The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 21, 1952
Page 10
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jf TAGE TKN RLYTHEVILLK (ARK.) COURIER KKWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ftall.r rate per line foi consecutive | tesorlion: | Minimum c lurs« SOr I 1 time per line 15c • f tlmrs per line per day 12r 3 time* per line per day ff | 6 UniPS per line per diy "c j 1? times per lino per rtAy 5c j Month per line !*""•• , Count (ire avrraijp Mortis In lhc- Mnr. [ Ad ordered for throe or ^\ limps aTirl , BloppFd before e\ pi r At ion will li«* clm^er! tor llif inunlior of llmf. Ui* ad • Pliparrrt nnrt adjustment ol bill marte. Ml rla^siftrrt advnHslnR cnpy suli- mitlrd hy por?r>n.* reslrilne o»ls!de «'l the rlty must be accompanied hy r.itM- Jlatrs 'may nMlv bt rompnlfrt from the above (abU-, AdvertMn? ordrred (or Irregular <n- eenlons (ak«- I ho one Hme ntilr, S"n roisponslMlllv "ill be l.iki-n tir rnfiir I han one Inrorrc^t Insertion *>' anv rls^ifrprl -id. Ml arts arc rrMnHrrf <o Ihrlr prnnei cli"1fir,i|loM, s1»lf and iv|»e. Thp Courier New* rfsrrvoi the rich* tA edit or reject any act- Watch and Jewelry Repair l-Dfty fprvlrp on Jpw^lry - 1 flays on lchfs nn<1 clorks, Oviflrnniccrt work PAT O'BRYANT Main.£ Second MONDAY, APRIL 21, 1951 V. And V. Carpel frying Co.. of Mr j n phi.* iiou- hn.t ji rcprepent^t! tc In Expert lns(a Nation and it pair, Con- tivrt .ninmle Edwards Ftiriilunv C.n Phone 2-J87, 4-21 p'< J.I Curtnliifi iRiinrtercd, nrnsonible Hf).1 W. A*l) .1 2?> pk 4 2S For Sa/e, M'tsc. Apartment for Rent 3 room fiiriv duplex, p.i* Pti. 2?29. 4 1° I' k ?ft , 3 room furnished apt. Hot .t or.W nmnlnjr \vnTfr. TMv.itn bt'!i. newly I decorated. 404 E. t5;»vl.s ph '-1 -1 4 12 pV: S I 7-rrmni furn. ^pt Pr1vn f o nv.1i f'on- plo only. Ml I.r.k'V pii. 210fi 42i (iV; 2!<i a -room xinfnrnifhet! Apnrt^ien' Private hath, elect rle liot wafr Ir-H'V Ph. 3fiJ9 421 pd ra - 3 room unfiirii . c*;\r;u T »* n &nd carafe Inrn. Ph. F37fl. I KtorJUlfle- bahv hr<t .t waterproof j mattress. Prire I3S.M. Ph. 4253 4 I? pk 21 OiTllr- vnvmlll, 2 ^JIWA. Cjulrk f=nl<> I^O. OS. ilnlUv>n. ph.'3303 49 pic 2;t CifM»d mil] wood at «1) (Irnrfl. South end 21st Kl A 0 pk 2 < SALK $1 M pad! In Ini.ij of 5n or inori*. 'll fi'J e,v:li, ]efn thr-n .10 IMMKDIA'IK DKLIVFRV HUGH W. ALI.KN Ph. -Ifii 'k 471 4 2 pk A? 4 row John Dnrre Planlrr with marltcrs: 4 row Joli n Drere rot»r v hor n ml Jolm D^fre tilf hnnov. Hair .Sretl F'nnns, BurdRltf. rh. 4702. 3 7 rfc tl Torn «lo plan Is lie do/., prpnrr pk 21 3 apartmenls for rent. 112 E Dicr 4 If> pX 3 rm nrn. npt.: 3 rm, vmfurn apt Close In. Ph. 8818- 4 15 pit L'2 5 rm. unf. npt,, ti^th, hot water, gp.rdcn. SOI N. Frnnfclln. ph ICB-i, 4.15 pk 22 3 rm. unTiir. anl Ph 2350 or 60PA 4 3 fk if 3 room <t 4 room aptfi- for rent Coll 6612. C. Ahrahfim. 6 ck tf Modern 2 room fur apt. Ph. 253.% or 45C5. 2 H ck if McKlcrn npt.. 3 rooms and bath, newly '!ecorated, Rood furniture, uns rqulp- mrnt. Ph. 3373, P. Simon. 