Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 29, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 29, 1908
Page 6
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Lakes' Entrance. lola, Kansas Consultation and Examination Free. Office hours, weekly, 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. Sundays 2 p. m. to 6 p. m. I do not Treat all Diseases, but I Heal all 1 Treat beomie fUnont. and the Mcrerof 'ln 'A II' wboie eombiution he alone^aowi. A JJil..^ K man endo^ired with the gift of heallhS, •* Dr. McClellea spares no money in his researcli tlirough the Ilteraure of medicine to fortify Ills vondertal prescience of intuitive diagnosis. Of an attractive figure, erect in person, a notable man In any crowd. Dr. McClel Ian wins favor wlierever he goes—but even.with such an inducement he and his assistants at the Infirmary are un- et|ual to the taslt of attending to the patients when he is abroad In the state, so he hereafter Invites his pa- tk-nts and all the afflicted In this vicinity to visit him at his headquarters, and prays that ihe afflicted communicate with him or visit him hero, to Ihe sure end of belnc relieved of pain, cured of diseases and lie made again iis Uod deslKned, nfler Ills own Im- uiic, a wholesome and healthful crea­ ture—I.eavfnwurth. Times, 1XS7. Homhol^t aba Fredleta : ^ Contest» atJUnul Stiti ;i > Toinuimeabr The World is My Field and My Object is to Heal TKSTIMOMALS RKCKIVKn At (uldwoll. Kun^ and I'ubllxhni In ('uldnell \ews June IS98. Allen county^ gets into ,th «J :'lldMt; light at the annual' todmameqt^Q ^ft*' Kansas Chess clubs noir o& peka through O. d Brett ol who ts not only mretary 9t thtr^^lii but one of the best players 1 B this 1^ ''^-ix^ of the country. ' The State Journal saya: '• V** The annual tournament of the Kan.- . sas Chess club opened' at the CwBtral. Y. M. C. A. rooms this afternoott ift Hi? 1:30 and will be In session. nntll|Midi of the members present has had an, • 5 o|)portunlty to meet every other inem- ' ' iier across the chess board. Tiri?nty- fivc or thirty members of the auo- cktion are in the city though It |^ not ikoly ihat more than fifteea or twenty Karnes will be arranged. The meeting: today Is the serenth annual event of the Kanras ataodil- tlon and Secretary O. C. Brett of Hntn At the earnest BOllcitation of many former patients, Dr. G. B. McClellan has decliled to remain a few days in lola. This is the third visit in lola,namely: April. 1S87; again July, 1SA7, and the interest Is on the increase. Among the vast number of patients who have received my treatment who have not received beneficial results, p'ease bring hack the bottles and get the price paid. No other travelinc or itinerant doctor makes this liberal offer after a pralonped stay, or on his return. In fact, few return who treat chronic diseases. Those who contemplate consulting the famous doctor should not prolong their visit until the eleventh hour. Delays are dangerous and a word to the wise Is sufflcent. VOLUNTARY TESTIMONIALS Received at Leavenworth, Zansas, During the Years 1887 to 1892 ^ LITEB CUBE. iduced to call upon you, and Doctor Leavenworth, Kas., Oct 20, 1887. you forbade me to speak a single word Dr. G. B. McClellan—Dear Sir: Jly until you had made complete diagno- daug^ter went under your treatment sia Well, I placed myself under your for.a o(»npIication of troubles. You treatment six months ago, and In ex- pronounced the seat of disease was in actly three weeks I was able to rec- ber liver. She took medicines from ommend you to all my afflicted several doctors and was fast wasting friends. I am now well. I know of away. Her color was very changeable several you have helped In this im- at times very yellow. You called it mediate neghborhood. Hoping I wlH yellow Jaundice. Please allow me to always be remembered by you, I re- say that today I would not begrudge main, very respectfully yours. $1,000 for the great good you have rendered her and my family, as she has gained l6 pounds of flesh and her color is most remarkably white. She now Is spry and all is happiness, and your success in this case has made yon many friends and patients in this neiiAborhood. I am also using your treatment for two weeks and it appears to help