Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 9, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1908
Page 5
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O^^andl Theatre TO.SIOHT. A'Comedy Drama Jn Four Acts. Lower Floor 20c. Balcony 10c 0000000600 -C -OOOOOO o o O lOLA TETERIXARY HOSPITAL O O O . O Frank S. Bcattic, T. O O Trtt'phonc 13». Prop. O 00000 b 0000 •> 000000 Tar and Wild Cherrq For Ctiugb!) and VoU*, Printed formula In windun. Cuntains nothing Injnrions.. 2Sc a Bottle SATISF.U TlOX tJIAHAMEED. SPENCER'S Kairir Com Granted at tlall B.! H. GRIGSBY returned tliis afternoon from lola, where he went to looi({ after |the interests of his client In the case wherein the Long-Bell I.umi>er company is sylng the Petro- Ua Town company. Brown & Grigaby represent the i);alntlir.—Chanute Tribune. , MISS ELSI^ Cunningham went to iola this afternoon to attend the funeral of her aunt.—Chanute Tribune. Brotherhood Supper at Presbyterian church. Tuesday. January Hth. 6 p. m. .MRS. IVARNES, Mrs. Barker and Miss Thompson returned to lola today after a visit with .Mrs. George Adams. L'lianute Tribune. DB. i. F. JA «ESOX. Tkc SvccMifsl Aac* Uoaeer, TeterlnarlftB. Farm aataaor P (di|!TiKd »tack nlM m>^c anywhcTT. Veter tear; calls an.wcrcd day or nicht. DiBcc witb . DoukUks Bto^. Phcne 13, residence ^10 IOI.A. KANSAS. Take our Watches, Clocks and Jewelry to G. A. LEFFLeR, and get \hem repaired. Satisfaction Gua'anteed. CITT JiEffS. Dr. Mitchell, ~ oAicc and residence, 'phone 40. A .VUMUER of parties interested in the pame of fo\t. yesterday afternoon laid out a miniature polf Units on the tennis court south of the Pennsylvania hotel. This place is being used as a practice ground until the club can inake deflnite arrangements for laying off links of proper distance. •*A Breeze From the West," a play iicTer pnt ob here before. At the Gnud Thnter tonight k UR. HUBBARD of the C. C. Nel- Bon Luml)er company, of Ft. Scott, was in the city yesterday examining Bome of- the loans taKen by A. P. ChArles of this city. PowbU , tlie real esUto man, has a few thousand dollars to loan on farms at a reasonable rate. MARR1EI>—Oil December 21. Miss Rao Relley and Vlr. John Roedei. of lAHarpe. Both of the younR people are well Icnown in rural circles. Mrs. Roedelrts a graduate of the lola Hiph Bcbooi^'tind since completini: school work has taught several successful terms of fchool. MR, GUS Zenski. of 201 Xprth Chestnut street .who was operated \i\>on at St. James hospital yesterday morning, was reported to be in an improved condition this morning. E. J. Davis .Movinp Van. Phone 909. THE COUNTY commissioners here nllowed a bill of $400 to the Canton Bridge compan.v. which firm constructed seven bridges in the county during the past several months. Dr. U. L. (iarlinirhoDse. Office 'phone iSA. Residence 476. W'UAA Knowlton, a former K. I'. Ixjy, of. Iola, stopped off for a visit with friends. He leaves today for Wyoinlnij where he has a claim.— i..;iwrence Journal. IJWIGHT .McCarty of lola. Kas.. Is vlsitug his uncje, H. C. Ford.—Lawrence Journal. •*.\ Brreie From tJie West," a play iieuT pot on hen' lK>fere. At the i>nind Thrnter toulKht. MKS. JOHN Henderson and -Miss .May ChatJi«>ld went to lola this after- lioon lor a .-iluirt visit.—Chanute Sun. COVTXTY Attorney Carl J'et.-rson says ho has not disousyed ti.e K. S. Harris cases. Mr. Harris was charg e<l with violatiiiK the Sunday rlnslne law by running a i>lctun' slujw Siuulaj. Urotherhood Supper at Presbyterian cburrh Tuesday. January 14th. r> p. ni. E. J. Davis makes piano moving a specially. For reference the J. V. KolMTts .Musiv' House. We do all t )f their work. Phone 5M)9. •"K lirrexe From Uic Wo>*t,*" a play neur put on here liefon*. .Vt the (.rand Theater tonight. • THE I. O. O. F. held an oyster supper night b.'fore last at which nearly a hundretl pe<)ple wore present. Tlir-'e famlidaU's were initiated. MK. A.