Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 10, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1908
Page 4
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m lOLA DAiIT REGISTER, PSIDAT ETEXINCI, JAirVlST ItlSL tfelOU DULY IE6ISTEI CHASLBS F. scon TelephoBct. Baporton' Boom. 12J BU|nen Office 18 Batond at ^oU. Kansas. Postoffloa, as Seeond-dass Ifatter. AdrertUIng Rates Made Kaown <m ^AppUcaUon. : : SCBSCBIPTIOH BATES. ! By jCatrler la lola, Chu Ctift Iiaa7 «a« Tllle or la Harpcb OM Week r 10 eenU OoaHontb I *i cents On* tear ^ $6.00 Bj Mafl. Oae year laiUe connty I&M Owh year eatslde cvnitty .......9iM Thiye Honms, In advance 11.00 OBO Moatb, In advance .44 OFFICIAL PAFE ^Cm OF BAS< _ OF A880CUTED PRESS. ne lola Dally Beglstw Is a maiber •f tte Asso«late4 Press ud Beeelres tte day report It that snat aewa or. gulsiiiioa tor Exelaslre Aftmooa PabUeatfoa la lola. FOR LEGISLATURE CAPT. 8. J. STEWART SUGGESTS SEVERAL CANDIDATES John Francis, E. H. Funston, L. F^earson and J. T. Tredway are ' Included in -the List.- B. As the time for the various conventions to nominate county, state and oonsresslonal candidates approaches, the interest Is increasing:. Candidates for practically all of the offices to t>e filled have announced themselves, but the. citizens are urging others to enter the race. Below follows, a letter from Captain 8. J. Stewart, of Humboldt, one of the wheel horses of the Republican i)arty In 'Allen county, suggesting several iwell-known citizens whom he believes would fill the" office of .state repr *8entatlv8 with credit to their constituents: Late Suppers WeWi nrebits, lofatter salads and the like nearly alwi^ produce distreaaiiicfdtec-effccts. Rich food taken at inegnlar hours, not only canaea tsmponrf denngemest of the stomach and bowels, but often brines abont chronic dyspepsia and IndiKestion. If you mill eat an kinds of food at all Idnds of hours, you can pre- Tcnt nnpleassnt coaaeqaeDces by taking DR. D. JATNE'S SANATIVE; . PILLS For Uv«r Coraptalnta, Ooat, J«na- dict, Oytpcpaia, Affection* of the Bladder and Kidneys, CoativcncM, Sick Hcftdache^ Bfliansness,and all Bowel Affections, Jayne's Sanative Pills are vndoobtedly tha oldest, most rtUable and effective remedy known. Can l>« taken as a dinner pill, laxative, purgative or cathartic Jfavr gritt*. Sold by «n drassists. In two size boxca, 2Sc, and ISc. Jayaa'a Taale TcnaUtatfe la a baturml, aentle and cBective tonic Splendid Jordysp«>tlcs, as itacts directly oa Tba •tOfMCh.tBniiiK aadatmctlf eoinx thaforsan, and anabllns It to do Ita-— Humboldt, Ks., Jan. 9, 1908. Editor Re^ster: The indications are that wc will soon' be called upon to select candidates for the various state, congretss- k>na} and county offices to be voted for at our next election, and it has seenied to me that we might very properly be looking' around for suit­ able'men to flir the various i)lace.s. 1 have found that many times a good many hesitate to offer their services and yet would bo wil'ing to accept an office if called tiiKin to do so. Hence I have thought by mentioning some we might think them over and be better prepared to make pelpc- tlons when the time comes for holding our prlraarlejs. For the present I wJah to mention the names of some men I have heard spoken of for state senator. It is understood that our next state senator for this the 14th district will be selected from Allen county, and while we have a pood man in ths cotiiity that could fl'l the place creditably we have some I think that arc exceptionally well quali^ed. John Francis. E. H. Funston. L. T. Tredway and L.. B. Pearson are names I have heard mentionerl in connection with the senatorship. These are men ot wide experience In legislative matters. John Francis in state affairs in probably the best posted man in- tha county. His long service In the treasury department followed by his former years of service in the legislature, has given him an experience that would be of pre &t benefit to a senator. E. H. Funston, known by some intimate friends as ''Ed. Funston." at one time ca'led "Senator Funston," and. later "Congressman Funston," and knp«-n by all our pleople as ">'ar- mer Futiston," has had the largest experience in legislative matters of any man' In the county if not in the state. His combined services In both branches of the legislature and in congress aggregating more than twenty ears, giving him such practical ex jiericnc? as would enable him at once occupy a prominent and influential position in the senate, making it possible for him to render excellent service for his constituents. J. T. Tredway, our present r?pre- sentatlve has been and is now an untiring member, giving his best energies to his duties as an official and his mark is so recent that it is ffem- iliar to all, having served two terms as representative he might properly ask to be senator. L. B. Pearson is one of our 'old timers." He served two terms as representative, "never does things by halves," always a Republican, always a patriot, believes In standing by his j)nrty when right by his country, right or wrong." In reference to those four men from my personal acquaintance, am free to say for honest, morality V.yalty and integrity 1 could make no distinction. Three of them are "old soldiers." one has all the patriotism of an old soldier, but arrived too late to be one. I am not authorized to speak for any of these men. I have heard Mr Tredway would like to br> senator, do not know that either of the others would, but knowing their loyalty to the party and to the sUite I am confident if ju'sked to take the place they would do so. S.