Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 10, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1908
Page 2
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XOBIHBIIP. iMiil flMM pNattoH^Bank •iiii1lwjiirHi»ilii«toi IBM Baptist Suppe.r fho fesfdrnce of .Mr. nml Mr«. S. A. Qard, ijl2 pouth W5 »HhlnKton uvo- nuo, was comfortably filled with gupsts last evening from flvo until •oven o'clork lo be served wlUi Riip- pi»r. =I#s. Hard, Mn». W. }|. Garflold. and Mrt. L. V. Starkey received lb" company and in tho dining room Mrs. Arthnr Jamesan, Mrs. Oscar Cowan. Mrs. "V^dson and Miss Graco Ball Borvedi' Tlio proceeds were $16. 5 •> + + ^Thursday Euchre Club, Mrs. ,A. H. Campbel, assisted by Mrs. H; A. Brown, Mrs. E. \V. Stau- 1I«IW arid. Miss Barbara Fry Ravo a DrbtresBiTC cuchro party yesterdax for the: Thursday Euchre club. Flvo car* tables were used and prizes wno Riven Mrs. P. A. North nip, Mrn. .1. A. Wheeled" Mrs. Campbell served «ii elaborate dinner at 5 o'clock, covers b«lns placed for Mesdames Geor-r.^ Fry, Fdust, F. ,T. Horton. J. G. Mittl»>- liiacfa, John. Fouu. Hobart. F. A. Northrup, C. H., Shields, C. H. Spoii- ccr, B. F. Robinson. W. C. Teats. (?. I. "VVliittaker, J. A. "ftTieeler, L. 1.. Northriip. D. P. Northrup. Mis.s Foust audi Rosalia Charles. Mrs. W. S'. Dewey, Mrs. \V". S. Goodwin ami Mrs. B; K. A'llson.wcrc gussts of fhi>. club. * + • Card Party, Mrs.!A. E. BalHMt, 22?> South rho.«tl. not street, was hostosr? of a Broiip of lad^ yesterday aftpnioon. The occasion was the iirst meetinR of 11 o afternoon euchre club. The prizes for the higliest scores In progrossive euchre 'went to Mrs. W. E. Uedfoam arid Mrs. Herbert Martin. Mrs. Bal'i et served Ices andi cakes to the f i- lowingi guests: Mrs, Fred Roiiii.srI) Mrs. J; BalHet. Jfrs. B. F. Barnard. Removal Sale AT Sewall's Jewelry Slore Is Still Gomg On. First door North Postof f ice .Mrs. .lanire Bartlett, Mrs. S. B. Burton. Mrs. Wi E. Carniafn. .Mrs. (;oor?o Drriuto. Mrs. Froil GcrliKz. .M JT?. S. L Jackson. Airs. il. h. Harris. .Mrs. Herbert Martin, Mrs. W. E. Rcdfcarn and Mrs. Gcorec Rudnick. •:• •!• •> .Elks Dance. Tho first of a serifs of Elks d.inr-s w:\s Rlvrn In the club rofims last nlRht. TliP attendance was small because of several invitation affairs which the lodge members attended. It is probable that the dances will ho Riven fortnlffht y during tho remainder of the winter. '> + Thratrr Party, Tho ladles <>f the N<'w Yi-rk store attended a theatre jiarty Uiot evpnin;.; a! tho Grand. •:• •:• •:• Endravor Social. Thirty vounR people, many of whom ar.- nienilicrs of the Christian Ende;iv- or society of tli.' Preshytcvian ehuri'h. spent a niorry hour at the home of Pr and .Mrs. O. T. f^iOranRe last c\ eninK. It is the custom of tho snciiil committee of Ihe Endeavor to ar- arnge a social once each month and this gathering was In response to the Informal Invitations extended, A brief business session was heMi and later games, contests and music helped to amuse the young people. Miss Mable Brewer, Miss E<nnice Jackson. Miss Lulu Culbertson and Miss Annabel Crawford assisted in serving refreshments and entertain* Ing. * • • Membership Contest. The Christian Endeavor society of thni Presbyterian church has dfcided lo lieBln a memliership contest to enlist a class of young lieople for active work during the year. Last evening Miss Thcta Brewer and Miss An- nalHiI Crawford wpre closen leaders of the opposing forces and a date will be aeleoted for the final count of new members. Thn Endeavorcrs will also enlarge tho mission fund * '> • •:• Party for Quest. Miss Faunle Kaywood will give a parly tonight lo introduce her guest. .M1 .S8 Ethel See, of NN'hshington. •!