The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 8, 1944
Page 3
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FRIDAY/ SBl v rEMl!BK 8,. 19M Quebec May Be Meeting Place Residents Confident 'Roosevelh Churchill 'Will,Revisit.City QUEBEC, Sept. 8, <U.P.)-~While Washington und London speculate on the whercalv>iit.s of the next Roosevelt-Churchill meeting, the citizens of Quebec point to mysterious signs and portends and are all prepared to say, "we told you so." In fact, the average resident of Quebec tikes it for granted that Ihe picturesque French city will play host for the tecond time ID a .pair?of .world-famous visitors— ilnd soon. One Quebec resident explained the .matter to United Frets Correspondent 'Paul ' Molloy this way. "My neighbor runs a rooming house and the hotels -have Ijeen calling her every day asking if f.lie'd take in guests. Why would that be unlcsF, there was £0j»el})|ng really big happening -In Quebec?" , Others pointed to the presence of -so mnny military officials mound town us the "tip-off." One elderly . man pointed out. that .It'would he onlv natural for the- President and Prime Minister to'meet'in the old chateau overlooking the SI, Lawrence. After all wasn't. Quebec midway between Washington -and Westminster? Another resident said, "This time I'm not going to be fooled." lie had i watched -the- extensive, -preparations for the last, historic t'et- logethci 1 and had been expecting the Pope. But a-Montreal visitor-was not going to be-ouldonc by.the knowing .winks and smiles of the na- live.s. He Insltls Churchill already is .in Quebec. "He went right'by me a long black limousine,' 1 -said • man ;from .Montreal, "snd I even saw the cigar • he was -smok- Shot' father To\ Protect H/s Mother, Youth ;Soys LITTLE, HOCK, Sept.. s (UP.)— Seventeen-year-old Herman Davis is being held, at .UiC'Pulti'skl county jail ; for questioning .in connection with the fatal .ihootlng of his 55- year-oli! father 'Wednestay. Young Davis is alleged -to have told: police that he shot and killed his father at the family apait- ment to protect his ir.ilher, .whom lie. says was being choked by his father. Police •quoted Davis as saying he fired when he. believed his mother's life-. was in danger. Police. , upon . invcili^ation, found the elder -Davis 1 . body on the floor of the .apartment. He .had been shot 'in the -head with a 20-guage ' ' Liberation Brings Welcome Sight to Paris "(ARK.) COUtt'lEh NEWS 'rlor to hi., trt.ininn tn I'lmneiy, Corpoi-ol Lmtd K...UU,..™ rom ihe Ktulld Oporut.irs nnd Mc- •hiiniiv. School, Sioux F.iltv. s. .». H«' i.s 11 nnuhml School, - ... Scritt. I, Lilly St.. p . -' • ^^adBWMT,^,. , „ ^ In these trying times when getting a maid, let alone kccnine on leU T 101 ' "'fB 61 "' thC accom P lishmc »l of Mrs AuS jlinz ' sffsiS !S i SS" *„* Ki ; ^^«^^^s»a,:"'iriri ,.^ ,. . , .v\v»v=_,> Oilier-. members of the > faintly. who' 'were -present at (he time "n( (he ishboting, confirmed young Davis' statements concerning the altercation which led to-the sliool- Hold Everything er cut out Hint back-fence and get hack lo your machine, Mrs. Jones!" Ejection Tie Van Buren To Court LITTLE BOCK, Sept. 8. (UP)— Van Burcn's primary election. mix- up must wait for a decision of: the court. That's what Arkansas Attor- ueV General . Guy .E. Williams said in an opinion to VairBuren County Democratic Committee Chairman S. K..Patlon of Clinton Thursday. Williams, in his opinion, said that the county committee cannot attempt to decide the winner of the race for representative until the Van Buren Circuit Court determines the nominee. The