Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 30, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1908
Page 3
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m >^j||toMlIPg BALI TO BE eiTZN T<N S Book-Bmdery Is in a better position than ever to cater to yoor wants in the way of book-bio ding. Now is a most lop- portone time to bave yotir Magazines bound. We also mak^ a specialty o{ Loose Leaf Ledgers, Blank Book Rifling and Binding. No need of your sending out of the city^for this sort of work. Simply Telephone 1 d XOBBOW ETE. A COCKERILL BUILDING BURNS DESTBUCTIOS OF RESIDENCE CArSED $10,000 LOSS. Concretf BrWge Is Nearing Completion— yy. Ford RfsiKOS Po< ' sHion—Personals. A' New Year's Ball. Preparations for the New Year's ball to> be cJven by the members of the Gas City fire department have been completed and there is every prospect that the attendance will surpass that of similar previous events. Ford Resigna. G. W. Ford, who has been an assistant at the Missouri Paciflc depot has resigned his position and will leave soon for a visit to Wichita. He will return after a brief stay and expects to locate in LaHarpe. DEWS OF LA HARPE ANCIENT AND MODERN E.tlBKOID EBT CLCB «;i EST OF MKS. VIBHKR OBSERVE WEEK OF PRAYER CHUBCHES WILL HOLD SKKVK THKOl'GHOI'T !VKXT WKKK. Miliourl P««|>lc KxrlMnun Farm for I* HariM- Propcrt)—Maiiwchii. »etU 3lkn Hfrr~r«*ni(iiml>i. A Social SleeUng. The members of the Ladic" An< J'-n» and Modern Embroidery club «rrp euests at the home uf Alns. .1. II. \'li> ber yesterday afternoon. Broom Cora Dealer Here. Charles Nicholson, an extensive d<?al er In broomcorn, was here from Kis- more yesterday. Week of Prayer. The week of prayer, as outlineil b> the church organizations or the country, will l>e observed in tho rhur.-hes of thii'.city. Services wi!! I>e held throughout the coming weoK. Attend Teachers Meeting:. Professor F. »L Hyanies is in To-. peka where he went to attend a nippt- Ing of the Kansas State Teachers' ;is- soclatipn. rersnnals. Ivy (Jani. i>l' Icila. was ;i L«i Hariie visitor ycsirrday. Miss (Jortriidf, .^iilfliffo. of lulu was 111"' irui s; of .Miss l .ciia Wiilprs vcslcr- -lay. .Mrs. II. T. Myors s |M 'iit ycstorilay vIsiiiiK,' Willi iclativi's In lola. Rooms for men, Y. M. C. A. building. Steam heat in each room. Balbi tree. AN "UNLOADED" GUN TRAGEDY. In E«rt Mulberry. K«i., a 12-Ye«r-0ld Boy Killed His 7-Year.Old Cousin. niuhiirt;. KiiH.. !>'•'•' 'M • lUMIi'v iiiK till' KOii III' ii''li1 wiiN mil loiiili-d. CliitiliH KwlBorl. i:! yinix olil. HIIOI iihil lilllod llli* 7 viMir old riiiihlii. Will- iiiiii HwlKiirl, tmhiy Tin- ili'ad Imy wiiK Iho unn of ih'' I 'lly iiiiii^liiil of Kant Miilh«<rry. To Our Dear Friend The Merchant: BREED HUNGARIAN PARTRIDGES Eleven Pair Will be Released in the Wichita Forest Reserve. Oklahoma City. Dec. 30.—^Eleven pairs of Hungarian partridges, siippli < d by the United States government, have boon received at the Wichita for I'Ki reserve in Comanche county by Suprintenrient Frank Rush and Ilbcr- aied In the reserve, where they will lie pnilncted for two years for breed Ing pur|)0He8. After that time, they will bo trapped and distributed in var lous sections of the state for breed Ing. These birds are about twice the KI/O of an ordinary quail and much uiiiri' prolific. A luoveiiHMil IK on font niiioMK Ok liiliDiiiit HiiorlHmnn to Import MOUIO Mciimnllnn phcBMaiilM and pliice ihem In ih<' rcHorvo for breeding. George McDonald Here. George McDonald, wiiose parents if Mde north of La Harpe, is here from his home in Springfield. Mass.. for a short visit. Ot Is his fir.