Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 9, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1908
Page 2
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brthr MBit liikMii 'Aiki 61. J' f , Charge Under Whleh -DMj" Was Arrested L««)t }(iglit. Rose :.Y Boclety. .JT Kdety ..K HI have a meeting Wti voting In tbe Methodist f|^Ui^;jgreo^U^ the Robbfais lecture. :on Wadding. . it:, liOaveawoith. .Kansas, •rli.' ttOT. MlBB Bffla HeT _ '^Mr. .Mlirlon J. Houston. Mr. '-lni.JgomU)u. have kept their p »«<u||pf.ft'iS^ until a short time ifo^ifbim i ^noonc ^ent cards sent t6 iJ0itii''jB»aT tilenilB here. :^ : Vlaltfris QIH. -Mr; ttpift ^lini. tton( McKlnney gave -•-"^ jiXttfy vvty last evening to rttislr gue«, Ml9 «j Eileen of Caianute, who has spent wefk here. The guejsts were ''^ l^th . games and music, were Mr. and Mrs. Wsa saieen Wilson, ftljth' and Mary Mc- Bklph McKlnn^y. S., Ind Cecil Kelley, of Desl row. Mexico. .; '7 ; • Card Party. and MW' A. IB. Balliclt enter .J^ aidgjiber of friends last even! ' (is. Pro^sslve Euchre j .?at six tables and prizes' ,|n the game went to Mrs. f and, Mr. W. E. Redfeam. ;JUid.Ml88 Sallee served a lifi<«'and cakes. Covers tor Messra. and Mes- ailet. A. L. Moorehead. H. -njolen, W. E. Harris, Fred Gerbitz, , J. A. Spicer. James George DeCluto, Mrs.j. MlBS Agnes Sall^ • + • MiMie Club, vllliejl^dici^' HUsic club will hare •'— noting next Tuesday aft&e residence of Mrs. A. 317 Sonth Buckejol ^^nsieal numbers, read^ wjil be 8ele<;ted from ns ,or relative' to le /llfe of that composer, iiif;jinxes, president of Cheerful Circle Party. Mrs. John Devlin, Mrs. Claude Stew art. Mrs. J. McCall, .Mrs. E. C RemsberK, Jlrs. A. V. Lemasters, Mrs. E. W. Lemasters, Mrs. M. J. Adams and Miss Mary Remsbcrg were guests of Mrs. Dan Brewer yesterday afternoon during a very enjoyable parly for the Cheerful Circlo.' The afternoon was spent with needlework and music. • • • Progr6s«ive ptub. The usual semi-monthly study session of the Progressive c'ub occurred at the home of Mrs. J. T. Price In Gas City last evening. A number of guests were in attendance and the evening was exceedingly pleasant because of the enthusiastic study of th ; lesson and the excellent jiaper on Chivalry contributed by .Airs. F. W. Frcvert. Among those in attendance Removal Sale AT Sewall's Jewely Store Is Slili Going On. First door North Postof ficr J. M. Rose, better known as "Daddy" the smiling affable gentleman who conducts a shooting gallery on'the north side of the square, passed last night in Jail. His arrest was caused by bij wife and bis step-daughter, Mrs. Winn, proprietress of the. Arcade Hotel, who charge that Mr. Rose had ihreatened to cut his wife* sthroet 'breatened to cut his wife's throat. Mr. Rose seems to have taken excep- •iou to tbe sleeping accomodations at the Arcade and while expressing himself on tbo subject made the aforementioned threats. His relatives want iilm p aced under-a peace bond. Mr. Rose denie-s the charge made igainst him. He says he was acting 13 p^ace-mnker between two other .t'embers of the family and he can't i :ndcr3tand how his wife and daughter oould make any such complaint. The • ase le set for two o'clock this after- iirmii. He was unable, to give bond ast iiiKbt and so went to Jail. tI.EtT rO.MPAM DIRECTORS. llunihQidt Portland Offlrfals Hold Session In Topdta. HE GIVES PLATFORM ^Continued from page 1.) Do You Want a Reliable Watch One lolast a lifetime? We strongly recommend a 17 Munson i jeweled. 16 size. Elgin or Waltham movement, inside a 16 size Crown Case, guaranteed for twenty years, a most satisfactory combination and the best possible value at our price— SW,70 Compare oar price with Chicago and Kansas City mail order p. ices on the same watch. 