The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 27, 1936 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1936
Page 8
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THK HAKKRHKIEM) CALIFORNIA*, THURSDAY, AUGUST 27, 1938 Granada Revives Will Rogers Film V'or the ccnintlcnK \VI11 HORITH funs who hfivr nhvnya innlnLnlnr-d thnt "A Connecticut TnnUfo" \vns the KITH tret uf DIP Rront rc>iiir.<1lnirn pictures (hero Is fjootl novn In the srmounecinpiit tlint Tu'rntlrth On- tiiry Fox Imvp rp rrlcnuoil Hint rlli tlchlliiK rnniPily nnil Ihnl It nprns ft thi-pp-day run tndny nt thn (ini- iiinlH tlipati r. l.'lrprti'd liy Dnvtd Hiillrr. nnrl fpnturlnit Myrnn I<oy nnd Minnwn O'Sulllvnn In thn pxrnllnnt mipimrt- inp cnst, tho plrtiiro prf *"ntf: HORCTH ns n Mvr-ntloth enntury ViuiUoo. rnH- lliK hol> In old KltiR Arthur'H court. Mark Twain's dnllcloiiH Kiitlro hftfl boon modernized In this version to prrmlt the Inclusion of sper-ches nnd actions thnt show tins Will ROBOTS tnlrnt nt it." frrontost. Completing the doitblo bill In n th'-llllMK wrMern. "("all of thr I'rnl- Ho," stnrrlnK William Hoyd. Lemke to Invade Landon Bailiwick Ijfaitif V(rt) Ot,ATH, Knn.. Aug. 27.— Wlllinm Lpniko, Union parly candldatn for President, will sponk hero tomorrow night, extending his campaign for the first time Into the, homo state of tho Republican nominee, AJf M. 7-andon. Film Attorneys Not Pleasing to Lawyer (A modalrt t'rttt Lrotrit Wtrr) BOSTON, Aug. 27.—Max M. Oil- ford, LOB Angelps attorney, today asked the American Bnr Association to. study the feasibility of establishing: a committee on motion picture censorship In view of some recent films which, ho said, have portrayed Kttornoys In an unethical light. , Ho submitted a motion asking the association to sanction creation of a committee to study the possibility of censorship. Gilford declared that In many re. cent Instances pictures portraying lawyers In loading parts did so "In men a manner as to be without nny standard to ethics to such an extent that said conduct and portrayal Is Inlmlcable to tho profession of law. TONIQHTI FREE!! 1936 CHEVROLET IWll T><iy Only The JONES FAMILY "EDUCATING FATHER" Margaret LINDSAY Warren HULL "THE LAW IN HEM HANDS" SlirtlMi TDMIHIIOW The Seaton'f FUNNIEST PROGRAM Ron ALEXANDER Beverly ROBERTS Joseph CAWTNORN "HOT MONEY" A Firct *t Fut •n< rurliui Flntnct High HERBERT Chirlci BITTTERWORTII Walter ABEL UBI MERKBL '' "WE WENT TO COLLEGE" Thi YMI-'I C*nt<y ClulU Ch«». 3 "Cuiter-i Ltit lt>n«" DOORS OPEN 6:45 P. Chevrolet Car Award Tonight • ON SCREEN • ALSO YOUNG STAR .Iran I'nrltcr TVK. bcnullfnl. inl- •'-' rntpd. with ft flnrn for ilrn- mntlr PxpiTHHlnn would worvp ntn- ply nn n thumbnail dcuprlptlon of Joan I'arkor, who la to be nopn for tfKlay and tomorrow nt tin- Nllp thontor In hrr latosl Kcrcfn »»<• rnHH, "Tlio Tpxaw KniiRcrn," In whlrh Bli" la rontnrrod with Prod MnrMvirmy, Jack Onkli< and l.loyd Nolan and nn I'xrppllonally flnn The; companion plrturo, "Tlio Final Hour," In a thrilling, romantic ad von I ure film Marring Knlph Hollnmy and Churchill. Sing "Rigoletto" With Chas. Ross fAintnHnifA Vrrn* f/pa*rif Wirrt POMONA, Aug. 27.