me as I rest better at night and am gaining strength. Very thankfully; MRS. E. F. BROW, 321 :Harket St MR. W. •WINFIELD. nn>IGXSTIOK A>'D EIDyET CURE. Weston. Mo., April 15, 1888. Dr. G. B. McClellan—Dear Sir: Myself and husband took treatment from yon last winter. You have benefitted us both. My head was so diazy that sometimes it was impossible for me to walk or stoop without falling to the ground. I am so well. Thanking you Tsry miidi. Respectfully, . MR. AND MRS. BOESIGNER. FEXAXE WEAKXES.S. Wyandotte, Kas., April 12, 18SS. Or. G. B. McClellan, "Diamond Dick"—Dear Sir: Hearing from my friends in Leavenworth of your curing a lady that was trouble exactly as soffered, I was induced to call on you. I took your treatment and have Improved steadily from the start Having gained 13 pounds and 1 am not half through using your treatment. ICy husband has spent at least 9400 on me in Kansas City, and I have kept growing worse until I took your treatment My trouble was disease peculiar to my sex. MRS. F. S. STRONG. LITER AXD KIDXET DERANGE- MEXT. Easton. Kan.. April 29, 1888. I am able to speak a few words in your fftvor for the good yon have done me on your trip to £aston. It aeems like kind Providence sent you to me, for I was near the grave with dropsy, liver and kidney derangements, which caused nerve affection. The water was gathering around my heart; my breatiiing was so bad I could not lie down. I scarcely slept at night I was nearly paralyzed all the time and I had given up all hope of living to see spring: I came under your treatment October 18, 1897, and am thankful that I gave your medicine a trial. I feel better now than I have for years I don't feel like the same person. MRS. SPARKS. DBOm EXLABGE. AND LITEB JIEHT. Weston, Mo., Dec. 3, 1897. Xy Dear Dr. McClellan—Having •afftred for nearly two years with enlargement of the liver and dropsical deraagement, and traveled considerably in different dimes In search of taMHh, I hare Just returned from Cal- Ifornta. where I have been under tfMtnMt br wme of the best physi- dgna, but with no relief. Since I have bMB under your treatment of Indian JUmediat ay general health has Im- 1 prarad wonderfully and am ' McPherson, Kas., October, 1S90. This Is to certify that my daughter aged 17 years, is greatly improved in health since having taken treatment of Dr. G. H. McClellan for the numerous aliments with which she is afflicted, and 1 have encouragement to believe that the full course of remedies prescribed will cure her. I will also add hat many of my friends, both in the city and elsewhere, can heartily recommend Dr. G. H. McClellan to suffering humanity everywhere. FRANCIS E. .McCAN.V. Mrs. Nancy Flora was r ved of diabetes, dyspepsia and kldn' complaint by Dr. G. B. McClellan. . ..e was CG years of age at the time. My son and daughter who were seriously afflicted, one with female troubles, the other with Inflammation of the bladder and stricture, have both been perfectuly cured bv Dr. McClellan. PETTER STRU.MQUIST. LUXO DISEASE. ,n •Wabausee, Kas., March 13, 1SS9. Dr. G. B. McClellan. Dear Sir—Have nearly finished taking the medicine. Am feeling belter In every way. The pains in my head, breast and lungs have nearly all gone. I am confident your medicines will do all you warrant. Send me some more. Yours respectfully. 3AS F. RlCH.UtDS. FEMALE IILSEASE AND IRREGU LABITIESI McPherson, Kan., Oct. 23, 1890. Dr. G. U. McClellan, "Diamond Dick"—I am anxious to express my sincere gratitude for what your remedies have done for me. "When I commenced the use of it I was a confirmed invalid, my feet and ilmbs were swollen so I was unable to walk scarcely across the floor; my right arm was completely dead or paralyzed during the past two and had gained in flesh in fact I was hopeless and Incurable. I have been afflicted with a combination of diseases. Among the most prominent was fast losing my faculties. I was unable to keep my eyes open but a short time during the day and would fall to sleep most ever>- faour; this was my condition when I began your treatment I have used your.remedy three months; the effects are simply astonishing my friends and neighbors. I now can walk without inconvenience. I can raise my hand over my head, something I was unable to do for eighteen months. I have been reduced in flesh and can go about and do considerable housework. My appetite Is Immense end my strength Incrcanlng. MRS. NANCY FIX)WT:R8. L\ THE BACK. Eidono, Kan., .March 1. 