\D MRS. Richard i.inville oelebraied their golden wedding anniversary at their home at lOS Xorth liarfield avenue, last evening. The oui- ( f-l(iwn quests were. Mr. and Mrs. J. Smith of Denver: Mrs. E. V. I^jve «i Itaton. -V. M.. .Mr. and .Mrs. H. G. I.inville at Manltou: W. J. Unville of I'ittsburp. Kas.. and C. F. Linville of Iola. The aped couple were iiresent- ed with J .'iO in gold. They have lived in Chanute for about ten years.—Chanute Tribune. Special Reduced Prices on all new and second hand Sewing .Macliines un- H. W. IX)Y went to Trent this morn ins to look after the bringing in of a well in the St. I'aul field for the Young Brothers of this city. 'The Work is being done by one i>f .Mr. Ley's riirs. The drill is down about 600 feet. Mr. Loy says the indications are very favor.ible for flndlMg i -as. YtSuiig Brothers have a contract to supply the city of St. Paul whh gas. If they are unsuccessful in finding it cVse to that place they will develop their holdings in Hig Creek, east of Chanute. and lay a pipe line from there.—Chanute Tribune. til J.muary 1st. Singer Sewing Machine Co., no East Madison. A r.\ INTER Is today pniniin.s siun? (>\\ the fMiii of the city hall. On the door of the pas oflice the words "Ciiy Clerk" ami his olDce hours will be painted aiiil nil the front windows Gas l.ichl ;!ail Klectricisy. ••\ Rrorre From flic Wi<.tJ* a play uci«T put on l:rrc before. At tli )iV Rrand Theater tonight Brotherhood Supper at Presbyterian church. Tuesday. January 14ih. i" p. m Register Want .4ds. Bring Resnlt.<:. MR. S.MII.EV TAKEN ILL. Local Neifipape'- ^tn" SnfiVrs Xervons Attack. Will T. .''niiley. cit.v editor of the Index. ye.<ferday morning suffered a nervous attack due to overwork. Mr. and Mrs. Smiley and daughter left this afternoon for Excelsior Spriiigs, Mo., where they will visit for about ten days in the hopes of benefiting Mr. Smiley's health. Mr. Snilley's friends in the city will be pleased to see him return improved In health. REGILAR rOTHLX REPORT. Tensas Bnreaa Is.oaefi Statement of Bale!) Marketed. W*ashington. Jan. 9.—^The census bu reau today issued a report showing the number of bales of cotton pinned for the growth of 1907, to January. 1908. Counting round" bales as half bales, the number was 9,.=i55.42T, as compared with 11 741.039 last year 'ind !».72."i.42r. for 1906. .Mlssburl. 26.- fi44 hales, with 7.T ginneries:' Oklahoma, 743^796 bales with 9S ginneries. A GOOD many people are paying gas bll^ today. as but one more day remains in which to pay up for this month. I Four weeks work for idle carpenter. IJOV wages. Address X Register by Saturday. MR ED. GILlIATT arrived home this morning from Ottawa, where he was present at the death and burial of J' hte father-in-law, H. C. Harford. Mrs. r GUiiatt win remain with her widowed r motlier for a Jew weeks. Her many frieodB In this city extend their smy- pKtb|c to lier in her sad loss.—Cherry- rala Republican. January Sale of Odd Pants Save «-0 to liOO on the Pair. CheBatjclau Shields THE STOHE THAT SATISFIES. Wheat Startc« H%her-Cattle DMMBd a—4. ; Kansas City, Jan. 9.—May wheat started the day %c higher, then sold up He more, when under thi8 ||influence and free otferings of long wheat the market broke l^c and flnished at the low point of the day and %c off from the day before and July closed 4c lower. Corn was slow sale and lower under the influence of better wheather for drying out the corp. and reports that much corn Is being held back on the farm by bad roads and that ass soon as they Improve the marketing may be expected to improve. May closed «6c lower than the day before, and July lojt '?4C. In store: Wheat, 2.335,1100 bushels: corn, 767.000 bubheis; oats. S0,200 bushels; rye, 13,000 bushels. Wheal—Receipts past 24 hours. 