Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 10, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1908
Page 3
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V NEWS OF LA HARPE THE DArOIITER OF MR. A>'D MRS. 8TEWAKT S£KIOrSLT INJURED. KICKED IN FACE BY A HORSE MRS. a. F. AD.VMS OPERATED 0> 1> KAXSAS CITY. C. L. Eians Says That Ho Won't Run for County Attorney—Hl?h Srhool >Yin Glre Mock Trial. Hemp Strppod. ID Her Face- The twelve year old daiifiliipr of Mr and Mrs. Stewart who lives on :i farm south of this city, sustulnoil a vi-ry severe Injury by heinR klckeil in tlic fare by a horse which she was ridinK Shft was going EIOHK :» a s<u)d rale antji Just as the horse and Kirl started under a tree she stooped forward in ke^p from strikinR her hi-ad on the limbs of the tree. Unfortiinatoly, how ever, she "Ptooprd forward a iiiile HKJ far and fell in fi;oiit of ht-r Kallfiiiinj," pony. She had hardly hit ilu- ;;roniid wh<>n the iiony's hoof, struck hrr full In ijie fat-c. The physician called found that the injuries w .ould not result fatally However, the Injuries will leave scars about the face. Evans Won't Run. C. L. Kvans stated yesterday tliat he was not a candidate for inimty at- tnriiey. .Mr. K.vans has lieen talked iif a p.reat diHil liy his friends as (In- ni <i:.( likf^ly candidate for tlie n|Iii-e. \\. thcHijrh he did not jjet ilie noiniiialion Ias| year he iiiK iiji the lw.>t rate of anj: candidate for non \itiatic>n. : KenioutI I'linrer. Morris raltdn reeelvi-il a leU. r \os- lerMay front I'. 1". .\daiiis «\ K:iiisa> Citi' M.-itinK 'he eaiuei from Which Mrs. .Atlaltis hail In en sufTeiiiii; wan removed the ilay lieCnn- .' IMCI now Iter recovery was assuied. Mi--, Ad- nini has lieen In Kansas Ciiv for the |>.'iHt several months taking iii'aimeni. It «k'lll not he long l.efoie she will In' able to reliirti to hi-r home in this ciiy. ll. S. Will (ilu> Knlerliiin ill The {Ji (fnrtie Itliilt «rhf""J uiJI «Jvi' ail eiilerlalnnieni on the nltlti of Vi\- dity. .latitiary I7lh. It will he In tin fonji of 11 mock trial. In eoiineeiliwi with the elilerlalliiiieiil retre.-liliieiits «\\\< be served. . Kiirollnient !<» InrrcnslnL'. The cnrollnif'.nt tn the l.i llarpc schools has Increased 'since tin- flirisl mas' vacation. Six w(^re enroHed (ni- nicdlntely after the Martina on the second term and siiicu then there iia.s bjcit a number of .stiidrnl.'* to c/iicr the "schools. . The school is a preat deal; better this year than ever before. John Lanry for Cotinty Treii>nrer. The friends of .Tohn I«inry. whose homi* Is south of this city; want him to run Tor county treasurer. Yesterday in talking to a reporter Mr. l^iury said that he did not want the posiiion and did not intend to make the race. Hut if his friends should succeed in Ket- UnK iilm to run he doiihtless will be one 6t the foremost candidates as he is known all over the county. Personals. Dr.' F. r. SUijileton will leave thi.s cvcninp for Albany. Mo. lie will ae- compony his wife's mother who is re- InrninB to her home after an extended visit here with relatives. J. J. l..ander. of Wichita, was here yesterday on a business vi.sit. I. O. Orl>onse. of Chicapo. was here yesterday on a biL'-iness visit. L. T. Ilainor. of Kansas City, was here on n business visit. T. R. TeHipfefon. of Itron.'