Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 10, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1908
Page 5
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ME IOLA daily MflMIEB. FBTOAY ETgyiKQ. JAyPABT. 19,1^ Orand Theatre TO-MGUT. "MBrtmxafrom the Wast" A Comedy Drama In Four Acts. Lower Floor 20c Balcony lOc HE SUES A CHURCH L C. FETTERLY WOULD RECOTEB W6" FROM ThLMTY CHURCH. Tronble Among East lola Mrthodhto Is Said to Hare Canscd the Salt oooo6ooooo>>oooooo o o O IOLA TETERIXARY HOSPITAL O O O O Frank S. BeatUc, T. O O Telrphono 130. • Prop. O QOOOOOOOOO-!-00000 0 SJ^cDcer's Tar and WHd Cherrij For Coughs and Colds. Pi;|nted formnla In nindow. Contains nothing injurious. 23c a Bottle SATISFACTION (U'AKAMEED. SPENCER'S DR. J. F. JAMESON. The Saceessfnl Aae. U<{ncer, Teterlnarlan. Knrin mlraor PoiliRrcCTl >lock Mies made Biijwhcrc. Viler tnary calln answered dny or uighl.' Office with UouRlass Uros. Phcne i.^. residence Jio lOI.A. KAN.SAS. Take our Watches, Clocks i* and Jewelry to Q. A. LEFFLER, and get them repaired. Satisfaction Guaranteed. UM. HOlhlLLC, «. nr. aeoii/yiom.Pi-mm* J. H. OMmpmCLL, Ommm. IOLA STATE BANK CAPITAL St2,BOO lOlA, KJUI9AS. omeoTOUMi A. W. Beck, L. E. Horville, J. A. Robinson, H. L. Henderson, J. B!*. xrampbell, Geo. E. Nicholson, I»imnk Riddle. Early Morning Comfort A touch of a mach and the wtkoroe hew it raduiinj fcwD the- 1^1 PERFECnO] Oil Heater . .aini HOltUn Mvct. Tke Auiomatic SmoWeia Dt»ict ptmou all amolc wd KncD and auk« il impotaiblt to tan the »ick loo hijh or too low CuaiaiMKd. all. M m <!.• rn> a sraiiMite eik. CAMMMT. A. C. Fetterly brought suit in dls- irict court today to recover $407.67 from the East lola M. E. church, a religious cori)oratlon, and T. M. Gregory, (Irace Wicks, E. S. Eakin, Jacob Ragle and Sarah Crumley, trustees. He sets up that the church and Its oiflcers are indebted to him, under a written contract, for this amount. It was learned from Mr. Fettcrly's attorneys that he claims that the Indebtedness is for money loaned, the lot on which the church stands and some material that went into the church. The suit Is said by Mr. Fetterly's attorneys to have arisen from the little trouble now existing among certain members and offlcers of the church. It is claimed that Mr. I'etturly fears that certain funds, which the church roulil at present apply on tlie debt, will not be applied because of the trouble. rrosiding Elder ncrnard Kelly is expected in tonight to make uii effort to adjust the matter. It Is hoped that an urrnngeniont for the peaceful sel- tlenient of the case can be made as the tiiiuch has been doing very effective work in that part of the city. Shovel *Em Oitt! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ * - . 1 The Greatest Clearing Sale of Nen*s and Boys* Clothing lola Has Ever Known. CITY KEWS. TIIIC OVR WAY has installed a new ((.(fee urn. Brotherhood Supper at Presbyterian chorcb, Tuesday. January 14tb, 6 p. m. Dr. .Mitchell, oiBce and residence, 'phone 40. .MONT I'ALMER. of the Ramsay store, is now located In his new home en East Jackson street. TliB CO.M.MISSIO.NERS of Anderson oounty came down this afleriioiiii lo visit with the Allen county board and s«"t sonui point«»rs on matters pertaining to their duties. Powell, the real estate man, has a tew thousand dollars to loan on farms at a reasonable rate. Sample Shoes MIIOVFL 'E.M 0I:T. a pair worth less than $;!.0O, t:!..".!) and $4.(tlt. .N'ow Slincs worth Jl.r.O and Jl.Tr>. Now Itedni'tion on all Uinter Cups for Hen and Hojs. Men's Suits $25 00 Suits now $20.00 $22.50 Suits now $17.50 %K-.i)o Suits uuw $10.00 $10 .00 and 11.50 ^uiLs now $7.50 $7J.O and S 50 Suiw now $5.00 Men's Ov«rcoate All our $25 00 Overcoats; HOW .....»•• $19.50 $20.00 Overcoats now- - $15.00 $15.00 and 16.50 Overcoats now $10.00 $10.00 Overcoats; now .. .• =$7.50 $5.00 and G.50 Overcoats now $3.50 Man's Fl.-innel Nluhl Shirts, $1 .1M) (luallty. (J."*^- .'lOe rn <lerweur JJ.!^ 1.".e Hose ' lO^- 11 and $1.2r. Shlrt.s S."i<- lOc Ilaiidkrrehiofs ...,'»^' Itoy's .".Oc Sweaters .•>.")<• Men's Pants J1.50 Pants 95^ 12.50 Paflts $1 .85 13.00 Pants $13.35 14.00 PahU $3.00 10 doz. Children's Caps, worth 50c, Shovel 'em out at 15^ RHEUMATISM YESTERDAY a suit was broupht by Deal & Trent, of Wichita, against S. C". Varner to collect an alleged bill of $203.10. CITY CI.EKK Wcndorf .