921 ek If Small Apartments, furnish- ri-1, SR in) n«r wook. T^odrooniR $4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf Unlur. apt , pvt. bulb, 300 Cherry. Ph, 3'J49 or 2787. 4;I7 pk 5,1 3 room furnished ftpt. for rent. Suppf/es and Services Don't endanger your fnmlly wttli faulty tires—BUY l.FK T1HKS CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Mnin nnd Division Pbonc 2561 12 13 r,k t! Serv/ces T.AWNftlOWERS We-, sharpen snd repair nil typs mowers. AI=o new A; used power niow- ers. AH kinds mower narts. Also power mowers lor rent. Westbrook Afachtnc Shop Across Irom Kroper Stort clt tf Need your rrullo repaired? cnl] Reel Walton. Dlsatrled vr tor tin ropnlrs FA- dlo us home. Reasonah]» prlcea. Ph. R318. 4 1 pk 5| I For moving and locnl hauling. cnH »928. W. W. Bcckhnm. in Hose .T29"n* 4'29 Curtnlns Iftundorecl Rnri etietchp.d Mrs. J. E, Lawrence, Th. G25<). 325 pk 423 20 MINUTE PHOTOSTATIC SKIW- ICE. O'STEEN'S STUDIO, 115 W. MAIN. 12 4 rk if For painting ivnrt papnrlng. cnll Hnr- ry Whc-nt n.nd Roy Frocninn. We Bp«c- Inll7:e In ahccirocV: finishing. Ph. fi'J65 or 2B35. ' 3 26 j>k 4 76 Spring is RUG CLEANING For careful, thorough r;i? rlranlnr: aervlce, cnll on B]ythcvL]le I.^nndry'A 37 yrsrg of experience In this specialized Mold. Frfte pickup and delivery service— Jvist call 441S BJ.YTHKVIhLE LAUNDRY CLEANKUS I rrpnlr any tnnko or mortrl wnshln? KRChlne a hSocks west of Dlslo rig on Sth 3t.. hy new srhonl. llerliort Ora- lam Ph 6738. 37 pk 57 Save Money When You Buy — Soil — Trade Used Furniture 01,IN HAKK1SON & SON FUUNITUUK PC). 517 W. Ash Pli. 2S52 8-2 fk If TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO 117 W. Walnut Phonr s.laj Plenty of Parking Space TRI.RVISION TCCA VICTOR Etprrt InMallntlon nervine. Dny AmuRomciit Co. Ph. 4-^70. Hlcrhwfty fi] North Tomsito rinnt.s. 3 vnrlellns. Coltt [•'rnrnf uttintR; He <}O7,.. *,\ On hunrlTcM. W. T, SMnrp. Ixinc Onk Rnntl. 1; ml 1R HJwny Wrst ^'-t pk S'4 Blond cocker .spiinlel pups rh 32-S9 \trs. D^vlf. AOI Pnrk St. 4'1B pk 2fl lf)50 Cun>minn motor scooter Good .:on(5ULon. Sco Rt 1139 Wnlnnt. 4;i« pk 23 DIRT FOR SALE Wo rtellvrr. Thone «22fi-9f)27, Snybenns. Rnd Tap Uorlchsoy No. 2— Bf> r r. Hluc Tng Opfton B5-V RermlnR- tton. M. J. Osbnrne, ph. 26,10. 4'11 pk 25 Empire tnblr ninrlcl Irnnpr, K ent condition. OlieRp. Ph. HT7fV Ply wool! boiitfi, nil nlxra. to-.v pr fice them nt 604 Anh SI. Ph. 4675. il Jf It's cattish voxi arf lookinp for. com« 10 llfltts Fish Miukrt. 1 ti.ivr plenty nt nil times. Cnn fill nny r\7f- orrler 2010 K4Wf: St. half blork rnsr of GfUewny Cnrvp. -i;ia pk :. 19 PIONEER SEED CORN AT Jack Robinson Implement Co. •i:i7 ck 2-1 '51 SI uric. Commander I,ess t)uin 8,00(1 mili\s! '51 SUnle. Cli. 5-Pas. 'i!l SUidi-. Ch. n-J'as. '!<! I'nnliac -l-clr. .. . '•in r<nd V-S J-rir. .. MS) Chevrolet 2-dr. , , '50 Plymouth 4-clr. . 'IS Chevrolet 2-dr. . MG Font 2-rinor '47 Hudson J-tlr. .., HOW SOME PEOPLE BUY A USED CAR nnn'l YOl! linv n car blindfolded. 