Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 30, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1908
Page 6
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TMHOIA BAILT BMBWra, WEPME8DAY ETBimiCI. DECEMBER Sft> 1908. FOR DIVORCE AT 82 GEO. FACKLER SAYS HIS WIFE OF 4 MONTHS 18 IRRITABLE. Says She Drove Him From Hie Warm Room and Objected to Hit Sleep­ ing in Hit Soekt. 9 After Ipss than four monttas' experience, George Fackler, aged 82, bat decided that married life Is not nearly jso pleasant as single blessedness aifd longs to be restored to bis old place in bacbelordom. This afternoon he brought suit In district court asking that the^ ties which bind hUn and IJancy Fackler, who is some twenty years his Junior, be severed. He lives on a farm in Carlyle township. Last September, when the foliage was growing sore and yellow, Facklor, noting his advancing years and the Increasing waftknoHH Incidental thereto, decided that he needed somoono to care for him and keep him compony In his old ago. About this time ha bncamo more or less nsftoclalnd with Ihn dofnndant, Btitl, (w hfl dMloros, shn roprpsented that «h« was without a homn and was dMirouR of making somo urrangn ra <»nt« for hom« nnd support, and fur- thflr JnfornJPd him that slio would b« glad to bocomA his companion. This was agreeable to him nnd arrange^ ments for their marriage were mode. An ante-nnptial agreement was entered Into, It is alleged, by which she wa« to waive all rights In his property and was to have nothing to say as to what he should buy or sell. With this understanding Mr. Fackler says they married on September 9th last and went to live on his place at Carlyle Things went well, the petitioner declares, until after the wife returned from a visit to Tola, when he says she was dissatisfied with the conditions that formerly suited her. He says there was no reason for this as he bemeaned himself properly, bought furniture and equipment for the bouse atfhougji be had no ready money at the time, but was compelled to buy on credit However, he says she continued to be dissatisfied and Irritable. Because of bis age and poor circulation, Mr. Fackler says he has difficulty In keeping his feet warm, and needs a warm room. Sometimes he has to sleep with- his socks on. This did not please his wife and she scolded bim, he says. Once, be declares, she drove him from the warm room where he was accustomed to sleeping, with the result that he caught cold and was 111. He says she contln ued to scold him, until several weeks ago when she came to lola. bringing all of her personal effects with her, and has since resided here. He therefore asks for a divorce and for decree preventing her from securing possession of any of the property he had at the time of their marriage. Anyone having place for boy or girl to work for board while attending school, notify Tola Business College, 'phone 495. ABE XOW AT WOKK. Hoch and Haskell Committees Get Down to Business. Leavenworth, Kas., Dec. 30.—The committees appointed by Hoch and Hatkeli to Investigate the management of the iCansas penitentiary met today and formed themselves Into a joint committee. The taking of testimony will be begun tomorrow. AFTER AX ITALIAN. B «Bib Exploded Under Italian .Saloon at Kansas City. Kansas City, Dec. 30.—A bomb was exploded here today under a tenement house in Glllis street in the north end occupied by Antonio Armenio, a pros- I>eroUB saloon keeper, and family. None was Injured and the damage was slight. Armenio told the police he recently received an annoymous letter demanding five thousand dollars. He ignored the letter. A Fifth Ward Ordinance. An ordinance providing for the formation of the Fifth ward has been prepared by F. J. Oyler, city attorney, and will be submitted for passage or rejection at the session of the city council to be held one week from next Thursday night The sentiment seems to be In favor of an additional ward instead of establishing another voting precinct The exjiense In either case, and small at any rate, will b« the some practically. The same number of election Judges and clerks would be required for an additional voting prednct as would be in case an additional ward is formed and since oounctlmen receive the munlcifent salary of 11 per year, there is no objection to the new ward on that score. This is the argument which those who (aror the «dditi<mal ward are using. OROANIZE KANSAS LEAaUE. Six Town* Have Joined and IMay Be Added. More Newton, Kas., Dec. 20.