11 r- O^irti} leave next week for ^iHlt make her last appcar- De,cfab so that all members '* '^\^(ll«»ioii^ Meeting. '"'Ti Jlttilber . of members wore ^'4 S&etlng of the Methodist - Sode^ which was held at kpaiot iSn. A. V. Lodge il[|i^mcOD. The program iWia. ttV subject of "Mcd- 'Hia.'';:Jhe lesson being con:.M«. 3 &io*Iton. The af- II t^psed by a very happy irCfen Mrs. Wta. Hanklns. ,_,itiU.Mr8. A. "W. Beck, and -i:"Kk)pui,e:ttr assisted Mrs. Lodge -fc*?^ luncheon. Mo. Pac, Santa Fe and 9L E. & IVatdi Inspectors. ware Mrs. M.' Goebel, Mrs. Hnnter: Mrs. F. W;. Frevert, Mrs. Roy Tay l>ir. Mrs. John 3hea, inss Ida W'rith Miss Ella Wblth, Miss Dalby. MIs^ I oitlo Rowden and Miss Lena Fo r's. • • • Wednesday Club. The first party for members of th ^'eilnesday Euchre club slijca the hn ' • IV soason was given by Mr. nn "rs. George A. Bowlus 'ast '•vrn'n There were several tables of ''i^hr:id nfter a very informal c'^nln "rs. Bowlus served. Guests of th i<:ub wore Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Hey 1 'un. Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Hobart rml Mrs. B. F. Robinson. • + • Elks Dance Tonioht. .Members of the Elks c'ub will at f n-? a dance fn the c'ub rooms ton ght. It is requested that all lodg r-onibers be present. •> + * Surprise Party. A merry party of schoolmates su ITiscd Miss Ida Cross, 314 South I.'uckeyp street and were pleasantl rntprtaine<l with yames and pleaMm pnmstmcnts. The young people who rttended .have given a series of sim lar events this winter which hav been greatly enjoyed. Among those iiresent wer? Messrs. EJd Reld. Lighthouse, W'«»ston Cross, Earl Held I.oraine Cantrell. Arthur Slack. Homer Beach, wniioughby Dnnncll riaronco Foerschler. Archie Cannon Willi? Swopp. Pratt and Ollie Steele + + • Alta Seta Banquet. Definite announcement was made today of the chosen date for the bar. fiuet which th'e .*lt?i pr -m rlnh ^1 pive fcr TT !''mh?-s of th? AI'rTi:«tt rlub. T^'e >'a"rn'^ W1 orrii" <i 'h I,33Pir»nt r.f !»!•> Pr'^sh -.-^Tlan church on Thur:ds:% Januar>- 16 •> Pi;«!tpepe Pa.-ty. >rr. nnd Mrs. Fr-'d Oerbitr w^r. wfre to have entei ^'iin 'Ml a sm'" pnup of fri^rds tonirht have rf »caT1 Fd th" In-BUations ?f> that s^v prospective guests may attend tbf Elks dance. iL k Not Debatable! T. L. Harnett, the chief stockholder la 4lie Pear 's Soap eoBcem, vUch kas wtttJa the last few years spent «lS,0«0 ,eOO in adeTrtiila9 ,.eipmses hU conTlctleq tka tprinters'ink Is the.1ie)«t kind of roBmercial InTcataieBt, In the foUewlBg Jaagaage: eauot anderstand how tbe qnestion can be deltated " he said. "Why the fact tluU adTertlsIng pays Is as clearly deaMBstrated evcrr day as that the ran rltee. Ueiert the proper medlom, adrertlse btelUfcatly aad yew fortaae .Is lude. •T M iMst kare new Ideas for the chaages o ffaaUen. I i^eat $6M /NM la adTcHfstaiff Im one year and It paldjirelL "Gmoi goods, good advertising and ; plenty of it Is my advice to am* bltloai cpmpecckl nen." Tke BaOy Register goes into Binety per cent of the koaies Id the city, aai readies almost the entire popnlatioB in tbe eoaatry districts. Tkcre caa be BO qaeatioB abont it behg the proper medlank (Topeka Capital.) The annua] meeting of tbe stock- 'aolders of the Humboldt Portland Ce- Tient company was held at the cwn- oanys offices in the Shawnee building. Topeka. The following directors •A -ere elected for the ensuing year: L. Voe', Glasco, Kan.: Samuel H. Wilson, ".eavenworth; A. D. Kendall. Valley i?; George P. Moorebouse, Topeka; \V. \Y. Mills. Toi>eka; J. W. Beery, Toneka: A. L. pvera, Dillon. Kan.; D. F. Shirk. Newton: E. H. Leitibach. •lumboldt. Kan.: Marvin Grimes, Har!in. .Mo.: E Haworth, Leavenworth, .'Cm.; H. B. Kelly. Topeka: J. B. Lar- 'mer, Topeka; L. W. Miilis, Leavenworth; T. C. Riddle, Aopeka; Dr. J. •\ .McCIinlock, Topeka. After the stockholders' meeting, the Soard of directors met and elected of- icer.s as follows: President, A. D. ffendall; first vice president, S. H. \ViI.son: second vice preisdent, George P. .Morehouse: third vice president, S. :r. Loitzliacb: