Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 29, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 29, 1908
Page 5
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> :,^:MMi bard ttmes: approach, Be^ feels. perfectly s^are. He knows that, even if he isn't making money rapidly, he St; doesn't have to Bacrlflce everything he has for ^ongli to live on. Have yon a bank acconnt? If not, why not? The time will tnrely come when fill back 00. Audit's you'Jl need a little ready money to SO easy to own a bank account, for once yon make the start and get a few dollars in the bank, file most fascinating g: me in the world is to watch your money grow, little by little, until almost before you realize it your account will reach hundreds and then thousands. If you have money hidden about the house, bring it to this bank and let it be ieaming interest while you are not using it. State Savings Bank GmpUml $23,000 Ma, Kmumaa Of en from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights Harknets Savetf Him. Ed Banks was seriously injured Saturday niglit while at the stock yards helping Charles Harkness load a car load of mules. One of the mules kicked-Mr. Banks Inthe hack. He fell Into a pond of water and hroke his nose. Had it not been for the presence of Mr. Harkness he would possibly have been drowned. He was given medical attention. The accident occurred Tribune. Fine tiand Painted China at exactly tfALF PRICE Tbb Is a very fine lino of CHIXA and, \ott can BO^ afford to miss the fiargains we offeri See Window at SPENCER'S Short Stories Get (he Flko. the best 5e cigar, at rrabb .s. .A borne cigar. Give Way to Bakerites. The business men's gymnasium class will not meet until Thursday evening as the gj-m room of the Y. M. C. A. will be used by the Baker ban­ queters this evening. —Good Things to Eat. '•Qur-Way." Will Initiate Two. At the regular meeting of the Woodman Circle this pvening two candidates will be InltiatPd Into the order. Fred Rowden, —Frank B. BeatUe, V. S., Phone 139. Mrs. Bliss Worse. C. J. Bliss was called to Lawrence Saturday by a phone message stating that his wife was worse. Mrs. Bliss was taken sick while visiting her mother more than a month ago. She does not seem to get better.—Hum boldt Herald. u THE iOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. MaaitfKAircrs. Wholcsato -mi MiHtU Dealers CRYSTAL ICE Aad Distilled Water Vmr C«U BUngt Iea4y fv ntANK RIDPLC. Mgr. Real Estate, insurance City and Farm^ Loans Ix >w Rate, Annual Interest. Payments received at any time without notice, and interest ceases on amount paid. Long or Short Time Loang. Cunningtiam & Arfiett Foe the best and qnlekeNt re.saU.s uKc the Kegister's want columns. Slapped a Masher. A certain Humboldt masher received his with plenty of trimmings the other night. He was at a public dance and at its close offered to ac company a young lady to her .home. She told him she did not wish his com- nany. but secured in his charms as a iady-killer, he thought she was mistaken and followed her for a block or more, finally stepping forward and taking her arm. At this sh^ turned and gave him a bilT on the ear that sent his hat spinning and caused him to see so many stars that the recent meteor exhibit was tame in comparison. There are few of this class of mashers in Humboldt and it is hoped that the treatment will cause them to become less.—Herald. —Insist on having U. S. Flonr, Barber Disappears. This morning it was discovered that P. H. "WVckoff who has been running the hotel barber shop has left, taking with him his tools and a new whirling sipn which he had placed in position somo timo ago. Mrs. Wyckoff did not know where he was and no In formation has been received. Mr Wyckoff was doine a good business and his home reTations were pleasant Ho W .1S in gooi] health and no reason can be foi!:!d for !;is Iraving. It is said that ho disappeared from Moran in the same way several years ago and it not tl>o;:!:ht that he has been hurt rr anytliing but that some word will be received fi;om him soon. Humboldt Herald. Ife bare on sale winter tour- Ist tickets to many points In Xow Mexico and Texas, with final retnm limit June Ist, 1909. Please see for particulars, W. E. KALSTOX, Agent about 8 o'clock.—Chanute •^tgn painUng. phono 1428 TO GIVE eX -80L0IERS CIVIL JOBS General Grant Believes Plan Would Bring High Grade Recruits. Washln 'Bton. Dec. 2.0.