—Representatives met here today from Great Bend, Hutchinson, Arkansas Oity, McPherson, Sallna and Strong Olty and organized the Kansas State Baseball League. P. H. Mostutler of Huti-hln- son, was elected president, secretary and treasurer, and Dr. O. W. Roff of Newton was elected vice president. A circuit commlttet was appointed to secure an additional town for membership In the new league. Minneapolis and Winfield were favorably considered and If both of these towns can be secured It Is probable • that Mcpherson will be dropped, owing to the sentiment there against Sunday ball. If only one of those towns decides to Join the league, McPherson will likely be taken to the other towns where Sunday playing is permlssable. The new lengue will bo under National protection, for which application will bo made at once. The meeting was entirely harmonious and much onlhURlasm was apparent throughout tho ontiro procoodlnRR. Each ropro Hontatlve is oxprosslng tho sontimont that his people un* clamoring for bnso bnll for n<»xt sonson nnd tho now loo- giio Htorts out uiiilor thn most flour- iRhlnx pondltlonH. Tho circuit will be compnci nnd rnllroiid fares will bo ro- iluc^d to tho lowest posslliln flEuro, which Is nn Irtipnrlnnt Ucm In bnso- ball. It IH prohnblo that tho lonson will opon about April in and the schod uto will call for 100 games. Barnes Case Dismissed. The cose of the State vs. .T. L. Barnes charged with disturbing tho peace of Judge Collins was dismissed today by Justice Hough. The case grew out of an argument between these two gentlemen relative to the November election. Mrs. O. P. Rose, a sister of Wallace Duncan, who has been spending the holidays here, returned to her home In Kansas City today. PLEASANT VALLET. The Christmas tree at Sprtrig Branch was well attended and a good time was had. The Dyer boys shucked corn for Berklhiser Tuesday. James Davis is building fence for a 50 acre hog lot. Mr. Dyer and son are helping him. J. D. HoUlngsworth i- delivering com to the Hanna Feed : .ire In Gas City. Daisy Berklhiser and Daughter Le- Orrel. spent Christmas at Mrs. Frames' near Bayard. Roy Hlghbargln visited in this vicinity Thursday. Mr. Dyer visited In Ida over Sunday. Ora Montgomery of lola. attended the Christmas exercises at Spring Branch Wednesday night. Jim Colors was calling at Ilolllngs worth's Friday. i- KEOSHO YALLEY. E. H. Butler has been appointed as reasurer of the Neosho Valley school joard to fill the vacancy caused by Mrs. Maxwell's moving away. Frank Lowe and family was at Bert ^leaver's last Friday. Will Enfield and other family rela- times ate Christmas dinner at the home of his parents. E. B. Butler's family accepted an invitation to a Christmas dinner at E Salrds in Pleasant Valley neighborhood. Orron Brown spent a day or two In the neighborhood the first part of the week. He will return to his home in Montana next week. X. Arnold and wife are visiting ihelr sons, Albert and James, who are attending the state normal. They will return via Toronto and visit their son, Frank. A Christmas dinner was given at the home of Mrs. Rebecca Purdom. Mrs. Martha Romey has been with her daughter, Mrs. Chas. Avery, in town for several days. There Is a new girl baby at the Avery home. M. P. Jacoby invited C. L. Arnold and family to their home on Christmas. John Slack" and family ate Christmas turkey with his aunt and uncle In Uberty neighborhood. S. F. Hanson and wife dined with Mrs. lianson's parents at loia Christmas. Neal VanFossln and family and other Invited guests were at K. H. Crooks on Christmas. Rev. Woods is engaged in a protracted meeting at Liberty. The Hlllbrant family Is moving back from Colorado. We understand that Mr. Hlllbrant has rented a farm north of lola. Samuel Baxley will move onto the Martin farm tliis week. HE SUES FOR $5,015 J. E. BEACH BRINGS SUIT AGAINST BOLLINGER AND BOATRIQHT. Claims His Arrest Was Wrongful.' Says Prisoners Tried Him in Kangaroo Court. Claiming that his client was arrest|-ed and placed In Jail without a warrant and without probable cause, and that he was greatly disgraced and humiliated by being thrown In with the Inmates of the Jail who made him a subject of "Kangaroo court," W. D. Cope, attorney for J. E. Beach, say;* be will thin afternoon bring suit In district court against Sheriff C. O. Bollinger and Undersheriff A. L. Boatright, for %TiMTi damages. Beach says that he was nrroslcd by the rniii'iHlmrlff on Beptembcr !i2nd, 19118, nnil licld In tho Allen county Juli unlawfully fur 17 hours. ||<t cliilmH that hlM nrrcHt was inuiln wUhniit n warrant and without probable cause or duo propo »H of nny kind. At tho timo uf his incnrcorution thorn woi'ti Kovoral prlnonorH In tho Inll, Honio of thorn ronvlrtod of Hor> louH crinioH, Th -Ho HurrnundlURS greatly huinillnled and dlsKmoed him. In.' dopluroH. Mnronvor ho says the pris- onors with Iho knowlodgo of tho oHlc- ors tried him In "Knnimmo court," causing him much mental distress. He theroforn nnks tho following damages; IxjHS of Time | r. Inlerrupfetl businupa 10 Bodily suffering IflOO Mental suffering 2000 •Insult r>00 Humiliation 500 Total $5015 A. L. Boatrlght, the undersheriff, when asked about the above suit said "We acted In good faith when we made tho arrest, and we are not alarmed in the least about the outcome." Beach was suspected of stealing junk. It Is said, when taken Into ens- tody. (First Published, Dec. 29, 190S.) >ntice of Appointment Guardian. State of Kansas. Allen County, ss. In the matter of the estate of Sheridan Yeager. a person of feeble mind. Xotlce of Appointment .