Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 8, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1908
Page 6
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ON SECOND thouaM .... ... • 1»|6 tlndr after folss over the ««• xttm. that'fewer gfrls stood under the mtiUetoe ^his year tbaa ever b^re. Mrs. Jere Etnode Cooke says she Is pnjiag for her hnsband, but we notlee thait It Is Floretta Whaley vho Is sewing on his buttons and beating his shaving water. Wje gather tram &n editorial in the CTtelng p|iper that If BaUey doesnt win either Stubbs or Inland are U]ce< ly to do so. Speaking of the weather, this has oertalnly been a hard winter on sum iner underwear. The.faoi that the Jury failed to agree in the Powers case Indicates that the attorneys for the prosecution foertlshly aUowed RetubUcans to Bit on It We regret to anuounce that the K. TJ. Glee club failed to get back much of-the money the K. U. football team lost The Confederate veterans have passed resolutions to the effect that they do not want pensions. But the Confederate •veterans are not the only pedple who" go to a lot of unnecessary trouble. m dalnj to be a modest person, but we refuse to be shocked by the pantalets on the new |20 gold pieces. The mllltla officer wbo permitted a -prize fight to be pulled off In Davenport was reprimanded, but there is some dissatisfaction. A good many st'cklefs' are contending should wrlsL har^ ^efn slapped that he on the The Qrocer, Says ONE NOTCH LOWER 6 packages Life Breakfast Food..25c Aftpr all. t>ie hlgpest fool Is the narripd'man. who writes a letter to «n"ie other woman. H^nrfpfta Trosman has fone Into h«T)ltniptpy. hut no woman with hands »nd artf? so beautiful as Miss Cros- jnRTi'p can be said to be wholly without assets. No coal miners were entombed yesterday. Otherwise the day was much 'Ike those of the month and a half preceding. 3 packages Corn Flake 24c packages Egg-O-See 24c Potatoes, per bushel 7&c Best Flour 11.30 Silk or Lenox Soap, 8 bars 26c Corn Meal ................... ICc 20 pounds Sugar <1.00 4 Cans Corn 25c 3 Cans Peas 25c 3 Cans iTomatoes 2Cc Cans Hominy .25c Cans Kraut 25c Fancy Dried Peaches, per lb. ... 15c I 40 and 50 Prunes, 3 pounds ...... 25c Fancy Three Cvowa Raisins 10c Horse Shoe and Star Tobacco ...45c Bound Steak 10c Porterhouse or Loin 12 %c Shoulder Steak, 3 pounds 25c Pork Steak ; 10c Fork Chops 10c Lard 10c Fresh Side Pork 10c ,'CottoIene ...1 50c 102 S. Ohio. Phone 739 CONNECTS WITH NEW FIELD BOARD OF EDCCATIOir PAIP OFF BONDED INDEBT£DK £88. The Odd Fellows and Brbdcab Held J«fat lutallaUen u< Big Sap. per Xonday Kigbt It laying Pipe Llnew The Lanyon Zinc company Is laying a six-inch pipe line from number three works in this city to the Nosh gas well which was drilled In some time ago. Hy this line the company hopes to put the newly discovered Iteld south of this city In connection with their factories here. Two gas wells have been drilled in the Held three miles south of this city, both of which are good ones, having a volume of three million (lubic feet or better. Thie line will probably be finished some time the latter iwrt of this week. Was VlNlliBg Folitlelaas. H. Klaumann, of lola, was In the city yesterday conferring with local politicians relative to announcing bis indebtedness, very small. Three weeks is characterized by one rev'ewer. as "a vulKar book." It Is worse than that: it is an uninteresting book. . A rh'<*apo man who is looking tor a wifp wants, one who can book, mend - h'a clothes, who is of a good disposi- t 'on. lovlnir and kind, and who has a fairly Kood education. The Chl- caro man must have the Idea that he Is dead and In Heaven. A CARD. This Is to certify that all druggists are authorized to refund your money !it Foley's Honey and Tar falls to cure your cough or cold. It ^stops the cough, heals the lungs and prevents serious results from a cold. Cures la j The case of the