^on. was in the city yester<lay. You'll be healthy and happy If your liver, and bowels work naturally. Mol- llster's Rocky Mountain Tea keeps these orpans working.riuht. brinf;s robust faeallh to all. Try it now. :!r.c Tea or Tablets.: I'.urreH's Drug Store. LAUNCH HUGHES'S CANDIDACY. Seth Low and Other Prominent New Yorkers at Dollar Dinner. New- York. .Ian. I".—The candidacy of 0>v »»rnf >r rharle.-: E. IIIIKII'S for Reruhjicaii previdential nomination was launched at a •'Huches IXiUar Dinner." civcn by the enrolled Repub­ licans'of tliP Twenty-ninth assembly district at Terry parden \asi iiishl. The 'pov :>nir»r was not pres.'nt. lilit sent a.'telecram in which lie expressed fhPr wish that all should contriliutf» in maUinp the Republican party a con- Etantlyi effective instrument for the coifrection of abuses and for coTi 's?rv- ing the riph h nastoppd xzHufTfli xzfl tng tbe rights and opportnnites of all by impartial and straightforward ad- mhiistraOon. The'speakers included Petli l^w. Henry- "Wlymans .fossup. TJainliridc«> Colb^ and I>r. Robert Stuart, and Ibftf • jfcrpjments in; support of Mr. Hngbes"s candidacy werepreeNd by the 31JO diners with tumultuous aji- plause- All of the speakers d<»clar- ad tbiat he should be New York states candidate./ The Entire Store Cootrilwtes to the Greatest of Cleanuce Sal^s A sale that stands without precedent in the hbtory of this store. Prices on every piece, parcel and yard are cut to an ebb thiat means quick sales. We ir.vite you to come in the morning, avoiding the crowds thai are here every afternoon. %'M Fine, Ker."»ey. cornea In brown and red; elraraiKe price #4.75 fIO.00 Klark lirrwy lined throDRh- not with ii«ltn, trimmed with pretty hnild and Telret. Cleaninre price #G.50 Finf Kersey t'loffa romea in castor and lilark, elrKantly trimmed In prrt. 1} silk hntld and Trhet and roats that sell in many storrtt for tl ^JM. ('Iearanr<^ price #6..'>0 HiUJNI Fine Chiffon Rroadrloth Coat, lined with I ^n4> Datrhrs.i Venetian iSat- In, eleirantly trimmed, riearanre price $9.0() AM of uiir lic»t f.»(l.(Kl. ifj.-,.0<l iind li^tlMMl Ciiiilo nlll lie soiil nvnrdtcss of cd-l 111 (his i;rciil Cleiirnncc Snlc. .Inst II word iihiiiil our coiil"; This ^tork U lilt hriuhl, chic UIKI .••(rirlly up.tu. dale; ali ImiiKht Ihls jciir iind fniin one (if (he IH'SI hoii>ie.s tliiit ne know ill lie iiiitliiirit.v ftir si)le. We hine no Did oiit'or-diite ,stulY ns you Kce In ninny stores. Warm Furs IN THIS CLEAUASCE SALE. $L-jrt Furs lit this sale 73C flM Furs at tliis sale Sl.lO tpl..-,© Furs at this sale .JS'-J.'i.l $.\m Black >.Mnrtiu S^.TTt $<i..'in Isabella Fox S -l .T."* *7,;^ Snhle Si;.">.IM> flOM Mink. ele«ni(ly lined.. .S7..">0 fi:,,(M Isaliellu Fox ililO.OO WONDERFIL VALIES IX WAISTS 1> THIS (LEARAME SALE. Cie Waists, clearance price 45 <i J ;1 J 2. I Waists, clearance price ...83ci flJiO Waists, clearance price. $1.10 #2.00 Waists, cleanince price. Sl.4.1 Waists up to all po in this Great Clearance Sale at proportionate low prices. SLICIXG THE PRICES OBT SKtRTS <i,kOO .Sklrta, clesniBce price.. .S3.7.7 98 .00 Skiri.s rlemniBcr price. .)M.75 K :;.^ SklriK, cleaniBre price. .^.'S.fN) ilijn Voile Sklrta, clearance. .«8..K» Do not ask to bare Sklrtii aUered at Clearance prices. DBIVIXG OCT THE Dremm Ootnis Vte Doable Fold SiltlnfC Cleannre price ftt Sir Xn Wool Dre.«H (Joods Clearance prire lOtf Ur Douhlr Fold Pretty Plaids for ..cbildrea. Clearance price 2it ftie New I.