\.M'L. J. STEAVART. REPUESTO EACH ONE 8tut>tiB Senda An Answer to Every LetDer Urging Him to Run for. Oevamor. Topelui, Jan. 10.—At the headquarters of W. B. Stubbs inthe Oopeland hotel here the stenographers are busy ^riting more than 2,000 letters to men in various i>arts ot the state. "Wtaen the effort was made to pnsh Stubbs into Hie gubematorial rate he said that if there was a demand for him to. run he would do so. He did not de- p!de for almost a week, and in that time it is said he received more than 2.000 letters urging him to run. The letters came from every county in the state, from fanners, business men, merchants, maniifacturers and laborers. In many instances the letters took the form of petitions, and from five to twelve names were signed to some of them. Mr. Stubbs has been so busy since his announcement that he was unable to reply to these letters, but as soon 08 the headquarters! were opened here the stenographers began making> persona! replies to each letter. The headquarters room is a very busy place these days.- Clyde Miller, secretary of the Republican state central committee, has Joined the Stubbfi forces and is hard at work. He turned over many valuable records and address sheets which have been used in former campaigns. Miller wfll be a valuable addition to the force, as he was active in the hard campaign last year and knows how many political schemes will be useful to Stubbs and his crowd. Ranir Foollithness. 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This great tonic medicine and blood iiurifler give= quick relief l|n all stomach, liver and kidney compmnts and the mi.sery of lame back. Sold under guarantee at all druggists. NEW HAMPSHIRE TAFT MOVE. Aasociatfon Formed Despite Protest* of Congressional Delegation. Concord. N. H., Jan. 10.—About 150 Republicans of this state met here today and formed the Taft association of New Hampshire. Letters were received from Senator Galllnger, Senator Bu'mham, IRepresentative Currier and Representative Sulloway, ex pressing disapproval of the meeting on the ground that it was unwise to declare at this time in favor of any candidate. Many other letters were read endorsing Secretary Taft. TeU Them Yoa Know! Yoa may teU: y out friends, oof *^say-so/^ tfutt when they hisy a package of tfie fientiSne Affeockles^ Affosa Coffee they get the best of ^ coffee trade* - • — - — ^ 'No coffee of equaPquality calT be spid ii)^^is town for the same price, whether it be sold ou.t of a bag or a bin, or^ under some romantic trade-mark* You may tell them you know and that Arbuckle Brothers, thip greatest coffee deklers iii the world, will stand for it.*, j , JAatBUOKLK BROa. New York City. _U Cleveland. .Tan. 10.—Ten thousand men who have been laid off from four to .six weeks because of tlie financial stringency returned to work in the industrial plants of Cleveland this morn ing. It is iiredicted that within a fortnight all the Cleveland fact/jries will be running full blast. .T. K. Tanner, president of the Manufacturer's Information Bureau, showed reports fropi the industrial cities of Ohio to the effect that many thousands of men who had been laid off returned to work today. (Estimates placing the total in the State, out .side of Cleveland are close to Mr. Tanner said the reiwrts indicated a return to normal conditions. For the past three or four wpeks it was exjJected that many factories that have been shut «lnwn would reopen .Tanuary 6. Not only did manv reopen, but many resumed work" with their usual quota of employes. In othr»r instances the working force was increape<l. This was true l>oth in Cleveland and the surrounding tf^rrl- tory. It is gerierally believeil that practically every factory fn this district will he runninsr full force by February 1. In Yoiingstown. O.. alone. It Is report ?d that nearly 8 000 men went back tq work this morning. Pittsburg. Jan. 10.—The plants of the Republic Iron and Steel company and the Youngstown Steel and "Tube company, at Voungstown, Ohio, resumed operations today, giving em- p'oyment to 8.000 men. Newcastle, Pa., .Tan. 10.—Ten of the thirty hot mills of tbc Sbcnango tin plant resumed operations today, giving employment to 1,000 men. Amsterdam, N. V., Jan. 10.—0|)er- atlons were resumed today in several manufacturing plants which have been shut down for some time because of the moey stringency, and 1.100 or more bands will return to work. "«>}onsocket. R. 'I. Jan. 10.