\otIce is hereby given, that on the 26th day of December, A. D. 1908. the undersigned was by the probate court of A'.len County. Kansas, duly ap- IK )inted and qualified as guardian of the estate of Sheridan Yeager, a per- .soft of feeble mind, of Alien County. All panics interested in .said estate .vlll take notice and povern thenisi?lves iccordingly. J. T. TREDWAY. !2-29-r.-12 C.uardUin. YOU PKOBARLY HAVE Many garments that you thing arc ruined that can be made to look as ;ood as new by the use of DRY- CLEAN-O. Dry cleaning Is not pensive when you do It yourself. JO-cent can of DRY-CLEA.\-0 will do {10 worth of dry cleaning. You will find DRY-CLEAX-0 the •.'ery best preparation In the world for washing all woolen goods, under *-ear, dresses, dress skirts and every made of pure wool. The goods will wear longer ami be more satls- 'actory, keep their color and natural {loss and fluffitiess until they are ?ompletc!y worn out. Made only by Putnam Fadeless Dye Co., Quincy, III Cor sale by Chas. B. Spencer & Co., r. D. .Mundls & Co., W. L. Crabb, Dr. H. A. Brown. Now at Cataract Hotel LADIES'ENTRANCE OFFICE HOURS: WEEKLY, 8 A. M. TO 9. P. M. lOLii, KANSAS SUNDAYS, 2 P. M. TO 5. P. M. I Do Not Treat all Diseases, But Core all I Treal - - -TI Cure to ^tety Cure I Don't "Patcli txp" A Sure Cnre CALL. TODAY DR. GEO. B. McCLELLAN ON CHRONir ItHKl MATl.S .n. Chronic rheumatism Is a peculiar chronic rheumatic Inflammation; affecting most frequently the jpinls. but which may occur in the fibrous, syno­ vial, muscular or In fact any tissue or organ of the body. Chronic rheumatism is very generally the result of neg'.ected or maltreated acute rheumatism, an active inflammatory fever being developed, and the local rheumatic inflammation being a pa.ssive or chronic character. When chronic rheumatism is not a consequence of acute diseases, it arises from the same causes and is developed In the same manner as the ttcuie variety only there is frequently a distinct tenderness of the spine at the point where the ner\'es come off which supply the affected part. Tlie neuralgic irritaiion'.which is set up is generally not so violent, and does not so readily develoj) ihe rheumatic in- flahiriiatioii does arise it is of a slow chronic or passive nature. very many persons who wore Huffer- liig from I'liioJilc rhHuiiiullstn who hud IH'I-II Ireiiteil liy tln' use of polHoii, MCMH a loni; liht of medlchicH iiHiuilly yXviu by the old MOIUIOI of dociorM Inn liiive iii'ViT Keen one cure perfiMined liy lliPHo inedlclni'H. On Iho other hand I must Irutlirully say that the Indian mode of treatment In these cases has never been known to fall BAKER TEAM AGAIN CoWifsv Roys to .Ueot .ladHorlum Team Again Tomorrow Mght lola people who .saw the last game 3f basket ball between the Baker university team nnd the Auditorium team will be glad to learn that another ?anie has been secured with them. They are now on their return trii> and will be here tomorrow n'.sht. The last <ame resulted in a score of 24 to 22 for the college boys. Later in the week they defeated the high school team by a score of 57 to 17 but the high school ix>rs simply had an off night. The game called at 9 o'clock at The Auditorium. WANTED—Three salesmen. Inquire room 2:5 Cataract hotel between 7 and p. m. Daughter Bom Todar. Paul Ancma, engineer at the Vine street pumping station, in wearing a smile tod.-iy on account of the arrival uf a ten-pound baby girl. An AddrrsR hy Prof. Boodlnc. Professdr Boodine, of the Kansas state university, will address the Bible Cass In the Y. M. C. A. building this evening at fi:30. He is here as a representative of the state university and will be one of the principal speakers at the K. U. banquet tonlgbt. .SY.YIJ'TO.MS. .