attorney general added: "If it be not finally clelcrmined by a court which of these parties was nominated Aug. 8. the county committee may nominate, call a convention to nominate or call a primary to fill the vacancy." The contest involves Joe S. Hall and James A. Thompson, who were candidates for representative from Van Ruren County. The two were tied for the nomination when the votes were counted and certified to the Democratic State 'Committee Neither was declared winner by the county committee. Read Courier NCW.S Want Ada. "I made plenty of money during the war but I didn't save a dime. I was a fool to let opportunity pass by." . OR /'I made a lot and saved a lot. It was the big chance of a lifetime to get ahead, and I grabbed it." You tan write your own ticket f«r Ihe future right in the pages of your savings pass book. The First National Bank The Only National Bank in Mississippi County Laney Urges Arkansans To Make Postwar Plans HOT SPRINGS, Ark.. Sept. 3 <U.P.) — Ben Laney, Democrat!'nominee .for governor, has ur e ed the people of iArkansts lo lje»in .llnnkinj; .if postwar problems especially the national debt and wimt be clone for returning veterans. Speaking at meeting of tin Hot Springs Rotary Club, Wednesda Lnncy expressed belief .that Germany ml} soon be defeated but warned that pi-ospWls of a victory rhoiild not cause a let-down on the production front. , Predicting many changes on the home front following the war, the Democratic nominee said ihat a would | )e „ serious mistake if people became so engrossed in their To Recommend Liquor Control In State LITTLE ROCK. Sept. 8.' (UP) — Arkansas Revenue Commissioner Murray U. Mcl.cod says he will reci- Qinmciul to tin? 10-15 general ussein- bly the creation of a stale boiird of liquor control. McLrod .says the board would lake HVCI control of retail beer .liquor and wine sales,. and would grant licenses for-lhe three types of business and enforce alcoholic bci'brdec luws. . , Under Ihe revenue commissioner's plan, all work peHalning to' beverage sales would be Inkeii from the Kovcmie Department, with,the exception of collection of taxes.-The proposed board would be governed by from three to nvc directors np- poinlcd lo staggered terms. McLeod snys the present set-up, in which the Revenue Department ins complete control of.all Honor licenses and enforcement. 'brings Ihe commissioner under. In his own words, "too much political pressure." .CnHrornin Siiciuls Must SACRAMENTO, Cnl, (UP)-Cnll- fornla spends more : money per cnl lt on its schools than any other i V ,,r lhc llni0 "' 'l»m.quoted'by Ihe Ciillfornm Taxpayers .Assoclui Man showed today. Po,- C nch child beUecn llic ages of 5 nnd 17 Cnl- | r | , ti ' ifornin spent $149 81 1041-42 school year. Ii E8. New.Jersey, $123.08, nnd'wasli mgton. $110.71. own wcl arc that they lose Inleresti in the hiternatioiml sHimllon. JTc* added that -the end'of the war will bring (|, ( . u. s „,„,.„- ,.„,,,„_ sibihty than cvcv before. Laney -;aid that .the.same individual Ihliiklne needed on national .and International affairs nlso applies to stale issues. W l \r ,', Ulv,.,, hi II ll """" tl ' V o o .d in ' KU "' 1 ? loiiioi'il to tin- (jnulo ;!' "'• """I" 1 ' 1 ''" I'ls V ,m, Aimv A, ''",?, .' \ in Aii u • Air 1'IHd lslnn(ls ° *'•'•' Wl "! C1 "' llr "» S bt 'f" l»™l«l. !"* ll,v, I'""" hml tml "'"" s ' '" I*"' 1 ' "°" c '"''"Of l coi'imrnl IHMW.S of.lhls war unwept \\m\ml "Iblf ««n- ami ,«, m( ) 0 ho)101 . wl w ,',, ' y '."I " l UU V ! '" ' is °" 1VOQ1K ot lht ' Wi.ln.lp*. mi, week, cric. Tin.' sm-dson troops im< tl c men who go in behind the ii.wanlt forces wl'o hnve denned out Ihc .hips mid.wlmt they find l.s often — . _. ... ciiouuh to make, the stoutest, heart if Hollimd lllBh.