• * * Informal Afternoon, One of the very happy parties of (he we .-'k was given for the Violet riuh yesterday afteniooii at the resldenre of Mrs. Clarence llulchlnson. There W8H an informal hour spent with conversation and pleasant diversions At the luncheon tnbfpR places were set for mesdames Clydo Hlldebrandt^ W. n. Morrison. W. F. W»odruff. J. K. Powell, A. H. TIecox. Thom.^s. C. W. Tl:ompson, S. B. Vauchn. Brad Clark. Chns. Cox, F. A. Wagner and Menu Vc. + + Church Reception. Rev. and Mrs. Kitchen of Chaniite. In company with new meuiliers of j the church were guest of honor at a j reception given at the Christian j chnrelu last evening, l-idles of the .Aid jJoclr -ty rerelved the attendln« friends and older members of the ci urch assistcfl in welcoming the n-w comers. Potted plants and Imqiiet.'; of cut flowers were nsetV with charming effect and a groni> of young lad'es h .-^Iiied with refreshments of cake anil I coffee. I^ater in the evening Mirs. E. I R. Miller. Mrs. H. A. Richard.son, 1 Mrs. M. M. \Vfliamson. Mtes Nellie . Rieliardson and Mr. Carl Smilh gave brief accounts of the work done in j irfferent departments of the ehuvc'.i. .\l )OUt scv.^nty five were present. <• •:• For Schoolmates. Mls .K Helen McKinney was at home to a number of small friends hist . .--veiling from eight until ten oclorli. .Misses Ruth and Mary McKinney r.erveci delicious confections .md cakes We Are Now SeUing OlBmond Rlng9 At tempting prices. lo per cent discount—to all those that par- chase a diamond ring at this store in the next ten da3rs —making these goods the greatest bargains in jewelry, ever cffcred in this locality. Remember this offer is for a short time only. EstaMlsiied ISM^/^ has retumedhome-after a visit viUi her sister. Miss Znla Zimmerman. Miss Lenore Myerhuber who has visited friends here has gone to a ranch In an adjoining county for a week. Mrs, J. N. Story of Lone Elm is a guest of Mrs. J. E. Powc'l and Mrs. Chas. Gregg. Miss Maude McKinney Is ill at her home. 523 North Chestnut. Miss Minnie Bowcn returned from Topcka today. Miss Grace Fitzgerald relumed yesterday from a week's stay in Lawrence, Mrs. T>aiRy Berkihiser and daughter Ln Orrel leave this evening for Fort Scott. Willie there they will bo th gncst of Prof. A, J. Rates and family, Mrs. R. B. Stevenson is en'.erlninlng .Miss Anna Robblns who is giving a serlea of lectures to the W. C. T. IT. Mr. and Mrs. I). P. Northrup rein rne<l yesterday from a short stay In Kansas City. $1,200,000 .Wo. rnf, vSaata Fe and M. K. & T HVatcta Inspectors. ii FRISHMAN'S MtlDuatioD of 1^2 Price Goat Sale Every woman in lola seems to realize that a choice selection of coats can bs secured during: this sale for a mere pittance and none this far have been disappointed. The garments are all Standard styles, all new and perfectly tailored. It Is the ONE sale of the year where cost is not considered, where high grade garments are almost given away. We bought too many and everyone MUST GO NOW $2,50 will buy a |5.0ii long, loose black coat. J3.75 will buy a 17 50 long coat, black or colors. $5.00 will buy a $10,00 long coat, lined throughout. i $6,00 will buy a $12.(10 loug coat, Batin lined and trimmed. $7.