Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 9, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1908
Page 4
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ne mi tliir iBBsni CKlSKSB F. 8C0R ' Seportera' Bbpni' 211 Bulneu OQlce It Bntond at Ibla, Kaniu, PostofllM. u J SecondTcUu Matter. AdT«rtIkins Rates Blade Known on ' Applioatioii. [. . BCB^GBIFTIOH SATES. By Carrkr Ik tola, Gaa Gttr« LaayM- , Till* or ta Har^ Ont W«Ue .i 10 eenti On* Month .i 44 eanU One Taar ..t $6.00 B7 >«n. Om yenr inside eonaty I&M One jtu oitslde eonntj N .00 Three Monthe, In advance 11.00 One Month, in adTanee 44 OmCUL PIPEB, CITY OF BIS- •BKBBB OF ASSOCIATED FBBSS. The leU DUly Beglsttir la a Beaber ef the Associated Press and Becelres the day report If that great news or- faaisatlen for Exclnsire Afternoon PnbUcatlon Ik lobk j CRIME ON DECREASE More Countlet Than Ever Have No Representative in the State Prison at Lansing. • (LeaVenworth Times.) Is Kanaas;growing; better. In spite of all pesBlniisUc views upon the subjects 8tatl8ti<^ from the state prison seem to point towards a wave of right eousness In the state. On January 1, 190". therewere IS counties which were not represented at the penlientlao'. On Januatr 1. 1908 the number had Increased to twenty-three. Cbaplain McBrlan. who keeps track of these figures. sa >-s he conBlders that « good omen far the year, even If the number Is 23. The largest per cent of the prisoners which we receive." said the chaplain yesterday, "Is from the eastern countJes." "How do you account for that?" he was asked. "Are they country boys who drift Ifito thecity?" "No, not {generally. I find that •when I the men as they come in, the ihoat of them are wanderers. They Just drift from one place to another until finally they land in trouble. Out of the SOQ Kansas prisoners not 500 are or have ever be?n really residents of the state. They come from everywhere, are what you might ca'I a flotsam of the whol? United States. Many of them have no education, were bom In great cities itt envii^nmonts of poveHy and sin .and follow the road which was theii* heritage from birth. "No, it i» not the count rj- lK >y who goes to the city and gets into trouble. It is inore often the drifter from nowhere in particular and bound to the. sanle destination. Most of them have been underdogs all of their •lives and care very little for a prlsoo sentence. To a few^ it has come to mean even "this, a place to sleep ami three meals a day; "Another ;thlng which speaks well for the opening of the new year is the decrease In prison inmates. The number haslgone down from 1.237 to 1.160. Wie are receiving fewer men than for a long time in the past. One reason for this may be that Oklahoma has not.'been sending In her usual quota. Owing to changes in administrations down there, they haven't been holding many courts, but their Jails are crowded with prisoners. One sheriff told me that ha had twenty-flve In charge^ and none of them contains men who have been waiting trlat over a year.- The new state will have a proposition on its bands when^lt comes to dealing out jnstice to B .hch a great number of men. But that isn't the only prison question they are up against. Of course you know that Oklahoma is piannlne to build a penitentiary and care forits own wards. Well, that's all right, but there's a strong question abput thtm getting some of them, for this reason, that up ui^U within the /ast few months Oklahoma prisoners have -been sentenced to Ber\-e their time in the Kansas prison at Lansinp, Kan. Their comroltnipnts road that way. If they transfer these men they stand a mighty big chance of having to.set them free. "They have been sentenced one? and that to, the Kansas prison. It looks mlKhty like they would have to finish thel' time here even If Oklahoma had her penitentiary raady tomorrow." "You get most of your young prisoners from that state, do you not?" "Yes, you see they have no reformatory down there, but we are not getting so many younc boy.