The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 27, 1936 · Page 17
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 17

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1936
Page 17
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THE IUKEKSFIEU) CAMFORNIAN, THURSDAY, Ali(!UST 27, 1936 17 Owens Is Advised to Remain Amateur Athlete Kayoes Watanabe During Third Round Melee of Their Bout ly/TAURIClO SEUIA won his sec- |LTA ond straight fight here last hlght when ho knocked out Hedo \Vatamibe In the third round of their main event. The professionals rlrew a bigger house than during their first attempt nt a local , cornotfUclc a couple of weeks ago. 'Maurlclo showed more class last * night, even though the Japanese was one of tho toughest customers he has met In this country. The Filipino opened first. In tho first round with long jabs which 'rocKed Hede's head time and again. It was a fast round with Maurlclo on the offensive, shooting rights and Ifefts to "VVatanabo's expressionless face. fierla bobbed continually, making Hede miss and robbing his punches of their dynamite. Jolts Serla Hedo straightened up the Filipino in the first part of the second and kept up a stream of punches to win the frame. Ho used short jolts to tho head and body In punishing Serla. At the start of the third, the • boys staged a toe to toe scrimmage from which Watanabe emerged r with U cut nose. Maurlclo sent one of his wicked lefts crashing Into Hede's bloody face and the Japanese went down for the count. Auglo Sollz stopped Young Baby by way of a technical knockout In the third round of their scheduled elx-roundcr. Tho Babe had the bout all the way until tho middle of the third when the bigger and slower but harder punching Sollz began to catch his fast Delano opponent. Baby went down for six counts under the per- Euaslon of a heavy right. Soon after this, he slipped to his knees. Referee frank Clarlo raised Auglo's hand. Noldeu Kayoed .Frankio Kl<9 knocked out Eddie Nolden In tho third round of their elated four-frame preliminary- Mike Ortega lost a decision to Billy lloycr after putting up a game fight against the fast and hard-lilt- tlng Billy. Tom Garcia won the nod over the Battling' Wop. This was a slow opener with the Wop being forced to cover up. •» « • AFTER KACE PILOT LOS ANGELES, Aug. 27. (A. P.)— Heretofore outclassed rivals will go gunning- for revenge on Peeweo DIs- tarco. -sensational Italian pilot, In tho 60-lap main event at the Oil. more speedway tonight. • . Since completion of tho Quarter- mlle banked oval at the Hollywood plant, Dlstarco has had things his • pwn way, while two straight track aces, Karl Young and Roy Russing, ran Into difficulties. WILSON SUFFERS SKULL FRACTURE (United Vrcut Lenied Wire) PITTSBURGH, Aug. 27.—Eddie Wilson, star outfielder of the Brooklyn Dodgers, wns in a serious condition at St. John's Hospital today, his skull fractured by u pitched ball during the Brooklyn-Pittsburgh game at Forbes Field yesterday. Dr. Charles Berg said Wilson "had a tough night." The heavy-hitting rookie, who is leading the Brooklyn team in batting, was knocked unconscious by a ball thrown by Mace Brown of the I'iratcs when Wilson came to bat in the fifth inning. He regained consciousness five minutes Inter in the club house. X-ray pictures revealed the skull fracture. There is hope, Dr. Berg said, of Wilson re-entering the Dodger lineup this year. McLemore Attends Racing at Budapest and Reports Funeral Calm of Patrons liy IIENHV MeUCMORK Dave Barry Dies After Breakdown (Afunclated I'rcin Leaned Wire) CHICAGO, Aug. 27. — "Long Count" Dave Barry is dead. The famous rcfcreo of the second battle for tho world's heavyweight title between Jack Dempsey anil Gene Tunney, fought in Soldier Field September 22, 1927, died last night In a hospital after a six week's illness from a nervous breakdown and a liver ailment. He was 47 years old. Barry gained fame because of his "14 count" In the seventh round of the memorable battle when Dempsey knocked Tunney sprawling. Barry admitted he counted 14 over Tunney because Dempscy refused to retlro to a neutral corner nfter scoring the knockdown, as prescribed by the rules of Illinois state athletic commission. One Craft Burned; Another Damaged (Associated I'm** Leatcd Wire) HAMBURG. Germany, Aupr. 27.