1889. 'Dr. Diamond Dick." Dr. Sir—I have been taking your medicine for about three months and I wish to In form you that I am greatly benefitted I am not now troubled with the ach ings in my back, which were so dl tresslng. My husband also Is much better. Yours respectfulh", .MRS. F. R. TORY. l .MPURE RLOOD. neloit. Kan., .March 9, 1889 Dr. G. B. .McClellan. My Dear Friend—Have neglected to write but now wish to inform you that your medicine has done me much good and feel sure it will cure the breaking out on my face and the pain in my lungs Shall require more medicine shortly and win write you again. Yours gratefully, .MRS. A. B. McBETH. DYSPEPSIA AND FE.VALE TROUBLE. Wayne, Jan. 9, 1S89 nr. Diamond Dick. Dear Sir—We wish to let you know that the medicine you sent us is nearly all gone and to let you know that we are very much better, for which we are grateful Please send another lot of medicine. Yours truly. MR. AND MRS. JOHN ZAHLER. TD THOSE AVIIO ARE AFFLICTED. I will have to say that wp b.ave doctor In our city that Is one of the wonders of the nineteenth century That doctor is Dr. Diamond Dick. I have been affilried with disease prev alent to the human family. I have had the most eminent physicians In the I'ulted States, who stand at the head of the medical fraternity to diagnose niy case, and will have to say that .Mr, Diamond Dick, beyond a doubt, e.xeel them all in locating your pains and aches. He undoubtedly knows his business. T. H. S.MITH. McPherson. mmyvHS AND XU.VBNE88. WeWstflfn. Mo., April 18, 188S. Dr. G. U. McClellan—Dear Sir: took treatment from you last winter _ for malarial fever and my limbs were feellnR' numb at times that it waa imposKl- flke my old self again. You may use »>le for mo to walk. Your treatment this tettlmonlal for. the benefit of oih •r sufferers. I remain, yours very tmlr.. CHARLES DIE. XTB8 AHD npKET CUBE. Weeton. Mo., Deo. 8. 1887. Dr. O. a MoClellan, "Diamond has cured mo after seven years of suffering. LIZBTTB VADBR8TAY. FEMALE TBOFBLE. Bellville. Kas., Feb. 9. 1889. Dr. G. B. McClellan. Dear Sir—I Dkk*—Doctor; Attar naing medicines wish to inform you that my wife is frsn ft great maar good doctors, also improving faster than could be ex- JttrVMiop, of Bt BMtop. Mo., for my pected. under your treatment and feel .«M».jnid .klda^ I, was certain no- sure that she will recover from her who also took treatment of you, and llJw ^ieoald ewe mer Rearing so ma^y trouble (female weakness) entirely, they all received the same beneficial '. ADoAbpaiTa tMttaMmialB In praise of .Thankfully yours. results. Very gratefully yours, TBV woadartia eoret, X was agate in- > . o. W. S^MOBE. SABAH MOBGAN. ARTICULATE RHEU.VATLS.H. Dr. G. B. .McClellan—Dear Sir in the year 1879 I was attacked with what was termed by the physicians articulate rheumatism, the effects of exposure and dampness, as I worked on a farm and have always been ex posed to the Inclemency of the weath er. I called many doctors from neigh boring cities. Several treated me while west for health, and all failed to relieve my paln or suffering, and as I am u8 years of ace. I gave up doc torlng last spring. So, as some of my friends took medicine from you last June and were cured, I placed confi dence in you and paid you a large sum; you have my money and I have my health. So In return I am well and hijve used your medicine three months. My wife began taking your medicine a few days since and is improving already. Do not hesitate to refer all suffering with rheumatism to me. Your friend forever. war. PARSONS, Second Avenue. GENERAL DEBILITY. Dr. G. B. McClellan, Dear Sir—I have been, taking treatment from you and have been greatly benefitted. Also mother. James and I are advocating your medicines. Ail patients in my neighborhood speuk highly of your skl'.l as a doctor. ARMILDA SCOTT. .N'o. TiiJU .Metro|)olitan Ave. DKOI'HY OF THE IlKAItT. HIawnihu, Kan., Dec. SK, ]8$7. nr. 0. H. MiClellnn. Dear Doctor— I placed myiolt under yoi^r treatment for dropBy of the heart. I W»H con- fiuod to my I XK I for two long years. I was given up by all the doctors to die, and when you cnine to Hiawatha. KanwiB, my eons brought you to my bedside, and you pretcrlbed your remedies and In three months. I was up and Well. I am 61 years of u«e; 1 have resided four miles from Hiawatha fifteen years, and all the people or old settlers in Brown county know my fami:y. I am pleased beyondi words to express my willingness to recommend you to all the affected patients in this vicinity. I have several of my family EXHAUSTED TITALITY. Hiawatha, Kan., May 10. 