delano High School In the state band. WOMAN 91. MVES ALONE NOUTTI imANCH, Mich., Aug. 28. (U. I'.)— Mrs. Kstlinr Clmso, 91, re- fuseH to becoino dopondont upon cither of her four daughters. She docs her own housework without any assistance and maintains her homo alone. Daughters live In Chicago and three Michigan cities. BOOKLET FREE IS YOURS ORRY-KELLY VAUNU MM DltlONM AN AMAZINGLY INTERESTING WOMAN SHOULD HAVE fetclnrtni booklet conUim doicni of orifhMl Orry-K«lly dcttctwt of fowiu dciiffwd for ike lUri of Hollywood.. icorn of kinlt for your own ward- robt.. «nd "Tips on Trendt,"an invcUtblt iKoppinf fluid*. Studio Style* Fainion Forccut It pvblliWd for your uic «nd <njoym«nt. T«k« «4vcnt*f* •* itrviccl COPY mm. \ While thctc *rt erisinal Orry-Kelly creelion*..! I Studio Stylet Fiinionj Forecest contains *l new, practical dtsis not thown elsewhere.I SEND FOR YOUR Jutt mril tfcli coupon, tos«th«r with tfcit portion of ONE WHITE KING GRANULATED SOAP BOX TOPS containins the pourinf •pout, to... White Kin 9 Fusion Service, 609 Eait Flnt Sfrtot, Loi Anfclci, California. . . . Hurry TO DAY I KM MI ottv.nurs STUMO smn FAMON NMKAIT, vot i NAME — liy ARDIS K KKNVILLB, Aug. 28.—Kernville has had her "mute Inglorious Milton." In fact, according to tho material contained In a publication of the old Kernvlllo Literary Society now belonging to Mrs. J. M. Converso of Kernvlllo, tho mountain town onco experienced a general renaissance. This little volume, "first published In KornvlHe, Cal., March I, 1888," contains several bits of verso and one short story by tho literary lights of tho mountain town of that day. Tho opening verso Is on "Tho Origin of tho Kernvlllo Breeze," a paper edited by teacher and school children. As a sequel to this verso an epical poem entitled "Ten Years After" tolls of tho return of a wanderer after nn absence of 10 yours and his surprise at finding, "A town of large dimensions With all tho modern furbelows; A town of large prctentlons. Electric lights and railroads too, And other grand Improvements, Hard though It be for any one To anticipate such movements." At first tho traveler decides that ho Is witnessing u mirage; but he adds; "But nol I hear tho whistle scream From factory and from mill. You cannot hoar a mirage. And KERNVILLE HAD EARLY POETS *** •*•** *** *** Muses Flourished in Mountain City REVEAL GENERAL RENAISSANCE WALKER Whut's that oh yonder hill? Tis a. locomotive surely That I seo winding 'round Tho hillside and tho valley. Lo, on tho vory ground Whero tho ranchers and the stockmen Used to graze tholr herds of cattlo, I can hear tho buzzing hum of lite, And the merry stamp mills rattle. It Is tho concensus of tho present Inhabitants of Karnvlllo that, although tho prophecy of tho poet was not entirely fulfilled, It cannot bo laid to any lack of enthusiasm or Imagination on his part. Other verses Include "Tho Night Hawk's Serenade" which pictures tho town rascals enjoying Now Years Eve; "I Can't Make It Out, Can You?" a travesty on local char- actors of tho day; an unnamed bit of Invective verse fearlessly signed by John Farnell and three stanzas commemorating the tragedy of tho breaking of the town ditch. Tho short story, "The Story of a Lunch Basket," has to do with the adventures of a hat box which was freighted by team to Kernville, emptied of Its contents and used by the village belle as the container for a picnic lunch. Of course the dandy who purchased the last hat In the box also won the lunch at auction and finally married tho girl who prepared It. KERN MINERALS TOPIC™ T. V. Little Addresses Club on History and Location of County Minerals (Special to The Valifnrn(an) 1VASCO, Aug. 28.—Minerals of Kern county, where found and the ilstofy and stories concerning the 'Indlng of some were Included In tho talk to tho AVasco Exchange Club members at their regular meeting Wednesday, by T. V. LHtlo o£ Shatter. Mr. Llttlo Is a roscognlzed authority on Kern county minerals and had many specimens to exhibit. Wlllard Merrall, Kern county Scout executive, was also a visitor atth e Exchange Club and told of Boy Scout activities and tho Boy Scout camp on Kern river. During the business session conducted by tho president, Allan Johnston, It was voted to send a letter of condolence to Mrs. Mao English, and also a letter of appreciation for hla services to Leonard Dalqulst, secretory of Kern County Y. M. C. A., who Is leaving to take another position. Mr, Dalqulst has been a frequent visitor and speaker at tho Wasco exchange Club and., his fine service for tho. Y. M. C. A. Is appreciated among tho Wosco Exchang- Ites. • «*• McFarland Personal Notes McFARLAND, Aug. 28.