Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 9, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1908
Page 6
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NO TIME TO RGHT JvfW Is Too Bmj With Ckiui ui Cor««a Affairs. Paris, Jan. 9.—The Echo de Paris today'prints an interview emanating It says, from an "authorized Japanese source." with the object of showing taat Japan is so absorbed with the maintenance of Asia, that war with America Is impossible. ("The entire attention ot Japan,' says the Interview, "is taken with China and Korean developments. China has Just dismissed a number ot Japanese instnictors who have been replac^ with Germans. The Manchurian situation is full of compli- catlonk China demands the immediate ' inteRRVl application of the treaty of Portsmouth which would deprive Japan ot the possibility of exercising an efScacious influence in Manchu-. rla." V ^iiinil Japan opposes the extension of the Peltln-fallway to Poukoumen by way of llsinmintu mon the ^ound that the Peking railway to Foukoumen by wiy that China should not construct la parallel .line injurious to Japanese Interests. The Japanese occupation ot Korea is also- meeting with much ot>- posltlbn. and for this and other rei- Bons -Japan is actively pushing tlie work :of Increasing her armaments. | Tb^ message ot the emperor of Japan clearly indicates that the country la looking to the far east and not in the direction of America. I Notice Co. D. j U. R. of W. O. W. are requested to meet at 7:30 p. m. FVlday night at W. O. W.' hall for drill practice and special business. By order of Captain, IS ME ANOTHER CANDIDATE? Senator Miller of Osaoe Was Talked of at the Emporia Meeting. And save from $5 to $10 on your purchase at our great hov^l 'E/m Ovit! Now Going on at the Popular Price Clothiers Oatfitters for Men and Boys A POST CAKD KOM.IXCE. Eloping loU Conple Who Visited Finally Med. (Ottawa Republic.) A young couple debarked at the Santa Fe station here from the morning train from Fredonla last Friday and sought a secluded corner of the waiting room. The young man was about IS years of age and the girl was fresh In the bloom of 10 summers. Tbey were self engrossed and com- Kmp'^r•a Kas.. Jan. 9.—There is tnlk fUT" t'-dpy .ind tonight of gettins: n rfirfh rtlstricr tirdldate into til? r^cc fo.- covemor. It is said thai S^r.itnr Tf R. Milder, of Osage Is wiU-'foried themselves In an "all to each Irm tn be nfrd fo becrme a cantll- other" manner that drew the attention dite. V. Tl Miller should not be con of everybody else. Under the manipufnse'l: with J. M Ml'ler. representa- j lations of a couple of rci>orters the tntlv.-' of th s il'strici in Congress, if jyoung man "came out of it" sufflcient- \\. B= VW?T becomes a candidate It. ly to give their names as Charles Shep n-Ui (iirthpr oomplioale matters so far'herd and Miss Gertrude tJoodwin, of as Senator Curtis is concerned, unil-lHo't«n. and to state that they had e- hai Rlwavs been aliened with Mul-^been visiting at Kansas City. They vane and Curl's an-l be won'd natur- f"''ed explain the peculiar fact that allv expf-ct s.mport from that tjuar- i^ey were journeying from the south. " c—j,.,^ „ .rn,yA rop. 1-^ little later the young man was uu- 1 easily pacing the platform at the FOR A CHAUTAUQUA Representative of Redpath Course Conferring With lola Men. ter. Senator Miller had a cood reC' r>r<l til the Itist s?nate. He was con- CJ.UJ . i.i i sistent in his sunport .md vote<l for: ""'"ih end of the depot and there he a'' of the antl-ra'Irond measures as i ; confided to one of the e.\press men A number of men met last eveninc \ at the Presbyterian church in confar-1 once with a Rc«lpaih Lyceum Bureau' r.'i)resentati\v to hear his projios!