Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 30, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1908
Page 5
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Beattie. V. S.. Phone 139. Miss Woodin Home. Miss Grace Uantb is spending the holidays at home at Yates Center: ^^iss iKmiiy Gnibb i.s at Esben (IhiK state): Miss Abbie Woodin is at home at Ida: Miss Abbie Woodin is at home at Red Oal^, Iowa. .K\\ are teachers in the Fredonia schools. — Predonia Citizen. For the hest and qnicke.<)t re-snlt;; nite the Register's wont colnmns. In Labette County. Mrs. 1. G. McConnell arrived Saturday from I^bette and will spend several days in the city -with her sister. Mrs. MagKlo Moelver, before return- iiip to her home at lola.—Parsons Sun. ^Ti, I —Insist on harlni; U. S. Flour. THE lOLA IC£ AND COLD STORAGE CO. Mamfactarers, Wbolesol* and Ketail Dealers CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water Htm C«M gtong* SeUr fw IhiBiBeti. Fhtae IIL FRANK RIDDLE. Msr. I Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans Low Rate, Annual Interest Payments received at any time without notice, and interest ceases on amount paid. Long or Short Time Loans. 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One of the features will be the big free auction sale to be held at the >ydlanH stables in Second avenue west on Wednesday afternoon, at which all of the colonel.s will work .nnd where no chnreie will be made for their .service.". The .session.s will IT held at the Commercial club—Hutchinson News. -T)r. P. F. Wflntrh, Dentl .st, Phonp S2 A Cow Has Triplets. .Tnbn H. Train, wlin is Fomewhat of a "c""- man" they call cttle raisers out wpst. has been a little boant- fiil rerc'ifiv .ohouf a eertain cow on h'-; rpncli i'l-t south of town, hut Mac rhanilrris hn .<5 trimmed him some on the f-ow hn«ine.<^s. Mr. Train had a blooder' heifer at the TTniontown fair last fill pnd took thp sweepstakes and class premitims with her. Some time later she delivered a pair of fine twin '•'e'fers. So thp other rtav when Vr. Cra'n i "d faniMv went to the home of Mrs r-ni""s father. .Tohn Traev ro-r Tt 'Tttvillo. to eat two rorjst tnrJ >f'>--- and n p"=snni at a Christmao fiiiiiirr wit'o t^" Tracy do- sco"Hi )ntF nnd their fam'lio<;. bp was a littl" iip'dsh on nconnt of this said (•ow .•>n I h'f twin calves. He had l)'>en lioiue from the Traey nlace but p dav f"- two wh"n Mac Chambers, bis hmth'T-ln-law. railed hira up on tho i)br.n«» and told of one of his white-fared cows having heeome the mother of thr.-e heifer calves. Mr. Crain would not Iielieve it at. first, but was convinced and will take a trip on', shortly to .see the calve.s. Mr. riianibers is raising two -of the triplets Of) the mother cow and has turn"•I tlii> ntlicr to another, fresh cow. Tbev an- m'?od and growing. The inothcT of t.Jiis littor of calves was boucht by .Mac Ciiambers at the sa'e held bv G. F. Crain. late father of the Crain brothers, a few ye.irs aco. when he quit farming.—Ft. Scott Tribune. Rot Ihe Flkn. fho hest 3f cigar, st rrahhs. A home clear. Hamilton on State Fair. M. B. Hamilton, president of the Leav( uworth County Fair association, pndor -'os the editorial expression in The Times regarding state appropriations for county fairs. "The state sliould make an appropriation for thes" fa'rs and divide it un anaong thp county fairs." said Mr. Hamilton. "I have been in correspondence with officials in many of the states, inc'nd- ing Missouri. Indiana. Ohio. Illinois, .•»nd Towa. and I find that almost imi- formly they contribute to the support of their county fairs. This I believe is more fea.=ible than the Idea.of a state fair. The state fair always meets. with opnositlon and while for ten years an effort has been made to get a state fair bill through the Kan- Bas legislature, it Is always defeated by the rivalry of the towns. The system adopted In some of the states is to pay a certain percentage of the amount of premium money distributed by the fairs. In I'llnois for Instance I believe that It Is about 40 per cent." Xieavenwortb Times. About Johnny Kan*. I John T. Kane, better known as "Johnny" a member of the Cincinnati baseball dob of the National Leagne, and formerly a member of the Pittsburg, Kas., club in the oM Missonrl Valley- League, was In JopIlU: last night. Johnny recently returned