treasurer, W. W. Mills: erretary. John W. Beery. The stockholders and directors form •ilated plans. looking to the early con- =truction of the company's plant at Humboldt, Kaa. TWO WANT PAROLE. )Vm. Winkinson and Ed. Laster Petition Board of Commissioners. Wm. Wilkinson nad Ed Laster, who tre in Jail for failure to pay fines for iisturbance on Chriatmas day, have asked the board of commissioners for I pDro ;e. The men have been in jail for twelve days and (bey think they have been punished enough. Mrs. Las ter presented the application for parole today. Tbo men say their families will become county charges unless they are released. ' HOME FROM TOPEKA. lola Lawyers Have Been Attending Supreme Conrt Sessions. Attorneys S. A. Gard. A. H. Cami>bell, W. D. Cope and F. J. Oyler returned last evening from Topeka where they have been arguing cases lii he supreme court. Decisions will not be handed down in either tbe case 01 'he Cherokee Lan.von Smelter vs. the riiy of Gas. or the case of Lowe vs. Wilson, un^il next month. "A SREtZE FROM OUT WEST." Grand Stock Comoany Will Put on a New Play Tonight. A Breeze From the West" will bej be attraction at the Grand theatre hs evenlnf. It will be produced by] be Grand Stock Company which ha£ >leased three large houses Monday rutsday and Wednesday nights. This b;I la one that never has been pW luced in the west before. Manager Harry LeVan of the company has "e-jitant'^'^cffV,'^ ur.d players who fcave been playing tn stock in the eastern cities an4 It through their intluen|:e that this comoany is able to produce this play. is a four act comedy drama with an attractive plot. Tbe cast of characters follows: Harry Grey, a banker's clerk George L. Brown Frank Melville ,of Melville ft Brice . Jess Hall Jack Haskell, a Breeze from the West Art Rankin VAl Brice, of Melville & Brice... A. L. Collins Tom White, Lucky and Unlucky Tom Treane Dnckett Offlcer CBrlan. one of the priests Jess Hall Tim, a newsboy Lou Lourance Nellie Madison. Bob's wife, Adah Miller Heler Brice, a ray of sunshine.,. George Lee Brown Dennis, a servant: TTncId Mloals' the newsboy's friend; Reuben, from Vermont; \WU fisber, prirate detec- ;ve. tion of a President in sympathy with these pijnclples. The Experience In Wisconsin. "In Wisconsin they have tried the legislative ^^reference department and the resu't is that the professional lobbyist Is not known about the legislative halls of the sUte. It is the cus torn there that, the legislative ag«nt of any corporation must, on arrival at the capital, register. He may file his objection to any bill pending with the reference department and he may make an open argument before a com' mittee, but it is mada a punUbable offense to lobby or attempt to influence any member privately. That's the sort of a law we need in Kansas. It wll do away with those professional lobbyists now so bold and arrogant .•xround Topeka." Mr. Stnhbs then discussed the other subjects of his platform. The speaker gave Mr. BAIley n few well choe en words. He said: 'TSt-Govemor Ballev is personally n charming man. He has many friends and he is entitled to them Ho may have thousands of good wish ''rs but that doesn't constitute a good reason for his nomination. To be worthy of that honor he must respect r.rinciples an* party policies that set forth the best interests of people of the state. What Bailey's Friends Stand For. 'The majority of the men who are now backing WJUls J. Bal'ey's candi dacy have for four years been oppoB- "d to all progressive legislation in Kansas. "Many of them have even appeared •»s professional lobbyists at the legis lature. tryinir to defeat progressive measures. They were there in the In- ferest of the corporations. These name men are known to have nnlimit- "d support of the railroad of Kansas. T regard it as due Mr. Bailey and the neople that we do not have a quiet rampaign. but that he fully states his oosltton upon a'l vital questions that affect the welfare of the state. "The Republican party has accom n'ahed more for this nation than any other party has ever done for any «rovemment on earth. The reason for thts is that It has represented great urinciples which when enacted into laws have benefitted: the entire peo- nle. Thl.