-! either from there or from Kunsas as we once did. and that is one thing for which we are all thankful.; " "There is perhans no question urvin . which prison officials so thoroughly agree as that of sentencing young boysto the penitentiary. "It fihould_ be the last resort." one officer sa<d.' "Try as we may to keep down evil influences. tb*re is bound to be a certain amount of it in a prison where men of Al ages, classes and conditions are thrown together." Lemon, Chofolate^ f nstard. These are- the three varieties of "OUR-PIE" . prenaration which are creatine so much favorable comment everywhere.; Kach package is put up according to the strictest Pure Food Laws. It does not require an! experienced cook to make good pies from "OUR-PIE." .Tust the proper proportions of all Infrredlents are 'in the package reaSv for your immediate use At grofcers, 10 cents. NEWS OF GAS CITY REVIVAL .MEETINGS AT THE M. E. CIirKCIl ARE B £I >'G WELL ATTENDED. Clerks Won From the High School BsHkct Ball! Team by the Score of 39 (0 19. Boys Battled. That the little and mighty are superior in many ways to the large, clumsy human being, was sho.wn yesterday when a small boy put a much larger bne on his back in a fierce fight on the streets yesterday evening. The little fellow d^d this with a grace equalled by none.* But the fight was not allo'ik-ed to continue to the end as the bystanders parted the two antagonists. Revivals Are Well Attended. The revival meetings which are in progress at the Methodist Elpiscopai church in this city are being well attended. \\'hlle there has been but few conversions the ln:erest seems to increase as the meetings progress. Rev. v;unipbell pastor of the church. Is preaching many interesting sermons. Arc Interested in Base BalL The Gas City base ball fans are watching with Interest the outcome of tola's attempt to enter the O. A. K. league. They consider it will be as much Gas City's team as lola, since lall of the games will be played at the £iectric park between lola and Gas. Clerks Won Final Game. The clerks basket ball team of this city won the last game of a series of •sanies bet wen the. high school and clerk teams by the score of 39 to 19. The game was exceedingly Interesting and was witiiessed by several lovers c )t the rame. The high school team luis won two games out of the series. Personals. Tl>e'daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. S. .McCliiPkeyMs quite ill threatened with Iiiit-uniopia. A. linslow. of Elk City, was here yes itrdny on a business visit, Joe Connor returned to Barllesville .vo.sttrday. He has been here on a I.i.slhcfs visit .'6 •Mr. and .Mrs. James Wolf left yesterday for Nevada. Mo., where they will visit relatives. J. i: Ramer, of Kansas City, was here yesterday, on a business visit. rnOX THE PI>E W OODS. Jlyomers Aromatic Air Is Guaranteed to Cure Catarrh or Cost Nothing. ^\'hen using the Hyomei t^reatment, the air you breathe is like that on {he mountains high above sea level where the pine woods fill the air with aromatic healing that gives health and strength to those suffering from disease of the respiratory organs. Breathed through the neat pocket inhaler that comes with every outfit, the heal Ing balsams of Hyomei reach the most remote air cells of the throat, nose and lungs, destroying all catarrhal germs and giving quick relief and cure. Hyomei has i)erformed almost miraculous cures of catarrh, often