-' t!on as to a chaut.nunua in lola. Those present expressed th.-^ir favor of bis ' plan and nearly Si> tirl^ets were pledg-! ed if the matter goes throupli. A', n)an represontat-vo gathering wlP j lield this afternoon at the Y. .M. C. I .\. at ?. o'c'ock to consid-r the mat- j ter furtlier. It is certain that the mat-, ler wil" be clos<'d up. Mil. SCOTT'S LATKST BILL. iVant.s ^^tO.OMfl to Knlanrc the Kansas < ity, Kas., Federal Building. NEW MEXICO RULING well as for the pr'niar>- law. Senator Miller's son, Clyde. Is sec- ! tliat he "wished the confounded report ', ers would* let him alone." His aversion to the curiosity of the retary of the Republican State com- explained. The visit mlt ee. He has already sho,n a<j,ere was part of a romantic tour. Mr. preference for Stubbs offering his ' ^j.^^ Goodwin were in services to assist the Stubbs organi-' ' . . . zation. Should Senator Miller be- pursuit of matrimony and had met IwUh difliculUes. The girl Is an or- iphan, with a "cruel guardian," while co'neiB candidate Stubbs would neces-; ^ ^ „„.„, sarilyjlose a willing worker in yo"ng'{'^;g"'J:o^;ng" Jan^po^sessesTfu^ com- Iplement of parents concerning whose Ml'ler. fJood Aeents make $5.00 and more per day selMng new Automatic Fastener for either skirts or trousers. tJn- rlvaled agency proposition because re-1 away from Holton to get peat Sales are guarai|teed. (Not sold • " special offer to in storesl. Write fori represent us. Automatic Hook & Eye Co.. Hoboken, N. J. consent to the martial inclinations of the pair he was filled with uncertainty. On Tuesday of last week they ran married. .Muremrnt for Statehood Is Kevivrd at WiNhlngrton. Wa.shington. -Tan. 9.—.\ petition for tlio suppti'-l of the bill for the adinis-j sion of New Mexico to separate statehood was received today in the form of a letter from Chairman \V. S. lloiie-i well of the New .Mexioo statehood league to Ke|iresenlative Fuller ( iind ri'ferred to the committee on thej territories. The jietition recites that ttl'.'iU Governor Curry visited. Wash-' uigTon recently. i»resident Roosevelt .issured him he would lend his aid toward .<;ecuring the passage of {his bill nnil i.-; satisfied that New Mexico has sufficient population and wealth io entile It to be admitted as a sfjiarate state. The letter gives the present iKi|iulation of New Me.xcio as alnive 4il (i .0oo and states that a delegation representing every county in that ter- .itory will visit Washington this iKiiith to urge the passage of the biil. A SI.MPLE (JlESTKl^. Junior* ]I>ef>ax*tnie ]3 .t: Stoi*e Headquarters for Gas Light Supplies A .\En WEATHER Bl'LLETLV. Report of f'onditIon.« on Lar«rest Island .s Is l ^<sDed. ^rn^^atostsl^ii^Boo^ro^ t|«e year 1907 was E. JONES, The Grocer, Says OiNE NOTCH LOWER 6 packages Life Breakfast Food..23c 3 packages Corn Flake 24c They went to Leavenwort^i but were -^'"^^ull u-n lor unable to get a license. Miss Good- i '^'"•''^ afternoon, win then recalled the fact that she had , ^^^e treasury ?iluat' a friend at lola and with the forlorn '"^^ concern . Of the 8 ml'lSon hope that the friend might be able to r.eently olitafnf^d frnni the banks, assist them, they went, to that city. million In the meantime the parents of the ""^ canal. 2 million for pensions anil boy and the guardian of the girl had ' miiion for nostqfllce department ox- gotten together and formulated a plan p:>i!illtures. Now the nos'ofBcp depart, It was agreed that they might as well has made a requisition for two; consent to the marriage, but for var- "'*"''>n dollars ' > »• CORTELYOU NEEDS 10 MILLIONS.; ••• \V:i<Iiins:ton, Jan. 1).