The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 26, 1949
Page 11
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r JIOKPAY, SEPTEMBER K, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams iSABflOYS/AtfeWTT I'LL TAKE WM OUT FOR GRASS GOAT CMO STANO -Me, ?OG Of- O CAR SMOKE, we iWTHt CLUB A 3AN OR tvJO TILL T FllJt) A WOMe r AT LEAST He COO 10 STAV VJHIL6 IT'S , STa L MARIA EMOOOU to KMP TUft AltOT "CUE MftlD THAT CWfWGES A MftU ' VJIU. GIVE TUfc A MEW ATMOSPHERE FOR SALE fc, NE A SERVICE, INC. JLYTBEVILIJ! (ART) OOUSfER NEWS Our Boording HOUM with Moj. Hoopla PAGE ELEVEN Concrete culverts 12 u>cb u> iK inch plain 01 reenfureed AU* Coiirr-rU Building HUxkl cheaper than lumbef for bams chlrlcrn biiuscK pump houses, Unaol houses, tool shedl We drbvrr Call us for free estimate Phone 69] OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. \ BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS LESS! That's why joull «a»e yourself man; a dollai bj p having your shoes repaired by our expert workmen. Next time try us H-fl LTCRS -qL! T Y SHOC SHOP Fof the Finest Prescription Service Say » ... With Kluwer> ^ THE , FLOWER SHOP XXXI gMILY interrupted. She had let Fritz go on as long aa she could. She had never let anyone go on thai long before: but this once had been beyond her. "My house." she said, ind she. too, spoke quietly—for her, putting aside her nerves (or the moment or saving them up. "M, home. Where I came as a bride. With poor dear Wilbert. Where each of my children was bom and raised My lovely, beautiful home. Sell It' Kent iL Move out of it. BuL ol course you dont know what you are saying, young man " "Oh, yes. I do." Fritz assured her. I know it might com* hard Mrs. Teare. But people have moved out of their big beautiful homes. When they found them too hi* and even too beautiful." 1 "What would I do with atl my precious valuable things?- Emily asked. Antiques that have belonged in the family for years and years. Treasures that are dear— and priceless—only tc myself. How could I move all of them? Where would I put them?" "If you're really asking me'," .Fritz sa I( j, -I'd ,ug ges t you call in a second-hand man. (or the move And the. Salvation Army would gladly relieve you of rwhat-was Jett •that wouldn't fit in.•The 'Salvation Armyf A second-hand . . . Pat, darling, 1 think you will have to ran fetch my salts." Emily sank back on Ihe couch. -Gaynel, are you going to allow this young man, thi* . . . er . . . frank person ... to talk this way to your own mother? And you, Denny, havent you anything to say?" "It does seem to me," Denny said, putting his fingers in his ves^ "that you »re rather overstepping your limit—if you get what I mean, Freyman. After all you aren't in our family, yet You can't know all our skeletons, what we can. or rather can't afford, for Instance- where we should live. You can hardly expect to begin to dictate so soon. I'd say." •And I'd say it was high time somebody did." Fritz returned. He Kot to his feet and put his fingers in his vest: and rocked back and forth slightly on his heels. "1 was coming to you next. Denny. You're Exhibit B. You've practically asked for it. too. please remember. I should think it-was about time you assumed your obligations us man of the house, and stopped sponging off your sister, allowing a woman to carry the full burden of responsibilities that should be partly yours, at least, that she has carried all by herself for five, or six. long vears." 'I've a darn good notion to give you what you're asking for—for that,' Denny said. His dark eyes flashed tire: he took a threatening step in Fritz's direction. QAYNEL stepped between them quickly. "Please!" "He wouldn't put up a light," Fritz grumbled. "I suppose." Emily managed to squeeze a word in, a very haugh'y word this time, with her most disdainful smile, "that, next you are joing to turn on poor little Pat, When 1 had so hoped, if Gaynel would be sensible and wait awhile before thinking about all these changes we might have to think about, that Pat could at [east have ler last year next year at Miss Liggett's.