Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 31, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 31, 1908
Page 2
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EnterUinlnn MIM Thompson. . Miss Helen Campbell is entertaining Miss Thebna Thompson, of Garden City this week. * * * Miss Eastwood Entertained. Miss Myrtle. Sastwood entertained six of her yoang lady friend? at her home in Gas City last' evening, vltb a six o'clock dinner. The rooms were ^e^rated in keeping with the holiday season. Those who enjoyed Miss Eastwood's hospitality were Miss Mable Brewer, Miss Theta Brewer, Miss - Grace McKinney, Miss Lizzie Dreskell and Miss Blanche Mills. * • * IWrs. Adams Returned. Mrs. O. vr. Adams returned from Dewey, ^Oklahoma, where she has been spending the Christmas holidays with friends. _ * * * Class of 1906. There will be a meeting of the H. S. class of 1906 at, the home of M3E8 Laura Carrie. 420 North Second street tonight. All members of the class are requested to attend as some iraport- _ ant questions are to come up. • • . Y. P. C. U. Watch Party. Mr. and Mrs. Cain, of Slfv Soutli street, will entertain the Y. U. C. U. with a watch party tonlsht. + * • In Kansas City. Mr. Bert Fitzgerald and Arihur Hn« tings are spending a few days in Kansas City. * • ^7 At The Trinity. The Epworth League of the Trinity churcb win give a watch party tonight at the home of Mr. D. T. Smith. Ifi South Ohio street. All young people are cordially invited to attend. * + + To Eureka. Mr. C. D. Mullen and family have moved from LaHarpe to Eureka. Mr. Mullen was once Missopri Pacific agent Here and was. well Inown and lilted by everyone. His friends all Join In good wishes for him. •> * * To Visit Here. Master Ted Ewalt left today with Ms-fatter, Mr. F. H. Ewalt for a trip to Iota, Humboldt, and other southern Kansas towns.—Ottawa Republic. * * •:• . visiting Dr. Manley. Mrs. C. H. McDnffey of Waverly. Kansas, is the guest of Dr. and Mrs. Manley. * * • t Here for Holidays. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Hair, of Salina, arrived tn lola yesterday to spend the remainder the holidays with friends bere. * + A Mr. and Mrs. J. Deck Returned. Mr. and Mrs. J. Deck and son WE care not bow cheap others sell glatset—we positiTely refuse to jtumdle the ioferlor goods. Cheap glasses are tuually troublesotoe glasses. Byes tested by Graduate Optician. George have returned from Springfield, Mo., where they have been spending a few of the hollda.vs with Mrs. Deck's mother. • • • Miss DIcl<erson. Jliss Freda DicI«erson leaves today for Bmporia to be the guest of friends and relatives. • • • Back to Bal<er. Mr. Harvey Heller will loave tonight for<pr university to resume his studies after spending the Christmas holidays with his parent.s, Mr. and Mrs. S. Heller. •:• • • "Little Tot's" Party. TueRti.ny night Mrs. S. S. Hil."che- entertained the members of the A'ta Seta club with a "Little Tofs" party. AH the girls came dressed in their little sister'i; dresses and had their hair curled and tied with big bows of ribbon. Little foilc's games and songs were indulged in until a late hour when refreshments were served. Those present wore .Miss Mildred Manley, Miss Evelyn Howland. Miss Blanche Van Buslcirk, Miss Grace Bedell, .Miss Florence Bedell. Miss little Woodin, .Miss Mary Cannon, Miss Edna Eaiiln and .Misses Alfa and 1 /)U Duncnn. • •> •:• A Nove Flower Holder. One of the diiliitlfst and most satls- fiirtory flower holders for the enter of a dining table Is rande In the form of a circle of tiny rrystnl gtobes Joined toKether In a chain and each one having a small opening; at the top. The Iridescent glass is effective and takes the tints of the flowers in a delightful manner. The inside opening formed by the crystal ring is not more than six or eight Inches In diameter and the globes are the sir.e of an apple. Each one hold.s a slnsle flower or a spray