The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 27, 1936 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1936
Page 13
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THE HAKKKSFIELD CALIKORNIAN, THURSDAY, AUGUST 27, 1986 13 Refuses to Mix Hot Dogs and Symphony; Gets Release as Conductor (Atsoeiated Prctf Leatcd Wire) CLEVELAND, Aug. ?,7. — The noted Spanish conductor and solo pianist, Jose Iturbl, "adorcH" liol- dogs, but contended today that they do not mix with symphony concerts. This was one of Iturbl's answers In a dispute which after his first appearance as guest conductor of the Great Lakes Symphony orchestra, led to cancellation of the remainder' of his scheduled week of programs. Iturbl held up a 4D-mmute network radio broadcast for 9 minutes while the audience was combed for a pianist to play tho score of "Impressions of Buenos Aires" by Joso Andre. To the orchestra, playing outdoors on the grounds of the Qreat Lakes Exposition, he said: "I've Just sent a telegram to New Tork asking to bo released from this series. Understand—the trouble Is not you. Yoxi played beautifully. But I can't stand those hotdogs—pop— whistles—and street cars!" Replied Rudolph Rlngwall, dlrcc tor of the Great Lakes Symphony, after the concert, which also endec five minutes early: "Iturbl ate a hot dog himself Monday night while ho listened to Walter Logan conduct the orches tra." Returned Iturbl, .located In t h6tel dining room: "Why. I ate three of them Mon day night. But I finished them be fore going into the plaza." El Tejon Group to Begin Series of Card Fetes TEJON Council No. 215, of I'ocnhontas, will entertain at the first of a ncrics of card parties Friday afternoon nt 2 o'clock in Eagles' hall. Five hundred will be played for high score and pcdro also will be played. Awards will be made in both games. ' Kl Tcjon Council will meet in regular session Friday night, August 28 in Eagles hall. Mrs. Gail Caldwell, 1'ocahontas, is requesting a full attendance. . EAGLES PLANNING BIG CELEBRATION To Burn Mortgage on Club Home in October; Large Class Initiation Migratory Family Problem to Public Schools of State (Anoflatfd Pre>» Leafed H'frn.l Rich Girl Denied Swimming Pool (A-ttoctated Prenii Leaned Wire) HONOLULU, Aug. 27.—Mrs. Doris Duke Cromwell, one of tho richest girls In tho world, cannot have a swimming pool which she wished built in tho surf opposite tho homo site sho purchased recently at Kaa- lawi, outsido Honolulu. Tho board of harbor commissioners voted three to two to refuse her permission to construct a seawall and pool on tho grounds It would be Illegal to give a private grant or monopoly on shore and its lands "which are a public trust." To grant the request, said Commissioner A. T. Longley, "would bo class legislation" and would set a precedent, for which reasons It was Inadvisable. Commissioners who favored complying with the request said construction of a seawall actually would benefit the public, which thus would obtain a right of way along the beach. 'To celebrate tho burning of the mortgage of their present club home which they purchased Just five years ago, Bakersfleld Kaglos will hold a big meeting and "bon-flrc" class Initiation In October, It was announced today. Plans for tho "red letter" meeting of tho aerie were made at tho session of tho local lodge last night. Fourteen candidates were initiated. Future ambitious plans for tho expansion of the lodge were discussed at the. meeting. R. V. Veon, Junior past president, who attended tho national convention held in Chicago, was unable to be present at tho meeting and will present his report at a later meeting. •« > TRAI'SIIOOTERS TO OATIIEK SACRAMENTO, Aug. 27. (U. P.)