—Tho opera. "TllRoletto" with Charles Hosn, baritone, In the title role, will bo ming In tho Uroek thoator IIPTO Friday evpnlng under auspices of tho Civic Opera committee. HELD OVER TONIGHT 7 and 9 P. M. 2 ACE FEATURES WITH CAR AWARD RALPH BELLAMY MARI.UCRIIE CHURCHILL PLUS "THE FINAL HOUR" IN FUN FEST lliittcrworth F OUR big attractions conic, to the Fox California tomorrow for a two-day H|IOW)IIK. Tho flrnt fen- ture on thlH all-lunch program Is "Wo Went to Oolli'Ki'," filled with romance on tho Krldlrun and rom- edy on tho campus. lliiKh Herbert. CharloB Itutterworth, Una Merkcl. Walter Abel and Edith Atwater arc principal mcmborH of tho cast. Tho Hccond feature l« "Hot Money," tho Reason's hlRh speed hilarity hit Htarrlns HOH« Alexander, Beverly HobertH and Joseph Cawthorn. Chapter thn-o of "Custer's Last Stand." a cartoon and news reel oomploto tho program. KhowltiK today only at the Cull- fornla nro three attractions: Margaret Lindsay In "Tho Law In Her Hands"; The Jones Family in "13il- ucatlng Father" and "Argentine Argosy," a novelty. On the Air Kr.O-KPO — Nations! Bfo«dc«lll«l Cum- lit'ty-- Su(;pll;» mnflranu In: KM. KTCA, KfSO, Knw. KtX, KOMO. KMO. KIR. Kfi*. KOA. KOHL. KOYI.. KlilR. KTAR. Kmr-CRD—Don L>« mil ColumMn—Slid- pll'i to: KH/. K05, KDS. KM). KGW. KrflK. KERN, KOL, KVI, KSL. KOIN. 5:00 to 5:30 p. m. WD.XAI HecnrdliiRn; ' 5:lu, Mac. 5:30 to 6:00 p. m. KKHN riiul network—-To li» nn- U fiX At liei-nrilltlK.l. KNX Hnddy n ml <;IHKT; 5:40, MllBl.-lll 6:00 to 6:30 p. m. KKIIN mid nctworl, Urrint Turk Nlli' network Music llnll. WGXAI Ninv.i I'Miuihen; 0:15 Dinner Conci-rt to 0:4,1. KNX World Iinncen; C:1fi, N«wn. 6:30 to 7:00 p. m. KKItN nnil nrlwork—March of Time; ii:4f>, .Secretary H-'irold I. Icken. NHC network Mii»lc Jliill. ^\'l)^•At r,:4.'>. .Sketches In Mnlndy. KNX--.InneH Uoy«; 6:46, SoligH nt 7:00 to 7:30 p. m. KKIIN and network—Secretary Ilarolil I. IckfH; 7:10, llcnfrew of MonntcO. Nile network- Amcm nnrt Andy; 7: IB. .show lion I. WBXAI —Kb nnd X.eb; 7:15, 20-30 I'lnb. KNX —Klmer Ooen Hollywood; 7:15, Jiininlc Dlckln. 7:30 to 8:00 p. m. KKHN mill network-- Ulck Htabllft Nltc network---Show T'.oat. WfiXAl -•• llnbliK.rr-.J(ui Tcerco; 7:45, ("cell mid Sully. KNX—Nowlywciis; 7:40, King Cowboy. 8:00 to 8:30 p. m. KKHN mill network—-llonny Oood- nian OrcbeHtrii. NIK! network—Show Hoat; 8:10, Symphony Hour. "WGXAI- -IMIywooil on Parade; S:1B, I'Yiink Wiitmmbe. KNX—CallliiK nil cam. 8:30 to 9:00 p. m. KKHN ami network----I'limilng parade: 8:-IO, Univ. Kxiilorer. NHf network —Symphony Hour. WiiXAl -To b« announced; 8:4B, Ilomn FolkH. KNX Hollywood on T'aradc; 8:4B, Hepubllcan Com mi Hep. 9:00 to 9:30 p. m. KKHN and network—MaRuxIne of Air. NHC network—Symphony Hour; !i:10, Talent Parade. W6XAI—NewB KluHhcn; 9:1G, KchoeH \>t Htago and Screen to 0:46. KNX—News; !l:IB, Jay Whlddan to U:45. 9:30 to 10:00 p. m. KKHN mid network—Jan Garbor OrcheMru. NHC network—Talent Parado. WflXAI—11:45, Hhylhni and Uo- mancp, KNX—9:45, Crocketts. 10:00 to 10:30 p. m. KWHN--World In Hevlow; 10:10, (Jaylord Charter at orKiui. NHC network---.