— Flro aboard tho steamer "Wcstmore- land, out of Oalveston, was extinguished today after an all-night struggle with tho jute cargo a complete loss. The Westmoreland Is a vessel of 6207 gross tons. At Dulsburg, the German-American Petroleum Company's Rhine tanker Standard No. 61 burned to the water's edge. Three persons were taken to a hospital with burns. 5155,404 SCHOOL BUDGKT POMONA, Aug. 27. (A. P.)—Tho school budget submitted to tho Board of Supervisors provides $155,404 for Pomona's city elementary schools for the year. TJUDAPE8T, Aug. 27. — Losing •*-* money at u -Hungarian ruc.o track is a most refined and orderly business. You place your money on the wrong steed, then retire to a flower bedecked grandstand where you watch him finish anywhere from second to tenth, without offer- Ing him so much as one murmur of encouragement or disparagement. You don't clap your hands. You don't leap to your feet and scream "Come on, baby!" Or clamber up in your chair as you do In what wo who have been abroad a fow weeks refer to as "Tho States." At least you don't do theso things but once. One Comanche performance and tho Budapest boys and girls give you such a staring down that you follow their lead and watch the races, oven blanket finish onos, with tho Inscrutability of a Chinese mandarin. I learned my lesson in Hungarian racing manners at tho jockey club track In tills city. Unknowingly, I vlHlled tbo track on its biggest day of tbo year when the country's crack horses went to the post In "Sztls tuan-Dlj" which Is to say tho Stephens prize. The Stephens which Is at 1800 meters carries a purse of 25,000 pengoes and Is the Kentucky Derby of Hungary. The Jockey Club course here is tho finest I have ever seen and that goes for Agua Calientc, HIalcah, Belmont and Saratoga. Although placed well within the city limits, it covers 10 acres of ground and judging from its natural beauty was hewn from the heart of a forest. Great shade trees are everywhere and tho lawns and flowers would adorn any garden There are two tremendous grandstands. One is for the ordinary nice followers and the other, which con tains tho clubhouse and is magnlfl ccntly appointed, is the summer pa rado ground for social, military and diplomatic folk. Three Tracks Tho club lias not ono track, bu three. They parallel one another anil each Is better than two miles around Their surfaces are beautifully clippcc turf. The straightaway is tho las tblng in straightaways, being a mill Deputy Who Fined Tourists Is Ousted Find a quarter long, with tho first iimrtor mile bordered by magnificent rcos. The paddock Is much like that at Bclmont. Horses are paraded around inder trees and on Ht. Stephen's prize day, this natural show and sad- tlllns ring wns a grand sight with Its superbly gowned women, flamboy- intly clad officers, top-hatted gentle- nen, sleek thoroughbreds and flash- ng silks. Odd Jockeys The horses looked about tho same is ours, though maybo they aro not quite as largo. The Jockeys, however, were quite 'different in appearance. In tho first place, most of them seemed to bo men of 40 and upwards. 