restoring health in chronic cases that had given up all hope of recovery. Its best action is at the start of the disease when the breath Is becoming offensive and when discharges from the no8$, droppings in the throat and frequent sneezing of spasmodic coughing begin to make life a burden. At ttte first symptom of catarrhal trouble, use Hy­ omei and see how quickly you get relief and cure. The complete outfit costs but $1.00 and is sold by Chas. li. Si>encer, under guarantee to refund the money If It does not give satisfaction. POLICE TO ARREST THEM. Won 't Issue Any More Chicken Warn- inn«. Hereafter when any compfaint is made against chickens running out contrary to tlie cit yordlnance, and it is found to be a just complaint, the police will arrest the, owner. Tha city officers decided today that this was the best way to handle the chicken business. E^rery day complaint Is made against chickens running at large, but the police have simply warned the owners to put them up. This has not resulted In stopping the number of complaints and so arrests will be made from now on. Today a number of complaints we.'e made to the pollca. TO CUBE A COLD IK OJfE BAT Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money If it falls to'cnre. E. W. GROVETS 8l«- natnre Is on each box. 260.^ NEWS OF U HARPE BEAT WAS STOLEN FROM MRS. CLASH'S BOARDIXG HOUSE. Used a Sk^ton I ^ey to eater ...... USED SKELTON KEY TO ENTER JOHN LAURY SAYS WHEAT IS LOOKING GOOD OYER STATE. St Janes Hotel May Chaaire Hands— A Deal Is on Whereby a Lady May Come In Possession. In In Real Estate Rnslness. Claude Maxey who formerly conducted n grocery store In this city is now in the real estate business in Parsons, Kas.. and has been for the past several months. Claude moved from here to Parsons where he o|)ened a grocery store to later sell it and launch into dealing lands. He was in the city yesterday on a business visit. Mfat Thieves Are Working. That the meat thieves are working] again in'this city is evident from the fact the smoke house at Sirs. Clark's boarding house was entered Tuesday evening and a quarter of a beef stolen. On Tuesday afternoon Mrs. Clark purchased a full quarter of a beef and placed it in her smoke house where she expected to keep It until needed. The next momtng when she got up and went out to get the meat she found that some one had entered the house and stolen the meat. It would have been Impossible for one man to have done this deed as he could not have carried the meat away. The thieves must have used a skeleton key to enter the smoke house as It was locked In the mcfrning as left the night before. Says Wheat Is Good. John Laury, one of Alien county's most prominent farmers, ssiys that the winter wheat is looking good. The weather has been good. Mr. Laury says, for the growing of winter wheat It is well advanced for this time of year. Mr. Laury has been traveling over this part of the state a great deal of late and is in position to know the conditon of all farm products. MEW rORK STORE'S GRAND CLEARING NOW IH FULL PROGRESS. SACRiFIC- IHQ ALL WINTER MERCHANDISE AT 1-2 Off, 1-3 Off and 1-4 Oft Will Be Burled llorc. The infant child of Mr. jiiid Jlrs. Carptnter. fornuTiy of this t'iiy, died at their home In Deering, itas.. yesterday. Interment wil take; plaif in the IM liurpe cemetery. Tlie t'offi'v- vll!o Record says: 'The iiifnnt child of .Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter of ncurln^ died this morning at that place. 'I'hc body will be shipped today to L:i Hari)e for burial." Was ContinuiHi Again. The case In Justice Mercer's court of Guth vs. Farmer has been con- Itnued again from yesterday until Friday, January 17th. This case involves $68 which has been garnisheed by the plaintiff. Hotel May Change Hands. .