^luk, An nloll for which a bnlth> has i Everett of 93H vns tirc.sonl- . H'i'en foiighl cun Ue slmnly and " :<l with the Army 'cioo;i Ciindiii-f w Mi'dnl hi n ceivmony held at un th AM-' j--| B ht f| . .stnlUin ewhriv In Kin-hnul." The il Is awarded for the r:>mplo- of oni' ycnr of active milllary n 1 durlnu 11 .'.tiilc of win- hi cn- ft.'ted men who hnve demonstrated "fidelity IhioiiBh fnithfiil und ex- iii-l Mi'vlcp, and perforiunncc! of duly, the capacity u> produce llio desired results, and whose behavior has ut'i-n such us lo desfnv cmu- lutlon." Staff Sei-jjl, Lee R. Duncan, whose wife. Mrs,. Eunice Duncan, lives at Hi) Vine Ktret't, })h'- thcvillo, Is u member ,->r a unit whirl) hii.s received u commciKlntlon , its Ijiilion In Bldiiiu an EiKhth .Ah Force fighter group (o •liccoinc op- rrntloniil In 11 ' * — -•• •! '*ifi 11 iij IIIVAIIUJ , |\1|! days after arrival borne, »t Manila. Ark. nl their stallon tu England, Servant Duncnn, who entered llic Army In -July, JO'12, K in charge of Iranspoilallnn for his ft[i lad roll. Gnpt, John u. KiiKlaud' or Cn- nillieisvllle. Mu.. fonneily of Bly- tlievllle, is a member of Col. Donald w. Cirnhnm's fclghth Klghtcr Command Mustang i;rou]i, which knyaed more than 300 German nli'- planra in five mouths. of nlr flshl- ing and more recently vAumed from the AAP's .second shiitllc trip to Russia ami Iliily from Kngland, when not one bomber or fighter wn.s lost. 1'fc. Edgar 11. Moore of Truman, nephew of Mrs. /eller Denion nn<l bivilhei 1 of Mli.s Mabel Mooi'C inxl Vcrnon Moore, nil of Manlln, hiis returned io the States after 28 monlhs service hi Alnskn. He now Is spending his furlough In Trumann ami Manila with relatives. Lieut. George Grcnr Jr., son of Mr. und Mrs. Clrear 3r.. of HlJ'thc- '' ille ' " ow ls ^"HoiK'd in the Mar- ls!nmls ' wllcre llc l^'ton *^ Combat Infantryman's BiUl!!C for s " tisr " tlol 'i l I'erform- e r - ?"f i? "uly |«al.« the enemy h, ballle In tlie Marshall Islnnds lie has been oversells Lieutenant Orour recently tent Ills wife n copy of a :I!hic Network . broadcast made from Honolulu': by K '(i jWllliam twing, n cousin of .1. ,|. jyT^Ewing of lilylhevtlle, in-which Mr. oiidillons on two |^ TOPS FOR YOUR HAIR I H. mil Inslro — slyla. vllli rrngfanl ilrcssliib'—f'tily 2f,c. NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your property. Call mf fo\ check-up without cost or obligation. 'HATS, MICE AND ROACH CONTROL GUARANTEED WORK H. C. BLANKENSH1P •in.K. Kentucky and We have the largest stock of Genuine Chevrolet parts between Memphis and St. Louis. We give maximum discounts to alt authorized garages and service stations. If our wholesale man fails to call on you-please pardon us and call Mr. She I ton at 578. BlyHieville, Ark, Phone Day or Nighr 578 Jnp 'ell . h , ouljh . BI , t , |)c nids,!,,,,, and the islund must be turned nside .nil to mnke sure (hat ihe '- 60 Hint ln> ntw- (I one l.s ,..,. v urrlved' gurrlson troops, comlnu liorc which the men wh/i }mve Inkcn the Island snll awny mul nek lo elvllteallon, oflcn find u ,'eno of ullcr desolation, and Ihls • <.to IJi 1 (heir iicvi- home." lilchnrdiO, Davis, 20, ton of Mind Mrs..flurry C. Davis of . Avk,, who l.s with Mu.inn- the I5lh Air Force Initnly has recently Ijecn promoted lo the unulc of icdmlcnl -iruennl, lie'Is mi nciiul tjunnrr 11 II-IM llbcralor. Slafl Seriit. Joe W. O.ibmne, re- inrnlnu from 22 months overseas o In the - Sicilian neuter.of opernlloii,-hnx nnlved al Jninp Cliaffee, Ark., prior to vis- It UlE his mother, Mrs, J. ic, os- Sorgl. Hlch.U-d Ilnney or 014 South uke 'St., UlythevlllB, has rctiirned from service outside the continental United States, niul now Is being processed .through the AAP Redistribution Station In Mlnml lirach, where lib next assignment will be determined. "Sor(jennl Ilnncy served as a mechanic during eluht monllis In the European -tfioatcr. ' Ills la.