The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 14, 1944 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1944
Page 6
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6 Thursday, September 14, 19441 Perils Aachen M ART >AT£NT P1.U5 207«EXCI5ETAX fcoop of fhe month WE NOW HAVE TWO "FAMOUS BRANDS" OF CHILDREN'S SHOES 'GallenKampY 'Orthopedics* BOTH REGISTERED «nd SUPERB FITS Children'^ darling non-rationed .._ TO'li «*IOM for play A dreti 3.29 JIZEJ 12 ^ TO 3 3.65 1520 Nineteenth Street IN BAKERSFIELD RECORDS ("••tr >nu< •<] I'l nm I'agr Ono Hi" Mnnilip rher 17 miles from N ; i ! H ^ . I'nisiMl mi Border Thi rr- "a-- im new word from Pat- ' :•<!! - ]i-i't "in:; poised on the Luxeni i" M ^-i ii TIM .'i n ImnU'r. and last i »•• L' ihe Siegfried Line \\ ii hiiiil ;nu :in-. \vrrin~ fire. A cli.-iiiiu-h Irnin tin- I'.iilii-li Sec- oiiil A i niy I'l-unt said Lieutenant ili'iH'ial sir .Mi IPS (.". l>empsev s s Dallied more ground between :hi' Albeit and Kscant canals. and llif .V-iZi." h;nl blown up niusl of tlip bridges ;trin.'-s ilip Itiitpr barrier near the Diilrli trmitipr. which alrcadv had be( n ciussed at mure than fine' point. Thi- ( 'a ij. id i.i n I-'iist Army, rloan im.' up the ehanncl coast, for< -eil a ! i-insMiii; of tin' Leopold I'anal on lln> Herman pi'i iniiMer defenses j miauling tlip Si -helde estuary at j .\l>icfken|ue. about - miles Iron) the Dutch border. I in the fa i western tip of I'Yanre the loi)^ sii'Hi' nf i-tresi app'earcd In In- 'Iran in- in a .-lose. American AWAITS HIS DAY— Prinrp Felix linop^ I'nimht llii-ir \va\ Into the I'ourlion-l'arina, consort of fjrand area of the submarine pins on the Duchess rharlotto of Luxembourg, west side i.. I Ilicsi iinn into the ol<l is pictnrprl ill France. where. scr\- i-il.\ ii.-i-lf. Tuo hunihc.l .Marauder* illR uj , n thr Allied forces. lio looks fnrward to an early return to his .•m,l, s l,..mhcd lour ol.l Krencl, ilons on a peninsula just below the ,,„,„,, v . A|I( ,,. , lu , [illv p ri , H .ipaI- •harbor |.,r nearly an hour today. , j|v ^ ovf ,,,,,,, ,, v „,„ ( ; onnani . I s »llt A.lviinci- ; ,)„, mva | family n r .,| to Lisbon, 1'nited Pros Con c.-pondent Jo-: where the prince and his six chil- soph U'. Hrigg reported from Brad-: (I) . (i|1 u . fTO ,. lknn j,|,oaril Ihe I'SS •ley's lio;,d.|uarlors thai the advance Trenton, brought to Washington into Cerniany on Iho First Army i i w| .„ „ wh , Jlf frotu (levelopfil swiltly in the lust „.,„„, . L'4 hours, and added: '_ ' _____________ 'The l.allle to smash till-out;!] tllP: ' " .:-..-:. --•-.— -••:.-. ........ -.-: ont 'Keiei;:,,,;; 1 ^ i::^,;, 11 ™, 1 ^;: \ Jackie Cooper win Be r.nm-y^nppori"iHm- "!!,' soeki'nV ",', \ Arraigned September 29 snrTii Bi:xi>, ind.. si-pt. M. a'.ri Th " l'i"Ki'"s- "' > hat elh.rt \\as re- .| : ,, kil , ,',„,,„,., — .year-old movie licet,.I in Con-Hi's report late in Ihe .,,.,,„. „.,„,,.,. ,.,_, ,,;,',,„,,, ,„,,-,„.,. ,„, ; ||:1 - V " MI " •"•••• '1'iarteis were ,,,,,,,„,, , hl . ,,. M , , )s ., v .,, m ,,i,, llt 1 Riatlliod with the results of 111" last ;ll N ,,,,.,, ],,.,,,„, ,-,,,„ "Whore \ro j several hours, and seemed highly up- . y , -liildren'. 1 " will be arraimi-.l itnmslie. . Se|iirmber L".I on ih.irRcs of contrib- Muiky skie< pr<rented Allied air ,„,•„„• to the deliiuineiie y of al.Vyear- forccs Iriint supporting the resumed ' ,,|,j i-jr! offensive, below Aachen. But massed i'oopcr is charged with r-nlins artilliry and self-|iropclled Long ,| l( . ]„„,.] ,.,„„„ ..,„,] M ,ppl.\ im; the Tom i;i.",s pounded the Siegfried Line ! n,,,,,,,. uhjch set ;he scene' for the fortifications throughout the day. ! K iiTs alleged seduction, Prosecutor The artillery also pave the infan- ; ,\ rl | lllr [.