«;t visit lo Kansas since he left lii years ago OSTEOFATHT- DB. \f M. ALBfUuHT. EeglBtered Osteopathic PbysiosP. Bute Bank BIdg. Phone M& Only Oiteopath In L» Harpe. V Boys I* Harpe Property Mr. and Mrs. John Ganiz. <if .Milfied, Mo., were visilors in IAI Mnviw terday. Wbile here they O|.>B .><1 H trade whereby ihi^y ex(hnii(;<> a rami In.Barton county. Mo., for two t'si- dence properties in this rliv. • Xn. HottvwiU III. Mli 30 ^W«II. of Rfjckville. Mo.. I. hAre atjeadlpg her daughter. MrK. L Hottewftsvho is quite III. Thit H»boMt Plantf. William Wlla and A. B. Wooten •pent yesterdar In Humboldt visiting the'oemeot pluits under construction : 1)0 you know how to sell gooiis? Tour clerks, of course, know liow to sfjl g<xHlij when people call and ank for them. But when people dn not call and aik for wliat they want nod what you bare to stock, what then? Let the peopla know what yon have Our columns are open to advertisers with bargains who want to connact with bargain huntera Slop. lAiflk. Head.' All inenibers of tho W. O. VV.. W. C. and friends. Start the new year by fonilns to the oyster supper given by tola Camp int .lanuary Ist. 19(19. a( (he K. P. hall. Bverybody cordially Invlled. A. H. DAVIS, Clerk. PIPE CAUSED HER DEATH. An Inveterate Srpoker, an Old Woman 'Succumbs in Flames. Newton. Kas.. Dec. ."50.—Mrs. Jane lernigan. 80 years old .was burned to death here last night. The old lady was an inveterate smoker, and the supposition is that'while sittinc in a chair with a lighted pipe in her mouth she dropped to sleep and Are falling from the pipe set fire to her clothing She lived alone, save for her niece, a young ladj-. who was in another part of the honse and did not discover her aunt's predicament until too late to render aid. Neighbors rendered assistance and extinguished the flames that threatened to destroy the house. BASE BALL MAGNATES .MEET. A Scbednle for the Western Asxoria- tinn WBI Be Adoptnl. \The Kansas City Journal says: P M. Shively, president of the W'eMiorr issoclntloM. and his rribe of l >ase lia'l' tnagnatcs will hold a meeting at tho Hotel Halliinore this morning for the puriKKie of arranging a schedule foi next season. The following .men arrived last night: Frank Hiilbert of SpriuKfield. Mo.; George .MoHley of We.bli rity. Mil., and T. C. Ilayden of PiiiKlMire. Kns Notler. The annual meeting of the Rtock>.. holders of The lola Ice and Cold Slof- ige company will be held at the of.'Ice of the comt>any at lola, Kas.. Monday. January II. 1909. 3 to D p. m. for the election of directors ami any business required. PRANK RIDDLE. Sec'y. Dec. 22. 08. Cockeriir Building Burned. Word was received In this rity yes terday from Weir City of a bad lire which occurred in that city on Decern bcr 24th at 3 o'clock p. m. Tho struc turn which was destroyed was a fine residence which A. B. Cockerlll erect ed in 189n. and was one of the flnost homes In southeastern Kansas. The Are started from Christmas decoration on a tree. Seven firemen were injur ed by falling In the flames from the top of thiT '-Jjiillding. They wore res cued by the-citizens. Mr. C. O. Wlill more, a brother-in-law of Wm. fAv ingston. of this city, was slightly In .iured. Unable to secure pressure sufficient was the cause of a total loss which fs estimated at $10,000. Near Completion. The concrete bridge, now under construction and under the snpervis ion of Chas. Adams, marshal and street commissioner, between the Prime Western and Cockerill smelter is nearly completed. This bridge will enable the farmers who live south of town a much better service than to go through the smelter yards as they do now and it won't be muddy road when the rainy season comes. The city is making the improv«'raents. Choral Club Meeting. Tho Gas City Choral club orchestra will hold a meeting this evening to arrange