The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 31, 1951 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 31, 1951
Page 8
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(JUNE.) T, oocoen «. 'Mr. Million' to Die On Schedule, Body Says of U.S. Traffic CHICAGO, Oct. 31. (/IV-Traffic deaths on the nation's highways are mounting as expected, toward the one million mark, the National Safety Council sakl today. The council announced the total number of deaths for the past nine mouths of this year—20.030—which Peron to 'Stump' Argentine Areas President 1 Takes Leave to Arouse Country for '52 BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, Oct. 21. (IP) —President Juan D. Percn took leave today from the Argentine presidency lie has held for five and one-half years to arouse the country into choosing him again for the 1952-58 term In the Nov. 11 elections. Stepping temporarily Intr Pcron's place aa chief of state was the provisional president of the Senate, Bear Adm. Alberto Tessaire, chairman of the PcronisU Party and former minister of the interior. Political elides said Peron will u*e his leave for a quick swing around the provinces. HB reportedly IK worried over the lack of popular response to hb party's electioneering, especially since many candidates for congressional seals and provincial governorships are Tirtually unknown. They were handplcked by Peron and his witc Eva. In closed meetings with the supreme command of the Peronlsta movement. Pecon was granted leave of ab- Mnee by an extraordinary session of Congress on Oct. 11. The leave can extend to April 20, 1952. pushed the grand total sine* the advent of the automobile "well past 900,000." That leaves less Ihaii 10,000 to go before the millionth traffic death is recorded. The council said Its earlier estimate that the millionth fatality would occur during the third week' of December was ua- chimged by the latest Ilgurcs. September alone accounted for 3.G50 persons killed in traffic accidents. A factor in this total—the highest for any month since September, 1041—was the highest Labor Day traffic deuth toll on record. The nine-moiitli total of 26,630. was eight per cent higher than for the same period in 1950. "The millionth death is approaching right on schedule," Ned H, Dearborn, Safety Council president, nalci, "despite the most intensive educational campaign by the National Safety Council and others ever conducted. "Eight months ago, when we first announced the probable date, there was time to do somethinK about it. Now the time for effective action has passed. "All that remains is the shrtmo of a civilized nation which can accept tills terrible blight of death, injury and suffering without any widespread effort to prevent it." Last year's toll on the highways was 35,000. That was the highest total since 1941—the all-time record year for traffic deaths—39,969. For the first nine months this year, the council said, only 11 of 47 stales reporting has fewer traffic deaths than last year. Thirty four had Increases and two had no change. The council said records from 420 reporting cilies showed a decrease of five per cent from September, 1950. Indicating that the biggest. Increases are in the open highways and rural areas. For the nine months. 13 of the 429 cities had no-death records. Investigators Sharpen Sights on Top Tax Officials, Department of Justice TAFT SUPPORTERS ALU—They're not all of voting age yef, but if they were Sen. Robert A. Taft would have 18 voles right in his own family. The Ohio Republican Senator, who is seeking the presidency in 1952, is seen wilh his children and grandchildren on the front porch of the Taft summer home at Murray Hay, Que. One son, Robert Jr., was not present when the photo was token. The family photo was released recently by the Senator's office in Washington. 