- .Schoor, said today. try effective siipixirt, a.s did ongi- ; Coorge Bender, •'!. Sheffield, 111., i neers carrying bundles of TNT, a.s . ., nn , |,,.,. V -1L' student, is charged ; the troops battered throush the Sieg- with seducing the girl, while Pauline . fried crust. j l-Yederiek, 111. South Bend. Cooper's !daie, and Olio Lowory, -10, Negro ! J^'JJ , f^ 1 i waiter, also face morals counts. : i\llier \Jtaie i Cooper has been at liberty under Casualties Reach Total of 389,125 I WASin.XC.TON, Sept. M. CiD — i The officially announced casualties .among the l"nlt'-d h'tatos fighting forces have reached a total of ' Secretary of \\'ar Slimson sai<l to: day that army casualties for all theaters through \ut;ust ^fi. based : on reports to next ->f kin. total I!^7.- 1 till!..nn increase : f _'jl.8Jl from the ;'total Kivon a week MRO. The latest nav.v I'asualty list i-eports (i 1,509, an increase of I."i4."i. The army casualties, with comparable figures for a week ago. fol- | low: Killed (i.'..'i"i7 and fu.lilS; i wounded iT'.'.04i; and ir>ti.!i:!3; prison- I ers 4X.IK1 and 45.: 18; missiiiR 4."i.o:!li | an<1 4. r i,:Hii (a redui-tion arising out of transfer to othei categories). Plane Attacks' Continue on Japs \ day. Fifty Japanese planes were shot down and another l.">(i raiiRht ' by surprise on 1 be ground and wiped out. The attack' 1 ] s. who ranged to within "Oft miles of Manila, had a ; heavier toll still to report, .\iniilx. indicated. The strike was carried out Monday M'nitod States time) simultaneously with a carrier raid and \var- I ship bombardment of the Palau is| lands. Clio miles east of the Philip! pines. The double' blow is indicative ' of the tremendous power Admiral j William "Bull" llalsey's Third Fleet j is brhiKinR 1 to bear in invasion- threatened Philippine waters. Ximitx. a Rain reported the almost daily blows braeketinR Japan. This lime four islands in the Kurile chain northwest of Tokyo were hit as bombers from ihe Carolines struck at Iwo. T.'i'i miles southwest of the Nip! ponese capital. ! StraICL:ica 1 air forces in southeast j Asia that have been poundiiiR enemy i transportation lines for a week con! eenlraled on .Mojilmcln ill central j Burma and Ihe .Mantlalay-Lashio , railroad leading toward China. n j ,_ _. Reaches Carolina lO(K) bond and Bender under $1MIO. Husbands! Wives! Want new Pep and Vim? Thousands of rouplcs are xveak, worn-out, ex- tinuslrtl MiVly body lacks Iron. For PPW vim, vitality," try Ostr<»x Tonic Tablets. Supplies Iron you. too, may need forpi'p: prophylactic da«p* vitamin Hi. Get 3fir introductory nlzp now only -flc. For Hale at all drug stores everywhere. f'nnl i nufil Fn.m t ';t^4. (jpr The weather bureau in Washing- , ton reported the storm was "iijissilik' ' noilbward over the outer North Carolina coast" and may be headed toward New KnRland. ! "The storm is passinpr northward at L'.'i miles an hour." the advisory said, and warned its forward speed . mi^ht increase. Haroineler ICisos KmerReney <-re\vs of Hfiny and navy, marhfe and coast guard personnel, lied Cross disaster workers and civilians were mobjli/ed here and at other potential danger points j aloiiR tile coast for rescue and first ' aid work. j Steadily iiicrcasinK winds of full i hurricane torce are expected ilurim^ ! | the day from Cape llatteras, X. ('., to , i the Vii-RJnla c.'apes. the bureau said, j | "Absence of reports make the . exact location of the center difficult j 1 Io determine," the bureau staled. "If ; i the present indicated movement con- : j