1 spotted a few pink-cheeked joys about the age who ride in America. And they were nil sixes and shapes. During tho saddling for ono race I saw Jockeys who ranged In height from better than six feet to well under flvo. Some were fat and pome thin. With my limited knowl-i edge of Hungarian ("goulash" Is the only word I've over mastered) I wasn't able to find out what system of handicapping woa used. There Is no tiresome parade to the post. Tho boys bring their mounts out on tho track and Immediately begin a gallop to tho starting point. I'luces Two lluclis I had 10 pengoes (about $2) on tho first race, and when tho horses camo In sight and I spotted my Beetlo up with tho leaders, I started shouting, waving my arms and begging him to come home in a hurry. With my first scream, the Hungarians around mo turned and gave mo looks which said so much better than words: "Please! We don't want that sort of thing here." So tho next race, I didn't make any hot. but just watched tho crowd. From the start of tho race, which Is announced by the ringing of an ovcrslBC dinner bell, until tho last horse had finished tho Buda> pest bettors sat In almost dead si lence. There was little talking and no cheering. Even when tho num bers went up after a close finish, there was no applause. I was just as much out of place with my yelling as a budapcst plunger with his tombstone silence would be at Jamaica or Tropical. Glen Thompson Is Found Ineligible (linltrtl Prctt Lcaieii Wire) LOS ANOKIjlSS, AUK. 27.—(lion Thompson, slur Unlvoralty of Southern California football plnyor, yesterday unofflclHlly wns itoclnrait Ineligible for tho Trojan varsity this HOUHOll. Tho offlclftl list of eligible plnyarn has not been completoil, Dr. lIiiRh C. WlltoU, fuctulty ulhlotlc chairman Hiild, but ho reported Thompson "probably will not. be eligible." The tiuarteruack was Bald to have dropped a coureo laot spring and then Called to make up the soholantle deficiency during tho summer. Thompson IH tho second Trojan backflold man to run Into scholastic difficulties this season. Several wooks Hgo It was learned that Orv Mathows, star of last year's frosh team, would be Ineligible for tho var slty this fall. Thompson Is a junior student and will havo two more years of competition after ho becomes eligible again. Diamond Dust GIIK Hush, llrrs—Slopped t'nrdl- mils with seven hits. iloi> iMnorc. UlanlN—Drovn In wltmliiK run iiRiilliNt HodN for (1-5 vlrtory. \Vrs Krrrell, K««d Sox—Minltftd Tigers (o five lilts, Ktli»M Allen ami AIIR|H OiiltUi, Cubs—Komirr'H double hulled In two runs ngnlnM I'liHUr-n In twin hill oponor; latter lilt doubln and single, driving two ruiiN In, In nightcap. RACK OFFICIALS 1,O8 ANGliLES, AUK. 27. (A. P.)— The Los Anmili'H Turf Club today announced rcappolniment of .Santa Anita's full slate of racing: officials for the winter HOIVHOII. Christopher Cl. Pltzgenild Is presiding steward! Webb lOvorott, racing Hocretnry and handlcapper; 12d- Ward Thomns, starter; J. C. McOUl Paddock judge; Alort Shaw, mutucl mannger. WILL EARN MORE AS SIMON PURE RUNNER T ONO BEAcm, Aug. 27.—A for-] •'-' mcr world sprint king ndvlxed .Tonne! Owens today that, ho IH making a mlRtake In turning profen- nlonal boc.RtiHo ho can make S100,- 000 ns an amateur. Charles W. Puddor.k, tho last white United States winner In tho Olympic 100-motor dash, rontoiula Owcim can not at leant $20,000 a year for tho next flvo years while retaining bis nlmon puro athletic Hiatus. As a professional, Owens' earner Would bn cmlt-cl In 12 mouths at least, Paddock asserts. Tho former "foulest human," now newspaper business manager and sports rulumnlst hern, published his views as follows: "As a professional, Owens Is good Just so long as the memory of his achievements in tbo Olympic games IH fresh In tho people's minds, llo f.innnelnlril I'rein Lraird Wire) will havo a manager (perhaps several of them) and a publicity agent. "He will not bn adding to Ills laurels hut rather capitalizing on I hem. And In his ruse, It Is perfectly proper thine for him to do, More power lo him. Hut when he reuses to perform, hn simply stop* being 'news.' ll« cannot hist very long. Therefore Ills earning day* will soon be ended. "If, however, OWOIIB