—Civil employ ment under the government for soldiers honorably discharged after six years of service is recommended by Major General Frederick D. Grant, commander of the department of the Lakes, in his annual report made public here toda.v. Such positions as messengers and clerks in the War department should, he says, be given to honorably discharged soldiers without examination in preference to oth er applicants. Such a system, he con tends, would greatly assist in securing a high class of recruits for army service. THE ROOSEVELT'S CRUISE ENDS. Four Children and the President's Wife Returned Yesterday. Washington, Dec. 2S.—After a two days' cruise on the Potomac aboard the naval yacht. Sylph. Mrs. Roosevelt and her children, Ethel, Quintin, .•Vrchie and Kermit. returned to the White house late this afternoon. The sail extended to the mouth of the Potomac, the party making no landing however, before returning to the city. —Dr. P. E. Waueh, Dentist, Phone S2 Off to Wash., D. C. Major Watson Stewart left Thursday for Parsonr, where hn spent Christ mas Willi Ills son O. H. Stewart and family. From tiiere ho will go to St. I/oui.s and then to Wa.shingtori. D. C, where he will spend the winter.— Humboldt Herald. —Always time to eat at the Our Way. Sold Bankrupt Stock. ^ Travis Morse, of lola, trustee In charge of the Lehman stock of seeds, ac'pompanled by Guy Pees, came down .Saturday and wiili the ai.I of W. S. Pnlnier sold off the sfonk at auction. TIKV cleaned ir> everything In pood sIiajH.— Humboldt Herald. —For fine llvpry and boarding ^•ali'.e for horKfi!!. see Tlalph R. Drake, Phone 101. 212 .Vorlh Jefferson. HE FOUND THE LAPROBE. J. R. Henderson Was Acquitted by Jury Yesterday. The jury in the case of the State vs. J. R. Henderson, charged with the theft of a plush laprobe, which war. tried in Justice Hough's court yesterday afternoon, returned a verdict of not guilty.'' The evidence in the case showed that a laprobe was either lost or stolen from a bugg.y which was the property of one D. W. Rose. Wlt- testified that Henderson had found the laprobe in the public high way. The jury was out about flvi minutes. THE BUST WAY TO KEEP YOIR Sl'PPLY OF CIG.IKS. MAGAZDiES AND PERIODICALS can be secured of J. E. UE.NUERSO.N. who deals with the publishers and tnrnishes them at the lowest price possible. Trial subscription to Van 'Norden's, 3 months 25c. Phone 98. 414 N. Buckeye Estimates cheerfully given andl LOOK AT OHB Nickel Plated Ware When Christmas shopping. Chafing Dishes, Percolaters, gold-lined Tea Sets. Cake Trays. Baking Dishes, aoi many other useful and fancy articles. Also'a fine line of Aluminum Ware Kvery smoker appreciates tlie advantage of keeping cigars in humidors. .\ humidor keeps cigars in perfect smoking condition, regardless of climate, altitude or weather conditions. The Rice Glass Humidor, whidi bo!d.<« fifty cigars, is air tight and opens and closes by a simple iwise of the wrist. The F. R. Rico Mercantile Cigar Co. supplies it to dealers who .sell Mercantile Cigars, and most dealers serve "Mercantiies" out of this attractive jar or humidor. By purchas ing ."iO Mercantile Cigars, any smoker can secure a Rice's Glass Humidor without extra charge. The quality of the Mercantile Cigar has lieen kept up to the highest stand ard for eighteen years. It Is always I lie s.ime good cigar, whether you buy it at the little cigar stand around the corner, or in the finest club or buffeU in town. ' ' Muskopee Red in Jail. ".Mu.slcoeee Red." who landed in town Christmas nieht. spent the night as the guest of the police force at the city jail. "Hed" found some bitters, and was feelins; oretty good, when Oflicor Harry Hedrlch happened along and picked him up. He did not caro so much about going to Jail for the nisht. but he did hate to give up the bitters, and he begged and begged for the stuff. But "Bush" turned a deaf ear to the printer's appeals. The police lodged him over ni^t, but "Red" was out bright and early in the morning. He came to the Tribune of fice before any of the office force had arrived but the boy who opens up in the morning, and then waited to levy his tisual toll on the employees. They all chipped In to buy him a breakfast —Chanute Tribune. —Tnnnln ^Bi A Iractt, iS per cent money. Takes Up Woric . R. S. Gllflllan, the contractor, who is paving the public square arrived here on the afternoon train.