— Trapshootlng enthusiasts from many parts of the Pacific coast are expected to attend tho annual Callfor nla State Fair registered trapshoot to be held here September 6 and 7. An atractlve list of trophies and cash prizes has been provided for the contestants, according to the Sacramento Trapshootlng Club, host of the shoot. •»«» ONCE HAD BELL-RINGER TOLEDO, Ohio, Aug. 27. (U. P.)— Musty files of city council show that Toledo onco had an official bell- ringer. Records for January 4, 18G2, show approval of a claim for $56.25, filed by Robert Whiteford "for ringing the city bells." S ACRAMENTO, Aug. 27.—A California's mobile population, tho families that live in trailers and makeshift habitations wherever they lappon to bo Is proving, said Vler- ng Kersey, state superintendent of ubllc Instruction, a major educa- lonal problem. Kersoy estimated at least 50,000 oys and girls, who resided in five Ifferent statos In tho past five ears, will bo enrolled In California's chools whon tho fall term opens. Declaring tho members of the motile population are not residents of .ny particular Htate, but merely of ho United States, Kersey declared he cost of education In California hould be borne partially by tho fed- ral government. "In the main," ho stated, "these amllles bring no assessed valuation o the stato and contribute no direct 'undu for tho support of the educational program. Need Federal AW "If these people are, In fact, residents of the United States rather than of any particular state, they are to a certain extent educational charges of tho United States govern ment. "Likewise, tho federal government ias usurped many tax sources. It s seemingly proper that In terms of lux* levies mado by tho federal government upon local areas, fedora' SECURITY MARKET Phone 5400 Free Delivery Maxwell House COFFEE . Ib. 26c; 2 Ibs. 50c Del Monte—No. 1 TOMATO JUICE. . 4 cans 25c funds should ho mntlo available for the educational needs of thoHo looixl areas." Korsoy, who recently returned from WaHhlngtoti, conferencpn with John W. StudPbnker, tlnttpd HtatoH | comnilHsloner of education, said the J federal government IH making available approximately $505,000 for thn oxtciiHlon of vocational education programs In California. This, ho said, l» in recognition of tho fact that during tho depression there was u marknd decline In apprentice training In tho public education system, lending to a shortage of skilled workers. Tho new appro- pratlon of $605,000, practically double prcsont federal grants, will be- coma available In 1937. On Consolidation A third venture of tho federal government, ho explained, Is tho Holec- tlon of California as one of 10 staloH for a study of school district consolidations. In this connection, Kersey stated: "Tho Improvement of transportation facilities makes possible the elimination of many one-room schools, which, when combined, make possible a moro advantageous educational program. Ultimate economics In costs of administration and In tho elimination of duplicating services result from such a program." LAUNCHING PLANS FOR BGPUET Homecoming Kvrnt Slatod by Ihisiness Women for Monday, Sept. 21 Membern of the TUinlnpsn and 1'ro- SHlonnl U'nniou'n Club homo Troni ICIltluMH will OOlobnitO till 1 UplMllllK their now flub your nt an animal omei'otnliiK Imniiuet" Monttuy eve- IllK. September "I, at Hotel 151 Toll, In tho Spanlnh ballroom. MrH. lOfflo Karrlfl will prowldo an uiHtiiilHtrpHH. M|HH Borolhy Dona- on, junior jiimt preHldunl, la clialr- mn of nrriinKcim'iitR. Autumn iloronitlons will jirovnll, lu appolntmonlH uominlttnc botfln- IllK thlN \vook on nrraiiKi'incntH. Minn Itrrtha I.aurol Hall, obain- lon outdoor K'rl of Cnllfornla, will n Invited to bo prommt. and vooal nd Inntruniiintiil nuiHlu Is belnK ar- iniKod. On Friday ovcnliiB inombors In- nrpHtcd In format Ion of a study roup to work on exprpHHlon, vocabu- ary and other 'foaturen of Hplf-lm- rovemput will convene at Iho homo t tlio preHldent, 711.1 Joffprnon Htreet. New Chart Issued for San Clemente (Associated Pren Leaned Wire) WASHINGTON, Aug. 27.