to his home in Pittsburg from Cuba, where bis team played twelve games with two teams of the Cuban Ljeague.' During 1903 and 1904 Kane played an outfield with the Coal Miners and was known, as one of the surest field-' ers in the league. The year before; the Missouri Valley League disbanded Kane was drafted by the Loulsrllle club of the American Association, but his work there soon found hlnj a berth with the Reds. When the sprlnir practice opens for the Reds next spring it will be probable that Kane and Dick Bayless of .Toplln will be the i^ntestants for the honor of presiding over the left garden. Both Kane and Bayless expect to be able to secure the honors, and the tryout for this position will be Interesting to the local fans.—Joplln Herald. UndjBrtaicers and Funeral Directors Calls Answered Promptly Day. tfr Night PIionel77X. lola, Ks. —Always time to eat at the Oilr Way. Not Improving Rapidly. Mrs. Sarah Wright has returned to Tola, after having since the accident to her son. Joe Wright, who was terribly hurt by the explosion of a blast at Petrolla. She says that he Is not getting along well, being weak because he does not 6at miich. He is troubled considerably by pains in the head, and Is not mending as fast as his friends would like to see him. Mr. Wright had a terrible experience, one eye being blown out and a hand blown off.—Ghanute TribUne. Miss Culllson Home. Miss Ethel Culllson, who is taking a special course In music at the I.Jnsburg: Music School, is spending the holidays with her parents. Rev. and Mrs. R. M. Guilison.—Walnut Item In Pittsburg deadlight, dsnmenfwet ' For Examination. . The 3anta Pe has ordered, twelve Southern Kansas ftremeb to report ffor examination at Topeka. to s<^ it they are fitted for engineets. It ia a rule that when candidates for examination are ordered to the test >that they take a lay-off of sevenl days Im-, mediately preceding the ixamlfiationl If is essential that they should not iuive' looked. Into the blaze of. a fire for some time before their eyes are tested. It is because of the need Tor care of the eyes that firemen wear caps provided with visors trimmed In green.—Ottawa Republc. —For fine livery and boarding stable for horses, see Ralph R. Drake, Phone 101. 212 North Jefferson, A Correction. The Register stated yesterday that the members of the First A. M. E. church had presented their pastor with a watch. Later information shows that not only the members of the church but friends of the pastor took a part in this and they have asked for the correction which Is cheerfully given. —Cnnntngham k Amett, G per cent, money. ABOUT ADVERTISING^NO. 9 The Doctor Whose Patients Hang On By Herbert Kaufman. Out in China all things arenottopsy turvy. Physicians are paid for keeping people well and when their patients fall ill their weekly salary check is stopped. The Chinese judge a medical man not by the number of years he lives, but by the length of time his clients survive. An advertising medium must be judged in the same way. The fact that it has age to its credit isn't so important as the age of its advertising patronage. Whenever a newspaper continues to display the store talk of the same establishment year after year, it's a pretty sure sign that the merchant has made money out of that newspaper, because no publication can continue to be a losing investment to its customers over a stretch of time without the fact being discovered. And when a newspaper is able to boast of an honor roll of stores that have continued to appear in its pages for a stretch of decades it Yiza proven its superiority as plainly as a mountain peak which rises above its fellows. The combination of stability and progress ia the strongest virtue that a newspaper can possess. Only the fit survive —reputation is a difficult thing togetzxid a harder thing to hold —^it takes merit to earn it and character to maintain it. There is a vast difference between/^^m^ and notorietyf and just as much difference between a famous newspaper and a notorious one. Just as a manufacturer is always eager to install his choicest stocks in a store which hat earned the respect of the community, just so a retailer should be anxious to insert his name in a newspaper which has earned the respect of its readers. The manufacturer feek that he will receive a square deal from a store