for a concert to be given in the near future, it will he given place on the Gas City lecture course program. A Stockholders' Meetinq. A meetine of the stockholders of the I'nion Portland Cement company will he held in Kansas City on .Tanu ary 11. A number of stockholders from this city will attend. Charles Vaughn Injured. Charlrs-Vaughn", who was painfully hut not seriously Injured in an acci dent at tho smelters last Saturday is improving. , Repairing Ore Sheds. The rockorlll /.Inc companv Is pairing tho oro sheds In this city. ro Firemen Hold Annual Election. Tho niemhers of tho Gas City fire do|iiirtiiionl held their nniiiml elorlloii of iifllcorK IUHI IIIRIII The result fiil lows: PioKlilont, William Viiuthn vlfo proKliIi'iti. (i, B. Klily; Hoof ?'iary M. c. .Mllloi. aMslMlant Koor#(nry. J. II. ParUhursI: Ireasurer. T. P. Bhiy: chief, Roy Foster; assistant chief, Ullllani Livingston: houseman. Ben .Myers; foreman number 1. Harvey Epiliig: a.'isistant. T. N. floes; number 'J. foreman, C. T. Marlin; a-sslstanl. Cayl I^-nhart: pipemen. Frank Fraze T. N. Goes: hydrantmen. William VaiiRhn. T. C. Henry. Asa Starkey Roy Henshoy. Clay Lenhart and F. O Torbett: house committee. ,\. C. Shaf for. Frank Fraze and William Vaimhn. Personals. Frank Do'aney and family have re- iirned to their home in Kansas Citv iftor a brief visit with friend.s in this city. MIssos .lossle and • Bertha Sparks of Humboldt, are guests of Gas City friends. .Mrs. Albert Gregory, of Rronson who has been visitinc In this city, returned to her homo yesterday. ^ Register Want A48 Bring Heaulta. Baby Laugli It belongs to health for a baby to eat and sleep, to laugh and grow fat. But fat comes first; don't ask a scrawny baby to laugh; why, even his smile is pitiful! Fat comes first. The way to be fat is the way to be healthy. Scott's Emulsion is the proper food, but only a Uttle at first. BBker Uahtermiiy AuMoHum foam name Called at 9. Admission lOc AT THE um OF COURSE THE PRISON FACTS G(>VEH.\OK HIM'H IN ST HI (IS Til PEMTENflARY COMMISSION. Kansas and Okhihoniii .Men Will Go to Lansing Today (o Learn tlie TniUi of .lliiis Barnard's (barges. and iliU wtmVmtmmt. tagtthcr villi BMN tit taper bi <«Mcb II wpcMinar aiUnM aad (oar cents to cover paetaae, sad wc win tend yoa • troBpkU Hwdy Albs of th* Workr SQTTT & BOWNE. 409 Pttri Street. NtwYetk Topcka. Kas.. Dec. 3i>.—The joint onimittcc from Kansas and Oklahoma will begin is investigation of condi tions iu the Kansas penitentiary thi afternoon at 2 o'clock. Tlie commit tee from Oklahoma is on its way Lansing and the Kansas rnnimittcc left his nioruin.g. .Vol only will the committee apiM)inlod by Governor Hoch go on the trip, but l-'rod S. .Inck son. attorney general, will lie on hand as will aliso Prof. K.H. S. Bailey, food analyst and chemist at the I'niversit of Kansas. Governor Hoch ssiid to ilie commit .lee yesterday that he is determined rliat the charges against the prison'i management by Miss Kate Bernard of Oklahoma regarding the ppnitentiar>- rhall be thorough. Miss Bernard's Keport to Governor. .Miss Bernard is commissioner charities and prisons in Oklahoma b; election. She visited the Kansas pcni lenliary al Lansing. In whioh mor hail .".no Oklahoma prisoners are kept lome lime HRO . and forthwith filed •barges against liio institution wl 'iovornor Haskell of Oklahoma. In her report .Mlsh Ilrrnard said the sanitary conditions of tho place are had: the f (XKl given the prisoners Is not suf flclent and Is of an inferior qiuillty the moihods of punlMhuient of thn con vlriN are cruel and uiiil(|tiatod and the iilltudo of llie offlooni of tlu' IIIIHOII not humane. Follnwlni; the puliHiliy of thin rr port. Gttvernor Hoch uskod Governor Haskell