\ deal IS on at the present time whereby the St. James hotel in this" city will change hands. Mr. Mills, the present owner, is about to sell it to a lady from Toronto who will move here if the deal is closed and make a number ol\ improvements. Pergonals. Mrs. James Houston and little .son of Ilenton. Kas.. are here visiting Mr. and .Mrs. C. F. Moorehead. Mrs. James Roydon returned yesterday to Wichita after a short visit here. Uick Gillhara, of .Moran, was in the city yesterday on a business visit. George G. Fox and Rali)h Uennett were In Geneva yesterday on a business visit. H. T. .Matin, of Nevada. Mo., was here yesterday on a business visit. P. E. Lember, of Kansas City, was in the city yesterday calling on the local merchants. J. L. Doty left yesterday for Pueblo, W. J. Wllley returned yesterday from Illinois where he has been on an extended visit. Richard Hartzog. of Moran, Kas.. was in the city yesterday on a short business visit. Mrs. Mary C. Work, of Colorado Springs, Colo., and .Mrs. \V. F. Ilaker of Amsterdam, Mo., are visiting their sister, .Mrs. Klizabeth R. McGurk. 25 per cent Off On all wool and cotton blankets. Ladies Coats $0 coats for $2.98 7.98 coats for J4,98 10.00 coats for ... $5.98 15.00 coats for ... $7,98 20.00 coats for.. .. $12.50 30.00 coats for $14,95 25 per cent Off On any Lace Cuitains and Portiera in the house lOc Dress Plaids As long as they last, for 5C 20 per. cent Off On any ladies' Wool Underwear. 1-3 Off On any Fur Coats and Furs. Remnants Semi-Annual Remnant Sale still on, all kinds of remnants at less than 1-2 actual price. Don't miss it Grand Clearing Sale Of all Ladies' Waists. h off from regular price. I5c Ginghams As long as they Ins for 7 l-2c Millinery at I 2 price and less ,^ Sacrificing Silks To J silks for ........ 39C'- Sacrificing Dress Goods^ All oDc fancy dres.< goods for.; 380" All ?1.25 fancy dres$ ijoods fcr.: 796 Ladies' Skirls : One • lot Ladies' ancl Mis.^es Skirts, worth up to 87 .50, take your choic^; for....; $2.98 One let Ladies' and Misses' Skirts, worth u^ toSlO.OOjtake your choice for $5.oe ki News of the County r n.\RMOXY. MEETINGS AT BMIUDERS CHAPEL Series of Evangeiiatic Services Held by Rev. Hiltcher. Evangelistic meetings ore being hffld at the Utile Bui'dcds Chapel each evening, conducted by .Mr. .Jones and Rev. S. S. Hilscher. The attorn!- ance is good and a number have made professions of their faith. III! "I bftTe nted Tonr Tmlvkbl* CfUcftnU mni find them perr«<:t. Coaldn't do wllbuiit (h«ra.. I Umrm Diett tb«txi for auoie ttiov for l«dlKnti<>a aii'l 141' loastie.a and am now c »aipl«UflJ car«U. Kfcoin- ID «tid tliem to fwryoiia. Ouc« trwil. yja wiU n*r«r b« witliuut Ibi-u In tha famll)'." . _ K<lir>nl A. Mwi. Albu7. N- T. &est For w The Bowels ^ CANOVCATXAimc PlM »iit. P»IMrtIt. I^J»T«»M«^-noOoflJ. HenrSlekan. Wimk*a ordrilM. Uc. Bc.SJj. NfTW snid In balk. Th» tMulM tobl«l aianpM CVC Qmmmuui M car* of JtMir maa«r Uck. Burling tttmmir Co.. Chicmc« or N.Y. 6o» AIMUALSiLE. TEIMIUJOM BOXES The little dauKhter of Mr. and .Mrs. Frank Hooe has been quito sick the week with a bail cold. Curti.