linues. Ihe center should cross the i i islands of soul heastern coastal New [ KiiRland Thursday night." Winds caused power failure at Xew Bern. N. ('.. w hoi o radio station ! \\'1IIT ua.s forced to cease broad- castinR. * i Beaufort and the town of Moore- ' head (.'ity, south of here, were isolated from the outside world as the i storm slashed communication lines. . ! The communities have populations j . of about -000 each, but by dawn they were practically Rliost towns, for : their people had fled inland during : Weather bureau advisories Inili- : ' catcd it \\'as the worst hurricane '. since the ureat storm of Keplemher ! :i. l!H!."i, that killed ,'Kiil persons in j tin 1 Florida kejs. The wind veloc- [ it>' in its center was placed at 140 '' miles an hour and the convolutions : 1 were so extensive that storm warn- i iiif;s uere posted as far north as At lantic Cily, N. .1. j ! (Hi the possibility of a sudden : chaiiR" ill direction, the federal hur- riiane warnhiR service placed all of ' ihe east coast northward from Flor- ! ! Ida io F.asl|iort. Me., on a. hurricane alerl. | Sunday Dance Slated ! at Union Ballroom Sunday damiiiR will return Io . I'nioii Avenue Ballroom this \ve(>k f'lid uhcii Ike YOIIIIR. youiiR tenor J saxophonist . and his su itiR band a p- j pea i in a dance piouram startiiiR at : '.< o'clock. lamest Kelly, known as; "Voiim; l-"alher lliuc.s." will he fea- : t ti i cil a i i be pia no. Shop at Sears and SAVE as a Feather Cool Rayon Garter Belt Our liolliT (|iiiility bolt! l.ojiiitifnl niyon sa rililxui trim—rayon niar- (liiiscilc doiililod for extrji .strctiKth ;ui(I wear. Lovely cotton luce edsiiiK. linck itdjiists Io 4 .si/es; (i-incli front. Ad.justjihlf KJirlcrs. Klatitic' inserts nl: linck. ]>oil('less . . . iitulo. Sixes! i!4 to ",'2. SEARS, ROEBUCK and CO. l.'{17 Nineteenth Street Phone 6-6501 'The forest's prime evil"... FIRE! VACATIONISTS and HUNTERS ... be sure all fires are extinguished before breaking camp! MOTORISTS ... do not toss lighted cigars or cigarettes from car windows! BE PATRIOTIC ... stop forest fires before they start! ..the beer wit the high l,Qj (It Quenches!) in lot Angtln br *CMl ItfWING CO Ml I'utult-tUlh btr«fl tulirorniit Russians Break Into Praga City Omlinu?i] Krnm Pase (tno Cillery and infantry finally had gained the ascendancy In an rmbit- toi-fd battle of attrition, which hns raped for many weeks within f?un- «h<it of Poland's loadins; city. "Southeast of Warsaw. flshtinK reached a new climax in ferocity and amount of materiel used hy the Russians on Wednesday." Kerlin broadcast said. "Paying; no attention to losses In men and materiel, the Moscow hifjh command sent ever fresh formations into the battle so that the Soviet Russians finally were able, al'tcr a fierce dinjr dons; battle, to enter Prngn, suburb of Warsaw on the eastern bank of Ihe Vistula. Herman and Hunparian troops fiRhtiiiR northeast of Prasa could repel all Russian attacks and destroy 'M tanks." HUIIX.K CONTRACT AWARDEH S.NCItA.MKNTO, Sept. 14. (UP.)— Cuuti'act awards were announced today by Director of Public Works Charles II. Purcell for $18.linn, to I 1 '. I'Yedenburj;. Temple City, to I'O- paii' the Arroyo Slmi and Castaic creek briilfies in X'eiitura and Los An^ele.s counties, and $8.">;!!l to KK- f;le>'tone & Hoot, San Bernardino, to install a reinforced concrete culvert on route L'li between Beaumont and llaunin^. Iliverside county. Boeing President Succumbs in Kansas i •WICHITA. Kan.. Sept. 14. <U.P.>— i Philip 11. .Johnson, ."