lo name a Mminilliee and Im mediately appoinle dthis commit fee of five to make an Investigation: K. W. HIaokinar, professor of soeiolopy of ho University of Kansas: F. r>. Co burn, secretary of the iMiard of apri- ulliire; S. .1. Criimblne. secretary of the state board of health; the Rev Charles .M. Sheldon, jiastor of (he Cen- ral Congregational church of Topeka and Frank Gilday. state mine inspector. Instnirtions from Mr. Horh. This committee met in the govor- iior's office yesterday afternoon and tlovernor Hoch gave them their final instructions. .After explaining that Bernard had brought the charges, he governor said: "If all. or any. of these rnarges are rue, not only the people of Oklaiioma hut the people of this state as well are entitled to know the facts. It is due lo he warden of this Instituion. W. H. Ifaskell. to say that he has repeatedly insisted upon this investigation since the.-^e charges were made and that he. no less than I. dosire It to lie without fear or favor. 1 desire that you se- ure the services «)f a competent stenographer and make a record of the Imiioriani testimony that may lie given In the Investigation." Tlie governor mentioned particularly the following ixiints: First—^The sanitary condition of the prison, of its cell houses, its mines, its culinary department, its workshops its hospital < Second—The quantity and quality of food furnished the prisoners, the methods of Its preparation for their daily consumption. Third—The punishments and methods resorted to to enforce discipline. Fourth—The attitude of the ofjHcers of the institution toward the prisoners, from the warden to the lowest subordinate in rank, whether gentlemanly antl humane, or the reverse. Fifth—^Along any other Ilnea in which your judgment may lead you. A Feileral Prison Comparison. "in oriler that this investigation may be of value," continued Governor Hoch, "let me suggest that officers and prisoners alike, who may be called upon to testify, may be assured that no harm shall come to them from any toKllniony they may give so far ajf this administration can give such an assurance and so far as the incoming administration can be influenced by me. and 1 hav'e no doubt whatever of the hearty approval of this assurance by the gentleman who is to be my suc­ cessor. "I wish, gentlemen, that you might visit the federal penitentiary at Leavenworth and consult its warden, one of the most eminenti criminologists and penologists in the United States. Compare the conditions there, the methods of punishment, the sanitary conditions, the dietary facts and othei matters with our own iinstitution." The governor also said he hopec .Miss Bernard would attend the Investigation. OR.LODGE TO GET IK Is Distant Kelathe of Marqnis Df Lafayette Over Whoiie Estate There Is Big Salt In case the Marguis De. Lafayetti wins the suit now iieuding to recovei he lite to land in the city of St Louis valued at one billion dollars Dr. Lodge of this eiiy hopes (o sectirr •i small slico of (he .spoils. Dr. Lodgr Is a distant relative of tho Marquis He says (he family tree- dales bach to the time when St. I.^uls was t small village and has often heard his mother and grand mother talk of the ihrllllne times wbcu the family were fr )rrod by the Indiana to vacate the o'd farm Hlluated on the present site of Ht. Uiils. - <2na«. '•'rbe-.Wolf.'r Hbijene .ValtiM^v^ l ^tey^of Ufe ln-tb«c.'( Bay «5Bntrr. Is ^vfttga^Ji Itatloa la. this dtr-thlfi (^nnd: wttb AlLvlttf, aecesaortab- •Monte- seentln ew Tork «nd ' , air.,Allen,IMs.:U.e'o ctr onLthe l&tm .Ta^Mwi$im^| the issue.ot that, paper of Ag "Let me say..rlgjir here;, fncther parley, that in ^e ^hisene Walter haa :inoit: confirmed oar imprwalda' thtttthe'l 'find.' His secon4..