«, fleorpe. Hob Cornell and their sister. .Mr.s. Mary (ioff. from near Liberty, came down Saturday fof a few days visit with relatives in this vicinity. .Miss Stanza Runyon Is staying with .Mrs. L. J. Hooe this week and going to school. Dan Cornell and family. Mrs. Mary Goff. OeorKe. Hob and Curtis Cornell and I.ex Hooe visited with Milford Hooe and family in Ch.inute Sunday. Clyde Lamlierth and family visited with Mrs. Lamberths sister, Mrs. Frank Hooe and family Monday night Grandpa Cloud has been quite poorly since Sunday but is some better at this writing. Mr. and .Mrs. Will Stewari. attendc<I the funeral of Mrs. P'red Stewart Saturday. Grandpa Cloud received word from Indiana l-Viday of the death of his nephew. Delniar Cloud. Cary Cloud marketed dressed I iors in Chanute Wednesday at sijc cents per pound. Mr. and .Mrs. Will Stewart and Miss Stoelzing spent Wednesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Gallagher. .Mr. L. IX Hooe and Mrs. Pear! Wheeler and children returned to their homes in Chanute Saturday after a week's visit with relatives in this vicinity. SILVER LEAF. Mrs. WVnzel, reporter. Mrs. Gurloy rcttirned from Wobb City last week aftf>r spending Christmas with her daughter, .Mrs. Thonj ton. Ray and Forest Gurley went frora Wobb City, Mo., over to Florence, Kas. to vfelt with Mr. Forsythe. .Mr. Knepp from .^^i.ssourl ^Bs moved on his farm that he recant'y i)ur- chased from Mr. Gurley and Mr. Gurley has moved to his new home In Gas City. Our loss will be some one else's gain. Jfrs. Lust is looking for her parents from \(fV!i in the near future for an extended visit. Mr. Wm. Hall was up from Elmdalo and spent Christmas week at R. \\'"en- zel's. Mr. Joe Eastwood entertained com- paiiy from Bourbon county, Christmas. PR.VIBIK ROSE. Frank Bacon has been here on a visit with relatives. Chas. Ford and wife, Mr. Jackson nnd famll.v. Grandpa Bailey and Mrs. Mary Ford were very oleasantly entertained at Geo. Ford's New Years day. Victor Sloan and f;imily and Fred Hoeson and family were guests ot Howard .Mwire's .\ew Years. Rev. liarber was quite sick Sunday and unab!e to lili his appointment. .Mr.s. Ford has been quite a sufferer from an attack»of (rrip. Word has been commenced on the house which .\irs. .Miller expects to move out from town for Will \\;(:()d. Tlie Uidies' .\id will have an all- day meeting at .Mrs. Boring's Thurs- d;iy and quilt a quilt for her. l.i:tle Russell .Maiack has been quite J sick but at last rei)orts he was some belter. Riihert Rogers and family wero at Will .McFarland's Sunday. Riisd.p and E.-iter Tice were on the sick list last week. QuitR /a iiiiinlier have been complaining of'severe colds and grip. .Mrs. Cora Caldwell returned to her home in Kingman county after a visit here with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. I^m and other relatives. 5E0SH0 TALLEY. SITUATIONS WANTED AdTctrlsements under this bead will he inserted three times without charge. W.VN'TEIl—Girl wants jjood place to work at house work, fili; South Fourth. WA.NTED— By man and wife, work on a farm. Phone ft 'i 'i. W.WTED—Girl wants place to work. Phono 12fiS. WA.\TEl>—<^;ood whito girl for general house work. 401 S. V.'alnul. C. L. Arnold, reporter. J. V. Slack and faml'y spent Sun- ilay in town. Frank Drake and his mother arc niaWng a month's visit in Oregon. Maude earner, of lola among friends here th«' first of t\\ti week. Mrs. llorney's family has been af- flicteil with lagrippe. Dr. .McDowill ai tended them. Rev. .Tqhn Cleaver came out from town Tuesday to assist in the protract.''d meetlncs that are being held here at present. Members of the school boards have received letters from County Super- liitrndent .Mrs. Maude Funston. requesting th?m to meet at lola Saturday wht re something will be done with spec al reference to school matters. Ear' Sloan and wife who formerly lived here, are at pres.^nt visiting old friends In this community. .Mrs. Vijla Vancil. (noc Leak) whose body v.-ais brought down from Lawrence the first of the week for burial, was well known hero. Before their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Vancil lived in this no'ghborhcod and associated with the young people of the community . It is both strange an! lamentable that Mrs. Vancil's death wa .3 of such a mysterious character as to create suspicion. It is hop.M that investigation will c'ear up the matter without blame, rather than corroborate the belief" that has become some what prevalent. B. F. Clark was in the neighborhood a day or two th.