1'rcitiTl yiiursvir by clions- ini; a car dial's hccn thoroughly ici-nnditiniicd al CUnnililin Sales Co. That way yon KNOW wlial ydii'ii 1 Iniyinif every lime. Now . . . clu'i-|< Ibis list of cars ami I rucks: 9 Till SI lido. ' ,-T. Pkp. . H<>5 * '111 Slude. IJ-T. I'kp. . S!>5 (>;io ' l(> Chev. !;-'!'. I'k]). . li!).=) '17 CIu-v. 1 | i-Ton . .. (ii)5 '17 2-Tou 7il."> 'IS (JMC 1 i 2 -Ton finfi '17 Chev. 2-T. Slk. . . fifl.~> 'Ifi \1(\ K . 1 i,-T. Sfk. . Mil Slude. 'i-T. I'kp. . 'Ili Font V-S Station Waijon, line-owner . . 1111 ."> 1M5 1315 01)5 sn.i Sil.i 595 Mosl of (hrsf c.irs h^vp n r.niin and bo.itrr. JIany olhi-r makes and nindrl* available. Authorized IS), Service • 2 Big Lots of Railroad & Ash Streets. • CHAMBLIN SALES CO. * Your Friendly Srudeboker Dealer * Railroad & Ash fall fiSSS PHILLIPS HAS A-l USED Cars & Trucks 1951 FORD $1585 A slorious Mcxir.ili .Maroon color, (his deluxe Tudor Hi'dan h;is just J2,()0() miles! So;il covers, heater, ll's A-i I 1950 FORD $1395 Only 20,(1IHI miles on (Ills A-l oiir! [•*(jui|)|)i'd with radio, heater, overdrive, .soul covers. A cnslom Fordor. 1949 Mercury $1295 With seat covers and lailor-madc upholstery, the interior is beaiilifut! Itadio, heater, overdrive —like new! 1949 CMC $895 With 5 new tires, this '/j-Ton G.MC is a buy! Keiisler ca 11 le rack. Healer. A-l, it looks & runs like new! 1949 FORD $845 Another clean, A-l !/i- Ton I'ic'kuj) priced to Kive you real value! l.ijjlit K<"< l y color. Kquip- jied with licitler. 1947 FORD $645 A perfect-running truck dial's now .specially priced al S(iir.! Mas new ]i;iinl, n e w hed, j; 1 " 1 '' tires, licater. 300 Broadway Phone 4453 DON'T FAIL TO Realize More Farmers Are Going FERGUSON Jack Robinson Implement Co. lilyllieville, Arkansas — Phon* 2371 Oood Soyhenn need, FunX'a HyljrM Srcti Corn. fioyhriin Inoculation. .Mixed FortllLzcr. Nvw hrnl U.^-iJ fl;iB* I'AHMERS BOVI1KAN CORP H IJroadwnjr, UlyOicvIlle. Ch Blill 3 20 pk 5 20 Reed soy he AIM, Dovlchsoy No. 2. Only I year from Hrecdor's slock. Subject to certification. Only a limited supply. |>h. 21'12. nient Co. lil Iniiiln- :m ck tr 1 Vlklim vepetahlr hox 1 '-. HP Cnrnpre5,r.or 1 tl-font n\rnt r^^p 2 ^i HP romprrs-nrs 1 a-root inn ncir-KoivJcp ra.ic 2 nicat h]orV;« 1 Hcihnrt Kllcrr I meat urliidrr 3 Icr-Krl^p vr^rtnhlp r^r-ks 1 Menk ninkcr \ flxfi wnlk-ln roolor 1 ml* 1 Lfl.-ifl rnodr-l !'i tan OMC truek ronlnrt MAlvln Halsr-ll nl ItnKell *t While Furniture Co.. or I'hohe 6005. H 22 It SPECtAI. PAINT RAI.K 400 Rnllons. i\^sorlPil .SnrliiL- color*. fJItnise <t Cli\nleti colors for IDM1 w.i- tpr tlilnuerl. Intr-flor fln[ [mint, ^rt cnl- ors. 50c per finnrt. J2 ppr ^^Hon As lonB nK prrsrnl Biipply (R^15. MARTIN TnKNKI.R. Inc.. Air Ensc, tplrphone 3RS1. Tllythr-vllB, Ark. J'5 ck .^ 1 ^ srrn BEANS—nortoh NO. 2. tn% germtnatInn J4 bushel OR<len's, QR f " fl Kermlnatlnn, $^.15 bushel. U.S. BlunX- «n-vhlp. Del!, ph. 1402. 327 pk 4^21 Country Club AhnrcE. Ph. 36S1 O.E S25 S. orntor. c-xcellent . Call 27fiO nfter Real ESTATE Farms—City Properly LOANS [f lntcre*te<1 \n Qvijlnf Noble Gill Agency INSURANCr-: Gloncoe Bldg. F'h. G8G8 •;30 ck it 2 hoiiKOR, 2-hi'drnoitis, 3-he<troo/nB modern. If ymi CM., only Hmdll amount O. S. nolllsoi). ph. 3309. 