><>, president of the Boeing Aircraft Corporation. died this afternoon in SI. Francis hospital here. Johnson suffered a. stroke Tuesday night in a hotel room here, lie had stopped In AVichita en route from Xew York and Washington to Seattle to confer with officials here of the Boeing Corporation plant. With him at the time of his death were his wife. their daughter. Kslher. IS, and son. Philip, Jr.. 14. They flew to Wichita yesterday from Seattle. Johnson's company was the builder of the famous Flying Fortress and the B-^'9 Superfortress. STRANGE SIGHT PKIUtY. Okla., Sept. 14. (JP>— Henry Gengler looked twice to make sure it was a bull's head and not a rooster's sticking up over the roof of the burn. Then he investigated. The 1000-pound animal had broken out of it's pen and onto the roof of the basement barn, he found. Then it climbed to the top. slid down the other side and jumped 1li feet, break- | ing several ribs—and knocking itself out. Dewey Blames F. R. \ for Depression I rnnlinuc"] Krnni I'asi'Ono i when the laughter died down." i "That with a new administration I which believes in lh" future of | America and the American way of j life, we can RO up the road to pros- j periry." i The Republican presidential nomi- ; nee was Rreeted by a cowboy band ! and a crowd estimated by Hank i Amoons. local Republican leader, at I "000 persons. Sheridan has a total i population of about Ki.ooO. The presidential nominee, who will deliver seven major campaign speeches and sound out local sentiment on various campaign issues on his cross-coifntry tour, scheduled conferences with leaders of veterans,' livestock, agriculture, sugar-beet and C<. O. P. organizations during a seven-hour stop at Sheridan today and will move on to Billings. Mont., tonight for a similar round of conferences tomorrow. BODY IDENTIFIED T-OS ANGELES. Sept. 14. (JF>— A badly decomposed body found August -(i near the Veterans' Home in AVest Los Angeles, was identified by sheriff's officer. 1 * today as that of Hal II. Royle, r>7, for more than 20-years an Inspector in (lie Los An- Keles city engineering department. Former Cover Girl Found Fatally Shot CHICAGO, Sept. 14. (U.P.l— Mrs. Audrey llooke. ;].~i, former niaga/.ine cover girl, was found fatally ulirvl early today in the Lake Shore playground administration bnildine. Her burly was discovered by Kd- ward Xeis,' policeman, who told Deputy Chief of Detectives John Warren that he had unlocked the building so Mrs: Hooke could visit the women's rest room. Xeis then went to the men's rest room, leaving his raincoat, packet and revolver in the lobby. A few minutes later he said he heard a shot and found .Mrs. Hooke lying on the floor beside a bench. The bullet that killed Mrs. Hooke came from Xeis' revolver. Police Captain Michael Spatx said Xeis was being held, hut was not under arrest, pending the result of a paraffine test. HEADACHE- CTapudlne quickly relieves Headache! land soothes the resulting nerve ten-1 lalon. Acts fast because It's liquid. Use I I only as directed. Ao all druggists. lOc, I I 30c, 60c sizes. Liquid CAPUDINE f £1 --" • a*j' i > 01 oervice Sears Fashion Spotlight Focuses on -/BOUND Bound for success is the braid-bound coat—and you'll find it at Sears in a wealth of styles and rich Fall colors. You'll like the way this sleek touch accents the smart new lines'; • of your classic coat. Misses' sizes. BRAID-BOUND BOXY COAT Graceful rcvcrs and wide cuffs. $16*95 BRAID-BOUND REEFER Slim lines, cloverlcaf lapels. Jplu.i/5 BRAID-BOUND CHESTERFIELD Perfect companion for your Fall suit. ANY FASHION PURCHASES totaling $70 or more may be made on SEARS EASY PAYMENT,PLAN 1317 Nineteenth Street

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