pent who pecked hnlps in the navy shows that a man will do nearly anything to get a piece accepted by one of the mttgaclnes. WlUlam Panke. the new welterweight aspirant, seems to be a wy unusual prize' fighter. Papkc is his real name. Held Joint InstallaUon. The Odd Fellows and the Rebekahs of this^ city held a Joint installation service Monday night After the work a big supper was served and the remainder of the evening was spent In a social way. The follolwng officers were elected; Odd Fellows—Walter Wilson, A. P. G.; W. A. Griffin, N. G.; N. M. Wagner, V. G.: P. K. Beyner, W.; Leroy Runyan, C.; Chas. Ray, R. S. N. G.; D. Saeger, L. S. N. G.; Harvey Sherbon, L. S. V. G.; C. A. Graham, R S. V. G.: Chas. Klewin, I. G.: R. Shannon, O. G.; P. W. Jury, R S. S. Rebekah—Mrs. Walter Wilson. N. G.; Mrs. Klewin, V. G.; Mrs. Herald W.; Mrs. Hartley, C; .Mrs. Cal Smith, R S. N. G.; Mrs. Evans, U S. N. G.; Mrs. Malcom, R. S. V. G.; Mrs. Runyan, Chaplain; Mrs. John Kohler, O. S. O.; Mrs. Forney. I. S. G.; Mrs. Beemer. L. A. S.; Mrs. Gray, L. A.- S. Builds Force tB^ine of Cardui has proven so efflcadoB in most cases of womanly dis^ Trylt. uL WW. iSMMc'frf RiftaMk. UL writes* '1 gnSend for yean vithf «naIedlseflseiiflM <foeli ««d HEWS OF GAS CITY riTY PI RCIIASED ALIEN CO! NTY CEMETERY ASSOCIATION'S 1NTEKEST8. O'CONNOR WILL NOT RESIGN CHEROKEE SMELTERS WILL RE- SILME OPERATIONS THE lOTH. Dr. C. W. Rennick Leaves Tomorrow for His New Home In BartlesvIUe —^ews Xotes. iQg his stock of merchandise In this city preparatory to moving them to Uartlesville, Ok)a., whcr^ he owns a store. He also Is moving his household effects and will make that city his home. Dr. Reaafck LeaTes Tomorrow. Dr. C. W. Ilennick, who has been for years, one of the right hand suiMwri- crs of Gas City, leaves tomorrow for his new home in llartlesvllle, Okla., where he.will open an office and take ui> the practice of 'his profession. Dr. Kcntiick has not only been one of the ftitcors in this city but he has been very prominent.In every respect in this county. Before his announcement that he was going to leave he was talked as the best candidate for the republican nominee for slate representative. Personals. Mr. and Mrs. James Tompkins re- traned yesterday from a visit with relatives in Melvern. Kas. Mr. and Mrs. J. 1. Kaney, of Cha- nutc. was here on a business *islt yesterday. * i • " J. L. Martin, of Kansas City, was calling on the Gas City merchants. E. S. iHainer, of Topeka, was here Bongfat Cemetery. At the meeting of th city council last night It was decided to purchase the cemetery north of this city known as the Allen County Cemetery Asso-' ciatlon and owned by a comi)any of: y<-'slerda.y. Gas City business men. The consider- • ' atlon is said to be »l ,2.i0. The deal; ... t 'looiavvn viiw will probably be closed tomorrow: tASHIONED I-AIB. morning. The matter of buying the\,_ . i. , i i x. . ^. cemetery was taken up at a special j Kg TS PUns ' XiWl Entertain A. H. T. A. The local order of A. H. T. A. is making preparations to entertain the candidacy for county treasurer to succeed M. F. Sickly. Mr. Klaumann announced his candidacy only a few days ago. He will have a great many suji- porters in this city. Distributed Dlrectorlrn. „ .. ^. The new teleiihone directories haye griJipV coughs" and ~preve )its pheumoI|just been completed by the La Huriw nia and consumption. Cbntalns no Journal press. They will bo dlatrihiit- oplates. The genuine is In a yellow led to the patrons of the compan.v to- package. Refuse relTs drug store. substitutes. Bur- We frankly admit that, so far as th's departmeht is concerned, the report that this is '.eap year Incks confirmation, f ' • It is to be hoped that the guests at the Bmellne iTorke-Tyndall Working Girls' hotel, just opened in New York will not have to pay for the name. Judging by the language It Is often hard to telj whether the reporter has been