30 cars; shipments, 34 cars; receipts same time last year, 75 cents: efaip- niepts, 121 cars. Inspectituis Tuesday 43 cars. Keceipt;^ for the wei-lc ending Wednesday. 29.". ear.<: shipments. 246 cars. ReceljUs for the same ilmi- last year, 625 cars, .•iUipmenis, 7ol cars. Corn—Receipts past 21 hours. ::4 cars; shipments. !i6 cars. Receipts same time last year, 36 cars; shipments. 29 cars, inspect Ions Tuesday 27 cars. Receipts week endinp WeU- jiesday, i47 cars; shipinent.s. 260 cor.-;. Ueoeipts sauie time last year. 2;<6 cars. sUi|iuient>. 2:i7 cars. riiete was a stnuiger tune to this market the |>asi week and a good demand liu- coniin.u in. .Mixtnl and uhite were both wanted ami the offerings were dis|>os- etl of each day wilhoui troulile. .May closed -"^c lower than the day In'fore and here the same option lost !he .>jaiiie. My sample on iraek here ai. Kansas City :Xo. J mixed. 2 cars .•'3-"4C. ."> cars .V.',i*c: No. 2 mixed, 2 cars 10 cars .'•It'iic; .No. 2 yellow, 3 cars .'vJ-l^c: .No. :; yellow, 1 car .Mc. 1 car r.3\c. 2 cars .''S^^c; No. 4 yellow, nominally .'.3c; No. 2 while, nominally .'.IffTif 'sc; No. :\ while, o cars ."i4c. 5 cars i<'-'>\c; So. 2 white, nominally .">2M,i ?i .".:;c. Oats—Kecelpis past 24 hours, 7 cars shipments 11 cars. Receipts same lime last year, 4 cars: shipments 12 cars, inspections Tuesday, S cars. Recei|>ts week ending Wcdnesila.v, 6i» cars; shipments. ."•3 cars. Receipts .'^ame time last year, .s.'. cars; shipments, 124 cars. There was a further improvenients in this market the past week. Itecelpis continue to come In slowly and the arrivals since our last review were lighter lhan the same iveek last year. Tills with the tinal government crop report showing the crop of iy07 to be over 200,000,i)iiu bushels lighter lhan ihe year before, encouraged buyers \o bid iirices iiii stronger and values Tuesday were ',3 (f/lc hlglier lhan at the close of.our last review. Corn was also a little higher. Hay—Iteceipts pasi 24 hours, S cars of prairie. I car of limotliy. 1 car of clover mixed, 1 car of clover and 7 cars of alfalfa total, IS cars, against S4 cars the same day last year. The market yesterday was firm under light offerings, but the demand wus uul} moderate and mainly from the home trade. Yesterdays sales included 1 car No 1 liniolhy. $ll.itO: 1 car No. 1 clover mixed. $r<..i<i: i car .N.o 1 clover nilxeJ. J9.00; 4 cars choice pure clover. J10..".0 ;l car choice prairie. J9.,'.0: 1 ear No. 1 prairie, |9.0ii; 3 cars No. 1 prairie. $S.7."«: 2 cars No. 2 pralr^^' $S.."iO; ;; cars No. 2 prairie. $S .2.".; 1 car choice alfalfa. $i:..O0; 1 car choice alfalfa. $14.riO; 1 car No. 1 alfalfa* J14.25; 1 car No. 1 alfalfa. $Um: 2 cars No. 1 alfalfa, JI3.00. t'aitle—Supplies for the past 24 hours: - Cattle. I'alves Iteceipts (ofTicial ending 3 p. m.l t;.320 2sf. Week ago 2.716 US Year apo 9.4.-.2 7j02 The run of cattle yesterday was hardly e <|Ual to a goo»l demand and trade was active and encouraging to ihe shipper. There were comapratlve- ly few steers -nere that could be called exira yo«id and packers were in urgent need of a liberal supply. Early sales were regarded steady to a dime "The Blood Is The Uft." Science has never gone beyond the above simple statement of scripture. But it has illumiuatcd tliat statement and given it a meaning ever broadening with the increasing lircadth of knowledge. \Yhen the blood It '<l>ad'' or impure it is not alono tho body which suffers through disease. The brain is also cidodcd, Ht^e mind aind' Judgement are and'ta^mr an evil deed or impure ippiJNi^^MCBctlr traced to the impMCy ^theMMd^ FooL impure blood ran tie madi. nnm tl.p - PJCTce's Golden Medical Dlicovery^c^ft enriphiHi nnd m.rlBp. th» M/^th^^Ky. curiug,-pimples, btotchea. eruptioiu and other cutaneous affections, as eczema, tetter, or salt-rheum, hives and other manifestations of imparo blood. ® ® ® ® ® 9 In' the cure of scrofulous swellings, enlarged glands, open eating ulcers, or okl sores, tho "Golden Medical Discovery "has performed the most marvelous cures. In ca -K!