Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 9, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1908
Page 3
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Never in the history of Allen County have the people had the opportunity of buying new high-jnrade merohandise at such ruinous prices. It will be the greatest upheaval of bargains within the walls of this city since she came on earth. The whole town will be awake; we are going to raise the roof if necessary and let in the sunshine- We propose to pour out to the people in the next twentyldays, commencing at 9 o'clock, Saturday, January 11th, 1908, and ending at Midnight Worth of Ihc newest higU prade this commntity to $cll at the lowest prices tbo people erer saw. There is not to he an Mem held In rcscrre with us. We «rc Mag this ill order to- lirlii(; thoiisnnds of people here. It will pay them. XS'c hare sent word to them and they will come and see the ffreatcst change they ever saw before la this city. When they viitir our doors they will see the wheels of commerce rolling as they nerer rolled liefore, tho big red tickets and liliic pencil mark of price destroction on every item in the biiC store will sluMit tlieni to linrurniiis such as they never saw before in l^heir lives. Ton will see lilg le tickets on .H; articles. 9c tickets on 20e articles, 19c tickets on 2.» and »5c articles, 39e signs on 50 and T.'ic articles, and so on throughout the entire house. Mark the hour 9o'c|ocksharp Be on hand and get your share Will be assisted in this sale by a Representative of the Kansas City Sales Co. S. Nalcom (Si> Co., - LaHarpe, Kans. THE WHOLE HOUSE WILL BE ABLAZE WITH BARGAINS! II Don'b Forge€ COME COriE SATURDAY. COME SURE. COME EVERY DAY. FTor* Twenty T^&y^ tlrils {Slaslxlng: Ooes On! A Sweeping Landslide oi Bargains. Read these Mute but Crushing Prleem Note Some Things Every item In this store for less than others pay for the same (roods. 2 Papers Pins lor t 1 Box Jet Head Mourning Pins ...IC Best Hair Pins. 2 pkgs. for 16 5c Card of Safety Pins 16 5c Pearl Buttons, doz ;><:• 10c Pearl Buttons, doz 76 25c Mennen"s .Talcum Powder ... 1 T6 10c Metal Back Combs 76 75c Celluloid Back Combs G.'?6 65 Celluloid Back Combs 576 50c Celluloid Back Combs .....396 40c peUuloid Back Combs 2S6 35c Celluloid Back Combs 276 2.'ic Celluloid Back Combs 196 25c Side Conlbs .196 Dress Goods Must Go "Will Show Yon a 2r.c Plaid Worsted l.'>6 35c Warstcd li)6 r.Oc Worsted S96 Broadcloths worth $1.10 7.')6 TafTeta Silk, r.G inchoi, wide, . worth ?i .;ir. SI.13 Taffeta Silk .".G inclios wide, worth %lJtl> 996 Pau de Sole Silk 3C inches wide worth Jl.uO now i81.29 Peau de Soie Silk 32 inches wide worth $1.15 now 986 Peau do Soie Silk 27 inches wide worth fl.OO now 886 L.\DIES* .VND CHILDREX'S FURS XyiD Flit SETS. Co:d weather is coming and you will ned these to keep you warm. All we have in stock at halt price. Hosiery Best makes at Reduced Values. Ladies 12, 15, 25 and 50c kind now 96. 126. 196. .396 Misses 10. 15 and 25c kind now ...86, 126. 196 Men's Kockford, now .16 Men's Rockford Heavy Sc, 2 pair 156 Men's 15c Black arid Tan, now ..126 Sweaters For Men and Boys. Cost and profit not considered; they must go. -i Skirtings and Flannels A few pieces worth C5c, 75c, $1.00 a .vnrd will go iu this sale to clean up at ihe small price of, yard 306. 406. '>0t And now to make matters worse. Standard Prints t^ay are worth at wholesale 7c a yard, but during this .s-ile and as long as what we have lasts, yard 66 And if you want Calico it is a certainty you will come to us to buy IL Spool Thread 56 American Beauty Corsets .Tust received $200 worth of these and wo don't have to tell tho ladies anything about them. As the style :ind qualities of this brand of ladies wear are too well known. They go in thiii sale at prices less than you ever bought them at. A limited amount of .\meric3n Beauty Rose Souvenirs go with each Corset Men's and Boys' Hats and Caps. 5nc Kind now 396 75c Kind now 596 $1.00 Kind now 886 $1.25 Kind now 996 $l .r .0 kind now $1.18 $1.75 Kind now S1.48 $2.00 kind now $1.69 $2.25 Kind now 81.98 $2.50 Kind now J82.18 $3.00 Kind now 82.48 Fleece Lined Goods Suitable for J^r^asca and Saques. IC 2-3c Kin<t-.iow 12H6 12%c Kind "now 106 Kimonas. Wrappers and Dressing Saques must be cleaned up in this sale if prices will do it as we are determined to clear them but Mercerized Petticoats . In this line the price entter Is sharp ened to tlic keenest edge. $1.50 values now 986 $1.75 values now 81.19 $2.00 values now $1.39 $2.25 valeus now $1.49 $2 ..