Interviewing "Fighting Bob" Evans or Qncle Joe Cannon. TO FIGHTHI6H RENTS Tcnantji In Chicago Organise tor Con* test With Landlords. r TJacl In re^Hng the encounter in which Count B H spat in his cousin's face, the Paris correspondent seems to have used the shorter, nglier word. Of course, there is some passing interest In the gubernatorial contest, but what the tfverage man wants to know Is who Is going to run the ball c'ub next season? For a thing that has been eliminated by law the High school frater- nty seems to have had a most prosperous year. The grass is also beginning to show aroimd the place where H. H. Tucker, Jr., disappeared. The "incubator baby" father seems to haye been nothing mare jthan a casual bystander. , : Aa we nnderstand tha situation the Bar! of Yarmouth' Is preparing to fight tor hte meal ticket to the bitter end. SVederick P. Wheeler of California may b" nominated for President by the Prohib'tlpnlsts. ''fiit this Is not nearly so important as it sounds. There Is at least this to say for! Hamr Thaw: He lilcked on the ex-i orbltant pric« palft by his fsjnlly for the Eirl—J. E. H.iuse in Top«ka Cap-! ItaL Chicago, Jan. 7. —Five hundred residents of Chicago's Ghetto have formed a tenant's union with the avowed purpose of forcing landlords of the district to reduce rents J2 a month. Leaders of the movement advised the members of the new organlaztlon to refuse to pay the present rent ratee, which were declared exorbitant, and to force the landlords to take all legal steps aud pay all court costs In case the latter refuse to meet the demands for lo(wer prices. At present it jwas declared four rooms in a Ghetto tenemenj; cost |12 a month, five rooms 118 a month and six rooms A flat reduction of .?2 is sought. Thie movement will be mod eled after the one in New York. It is the hope of Its- leaders that it may spread to laboring classes throughout the city. With this end in view a com mittee was appointed to confer with the Chicago Fedieration of tiabor and seek the co-operation of that body. Today's meeting was nnder the auspices of the Ninth ward Jewish branch of the Socialist party| >SL0AN 'S\ iiiiniment I as spidemic of morrow. There are now four hundred liatrons of the com|)any. —J— Paid In Adronre. At the meeting of the board of education held .Monday night the bonded Indebtedness of $2,000 was i>ald off In advance. This pays the bond up to 1910. it also niake.s the remaining county A. H. T. A. on next Tuesday. There will be several things of Im- Ihirtance to come up for discussion ai this ;neetlDg. Personals. Sherman Low. of Bronson, Kas., was in the city yesterday on a business visit. J. J. Wilkes, of near Moran, was In the city, yesterday on a business visit. L. O. Inman, of Wichita, Kas., was here yesterday calling on the local merchants. Mr. and Mrs. Baker will leave the first of the week for Nevada. Mo,, where they will make their future home. i F. E. Wlllett. of Lincoln, Nebr., came In yesterday for a few days visit I Make the stomach happy with a Ml- q-na tablet before meals. A guaran­ tiee Is given by Charles B. Spencer to return your 50c if "Ml-o-na falls to cure any form of stomach trouble. AOKi GOES HOME NEW CUARENCY BILU 6cna«6r Aldrleh Introduced New Financial RMles Today. W^ln^n, Jan. 7.— Senator Aldrich Introduced today In the senate ft financial bill which has for acme time been in preparattons by the leading Republican members of the aen- ate' committee on- taanee. The biU provides for an addition&t Issue of bank circulation whfcn shall at no tbqe exceed two .hondred and flfty million dollars on bonds other than those Issued by the goveinment. In^ding the abate and munlcbal bonds in appnired eaifesl^. . A '' • uatooic tndzida the i^ogBof womuand UoeJ ^ cpaap or tioo carnaa* Again Denies Fake Interview Tonch- Ing Immigration of Japanese. San Francisco, Jan. 8.