-! of olii sores, or open eating ulcers, it i$ wrll to apply to the open sores Dr. Pierce's All-Beaiing Salve, which possesses wonderful healing potency when nsed as an application to the sores in conjunction with the use of "Golden Medical Discovery*as a blood cleansing constitutional treatment. If your dmggist don't happen to have the * All-Healing Salvo' in stock,you can easily procure it by inclosing fif^-four cents In postage stamps to Dr. R. V. Pierce, 603 Main St., Buffalo, K. Y., and it will come to you by return posC Most druggists keep it as well as tho "Golden Medical Discovery.' (S) ® @ ® ^ ® YoQ can't afford to accept any medicine of anknoira 'onmpovUiofi as a sub6tit-.>te for -Golden Medical Discovery," which U a medicine or kxows cosiposrnox, having a complete list of ingredients in plain Enplish on its bottle-wrapper, the «ame being attested as correct under oath. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regnlata and invigorate stomach, liver and boweift V»r cwL Kiglier,^juul tile, dpae: tooled eVer .rtbinfr holding any- fleslKat all selling at the day 's top prices. Few order buyers were ih the comi >etltldn. but packers were nil after receipts. The mariiet closed extremely active at 15©2 .ic higher prices. Hogs—Receipts. 2.>,971; week ago. 14.120: year ago. 12,.">.".6. The late count on Tuesday 's run of hogs showed that the record had been broken. The heaviest run ever record ed here was credited to July 16. 1901, when 31.449 head were received here. Tuseday's late count showed that 32.500 head had been iyarded. The run yesterday was againi heavy as was the case at all Western! markets. Prices all around were lower. The market her ojiened slow and 10c per cwi. lower sot about steady^ and closed about l.'.c hipher than the opening. Thus far this week more than 70.01)0 head I'f hops have been received at the local yards, a record for three days" supply. The er^lreme range of sales was made at $3..-iOifji4.4.'i per cwi.. and the bulk of sales ^t $4.:;oTi4.40 per cwt. TO RECLAIM KANSAS LAND. Congressman Madison Plans Irrigation Lake South of Arkansas River. Wti3hln!:fon. Jan. 9.—Conprossman .^ladison ha.« p.H tli>' reclamation service intero.-itt d in another proiKi.<i -iI irrigation pi -ojecl for Soirthwestern Kansas. There is a creal nalur:i! bashi imar the llu» Finney Haskell county lino just F »)uth of thi' .\rkan- sas i.vor. which ai a coii>|Kir.i:lve > !-m:ill ctist. can bo rransfornu'd Into a iil,'> to irrlPi '.to thousands ..f acr s o| ferlil" laiui oast «if t:*- liasln. .Ma.llson has caibil tho aitontion of the r.»claniation olHcers to 1; aiul thoy havi> promised 10 semi an ex port out IQ make a technical liivo.-- tipation. If ihe oxpot fluds it a foas Iblo Feh .-mo tho goveniiu.^nl will tal;<' iMi '.d of the matter. rSING PK1.ME WESTERN tlAS. filv MiihK Have Been ronni>cted With Smeller .Mains. C.a'; was turned Into the city mains •his niorninc from the Prime Western Ihe Connections having been finished yesterday evening. This pas wi;i not lie used however, until It is found necessary as in extremely ctild weather. The tiirninp in of the cas this morti- Inp was only to test the mains. The connections were found to be pood. TOM WAGST.\FF M.VY GET IT. »Vill ProlMbly Siicrerd Charlton In Mimtpomery County, Kb>«. To|Tka. Kas.. .Ian. 9.—It is thotipht that Tom Wapstnff will be appointed county altorney of Montgomery county to take the place resigned liy rouii- *y .Mtorney Charlton. Wapslaff was •lefealed Iieciiuse the people demanded a more liberal prohibitory law policy. •Sheriff Paxton came to Topeka to see .