—Nevada Mall. . fX)R SALE—Oeeie Featbera. J. Bende. Uoran, K^a*.. R. B. No, 2. B. Easy Money Wednesday Prices chopped, profits dropped. and Thursday A grand finish to the year 1908. $2.25 Heatherbloom Petticoats, wiih nice deep ruiBe, for these 2 days, special, $1.69 During the next 2 days and in time for the New Year's Elk's Ball we offer our entire stock of party dresses and evening coats and capes at Onm'FourihOfi $1.50 bla^k Taffeta Silk, 36. in. wide, chlffoi finish, for 3 days, per yard, $tM $2.25 Heatherbloom Petticoats, wiih nice deep ruiBe, for these 2 days, special, $1.69 During the next 2 days and in time for the New Year's Elk's Ball we offer our entire stock of party dresses and evening coats and capes at Onm'FourihOfi One lot all wool Suitings, in stripes and checks, 46 in. wide, will make fine suits and skirtiSj $1.25 value, per yard 7S6 $18 ladies' Long Coats, ^atiu lined, made of chaTon brbiiddotB, green, blue, red and black, special for 2 days at $10.95 $1.50 Satiu Duchess, 36 inches wide, in black only, for 2 days, epecial per yard, $i.oo One lot Wool Suitings, suitable for Suits and Skirts, regular 50c quality, per yard, * 25o One lot all wool Suitings, in stripes and checks, 46 in. wide, will make fine suits and skirtiSj $1.25 value, per yard 7S6 $18 ladies' Long Coats, ^atiu lined, made of chaTon brbiiddotB, green, blue, red and black, special for 2 days at $10.95 50c Bed Sheets, 72x90, made of good qnalily muslin, special sale price, each 39c Fine Furs Reduomti One-fourth off from regular prices on all fine Fur Sets and Fur Coats. One lot all wool Suitings, in stripes and checks, 46 in. wide, will make fine suits and skirtiSj $1.25 value, per yard 7S6 $18 ladies' Long Coats, ^atiu lined, made of chaTon brbiiddotB, green, blue, red and black, special for 2 days at $10.95 See the Announcement of our Semi-Annual Which appears on Page 4. Kansas Will Not Be in the Visible Territory This Time. Prognostications in the 1909 almanac show that during the coming year there will be four eclipses, two of the sun and two of the moon. Both of the moon eclipses will be total, while one of the sun eclipses will be of the same sort and one will be partial. Two of the eclipses come In June. On the third of that month will occur total eclipse of the moon visible to South America, Africa and parts of North America, Europe and .'Vsia. The second eclipse will be Juno 17. when the sun will be totally hidden from North America as far south as a lino drawn from San Francisco to the mouth of the Rio Grande river, and to the northern and eastern portions of Asia. Tlie third eclipse of tlie yearj will occur on either November 2C or 27. On one of these days the moon will be totally obscured fro'ra North America, parts of the Atlantic and .Pacific oceans, a portion of South America, the eastern parts of Europe and Africa, and the western portions of Asia and .Australia. The partial sun eclipse will come on December 12 or 13. It will not be visible to the United States and may be seen only at the extreme southeast orn tip of Australia, the .southern por tlon of New Zealand and the south po lar regions. altogether like.' It will happen In a I very great many townships that sonic j particular road crosses a bottom or Well Known Chanute Man Would be so in crossing gullies or creeks that it '• State Commander. Is not advisable to bridge, that for, the general good of the entire town-' J F. Rickle, of Chanute, who is ship the most of the work and money'well known in'loia will be a candidate of the township should be put on that for commander of the Grand Army of particular piece of road. It may be a the Repufclic, Department of Kansas, road far from the principal town an;l' .at the next state encampment of the everjbody in the township use it. It i Grand Army, which wii he held In Ot- certainiy would not be right for that; tawa February of next year, one road district to pay all of the ex-' '"">'"<inr.„ un., fnrm pense 'of keeping up that expensive piece of road and the other three-quarters or the township be exempt. '•Nearly all over the western part' "Nearly an over me »«fsi<riii . of the state the roads are good eleven. forward in the Chanute Post, but Mr. months out of the year, and about the! R'cltle received a majority of the only money necessarj- to raise by tax-j^otes and as soon as the result was atlon is in crossing gullies and dry;'"*nounced the nomination was made bed creeks, and I believe that the en- unanimous. tire township, or perhaps the entire Mr. Rickle has been very active in county, should be required to hf?l|i pay'^'- R. circles for years. He Is at that expense. Wouldn't it be a good | P''f''"'nt a member of the advisory Idea to have a road overseer for the ''"ard of the Kansas department, hav- - !!..»