—The .Mlllvllle boot mill of the UV)onsocket Rubber company resumed operations today. All departments will be running before the end of tlie week. Riving employment to l.'iOO bootmak'-rs. The American Wringer company's plant also resumed after a shut down of a few weeks, with too operatives. Bristol, R. I., Jan. 10.—OperaUons were resumed today at the plant of the National Rubber company in this city, after a shut-down of nearly one month. Mor(|^ than 1,500 operatives went to work.' Northampton. Mass.. Jan. 10.—More than SCO mill operatives return?d to their work today when the Belding Brothers* silk mill and the Northampton Cutierj- company resumed operations on practically full time. Detroit. Mich.. Jan. 10.—About S.OOO men. who had l>een out of work during the pastfewweeks, were put back on thepay rolls of various manufacturing establishments here toda.v. Several other plants announce that they will Increase their working forces by next week. IT IS REPORTED from lola that A. F. Florence, formerly of this place, will be a candidate for county at- orney of Allen county this year. Mr. Florence is a good lawyer. Is a hustler and if be goes into the race th^ ither fellows, will know they have some one to beat. Al's Woodson county friends hoi)e he will be successful. —Yates Cenier .N'ews. She * * + pride of the country was the 'round. Envied by other girls was she; In beauty and health she did abound By taking Rocky Mountain Tea. Burrell's Drug Store. 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Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hard, of lola, were in town Siuida.v vlsliinj; Mfs. Card's iiarent.s, .Mr. ar\d Mrs. Wlu. lre;and. Mrs. Ella Tripp and dauRhtor and Miss Ixna Ferris retiime<l to (las City Sunday to take ui> their school work again after a two weeks vacation. KtlliitiiiR for him. • and Mn. Alfred Vollmer who have been lIvinK in the. WiUett property ill the north part of town, hav.^ purchased the Potter property in the nnitcd in marriasc New Years day. Their many friends wish to congratulate them. It is .said they intend to move on the old Sorden place. Mr. Hyfields who now occupies tho Sorden farm is niovin;; up somewhere near Geneva. ilrs. Harris' brother. .Mr. Wm. I^nurhford, of lola, is visltins her at present. , Grandma Tojrnsend, of lola, was vi.sitiii^ her dau?U»ter. .Mrs. Kramer. Saturday nisht and Sunday. She returned to her home Sunday evenlnt;. .Mr. Kramer sold some hops, chickens and calves in lola Tuesday. .Mr. .lohn .Murphys are |)reparinK to move to lola. .Mary is over superin- teudin!; the paiier hunginK and prc- pariiiK the house for occupancy. .^Ir. Curtis.*GeorKe and Itoli Cornell and sister. .Mr.s. .Mary Guff went down to Chaiiute to visit their brother. .Mr. Han Cornell. Saturday, IJob Cornell returned Tuesday. Mr. I'eter .lolinson delivered hoiss in lola Tuesday. .Mr. Floyd Flake was up in this part part of the city and moved,, „;„;,^ Wiru'^ there WVdnesday. .\ number of Bronson'a younc pivi- pie drove out to. the coiintry hoiuj <if .Mr. anil Mrs. I2verett HamnKinds on Wednesday eveninK ami enjoyed a ."oclal eveiiinir with them. All present report an excellent time. Miss .Mattle O'.Veal returned from a we«'k spent In Parsons with her! sister, .Mrs. Stella Jones, Sunday ev ening. that is to be held Tuesday, .Ian. 21. .Mrs. 1). .\'. .limes has her afrm to .Mr. Itriice. lie is now liviiiK in ^ates Center, it is leased for three years. ^ ix^ .Mrs. Hester Heath and .Mrs. Alma VitiUie w^re over to .Mr.,, ilarris' Wednesday. A Few Bargains In Dried Fruits and lireakfast Foods. 2 lbs. King D. Apples for 2.">c ;• lbs. 60-70 Prunes -'uc 3 Crown Raisins, per H). ...- 10c •1 Crown Itaisins. 2 lb« 2'>c Seedless Raisins. 2 lbs 25c Currants, per I'ackai^e lOc Seeded Raisins. 2 paokafies 2ac lirralifast Foods. Dr. I'rices Food, per'pkg. 7* Life Foo<i. per pkK. 7r Korn Kinks, per pkg, 4c X Cel O. per pk^. l.V Ralston Hominy Grits,'per pkg. ... So Scotch Quaker Oats, per pkg. ... 12r Call up 'Phone :ifi8 or 301 and we will deliver the gooda! Fryer Bros. LIBERTY. •Mr. and Mrs. George .lones wish to announce the arrival of iheir yoiniK son, Daniel Uruce, on the 2Sth of De- Miss Klnne Carter, who has been!(.emher. slaylnK hsre with her sister, Mrs. Paul Mattox for the past six weeks, retorned home Wednesday. George Green, agent for the Continental Fire Insurance company, was in from Blue Mound Wednesday. Wm. Hixon, rural routecarrler, is Mrs. Herdman and .Mrs. Murphy called on Mrs. George Jones Wednesday. Mrs. Keys and Mrs. Arthur Keys and Mrs. Johnson were guests of Mrs. G. L. Jones Thursday. Mr. Hillie 5Iurphy went to Chicago confined to his home this week on ac- Tuesday for a visit with relatives. count of sickness. J. J. Rames is sub- Mr. Lee Vitltoe and Miss Alma were 1 at all drug stores. 2.'.c. It Roes to the root of disease, strengthens and invigorates. It's life giving qualities are not contained ia anv other remedy. Holllster's Rocky .Mountain Tea has stood the severest test—time. For thirty year.s the surest remedy, sr .p. 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