^play la a'mi drama, vivid bnt primltiTe,- .Titai!« unfledged. It is 4irect, tenBi< ly written, sincere, and free ftam''oait-'| ventional flapdoodle. '" " The Wolf.' hit the Qrat -nlfhter in apite of all. This was an ment. It was a great feat If] beyond the preadventnre of .a ^doi Chat youBS Mr. WUter is mads, of i right dramaUe stuff. |v< " 'Paid in F^ir was not a fink*.' was the work of an artist For er ^Particulars apply to 'The WDI^* tWhen one recalls this yoans ptv-^ Wright's own admiulon that, Jnst. fore the producUon of 'PaM In Ftalliifj he was sleeping in the . park^,. and- struggling for the right to nourish bisi^ [)oor outward shell, ofie caanot help^ applauding the fine hand of eternal'^ justice. "Everything comes , to him -/Who^\;^ waits.' is apparently / correct. It- .lice and consoling thing to believe : "Apparently. Mr, Waiter seen many plays, and therefor9|^ loesn't know how 'managers, - actotsiS and claque expect them to be don^ He loes them bis own way, whIAiisr mighty good thhiff to do. ^Vkatever^,- may be the fate of 'The'Wolf,* It nasi^ been proven Mr. Walter's right to.; be*| looked upon as perhaps the only s ^r ^^i !ous dramatic proposition that'. thuF^ ^season has set forth. If'^e can give'^ us one play a year, we may think < selves lucky. He will give as a good3 pla.v." fhrtb-"; HATDEN WANTS «TBE HOW.'? T>ltt«bnrg Fans Are Bablag •Eaenrar-^- a^eaieBt'' Cela. IS -TREMON'T .>0 MORE. Hotel Name is Changed to the Man* hattaa. R. A. Hanson, who recently took f-harse of the Tremont hotel. Is making some improvements on the bulld- ng. Tho name of the hotel has been changed to the Manhattan. Mr. Hanson and a brother bought the property some time ago. They come here from Fredonia. T. C. Hayden. manager of the lote^f' ^eam in ,the O. K. league last season;: bas the Pittsburg fans on the Jump inij in effort to raise 11500 to encourage:^ him to give that city a first div *eam. A little over one-third <Ar 3um retiuired has been raised. The Headlight says: Those, who* have the collections in- charge ihat it is imperative that this be raised by noon tomorrow in order^ hat promises to the team managaKj; Thos. Hayden. may be carried out^'j ''he announcement comes through ctter from President D. M. Sblralr^ )f the Western Aswciatloa that %\ meeting will be held In Kaaiaa CIty.p at the Baltimore hotel, Wednesday. aT: II o'clock, for the purpose of arrus -^.^j ing a schedule of dates. < •••''A Those who have been active in se^ curing a team In the assoeiatlon for^^ Pittsburg are especially desirous Qt^^ carrying the report to this meeting i^l that the money promisadha* beenjjii raised and placed.In the bands of Arthur K. Lanyon as trostee.' . The agreement reached 1>etween lo- 1 cal promoters and Thos. Haydpn waa^i that the manager was to have a pnrse^ of 11500 at the end erf the season K the Pittsburg team flnUfeesJn what la: 1 km^rn as the first dlvisian. A leas amount is to l>e given if the team finishes in the second division.- • Th9rm Im Oniy One Thmi Im tttCO THE WOMJt 70 Always remember the full name, for this signature on every box. INSURANCE! Is a necessity, not a luxury. It is not an expense but an Investment It is something you must have but something ^ou must be rareful nt. as It is very Important that- the right companies are selected. I represent the leading companies of the world and would like to SHOW YOU. * J. E. rOYTMLL Kvans Black, lola, Kaasaii WHY PAY R When yon- «an buy with the same nioney? some mighiy nlea hand right now which I yon for th* 'nna KQM^' yoa are pvlaMout smt proptrtlas ara wall;; are a' sobd -!'|af ««|aapC 'i want la a ehf^^tct fKOW J. 1. IQWml H

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