Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 8, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1908
Page 5
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Swiffs Premium Calendar for 1908, surpasses in ^eauty any of the many striking calendars already issued by this firm. The Calendar is made up of three separate panel's, each S ',-s by 17 inches. The first pan^-l ])ortrays "An Ideal American Giri's Head" painted by Miss A. C. Efesleston and delicately lithographed in twelve colors and gold. The second •tind third panels are of classic beauties. These two pictures are from the' brush of the famous Russian painter, Eisnian Semenowsky. whose work iS so well known among art connoisseiirs. Swift & Coi^jiany, Chicago, is sending out this beautiful IHOS Preiufum Calendar poepaid for 10 cents in stamps or coin. Send order to Swift & Co., Dept. P., Stock Tards Station, Chicago. THEY WANTED TO SMOKE. Attempt Made to Enter K. H. Brown's dear Stand. R. H. Brow^. who conducts a fruit and cigar sta^ north of the Register offico rt'i-ort^^iat some one made an unsuccessful attempt to pick the lock on the door of his place some time last night. The lock showed plainly that it had bet-n taniperad with. Some time ago several \x>ys, broke info the place anii apjiroiiriatcj a supp'y of fruit and goods. can XSW& ' i R. S. GILFILLAN'B force of' men Is today flnlshingup the paviag on South Cottonwood street , R. M. CUNNINGHAM wbo.eome time ago s iffered a broken leg in a runaway iji now able to resume bl§ duties at bis real estate office. CHAS. GUY yesterday closed a deal for the sale of a patent for making building maiertal to a To'edo firm. I)r. Mitchell, office and relUrace, 'phone 10. ' . TWO BOYS were arraigned' in police court this morning on thte charge of shooting ciaps. but after giving them a severe lecturo Pollcie Judge .1. .M. Collins released them. THE CITY Istoday making the connections wth the Prime Western Spelter company's mains north of the city. They will probably finish this tomorrow. THE COMAnSSIONERS have been busy today allowing the regular bills. The bills will reach the usual amount. c- EWING & Burdick are just in receipt of a large shipment of school hooks and are now ready to meet the demands of the new achool term for text books, etc. MR. CATON who installed the accounting system for the county is in the city today for the purpose of seeing how the system is working. Wi WTEESE, of the People's Store, has been ill for the past two days. SEVERAL Tola men who are inter- e.'sted in the manufacture of brick, were in Chcrryvale yesterday to attend a meeting of manufacturers, the puri )Ose of which was to formulate a protest against the distance tariff measure. Powell, the real estate man, has a few thousand dollars to loan on farmr at a reasonable rate. POLICE .ludsp Coliiis of lola is a;:rartlng some attention by tha fatherly talks ho delivers to those who are brought before him. The other ilay a biwtlegger was yanked up to iho bar of justice. Wlien he arrivei! there his hair was as stralfht as an Indian's; when -hlzzoner was djiie talking to him, his hair wa* as curly B.s his breath. — Emporia Gazette. MRS. BELLE .Vdanis arrived at nonn from lola to visit Lucy Burris—Clanutc Sun. Dr. 0. L. ( Oifice 'phone £t3. Uesideuce 47 .5. MRS. AV. C. BARTLES went to lola today fot- a short visit.—Chanute Sun DR. R] A. UGHT and his aunt Mrs. Hattie M. Rice, went to lola this af- temoon.4-Chanute Tribune. I O. BUCKBEE went to lola this al- terncon for a visit.—Chanute Sun. Dr. wmey, Ocallst. Special Reduced Prices on all new and second hand Sewing Machines until January 1st Singer Sewing Machine Co., 110 East Madison. MR. AND MRS. Everett Lyons and dau.shter. Miss Adelene. of lola. were the .guests of Mr. and Mrs. William L. Remington and Master Paul Sunday. —Chanute Sun. MISS NELLIE Rice went to lola this afternoon for a visit.—Chanute Tribune. MRS. BELLE Adams arrived from lola this afternoon to visit Miss Lucy Burris.—Chanute Tribune. For best and quickest results nsr the Kecister Want Columns. TO ASK FOR GOTEHXMENT AID. There Are 12-"i,00« rnemployed Laborers in New York. .New York. Jan. 8.