of Idossoms so that when a'l are filled the centerpiece looits lilie a circle of coloring; it may be a delicate ring of pink or pale yellow; it may be a flaming one of red, or a brilliant one of deep gold. The charm of this holder lies in its splendid dls- pay made with so few flowers. • + • Saw "The Wolf." A line party of more than ordinary Interest to those who attended was one given at the Grand last night to see Mr. Phillips who took the leading part as the wolf in the play of the same name. Those in the party were Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Goodln, Mn and Mrs. W. C. Teats. Mr. and Mrs. Prank Wood. Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Reld. Mr. and Mrs Milard Teats, Mr and Mrs. Mel Fronk. Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Robinson and Harmon Hobart. • • <• Y Society. Tonight at the rest rooms of the y. M. C. A., the Y society will give a watch party to which ail their friends are Invited. A program has been prepared and refreshments will bo served at a late hour. A good time is expected. • + * Mother's Club. The Mother's club hold their regular business meeting yesterday afternoon at the Little Builders' chapel. The ladies arc planning to have their next raeetlnff at the Orphans' Home and will arrange a short program to be given at that time. • + • The Qui Vive. Saturday night Miss Dorothy Koust will entertain the members of the Qui Vive club. • * * For Misses Schwartz and Ounbaugh. Miss Gladys Brumbaugh entertained at dinner yesterday afternoon with Miss Merle Schwartz and Plorlne Dun- baugfa of Wichita as guests of honor. The rooms were beautifully decorated -In keeping with the season. The •fUntooD passed only too quick with ritzgefald storage. Transfer and Auto Livery Goods stored by the month in large, dry rooms. Auto liver}' by the mile or hour. Local calls 25 cents. Office. 11.-, West St. Office phone iM; Ites. phone (13 music and games of various kinds. A five course dinner was served, covers being laid for these guests: Misses Merle Schwartz, Fiorine Dunbaugh, Ruth Massengale, Francis Munson, Marion Lois Talbert, Narclssa Powell and Madge Joyce. * * + Miss Lee. Miss Tressa Lee has returned from a week's visit in Kansas City. .> For Miss Keith. Mrs. Ben Servey entertained at dinner last night for her sister, MIS.T Kate Keith, of Chanute, who Is spending the holidays here. Covers were laid for Miss Florlno Diinbaugh, Miss .Marlon Lois Talbert, Miss Madge .loyce. and Miss Kate Keith. + * + To Fort Scott. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. May will spend tho rPHt of the woek with .Mr, .May's parents In Ft. Scolt. • • •:• K. U. Alumni's Banquet. "What's the use?" Every hearty handshake, each kindly smile of fellowship, each reminiscence of by-gone days, the alternating current of collegiate fratemallsm, the things K. U. has accomplished and will accomplish, the beneficent influence of college lays—all answered In the homely but emphatic phrase, "lots of use." Lots of use from learning, lots of use In things fraternal, lots of use In the soc- board and^tts of ^nse In the^trattitdj feellnff wUch. pervades cole^e: bred men as it does tliose wbo ItaTe^aerv- ed together In any kindred spbere. All this w^ the issue from the banquet given by the Allen county alumni of the.Kansas university In the Ifaiumic ;hall last nigbt. It was a fine success and the seniors of the great unlver^ sity are prouder today of their alma mater than ever before. It was a collegiate revival. A time "when things educational were brought to, a high pitch of interest and the fires of fellowship, rekindled last night In-that social gathering, glow in th& hearts and minds of the friends and graduates and students of K. IT. with ceaseless fervor. A social hour beginning at 8, when everybody met everybody and everybody was somebody, was an enjoyable feature. There was an unfathomable enthlislasm in the