<» could not have been ac complished without free discussion. It now comes to this point in Kansas. It's a question of whether it's to be ^lltical freedom or slaver>-. It's for that reason that I suggest that Mr. Bailey declare in open dis cussion where he hands. HIa compliment to Roosevelt. Mr. Stnhbs touched upon the recent financial stringency. He said: "If Roosevelt Is responsible for the panic then the man who apprehends a bank thief is responsible for the run on the bank that might follow. Speaking of President Roosevelt, he said: "President Roosevelt is the leader and promoter of a new political system, and when the Roosevelt wave swept over Kansas there came out of the rank and file of the Republican party a progressive movement that has been responsible in a large meas- iro for the enactment of laws that have eliminated a number of the evils referred to and to that extent estah- ished the public business of the state} on a sound, honest, systematic basis In the interests of the public to take the place of the spoils and graft sys- tern that bad prevailed so long under the machine rule. Referring to Kansas being for Taft Mr. Stubbs said: "The reason the people are for Taft is that they know he will carry forward the, work inaugurated by PresI dent Roosevelt. They know this absolutely and therefore he will get the same support they gave the President They know Taft Is closer In touch with the Sitnation than anyone else. Kansas ought to send a delegation to Chicago not only for Taft. but in hearty sympathy with what he stands for. If we should send a delegation of railroad politicians they would be in con his enemies and I Lowney*s THAY ARE FRESH. A choice assortment of this popular biand at CRABB'S- When. J^owney.'s Choco- . lates here, our per.-onal pledge of their freshness goes with them. Get) our next candy at .Crabb's and bee bow wellv it pleases you- CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Comer Washington and West Sts, Lodge Directory OIGBTS OP MACCABEES.— Knights of Maccabees of the Worfd meets In K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights In each month. J. W. Postwait, commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. ir.^ W«—Camp No. 101 meets 1> K. of P. Hall every Friday nl^t. % T. Steele. C. C; A.H.Ds'H. Clert ^tora conUaUy Invited. OI6HT8 OF FTTHIA&-> oak^ Lode* Ma 43 meeta every ||>nda nishc at K. of P. HalL VUU « bro thers Invited. W. 8. Thompson. Chria Bitter. K. (rf R. and B. M. W. A«—The M. W. A. Lodge meeU every Friday night In M. W. A. hall. Visiting brothers Invited. W.H Anderson. V.C.; W. A. Cowan. Clerk BOTAL KEIGBBOBS.—lola Cara^ No. 365, Royal Neighbors, meeta asfv ond and fourth Tuesdays of ea«fr mouth, lira. F. A. Wagner, oraclar Mrs. Mary Hottoa. 413 W*-* 9SMC Raeorder. FBATEBHAL BBOTHEBHOOD^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meets second and fourth Thursday of each month hi A.O.U.W. HalL Vlsitinf members cordlaly invited. W.H.An* derson. president; Oolda BHam. secretary. Jaalor Order United Anerkaa M» ehaalcs ^Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock In K. P. Hall. All visiting members Invited. R. A WIdlck. Conncelor; C. B. Black, Rea Secretary. Distflled Water One hundred pounds of Crystal Ice will make 12 gallons of distilled water slutable foe family use. Try it fihlce&CtldStoraseCf FRAMC RIDDLE. Mgr. BffSfoess Ditectory. DB. acMuiiiir, • Special aUenUon given to .the ' treatment of all Chionio Dle«a». • ea and Olaeaaes of Cliildraa. • Telephonea: Office 33, Baa. iSl. • Office in Mra. Tnmer'a