—Mrs. Arthur Chanloy of this city, accompanied by her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Alva Chanley of Delano, were visiting with Delano relatives Sunday. Callers recently at tho country homo of Mr, and Mrs. George Hunefeld were their friends, Mrs. Laura Lefler and Miss Helen Dlobert of PiiHiidenn. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Brest and their daughter, M|SH Virginia, returned Sunday night to their home In At- humbra, after being week end guests of Mrs. Hrest's brotdcr-ln-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Hurl Sawyer. Tho guests have Just returned from a vacation trip to Lake Tahoe. Mr. nnd Mrs. Harold Bailey and their three daughters were guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. O. W. Ellis recently from their Portorvlllo home. Eugene Dasch of Bakersfleld Is assisting at the local Safeway store In tho absence of the manager. A. Cole, who with Mrs. Cole and their two sons, are enjoying their (Vacation In the north. 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Buy two packafe* of WHITE KING 58ANULATED, the cool-wMer ,o. P , TODAYI ' ONE CUf WHITE KING DOES THE WORK Of Hi CUPS OKMNAIY talned for their friends. Mr. and Mrs. William Fox, who live in tho south. I. A. Burroughs, local merchant, has returned from Santa Monica, whore he passed several days with Mrs. Burroughs, who Is staying the summer there. While In tho south ho enjoyed n. doop sea fishing trip. G. L. (Dad) Gray, who is well known by McFarland people and who for tho past two years has been visiting relatives at his former homo In Louisiana, has returned to this city. Mrs. Garnet Martin, her daughter Lorraine of Santa Monica will arrive hero Friday to pass two weeks as guests of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Peterscn. Miss Margie Peterson, who has been their guest for several weeks, will return to her home. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pike and their little daughter Ardlnelle Jo have returned from Long Beach where they passed two weeks at the beach with Mrs, Pike's mother, Mrs. Nettle Bruno and her sister, Mrs, A. F. Davenport, who Is visiting hero from her home In Knoxvlllo, Tenn. Mrs. Bruno and Mrs. Davenport remained at Long Beach to pass a time with friends. Mrs. Clwendolynne Knapp, her daughter Nllu-Lu, Mrs. Gladys Richards and daughter Dorothy and Jesse Knapp wero recent visitors at San Diego and other southern points. While at San Diego were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Waggoner- nee Mable Knapp. They made the acquaintance of her small daughter, Donna Leo Waggoner, who won born July 1. Sam Vaughan, local business man, is at Exeter at present, where he Is with the LoRoy engine people. Carl Wagner and his crew of hay balers will be working In tho Poso district soon. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Llndley had for their jjjjfsts recently tho latter's uncle und aunt, Mr. and Mrs. George Dlmpfle, who were en route to their homo at Vallcjo from a vacation trip passed in Los Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Davis en tertalned at their country home over tho week end for their relatives, Oscar Moore and son Roy Moore from Mansfield, Mo. Other guests Sunday afternoon were Mr. and Mrs. J. 13. Williams and son Luther. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Walters of San Luis Obispo were guests of the latter's aunt, Mrs. Frank Garzoll. J. E. HoUlngsworth has begun tho harvest of hia Thompson seedless grapes. He has 15 acres and will dry them for raisins. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Lobro and their daughter Miss Jean returned on Wednesday night from Lou Angeles, where they were overnight guests of the former's father. A. Lobre. They also visited with Mrs. Lobro's cousin, Mrs. Jennie Donaway, who has Just returned from a Hummer passed in the cnst and middle west. Reverend und Mrs. Ora Wertdle \ind children of Hutto Valley will ar rive here soon to visit relatives and attend conference at La Verne, Miss Virginia McCann. teacher at the local grammar school, motored from her lipine in Hanford to this city to vo'.e nt the primaries. Sho mated that she would return about j September 1, to be here for the open In;; of school on September 14. Frank Pottorff, Alvln and Lester Yntiffhitn returned Monday nlgln from n deep sen fishing trip spent at Oayueas. They were very