1SS7. To the Public:-This Is to certify that I have been under the treat mem of Dr. G. B. McClellan, and have been Improving steadily from the time he took charge of me. RADFORD. .SORE LEG. Michigan Fails, Kan., March 2. 1889. "Dr. Diamond Dick." Dear Sir—Am thankful that I ever had the good fortune to meet you. Have suffered for years with a terrible sore on my leg. Tried many doctors without receiving the least benefit. Your remedy is invaluable. My leg is entirely healed, and I can go about my business with pleasure. Publish this if you think well. Yours most gratefully. A. BASH... Deputy Sheriff of Osage County, Kan. COUGH AND SORE THROAT. Delphos, Kan., March, 6, 1889. Dear Doctor—Am pleased to inform you that your medicine is doing me much good and am thankful to say that I can now walk nlx>ut again, which I had given up ail hope of. I have caught a bad cold, have a dry cough and sore throat. Please send me some of your medicine that will cure me. Vours gratefully. FRIODOMN HOESCH. Caldwell. Kas.. January 1, 1898. I'oldt predicts- a number of exdttag I ,r. C. H. .MK :iellan. Ur. "Ulamond contests. ^ si ver loving cup g«« to • J, .. the. winner of the greatest nnmber.ox \fv r 'jmr sir—ln ret .Iv to how I am Pames and the holder Is entttled to the sinS X your 'tVatlS ^nui'lm LoTe ;,'t.e of champion of Kansas A^^^^ than pleased to say that both myself P^«^«"f/'"'« ^y ,l^°lJ^iJi-?^JI%,^ and wife are much Improved in health, he holder of the trophy for the ttlrd It is alK .ut three months since we be- J- X." """S^'!^ if»^^f gan and must say that I feel ten years ^Ity won the trophy at two diOerent younger, notwithstanding I am past 70. ^"^1^ T.i^Wno. ^ ^ JhoS I ^^^a^eJ^rSf 1 -es bSe^ «,e secretary have cured, and wh.refrain from send ^ki^-^^^^^^^^^ °p e'slrXSS 2f ^f'^^^^r l„g in a testimonial. You have the l.b- ^IJ^^.^'^-^^/^'ril^r'slght' AM. "arvey, promises to be an «^ I have not had a dizzy spell, nor have siting affair. During the Y M. C.^A. fell down sMnce taking treatment. I tournament held in Topeka during the U'weinieS, air so are all the summer Mr Brett met Major a ^jrey . . . .> '— — in a series of games and defeated hlffli erty of publishing this. MRS. LOTTIE REYNOLDS. f-..ij„.„ii v..^ T.„ ,ooo people that took treatment from you ^ Ccild^el Kan Jan J, 1898 .^^ neighborhood. My son-in-law. Major Harvey insists that he had been n. McClellan, Dr. Diamond ^.^^ ^i,^^ Kingfisher. !>laying the game with Captain Joseph Okla., will cail on you at Hennessey. We recommended you to all. Yonrs truly. WILLIAM CI..^YPOOL. Five miles north of Caldwell, Kan. CATARRH. KIDNEY DISEASE AND DKOPSY. Washington. Kan.. I-'eb. 2G. 1889 Dr. G. n. McClellan. Dear Sir—I now have the jileaanre in writing to say that I am feeling quite well. I began the use of \-our treatment in .S'ovember and am Vfry grateful for the health and strength your medicines h.ive Klveii nil-. You will recollect your diagnosis of my case was catarrh of the head, kidney disease, numbness of the hands and soreness around my heart, which was quite correct. Send me another consignment of medicine so that I can use it if inv troubles return. Vours thankfully. .MISS IRENE MAIITI.V. Dr. O. Dick." Dear Sir and Friend—J was one of your first'patients In Caldwell. Ka.s.. to take your treatment ten weeks ago. I had given up all hope of regaining my health. My trouble was the same as my father suffered with for eighteen years before his death. So after trying all the known remedies and doc- Dr. G. H. .McClellan. Dr. "Diamond tors in this section. I gave up in des- Dick." • ^ pair. Your name and reputation pre- Dear Sir—In reply to your request ceded you to Caldwell, so 1 called on will gladly say that your treatment you. You read my feelings as by sup- prescribed last fa'l has given memucfc ernatural jjower, every symptom, pain satisfaction. My troubles were hear: and ache. My people and neighbors and stomach troubles, yellow jaundlci gave me poor encouragement, but 1 and other troubles. I have galnec was convinced that you understood my about fifteen pounds in three months troubles better than others. You pre- -My general health Is now good. 1 scribed and left me eight months' have several months' treatment yet t( treatment. I could not keep food on take. .