> first j>art of the week. E. B. Butler hss been on the sick i:st for several days past. De«'lare for Tnft. Guthrie, Okla.. Jan. 9.—Previous to I the meeting here today of the repiib-j lican state committee resolutions were agred upon for adoption by the committee; declaring for Secretary Wm. H. Taft for president WA.NTED—.V bri,i;ht man who is a hustler to sell our. celebrated Teas, Coffees and Sundries on commission in and around lola. Good returns can he realized. For further particulars write or rail on the Grand I'nion Tea Co., 701 Kan.s:i.s Ave., Tojieka, Kans. FOR SALfi—Good milch ceJw.' In- quire_l04 Xorth Elm. _J FOR SALE—$1800 stock of!groceries and store fixtures. 402 South Kentucky street fOR REMt^ Miaosllmttaous ~FOR~RE.N ''r— Eight room, ^modern house. Adams & Burns. Phofle_1161. FOR RENT—One five rooni house on South Second and one G room house on South Fourth. Inqiiire 21.') South Buckeye. J. H. Bock. ^ FOR RE.NT—Two choice ; office rooms. Inquire at Burreli's drug store. SALESMA.N WANTEO-Sell retail trade, your locality per month and expenses to start or commission. Experience unnecessary. HEil.Ml.NGSE.N' CIGAR CO.. Toledo, O. FOR REI n' T—Seven room Inodern house on paved street, r> blocks from square; newly rcrcr-Ie'.t-d. InOiuire J. B. Kirk, 621 North Washir.ston, WANTED- -MU^Iammous WANTED—Second band Winchester pop gun. - Inquire 105 South Second Bt ^et. FOR SALE-MUiiomllmmmous FOR RE.NT—Five room house; good repair. Inquire -12:; S"i.ili Cottcuiwood. FOR RENT—i;i?--ht room hotfse. 20S Norili Walnut. AiM'fy at "»i North Walnut. WILL TRADE CECIL BANiCHEAD. But Manaaer Fillman Will- K:ep Pitcher Root. 1-X)R SAUK —Household goods, house plants, phonograph. 204 North ScconJ. Phono IISIM. FOR SALE—Twelve White Rock chickens and hen house 1J.\2 j . Address XYZ this office. FOR SALE—Good Sindebakcr bug- g>-, practically new, with good set of iM>M harness, for sale at Howard's if taken lu tho ne;ii few days at $S0.00. . FOR S.\LE—A driving mare and btiggy. Horse city broke, safe for lad> to drive. Inauire 832 North street ('rC.Iobe.) \r,„.,~, ,. piiinin^i '-ns sent oiit •"••'ii- ;r.ic!s to -he \'.<fS M nerS. Tii-" r r.'cr't- of th si- roiifacts '» .1 lie ,-. revel ty li: •nii )e>-<: of ',P^l s ^ti-oii 's for ner 'r'y .t' I «{ t'o in'sv-TS lu.v> ;>rtarhtfl Ihf'r si-in-itiirf•>> ra' '•rxitr.r;^' C'lrtraci.s wereTiTi:!-'' the fi ilnwi-.ij; player.-i: .lae'^: K "<;. rha .'Its W'c!;. Chares Fl .^niiri- JM- ••''..•r Co-"!-,-'" ar .'l "Feo 'i" Har •ii;:"ti. .'^hon.--!o:> 0 ]i<)ii is new ii .io:.;-!i .'md ho and Fillman ar:;u ;n? o^.-r t:-.'? " -nis, ;i >e- U*OS cnTnrcr. Van!' r- l.n;. Ba .k 'ieail an -l Qu.'i.->' r \( last y. -jr".-; t .^am will not b.- ?>•!!'. ef^ntr.ics rs Fi ••••.:<n .ntends ;o iraao t:uiir. Its Economy To have your Carpets and Sugs cleaned by TheiolaRo; Factory V-MONE 61tu BONE.^ SKIPPED DOARD 3ILL. Fired S12 prtd C ce *<! in Pol 'Ci! Court —Arrested at Necs'-o Fa; s. Ed Boii<'r V.'^' r\Ti win «n.^- chcir*- ed with jun'p^nsr h li/^rrd l^lt wn^ arraigned in vV^o.^ coiir- y ;'.i'erd'iy and fined $12.<"'0 end rn:-:s. -nl' of which amouiiied to $2(i .'M. 'R "'n £r was arrested yesrerda.v at Xeo.-iho Falls whore he wc -nt f.-om here; He owed Mrs. V.'Drkmcn. who rimdui-fs a boarding hpuse on North KJ-n'.ucKy street a |10 board bill. He eoUlJ no: pay the fine 7and went to jaiK Try a Want Ad. In the Keglsjler.

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