^0 will buy a $15.00 long coat, lined and beautifully trimmed. $10.00 will buy a $20.00 fine Broadcloth coat, best satin lined. $12.50 will buy a f25,00 beautifully ^lored coat, satin lining in black or ooiors. $7,50 will buy a $16 00 Caracul Jacket. ' $10.00 will buy a $20.00 Caracul Jacket $12.50 will ibny a $25.00 Caracul Jfoket $3..50 Childien's Bearskin Coats, half pncc $1.75 $=j.00 Children's Bearskin Coats, half price $2,50 $7.50 Mottled plush coats, half price $3,75 Extra Special, Saturday Only 50 heavy rustling TaffeU Silk petticoats in black and colors, considered by all the beffs silk petticoat ever soM at $6.00,for Satuaday only $3.95 A Sensational Waist Sale $0,00, $7.00 and $8 00 silk and net waists at $3 05, in all sizes and np to date styles in high colors* ecru and and white. A silk waist sale that will ontrlval all former bargain sales Remember an $8 00 waist for. $3,95 gcdqccd Prices oiy All Skirts to Gontinue. Greatly Reduced f>rtce$ jpn All Press Goods. All Furs Must Rcitardiess of Cost and the Ruests partlcTpatofl in Barnes. Thc .-se present were: Madge Rellly K'la Vf/.lf, Dorothy Keilcy, lyucllc Coprland. Gretchen Zelgler. Nina Wheeler, Vera Olmstead, Delia Rell ly. Ruth Chancellor, Clconc Stebblns and Frnnccg Munson. • * * Woman's Aasociation. l.iidies of thP Reformed church .it tended a moetInK of the VVoman'.s As- sociatl <in which «as Held In the church yesterday. The afternoon was pc ^upled with discussions of affairs of the church and the hostess society •:• •:• -> Reflections of a Bachelor. A Klrl can forgive any kind of kiss- iuK unless It musses her hair. ,\ Rirl can trust any man to take care of her if ho han so much poetical sentiment In him that he talks it even about things to cat. I A woman thinks she Is gettlnR Into ! w>ciety when her name la printed as a patront^ss for charity, nnd a man ^ Into politics when he's askod' to march i la a campaign parade.—Ebtchange. '> • * A New Fad. The Koclety leaders of nttshurK and other eastern cities are InltlatlnR a fad which i>ronil«es to he exceedlUK' Jy popular where It Is possible to car I vy out lht> different details. For the jiant two years Japanese curios. Jap anese china and. various other artlclea su|)|iosed to have been Imported from the Orient have been much In vojcuo nnd there was even a hint of fash- Ions from the I.and of Cherry Bloa Boms Introduced Into American costumes and dress accessories. Since the social season has begun the hostesses who desired to Introduce a new form of fe.<!MvltIe8 conceived the idea of' ^ven .Tapanese luncheons and the scheme wa«i so successful that the most fashionable homes are from time to time turned into Jap palaces for the reception of guests. There are now regular agencies In one or two cities which provide Japanese maids to serve and assist, at these functions. The costumes worn are kimonas made of fabrics imported from the native land and the jew- f-h! and even tho tiny ornamented san- da's are Just like those worn In Japan. Tho rooms are hung with decorated tapestries and the luncheon tables are covered by ornamented linen and set with Japanese china. Rice and tea are the principal factors of the menu served and when the guests, all gowned In Jap costume seated in a room where beautiful oriental lamps arc hung with the pretty Geisha glrhs arc In attendance, the scene Is do- cided'y novel and worthy of the com- plimenta which the public Ja showering upon the hostesses who are res- bpons^Ic for the custom, •» 4* • Choir Rahtarsal. Miss Katharine Jones will meet tho Presbyterian choir tonight for a ro- heaml of music for the approaching Sunday. • * + Personals. Mrs. o, W, Adams