\s far as I can learn all youi my stomach, my eyes were failing fast, patients in this section are doinf I could not sleep but a few hours at a nicely. Publish this if it will do yoi time, my heart troubled me, my back any good. With best wishe.<:, I am gave out. in .fact. I was unfit for work Yours very trul.v, or manual labor. I am 24 year.s of -MR. J. THl'R.MAN, age, and work my own farm, or tried IV^ miles northwest of Caldv.e'l. Kan to,' but had to give up. Now. as you have kept your promise and came b.ack and called on mo and-all your patients in this nelKhborboo<I. I wish to reward you by adding one more testl- Waters and was out |Of training when :his match was played. Kansas has a number of expert chess players, W. W, Harvey of Ashland having met Emanuel Lasher the world's champion during a visit to Topeka two years ago and defeated him. A numl)er of other strong ph^r "rs have promised to be In Tdpeka'for \ tournament this week and it is Uke-> !y that a challenge will be Issued to he crack players of Missouri for a contest. Following was taken from the Oar net Journal of April 29. 1897: Dr. Diamond Dick" has returned t( "500 MEN WASTED."^ To Trap All Kinds of Raw Ears. I am now paying for No. prima arge each: Black skunk, |L76: nlnk, 13.50 to $400; opossum, 35c to lOc; house cats. 25c to 35c; dvlt cats, lOc to SOc; raccoon $1.00 to 11 .25; nusk rats, 25c to SOc. Medium, small md lower grades full relative valuel Come to headquarters for a square leal and highest full market pricfea. B. S. BARNARD. Horse and Beef Hides, Junk. Poultry, Furs, etc. etc.. No. 324-3a« North Buckeye street, lola, Kansas. monial applied with what I imid you. carnett. after an absence of about \ou can say. or publisli in the county „,„„„,^ ,^ again l (K -ated at the Cot papers that I have gained 18 rK)unds ,age hotel, where he is prepared t of flesh, am ns strong as a mule, my receive calls from those who are af limCI nilllUrOA lAAiai food is perfectly digested, my back is f,,^,^,, ^.i„, ^ny ailment to which hu MRJC hllNNrAS ARAIN strong, my eyes do not need glasses ,„3„„ ,^ ,,p,j ^^r^atever may be you- I '»inOl UUnntUO nUnlll now. and clothes are all loo smal . 1 ^um^nt. you are invited to call an. have five months treat.nent yet to consultation free, take. My sister suffered the same as T,,^ u„p,„r has been here over si.- r Her nervous system was so bad n.onths. and during that time he ha hat she was compelled to quit school, ponvluced the peopte that he is not ; Her eyes wfre like my own. Her I Indiana Officer Catches Her at Pitta- burg? — At Nevada Ye»> terday. "long-haired fraud," nor a "fakir," bu health has been restored, she has dis- „,j,^ „hje to describe vour all carded the eye glasses and returned ^.^^f^ „„j, p^^e „,em. He has cure^ CHRONIC RHEU .MATIS5L • November 10, 1SS7. Dr. G. B. McClellan. Dear Sir—I iilaced myself under your treatment last June. My trouble was chronic rheumatisiu. .Medicines from many doctors fiiiied to benefit me. When I commenced to take your treatment I could not walk across the street. I am well known In Weston. .\Io.. and have suffered the last four years. I am now able to go about and do considerable work, notwithstanding [ am 59 years of age. 1 am neither weak nor nervous. 1 am stronger than I have'Been for several years. I eat and sleep well, and am free from all pains, except a little trouble In my Ight foot, which will disappear when get all my medicine used. I am very resi>€ctfully, JACOB METTIER, Corner Second and Shawnee Streets, Leavenworth. to the Winfieid school. All the patients in this neighborhood have the same praise for you. You have the best wishes of the entire family for continued success. We remain thankfully and truly your frlunds. HER.