—Viscount Aoki, Japanese ambassador to America, who has been recalled from Wash ington by his government, sailed for home at one o'clock today on the Pacific mall liner. The retiring ambassador was closeted at the Fairmount hotel until sbor- ly before sailing with Consul General Choso Kioke and Vice Consul Matsubara. Vice Consul Matsuabra, it is understood, has been appointed consul at Seattle. It was learned that the amabssador just before leaving the Fairmount hotel, flatly repudiated an interview con tajned in a local paper Saturday morn ing and reaffirmed Sunday morning, apd d^lared, as be had already done to the Associated Press: "(have not dtteussed or made any statement upon the immigration question, or any other diplomatic matter, afnce my departure from Washington, all reporU to the contrary notwithstanding." Special AaaoaMeawat Begarilag the jXattoaal ParQ Faad ami Drag Law. We are pleased to announce that mo- ley's Honey and Tar tor congfaa, colds and long troables is not aifected by the National Pare Food and DruK law aa .it contains no opiates or other feannfnl dmgs, and we recommend it aa'a^aafe remedy for children ani adalta.' Bnrrell'a drnc session some few days ago but no ac-, kion could be taken but at that time j It was learned that all w^xxM be In; favor of making the purchase. As soon as the papers are signed and the deal Ing (Chanutc Sun.) Members of the Allen County Fair association seem to have reached the of a cemetery for a long while and f'L'^an'iorse races Practic^ as the result of generil re-j rs in Southern Kansas this ot a cepietery for a long while and by buying this one It is thought that| "® the city Is much better off than If they i;,t^^f,*'; had started a new one. Daniel .Myers Is No Bettor. Daniel .Myers one of the oldest residents In this ctly. continues to grow worse. Mr. Myers has been III for,., . j • „ the jmst four weeks. He Is eighty-five l^'"'"""'""^ miscellaneous departmont .voars old and has not been well for!*^^" J/j* "st en Irely. many weeks. He. however, was not f^'^.'^f ^^"^ exhlbUlona of glaring thought to be serious until about'u mouth UKo. •EO. A. BOWLUB. PraaWant. THOB. H. BOWLUt, C^iar.' ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DIRECTORS A. W. BMk. L. C Beatty, A. J. Fulton, W. J. Cvana. J. O. Re^gara. Sao. A. Bowlua, Thoa. H. Bowlua. ^. we ISSUE OUR O WM DRAFTS OR AU EUROPEMR POtRTS •APETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM |2 to |S PER VtAB. Headquarters for Gas Light Supplies v BACK ON PAY ROLL Thou.sand.s Ilptarn to Work All Over the Country. <::ioveIand. .Ian. 8. —Fully 10.000 em­ ployes returnca to work In Cleveland lion while It has been down. Kunrnil of Mrs. Priestly. The funeral of Mrs. George Priestly who died last Sunday morning after a short Illness was held yesterday afternoon at two o'clock from the denca. Interment was made in the Gas City cemetery. Will Not Resign. Ma.vor P. H. O'Connor will not resign but will continue: to hold the position of chief executive of the city. But. however, he will not be the active chief executive as be will be away from here most of the time. William Vaughn, president of the council, will perform the duties of the mayor. Mayor O'Connor began today pack- , ,, ^ , isumiition of commercial activity. Prob were failures, and many towns I j^,,,,. .,„„.•.. to 40.000 more men were k eChaiiute made ao attempt to gWe: ^ ,„ „.„rk in the northern part of; the usual fair week. At lola yester-'QJJJ^J ; day, the directors voted to revise the t ue„.oit. .7 :in. S -About .-..000 men! premium list and pay more attention ^.^^.^ ^ 1,.^^,^ rolls of o agricultural and Ive stock exhlb-mnnufaciurlng establishments' jits. The educational, floral, natural ^^^e yesterday. A number cf other ])lanl8 announce that they will In-! crease their worlting forces within the ;t:e .Nt week. • I Bristol, Jan. }«.