«.iys he will not accept notices by 'phone of the dis connection of stoves. Parties must call in person. E. J. r ).avis Moving Van. Phone 309. iiig the iiast several months. JOEL CANADAY yesterday secured a divorce from Jane Canaday. Abandonment was the grounds. Four weoks work for Idle carpenter. Iy)w wages. Address X Register-by Saturday. CHAS SCHAFFNER. of Humboldt, the newly elected county assessor, will not have to move lo tola, at least for the present. The duties of his office are not very pressing until March. Kaffir Corn wanted at Claiborne's Mill. ..... ,.1.1- A DArOHTER was born Ibis morning Jo .Mr. and .Mrs. Jnc Matlox, of :.15 South Fourth street. Dr. O. L. Garllnghouse. Office 'phone 283. Residence 475. MRS. AN.N'A J. Morrison and daughter, Mrs. Grace Lofland. will move to the Morrison farm southeast of the city in the near future. Edgar's .New Feed Store, telephone 7r.. Best feed. Quick delivery. .Mec' all competition. MR. W. O. DRESBACH returned to Los Angeles. California, yesterday after an extended visit with his son. Dr. 11. V. DreslKich, of this city. MR. H. HENRY' of McComb. Illinois, is visiting with relatives on North Oak street. • Mr. Taylor hearing of Mrs. Can- tretl's wonderful cures brings his daughter from Canada to be healed, after trying medicine for years and It failed. THE ATTORNEYS for J. B. Cos- horn applied to Judge Foust this mornlnt to make F. J. Oyler a party to the suit which Mr. Goshorn brouKht asalnst thecity officials to compel them to appoint him city attorney under the old soldier preference law and it was granted, and Mr. Oyler is given until tomorrow afternoon to answer. January Sale of Odd Pants SaTC flJM to OH the Pair. CAe Bait lay SHfeUs CIothiHj Caj THE STOKE THAT SATISFIES, BODY BACKED WITH PAIN No other disease causes such •wide-spread suffering as Rheumatism. It h a tierve racking torture, and so thoioughly does it dominate tlie system, when it becomes entrenched in the blood, that its victims are usually complete slaves to pain. Rheumatism is due to an excess of nric acid in the blood brought on by stomach troubles, wealc kidneys, indigestion, and a sluggish condition of the system. The natural refuse of the body, instead of passing off through the ordinary channels of wa.ste, is kit to sour and ferment in the sj-stem because of these irregularities, forming uric acid which is absorbed into the blood, and Rheumatism gets a /oothold.. As the blood circulates through the body it deposits the acrid, irritating substances with which it is saturated, into the different mu.scles, ner\-es, tissues and bones. Sharp, biting pains commence, the flesh becomes feverish, swollen and tender, the muscles and joints throb and jerk, and the body is literally racked with pain. Plasters, blisters, liniments, etc., can never cure the disease; they relieve the pain, perhaps, temporarily, but do not reach the trouble, which is in the blood. S. S. S. is the proper treatment for Rheumatism. It goes down and attacks the disease at its head, and BiiDPi V tftrnPTSBte' ^"^•>°S ^« poison and acrid fluids rUnCLY VchbTABLE. which are causing the pain, and strengthening and enriching the blood, cures Rheumatism pcrmanenlly. S. S. S. is the greatest of all bloo<l purifiers, what is needed in every case of Rheumatism. Book on and any medical advice free. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLAHTA/ GA. S.S.S. GAS IS GOOD TODAY CITY .MAINS ATT.VCIIKI) TO THE rKI.«E WESTERN LINE. High Lino Prp>8ure Was Inrrea.tril Fire Pounds This .Morning After Connection W'as .Made. That the patrons of the city gas plant will be supplied with gas for fuel in any kind of weather was.assiircd this morning when the lyessure was in- crca.sed materially by attaching to the Prime Western Spelter company's mains. This morning when the cold snap came the gas from the Prime* Western was turned on and in spite of the fact that much more gas was being used today the low line pressure was increased three ounces and the high line pressure five pounds. J. HERRING IS DEAD Well Known Citizen of tola Died Today of a Cancer. At his home at •ll.'l South Buckeye street, J. Herring, one of Tola's oldest residf>nts. died today at IL.'iO o'clock from cancer. He has been suffering for the past nine months. Mr. HerrinK l)ceamc ill about nine months ago. He was treated by specialists In Kansas City, but to no avail. Mr. Herriog was G7 years old. and was born in Ormany. He came to tiis country when but two years old. He moved to Tola seven years aco from Colorado Springs, Colo., where he had made his homo for a number of years previous to moving here. Mr. Herring leaves a wife and tour children, two boys and two girls, all of whom reside here. This gas will be used coldest weather. only In the SET CREVISTON CASE JUNIOR BOYS PLAY BASKETBALL! Trial of Accused Murderer January Twenty-seventh. Series of Fifteen Games Arranged by Prof. Bliss. Prof. Bliss, of the Y. M. C. A, has' comp 'L 'ted the final arrangements forj a ?