—Congrcs.'sman Banl<s Notified That They Must Send Pcott has introduced a l)ill for a $240.- More Currency to Washington. i'W ucUliiion to the public building at , Kr.nsas City. Kan. Tlie supervising Washington Ja. 9—.1. Pierpont Mor- arrhiteot of the treasury, who super- can and Secretary f'ortelyou had an- vises the ronstriiclion of all .govern- other conference here todav. Colnci- ment Ituildings. has drawn ui) plans (lent with this announcement it be- for the addition and says it will take c.nnie known that the treasury had the amount asked for by Mr. Scott to cj.IIed aeaiif niion the banks, this time'do the work. The architect has plan- j for ten mi'lions of the sovernment's r-ed to extend the building to cover all | de|>osits. Mr. .Morgan's vi«it is be- ihe ground owned liy the govtrnmeiit !i.->ved to have had something to do at the present site and to adil another (jn. word of a rei)resentalive with th-s treasurv demand for money s;orv to the present structure. The • ... , , , ' . . '\ and also with the n.mor that Secre- UnmUv^ when enlar;;ed will be t.sefl T'^'"" co.ivmcng than tary Cortelyou has been offered the . r.ot oiii.v for the i«jstollice and federal 'he doubtful utterances of people iiv- liresi^Iency of a financial institut-'^n in court but also for the headciuarters ing everywhere else in the L'nion? New York. Mr ; Cortelyou would .say of the meat inspection service there, j tjjjs: nothing al)out either matter, and Mr. When Scott pushes the liill through Morgan l;>ft for: New York at 1 o'- t'le house. Senators Curtis and Long will look after ii in the senate. The treasury iituat'on is occosion- loltt People .Ire KeqaeKted to Iione<<tly Answer Thi.s. PHOFILKS SK>T TO Ef HOPE. S. E. Vau.ghan. retired farmer, living at 601 South street. lola, Kas., says: ; "I first learned of Doan's Kidney Pills • some ten years ago when I wa.s living . ,* ion my farm. I had been trouble<l for was expended on account of K. V. (rouel, ^Savs^ Kan^^^^^^^^ • ^..^^ ,^„„.,^i,„ , a# once diabetes set in and my condi- (f'hanute Tribune.) tion became serious. The kidney se- K. V. Crouch, wlio is nnancing an ; cretions were of a milky appearance, which cannot be put intcriirhan road from lola to Pitts- „ „k ^ , ^ous reasoiirtherwa;^^^^ ^"d addition disbursing offl- burg, was in the city this morning on deposited a sedtmen like lime. ^ere Srl^Tirthe regular-wav. at home f^rs are calling for million dol- bis wav to the latter point. He stat-: scanty at tmies while excessive at and they used a little strate'gy They lars to carry on government work. ; ed that the financial shuation was others. There were severe attaclts of advised the police officers aV 'lola of. The receipts continue to fall below brightening up a'l over the country • i„ . ^ack and sharp catches disclose tLlr further inte '"K balance again down to S miU-.ful conclusion. The profiles and all gel to the I suffered from back two'children were offlciallv placed on' do'lars. considerable less than the; j.spers necessary have been forward-: ache so that 1 could not re .st. 1 was a train and solemnly ordered to go a<"t"<''' demands already made upon; ed to the Fn^nch l.ackers of the road, ^j^^ nervous that any unexiiected home Thev obeyed and Sunday last. «• There has been no public an-; for final approval, and an answer i---' „,,„_,^,,,_„,„^ „.