The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 14, 1944 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1944
Page 12
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|2 Thursdoy, September 14, 1944 gS«3?9 ***** C.U.. f n M Hjgh Sch(M) , p J A Board to Convene 3300 ENERGY UNITS AND 9000 UNITS VITAMIN "A" IN EVERY POUND SIZZLING CHICKEN DINNER Buy Your Fryer Fresh ON SUNDAY or BUY EARLY—BUY FRIDAY OPEN SUNDAY—CLOSED SATURDAY New Management A & A Poultry Market Lfnson and Ragsdale 1710 L Street Phone 5-5541 I'l.uis \vill he made, for the ensu- iiiK yciir when the executive board j and c (inimiltei; chairmen of the Bak- cisli'-ld High .School P. T. A. meet :it the home of the president. Mrs. H. M. Jlutdicsrin. 24^7 Nineteenth Mreel. A potlnck luncheon will also! tit served. KKI1 (HOSS TONIGHT The lied I'ross group of Kf'rn ! Cnmity Council nf Jewish Women 1 will cnnvene tonight at 8 o'clock at j the hniiic of Mrs. I/ester Mukoff. , Mrs. Uan Cai»d«'n. chairman, will I preside. I Cadets at Minter Plan Dance Sunday Mintor Field cadets of class 45-A will cntprtain Bnkrrsfleld misses at a "get-acquaintert" dance to be held Humbiy In Woman's Club hall. Dancing will begin at 6 p. m. lo the inuHiti of the Minter Field Jive Bombers. The event is informal and all Kirls receiving invitations are urged to attend. The dance has hpfii planned by the Bakersfield AVoman's Club cadet tpu dance committee In conjunction with personnel from the cadet detachment. Minter Field. Jtrfrcishmcnts will be served during the evening by the senior hostesses. Has a base so stainless it could be used as a dry cleaner! Highest rated killing power. STANDARD OP CALIFORNIA Be sure) it's PURE CANE SUGAR insist on IN REFINERY.PACKED CONTAINERS White House Milk is ENRICHED with 325 U.S.P. UNITS IN EVERY TALL CAN VITAMIN SUPER MARKETS I OtUf ATUNT.C » »AC.MC •« CO All th« important nutriments ol fine milk — plus extra "Sunshine" Vitamin D AT NO EXTRA COSTI Always keep a supply of this "indispensible wartime food" on hand...use AMI aic A *« Mt DIC Al AS*M gjIMffilllllllimH PEARS FOR CANNING! BY THE LUG Fancy, Large Northern Bartletts (Less than Lug, 2 Ibs. 19c) BELLEFLEUR APPLES 3" LIMA BEANS 2«»19c TOKAY GRAPES » lOc RED STAMP VALUES WHITE TUNA Chicken « 0hfe Sea. NoCa ^33 c PARKAY Margarine ^ nb ; 25' MEL-O-BIT AMERICAN or Cheese A -Ib- XTT C spread Zl_oaf Of BLUE STAMP VALUES V-8 HEALTH Cocktail «£• 14° A&P FANCY Applesauce. . . Nc ° an2 13 c DREW Diced Pears No. 2</2 Size •BiiTOiiiiiiMiffl*^ OLSON COUNTRYSIDE FRESH EGGS Small Gradt A Doi*n It's Time to Turn to A&P for Food Values! Tomato RCllSH '• Libby's Root Beer Clicquot Club Cola Muffin Mix 18-oz. OX C Jar *O '/2-Gal. 4 <%c Jug 17 I* A Air! AC Nutt Bros. VVOHICS ••Bin Buy" Nabisco Efts" Armour's Treet . Swift Prem Scotch Gran. Soap White King Wesson Oil Snowdrift . Pint • • • Bottle 33-oz. Dromedary « • Pkg. 6-oz. « Pkg. 1-lb. 4 Pkg. 1 12-oz. <j Can J 12-oz. Can Grahams A&P Grape Juice . Reliable Peas . . . Glenwood Peas . . Libby's Stts,, Peas Quaker Oats Pint 4AC • • Bottle 17 No. 2 Can Aunt Jemima "*£:?• No. 2 « fC Can 13 Large Pkg. 20-oz. Pkg. 13° Enriched Flour 34° Gran. Soap Pint Bottle Pillsbury Globe A-1 EnFr ,o cuh r ed White King L ^ dpr> Raindrops Corn Flakes Alb , r .. . . Fruit Jars Popular Brands • • 12^73 c sp GAUZE TOILET TISSUE 1 "T< tons IVORY SNOW 23* LARGE PACKAttI OXYDOL GRANULATED SOAP 23 LARGI PACKAGI CRYSTAL WHITE LAUNDRY SOAP /ffoouciL SULTANA Salad Dressing 19' ••MIIM^^ MEAT DEPT. VALUES! Frying Chickens* 45' Grade A, N.Y. Dretted. 