-.0 values now $1.89 $3.00 values now $2.48 One U)t of Ladies' Coats % off. One Lot of Ladies' Skirts V* off. One Lot of Children's Coats % otT. Trunks. Grips. Valises To go in this sali) at 20 per cent oft. If you need a Trunlt, Suit Case or tJrip now is tlie time to buy. You will never gel them as cheap as you wiii now. Men's and Ladies' Handkerchiefs. The uc kind now 36 The 10c Itind now Sc, 2 for 1,'56 The ir.c kind now 106 The 25c kind now 196 Men's Red and Blue 10c kind now 56 $1,500 worth of Dress Goods, foreign and domestic, consisting of ail the newest weaves and colorings in plain and fancy plaids. All to go in this sale at greatly reduced prfces. MEN'S ODD PANTS AT ODD PRICES PRICES DEMOLISHED. Out with them. Ail our $1.00, $1.25. $1.50, $2.00 and $2.50 Pants now at 796. 986. 81.29 81.48 Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! For Men, Women and Children at Sacrifice Prices. $1.00 Shoes now at 696 $1.25 Shoes now at 986 $1.50 Shoes now at $1.29 $1.75 Shoes now at $1..'>8 $2.00 Shoes now at 81.69 $2.25 Shoes now at 81.98 $2.50 Shoes now at 82.10 $2.75 Shoes now at 82.48 $3.00 Shoes now at 82.69 $3.25 Shoes now at 82.89 $3.50 Shoes now at 82.98 $4.00 Shoes now at 83.59 $5.00 Shoes now at 84.19 Men and Boys' Overalls 50c Overaila, sale price 396 G5c Overalls, sale price 496 7,'".c Overalls, sale price 636 85c Overalls, sale price 736 $1.00 Overalls, sale price 896 Men's XegUgee Work and OTcr Shirts. 50c liind now , 396 65c kind now 486 75c kind now 596 $1.00 kind now 886 Tat)!e Linens. Three bnndrcd dollan worth •! Table Lineis bought at 7» ceata •» the dollar, and we are foiag to. sell-the* at* ne boagbt tfeea. 50c Table Linens at. 35^ 65c Table Linens at 506- 75c Table Linens at 60^ $1.25 Table Unens at 904$1.00 Table Linens at 896 Outing Flannels The sice wlcter weather has left Bs with a big lot OB haod. .Bat they most go. • 7 %c Outing (nice styles) now ...56 9c Outing, nice styles, now ., 76 10c Outing, heavy fancy and solids, now 86 1214c Outing, heavy fancy and solids now .106 Prices Annihilated Bed Comforts, Blankets, .Men's, Ladies' and ^ildren's' Underwear at prices that are rldienloasly cheap. It. will pay you to bay these eren It you do not need them this winter. They must go. IfOTELTIES. In Purses, Bags. Belts and Ladles Neck Wear. At the same great ne ductlon. Read this ad through and follow the croTird to the 'fountain head of the biggest of all bargain giving events. Our Store wiU be cioooti ono day to mark tho Stook doinrnm Storo olomod Frldaiy, Jan, Wm LOOK HERE! FORCED TO SACRIFICE IS THE CAUSE OF THIS PRICE BFTCnERY. Start! Beady! Go! The great race to this Merchandise Massacre conmeBces Jaaaary 11th at 9 o'clock a. m. Pages eoaM set begla to describe the hndreda ef Iteau on sale not adivrlised. The entire colossal stock participates. Ko reserre, no limit, all to go. Pandemonlnm will reign snpreme. Tonr dollars will do doable dnty here. Mark the koor. tarn In at the slgas—they tell tie story. FAKE PlID -TO POBCHIS* EBS of $10 and over in a raidns of 10 miles. FARE PAID TO PURCHASERS of HaM and over In a radlns of lo miles, liqw cone! Don't delay! Obligations ninst be fnlillled to BTOM tronble. Relentless creditors dcsand their pay. The cash Bnit cose. >'o matter how much loss to as, the stock must go.>'OTICE!. So goods charged! >'o goods sent on approval. Tour money back on return of goods in good shape. Ho goods exchanged on Satnrday. : i - ' Mark the Hour. Mark it well. Thc^ greatest sale ever held in the State opens here at 9 o'clock, Saturday, Jan.] 1,'08 ii LA HARPE, KANSAS NOTICE: Merchants from conntry towns wishing to bay a peitieB of this fine stodt at the same prices Uste4 fa this chrcniar wOI be wallei en only between the heus of 8 o'clock ercry mnfaig aa4 ftedi pMkel ni tiUf§ti th« feUewhff i»j All Sales Injustice to yourselves ancf farnlty you can't affoiti to miss thb |itaiest of an sacrifice sales

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