«ndsdawn Plaids Cle«ranre price -116 s.-»e All Wool |jin.idown Plaids Cleannre price iWt Fine Chiffon Hroadrloth Clearance price S."*^ iii|.T.'i «)nr Hesl French Voile Ciearunre price AL^.*} KememlK'r tlieije prices are Jnst for the Tno Wwkn' Clearance Sale. SLASHING INTO THE PINCHING THE PROFITS OX Knii Und'mklrim 34C Knit Skirts, clearance price 2\t Uc knit Skirts, clearance price 3H« 7.'»c Knit Skljrts, cirarance price .lOtf f 1.00 All Wool Knit Skirts, price 756 A LANDSLIDE IX TaMm Unenm iac Linen, wide quality in red or whHe 10* C'ic Linen, splendid quality 43* .s.-.c Linen iiiit tun Linen, the liest i|uallty that ran be houKht 75* These Prices Only for Two Weeks. UUXDBEDS OF BABGilXS IX Homier^ Black cat Bnad Chi ^-KMMta iMinr CM^I IOC Ladies and Children 's-Hose.. .8* i;«e Black Cat brand V£t »e Black Cat brand 31* SOc Black Cat brand \ 40* SILKS CLKAIIANCE PIIICE WEEKS ONLV .'•lie liest China and Jap Silks Cleiininre prire 35* .•>«e i'hiffon Taffelns Cleaninre prire 35* h:>f Silks in lieautlful patterns Ciearunre jiriee (i3* i|ll.(HI ri 'KUlar flJ!.'! Silk: this includes ali our iiretty Fancy Silks. Clearance price 83* 1 ^1.2 :1 Idack Silks, guaranteed the liest_, in the laud. Clearance price. ..83* I'NDEU PRICED VALCES IX Undorwear CLEARANCE PBICiES. S.'tc .Misses and Children's Cnion Suits 10* 60e .Hisses I'nion Snits 38* 7:»r Udies Snlls 40* tlM Ijidles' all wool Vests and ..Pants 75* tl.Si Ladies' all wool Vests and Pants 85* SOc .Hen's Heavy Fleece Cnder Shirts and Drawers 37H* -Hl'CH-A.DO I.^ MILLINERY All of this rleinnt llni> of pretty Trimmed .Mllllnrry Mfly rents on the dollar. f\M Hals, clearance price' 50* %\JM Hals, clearance price ,,,,,75* 9iM Hats, clearance price.,. .91.00 ViM Hats, cliMirance prlcci ...91.75 •1.110 Hots, rlearance price. ..#2.00 •.'(.(HI Huts, ehwininre price .. .#2.50 We urixe yon An come early as the Kood thlnirs will po fast at these prices Siapie DegB 'im All best Print.s. Standard lirands. 5* Good HeuTy RIenched Towellnp. .5* lOe Heavy Linen Toweling... 81-3* Good Bleached MusHn <>»* ISMc Hope Muslin 10* 7Wc Ontlnp Flannel 5* 10c Heavy OnUnp Flannel ....7W* iSUc Heary Fleeced Lined Goods for KImonas OW* 20c Heavy Fleece Lined Good.i for KImonas .... 1 !2H* CLEARANCE OX^ BlankBis A Good Heavy Double Blanket.. .4.1* Our $1.00 Blanket 75* Our »1.3« Blanket 08* EverythinK In Blankets po and will po at these prices. Remember the qnotatlons are for the two weeks of this CleaniBce Sale Only, after which eTerythiiiip vBI be put bark to repnlar price. _^ _ We hare pone throuph onr stock and selected all short ienpths. KCinilflntS! ^^'i '"""''^^ remnants that wIM po less thaa whole- aOTVie EKRLY MMD TKKE OF= THESE RRICES. tt3 Emmi Mmdimon Avemi »m 2 doorm Wmmt Th^mp' SENATOR HALE'S NAVY BILL IN. Power of Bt/reaus Curbed and the Question of Commands Settled. "To Trade for Live Stock. One 'A room house in Tola. One .3 roomed house in I^a Harpe. -No agents. Inquire at Uepister offlcc. \\"(.ishitmt >in. .I:iu. 10.—,\ hill WIKL^C :i.<s;m<' it is cxpi'ctivl will wiir|> liiniiy nip«rl :iiit rhiiiiiir.s Ju tlu> piMsnun if thf iinvy ;ind the iii.Tn"o«> corp.s .'iml Krcjitly iricnaso thf-ir ffTicit'iicy was ir.troiliic'd ti>ilay hy St-iiiitfir Mali', fh:iiriii .Tii of the S<'nar.> coiimiitti-c on naviil alfairs. it srt'li-s the vexatious nu<'.-;tit)u ii .