class yell, In the class song and In the meeting of class mates and former class mates . Some how. K. V. students have a love of their alma mater, seemingly second only to their patriotism for their country. Itis an indescribable feeling but It was clearly manifest in each sparkling eye and radiant face. The social hour was concluded at 9 and then tho banquet was served jGuy Taylor, master caterer that he Is served the dainty, appetizing feast from his own peerless "Our Way This was the menu: Bouillon Cream of Celery Salty Squares Queen Olives Sour Pickles Baked Lake Trout Tartar Sauce Saratoga Chips Cold Roast Pork Pickled 0.x Tongue, ; Cream Slaw Shrimp Salad lee Cream .-\ssorfed Cake Coffee When the guests had partaken to the limit of satisf.-ictlon, the program of toasts was begun. John A. Devlin, president of the Allen county alumni, acted as toastmsater. He gave this exacting ease, grace and dignity. Tn bis own inimitabe way. Dr. John Woodin tod of the "Prophylactic Value of a Hash Diet." Fred G. Apt talked of "Here and There." "Here" being "there," and "There" being in the University. Mr. Apt proved a pleasing speaker and his remark were keen with wit and pungent with wisdom, Guy E. Pees solved the question Wlmt's the ITse?" He spoke Inter estingly and Instructively of tho pur pose and accomplishments of tho unl vurslty. A mass of amazing flguron put upon pnckaRi's of rhetorical olo quence was priRenlrd by the Hpoakor to denionHtrnln the "iMe." He whowed that there was lols of nne In oMnln lug nn eiiucntlon nnd in gettlnfr. in n! K. U. ProfeKSor .T. E. Uoillne Kpoko specif Icnliy of "The University." He told of Its pl.nns nnd achievements, of Ifp moral ntmospherc nnd religious ntfl tude. HIa address W.MS given a fine hearing nnd was ple.i.<;InK to the audit ors. Representative W. T. Watson gave tn impromptu talk which delighted the hearers, and at the conclusion, the annual election of officers was hold resulting as follows: President Mrs. HVttW ^^mmif ^tenxixy, 3: S. Taylor; treasamv Mrs. -Cnrtia. ••- •• • • Miss Qlon. . Miss Velma Glore who is aitending the winter In California, writes that she Is havIng^ the time of ber life. She says that California Is certainly beautiful at this time of the year. • * * * Miss Mitchell. Miss Florence Mitchell very informally entertained a number of her friends yesterday afternoon at her home on South Washington avenue. The time was delightfully spent with needlewqrk. The guests arrived at 3 o'clock and spent the afternoon. Those who enjoyed Miss Mitchell's "lospitallty were Mrs. Wm. Kerr, Mrs. Millie McKern, Mrs. Byron Burns. Mrs. Crick, Mrs. Roy Sleeper, Mrs; Percy Harris, Mrs. Glenn Finney. Misses Beulab McAnce, Blanche Ponsler, Grace Davis, Hazel Bowlus, Clara Bowlus and Maude MInrow. • • * Miss Atchison Leaves. Miss Zoe Atchison ^vlll leave tomorrow for Wellington, Kas. Miss Atch Ison Is state secretary for the Y socl ety and during the month of January she and the assistant secretary. Miss Edna Rowen, will spend ill their time in Sumner county. She has the best wishes of her many friends. * * • Miss Smith. .Miss Heen Smith, who teaches the school at Mildred, Kas., Is spending the holidays with her parents. Jud ird Mrs. Smith. WANTEI>—Three salesmen. Inquire room 23, Cataract hotel, between 7 and 9 p. m. WANTED—Three salesmen. Inquire room 23 Cataract hotel between 7 and 9 p. in. Coughs That Hack Litde Lungs should be stopped immediately with.a reliable cough remedy. Otherwise they may permanently weaken the lungs and cause untold harm. Dr. D. Jayne's Expectorant is known by mothers all over the world as a safe and effective remedy for Coughs and CoMs. It has likewise been successfully employed in cases of Croup, P|eurisy, and kindred ailments for three-quarters of a century. Your druggist sells it in three size bottles at %\£0, 50c and 25a Dr. D. Jaime's Tonic Vermifuge is a safe and reliable inedidne