„ at the home ot the girl, they w married. f^re nouncement of the call for money.; expected the last of this month. Mr. noise almost distracted me. IMzziness PLAY (JAR.NETT TEAM. BEGIN WOKK OX WALXlT. IY. M. C. A . Basket Ball Team Will Enter Contest Tomorrow Mght Prof. C. J. Hllss has made the final ! arrangements for a game of basket S packages Kgg-O-See 24c ball with the Garnett team to he play!ed at the Y. -M. C. A. next Friday even- , , . ,. . . "5c ing The fast team of the Baker uni- '""""ing that he would begin working j versify Is the'only team which has "u the Walnut street paring within; but Secretarv- Cortelyou hns notifisd. Couch believed the money for build- so troubled me that by wife has had some of the banks that they must ing the road would be forwarded with ; to lead me for fear that I should fall, furnish it. 'in a few weeks, after which construe- ;| j^ied a number of remedies but only !tion work would be pushed with all i ^ . ,, ,,„, „,,, , , „ „^ i possible haste. At preset everything; ""sht relief until I learned 11 •; aa in a satlsfaotory state.. 1 Potatoes, pei ''i-hel Best Floui Contractor «iMllaii Will Posh Street! Pailnr Work. U. S. GilfiUan. contractor, said this ; Won't Defend Order Requiring Ceri> f tain Height for Postal Employes. of Doan's Kidney Pills. The benefit 1 derived from their use was so great AND THE PRESIDENT LAUGHED.. j^^^^ ^^^j, I ,.^,3 a different person. They absolutely [cured me of diabetes, the nervousness and dizzinesis left, the pain in my back Washington. .T:'n. •».—President relieved and my whoie system Silk or Le ... Corn Me;, i 20 pounds Su^ar 4 Calls Cm; $1 -30 Ht.f «.T»'prf r.arnptt this season and the next week. By that time Mr. Gil-i , . ... — — •• -• t f ale ^xSng 'a rargame %>l! jl-.ays he will have finished South R--y..ltu^^^^^ .le-;,^,^^ , ^^^.^ ' n'^»>«' ^r'^^rnrit' llTlr^'^LZX^l,^^^^^^^^ ;mploye;Sl be,Pills on a number of occasions since ca^t five feet four inches tall, i then and they never failed to give 'of the teams: ; Garnett- probably ume , • lola. 'lirty days to finish Walnut after ; at Tavlor center Gardner fhich he %-ill have but eight blocks' The for revocation was n ,ost prompt and satisfactory relief. Jl-OO'nrown ."'.'."right forward Allen to pave to I nish up all the paving In | made by Representative Oy?rstreet , Vaughan has also used them for (Parks - - left forward ... Roberts tb- city. Four of these are on Un-'i of Indiana. cha:rman_of the^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^ ^ left forward 3 Cans Pe;:.3 Cans T< ; . 3 Carjs I;. 3 Cntx \v.i f-es =5c 'ri'^i::^w'iB"'\''^'S"^ard"".-..'Fu7ton^c;i^ op -.Kistofflces and post- j "ackache and kidney trouble and she ;R.L*wis left guard Heigele nm which was' let as a separate con-! •oa'l-'^. Tiie president was surprised values them as highly as I do. We 25c i turtle 'of Garnett will be referee,. tract recentlv. and two on Kentucky! lo learn of the existence of such an • procured them at Charles IJ. Spencer and Bliss, ot Jola, timplre. U '.rcet. ,-rd.-r and l«"'^h'ngly remarked that & co .'s drug store." , 25c ' - he could not undertake to defend It j„„,„„ until no -.cnnirod Information from'; tor sale b> all dealers. 25c i I 25ci REMARKABLE RECORD NORTHWEST Price 50 i cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, FTKV j)rv' I 'eiches, per lb. ... 15c "• • I ; ;;;es.^ pounds lYOLXG MAX WITH XEW THEORY IS ASTUMSHIXCLY 25c i IX MIXXK.VPOLLS. SITCESSFIL ! the postmaster genfral. I Represfntai've Overstreet belipvosixew Yorkj^sole agents for the United 'he will have little difficulty in having J gj^j^g I the or.l'r rr -.nUcd. oiho -wise he said. I n^^^-. !he woull mnl-.. an effort to have It Remember the name-Daon ^-and ' ai>p''ed to r.l' lovernment empoyes .J take no other. Round Stfak Porterhouse or Loin — Shoulder Steak. 3 pounds 'nwn Raisins 10c • I The remarkable success that has at-i burg during the thirty days Mr. Coop- ...... ;d Star Tobacco .. .45c 1 tended L. T. Cooper during the past; ,si.em in jhat city, A dnch i vear has not been confiiied to any one BAILEY IS FOR A BILLION. DENIES HE IS TO BLAME. Emernency Curreney Bill • Garfield 8a/s He Urged Increased Ca- Doesn't Provic 'e for Enough j pacity of Oil Pipes. Money, He Says. i I Washington. .Ian. 9.