-i to whether Un- nu-iiihcrs of till- htiiff corps shall have rank with tl .f liiu> officers, hy providing line officers shall only command v:'s.selK. :md puis an end to the cn»- ation of bureaus hy the Secretary of the Navy. The pay of warrant and coniinissioii^rt oHicers is iucreasfd 'i'a per cent and enlisted men 40 per cent. The first section of th^ bill deals with the buro.-iu question by prantinj; authority to bureaus now fxistlni; to continue to traii'sact the biijiliiess assigned to them and rmjiiirkiR that all reports and recommendations tihall I slonal committee to pet what they be made direct ti» th.' Secretary of the want. Navy. .\<> pernmuent Iward »if anyi "A primary election law, Ls, In my kind may hereafter be apindnled JudBment. the best thlnR in the world iiiile..js expressly provided for by law.!for machine politician. We have bill, from time to time, the Si>cretary; had a primary law In our comity near- of the .Navy may convene hoards all the time for fifteen years, and teniporao' service. tilt iioliticians run things to suit them the slate.—Topeka Th:» bill i>rovldeK that appointments Uclvcs by brlncinK out candidates in all not to exceed seventy-flv*? a year. Jthe necessary towii.s. If we have a .«ha'l be made from the pra<Iiiaies of | state prniary law, a few men will con- the Naval academy. r;radiiat ?R who]trnl the iiolitics of t do not receive api»ointtnent.s arc to| State .Journal, be Riven an honorable discharge and one year's sea pay. The bill provides that when an officer has lie?n thirty years in the service he mav be jdaccd upon the retir- ,ed list. Health- Economy Good Agents make fo.OO and more per day selling new Automatic ener for either sldrts or trousers. Unrivaled apeney proposition because repeat aalea are guaranteed. (Not sold In stores). Write for special offer to represent us. Automatic Hook & Eye Co., Hoboken. N. J. lalumel Baking Powder .Best by Teat PILES CIRED IN ft TO 14 DAYS. P.\ZO OI .vrME.VT Is guaranteed to cure any rase of Itchinp, niind, Hleed- inK or ProlrudluK Piles in 6 to 11 days or money refunded. 50c. I'RO.MINE\T PHYSHI.INS Endorse Onr Cod Liver Preparation, YInoL .IGAnST THE PRIMARY. Ex-Srnalor Ijimb Thinks Old Conren. tion Is the Rest. fYates Center NPWB.) C,. H. I.amb. of Yates Center, formerly state senator, and often mentioned as a candidate for conpress apainst J. M. Miller, -was in Toepka vesterday. "I believe th.-it Miller will pet the nomination over Tucker in the Fourth " he said. ".Miller has a Kris on the slliialiori which !.•« hard to shake. Anyone that runs apalnst him has a heavy load of handicap to carry. "It is a most mvsterious sitiiallon down there in the Fourth. P.othMiI- ler and Tucker claim to want a primary, and neither one of them ha;l! creator and vltaliser for -Many of the most eminent physicians are now prescribing Vinol as the most satisfactory cod liver iirepara- tlon. Thus It is fast supersedinp otii- er forms of cod liver oil and emul-1 sions. W. N. Rand. M. P.. of Kvans Mills. N. Y., writes: "From personal experience. I am able to appreciate the value of your co<i liver preparation. Vinol. I have u.ocd it and prescribed it laruely during the past eighteen months, and I want to s&y that Vinol is all you claim for it and more." Dr. Bonchelle of Thomasviile, Ga., a physician well known in the south, writes: "I use Vinol in my family and in my general practice with most excellent results for bronchia! and pulmonary