2' :1 to 3[ i-lb. Avg. Lamb Legs. . . • , b .37 e Grade AA or A. All Sizes. Breast of Lamb Lamb Shoulder Lamb Chops Pure Lard . . . Bacon Squares g£ y Large Bologna s,,c.d Liver Sausage Fr e,h Luncheon Meal Liver Sausage AA or A Ib. • V Cut «Ac In . Ib. O£ Grade AA or A 4 EC Blade Cuts Ib. 33 Eastern . 21° . 29 C Smoked Ib. 42° 32 C Pint Jar Ann Page Beans Ann Page Gelatin . . Grape Jelly ?' J-OZ. MC Jar 3T 1-oz. Pk fl . 1-lb. ,|*C • • • • Glass 1O Orange Marmalade 8u ,,ana . . . C1 .«; 15 C Pekoe or Orange Pekoe • • Our Own Tea Sunnyffeld 6 , /a or Pko Sultana Peanut Butter. Rice Gems Qc » Mb. Corn Flakes §>c 8-oz. Pko. 9 2^37° piiffiiii»iiiiii:'iiiiiiii!iii«iii!iHim ( Richer Flavor In every I cup of A&P Coffee! Try j 8 O'CLOCK COFFEE E Mild and ^I-LI. I Mtllow 4L\ ALL ADVf RTISf D ITIMS SUIJICT TO STOCK ON HAND EIGHTEENTH and "EYE (TAXABLE ITEMS ARE SUBJECT TO TAX) PRICES IFFECTIVI THROUGH SATURDAY ff SPRY SHORTENING 3 » 67< Plan Dinner for Bosses October 9 Plans were discussed for the annual "bosses' dinner" to be held October 9 in tha palm room of Bakersfield Inn at a recent meeting of the Bakersfield Credit Women's Club at Hotel El Tejon. Mrs. Amy Hannagan, president, announced that a 1100 war bond will be awarded as one of the highlights of the evening. Misa tjtephenle Dougherty, first vice-president of the Credit Women's Breakfast Club of North America, and Mrs. Lucy McClurg, district president of the Golden West Council, both of San Francisco, will be the guests of honor during the evening. M mbers attending were: Mes- datnes Amy Hannagan, Oenevieve Cornell. Isabel Tllley, Gertrude Purtie, .Shirley Seller. Bessie Frase, Peggy Worrell. Harriett Temple, .Frances Underwood, and Misses Pat Perry, Eva Banducci, Mary Ellen Hag-en, Dorothy Grlndstaff, Mary Smythe, Lillian Boll, Dorothy Me- Knight and Mary Page. Guests attending were Miss L. Linnell and Mrs. Henry Egger. TWIN BOYS ARRIVE Twin boys Robert Edgar and Richard Wayne, were born to Lieutenant (j. g.) and Mrs. E. S. Rothrock, Sunday, September 10. at Mercy Hospital. The twins were incubator babies of 7 months, Robert weighing 3 pounds 2 ounces and Richard Wayne tipping the scales at 3 pounds 4 ounces. Both are doing well. Mrs. Rothrock, the former Miss Vernice McQueen, is residing with her parents, Mr. and Mrs L. S. McQueen. Paternal grandparents of the babies are the Reverend and Mrs. Edgar Rothrock of Lavern Calif. HOUSING STUDY SET FOR KERN CHAMBER MEET CHANGED TO SEPTEMBER 27 HERE'S HOW TO MAKE MARVELOUS PEAR JAM Save Sugar and Fruit with This Quick, Easy Recipe y/4 Cupi Ground Peon 4\i Cups Sugar % Cup Lemon Juice 1 Package M.C.P. Pectin Wash, peel, and core 1\/i pounds fully ripe pears; grind fruit. Measure exactly 3*A level cups of the ground pears (add water to fill last cup, if nects- sary) into a large kettle. Add the M.C. P.-Pectin and lemon juice, stir well and bring to a boil, stirring constantly. NOW, add the sugar (which has been previously measured), continue stirring, and bring to a full rolling boil. BOIL EXACTLY 4 MINUTES. Remove from fire, let the boil subside, stir and skim by turns for 5 minutes. Pour into sterilized jars, allowing space for sealing with fresh paraffin. An intensive study of a low-cost housing program in Kern county will be launched by members of the Kern County Chamber of Commerce at the regular monthly meeting Wednesday evening, September 27, j in the green room of Hotel El Tejon. I The meeting, originally scheduled for | Thursday evening, September 28, was ! advanced to September 27, out of ' courtesy to the local branch of the American Association of t.'niversity Women which is sponsoring "America's Postwar Adjustment Forum" in Washington School on Thursday evening of that week. Announcement of the change in meeting date, was made by President Charles P. Lake, following