4:9 pk 23 ash liny rqulty of S-1.fiR.S2G. I'Rynhlr rnvinrnu on nice Cnll 2734. S2non.f)0 on of In S12 M iniiiithly 7 room, 2 bntn hoi.,c. 421 |>k 23 Help WmnttJ wltli enr \vt' iutort to ;nll on fftrnipr.s In Mlsfi!5sipiiL County. Wonderful opportunity. !10 to ,*2i> ;n n tiny. No pxpirlr-iice or crtiuti.l rc- fnilrcd. I'rrmanciu. Write tO'lj-- Mc- NKSS COMPANY, Dept. A. Fr'ropui I "_^ __ < /I pk 23 Ambitious young man who wnnts to learn General Alot- ors automotive paris. Kxperi- RDCC will help but not necessary. Apply in person at Hor- nc'i--\Vilson JMotov Co., 317 E MamSt. 17 d,; 2 4 lpcpd on^oil- t ,\tls- M 1 N N 0 W S — Roadies. Fishing-CHNCS lOc up. I'll.- tiilc .'UWO, <iiiy r !)069. 328 K. Main St. G. C. Hnwks. '1,17 pk 5 17 Lucian Games I'urniture Co. Trade your old furniture for new. I will also buy your old furniture. Farmers term* 'A down, balance in the fall. Formerly Arnold & Gninc.s. Ph. B357. 'IHcklf D. rx P.L. No. 15 in ton*, rtellntert. tccnteil. ftnck< Germlnntlnn fi^ to flfl per cent Snvoct j from RO ncre5 pioducliiR 07 t>nlps Price !1*0 ton. J R GATHINOS I.nxnrn. I Ark. 4 21 iik TEACIIEB WANTED — ~E\ii ntnjf Bantl Dlrrrlor lor Jarne flAtrcl Sehool Sysleni In Kouthc ROuil. wltl) r.ppr(>\l m iitrly l.rifln eu nirnllinriu. EKrollrnl conslilrratlon for iltinllllcil pi-r.-on l.yman I,, nilli.icl Stlpl . Warclr-ll ConsollilRlfrl Schrnl Ol.strlrt No. 3. Warden Mo 4 19 -k ?i Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. I. Pollard Acency Planned Protection !2^ W. Ash Si Cit.ENCOE HOTEL BtlimjN'O Salesman Wanted: Proiltire sn1r!«mar Ot Mrmplils' tend! nit "'hole: fruit and vrRrtnblc fomp.inlo: hvit lot itUl. k. 4-A 0 Also Lrwls -Iin K Ph. RAHY CHICKS S. npprovrd lirnvy nlfnlfn liny. PouUry Mnscnrl nt Hntrl 21. Room 2^3 Rjl rk Dlylh ritory. Con tart Mr N'nhlp. Mondav. April or 9:30 ft m. -i'lT pk 1>, j hnv^ ; r>nt HORTCM No. 2 lf Aecd ht'an.^. riant r. i,. \VYMK rnnil'cd I.nntl F.lrni RARPiR THAN YOU THIN'K iv»h illrcrl n-lllni F- l)tonnru-r prodiic!^ .ire ^o (IKfrrpnt trotn n.'i lii.-irprlnl thnt pur iicrltlon. No thorln^-^ vrni Jl) and fn. liiv.- l vvnrklnc Unmrfll,\rr tlcflnlnir .V rti"m!.- MOBSTER AND THE MOLL—Bozo, the beetle-browed bulldog of Eolith Lomion Anijn;jJ Hospital, in England, is (cllii!» kitty jvist where lo £;ct oil at. I.Jo/o shouEd be a little more cautious. Kilty pucks a mean set of rapiers in those fluffy mittens. Wanted to Buy Lost and <Joof! usc-d piano. Ctil] 327-!. Mollan'l, Mo., before 7 a.m. 4,15 pk 22 WANTS!): We pny top prlce-i for soybeans, soybean splits; shelled corn. B, wheat and barley Oei our price me you f.ell FARMERS SOYBEAN CORP Broadway, Blyihcvllle Ph. R191 3 2f> ck j W \Vc will pay CASH for ymir old Ko- rtnk.s, cattifras and lease.* lor paits. O'STEEN'a STUDIO, 115 West Milii. 124 C'K if $250 reward for finding my diamond ring. F. G. Gipson. Call 32G2 r 3J23 or 4464, Glencoe Hotel. 11 ck tf Jot Wanted Truck driving or common Inbor hut not on farm. 5!6 I.