\m rney tleneral Jackson, but ihx) latter is in .Montconiery rounf.v. looking up the situation for himself. BRING IN tWo wells. City Will Finish Orlllinri Gassers on Northrup Tract. The two wells which are beinp ilrillod for the city immediately wiuth of th:' city power house and just east of I ho N'ooslio river on the Northrup tract, will be broupht in tomorrow. The city 1-as hoprs of bringinp in two ;.ooiI wells. Tho city has a piwd wo"l north of wher.' these are b.-iiip •iri'led. K. N. G. BETTER THAN REGULARS Guards Make Remarkable Record in Shooting. T1k» Kansas National Cnard mailo a liottor rocoril when it came to shooting last year than did tho repuiar army. Tt also male a remarkable showing over pivvioits years. One nienilier of thr tu.ird. Frank C. I'l:- male.», of Burlinpanie. scored sixth at Camp Perry in a contest in which 64.S men took part. In 19o5 there were in the Kansas Guard 29 expert rifli^ men, 63 sharpshooters and 231 marks men . In 1906 there were 64 .expert riflemen. .•?6 sharpshooters and 23 marksmen. This record shows a ri- markable increave in the number of I xpoits. Eadi of these men is entitled to a silver" modal. Card of Thanks. We wish to thank our friends and neighbors (or their kindness through the sickness of our wife and mother ami for the beautiful flowers .MRS. ADA STAFFORD. GEO. PRIESTLEY. ENDA GOODRH'H TO APPE.VR. .tctres.«i Has Been .Sahponaed to Test}- fy in Than TrIaL New York. Jan. 9.—Just before be- pinning session of the trial of Harry K. Thaw today. Attorney Daniel ORell lyannounced that a subpoena for the defense had been served on Miss EMna Goo <Irich. the actress, who Is playing here this week. .Miss Goodrich failed to appear in answer to the subpoena last year. Mr.<. Eve:yn Neshitt Thaw who was on the stand at the first trial declared it was Miss Goodrich who first Introduced her 10 Stanford WHiite and took her to luncheon with him. FINNET H.\S FRHTLESS SEARCH. Trylnsr to Ascertain Who Vcmberii of Judicial Committee Are. Three Italians Who Dl«appeared in Colorado Are Believed to Have Been Victims of Murderer. Florence, Colo., Jan. 9.—That Erco L« BuffettI, Dominlck -Minlchlello, .loseph Minichlello and Mrs. Frank Palmotte who mysteriously disappear, ed in this city, were found murd.'r- ed and their iKKllev choppeil In pieces, \3 the ixjsltlve statement of the i>o- Ilce. The dLiposition made of the bodies Is believed to have been partly revealed by finding human lungs, the thorax and a piece of a tongue In the Arkansas river. Tony BoVeri. who Is In Jail, charged with- the murder. Is said to have confes.sed to ki 'l- ir.g a man In Italy. Mrs. Palmott« Is a young divorced woman. She had kept house for Boyeri. and refused to marry him. It is believed that the •ithers were murdered for money. srH.\FF>ER GIVES UI.OOO BO>D. New Cnuntv .Vssessor \ow Ready In Bpirin Work. A An H6ur drive into a pleasure. If healing the feet will cure a cold it wifl stirely prevent one—and the doctor bill. . ^ G/mrk GmrHm09 Hemt^rm: Clias. Schnffner who was ye^^terday .ipiKilnted county asse.-sor by the board of commissioners, today i ;avo a -^'irrtv bond of llO.oon as reipiirpd under Ihe 'aw. >lr. Scliaffn:-.- Is now ready lo becln his ilntie? \- ho new cominissi<iner <if the coiii:ry ;ioor. also cave a surety bond of J ."..00rt this aflern<i<ui. womaD's Nahire (jIARRELED OYER A FENCE. James Homing Killed Grrelc} County »iKhhor Yestcrdaj. Hutchinson. Kas.. Jan. 9 —In f'tree- 'ev countv late >estordav James Horu- iiip shot' and killed John L. Eich- 'lart as the result of a quarrel over •he divl.sion of a fenco. Hornini: form rrly lived In Chillicolhe. Mo., and E ch hart at Trentcm, Mo. WANT RECEIVER FOR PROPERTY Nebraska Court Has Taken No Action on Late Petitions. Omaha, Nelir.. .fan. 9.—Petitions for a receiver for the proporty of tho Chicago Great Western Railriiad i>roi)er- ty In Nebraska were flied In the t''iit- ed.»States cniirt at Omaha tixlay imt 110 action fak^n by tho court. In adifitfon to th<! r/iilroacl property in Nebraska tho Great Western ov.