•\t first there- may be a dull, heavy fee ing at Iho heart, or along the sjiine, with sliKlit lirfiwslncss or iassi- tude, and. a i^cncial feeling of coldness and chililness. Sooner or later -slight febrile cvcitement may take place with a sllKhi increase in the I)ulso; more or less thirst; a dry skin and iierliaps scanty, high-colored urine. Soon the dull, heavy feeling In the head, or along tiie spine, appears to bo concentrated at some particular point In the brain or along the spine, becomes more or less lender, and immediately the darting neuralgic pains are felt in the limbs or parts which irritated part is supplied with nerves. After the JK-iir3l ;:ic pain has continued for a longer or shorter period the patient l.tliiK more or less uneasy especially at night, a slight swelling tenderness, and perliaps appear in the joints. linil)s, parts in which Ihe neuralgic |)ain had been set up. and this, if neglected, may continue for days, weeks, months or even years, being increased or lessened according to the e.rpo.siire or imprudence of tlie patient and also modified more or less by the dampness of electrical state of the atmosphere. It may continue to some particular part for a long time, with only a slight swelling and lameness of the part, or it sometimes assumes an erratic character, jiassing from one part of the system to another, and attended with much pain, and but little tenderness or swelling. 1 have noticed in- cases where rheumatism had remained stationary for a long time there is most generally a decided irritation and often tenderness at the point of the spine supplying nerves to the affected parts; l>ut In the erratic oases I have usaiiy detected only a transient irritation, with s'ight ivains, but little ten- demeos of the spine to restrain the local inflammation in one part, so that it shifts as the point of greatest irritability In the cerebro-Bplnal system passes from one i>oinl to another. 1 have given you the symptoms of this dread disease as I have found them to be, which Is the result of close observation In the treatment of hundreds of these cases. I have seen South Bend, Ind., 1-27, '93. Dr. G. n. McClellan, Diamond Dick: .My Dear Sir—I was residing in E:khart. Ind., last summer. Hearing of so many patients cured or benefited by your treatment, 1 brought my wife to see you. She took from your treatments three months. She has gained ten pounds of flesh. Her troubles were peculiar to her sex. She is enjoying the best, of health and I am glad I called on you. I recommend you to ail who are ailing as I know of many who have been cured by your remedies that were sick for years. MRS. NEWMAN, E. NEW.M.\.V. 124 l.a Porte Avenue. Constant streams of people from all walks of life; merchants, business men, farmers, tradesmen, rich and poor, alike, keep Dr. George B. McClellan busy from ear^y morn until late at nlgiit. The office and hallways and recej)tion rooms were tested to their capacity for the past few days nece.ssary waiting until as late as II p. m. All have the same story the Indian Dr. .McClellan. Is truly a wonder. For true, "Dr. Diamond Dick" three hearty cheers in Marion streets appears to heal the sick, he seldom fails of the worst troubles that prevail. The truth of this is easily known. Many statements he has shown. There is many more that still remain. .\t any time he might explain. If you are sick please on him call. He'll tell you tree.' He'll teil you all, lust how you ,ire and what he'll do. Without a word explained by you. With stom.ich tronb'es T was afflicted bad. And other troubles I also had. \ long time I did endure. Skillful doctors tried in vain to cure. Wlien this long-haired Indian I did call. fn him I had no faith at all. But when of his medicines I had taken. I found myself very much tnistaken. I found that he could quickly cure WTiat 1 did thus so long endure. In three days' time and five days more I was lietter than for months before To cleanse the blood he doth propose. And good success he had with those Whom his remedies have taken. In him their faith cannot be shaken. Unless a few that we do find Have real'y made up their mii^d That they are better they will not own Though In their face it's plainly shown Go search throuEh the medical race. What one can cure in every case? Tho cure is what I want to gee. That's what MctMellnn did for me. To bo sure some will say he Is a fraud Others his doings will applaud. All may speak as they may deem. You'll find 'Diamond Dick" of esteem. A FX)RMER PATIELNT, Marion. Ind., June 20, 1882. .Miirlon, hid.. .Miirch 27, V.m. Dr. ti'oorgo It, .McCle.Iiin. "Dr. Dla- iD'iud Dick": iJfur Hlr--'i'lilK In to Cfrtlfy that the little Klrl, my diiUKliter, eleven vt 'iirH of ago. took lieuiment from you fur u tuiio worm lust Tuesday evening and tlie following day or evening she was relieved of a monster tape worm that measured exactly 19 tffX. With head .stretched neck ttt the work was tboiit one foot In length and tapered down as fine as a thread, then flattened, out like tho eye of a common needle, .My home is in Wnrren. Ind. Hearing from you through niy relatives and sister. .Mrs. C. A. V>"illiams, 906 Third street. .Marion, 1 brought my daughter to you. You said it would cost me nothing if you failed. You succeeded, but not as quick as you promised, as my chi'.d is weak naturally from the existence of