'King of Beasts' Isn't Worth Stealing, Court Trial Shows LOS ANGELES, Oct. 31. M'j—Thc "king of beasts" turned out to be such a Jerk he wasn't even worth stealing. Leo the lunkhead, an IB-month- old lion from Africa, was stolen recently from a private 200. Robert L. Miles, 24-ycar-ohi stunt man who worked at the zoo briefly, told police he was going to make a movie star out of Leo. He changed his mind, however, when he found Leo didn't know tricks, and sold the lion to another zoo for $50. Tito Won't Join Pact But Will 'Co-Operate' BCLCWADe, Yugoslavia, Oct. 31. WV-Premier Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia declared today he Is willing to cooperate with—bub not to join — th« Atlantic pact, and said the TWe*t could count on him as a trlend tn the event ot World War in. Ti»o, wearing his marshall's uniform, met with 125 foreign and local nf.vspsperrrien in a four hour news conference, his largest and i longeet since becoming chief of •tate, and answered a. barrage of questions. These were some of his answers: He hopes for better relations soon •with Itsly and Greece. He supports the realm ament of "Western Germany. He warned repeatedly that there Je danger of war, but said the people should "not despair" of preventing It. He felt that the future of strategic Trieste on the Adriatic "prob ably will be discussed directly, very soon, between Yugoslavia and Italy." Speaking in Serbian through translators, Tito told the reporters tile Atlantic Pact wns "a logical consequence of Soviet policy." As a result ot that Russian policy, he Miles originally was charged with grand theft the owners valued Leo at more, than 5200. They admited at Miles' yesterday. however, that they have since disposed of the lion for 75. Prosecutor Prank Brcslin hastily reduced Ihe charge to petty theft because it isn't grand theft if the stolen property is worth less than 4200. Miles then pleaded guilty and will be sentenced Nov. 23. Prosecutor Brcslin hurried off to keep a speaking engagement—at the Lion's Club. Russians Soon Must Choose Peace Or Isolation, Wilson Tells Canada British Seize Suez Railroad Operation Proceeds Without Interference CAIRO. Egypt, Oct. 31. (IP>— I British army spokesman said today British troops have seized the road nnd rail bridge outside Port Said, at the Mediterranean end of the Suez Canal, and are operating it "without interference or trouble." The bridge was seized yesterday after Egyptian authorities "refused to keep it open more than 50 minutes every day," the spokesman said. He reported there were no other incidents in the canal area, from which Egypt seeks to oust British troops guarding the waterway. QUEBEC. Oct. 31. «•)—U. S. Defense Mobillzer clmi'le.s E. Wilson said lust night Russia soon must decide whether to live in peace with the free world or live In Isolation under threat of eventual revolt by her satellites. , Wilson. In a speech to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, said the United States will reach peak strength in its three-year, $150,000.000,000 defense program In 1953. He added that if necessary, the nation can hold the pncc indefinitely, added that there could be no neu- lading "the strain of it to our trallty on the part of a European country In the event of World War HI. Vatican Envoy Said 'Temporary' NEW YORK, Oct. 31. (JV)- America's lending Protestant group said today that President Truman twice gave assurances that the sending of a representative to the Vatican was a "temporary expedient," that would "certainly terminate with the sign- Ing of the pence treaties." The Notional Council of the Churches of Christ In the U.S.A. made public a record of conferences stride." He said he doubts if Russia can do Die same, and therefore the Soviets must soon make their choice. ".You are about (o see production really pouring out," Wilson assert- nnd correspondence with Presidents Roosevelt and Truman on the qucs- (loii^rjf Vatican relations. Mr. Truman named Gen. Mark Clark ambassador to the Vatican, but the appointment has been held up. p<l. The United States, he said, now is ready to mass produce weapons calculated to "throw fear into the heart of any would-be aggressor." Jail Sentences Are Sustained For Four Reds NEW YORK, Oct. 31. (;T>— Contempt sentences imposed four Civil Rights Con- have been upheld trustees of the gress bail fund by the U. 8. Circuit Court of Appeals. The court refused yesterday to free the four men from Jail. Those sentenced are: millionaire Frederic' Vanderbilt Field; nine months; mystery writer Dashiell Hammetl, six months; W. Alphaous Hlintrn. six months, and Aimer Green, two six-month sentences to Reports from Port Tewfik near Suez said 200 Egyptian police dispersed hundreds, ot striking dock workers who