\IAN F. OERKE MRS. F. OERKE. Four miles northwest of Caldwell.— Caldwell .News, June 13, 1898. many of our best people of various di oases, and benefited many others wh< ire yet under his treatment. For in stance: Jlrs. Margaret Gardner o Uceder township has been an Invalb :'or several years. She has pSid bun Ireds of dollars for treatment by oth er sp<»cialists In Kansas City—withou lelng benefitted. Her case was final!: iironounced hopeless by these phys! •ians. and she made up her mind tba 'ler davs on earth were few. Howevei DR. DIAMOND DICK'S INFIRMARY, wheu Dr. McClellan—"Diamond Dick' V Bower of Beantv Where Restoration -ca'n^ Garnett she heard of som- 7n Honitt nM,rn« h'^ marvelous cures, and took fresl to Health Reit-ns Supreme. concluded that there wa Environments are alw.ays symbolical i chance for her yet Accordingly sh» of success, and in every business or ^mnioned him. and he called to sc profession they Invite a confidence be- her. He readily diagnosed her cas- getting sucess, though In no sense md prescribed for her. As a resu! PARALYSIS AND DROP.SY. niain, Jan. 30, 1889. Dr. Diamond Dick. Dear Sir—Am glad to inform you that Mrs. Madden is doing well under your treatment. Have eevry confidence that she will recover. Yours truly, TI.M MADDEN, NERTOUS PAINS AND DROPSY. Dr. G. B, McClollan. Dear Sir—Your medicines I have URod for the Inm week. I hnve beon troublml with norvouHneHs and pain in my aide for many ycRrs. Could not lie with CNHO on iity lied nt nliint, or rest without a fearful iwin, and dis- treislng feeling In my back. I had the dropsy ond lout ten iioundH In weJRhl. My health is better now since I hnve been taking your medicine than ten yearn ago. Yourn with rcapecl. MRS. L. CRESSILIUS. meant to be the mean measure in advertising. A wel'-filied library in a lawyer's office tells that he must be successful to thus provide himself with. ,and proves as well that he must be a student of bis profession that confidence Is Indeed with- about 23 pounds. Mrs. (Jardner Is wel out the aid of personal solicitations, pleased with the treatment given he la the medical profe.,:;; -.ii all said holds "ly the Doctor, and recommends bin true, why it is even more truthful. 'o eevrybody who visits her. She The days of the dingy doctor's of- :hlnks—and It Is no doubt tnie—tba flee Is past, for nature has invoked he has given her a new lease of life ihe is now "as lively as a cricket." anr 'akes great pride and comfort in car ng for her twin grandchildren—th 'hree-months-old babies of Ben Ecore ind wife. By the way. these babies when first born, weighed, to.gether The Nevada Mail says: A sheriff 'rom Indiana passed through Nevada Saturday night with a woman who -he offlcer stated was Mrs.' Ounneas, 'he woman who is charged with mnr- lerlng a number of people. The 'death farm" tragedies are familiar 'o everyone and the trial of the man vho is charged with being an accom- -illce of Mrs. Gunness and of murdering her is also familiar to the readers of these columns. It was alleged that Mrs. Gunness was murdered '°n the home where she is alleged to 'lave killed a number of people who come to. her as result ot corresponding with'her. The attorneys who are lefending the man charged with kUI> 'ng Mrs. Gunness have maintiijilM 'hat she is still aive and the pi^tii ind detectives all over the oonnry 'iave been making an effort to locmie 'he woman. Arrests have been.made in many cities but the-real Mrs. Gunness was never found, however the officer, who passed through. Nevada ^turday night is sure ho has the -voman. He stated that he found her on the streets in Pittsburg ..!Kas.. and that she is still alive and the police ber of years and is certain that he has 'he real Mrs. Gunness.. A few days ago a conductor on a "iVisco train stated that he belleVed that Mrs. Gunness was a passenger on his train and that it may be that-thls led to the finding of the womian In Pittsburg. After the woman 's dtsappeiarsace from her farm a number of t)odies were found and their condition ladt* ated that the unfortunate one hid motive which is believed to. hifive prompted the crimes was money. FEMALE WEAKNESS. Leavenworth, Kan., April 28, 