- thci 1 , clmrles llancy, 'lives' in uly- Ihevllle. ITe. Jesse Lucy. 10, son of Mr. ami Mrs. J. W. l.ncy of 315 Norlh , who hnA been >'ovcr.sens two monlhs, now Is stationed In Jtnly wllh the engineering corps. His brolhei', Pvi. Chni'lcs,Ci'ii,l|{.lJiissetl,- Is wllh a -inotorlicd 'division , hi ilco, I'rlviitc -Bansclt, who formerly was 11 boxer ;ln niyilievlllc, lms:l)ecn overseas $IIIL<I> Janunry 1'fc. C'olunihcs McWIIllams son .if Umi.Wllllnms of nbiiti- 1. MIIII- ln, who IB.!,, .(„« ' 1810lh S(!I . vl( ; Uiilt, l>il«oncr of War Cuinn a wnnch tmR of Ihe Army JMrccs nl Cn..)i|) cimffoo, Ark,; - . Ijocn lu-omolcd co)'!)orn), niwril li'lnlloiii; brnncli. to the t!tiule tin- of C'oiniiusc Itoolltlle Sang IlKADINO. Pa, fUP)-"|}oo-lllllc You Did 80 Much." Is the til],. O f n soni! composed by two-local women, Kilty Schofer und Plorn tichnclfcv, ,which will bo SUIIR ,a the oltlclii l-\ .,.,. ----- noolllo. Mo. postwar clirlstenhiB of ' newly incor- . . ncor- porated town was niiincd in honor of: l,t, CJen. Jnmes Doolltlle air hero. of World Wnr II, lender of the llrst u. s. bomblni! rnui oji Tokyo. HID fnvorllc-footl of millions of Americans, hen ci;<is.. arc luhoo In sections yf Uic world. New Manila's , Shows, Nightly $-00 p. - • •' • Mati,j5eeaT'"" . .Cooling System • : 'Friday,;"-.''": : .with '. • ; Judy .Caiipva' ' Serial. &' 'Saturday'^'' • ''MOJAVEy .wll.h' J . HIM iKIIIuli; •.'., Serlnl * Short Saturday • OWI/ SHOW'•'- i "WATERF^f " With ."'.'•' V: Sunday-and Monday 'MAKE YOUR 0\Vf4 ,wlll; ' ,' : Jack Ciirsuii Pox -News Jt-Shofl Most folks know the truth about'SantO'Claus l^&i you should also .be told about Fritzius see someone who is looking superior and 'smug;•$ chances are they've just come from You'll be agreeably surprised, too! HERE ARE JUST A FEW ITEMS! • Sofl Whilt- 'For Ifali.v (,'lnlhes • White Honl Drill. • Pillow Several AUraclivc •Woolen Suitings. Chenille Spreads Foi- Uahy's licil. Col toil' and: Wool -Suilnblo « >Heiuilifn| While CVepc. '-' " .',• Hrown Domestic. ' ':',, •"•'• '• .Kwilhcr Ticliiii^, : : ;' : , & i lilite Denim. .' ., » l''eiUitcr I'illows. » Kxijuiaile CJit-nillc Itel Spreads., • A Wonderful .Line of jilankcls! l'i)ilirns in ll Ailimited supply of baby strollers, kitchen stools, foot-operated garbage containers and long- handled dust pans. DISHES! Delightful patterns in dinner' sets. Services for 4, 6 or 8; We W odd dishes, too. - - i Wool Sweaters—Rtitton and slipover styles in a selection of colors. Klusd'c All Around I'linlics in Rcglfirs iind In .[.si, .2nd HIK! :)rd Over.sizcs. Ilofinliful Sliecr Ohiffon [lose, littler Gift/Goods Cubic. The Mosl -Selective Line of Dress and 1'earl Buttons in Town. • • The Finest Assortment. of Ladies-^ Mouses and Dickies 'in HlylhtyHle.";; Ladies Gowns and Pajamas In Halistc, Crepe, -Satin, Chiffon and Outing: Anklets for Women and Children. Heiily of Bobliy J'itis, Hair Pins, Needles, Machine Needles, Dress Snaps, Hooks and Eyes, Ktc. BABY THINGS A SPECIALTY ONLY 9 MORE DAYS To Buy Good 9-foo* Pick Sacks At Our Special Price .of each ffifHTflTC 1 ITZIUS 2017 W. Main Telephone 2637 ; 0. •% «i -] ^ P •'* tf i

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