which has age to its credit. He can expect as much from a newspaper which is a credit to its age! The newspaper which outlives the rest does so because it was best fitted to —it had to earn the confidence of its readers—and keep it. It had to be a better newspaper than any other, and better newspapers goto the homes of better buyers. Every bit of its circulation has the element of quality and staying power. And it is the respectable, home-loving element of every community—not the touts and the gamblers-^ toward which the merchant must look for his business vertebrae —^he cannot find buyers unless he uses the newspaper that enters their homes. And when he does enter their homes he must not confuse the sheet that comes in the back gate with the newspaper that is delivered at the front door. (C', 1908, by Tribune Company. Chicago.) —Dr. J. B. Pepper, pentlit, Phone ICS Dnnfee Is Home. Ed Dunfee and wife returned home this morning from Leon, Kansas. Bible Class Meets. The Y. M. C. A-'Bible class will hold their regular meeting in the association building at 6:20 this evening. Mrs. J. N. Beer III. , Mrs. J. N. Deer, of 306 South Cottonwood, Is reported to be quite II with an attack of pneumonia. —Good Things to Eat "Onr-Way.'' Movetf to.Qarnett. Un. Lizzie Hamlton and children arrived here this afternoon from lola and will take up their residence 'on the Parks place southwest of town, which she recently purchased.—(la^ nett News. , You can have a private cab for the New Year's Ball If you order it of Ralph Drake. —Dra. Lathrop, Osteopaths. Phone 4C8 Move to Argentine. J. S. Detwlier.and family have gone to Argentine, Kansas, where Mr. Detwiler has formed a partnership with an attorney of that city. They will remain In Argentine permanently. Teleiihone Ralph Drake for a private cab for the New Year's Ball. RETFRXED THE PRESENT. E. W. Myler Finds Check Xot Payable to HIra. ,iw ^t €S3 Airs. Haiy Hudson, of F^tTnan,.Mias., "tooS advice, which was, to take Ottdui. She was staying with me and was in terrible misery, but Car- dni hel|>ed heir at once. ••X I .;Vi:v.-It Win Help YOU JJO "Last spring," Mrs. E[iidson continues, "I was in a rack of pain. The doctor did no good, so I began to take CardnL The first dose helped me. Now I lim in better health thain n three .years." , iivery girl and woman needs Cardni, to cure irregulsurity, falling feelings, headache, backache and similar female troul^les. Gardui is safe, reliable, scientific Try Cardui. AT ALL DBUO STOBES NO NEW YEAR GAME 1 Chanute Qo-Oevila Have Now Permanently Disbanded for the Season. the star players from three sections lof the country, the locals feel that •they have done remarkably well with ja team picked from the home towji alone. The boys are planning already on what will be the dope on Chanute-Iola football next year. Althoush beaten decisively in two Sames by the Triplets, the Chanute Qo-Devils are trying to console them-' selves with the idea that their defeats were due to luck. The Sun says: There will be no more football In Chanute this Season. the> Go-Devils having concluded to permanently disband and renounce all efforts to se- 3ure a holiday game Friday. —^The only Cafe that series the Oenuine Seal Shipt Oyster. Our Way. THE SPRECKLES WILL FILED. Fifty Million Dillars to the Widow and Three Children. San Francisco. Dec 30.—The will of Attorney E. W. Sljler is probably the only man In the city who received a valuable Christmas present and was compelled to return the gift to the original owner. While reading a let- ;er from his brotber-in-Iaw, C. W. Ba^on, of Moran, he discovered a check for $125 In the envelope, but upon a close examination It was discovered that the check was made payable to C. W. Bacon. The check was not en- Jorsed and Mr. Myler mailed it to .Mr. Bacon for his endorsement. In the meantime Mr. Bacon had discovered the loss of the check and wrote to Mr. Myler asking If the said check had l>een found. Mr. Myler says this is an- jther Illustration of the fact thai "things are not always what they seem." COMPLETE MAYOR LIST. Captain .Stover Xow Has Pictures of All lola Mayors. Captain Stover has completed the collection of photographs of the former mayors cf the city and expects to have them hung in the large frame ia the city hall within a short time. The frame was donated by A. L. Taylor, formerly