—Secrefarj- Gar- Washington. .Tan. H— Senator Itail- flelri was a.<!ked concerning the claim ua... .. ...c^.uc . of Texas, a member of the Sen- which has appeared in the iiress r?- 25c'country. disi>osed of throughout the state la • a'*" committee on. finance, does notjcput'y that he. by refusing fo allow i Mr. Cooper believes that the stom- added to this, the amount will be - approve of th? Aldrich currency blli, the frairie Oil & Gas company to ex- Pork Steak lOciach is the foundation for most ill doubled. Therefore, the .voung man' e.rc-Mjt in principle. •lJuriag the past twenty-two davs ' 10c """" — Mr. Cooj)er has been in MluneaiKills,' ! locality, but is so widespread that the ,he sale of his preparation has aver-. 12%c.young man is now a well-known flg- aged about two thousand' bottles a, ' ure in most of the leading cities of the day. When the amount of medicine ey. There arrived this morning at the • local Weather Bureau office, a weekly , bulletin of the Hawaiian section of , the diniatological service of the ' Weather Bureau. It was mailed at • lloiioluiti on December 2:!d. Lilte sim- i'ar imblications for Kansas and other states, ir has reports of the weather .conditions i-n the five largest of the island.s. Tlie nami-s of the correspon dent.s given ii)d!cate that a few of the : reporter.-i are natives but the great ; iniij'ority have familiar .-\merican name.-;. ! The weekly average of the tempera- .tures reiK>rted from these five islands (is 72 degrees and of the precipitation. '.D.'C inch. -At the local office,of the ' r. S. Weather Bureau in Honolulu the mean temperature for the third week in December was 74 degrees, the maxiniuni temperature HO degrees, and the minimum. fiS de.grees; the mean relative humidity was G9 per cent, and the average hourly wind velocity, 5.9 miles. .Vn earthquake occurred there on December 19th it was very violent, severely shaking buildings and their contents, in jiarts of Hawaii, but less severe on the other islands. The L'. S. Weather Bureau maintains a climatological service in each of the stales, in the West Indies, and in the Hawaiian islands. Complete tiles of such imblications from several stales are now on hand for reference at the Bureau's office in lola, and those from such other states are added from time to time as the demands of our citizens indicate. The Lmdyofihe Deoormtfan" By Francis :2,ittle. It was in the six "best sellers seven times, and at-the head of the list three times;>-few books make such a record. The pH !)li-shers ari^ far behind on orders, are running two binderies night and day to catch nil on this liti'e tiook. Have you read it? Evans Brosm THE BOOKSEtLERS. ETerjJiodj Hnow4 Where, Whitaker & Donnell's Rent List. 320 acres. 4>i miles. ltU» acres, 4>i miles. 80 acres, 2 miles. Two room house, $."..00. Five room house. $'.».O0. Six room house. $S.00. Five room house. $7.00. nve room house, $S.OO. Three room house with l'/4 acre, $10. P.IVEU LMPROVEMEXT BILL. Conirressman Ellis IIO)M>S to tJet Enough Pledges to Help .Mi.ssunrL tend its 'incs south to the Gulf and health, and claims that his prepa.ra- has sold in twenty-one days eighty-; "The % million do'lars emergency,add to Its carrying capacity eastward Pork .Chops 10c'tion. by regulating the stomach. Is a eight thou.sand bottles of his medicine currency nrovid^d for in that bill.", is directly at fault for the present I true specific for most diseases. The in the state of .Minnesota alone, which ; said Mr. Bailey today, "is who'lv In • low price of oil in Oklahoma. S?cre- Lard 10c . following extract from the Tribune of is a truly remarkable record, ;' ail-^uate It -should be 1 OOn million t6r>- Garfield says that, far from re- jMineaiiolis gives an Idea of the sur- "Duiing the past week so many dollars to meet ncc°ssifies that may fusing tO allow- an increase ot carry- Fresh Side Pork 10c i prising number of peo|ile who are ac- hundreds of Minneapolis people have arise. I do not approve of the plan {Ing capacity either toward the Gulf ' .... ........ _,, , , 1_ 1 ' .......X U„ U-™ *A«..«.A.<I.. Cotto'ene IJOc 112 S. Ohio. Phofle 739 Washington. Jan. 9.—Congressman E. C. Kills of Kansas City is wow taking a iwU of the house leaders and members of the rivers and harbors committee to ascertain the chances for the enactment of a rive'r improvement biil at this season This is the off year for such a bill, but as there is a big demand in the Central West for the waterways proejct, Ellis thought perhaps a river bill could be passed. He finds that Speaker Cannen is not' opi>osed to a bill at this .session, providing the government has EOfiie surplus cash to s{>end. He also flnds that he Central Western members favor a'bill, but thai the New Bnglanders are op()osed to it, principally for the reason that they have no projects of their own for river and harl>or lm|>rovement but what were taken care of year. When be com- ;>;etes his IK»!1 he will take the matter up with Chairman Burton of the committee. » "III case a bill goes in l hope it will carry all the big projects." said he. "A little biil will handicap me, as the tim» has now arrived where it will take big sums of money for the Missouri river. Small approjiriatjons for that river are out of Ihe order now." IDS In Dried Fruits and Breakfast Foods.- 2 lbs. King I>. Apples for 2.'ic- H lbs. r.0-70 Prunes 2r.c. .•; Crown Raisins. i>er lb 10c 4 Crown Raisins. 2 lbs 2.';c Seedless itaisins. 2 ib.i 25c Currants, per package 10c Seeded Raisins. 2 packages 25c Brcalifa .st Ffiods. Dr. Prices Food, per pkg ~l Life Food, per pkg *c Korn KinkSt per jikg 4c X Cel O. per i::o Ralston Hoihiny Grits, per pkg. ... s<Scotch Quaker Oats, per pkg. ... 1-c Call up 'Phone 30.S or 301 and we will'deliver fhe goods. Fryer Bros. POLAR BEAR W.H. LODXY CASE DISMI.SSEO. {Increasing their carr>-ing capacity In on vol........ , — ' ""y direction, or for otherwise in- Mte beyotid airTotibrthaTlt will ^ the above wherever introduced.— For he^t and tiatckpst results age j creasing the transportation faclllUes the large figures reported from Pitts- 8. R. Burrell.. the BegUter Want ColamM. i tor oil In Oklahoma. Is now jihenomlnal in this city, and ; We sell the famous Cooper prepara- hands of th? government." an estimate made today seems to Indl- j tion which has made a similar record . . The case of Itagdalena .Savila vs. Wm. L,ody. charged with assault, was dismissed today. The crime is alleged to have been committed last spring. Savila could not be, found when the officers went to find him. He is said to be In Neodesha now. His brother came in with Miss Savila when the cas« was dismissed todaiy. Has Stood tlie Test Becabae its tiie Best Acce|)t NoOibcr Wm. Obetdoff, Agt. , One of the callings cjf a newspaper I Is to do good. The Register believes I that If it can assist those who are out. (of work to find positions that it will be doing a great deal, so commencing at once. The Register will hereafter until due notice Is given. publi.<ih situation wanted ads three times free ot charge. Deserving are Invited to take advantage of thia opportunity.

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