—Publication of a new chart of historic San Clemente island and surrounding waters off the coast of southern California waa announced today by the coast geodetic survey. Tho now chart, superseding others made from surveys dating as far back as 1878-70, was compiled from data gathered by the survey ship Pioneer and shoro parties. It gives considerable detailed Information on bottom conditions and depths and carries large scale plans of Pyramid Cove In the anchorage at tho southeast end of the island and of the harbor at the northwest end. Two years wero required to gather data Incorporated In the chart. Fire-Proof Horse Called Asbestos (Antedated Prcm Leaned Wire! BANFF, Alberta, Aug. 27.—Pat Brewster's horse now bears tho well earned name—"Asbestos." The horse, carrying fire-fighting equipment, was lost in dense smoke in a forest fire in Banff Nationa Park. Next day the fire-fighters foum' him lying on a damp patch of mus keg. About him everything was black, the pack had been burned of his back and his halter ropo stll smouldered. "Asbestos" suffered no harm ex cept the loss of 6 Inches of his tal in the blaze. •»• » Trampling with the fore feet is tho method used most commonly by the elephant in dealing out death to an enemy. Del Monte—Picnic Tin ASPARAGUS, Large 15c Fontana— 8-oz. Pkg. , 3 for Macaroni, Spaghetti, Hoodies . 25c BOTTLES PLUS DEPOSIT 25c Tap It! Drink it! i Discard TapaCan Free Cook Book PET MILK 3 tall cans 22c Large Size—Mustard, Tomato, Natural OVAL SARDINES . 3 for 25c IVORY RAR SOAP Mcdium IVUnl DHU OUHr Lift* 4 hr 23e 4 fir 3Se Qlant Bar P.&G.WhiteNaptha.6for25c PEETS POWDER . . large 26c FORMAY .... 2-lb. can 35c SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ALL CHARGES WILL BE ON SEPTEMBER BILL DRIFTED SNOW FLOUR 5 Ibs 25c 10 Ibs 46c 25 Ibs $1.05 50 Ibs $2.03 POOD PRODUCT* CHERRIES Ked Sour Pitted No. 2 can lac RED TART PLUMS No. 2'/ 2 can 15c FANCY PRUNES No. 2'/i can 15c KADOTA FIGS 13-oz. can 15c SHELL FLY SPRAY DEAL 1 Spray Gun,l 8-oz. Can Fly Spray. . GOLD MEDAL FLOUR „ $1.09 10 Ibs 47c DELICATESSEN lOc MEAT SPECIALS PRIME STEER FRESH COTTAGE CHEESE. .Ib. Raw VEGETABLE SALAD pint Bulk Mixed SWEET PICKLES pint 20c 20c Bulk Pickled PIC'S FEET 2.o, I5e POT ROAST Ib. 17c VEAL ROAST, Milk Fed, Ib. 19c 2lbs.25c . . lb.25c . . lb.25c . . lb.25c GROUND BEEF . RUMP ROAST . GROUND ROUND SHOULDER LAMB CHOPS . APRICOTS No. 2>/2 can 21c STRINGLESS BEANS No. 2 can 15c DICED CARUOTS No. 2 can lie TELEPHONE PEAS No. 1 can 12c No. 2 can 15c Galatas Bros. Frails and Vegetable* LARGE SOLID STONE TOMATOES 3 Ibs. ISc KENTUCKY WONDER STRING BEANS .... 2 Ibs. 15c BELLEFLEUR APPLES 7 Ibs. 25c WELL FILLED LIMA BEANS 3 Ibs. 19c TELEPHONE POLE PEAS 2 Ibs. 25c SUMMER or ITALIAN SQUASH 2 Ib*. 19c LARGE SOLID HEAD LETTUCE . . 2 for 15c LARGE EGGPLANT . . ea. Sc ITEHACHAPI CANNING SWEET POTATOES OR Yams LAKE COUNTY PEARS . . 4 Ibs. 25c 4 Ibs. 25c HALE FREESTONE PEACHES . 3 lbs.2Sc LARGE JUICY LEMONS . . doz. 30c . Sliced Smoked SALMON .............. Ib. 7Bc PEARS—While They Last . Iug75c IWV I WHERE THE BEST PREVAILS &EEB 2 cans 25c Case 24 cans $2.69 CANADA EXTENDS TKADK 1'ACT OTTAWA, Out., Allfr. ^7. (U. P.) The. Canadian-New /oaland trade reaty haw been extended for another year, expiring on September 10, 11M7, It. In announced here. Board of League ! Meets Wednesday ' to Plan Program' t. ; i, r rO PLAN nn Intensive period "of pnlittrnl educnllon hotwppn now and HIP November election, the proitnim committee and executive hoard of the Kern county branch of tho League of Women Voters will meet Wednesday evening; lit 7:110 o'clock at Hotel Kl Tejon. The scHHion will he held In the lounge and IH hcing called by MI.SS Monte lledwell, president. Matters in connection with tho November ballot will occupy league members through the next five weeks. TEACHER HOSTESS IS China Clipper Is Library Delivery (VnHed. Pi-run l,ra>cd Wire) HONOLULU, Aug. ST.