shouted anti-British slogans and ripped down several British flngs and ran up the Egyptian colors in their place. WASHINGTON, Oct. 31. (If) — Hou« Investigators brought the De- xrtmtnt of Justice and top echelon ntornal revenue officials under heir sights today (n & broadening if their Inquiry into federal tax service Irregularities. A big shift of emphasis in Hie nvestigatlon was announced by Rep. King (D-Calif), chairman of House ways and means subcommittee which thus far has conccn- rated on reports of improper prac- ices In the offices of collectors of nternal revenue. More lh»n a score of bureau em- Jloyes have recently resigned or mve been ousted or suspended. Two former collectors are under Indictment. Talcing note of these cases, Senator Kefauver (D-Tenn) announced that when Congress reconvenes he will offer legislation to place collectors under civil service and bar them from outside activities. Special Attention Planned King said that the' investigation he heads would give special attention to _ "possible improper influences" affecting prosecution of tax frauds, and added in a statement: "The subcommittee has been disturbed by the very high percentage of cases Investigated by special agents and recommended for prosecution which have been dropped at higher levels." Other Itemi Listed The committee, he said, also intends to go into settlements of civil tax liabilities, the administration of the alcohol tax unit, checks by the bureau of internal revenue on integrity ol its employes, and the supervision of standards of conduct by . tax lawyers and others practicing before the Treasury Department. King said the committee will continue to bring other collectors' offices under investigation, particularly the office in San Francisco. Collector James G. Smyth' and eight subordinates there are currently under suspension pending Investigation. "It is expected that further disclosures of irregularities or Incom- pear to be of doubtful validity." Citing specifically olaims ot ill lealth by taxpayer*, or volunlar- disclosures of fraud. King said such grounds for. official decision not to prosecute "appear to selves to easy abuse." tend than. COMPLETE COVERAGE HOPE BEACON - United Nations headquarters in New *'ork celebrated the organization's sixth birthday by keeping lights on in offices from the 27th to the 38th floor of the Secrelariat Building to form a huge "UN." YOU OfT COMMITI COVEKAOC IN MUTUAL INSURANCE! All r/p*t of pcrlonal gnd rMl property _moy b* p/olittcd in mutual comport!*!. Combination coy*fag»i many fiffi«« provide maiinurn protection at an overall reduction in th« jinsl« premium charged (or individual polici*i. look 0* Iheie other advantage* our mutual pe4- icyholderi rtay«i • Omd.ndj Jo Pollivrlejdlri • P/empr Claim SeMinenl • local *epr«itnl<>>rorl • f/noncla/ Slrtnjlh W.LlBlIX'il J. G. "Bob" Barnea Glencoe Bid;. South 2nd St Blytheville, Ark. Phone 43H Women were once forbidden to view Olympic games In ancient Greece, according to the Encyclopedia Americana. run concurrently. The four were penalized for refusing to cooperate in federal court and grand jury Investigations Into the disappearance of four convicted top Communist leaders. petence will add to the picture already presented," King said. Branch Offices In Focui In pushing Its Inquiry into prosecution, or non-prosecution, of tax frauds, committee attention will be centered on the 15 branch field offices of the bureau's intelligence unit, the chief counsel of the bureau in Washington, the offices of the four regional counsels, the Department of Justice and TJ. S. District Attorneys. King said that some grounds for failure to prosecute tax frauds "ap- Blytheville Motor Walnut & 1st Phone Contain* 2 DOCTORS PRESCRIBE flCYCU For Rhtumafkj, Mu»cwlor VrI %ll And Arthrhk Pain .. Fait-aeting C-2223 brJngt bl*t(*d p*tn r*U«f— It'i "lodUed," tonUliu "ai*t* ftnik* Root" herb, and in i*tltylat» action brlngi h«lp to IhoujBiid). P/Jt« of rim bolll* buck If not Utli- Tlid. Don't will— ^t h*lp— o*t 0-2223 tod*y[ Bixler & Story 113 Walnut St. Steele, Mo. Phone 15 AUCTION Dry, (Inky ikin. "The Noxzrjms Home Facial tiolpctl my dry. flaky skin so much. I'm s confirmed Noxzeina user, now," says Jnn Bcrgquist of Longvicw, Wmti. 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