- Pat exploded. "Public high is plenty good enough for me. You jo ahead. Fritz," she turned on lim, "give it «o m*. I'm glad you're ellinf them. I cart take ft. whatever you dish out." "You see!" Emily cried, throwing up her pretty hands. "That's what shejeanu. The way she talks." really isn't any more. Except to sum the whole case up, as • D. A. would do, before the jury goes to trial. Gaynel has worked hard, and handed over most of her salary, as I mentioned, believe, before. She has. besides Ihls. connived and schemed and scored and sealed all the household accounts, I believe, too, lhat she has been willing, even glad to have been able to have done all this. But she has served her term. It is time she retired. Conditions have now arisen that make her want io do this. Be free to do them." 'But I can't even balance my check book," Emily broke in. "So I don't see how I could be expected to manage all those other things, too." "Vbu shouldn't have a check book, then, Mrs. Teare," Fritz said. There was no stopping Fritz now; he had forgotten about the promises to Gaynel; he was in a good fight, and he loved it, as sny- one could see by the gleam in his blue eyes, the way his shoulderi were squared. "You married the man you loved. Bore his children. But will you allow your own daughter to do the same? No. You want to keep her all to yourself. Unless, of course, she sells herself to a man she doesn't love [or a few paltry millions. So that you —and you—* But Fritz had said enough Gaynel's hunch had been right. He ™d gone too far. Poor Emily uttered one last long piercing scream —for never in all her life had she seen ta.Iked to like that, or in such terms—and fainted dead away. And Denny.made a lunge at Fritz and they both went down together on the slippery, polished floor. And Pat ran after the smelling salts, and giving forth something that closely resembled a war whoop, or a cheer. And Clipper aat up and began to bark. <To Be Continued) in England It's Hi« Chemist Shop in Franca lt'» *ht Apothecary Shop in BJytheviflc it's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service The Constitution ol the United Stales m«k« no mention of a President's Cabinet. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Beat Price* Kirby Drug Stores Our pears ot experience assure you that wheo you present 8 prescription ordei to uj. It will be expertly compounded from fresh, pure drugs You can be »ur» at Rothrori'i . . - but, deti f , GEHCRAL CONTRACT PU/- CWASf CO*K>*Ur/ON d<*sn't hoy. an p»ic. on thit iiland!" PRESCRIPTION SERVICE ROTHROCK'S DRUG STORE XOUR ENGINE SINGS A MERRV TUNE wk«M o«r •xp*rt n«cii«iH(s kandU your tim«-wp workf .. Our f WrA y.iw M ( iM'> p»if mt in««««. And Am rtxy !«h« rh* ri»M tttft H c*rr*d H. Chanilin Sales Co. i.n, FHECKlJiS AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLO8SER Y«ry Pleasing lo Lard "\ had a terrible time! If he wasn't .taring at the girlt in th« floor ihow, ht wat looking at the prices on th» menu!" PRISCILLA'S POP BY AL VERMEER THE TEACHE.R A^KEO HER TO RECITE THE ALPHABET AND SHE COULDN'T DO \M WOW! • THAT JENNY LU VS SURE DUMB.' NO... BUT \ THE TEACHER DIDN'T ASK ME; BY .MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE LISTEN, H0NEy_. 1 HATE TO , OTHER PEOPLE'S .,„„- -• BUTri> HATE MUCH MOOE TO SEE YOU TWO wt' E vs£> c £i^ /T^A?/^? ys£?y&, n ee wm ™™*fiw SARA.'AMP THESE WERE BUT JAW i OTH^TH^S THAT ALL \ H^PPEW'TO TO — WASH TUBBS Kasy Steps In KY LESLIE TURNER After l told Buck that Utti Farnam had sent me, to cooled off BUT FIRST I'D IIKE ID PIND OUT WHAT THIS MANIHORP IS UP TO. PUTSMLLCUPS >~~. 0!>r Of ACTION FOR -it*/, VERA, BUT IT INVOLVES ,. RISK. I'M PAYING . fOR THE RISK. MANTHOBP/ WELL, IM MIGRATION AUTHORITIES MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN A TIP BLACXMAIL, EH?1 MIGHT HAVE KNOWN YOU'D WANT YOUR POUND (X FLESH/ ¥00 GAME \ / THAT WWULD BE TO RXIOW THE "( MV J06 If WO Dl•SOME NkbWT\ CIDTO TO GO... TO SK WHAT'S COOK1AIS, HINT ? S ^*i -J—_--- srai BUGS BUNN? I'VE LIVED X SH005H, POC? HCRE A WEQC,) I'LL RX 9UT KOHE J THAT/ GIMME OF MY ~*f A HAWMER N&GHBOR6 HAVE VISITED 8UGS/ WHAT HAVE YOU PONE TO ATTWACT t -\JMESE PEOPLE/ -.1 BUILT VA A TELEVISION AERIAL/ GWACIOUS/ 'M GETTING VISITORS Get Set for a Ride BY V. T. HAMLIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY KDGAK MARTIN

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