troubles and to create strength." -Another phy.sician writes: "I am satisfied that Vinol derives its wonderful livcr-piving and strenpth-creat- ing power from the medicinal curative elements found in the cod's liver. It Is the most satisfactory strength old people. which it has ever been my pleasure to prescribe." The reason that VlnoI ha.s such remarkable curative and strength-creating power Is because it is made hy a scientific, extractive and concentrating [irfjcess from fresh cods' livers, combtnlnp w^ith peptoniitc of iron 1 which Is a needfnl constituent for the blood I all the medicinal, healing and liody-bullding elements of cod liver oil, but no oil. We ask every person in lola who is in need of such a medicine to try Vinol on our gaiiranteo to return money if it fails to give satisfaction. S. R. Murrell. Druggist. lola, Kansas. .NOT TO BAR -THREE WEEKS." The Postmaster General Reverses an AsslsUnt's BBllnp. Washington. .Tan. 10.—-Mr-f. Elinor Glyn called on Postmaster General Meyer today to talk with him alioiit the order of Rusiseli P. Goodwin, assistant attorney general to the post- olflce department, barring her book, "Thice Weeks," from the mails. As a lesult of her taUc with .Mr. Meyer the book will not l>e narred from the post c ff'ces of this coiHitry. "I found Mr. Meyer to t)e a man of cultivated taste." said the writer, ,af- tir the interview. He has read the fcoik and sees nothing objectionable in it." enough Inllueuce with the congres-j weak women and delicate children .SHPLE REMEDY FOR LA GRIPPE. I>a grippe cotiphs arc dangerous as they frequently deveio|ic pneumonia. Foley's Honey and Tar not only stops the cough but heals and strengthens the lungs so that no serious results need he feared. The genuine Foley's Honey and Tar contains no harmful drngs and- is In a yellow package. Refuse substitutes. Burrell's Drug Store. Tmkm YourHamm Pmper f /ra^ THEM SUBSOBIME FOR THE KANSAS CITY STAR AND TJMES The Star and Timet, rrporling the full twenty-font hours' news each day in thirteen issues of the paper each ' weeek, are furnished to regular subscribers at the rale of ioc & neck. As newspapers, The Star and The Times have no* rivals. No other publisher furnishes his readers with the ftill day and night Associated Press reports, as does the Star snd the Times. This should recommend the papers especially to the progressive merchant and farmer. i We deliver both the Star and Times to the sub^criber'a door promptly on arrival of trains. Give us a trial. Hmmdmrmom St Imie-ymrf OMHbtrtmrmi "BILLY" WILLLiXS DWAPPEARS. Well Knowa Xiastret Drops Ont of SHrht at Liaeala. Lincoln. Neb.. Jan. 10.—"nilly" Williams, formerly a minatrel and iaterly a temperance lecturer, disappeared from bis (luarters last night and can not be found. He has i>een dangerously ill for several days. iillly" Williams was in Kahjuis aty tor several months, iiutil a few weekji Ihe Grand Avenue Methodist and oth- (7 churches. V/illlams is well knowii to Tola people, having played bene'ilt performances at the Electric park last BOOH mer. I'm saddest when I liave indlges- tion." say many with weak stomachs. Get rid of your atomadt trouble by. i, . .using Mi-o-ha. Cure guaranteed or, ago. He delivered several lectures on J money refunded. SOc a for Caha. B the evils of intemperance, s]>eaklnp in'Silencer.

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