and JfJss Lln- nle Adams are visiting Cbanute reta> tivea for x few days. Mr, and Mrs. R. 8. Oilflllan are home from a visit with Mr, and Mrs. AlviD OUflUao of BirtJ«STll]e. ViM O'CR Zimmemun of Kltiiiora mm.. mm WAS INSANE (Continued from |)age 1.) home with his mother and father at 1341 Ohio street. It was on the back of a note from ,Mlss Edna Anderson, of Kansas City, that Angney scribbled a few incoher rent sentences Just before he leaped lo death. The note was a simple ac knowlodgment of a little gift he had sent the sirl at Christmas tlnio. She was emphatic In her statement that there was no love affair between them. MIsB Anderson, whose home is at Frankfort, Kas., just returned a week .^go from spending the holidays there to resume her piano study in Kansas City, Her acquaintance with Angney, she said, dated from last sunimer when he played third In a salar led baseball team at Frankfort. Since then she has seen him only twice, once when she went to Ijiwronce to see a football game, and another time v.hcn she passed through I.^wrencp onroute for home. He had written her, she said, that he would be in Kansas City last week, and she heard later that he was there, but she did not see him, having answered him that she would he busy when he came. Miss Anderson is pretty, blonde, piodost and well poised. Her manner wo»)ld seem to convey that she never felt any close Interest fn Ang uey's affairs, and was genuinely surprised nnd grieved to leani the details r>f the tragedy nulie foreim to her self. The coroner did not hold an Inquest over Angney's body, but pronounced It as a plain case of suicide by a per von mentally unbalanced. mVNTEI>—Salesmen wanted in every town of 2,000 or more In Knn- .sas and Oklahoma, to sell our goods to retail trade. Good salesmen can make from $20.00 to $35.00 per week. Credit extended to responsible par ti ?8 who can give bond and good references. WUte or apply to Union Pacific Tea Company. lola, Kansas, Two »w Bill!) In Cirrnlt ronrt Topeka, Kaa., Jan. 10.—A bill has been brought in the U. S. circuit court here asking for the appointment of receiver for the Chicago Great Western Railroad by J. S. Humblerd and other creditors. The order of Judge Sanborn appointing A. B. Slrickney and C. F. Smith as receivers was also read. Public Sate I will sell at Public Sale on the Picket farm % miles west of La Harpe on Monday, Jan. 13. commencing at 10 o'clock a. m. the following described property; Live Stock—Twenty-five head of dairy cows, some are fresh and some will be fresh soon. Five calves; one team brood raarcs; one team ponies. One milk wagon; one cow barn 24x48. Terms of Sale—All sums of $10.ftfl and under cash. All sums over $10.00 nine months time will be given with nlterest at 6 per cent interest from daet. 6 per cent off for cash. W. E. nurphey Col. C. S. Blataop, Atietioneer. THAY ARE FRESH. A choice absortment of this popular brand at CRABB'S. When you buy Lowney's Chocolates here, our per^onal pledge of their freshness goes' with ihera. Get your next candy at Crabb's and see how well It pleases you. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Corner Washington and West Sts. Lodge Difectory KMGIITS OF MACCADEES.- Knights of Maocahees of tho World me«tB In K, P, Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights in each month. J. W. Postwalt, commander; R. B, Porter, record keeper. W. 0. W«r-Csmp No. 101 moota li K. ot P. Hall every Friday nlfht Ml T. BtNle, C. C: A.H.D»^ Clei* Vliltora cordially Invited. mflHTS OF PITHI19^» oU> Lodgo No. 43 meeta averr KiOdai night at K. ot P. Hall. Vlslti m bro thera Invited. W.S.Thompson. .I .e.; Ctarla Bitter, K. of R. and 8. W. A^Tbe M. W. A. Lodg* meets every Friday night In M. W. A hall. Visiting brothers invited. W.H .