—Organized labor has taken ui> the problem of finding relief for the 12 .">.000 i>ersons said to be <;ut of work in New York city. A mp( tin?: will he ^leld on today atf which plan;; to nsAst -the unemployetl will be disrussed. It Is expected that an appeal will be made to city, state and natlnual governmrnts to assist with sjx'clal emergency funds and by giving work to some of the thousands who are out of emplo.vment. It is claimed that, the national government, as well as the state and city have laid off thousands of men at a time when l>rivate concerns are cutting down their foices, thus adding to a situation which was already bad. tS FRED BARTELL8 OUT? Said That Chautauqua Manager Had Quit-the Businets. (Continued ifroin page 4.) World' had the following to say of Vancil aiid the supposed tragedy: It is pretty clearly established that Vancil had been having pretty regular criminal relations with Blanche Owen, a woman who has been rooming over the Byron Jones meat mraket. I Their goings-on not only drove .Mrs. Vancil to deaperation and made her extremely unhappy, but they caused cooiplalnt from Ur. Jones, who was aniibyed by them,.and by others. Vancil worked for a long time, at the Fisher shoe store as shoemaker, .md later worked for the Newby-Ware ahop, now the Newby shoe shop. He is an excellent workman and gave jplendid satisfaction as an employe un til a short time ago. About a month igo he was discharged from the Newby store. Since then he has been out to employmetit, unable to get a job on account of his reputation and his relations, known or suspected, with the Owen woman. > Planned Hasty SUiiment Mrs. Snow, the woman who . was left at the house after the body of .Mrs. Vancil had been removed, is the mother of a girl named Myrtle Snow, and Myrtle Snow Is a close companion of Blanche Owen, VancH 's alleged paramour. When Mrs. Vancil died, her. husband arranged to take the body almost immediately to lola for burial, not stopping here for any sort of funeral or service. Rev. A. J. Ross, pastor 5f.t1ie German church, lives close to •lie Vancil home, which is at 940 Connecticut street. When he learned of the death he weiit to offer help and iearned of the hurry-up plans for ship inont of the body, lie urged Vancl! :i> stay long enough to hold some son Of service, and finally Vancil agreed. Mrs. Snow, mother of Blanche's companion, was apparently very eager to assure the reverend visitor that everythluf^ was as It should he. and protested to him that "everything Is all right" as regards the death and the body. Before Vnncll could get the .jody out of town the coroner step|)ed 'n and took charge of the case with the developmouts told yesterday. Written by Vancil. The sheriff turned the note over to County Attorney Harley. who began 1 search for some authentic example ^f the writing of Mrs. Vancil. This was found in a bill of sale, and In two or three other documents where she had signed her name. The signature jn the note does not look enough like her writing to have been done by the same hand. Further, the penmanship of the note is closely similar to the handwriting of the bill of sale, which was written by Vancil himself. The girls who found the note are Anna Snow and Maud Reatz, two young girls of the neighborhood. The sheriff believes the story they tell, which Is that they found the note In the bed yesterday morning about nine o'clock. The girls evidently tell the truth concerning their part of the matter. «>otc a Forgery." That the county attorney, Tom Har- 'ey. of Douglas county Is going to make a thorough investigation of the death of Mrs. Vancil is evident from the fact that he has had letters, which were written to Mrs. Vancii's relatives in this city by Myrtle Snow, returned to Lawrence that the handwriting could be examined and compared with the hand writing of the note which was found in Mrs. Vancii's bed and was supposed at first to hare been writen to relatives hero at intervals written to reltalves here at Intervals by Myrtle Snow for Mrs. Vancil. HAD SETTLED HIS CASE. So Will Powera Waa Released by Mar shal Fredertckaon. (Fort Scoit Rei )Ub 'icau.) A substantial rumor has reached hero that Fred W. Barte 'i, the Slloam Springs, Ark..' m'ercliaut. has dropped out of the Chautauqua business. For tjwo years Fort Scott was one of the towns In his Associated Chautauquas. At the close of last summer's assembly Mr. Bartell said Port Scott was not