—It's not all mall and building equipment that Pan American Airways' transpacific Clipper planes carry on tholr frequent trips. Every Clipper carries a load of books from this Library of Hawaii hero to Midway and Wako Islands, where Pan American staff members arc regular renders of library volumes. Returning Clippers bring back tho books. Sock Living Accommodations for New Instructors Due to Arrive Soon AVIlli living accommodations In tbf> flty HO difficult to find, Mrs. Lo- vlna rarshult, chairman of thn host- OHH p.nmniltlen of the HakorHflold oily HcboolH, IH already marshaling her workorH to uHHlHt now tpaehom to find homos. Tlio vanguard of tho first tfiichem will be arriving In a few days and Mrs. Marshall today askoil that anyono having rooms, IIOUHOH or other accommodations to let to notify tho city school offlco at 2400. Many of tho tPiii'hurM who are not. new to Ihe city nlHo tnko advantage of the service roiiili-rod by tlio hostess committee which provides transportation fend Information to those seeking homes for the school term. • "i Tho toiirhora who will assist Mrs. Parshull with her work this year nro: MlHHi'S Nora Burke, Flossie Mills, Hollo Collins and Mrs. Nova Hallsworth. CHILD HITKS KLKCTUIC CORD PORTAGE, Ohio, Aug. 27. (U. P.) Hlx-month-old Sandra Joan Hanlfan narrowly escaped electrocution when sho bit Into a 110-volt lamp corp. Hho was unconscious for two hours and severely burned. _,! BEN HUR COFFEE Hllex, Drip or Percolator lib 29c CANE SUGAR 10-lb. cloth bajr 56c GOLDEN STATE BUTTER First Grade found 43c SLICED BACON Armour's Star 1-lb. package 38c PADRE SOLID PACK TOMATOES No. 2'/j can lie Dozen $1.25 EGG NOODLES 12-oz. package 14c SENNNELKING DOG FOOD 3 cans 21c WHITE EAGLE SOAP CHII'S Large package 31c RED LABEL TOILET PAPER 1000 Sheets 4 rollH 23c CATALINA (linger Ale and Lime Rickey 1-pint 8-oz. bottle lOc J'UiH Deposit VEGETABLES KENTUCKY WONDER STItING 1JEANS found 5c CUE EN LIMAS Pound 5c CAUUAGE Pound 2c UTAH CELERY Head 5c HELL 1'EPI'ERS 3 Ibs lOc BANANAS 4 Ibs. 21c RADISHES 3 bunches Oc TOMATOES 3 Ibs lOc MEATS GROUND ROUND STEAK Pound toe STEEU JJEEF POT ROAST Pound 17c CUBE STEAKS Pound 28e. COLORED FRYERS 2'/i to 4-lb. average 2<Jc Phone 2020 for Food 1918 "Eye" Street Talk, Don't Walk—Cash or Charge—Free Delivery &i3ergbodys grocer ALTA VISTA MARKET Phone 5800 Union Avenue and Kentucky Street' LINCOLN MARKET Phone 30S3 FREE DELIVERY Twentieth and II We Open From 7:30 a. m. to 9 p. m. Dally and Sunday MILK-FED SHOULDER VEAL ROAST Ib. FRESH GROUND BEEF Ib. SAUERKRAUT . . Ib. 5c SHORT RIB lb.9c LINK SAUSAGE. lb.22c WIENERS . . . Ib. 15c 15 POT ROAST . SLICED BACON. Ib. 30c SHOULDER STEAK . . . . Ib. 14c Belief leur Apples 10»»19c KENTUCKY WONDER STRING BEANS .... 4lbs.l5c LAKE COUNTY PEARS .... 4lbs.l7c LARGE EGGPLANT . . . each Ic WASHED STOCKTON '\ POTATOES . 10 Ibs. 19c NANCY HALL YAMS .... 4 Ibs. 15c TOMATOES . . 2lbs.5c TRUE AMERICAN MATCHES . 6 boxes 19c DEL MONTE SPINACH.21/2 can lli/ 2 c LIBBY'S—No. 21/2 CAN SAUERKRAUT . . HV 2 c CALUMET BAKING POWDER . 1 Ib. can 19c BEN HUR Glass Jar COFFEE 1-lb. 27c ADVANCE SMALL PEAS ... No. 2 can lOc MISSION TUNA 1/2 can Iiy 2 c Huskies Whole Wheat Flakes Package lie EGGS Extra Lart?c Extra Medium.. 28c Large 2 1 C Small *JC RINSO S«v.t lime/ w*fk, money. Large 19C Small • C LIFEBUOY HEALTH SOAP 3 for 16c For lolltt tnd FREE cook Book PET MILK 3ca ans Zlc Comfort Tissue Z Rolls 14C Get Roll for Ic Package . 5 12 c Dutch Lunch Beer Cans Case S1.9S

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