\nder8on, V.C; W. A. Cowan. Clerk ~BOYAL~NEIOnBOKSi^Iola Cara ^Jo. 365, Royal Neighbors, meets B«<V ond and fourth Tuesdays of ea«i month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracle.! Mra. Mary Hntton, 418 W»-« SCTiet, Recorder. FBATEBHAL BBOTHEBHOOD.- Fratemal Brotherhood No. 380 meets second and fourth Thursday of each month In A-CU-W. Mall. VislUng members cordialy invited. W.H.An* derson, president; Golda Elam, secretary. Junior Order United Amertcan ¥• ehanlcs.—Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock in K. P. Hall. AM visiting members invited. R. A Widick, Councelor; C. B. Black, Rec Secretary. Diltlllel liter Due hundred pounds of CryS' tal Ire will make 12 gallons ot distllle<i water siutable foe family use. Try it. Ithlce&CtliStingeCi FRANK RIDDLE, Mfr. Btfsiness Dhifctoty DB. HclIlU .1^. * Special attention clvo& to tba * treatment of all ChronAi Olaaa*- * as and Oiaeasea ot Chltdren. * Telephones: OlBca 8S, >B«a. tSt. * Office in Mra. Tumarfa Bids, • Phone (87. Rea. 70L .DK 0. L. COX, • Eye, Ear, Noae and Throat • Bpectacles Properly-Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. Bid*. • • • • * Office Phone 1083. * Night Phone 406. • OB. K 0. CHKISTIlir. PhyaielaB ani Sargeea. * Rooms 7 and 8. Evana Bld«. R.«. Tel. 198. Office TeL 183. DB. J. B. FEFP£B. Dentist . Is permanently located over E. C. McCIaln's Clothing Store, and Is prepared to do all klnda of np-co-date dental :Work. Evening work by appointment »TEYER'» OROCERY Headquarters for Good Things to Eat TelefihoDe 159 The "Oar Way" Restaurant Mmrohmmtm'Untoh 2Bo Everything in Season. SHORT ORDERS OF AI,I. KINDS FAB]fS, In Howell Coanty, MIssonrL To 'Exchange for City Property or Merchandise. Write for list. Give full descrltplon and price of what you have. J. T. GILXOCB, Pomona, Xo. Iowa Store Bi£ Special Cut on on all kinds o\ Merchandbe until things change. i: 6. lUIflNAa frop. F. II. MABTGT. Surgery and Diseases of Women. • Ofllce and Residence Phone 576 Office 7 North Jefferson. DB. W. B. HSTLMUH. Fhyilclan A BuSeaa. Office N. B. Comer 6f Sqoare. Over K. C. Plumbinc Co.'a Store. Rea. Tel 38. Office Tel. 60l * P. L. LatbrM, * Mrs. Bessie O. Lathrop. , * OSTEOPATHIC PHfSICUiri * Special attention given to Dla* eases ot Women and CSiUdraa. * Over East Side Hitrdwara. * Office 'Phone. Mala 468. W. H. llfDXBaOH. ' Attafaej4t-I«w. Notary and Stenographer la Offlca., . Pbona 46S.: * H.A.Bwin«, 8.A.O «Ttf. O.R.aard EWIHG, GABD k GABB, • Lawyera.' * PracUca In all Oonta * W. Madiaon. iPhoM Ml. • • JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoast old rallabia lewelei 110 East street LivingstoD £• Co Oaatoactara HC BilliaM. All klnda of work a speetaity • Beatfc ByeaaMia.' : Ffeeaa UM rugstone and Ceiaaat iUawalka aai Garbing a Specialty. OBea lis Baal JadtiM Af^ Stormgm mmdTrmamfmr Office and Storage Wate Room at #5WestStr^ Phone StockkaMers' Veetlnir. Notice Is hereby given; that the annual meeting ^ stockholders of the tola Ice and Cold Storage Ca, of lola, Kansas, will be held at ^heir office in lola between the hours i o'clock and j o'clock p. m. Monday. January 13th. tsos, FRANK RIDDLE. Sec^y. lola, Dec. 30. 19«7. JBECU8TB MJUit ID lala lb

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