Bldg, • West MadlaoB. V • Phone 687. JDB. 0. MM GOX. Klye, Bar. N OM aad Throat •pectaelea P^perly >1tto|L Offlca A. O. U. W. Bids. 70L • • • • Office Phone 1083. : Ni^t Phone 406. DB. B. 0. CHBISriAHv Ffcraidaa •»« SufMik^ Bomna 7 and 8. Bvaaa ^dg. B M . Tel. 198. Offlca TeL 163. DB. J. B. PBFFBB. Deatiit. is pannanently located ^er E. C. McClain's Clothing Store, and is prepared to do all Mnda of np -io-date dental work^; E<Tenlng work by appointment • • • • • • • n»t his friends." WOUI^ ELECT DELEGATES. Topeka Carpenters Withdraw Support From Labor Society. Members of the Topeka Carpenters Union No. 1445 practically withdrew support from the State Society of Labor and Industry at a meeting held last night. At that time resolutions were adopted saying that they would not elect delegates to the society meeting to be held here In Pebmary and at the same time deciding not longer to contribute to the support of tbe societ}-. This is regarded as feature of the llfAt between W. A. Johnson, State Labor Commissioner, and Henry M. Walker, general organ Izer of tbe American Federation of Labor, in this State, and last nUht was said to mean a victory for Wfalk- er. There was a lengthy discussion of the resolutions. MR. ISAAC Peterson of RunAwIdLl Nebr.. and Mr. Joe Peterson, of Severy. are guests of Mr. an dMrs. F. B Priestley. BAT PIT City 15 BBA5CH 8EWEB8. Is Conslderfag Plans for Some latiirareMiita. The city Is considering the advisability of putting In several branch sewers over the city. There are a Mrs. Gus Anderson and daughter number of places when sewers are Frances are to spend the week end needed very mach. If It is decided to ith Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Barnard. io so. branch sewers will be put In the Personala. Richard addition, block forty between Miss Mao- Chamberlain of Hum- Chestnut and SUte north of Monroe boldt will be the guest of friends and betweep Buckeye and Sycamore t«re tomorrow. on Breckenridge. Mr. F. A. Rose of PIttobnrg has been the gnest of Mr. and Un. B. F.I r„ best aid ««ickcat nsalts Barnard for the past few days. Itfca Bagl^ -Tfwit C #l «i ase »TCYER*» OROCERY Headquarters for Good Things to Eat Tele|>hoDe 159 The 'K>cir Way'' Restaurant Mmrohmmim'iMnoh28o Everything !• Season. S HORT O RDERS OF ALL K INDS F. H. MABTnr, • Surgery and Diseases of • Women. • 0£Sce and Residence Phone. 576 * Office 7 North Jeffersoif. * • • • DB. W. B. ESTLMXnl, • Fhysleiaa * Sarreea. • Office N. E. Comer of Sqnltfa. • Over K. C. Plumbtaig Ca'a S^ra. • Res. Tel 38. Office TeL 60t • • • • • • • P. L. Latbrop, Mrs. Bessie O. Lathrop. OSTEOPATHIC FBTSICUAS. Special attention given to D1*> eases of Women and Chlldran. Over E&st Side Hardware. Office *Phone. Main 468. • • • • • • • • W. H. IHDBBSOI, • ItUney-nt-Law. Notary and Stenographer la • Office. ^ • Phone 465. • f" • fc H.A.Bwlng. S.A.aard. O.R.O»rd • BlHSQi fiABD A fiABD,. • lawyen. - • Practice In aU Gonta. * t% W. Madlaon. Pboaa 00. • FABBS, In Howell Caaaty. MissoarL To Exchange for City Property or Merchandise. Write for list. Give full descritplon and price of what you have. J. T. eiLXODB. Pomeiia, Ho. JBWBLBRB. a F. Fancoaat old reliable Jewalsr, 110 East street LivingfttoD £• Co CaatnMtan amt AU klnda-of wort a apeotalty • Bavtk Sycuank PkwM HU Big Special Cut on on all kinds of Merchandise until things change. A. G.JiDlinA. Friip. Plagatona and CJamrat Sldawalka ani OorUng • Bpadailtr. OHea Ul lut uSmm Am 9t9rmg9 mm/Trmamfkr Office and Storage Ware Room at tB West Street Phone 339 atacttaMen* MeetJag. NoUco iaherrty given that the'*>n- nual meeting; of stockholders of the lola Ice and Gold Storage Ca, of iQla. Kansas, will be held at their offlcft in lola between the hours 2 o'clock 4nd 4 o'clock p. m. Monday, January iSth, 1908. : FRANK RIDDLE, Sec'f. lola. Dec. 30. 1907. RESUTB WAKT AD gets It

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