«ke St., W. D. Dtck- ?ns - 4.15 pk 22 ,for Sale Cars & Trucks • wr ^uic >_Ufi (J( J JUC«5 K K I C- CO I? " Chevrolr-i Convprilblr. excelleiU PAID He/p Wonted, Male For iin. wire and all kinds of scrap mctnl. Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. N. Bchvay & ifonttrie Drive Phone 8962 4'15 ck If %YAN'TED — Reliable ninn dL-irSbiitor Jor McNffs ? \!)=.-l?=]ppl County. .-\rkn.n^r, hon^it. rixfd-worklnK and wotSclns a-itli and IiRndhii. prs. Must also have M.]friri?, [0 carry & stock of from JlfUKi to =2000 In products. FURST-Mc NESS COMPANY. P.O. Box 2TCS-D-?Sota Station Memphis 1. Tenne?5oe. 421 ck 22 CAN YOU STOP GET OUR BRAKE Service Brake Shoe Replacement For Chevrolet Owners If you own n Chevrolet ('IS model or later) here's your chance to save on a brake job. I'or jusl SO.BO we'll do all (he labor that's rajiiired (o put on new brakes, lie SUKK you can slop. Come down now and lei Sullivan - Nelson make your car safe to drive. Phis Part* Of Course SM-00-THER RIDING! SULLIVAN-NELSON* CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut — Phon* 4578 si!h-dpj,t- NOTICE ST. LOUIS - SAN FRANCISCO RAILWAY COMPANY hereby gives notice that on (-he 3d day of March 1952 it filed with the Interstate Commerce Commission, at Washington, D. C., an application for a certificate of public convenience and necessity permitting abancion- I ment of that portion of its line of railroad extending frcni a point 973 feet, west of Boston, Avenue In Ma- nila, northwesterly to a point 1,976 feet southeast of Main Street In Leachville, 5.D8 miles, all in Mississippi County, Arkansas, finance Docket No. 17,676. ST. LOUIS-SAN FRANCISCO RAILWAY COMPANY 4'2L'-28-5;5 One out of every (our persons in. the United States is a member ol the American Red Cross. for Rent Poem public. Hrnrkln ph. 4W2 lfo rr.^als to thr v 11 :<X1 to 1 30. n.te. 12S K A-sti . 415 pic 513 ^-keeping mi. [ih. 2 41 2 rm. (inf. house. Ph- 6211. Concrete Block Uutldlns". s •i\rni?e or ntoro :uid ndjnlnl muse with bnth. I.o*-niPrl hi k-hivny 61. 5omh sl<!.- of H 11 -VIiH or write I'aul Ryn pk 25 4'ia pk 23 iltnhle for is 5 room <-nrv^ on f-nl Co. R*-nt P. Shetlati for your chll<t nth John Mc- 4 3 pk 5 a Vltchrn. vnocl 1. 4 38 c'< 51 Private Rooms lent loraUon Ph. 2,114. 42! pk 5 15 : nnltoom. prlvnip *ntrance "A block • Ot Krn ? f-r'.«i. pb. 4660. 307 N. First. ; 4;17 pk 21 I Rorlroom,, 611 W con^enlpnt to niUb. steam i Main, Ph. 3325. 4,:0 ck 5.10 i vlih private bath. Pb. OG71 I 4.1 pk 5-1 SPECIAL SERVICE Tor all Moforisfs N't> matter whal kind of car or (ruck you own. T. T. Snay Motor Co, ran offer you lhc .specialized servici* of speedometer repair. To he s.ife — In get better service from ynur . . . be, sure your ipeednnieter is correct. 