an executive session, this week. Tickets for the University Women's Forum, which will feature three eminent speakers, may be obtained from Manager Emory Gay Hoffman at the Kern County Chamber of Commerce building on North Chester avenue. New committee appointments for the year will be ratified by President Lake at the meeting, and J. B Spellacy of Taft will present a report of the recreation committee, which has organized a recreational council. Frank Stockton, chairman of the water committee, will present a report and delegates will be elected to the National Reclamation Conference scheduled for the middle of November in Denver, Colo. Anticipating war's end, efforts will be made to bring the next annual reclamation conclave to Kern county. At a previous meeting leaders agreed that Kern county would be the tnccca for the first conference following war's end. according to Mr. Lake. The dinner meeting will convene at 7 o'clock. P. T. A. NOTES Mountain View P. T. A. will hold a reception for the teachers at the Lamont School, Friday, at 7:30 p. m. An interesting program has been planned and refreBlirnents will be served. The community is invited. FRATERNAL To Meet Friday Harold Brown Auxiliary. Veterans of Foreign Wars, will hold initiation of candidates Friday at 8 p. m. in Memorial hall. All members are requested to wear their uniforms and to bring articles for the rummage sale and cigarettes for soldiers. ADE MUM OAIIY IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Serve it with t delectable Tea Garden Syrup ... ^ * Tea Garden Drifts ... a moderately thick syrup... with • deliciously different flavor. * Tta Garden Cane and Maple ... a delicately blended thinner syrup with the flavor of pure maple sugar. The Best Ever! You'll find thm at your jrocir's FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY Meat Department FULL LINE OF FRESH AND SMOKED MEATS CHRIS and JACK QUALITY VEGETABLE* Ripe PEARS 2, b ,19 By the lug 8c Ib. Larga Swaat Grapefruit 3.. r 10° R«d Spanish ONIONS 3, b ,13 No. 1 Whit* Rosa POTATOES 5 -. 25 e Tapor OH Thoso Hot Days With a Coolinf, Inviforalinf Fresh Fruit Drink At Our* JUICE BAR FOOD CITY BECK'S BAKERY 1«12 Elghtaanth FRUIT CAKE Ordar Now for Your Ovarsaaa Mailing SPECIALS FOR THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY iWE HAVE WHAT WE ADVERTISE; DEL MONTE FANCY Tomato Juice 22c Mayflower PURE VEGETABLE OLEO J£ 19* Monogram LARGE GRADE A EGGS Dozon In Carton I DROMEDARY—Fancy Unsweetened NO, 2 GRAPEFRUIT JUICE . L o.n. DERBY BAR B. Q SAUCE 6-oz. Bottle KRAFT'S FAMOUS MIRACLE WHIP WOODBURY Facial Soap HUNT'S FANCY LIGHT MEAT TUNA BETTY CROCKER SOUP MIX 3,;?, 23* OILT EDQE NAVEL ORANGE JUICE 14 01. OR* r an stUC WKLLMAN'S FANCY Brussels Sprouts r.r. la : . . . 39c PISMO MINCED CLAMS Can 330 Sacramento All-Green TIPS OF ASPARAGUS ean SILK or CERTIFIED—Larva Roll Toilet Tissue Delicatessen Dept. Oregon's Finest AMERICAN CHEDDAR CHEESE Ib. 39 Pnrohim FRKftH GROUND PEANUT BUTTER , b .27 e Crinehy Nut, Ib., 2ti "littor Mild" KOSHER STYLE SALAMI BOLOGNA ...35° START THAT FIUIT BAKE NOWT FOR THAT SOMEONE OVERSEAS We have Just received e large shipment of GLAZED FRUIT Lemon and Orange Peel, Citron, Cher- rlea, Harlequin Mix Liquor Department WHISKEY CREAM OF KENTUCKY . REWCO RYE . . . CEDAR BROOK . . . CEDAR •ROOK . . OQLDCN WEDDING . MELLWOOD . . . SEAGRAM'S 7- CROWN . SEAGRAM'S B-CROWN . I/. $424 6th 9 $•42 5th V »«4 2 5th ' «• 2 15 t«4S .5th V 2 15 2 47 $112 PinU 1 , Southern Comfort 100 Proof 4/5 fi-7» Quart. . . 9 A 6nnt 9U Brink •! tkt O I D A I FOOD CITY FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY—FOOD CITY.

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