this monster. This worm was removed alive and squirmed on the floor and as we stretched it. It contracted and broke in the center before it was measured. You have our hearty approval to publish this testimonial and will gladly answer inquiries from those who are Interested in your skill as a remedial agent of the vegetable kingdom. .MRS. ALICE .A.. HEFNER. Warren. Ind Dr. George B. McClellan removes tape worms In less than three hours— in fact all the worms that human man kind is heir to, and no charges made for small worms. Both children and grown people are subject to worms which cause no pain and present little evidence of their existence which will be located and removed by the Indian Doctor ai the Cataract Hotel. REMOVED A TAPE WORM. Veedersburg, Ind., Jan. 14, 1907 Captured at last the monster that baffled many efforts to remove him. This is to certify that Dr. George B. .McClellan, "Dr. Diamond Dick." the Indian doctor from Hot Springs. Ark., now at the Central Hotel. Veedersburg, Ind., removed a tape worm fifty- four feet in length m less than four hours after taking the remedies, which did not make me sick at the lime nor since, and am doin .i,' well. .MR. HARRY FISHERO, Undertaker. .Marion abotit two weekn after my fiithor's death, or ul)out one munths after 1 returned from the Hpringx. We old Hfttli-rs reiiictrl)flrcd you and the gri'at good you did in this county in Ihe yeur of 18X2. I immediately called un you at the .SlubbinH House. Wai scarcely able to mount the stairs with out assistance. You gave me hope; lirescrlbed seven months treatment. I have but a few more words to say and to a point. 1 have completely recovered my health and loss of flesh. .\m seventy pounds heavier and have used but three months of my treatment. I am well known in Grant courity, as 1 was sheriff of this county four years. You should return here. You would do we'.l. Your medicine has also cured my sister-in-law of nervous spasms. Was given up by all physicians in Marion. She has not had a spell in two months. I remain very respectfully. 0. R. HOLM.AN. Ex-Sheriff of Grant County. A Sma Don't Qaay\ LIVER, KIDXEY AMP STOMACH BERAXGEMENT.S. Marion Ind.. Oct. 24. 1892. Dr. G. B. McClellan: Dear Sir—I take great pleasure In recommending your wonderful remedies to the public In Grant county. About three months ago I placed myself under your treatment. Had been suffering with liver, kidney and stomach troubles for one year. I took medicine from ail of the best doctors In this city. I grew Went to the Springs last summer. Came back worse and was preparing to die. Was so bad f cou'd not attend my father's funeral. That took place last September. You made your appearance In Toulon. 111., December 14, 1904. Dr. O. B. McClellan: Dear Sir—Prompted by a deep feeling of gratitude for the good you have done for us, I feel bound to write you this testimonial, hoping that others may thereby be Induced to try your wonderful medicine and receive relief. For ten long years my wife has been a victim of the dreaded disease of the kidneys, dropsy and tumors. During all this time she had been taking treatment from two local doctors but t«) no effect. Four months ago ihe commenced taking your treatment. At that time she was. not able to do her work, but the change has been marvelous. She lost ten pounds in five weeks, and today does all her own household duties. Then my little daugher, aged seven years, has also taken treatment thi same length of time for catarrh of the, head, and also for kidney trouble. She is now a changed girl. From a deep, sa'.low color her complexion baa been changed to a fair and bright healthy color. She feels very much better— almost entirely cured. Now our bal>y daughter about five years of age. has from Infancy been paralyzed in her right side, having almost no use of either limbs, upper Dr lower. With the rest of us she commenced taking your medicine. Her improvement has been rapid and continual, having now almost complete use of her whole right side. Hers has been a case which Itself should win a reputation for any physician. As for myself, I was almost a complete wreck for the past two years, though 1 have been falling for the past seven years, f, too, had catarrh and kidney trouble. 1 could neither eat nor sleep, and could do very little work. In August I commenced taking your'treatment and In those past four months 1 have gained no less than twenty-four iMiunds. which is nothing^ compared to the change in my feel ing.s. Thou.sands of dollars could not purchase one bottle of that preclona remed.v. Trusting that some other poor sufferers will read this and. do as I did. try your medicine, for then I know they will obtain- relief, I am very gratefu'ly yours, WM. PICKERSO.V.

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