should stay In tho amateur ranks, ho would bo good as a 'llvo name' for at least another five years. Owens could write, speak over tho radio, act, and run all over tho world, making at least $20,000 a year and getting a training In business which would fit him to carry on after his amateur athletic day had ended. Presumably, none of his friends are considering what Owens might do for himself as an amateur. Th« Cool Way to CHICAGO $5735 Roundtrty Thti* fuet «n food lo oom • ad chtlr on. Low firet in tourlit ileepiac an. too. Economical tnyt«rrice In cotchel (COB*** 3^, nodwlchei IDS, •tc.) Alto iaexpeniire metU inch* dln«r. Gt b} train far * tttt, tuift, Itu'-ctil trip. SoitheiB Pacific H. 0. Johnittn. Agent. Phon« 2100 0. H. ShtoKiltord. Pamnger Agent Echoes of Ring (Aasocialfd Pre»e Leased Wire) DETROIT.—Bill Hommpr, 177, Detroit, outpointed Fuiiis Tzancto- poulos, 177, Roxbury, Mass, (10). YOUNGSTOWN. Ohio. — 1'ctcy Surrdii, 130, Itlrniinglmm, Ala., outpointed Jaoklc Carter, 129!il, (10). (Associated Press Leased Wire) CHICAGO, Aug. 27. — A deputy sheriff who "fined" two San )'e%ro, Caltf., tourists $5 and returned 60 cents chanpre was suspended today by I-iester Baird, chief of tho Cook County Highway Patrol. David Itey- nolds, 20, nnd Jerome Sears, 21, were the motoring victims. STANDINGS XOV15L KIKE ALARM LOCKPO11T, N. Y., Auff. 27. (A. P.) Mrs. Adrliildo (lasklll liunB some popcorn in her attic to dry. It proved a novel fire alarm system. Mrs. Gaskill said the sound of popping corn awakened her and she discovered the attic blaze. Neighbors and firemen from Oasport held the loss to $1000. INDIANS TO HOLD RODKO BILTvINGS, Mont., Aug. 27. (U. P.) Two thousand Crow Indians will stage a rodeo of their own about two miles north of tho Custer battlefield. Backers of tho rodeo expect to revive the spirit of friendly competition among the Crows. EUROPEAN LEADER HORIZONTAL 1 7 Official in Poland 14 A rumor 16 Minister's discourse 17 To peel 18 To agitate 20 Ship's deck 22 Stream 23 Bulwark 25 Cat't, murmur. 26 Half an em 27 To put on 28 Morindin dye 30 Toward 31 To prick 32 Door rug 34 Blockhead 35 To love exceedingly 36 Departs 38 To rent 30 Exclamation 41 Golf teacher 42 Corpse 43 Postscript 44 Negative word Answer to Previous Punle 46 Lampoons. 51 Also 52 Street car 54 To rcnovale. 55 Couple. 56 Slanted. 58 Turns aside. 60 He has a fine political . 61 Decayed. VERTICAL 2 Out. 3 Roman emperor 4 Monkey 5'Company. 6 Special commission. 8 Bones. 0 Prophet. 10 Credit. 11 Little devil. 12 Poultry pen. 13 Whip. 15 Mu\c cat. 17 He has been over 10 years 19 Above 21 He was formerly a ——. 23 Those who root. 24 Mexican dishes. 27 To languish. 29 Loads. 31 Swine. 33 Child. 37 Flew 40 Mare. 43 Balance. 45 Powder ingredient. 47 To scatter 48 Within. 49 Scarlet. 50 Pitcher 01 Sour 53 Cow's call. 55 House cat. 57 Pair. 59 Toward. COAST LEAGUE . Won Lost Pet Portland 83 71 Sdattlo 82 72 San Diego 81 73 Oakland 80 74 Mission 80 74 Los Angeles 77 77 San Francisco 7.1 81 Sacramento 02 90 Yesterday's Results Los Angeles, 10; Seattle, 4. San Francisco, 4; Portland, 1. Sun Diego, 1: Oakland, 0. Missions, 5; Sacramento, 4. Games Today Los Angeles at Seattle. San Francisco at Portland. Sacramento at Mission. Oakland at San Diego. NATIONAL. LEAGUE Won Lost Pet. New York 74 40 .017 St. Louis 72 40 .595 Chicago 71 DO .587 Pittsburgh 62 60 .508 Cincinnati 56 64 .467 Boston 56 64 .467 Brooklyn 49 70 .412 Philadelphia 41 78 .345 Yesterday's Kosults Boston, 10; St. Louis, 4. New York, 6; Cincinnati, 5. Brooklyn. 