for expelling V/OTCDS. WANTED—Men to learn barber trade, few weeks required, best paying work within the reach of poor man, can have shop with small capital, wages |12 to |20 weekly, wonderful demand for barbers, catalogue mailed free. Moler Barber College, Kansas City, Mo. BASKET BALL! TOMHIQHT Admiasioit fOo THE AUDITORIUM Entertained Bow Knots. Miss Bessie Beck delightfully entertained the members of the Bow Knot dub this afternoon. The afternoon was spent with music and games of various kinds and at 5:00 o'clock din ncr was served to tho following '.iuosts: .Misses Alfa Duncan, Velma Shelley, Velma Slcoiier, Avis Spink Elsa Hlldner, Mary Cannon, I.«ttie Woodin. .May Smith of LaHarpe. AIlcu McCuIl, Blanche Van Busklrk, Iva lard and Lois Bennett. •:• • • —Hard Shell Crab, Ix)b8ter8, Blue •oints. Our Way. + * + Miss Edna Klein Entertains. Miss Edna Klein entertained infer mally last evening In honor of Misses Ruth and Gracla Allison of Kansas City and Miss Merle Schwartz of V»"!chlta. Music and games were in dulged In until a late hour when a four course luncheon was served. The dining room was beautifully decorated with carnations and ferns. Carnations were given as favors. * • • Mr. Kessier. Mr. George Kessier came In from .Memphis, Tenn, to spend a few weeks wiUi friends here. Mr. Kessier Is employed by the Wells Fargo Express company at that place. • • • -Dr. J. R. Pepper. Dentist, Phone 163 • * •5' For Roscoe and Edna Wood. One of the most delightful parties of -he holiday season was given at the Ino. T. Woods suburban home when Mrs. Woods entertained for Roscoe ind Edna Wood who are spehding 'heir Christmas vacation at home. The rooms were beautifully decorated with holly, mistletoe, bells, etc.. In keeping with the season. The crowd of young folk went out to the WV)od8 home on the 7:10 car and were chaperoned by Mrs. Lee Massengale. Music was furnished through the evening and games of various kinds were induged In until a late hour when Mrs. Woods was assisted by Mrs. Massen wie in serving a two course luncheon, liand-pninted cards were given as fav- )-R. Mrs. Woods' doIlRhtfuI hospital "(y was extended to tho following: .Misses Gertnido Sutcllffe, Luclle Itltchle, Marlon I^Is Talbert, Viola Hay, Grace Moore, Ruth Massengale, Krnnrls Munson, VIca E^twood. ("lave Oenner. Carrie M^vln, Mary Shields, Gladys Brumbaugh, Messrs. Archie Brcckcnrldge, Boyd Barton, Willie .Mellln. Leo Cbffman, Eari Featherlln, T^sley Morey, Stewart Clapp, Carl Ritchie, Harry Whittaker, Gen Dean, Walter Nigh, Lloyd Young. Bruce Mayfield. * * * Wednesday Euchre Club. Mrs. George A. Fry. of 309 South Cottonwood, entertained the Wednesday Euchre club yesterday evening with a 6:00 o'clock dinner. Just the regular members were present WANTED—All kinds of second hand household furniture.—The lola Furniture Exchange, A. W. Beck, Prop. Phone 25. WANTED—lola property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West Land Co. Office over Iowa Store. lola, Kas. »<8Qileiitoiii DIARIES BLANK BOOKS OFFICE SUPPUES at Evans Bros. Business Difccioty. % FOR RBH' miaoeUameous FOR RENT—80 acre farm In Osage township. Inquire Atchison's office, or 422 South Second. • • • • JOHN'G . TfOODnr, IL ©. ^ Ftayslclan snd Surgeoa * • Over BnrreU's. Pboae 148. * FOR SAlE^miaomSlameoua PGR SALE OR TRADE—First class $8,000 stock of shoes in good town of .1 ,000 in Central Iowa, for Allen county land; store doing ?1C,000 to $18,000 a. year business. \Viii sell for cash, but would rather trade for Allen county land. Come quick: somebody will qet It. B. S. Carpenter, 2nG North Taylor, Gas, Kansas. FOR EXOHAHOE TO EXCHANGE FOR LIVESTOCK. —Eight room house, good location lola. Price $1800; mortgage $600 Equity for live stock, feed or implements. lOLA LAND COMPANY. Six Clear La Harpe residences $7000 »nd $3000. Cash for merchandise or farm. W. O. Lenhart, lola, Kas. LOST and FOUHD Great* Western