The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 27, 1936 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1936
Page 11
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THE TtAKERSKIELD CAUKOUNIAN. THURSDAY, AUGUST 27, 103G 11 Noted Violin Maker Lives in Forest Near Rate Wood (United rreii Leaicd irfrc.) O AKLAND, Aug. 27.—The Reset- tlemnnt Administration lias discovered In the great redwood forest at Mcncloclno Highlands tho liome of one of tlio most famlous violin makers of modern times and bus taken steps to son that ho will bo .iblo to continue his violin making. Tho man Is Peter Hogan, who, for 40 years, has been turning out violins that are being used In the great symphony orchestras of tho United States. Yet, virtually no one hud ever seen tho man und nothing was known about him except the nd- dress, where n violin or a violin bridge might bo ordered by someone who had come to know through _ u fellow violinist the value of his products. Hogan's fame aroso from tho fact that he discovered an entirely new wood for violin making. This Is known ns chinkapin und to have It constantly at his disposition he burled himself In tho woods where It grows and thus lost virtually all contact with civilization. Uses Secret Treatment In addition to findng the extreme adaptability of chinkapin tor violin making, Hogan also was tho discoverer of a treatment for the wood which closely approaches the secrets of the Htracllvarius, Guarnarlus and Cremona. But It was only when tho Kesettlcmcnt Administration began acquiring In Mendoclno county, 150 miles north of San Francisco, on tho coast, land which It deemed should be acquired by tho government for scientific and Utilization purposes, that the home of Hogan was found In tho center of the great forest. In fact, Hogan and his wlfo Jesslo was ono of only 11 families that were found In tho entire district which is to be taken over by tho government and turned into a recreational area. Hogan hod taken up his residence there to have at his command a supply of the precious chinkapin wood and because he believed that thero was music in tho trees and that It was In the center of them that tho taut wood could best bo treated so that the music which It concealed might come out in Its finest qualities once it had been converted Into u violin. Income Not Large Hogan had never attempted to make big money from his violin production despite tho fact that his instruments went to somo of tho best players In the United States and tonal qualities hud been tried by soloists in symphony orchestras. If someone wrote him, asking for a' piece of chinkapin wood for a vto- In bridge ho cheerfully sent It without ever thinking of recompense. Although only woodland trails led to the Hogan homo yet they had been well worn by tho feet of many musicians who had sought to moot the artisan and perhaps obtain a 1 piece of wood selected by tho deft hands of a man who knew. Tho National Park Service, to which tho Job fell of developing tho Mendocino Woodland!! as a recreation area for tho public, found that the Hogan hojue ttiid tho garden ho built around It wan In the area listed by tho Resettlement Administration to bo returned to the surrounding forest. However, not to deprive Hogan of his home and of the possibility of continuing his violin making near the forest where he must select personally the wood for his Instruments, tho Resettlement Administration arranged to re-establish him on nearby land and flmiiico him until his new home might be paid for. Pleased Wllli New Homo Ho selected a 10-acre ranch which ho declared was to "tho queen's taste" and where he can grow bgger and better vegetables and flowers. Tho bigger the vegetables, ho says, the more time he will have left for violin making. He was given a 30-year loan to help him get started besides the pur chase price of his new homo. "I am so happy," Hogan declares, "that I want to give a piece of chin- kapin wood to everyone In the hopes that when I am dead and gone it will help to keep me remembered." "Wind and weather," ho says, "make good violin wood, but you must fell many a tree and 'feel' many a slab of Its wood before you find ono piece with musical quality Chinkapin is such a wood that has been thoroughly tested by the wine from the sea. Tho violin Is really a wind Instrument, depending on wind seasoning In Its wood and air vibration when It is finally finished for playing." As continuous playing helps the wood In a violin to unlock Its taut ness and mellow the tone, Hogun has Invented a violin developer that au tomatlcally playn two violins at a time ns long as desired. He says this helps to "unlock the music." CAKE OF YOU! OLIVK ROBERTS BARTON): W ATER, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink." Ground, ground everywhere and not an Inch to play on. Thus runs Canto the Fifth of the modern poem. DIETING TO REDUCE Dangerous Fat n Cut out fat meats—you don't need them—eat sensibly of lamb, lean beef, fish and fowl. Go light on butter, cream and sugary sweets—eat fruit and vegetables In variety. Gain In physical charm—look younger—feel younger. Maryland lady writes; "I've lost exactly 21 pounds and am so happy to KC( rid of that bulky fat. My skin is clearer and I feel so much better." Mrs. N. S. Take one-half teaspoonful of KruschPti Salts In a glasw of hot water before breakfast every morn. Jng. Kruschen costs but a trlflo and is Hold the world over—try ono Jar— If not Joyfully satlsflsd—money back —Get That Kruschen Feeling.—Adv. Bed Bugs! These pesta may get into any house. They don't stay long where there Is a vigilant housekeeper. Not when it Is so easy to get rid of them with BUIIACH! Simply sprinkle BL'IIACII on the bed and bed clothing, und dust it Into cracks and crevices around tho room. BL'IIACII brings a swift, sure end to any Insect pest, but Is ITuaranteed sale for human beings and animals—best of all It's odorless. In Handy Sifter Cans 25c up nt all Drug, Grocery, Seed Stores and I'ct Shops.—Adv. ITCHING BURNING OF ECZEMA Also externally caused pimples and rashes relieved by soothing, fast-acting medication of Cuticura. Buy today. CUTICURA OINTMENT The first four concern public playgrounds, of which there are too few; apartment houses In crowded areas with no thought of hot little cliffdwellers: houses without yards; long suburban streets of beautiful lawns and flowerbeds with unprinted keep- off ^slgns. Tho latter can't bo helped because owners who take pride In property not only have a right to safeguard it but aro doing community service In beautifying thoir land. Tho fifth article deals with available yards for "own" children. A fow days ago I saw the Ideal plan for dividing off tho family plot so that mother und dml rould have their share for lawn and flowers anil the children their own domain as well. Subdivided Backyard We'll skip tho geranium beds and Illy pool and go on toward the little white picket fence—It wasn't a big yard—open tho small gate and step Inside. A space 18 feet or so square, was walled on two sides by a hedge, on one by a vine-covered garage wall and on the garden side by the picket fence. In one end was a sandpllc, a swing, a sliding board and n pipe with a, shower. Scattered about were dolls, balls, blocks and tho usual toys, Including a dollhouse, that also served for storage overnight. Two little girls, almost minus clothes, wero playing there happily —ono a mere baby. "I call this perfect," remarked this visitor admiringly. "Not a thing to get hurt on. And everything seems to bo here. A sort of sublimated playpen." Worries Penned Up "I don't have to worry about them falling off porches now, or wandering out on the street. I have work to do and I can turn them loose here until T'm finished. They can't reach tho gate look, or tho shower valve I turn that on them for awhile on hot days. If I didn't have that yard, I'd have to keep baby In her llttlo pen nearly all tho tlmo and she doesn't get exercise enough In It. Dogs can't get in the yard, and besides It's easier to shoo off older and sometimes troublesome children this way, too." "It's something to suggest to other mothers." I remarked. NOVELTY COMPACTS Summer clearance of beautiful Novelty Compacts, loose powder and compact powder to choose from. Priced from 39c to 79c. Remember, we carry a complete line of better known toiletries and the finest perfumes. Come to us for the best. "We have the agency for the Barbara Gould line, with a demonstrator to help you solve your cosmetic problem. ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE! 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