1888. Dr. G. B. McCIe:ian. ' Dear Doctor—I have been suffering fpr several years—^have suffered death almost—4)Ut have received no benefit till I came under your treatment. My worst troubles were diseases peculiar to my sex. I know many whom you along science to cure, and while medl- ind that she has many years befori cine gives the remedies nature furn- her. ishes the environments of fresh air. David Stout is another of the Doc beautiful flowers and . landscapes tr 'or's patients, and he is no less pleas Interest and divert the mind from self, id than Mrs. Gardner. He has treated while the medicine does Its own work, hut a short time, but he feels like i So true is this that hospitals nowadays new man. He has had heart troubb are made clean, well ventilated and for years, and that has disappeared , t. mu- attractive, and infirmaries and consult He also has, or had, rheumatism anc" ImPt a horrinje death,_ The Ing rooDu arc adorned and beautified 'tidney disease. At present the kidne} so as to divert the patient's or vlsitorf dlsoaso has almost entirely dlxappear tbpUKbiB from his aliments. Dr. O. B. ed, and the rheumatism Is "followint .\rcClBllan, "Diamond Dick," has this <ult." Mr. Stout Is loud In his pral*' idea, and has cryiitalllxed It In a most of Dr. "Diamond Dick"—he can't sa: superb and artificially decorated In- onough in pruiae of the Doctor, firnmry in Ihlti city. He has been with The Doctor has numorouir teHtimon- UH for two yours, and has lociired a 'ale from other pailents. which any 'local palroniigo that has siiroud hU ine can see by calling nt his office Ir ] fame nil over thu state, and donmndMl -he hotol, and he takes great pleanurf his prcNoncu In various Htales. But s<i in showing them, groaf hn« bocnnie hlH local or office Dr. McClellan rode out to tin- (Jnrd' practice that U)» much an-tho relieved npr-Stanley neighborhood on Wednos- may advertlwo him and cause other pat !ny. and when he reached the nchoo' ^iinier of the chock had merely algn* nini« oui«tdo of Lonvonworth to seek ' UUIHO he found a merry crowd ol «>d the county attorney's nama throttgb, i hiH NPrviccs, bo has about concluded voting folkii and old folkit. who wer< -x "slip of the mind." but such la M |ft< to attend to home folks, abandon hi* ibscrving Arbor Day by setting out the case. C. J. Peterson Is not l^;M>- toum through the stale; and those trees. Here hn found Devcral of hlr titlous name. Mr. Peterson IIVM/' seeking bin intrtntitive gift of curing natients. who warmly welcomed him near Moran and is an old friend Of tka ^v and acqiilrnd skill in effecting cures <ind Introduced him to others, recom- county attorney. : '• must ncek him hereafter at his Infirm- mending to any and all who might be James McCIuro stepped up .to.tb^ ary. It is located at the corner of Del- ailing. As a result he has secured a county treasurer's oSce thia awtfalog' aware and Fifth streets, and is a beau number of new patients. Of course he to "^ay his rent." In maklnrcrttt the ; tifuily apiiointed suite of rooms, where will be pleased with his trip. check be made it payable .to^i ^n ^V?. rare good taste In furniture, paintings As before stated, the Doctor has Sickly, county treasurer." ajMt:ij |pB <l v and general ornamentation has been been here over six months, and the 't "M. P. Sickly, county t^jwwaCF; ^ displayed. The ladles' parlor is a gem oeoi >le have had a chance to learn that This was In fact a "allp (d " In all its appointments; the office is he is not here to "skiu" the people i neat and tastefully equipped, and the leave them to their fate, as do so many laughinx at ue mistaKe tapg^Jt* kMI!.^;^^] traveling "doctors." jrr. Sickly had the aaoiiorifAtlha Call and see him and you will be lice and could :4iei ^''m-^^^ pleased.—Oamett.- Kansas, Journal. wanted to. _ ' ' A rtf'^^:-^ TWO FREAK! CHICK* TODAY. lames McClura Wanted Mr. tlekly to. Pay Hie Taaea. Two freak checks were on •iblbl' • Ion St the court house today. Carl J. I'etorsnn received a ohook from one 0. J. Peterson of near Moru with pay taxoa. At flrat glt&M one would have auapoeted that the laboratory Is equipped with every chemical contrivance to compound the medicines for which "Diamond Dick"

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