Lond Co. During the holidays the Great West em Land Co. will have special bargains In both farm ! '. i ties, sell or trade, t. , ; . . Imve your Insuring <;i.:... \iu liavo noney to loan on farm or city proji- Brty. Good loans from throe to ten years for Six Per Cunt. We wont a unA home, modern, close In, about 6 rooms, all on ground floor, for which ve will trade an 80 of land in Mis- lourl, and pay the difference In cash. One of the best homes in lola, close In, modern, paved street, sewer connec tlons, for good land. Come to our office and make known what you want. W« are In the office over the Palace Shoe Store. (First Published December 31, 190S.) Notice of Final SetUement. The state of Kansas, Allen County, ss. In the Probate Court In and for said County, in the matter of he estate of Sarah E. Morrow. Deceased. Creditors and all other persons in- erested In the aforesaid estate are hereby notified that I shall apply to he Probate Court, in and for said County, fitting at the Court House, in he City of lola. County of Allen, State of Kansas, on the 9th day of February, A. D. 1909, for a full and final -settlement of said estate. GUY E. PEES. .Administrator of the Estate of Sarah E. .Morrow, Deceased. ^ 31-S-lii -22 Basket Ball. There will be a basket ball game between the Y. M. C. A. and the L H. S. team at the Auditorium tomorrow night. Easy Money The easiest way to make a dollar Is to save one you have already made. By trading with us you can save several dollars each month on your grocery bill. We can sell you goods on two weeks' or thirty days' time at strictly cash prices. The PMple's Ce-Open- tive lercifltild Assnc'a 5 DB. McMIIXEir, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Olsess- ea and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office 32; Res. 232 Office over Burrell's Drug Store F. H. MABinr, Surgery and Diseases of ' Women. • Office and Residence Phone B7B • Office 7 North Jefferson. Phone 687. Bes, 701. DB. 0. L. COX, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A, O. U. W. Bids, Lodge Directory S7(I6HTS OF P¥THlAS.^eoshl> Lodge No. 43 meeU every HoniM night at K. of P. Hall. Vlsltln* bn- thers Invited.. W. 8. Thompson, B. eu Chris RItter, K. of R. and 8. KMGHTS OF MACCAmEIIrr Knights of Maccabees ot the'Wory meots in K. P. Hall second and fo«l» Saturday nights of each montfew i W. Postwalt, commander; R. B< Mr ter, record keeper. • W. 0. WV-Camp Na 101 nwtos ' T. Steele, C. C. A. H. Davis, Cttife Visitors cordially Invited. • M. W. A.—The M. W. A. Xtoe* meets every Friday night In 31. '^A Hall. VlslUng brothers InTtted. r.' Coffleld, V. C. W. A. Cowan. CIss* BOYAL IfEIGHBOBS^Iola CSfi'^ Mo. 365. Royal Neighbors, meets opd and fourth Tuesdays of tir • month. . Mrs. F. A- Wagner, *K- Mrs. Mary Hutton, 413 West as*-' Recorder. • FRATEBNAL BBOTHEBBOOOu.. Fraternal Brotherhood No. 389 second and fourth Thursday of month In A. O. U. W. HalL Vlsl members cordially Invited. W. S. derson, president; Golds Elam tary. JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler. 110 East Street. oooooooooooooo o o o O AUCTIOXEEB. O O Am now booking sales for Jan- O O nary and February. Claln» yoor O O date early. - The lowest terms; O O satisfaction guaranteed. Wirite O O or phone' at my expense. O O E. E. VICKERS, O O 1204 N. Jefferson. lola, Kas. O O ' Phone 835. - O ooooooooooooooooo OUR TkLEPHONE is constantly ringing these dairs .Noir is the time, you know, to bar* all the summer dust cleaned oat ot jrovr carpets. We are bus.v. but yoar ordsr will receive prompt and carefnl sttsntlOB. Phone us today. lOU RUG FACTORY Phone SIO. J, H. THOm Pmlmtarmmd Eslfmates cbeertnlly flren on allWMlt^t Phone Sli. BM. 409 8. naOimU .Qeiaeral Contrselsr,^;^.- Flagstone and Cement SldewiOai^vnaif Curbing a SpeeialtK. Office lis East JadsesAn^ PkeMlM. For a« best. B u»tfeeBsCiB^

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