giving the enterprise sufiicient support and he would cut it off his list. He took!similar action In regard to four or five other towns, and now it is reported that ho has quit the business enth-ely. Weigh Yourself and then after a few tvcckf wd^ yaw- sdfacain. lfyoaarek»in<%v<Ei<Miake SCOifrS EMULSION. Mtit Mi air day and nijM. Eat linfle food. Try thb for a few wedu. Then «vd^ yourself a jain. The experience of thousand* of men. nvomcn and diildftab that Scott's Emulsion . increases the weii|{ht. it contains a power that produce* new 8csh. sinpk (nibmnt oftoi dm connM>> tton. AH DraoMtat 80c $1 J 00. Marshal Jim .Frederickson last night took into custody one AVIll Powers, colored, under the belief that he was wanted at Coffeyvllle for threatening his wife. Some time last spring. .Mr. FYederickson was asked to be on the '00k out for Powers. Nothing was seen of him until last evening, and the officer arrested him at once. 11 was found, however, that Powers had settled his difficulty at Coffeyvllle and was released. SUPERINTENDENT SURRENDERS Stewart of St. Joe Light Plant Confesses tb Graft. St. Joseph, Mo., Jan. 8.—Walter S. Stewart. superintendent of the Municipal street lighting plant surrendered today to the sheriff who held the grand Jury Stewart with falsifying certificates. Charles A. W^llack, the foreman, who was arrested last night for emt>ezslement tc In Jail. Ford Myers, a saloon keeper charged with forging time slips bought from the city employes is also under arrest. Ben IB Bradford, a former city emp'oye was arrested today, charged with the collusion In alleged frtiuds. Our January acarinj ^Sale is now in full blast and will continue all throuijh the month. Our usual cusiom is not to carry any winter goods t>ver. bot'thH ycjr we will cut the prices even more than ever Jbcfore, as we have more heavy goods than usual on account of not having any cold weather. We must cli|aiiy out all Overcoats and Heavy Suits in the next 30 days to make room for new spring goods. MOTE THE roLLowiMa O 6 T PRidai 125.00 22.50 20.00 18.00 16..50 15.00 12.50 10.00 7.50 6.50 OVERCOATS Overcoats for Overcoats for Overcoats for Overcoats for Overcoats for Overcoats for Overcoats for .....$20.00 $18.00 $15.00 $13.50 $12.50 $10.00^ ........$9 .oa OvercoatB for $7.50, Overcoats for $6.00 Overcoats for $S.OO $1 00 Shirts for 75c 50c Waists for . 35c 75c Suspenders for .. 50c 50c -Suspenders for.. 29c 2.=ic Caps for .... I5c 50c Caps for ....25fi sum $25.00 Suits for $20.00 22.50 Suits for...'. $17.50 20.00 Suits for .............. $I5 ,CH 18.00 Suits for -$13.50 16.50 Suits for .............. $(2.50 15 00 Suits for $11.00 12.50 Suits for $(0,0C 10.00 Suits for $7.51) 9.00 Suits for $8.00 Rmduoed Priomm on mii Boym'mnd GMMrea'm Ovmrammtm All Cap?, Sweaters, Heavy Underwear and Flannel Shirts at cut prices. Remember these are genuine re- ductionB, a? we must reduce this stock in 30 days. It is a saving to you, such as you have nevor Been*before. Everything in plain figures. TO LIGHTEN THE BURDEN. Talk of Reducing the Emergency Ration of the Soldier. Washington. Jan. H.—^There Is talk' in array circles v{ further reducing th? emergency rn:lon already heretofore reduced from 162 ounces. Next o malnlenance of its quality the desire Is to minimize the weight of the ration to the end that there may he a rsductlon to the last degree of the burden of the soldier on the field on niergency call. Some of the European nations have emergency rations lower than ours and the opinion i.s that this may he safely rsduced in weight while at the same time retaining Its effecting its effect as a diet. The war department has approved suggestions of the commissary g?ner- al for an extetision of the system of Instruction of baking and cooking so ar. to include as many as i>ossihle of the military camps to be held during the coming summer. Because of changed conditions a new haver.sack and cup smaller than now In use have been adopted. F>fty thousand of these will be manufactured for issue as they may be needed. Whitaker & Donnell's Bent list. 320 acres, 4Vi miles. ICO acres, 4% miles. 80 acres. 2 miles. Two room house, $5.00. Five room house. |9.00. Six room house. $8.00. Five room house, $7.00. Five room house. $8.00. Three room house with IM acre, $10. RAILROAD STOCKrt^OLDERS MEET Receiver Will be Appointed for Chicago Great Western. London, Jan. 8.