1-Day Service. T. I.SEAY MOTOR CO. C'hryslcr-Plymoulh Ocaler 121 R. Main I'hone 2122 n. f>hlt>. For Safe, Real Estate oulrl ilk \vlio 1s I v of Ms 421 pk 22 rnjiltnl n-"i DPL 75 ARKANSAS BLUf TAG CERTIFIED COTTONSEED I'irst Year From Brrrdrrs SO-SS-illrt Rrnninillnn. ilrlhUrrl nml trc^lcrt corrox HACS /RK/NSAS CERTIFIED BLUE TAG OGDEN SOY BEANS 80-85-7 sirminnltnn COTTOX RAGS EARL MAGERS, Phone 2811, Dell, Ark. Modern -1-room liatli. llnrdwocxl larjto clnsi'ls, sci backporch. Hood coiidilinn insido ami outside. K xtr:i l;t)'^u lot \vitli tYticci] in ]>l;i\' yjird. !H^ llardiii St. $1.0(10 cash, Si',7.17 total monthly paynn'nl.s. Minlcrn -l-rooi^i house with liath, e([iiipiH'd with nice clcc- Irio ranjrn aJid ret"rij;i'i'ator. Voni'tiaii blinds and draprs. i l.ols of storage space. \\\fh ! and rlry corner lot at ;MOO Kenwood Drive. ? 1.000 cash, •?'I8.^1 per month. It's nice— you'll like it. Vacant — move in tomorrow. \Ve have other houses for sale. See or call JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Phone .1111 .Residence Phone 2."i% 419 ck tf( Kreil H M ^ I ., lv \Vrl1e K.-n-lrU-h's Drill. \K I) ?', I Fcmn/c He/p Wonted ,So(Uv<l hu'.y cxpovicin'od as lionkkccpcr and lyjiist. Slmvt- hand not necessary. I'lonso write jrivinjf ajro, rcftMvncos. ofc.. to IIox I)-G, f'n ("oiiricv NVws. -I l."> ck tf Notice Notice to Farmers: 1 rovccsrnl Hie HOREIIT I.. I1OKTCH SF.KI) FAUMS, ol !>c-olt Arkansas, in this Irrrilor.v. At present I liave a 1) o u I 300 hushi-is of ixii; icii sov NO. a HI;I:KI)T:KS I»:ANS Also » In of the XK\V 67 VARIETV. MRS. HOWARD BOWEN Day I'hone fi21S \ight I'hone SOfil Located 300 yds. So. of city limits, Hiway fil Foods that are Different at the< RAZORBACK Cherry Cobbler Blackberry Hot Biscuits Cobbler Baked Beans Choice Chicken Barbecue Ribs Home Made Vegetable Soup Home Made Hot Rolls "Eat Out More Often" Booth Ins from r'wc Q?,ll, 4 Lost & Found Mixed brood dog — black' with while i-host. Short with' long body ami crookc-d loft log. Short luiired, long tail. Last soon near Varln-o. Namo of Dipgy. No collar. Liboral' rowan!. Kllis \Vliroloi-, ]>hj 0!):!:; or USOH. -I 1<) ]ik liC>' , Ky Slorc. Ki-»lnl rh J i.w ill ck 2i i FUEL OIL G.O.POETZOiLCO. "/ Se// Tkot Stuff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land ISMS CHEVROLET \y,Ton long wheelhase Truck wilh a darn nice I l-ft. grain hed. Licensed and ready to go . . . $895 1951 STUDEBAKER I'/i-Ton long wheelhnse truck wilh very low mileage. A truly fine (ruck at a nice price.! Only $1295 IfllS G.MC 2-Ton long wheclhasc truck with 2- speed axle, n e w paint AND "1 new rear tires! $895 Ifllfi GMC l'/ 2 -Ton !ong wlu'tlhase Truck wilh a practically new motor, new paint and good tires. A real value— $495 DODGE 1 Vi-Ton long wheelhase Truck with a hrand new motor! Has good tires, too. Sec this truck today! • $775 • GMC slinrf wheel- IIHSC 2-Ton Truck wilh new (ires, cab lighls. signal lights . . . nn«- offered af a real bargain! • SAVE • 1S50 Chevrolel VTon ]9IS Fon , ]1/2 . Ton !ong short wheelhase Truck Truck with with perfect tires, motor just overhauled. New painl. Now only $1295 Truck with Rood rubber, new paint and good motor. It's a horkuva fine buy— $745 See Horner-Wilson's nice pickups & used HORNER-WlLSON Rocket Oldsmohile — GMC Trucks Phone 2056 Used Car Lot _ Phone 6! SI

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