10; Pittsburgh, 3. Chicago, 4-7; Philadelphia, 2-4. Games Today Brooklyn at Pittsburgh. New York at Cincinnati. Boston at St. Louis. Philadelphia at Chicago. AMKKICAN I.HAG Li: Won Lost Pet. Now Vork 79 42 .653 Cleveland 67 55 .5411 Dot roll 06 58 .532 Chicago 65 58 .528 Washington 04 59 .520 Boston 61 On .492 St. Louis 45 77 .309 Philadelphia 44 79 .308 Yesterday's lU'sulls Washington, 14; Cloveland, 1. Chicago, 6; Philadelphia, S. St. LiiuiH, iJ; New York, 2. Boston, 7; Detroit, 0. (iamcs Today Cleveland at Washington. Chicago at Philadelphia. SI. LoulH at New York. Detroit at Boston. Joe'a taproom should be holler far j Than air-cooled bare with modern •tool*. But folk* have found that at Joe'i bar con*** IB • t»ll iltn. put « i!n«r of iay CALVERT vhtikty, 1 Utipoon powdervd niftr, JulM of Vt Inoon. (till flU gliu with In. nix la »p»rkllne water, C«lT4rt-M»ryltnil DlitOlinj Co., Tut. Chryi'er Bldj.. N. V. C. r JL *• * when you Compare the Price "SLIP.OI Seat 'Covers' mtfording lo ^^^^ ^^^ make of tar •^••t ^W AUDI and material. Substantial materials . . . smooth fitting, no seams, no scraps. New patterns. LEADER —Coupe or Roaditer....$ .19 2-Door Sedan or Coach $1.91 4-Door Sedan $1.91 DURO —(as shown) — Coupe or Roadster....$1.91 to $2.15 • 2-Door Sed., Coach, $3.41 to $4.45 4-Door Sedan f 3.C7 to $4.10 HOLLYWOOD— Coupe or Roadster. $2.75 to $3.35 2-Door Sedan or Coach 15.25 to $«.50 4-Door Sedan $5.45 to $5.95 Also our famous "Ku(tem-lilt"de luxe seat > $34.50 Paint Department c*» 6-6 t\<J« 6 , ^V* Wittern Giant Tires • [on Eoay Paym>nt» From every angle of value, faotuM for feature and dollar for dollar Western Giants Offer the Meet fer Yew MMMV EXTRA TALUK FEATURES • LOW fRICIS • HIGH QUALITY » 170 Stare Service • Safe Nen-SkM Treaaa a Rugged SUewallt • Smart AeaaareM* a ALL ROAD HAZARD GUARANTU 0\° Auto Hub Gap Sp«otela Chevrelet c»*» 7,111* «.w^ e »**$;,** Ford '28-'29 *f No. 5—Each / Wall Enamel Quick Drying ^<\°>2- Chev. 1929-30 No. 3. t Am Eoch *•»* CoL<7>irC l&t'asfe* For Ford V-8 1932. ««. Eoch *•' Ford 30-'31 No. 6—Each Buick Master 6 before «(&• 1929. ia.*Tr« For Ford V-«, 1933. « Eoch * QUART 1 Gallon $1.69 '•:£>*• u>* w Chevrolet 1931-32. No. 2— Eoeh._: For Ctovrolat 1933— No. l.Eqch Euily 4 Finishes two coots in one day on walls or woodwork. Dries quickly without laps or brush marks. OIL •own .»*»•• lt oO<J Omr _ PENN SUPREME f <M«I 1OO% Fur* Mfi ,\%- lS V ot« JS??' ff" AoO >*%en o< c o°- *4-^^ 5 Minute Vuleanlxe* Wilfc Thn* Pmttttaa -AO*« ^£•£,1* ^vi> Otr£ fA°°l *AO» M« \0* OS ;^» ^r AMI Per Gallon Double distilled from selected Pennsylvania crude and' specially filtered to remove carbon forming Impurities. «*• Wear-well Oil 100% PURE PtnntfUanim For Gallon 5 Gallon! ... *2.45 "Weor-well" is a thoroughly proven 100% pure Pennsylvania oil. Provides efficient lubrication. StronQ clamp and ^ tube scraper. | •Three «alf- heating parches. Priced TOUGH BODY LONG LIFE HIGHEST QUALITY 1 WESTERN OIL Gallon Gallons i* jour *<m 32e $1.49 V JoSoHi'Nj A' -"on-... KHfTf CANS LOANKD ON SMALL DKPOMT frlttl filthily MfW in i*mt UtMlUi t»r«««« •/ /r«/«A<. i WESTERN GIANT [68% Wor. Power 1 than now S.A.E. Specification!. All rubber COM, rubber reinforced itpara- tori. Priced accord| Ing to car. Hand Drill Exceptional Value t TU« A speedy hand drill . . with adjustable chuck. 10-in. long . . takes drills up to 3/16-in. . . for home or garage. M«M Bargain* •••Me* Then! Nine-Piece twist Drill Nine good quality Twist Drills in covered block. tfilk »\t km —«. WIZARD •upeir PCWMP CUAKANTIID 1 YIAM Improved construction gives more power and longer life In any service. According to car. $6*5 to $10.45 irilA »U I>«II.TT Tho WAS GO flUARANTIlD 11 MONTHS Powerful, long lait* Ing all new material, genuine Ebrok case; according to car. $475 to $9.95 W.8.1-1S1 eUAKANTIID U MONTHS Low In price but a I wonderful value all new material battery for light cars. .uA.Mk.My ASK fOR LOW SALE PRICES ON YOUR SIZE! Ratchet Screwdriver ^VV T4IO Three adjustments for right, Irft or fix«d turn, 5V< in. long. > Sptciol Price» Good Only to Soturdoy I Western AutoSupply C More tHan ) 17O Stores in the West 2101 Chester Avenue Phone 623 '•jt a

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