successful, bringing home a number of fine flub. Klilon Baker has returned from a short vacation trip passed In the Kouth. While here he was a gtiesl In the home of his cousins. Mr. nnc Mrs. Harold Ilylton and Wilbur Ilyl- ton. Schilling Coffee is fortunate in ita friendsj^They attract new(friends. Frqmlfricnd to friend (to friend it Schilling Coffee On* kind (or Percolator Another on* (or Drip KERNVILLE, Aug. 28. — Mrs. Dora Sllloz and her HOU DouRlaas re- ently returned from a pack trip Into ho high Sierras, 'they reported fine tailing and plenty of Rame, They aid they saw niuny fine bucks on he meadows. Kernvlllo recorded a comparatively Ight vote durlnR Tuesday's election. This was largely due to tho fact that many people were vacationing. Tho Harry Sherman picture com- mny returned to Hollywood after liming a picture In which more than >0 local people nerved an extras. 'Rattlesnake BID" Walker finally .urned up with tho llvo rattlesnake for which tho movie company had offered a reward, but ho wa« too late to do business. He now has u very angry reptile on his hands. Fred Miller, local painter, has started painting the Mountain Inn annex acrovs from the main hotel. On Monday evening the Inyokern night ball team, fortified by some fancy pitching, turned back tho Isa- POND POND. Aug. 28.—Mrs. H. H. Curby was taken recently to the Kern General Hospital In Bakers- fleld where she will have to remain several months for treatments. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Graham of Montebello were Friday overnight guests at the homo of the latter's sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ludy. Saturday morning they left for Fresno where they will make their new home. Mr. Graham has purchased a service station there. Mrs. Joe White and Mrs. H. L. Hamlln served on the election board Tuesday for the Delano precinct held at tho Bowhay residence In De< lano, Henry Mathews, Herbert and Rob ert Allen were Shatter visitors Friday evening. Mrs. Carl Brockman, Miss Minnie Mao Blnck and Nolan Williams motored to Bakersfleld Monday morn Ing. Pete Bledsoe, accompanied by F. Bonkosky of McFurland, were business visitors In Hanford Monday morning. C. A. Parker returned Sunday eve nlng from the mountains whero he enjoyed a week's vacation. Donald Russell returned from Los Angeles Tuesday. Several ranches west of the track had to lower the pipe In their wells tho past week tho water level had dropped lower. Tho cotton In this section of the country la looking fine, some of the farmers say they havo the best stand they havo ever raised. Mr. and Mrs. a. H. Hammons havo returned recently to the home of Mrs. Hammon's parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Curby, after staying In Wasco several weeks Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sethman are entertaining their two nephews this week. Richard Dlxon of Delano am' Duane Dlxon pf Olldale. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Bledsoo and daughter Lorraine were Sunday din nor guests at tho homo of Mr. anc Mrs. C. D. Combs of McFarland. Mrs. Cora Buttles, Mrs. Nell Har Hss, George Buckner and Mr. Fisher served on tho election board Tuos day for tho Hamlln district held at the Fisher residence. Miss Frances McCurdy was a Frl day overnight guest of her friend Miss Minnie Mae Black of Bakers field. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Poslay were recent business visitors In Bakers field. Week end guests at the home o Lucy Mao Cozart were Claudln Cobb of Delano and Louise Ingram Joe Bervel was a business vlslto In Hanford Monday morning. II. ir. Curby visited with his wife recently In the hospital In Bakers field. Sunday dinner guests at the hoo of Mr. and Mrs. .Frank Behrman were Mr. and Mrs. HoendsrvooRs of Bakersfleld, Georgo Scovllle and daughters, Betty and Juunlta o Oakland. Frank Kitchen was a business vis Hor In Pond Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hills and soi Fred Jr. were Sunday guests at U home of the latter's parents, Mr and Mrs. John Hills. Mr. and Mrs. H. II. Bean am granddaughter visited with the! daughter and mother. Mrs. Charle Jones of Hprliigvllle. Mrs. June has been confined In the Hprlngvlll Sanatorium several months but 1 convalescing nicely and will bo abl to return to her home soon. Mrs. A. M. Bledboe and children or McFurland wore Monday guest nt tho home of Mr. and Mrs. Pot Blodsoo. Mr. and Mrs. Joo Bervel and son wore Sunday dinner guests at th homo of Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Vlncen of Eiirllmart. Miss Betty Hamlln wus a Satur- duy dinner guest ut the home of her grandmother, Mrs. Minnie U. Smith of Delano. Sunday dinner guests at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. W. W.. Nored wero their daughter uuU son-in-law, Mr. und Mrs. Henry Mathews und daughters, Jeanette and Peggy Jo, and son, Artyv. Miss Zelma Parker left Friday | for the coast on a short vacation. J Dinner guests Sunday at the home of Mian Imogens Black were Frunkle -Mue and Hilda McKeehan Miss Juanlta Scovllle, who haK been a guest several weeks at tho home of her aunt and uncle. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Behrman, accompanied her father, George Scovllle, i anj sister. Betty, to their home In I Oakland Monday morning. Aaron Hcltzeg of Delano was a business visitor In Pond Monday i evening. Mr. and Mrs." Harold Apploford i and son Clarence of Delano wore Monday evening guests at thn home ; of Mr. and Mrs. II. I.. Hamlln. Mrs. Applefurd and little son returned Sunday evening from their vacation ! of several weeks spent at Plstno ! Beach und Atuscadero. News From Kernville Area bella potato pickers by tho score of 10 to 1. Tho Inyokern boys are expected to give plenty of trouble to Other teams In tho Knrn River League during tho rest of the season. deorgo McComas sends word from his look-out on Sherman peak that his culinary art Is Improving with age. Ho recently served dinner to four mountain visitors who pronounced his fare equal to that of the most prominent hotels. George says tho secret of Ills success as a cook Is tho long, hard climb' to his high look-out which creates appetites for his visitors before they arrive. I. L. Wofford recently left on • business trip tp Hollywood. Another motion picture company Is cxpectoa to arrive In Kernville shortly. Jlmmla Blllson, formerly starred in the Hopalong Cassldy flllns, is re- pdrted to be working In an Important picture for the Paramount company. Jlmmle was a recent vacation visitor In Kernvlllo whero his many friend* are glad to hear of his success. Fellows Woman Is Honored at Party FELLOWS, Aug. 28.—Mrs. L. B. Milter was pleasantly surprised on Wednesday afternoon when friends gathered at her home to surprise her rrlih a birthday party. Tho afternoon was spent In play. Ing games and prizes were won by Mesdames L. B. Miller, Myrtle Dake, L. Reneau and Carl Shlvely, After •he opening of numerous glfU re- 'reshments were served by the hostesses, Mesdames George Miller and Jim Fuller. Those present were Mesdames Lee Grlffeath and daughter Elsie, Jim Fuller and son Edward, Minnie Cape- fiart, George Miller and daughter Leta Fay, Sam Peterman, L. Reneau and children, Clyde Dake and children, Eunice and Darlenc, C. Schuster, C. Kehoo, Carl Shlvely, Charley Bethel and Carl Bethel, and tho hon- oreo. Those sending gifts but unable to attend were Mesdames Joe Scott, W. E. Saylorj Fred Formway and Rlley Parker and O. E. Scars, and Miss Paulino Bethel. Party Is Held at Fellows Residence FELLOWS, Aug. 28.— Mrs. L. M. Oann was the honored gucet Tuesday evnlrig at a surprise birthday party when friends gathered at her home on the C. C. M. O, lease, The evening was spent In playing )unco and the first prize was won jy Mrs, Gann and consolation, Mrs. May Allison. Refreshments were served by tho hostesses the Misses Erllno Oann and Lenora Allison. Those present were Mesdames May Allison of Taft, Paul Turley of Toft, C. E. Black, Anna Gorden of Taft, and W. Kofahl of Taft, and he Misses Lenora Allison, Erllne Oann and Pauline Turley, and the honoree Mrs. Gann. Literary Club to Prepare Program RICHQROVE, Aug. 28.— Members of tlio program committee for tho 1936-37 season of tho Neighborhood Literary Club, officers elect and officers of tlTe N past year, met on Thursday afternoon with Mrs. B. C. Trlplett, chairman of tho program committee, to prepare tho club program for the 1930-37 season. Thin was the second meeting of tho committee. and tho program is taking shape rapidly. It will be as usual a miscellaneous program. At the meeting with Mrs. Trlplett were Mesdames Arthur Woodhead, Paul Driver, John W. Reed and Charles H. Hart of the Jasmine district. COW RETAINS HOME MEMORY ROCHESTER, N. Y., Aug. 28. (U. P.)— William Ricker sold a cow to a man in Qonlc, about three miles distant, five years ago. Rtelcor recently discovered tho cow back In his barn. •Tit TJP YOU OFF to a summer lunch that's perfect. It's crlap Shredded Wheat, heapedhlghwithsllced peaches. 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