a resident of this city. Glad We're Here, a new one and flavor seldom tested. Crabb's Poup- taln. C.ARDEN CITY GROWIXfl. Prospects for New Railroads Are Good —Also Electric Line. Judge W. H. Thompspn and wife who left here several years ago to locate in Garden City are here this week the guests of Mrs. Sadie M. Thompson. Judge Thompson is very enthusiastic about Garden City and thinks it has a bright future. At present two or three railroads are trying to get through there, and it Is a certainty that they wilt get one of them. In addition an electric line Is contemplated covering that part of the country and extending to Pueblo. The su- ?ar refinery Is In good shape and altogether the outlook is most favorable. DIAMOND DICK SKATE^. Is at the Rink Nearly Every Night. —Enjoys li ^ Dr. Geo. B. >IcCIellan, known as Diamond Dick, is quite a roller skater and Indulges In this pleasure nearl; every night He says It Is the best kind of exercise and that he enjoys it. Dr. McClellan Is 62 years of age but Is as straight as an arrow And with his beautiful long hair he makes a handsome appearance on skates. Fatalities BMch Fifty. Ennis, W. Va., Dec. 30.—The fatalities in the Uck Branch mine as a result of an exploalon yesterday will probably reach fifty. Thia morning twelve bodiea bad been taken oat ' Although the Go-Devils wished to,the late Claus Spreckles, which was •natch a New Year's gridiron game, executed in New York May 11, 1908, with the Triplets of lola, the latter, was filed today with the county clerk. ^"'-^K '."Under Its terms, the widow. Anna the fight with the local team. Their; _ ' ....... 'ast victory over the home team was Spreckles. was given a life Interest •nerely one of those lucky happenings • In the estate, which, after her death, which frequently occiw in the last few,; is to be divided among her three moments of the game, but the Chan-; children, Claus A. Spreckles, Rudolph utc boys are making no kick about if £, , and acknowledge their defeat. What Spreckles and Mrs. John Ferris of they wished at the time of the last! Kingswood, England, formerly Miss «ame was to have another try at their. Emma Spreckles. victors. Those who witnessed the .The testament recites that the other battle at lola were well satlsflad with;. „ , _ „„„ ,„„ _ .... the work of the boys and say that ^'^^ ^°°«' J^^n D. Spreckles and Ad- their work was equally as good asO 'Ph Spreckles. have been liberally that of-their opponents. ! provided for In the life of the testa- The done for another game is now tor SgnIL t ?SJ Sn1 ['w^o ^tr 'be 'i !:i of the estate is not giv- possible for the Go-Devils to again; en. but it has been estimated as high reorganize, as many of the members as 50 million dollars. Claus A., and of the squad are out of the city until Rudolph Spreckles are appointed ex- ''"T^^^ChJn ^uYJ'feL has ^Wd -'«te through a successful season, suffer-.'vlthout bond. , ing but two defeats, both these at the hands of the Triplets. Considering, i-Hard Shell Crab, Lobsters. Blue that their victorious opponents were Points. Onr Way. To Heat a Cold Comer Don't sit in the cold—touch ol a mafcK—a steady flow of genial warmlK and in the corner that's hard to heat youll have real solid comiort with a PERFECnON on Heater (E«rinc« MHh SMkricas Mo) Just what you need to help out in fi cold snap or between seasons. No smoke—no smell'— no bolhct it 's the smokden device that does iL As easy lo operate and clean as a lamp. Brass font holds 4 quarts —{pm intense heat for 9 hours. Finished in nickd and japan —every heater warranied. -t—a, Equioped with litest improved central draft burner. Made of brass throughout, nickel plated. Just the light to read by—bright and steady.^ Eviery lamp warranted. If your dealer doesn't carry the Perfection 0J Healer and Rayo Lamp, write our nearest agency for descriptive circular. STANDARD OIL COMPANY (ImMn>«rat«4) TH08. H. BOWLUS. PrMMant. J. F. SCOTT, Caabler. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANk Capital $30,000.00 OWBCrORS A. W. Back. L. C. Beatty, A. J. Fulton, W. J. Evana. J. O. Rodger^ W. L. Bartlaa, Thoa. H. Bowlw. iMEfmiEotmowmoiukmomMjLumoPEMMPoaha SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM f2 TO |8 PER YIAK INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS.

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