<'rU's of fifteen games of basket ball to be played by the boys of the Junior "gym" class. There have been, ten teams organlerd and the team' winning the most paroos In the ser-| iis win be presented with a burnt l<ath«r prize. The first game of the s»rles will be played at eleven o'clock tonwrruw morning by teams number thref and nine. The names of the captan and members of each ttam will be published later. The date of the Creviston trial has been by agreement of attorneys set for January 27th. This was done as an accomodation to the attome>-s who wish to bring experts here to testify with reference lo the mental condition of Creviston. The attorneys wish to make definite nrranKements with the experts to c<mio, at a certain date. TJ.c attomi'vs for Creviston will have a number of experts from abroad and wi'I also have some local physician who has examined the accused man testify. Wlille the attorneys in the rase have asreed on the date, it is subject to the order of the court TWO MAKE MONEY Kwlricily uud Mater Run lieliind .Vccurding to City Cerk's Analysis Shei'^t While the gas department fund in tlie hands of the city treasury is less than what it was last month and the month previous, it continues to make liioney as shown by the analysis sheet complete by Bookkeeper Ueorge Hankins today. This is explained by the fact that at tiie end of the niunlh whfii the analysis sheet is taken i)art of the money which belongs in the city treasury is yet in the hands of the city clerk. Tiie condition of the gas fund in the !:uuds of the city treasury lor December shr)ws $a7 ,ii72 .04 which id less than last month, il 'hen being $;:v s :iS .-12. The general fund, which is the consolidation of all the different funds lii-.-iidt s sas. water and electricity, shows a great improvement over tlie nioiiilis pa!-t. In .November the genera" fund was in debt $210.74 while this i.ionth it is to the Kood 131 ,017.7 :5. This is due to the fael that taxes wliitli have been collected during tho liast month conies In under this fund. . I 'lR gas and general funds are the Mtily t.vo this mouth that show a cred- i' Ivilaiieu. The gas has $;;7 .."i72 .M 1 in .rs i!i:!sury and the general fund J;!.".? 17.29. The electricity has a de- A Fair Propositionl We wish to supply your drugs this year. -You wish to trade where your interests will be most fully protected and promoted. SVe should combine and our proposition Is this: J Begin trading here with the intention of remaining a ciittomer on. ly 80 long as you receive courteous treatment, getl wholly reliable goods, find what you want, and are satisfied with the prices. Tf you wil do this we shall not ask you to* remain tmless every one of these conditions is fully and satisfactorily met rreD's Drug Store, THE REXALL STORE. WEST SIDE SQUABEi bit of $16,122.80. and the water $20,- G7S.S0. .-Ml of these show a total bal- aire in the treasury of $34,017.73. I'or the month of December the wwwr department has an Income of *Ii>Kr..2S, with an expenditure of Jl.224.15; electricity an income of ?1.2<)S.S7 with an expenditure of $667.Vc: gas an income'of $6,206.11 and an expenditure of $4,778.81; the general fund income of $36,155.60 and an expenditure of. $4,198.44. There was expended for improvements in water $344.04, electricity $106.01. gas $3,269.62, general $3,151.42. The drilling of gas wells and the laying of pipe and the Installing oC new lights are listed as improvements. Try % W »»t Ad. In the Register. To make things lively daring Jannary we offer the following remarlubly low prices: Gallon Peaches, per can 50c Gallon Apples, per can 35c Ko. 3 Apples, per can llc No. 3 Toiiiatoes, per can IIc No. z Tomatoes, per can 9c Pick Wick Corn, per can 1 Ic Pure Cream Corn, 2 cans (or 15c V. C. Hominy, 3 cans for 25c Red K Beans, 3 cans for 25c Lima Beans, 3 cans for .25c P. W. Succotash, 2 cans for 25c Large Sour Picklas, per gallon... 25c Medium Sour Pickles, per gallon 35c Small Sweet Pickles, per gallon 60c Kraut, pergalloQ 25c 3 lbs. Prunes for 25c 2 lbs. Dried Apples for ' 25c Currants, per package lOc 3 Crown Raisins, per pound lOc Soap-O-Lye, per can 6c Good White Vinegar, per gallon ... 20c Just received a car of No. 7 Flom, per sack, $1.30; per cwt. $2.55. The above prices ere for cosh only. All prices are low prices. We went to odd aew recndu to our army of customers. Call at our store and get a Needlebook Free Fryer Bros. Grocery ond Meat Market PHONES 30S airi 301.

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