-ns Omaha grain lermina's. and a Nebrns- ka o<irporation for the handling of ^raln. This corporation is not includ 'il in the application for a receiver. The Countess of Yarmouth says her marriage was never more than a nom inal one. What is a nominal marriage? ^ I* to lp»e chUdrea, .ai <I no ho,^» can be completely h:»ppv without theiD, jet theorderJ fhroujfb which the expectant rriotli -tr must pass u«uallj is sof'ijll of suflerinjr, dangvr and fear that s;lio looks forward to the critical hour with cj-'prchcnsfrn and dread. Mother's F.-ier .cJ. t>,- its pi ne- trating and soothing- properties, allays nausea, iicrvousncs«, ;clid all unpleasant feeling and so prepares the system for dia ordcaL that she passes through the event safelj- and with but KAi^|^l||^^fi^)'^]i^ little suffering-, as numbers have •^"•^•••h^S*^- vt^ tcstiCcd and said, "it is worth its weight in gold." Sl.go per bottle of druggists. Book containing valuable itiforr.iation mnilcd free. mZ BRAOriCLD RIGIIUTOR CO.. AUmU. 6( B. Fairs Your Homm Pmpmr FIrmi THEM SUBSOfUBE FOR THE KANSAS CITY STAR AND TIMES The Star and Times, repotting the full twenty-four hours'- news each day in thirteen i.ssues of the paper each weeek,* are furnished to regular subscribers at the rate of loc a week. As newspapers, The Star and The Times have no rivals.. No other publisher furnishes his readers with the full day; and night Associated Press reports, as does the Star and thet". Times. This should recommend the"papers especially to the: progressive merchant and farmer. We deliver both the Star and Times to the subscriber's: door promptly on arrival of trains. Give us a trial. Henderson A la^ymr, DMHbutorsm We have noticed that any wonnn can whip a man—if she happen.^ to lie nr.irried to him. "I'oiir years ago." said Fred Vati- •legrift yesterday, "wc killed Itailey folded his arms across his chest aiid placed a rose in his hand. You can't make believe he has conio to life " enough about a good Democatic paper to subscribe for it. Lots of men do liot amount to much until you c<mipare them with siiiiie other men. George Ado wants to go to tho Rf- publican convention as a dolegatf for Fanrbanks. .Mr. .\de .seems to be I <K >k;nc for a plot Uir a new musical eoiued.v. Springs. The BUI club h; neglf^iting no precaution ,to keep thg l>iattcr quiet. Hryan says tlii>re <ii; to bo a i.-o;id Di'inocratic paper in ov .-ry county. Thc<re would be if jH -ople cared Komrm!:er .Artist Leavltt. who mar-j rio.l Kulh Hi-yan? Wiat has become I of him? WJe have noticed that the (teoplfi who rcianl progress and the i^eoplo who believe tho groundhog fixFS tho weather for February and .March all belong to tlK? same crowd. '\ Tho annual banipiet of the Bill club i^as just been held at Excelsior Question in Leap Year otlilci: Is 3 w<im:in permitted to tackle a. man above the shoulders or belo# tho knees?—J. E. In Topeka 'Capital. Glenn Finney, who is secretary of this judicial district committee, is try Ing to ascertain who the members of the committee are so that arrangements can be made »o call the convention. He has been inquiring for the past two days with no results;. He is todav writing to Woodson county in the hoi)e of getting the desired Inform , ation. ' For best and qnlrkest results nsr] the Register Want Columns. ES3 Primarily consists in .letting a lot of people know you are in existence and what excuse you have for It. ADVERTISINa is like throwing a rubber bal!; the harder you throw It the QUICKER it comes back. Don't write a ha-f hearted ad—you wouldn't whlsp^tr to a customer, would you? Write a good ad, tell the truth, then put it in The REGISTER and twenty thousand Readers Will Listen

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