—It Is expected that a meeting of the note holders of the Chicago Great Western Railway company with A. B. Stickney. president of the company, wl'l be bsld this afternoon. It was decideti to appoint a receiver for the company, to maintain status quo warranto during the time necessary to prepare the first mortgage bond covering all indebtedness of the road, and to obtain a vote cf the stockholders on this measure. It is probable that many note holder.^ will be at the meeting. TURNED NURSE'S BILL DOWN. Commissioners Found Patient Was Not on County List The bill of tl;e lady who acted ns nurse for the Scott Helton family of Gas City come time ago. was turned down today by the commissioners. The bill was for $.".5. It was turned down on the grounds that the services rendered by her covered a period before the family was r*'ceivlng county aid. \\'hen the family did become coimly patients another nurse was hired. Primarily consists in letting a lot of people knoy you are in existence and what excuse you have tor It. ADVERTiSlNQ U lilce throwing a rubber bal; the harder you throw it the QUICKER it comes baclc. Eton^t write a ha f hearted ad—you wouldn't whisper to a customer, would you? Write a good ad, tell the truth, then put It in The REGISTER and twenty thousand Readers Wni Listen PETROLIA LAND COMPANY SUED Lumber Company Woul^Slecover for Alleged Debt FAVORS BOND ISSUE Governor Haskell Advises Taking Up i Oklahoma's Indebtedness. Guthrie. Ok.. Jan. 8.—Governor Has-! kell to<Iay 8ubmltt (..d a special mes -i sage to the legislature In which hej recommends a state l>ond i^.sue toj gradually liquldata the indebtedness! of the new state, which now amounts •to 11 ,100.000. And also asks for Im- JTOediate legis'atioa on mandator}' pri-j mary elections, prohibition, initiative and referendum, agricultural boanis and mine safety. Regarding the state debt, the message says: "Under the enabling act, Oklahoma assumed the more than $S00.«00 Indebtedness of the territory when state I hood came. The legislature has au- i thorized the payment of enough more to make-the total more than 11 ,000.000. The state Is paying 6 per cent. On Its bonds it would pay 3 i>er cent." A! •taffy fediag in the ngs^ the.l^aziiig aoiaes in thewts. the «)^^«^ ••hawkiat •pd.spittiiw:*'^ difficult bieathiny. etc ,»nt .when the^.^ood becomes thonwgWy polhited from the artwrhia matttr. Hie^uiflan^»^oa tttendsto theJNroiM^ual tubes, caapfeig haaxaamsa^aaiAortai.v^asffxa^mz cough; the »kwi»ch il affqrted. resulting in dyspepsia. loM of ^petite and strength; and gwdaally all the aiicottt tnembmhea of tte libt^ teowe di^ The Long Bell Lumber company j brought an action In district court today to recover $156.80 ^rom the Pe- troHa Town Lot and Land company. It is set up in the petltton that it is a bill for lime, lath, cement, drayage, etc. Interest at 8 per cent troio April 18th, 1907, Is asked for. THE PEOPLE of G.?neva township, do not like the Idea of the county t*k' ing care of any destitute families that may live there. The attention of the poor conunissioner, M'ta. Knapp. was calledto the osse there a day or I two ago but '4he people ol Geneva, I have' since notified If r. Knapp that -^hey would Ifke to care for the '—"- themsetves. ened and.tte Sf«te« bladder ate ^upkcid.ii Itrags. dise«ea Vtiae sumption. Catanhis stttataoaal^. far ik is Catairk fay ~deafi4ac t| —-timebafldidif n^ the^ BO equal aaa core fore aa^,idenuiged. FteqnaiMy (he :kidne>fl as<) oqjMrtant-passage of inpaie.blqod thro9g:i|» tho ant memben. and CahOm llftfrninatea i^4;!on-^ Bd blood disMsie, and miast be treated c»n- :reach of lcical treatMcnt3> , S. S. S. cures 11 the improe catarrhiTaiatCef $a£at th^ system. Ifc goes down a^d atta^ tb^ ^disease at its head, in the chctflatioi^i and' q(«^ves every trace pf th^ dxhpftrity ihat ia > cM^ing the: tnitib^ - Tbea jaa rich, .pnre^ ( bjiapd drailiteaj«htoagh :^!6ddy. |Ke in- ^joped aembrancs ftmiattaici.U h^.^tit^ nnieona Hsiiiaigea gtow less and '0aall)> idiijpe, and^ the;jBsagReableinddi^1istia{t aptomabrCatterriidisappefu-. S^&9^b^ ^ " »aadpanfisiil^9an^axMi^(ti^ ^ SpetnL book on C*-' — I 'lf • 1^ • _ 1 L : Liiiii^ J3* : -A

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