• »,„M fI,Q» nnsiflnn a number of CLOSED DEAL WITH LUCCOCK Commissioners Get Dirt for Court House Yard, —The only Cafe that fenrei tht Geaalae S«il Shlpt Oyft«r. Our W «r. • I The easiest way to make a dollar Is to save one you have already made. By trading with us you can save several dollars each month on your grocery bill. We can sell yon goods on two weeks' or thirty days' time , at atrictly cash prices. The Petple's Co-Op^n- ti?e iercutils Assoc'i The county commissioners have closed a contract wiih C. C. Luccock for 1,000 yards of dirt to be placed in the low place at the northwest part of the court yard. Mr. Luccock is excavating for the i)OSt office building and most dispose of the dirt in some way/It was an easy matter therefore for Tie and the commissioners to get together. Before adjourning yesterday thd commissioners went down to the tract of land they recently purchased west of-town and chose a site (for the pest house which Is to be moved soon. THE Y. M. C. A. BOYS TO ENTEa- TAIN IOLA CITIZENS. His candidacy was formally announced Saturday, when a resolution endorsing him was unanimously adopted by the Chanute Post, G. A. R. There was another candidate brought Athletic Contests are Scheduled—Fancy Swimming and Baiktt Bail Games the Feature. entire count-.- and raise a county road tax to bo distributed under the direc- Uon of this county road overseer and in the places that need the work the most, having the regard to the amount of travel on the different roads." Ing held that position a number of terms. His work on this board has given him a wide acquaintance all over the state. —Br. J. B. Pepper, Dentlat, Phone 1» TOWNSHIPS TO ROAD DISTRICTS.' Sehator-Elect Glenn Has a Plan tO' Submit to Legislature. There has been more or less news- I paper discussion of a proposed bi|i (providing for the division of every tpwnship Into four different road districts., This plan Is a part of the good roads movement. It calls for the use of all the money collected in one district upon the roads of that particular district. W. A. Glenn, state senator from the southwest •. Kansas district, is not exactly suited with the proDOBcd law and Is frank to aay lo. "The proposition certainly has tnncb merit," he says, "but there (a one feature of it that I cannot say I lOUk SfATE BMHk J. H. CXMPBELI, Cashier. L. C. BOBWSON, Asst Cashier L. E. HOBYILLE, President 1. W. BECK, Vice-President Directors: U E. Horvilie |A. W. Beck . A. Robinson [O. E. Nicholson H.L.Henderson Prank Riddle J. H. Campbell IHTBRBBT PAID ^tt/ »l3i» MfOMW .tafetr VtfiWMnn fw Btp». I' . On New Years afternoon at- the local Y. M. C. A. boildlng th». members of the association irlll- liold'aii open I^ouse or public reception to'the citizens of lola between the hoontoC 2 and 5 o'cIockj/'The entertalniBtait for the visltora'^ill be alons thtf^Rne of. the regular symnaalmn; work. Physical Director Berry hw artinsed an excellent gymnastie piV >Kraa>-~ at the conclusion of wliieh there -wiU be a basket hall game between two teams picked from the association gnnnaS' lum classes. The fwlmmlngrpMf.lrill also he! hroocht into service «ait a number of exhibitions in fancy swimming and high diving WHI hfi i^ren. Another interesting: feature of tbe afternoon will be a oUeadkCr tt| <a^ ihihit. The boys of the auoeI»tioii are eallinir upon the bnslneas ,mei^. MfldaiC for 1909 calendars bearfoc'tbe\aS&Tek^ tisements of the merebaata. Tqe'-eal* endars will be.diaplay'ti in'ftlti«rts of the buildlnKl^^ erery tmiglwable design. The offleers of'tne'aAiMlptfoa extend a very cordial inl^tatkn tg! the public to come Xa'ihjb. bdiidinf itthli time and «ee what la h&OM done for the ypUBg men" of tbe e ^JTv. -.^ * DiONT SIGN AITtlCATlON Commissioners io ilike iie' 'Part, In Vandlveer Parole Matter. The county oommisalonera did not sign the application of Ba(rai»"'1^ diveer for parole from the peattea- Itlary where be ia'serrlnc time:ior I causing tbe death of BerttH Spltfc at Plttsburf. this atate. IK Ot* fkOHf^^ ne appUeaUon iras/preaMtai^lfltt* [board by the. father. ot:ltaiM*BW. Tbe commlssloneradid apt «e«l«jiti« view of tbe evidence it ynm'W^^aum.x to take any part in-.titer a^ttegb'>^ TH6 PENALTY TO QQf ON. Executions Issued FerTlieee Wii» Art. - PelliM|iieiit >--i -.A-'^ ^ The attenUoB flt'tkedelliw^^ payera ia eaUed.tq tiie f|«l;tM:t»» penalty wiUpoelUTely «o o«.; first Executions for the ' property tax win be ' ter the flntjad,]^ of the those PTopertjpBtJqf [want it tiof the Ml* of i BegfrterWaii

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