—Operations were. jreauuu'd yesterday at the plant of the National Rubl>er company after a shut down of one month. .More than 1.500 operatives wore given work. Norihatni)toii, .Mass., Jan. S. —More than SOO ntill operatives who have been out of work since Christmas returned to «ork yesterday when the Belding Brothers silk mill and the Northampton Cutlery company resumed operations. Pittsburg, Jan. 8.— The plants of the! Republic Iron and Steel company and the Youngstown Steel and Tube company at VounKstown. O.. resumed ait- eration.'i today, giving employment to S.OOO men. initchwork. atrocious water colors and crayon drawing and other oddities dear to the feminine heart in olden dayH but which attract little attention now. The space which has heretofore been devoted to these relics will be devoted to the farm products disiilay. ('heruk(>e Will Open January lOth. The announcements that the Cherokee smelters will resume ojieratlon on January loth was received with a „. , ... . , , . .,, „ cheer among the smelter workmen. ^v^'' This announcement was made ye8ter-t>;"S"'*^'^'"'' ° the peop e day. This plant has been down for the h^hat «hey want in «ho way of a fair past two month.s. The plant has been ""Kht well be adopted by Chanute, repaired and put in the best of condi-1 csi>eclally since It has been demonstrated that racing alone will not pay dividends. KCSIIING CADET.S TO THE ARMT. The (iradaation Exercises at West Point to Be Held Feltmary H. Washington. Jan. 8. —The first class at the military academy will graduate February 14. that date having been selected by the suerintendent of the academy In accordance with instructions received from \\'ashington. The army is short of officers and the addition to the list resulting from an early graduation will help materially in filling some of the vacant assignments lu existing regimental organizations. The Greatest Selling Boot for the year 1907 was » "The Laay of ihe aeearmilon"^ By Francis Little. It was In the six best sellers seven times, and at the hespl of the list three times— few books make such a recorji. The publishers are far behind on orders, are rimning ^two binderies night and dai to c?itch up on this litt!e bo<jk. Have you read It? '. ' Evans BroBm THE BOOK.SELLERS.' Everybody Knons Wher^ -JOVL wasst: tho cheapest fei>cc :.l coffee in the warfd buy I'liere is H© other. jpmtXKi-B CH'J., Hew Yo.-i CJtr. DLSTCRBED THE CONGREGATION. The person who disturbed the congregation last Sunday by continually coughing is requested to buy a bottle of Foley's Honey and Tar. Burrell's drug store. CANT GET SCHOOL TEACHERS. Pupils in Thirtly-three Chicago Rooms Are Dismissed. Chicago, Jan. 3. —Scarcity! ot teachers, which is crii)pling school work in the larger cities throughout the country makes Itself felt in Chicago, Is unexpected fashion. In no less than Ihirty-three rooms at elementary schools in various parts of the city the pupils when they came together for the opening of the second term, found tha teacher's desk unoccupied. After explaining the situations for the visit of Miss Annie Rob- How to Avoid Appendicitis. Most victims of appendicitis ; are those who are habitually constipated. Orlno Laxative Fruit Syrup cjires chronic constipation by stimulating the liver and bowels and restores'the natural action ot the bowels. oHno Laxative Fruit Syrup does not nauseate or gripe and is mild and pleasant Burreirs to take. Refuse substitutes, as usual this morning the principal of j drug store, the school in each case dismissed the pupils in the "disabled" room. Try a Want Ad. In the Register. _ Now is Tiie Time Insure! V \^ITHIN the past week two fires have occurred, and it is likely that many more will occur before the winter is over. You cannot afford' to go uninsured at this time of the year and you cannct afford to carry insurance except in the comparies. My companies are the best in America. Let's Talk the Matter Over. POWELL, the Insurance Man

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