\ewn Fluslien; Hotel St. KranelB (n-cliwKtra. W6XA1--All rtei|iit>Mt Pi-oKi-am. 10:30 to 11:00 p. m. WfiXAl—All Ileiiuent Proeram. IN THRILLER cm Hen I^ocal radio llNtonerH may hear an aiithorl/ed ChrlHtlan Sclnnco lecture tonight at 8 o'clock, when John lOlllo SiHlnmn, C. H. B.. of IMS Angelea, a member of the board of lectureship of the Mother Church, the Firm Church of Christ, Scientist, In BOH- ton, MUHH., lectures over KFAC (ItHlO Ue.-sai.C m.) for Ninth Church of Christ, Scientist, Uos Angolos. I'nI 0'Hrlnn O I'KNING at. the Fox today through Saturday nro Pat O'Brien, HOBB Alcxnndor and Bov- orly HobortH In "China Clipper," a story that inovcH relontlcssly IhrntiRh HotiBatlonal scene aftor Hconn of flying feats thnt defy death and momontn of lovo thnt defy doHcrlptlon. It IB tlio flrBt inlRlity drama of America's daring comiucHt of the world's far-flung airways. The associate feature, Is "The Oo.ntletnnn From T.oulHlana," starring ChnrlPH "Chic" Sale, Kddlc Quillan and Charlotte Henry In a fawt moving drama of pounding boofH, racing hearts and riding romance of Derby day. A novelty, "At Your Service, Madamo," and news events complete this program. nOV INCBNDIARY GAR-N13TT, Kan., Aug. 1'7. (U. P.) Ton-year-old Robert Tomllnson could not. figure out why ho set thorn, but ho readily confessed starting 10 fires that caused damage estimated at $5000. Ho said he rodo his bl- cycle from ono fire to another. We'll Deliver Yours Without a DOWN PAYMENT You can have a Kelvinator and U •will co»t no more than you'd pay for an ordinary refrigerator. In the fine place, we will initall a Kelvinator in your home and you don't need to pay a penny down. And look how easy we have made the rest oi it. AS LITTLE AS ' A DAY WILL BUY IT FOR YOU I EDDIE QUILLAN • j CHARLOTTE HENRY I I "CHIC" SALE I I IN I •THE CmUHUM FBOM LOUISim" I CARTOON— NEWS | There couldn't be anything eatier than thit. And certainly there'i no rc»«on now why you shouldn't have a new 1936 Kelvinator in your home tomorrow So come in and select the model that suits your need and your pocketboolc. Let us »how you how you can begin saving money tomorrow. CD EC Before you buy any refrigerator, come in •"••*" and get absolutely free, without obligation. , ! .^ the booklet "How To Select An Electric Refrigerator " Tells what to look for in a refrigerator. EASY* TERMS AT LOOK THESE riATUMU 1 —A Built-in Thermometer. 2—A Certificate of Low COM of Opernion. 3—New Briurr ot Dcllin. 4— 5-Ye«r Protection Man. 5 — Flexible rubber aricU in all ice trays in standard models. 6 - Interior LJabt. 7 - Food Critper. s—Vegetable Basket. S> — Automatic Defroatiaa; Switch. 10 Sliding SheNe*. Oir/> Kettinatot Gin* You AH at Them! Omll KflrmalL girt* jou t&c Cttttfumt» t/lAVf Cfit ^/Optra/Mm 20,000 Cubic Feet of Conditioned Air Circulates Per Minute COOL OFF AT t jfi £ £•& ffi ffl C ? gftfe Portuguese Celebration The 1-adles of the I . I'. I'. K. (' .Are tiivlnt a '.'•Utiy Celebrulloii Saturday and Sunday August 29, 30 DANCE SATURDAY AND SUNDAY MUIITS BARHLCUl: SUNDAY, PLATH 2Sc RAINBOW GARDliNS IC\ t'r» hotly \Vrlrtnni* GRANADA STARTS TODAY—2 FEATURES ^$si AND WILLIAM BOYD IN CUrence E. Mulford'a "CALL OF THE PRAIRIE" Also NfWB and Short Subjects CLUBOASIS Dance Nightly Except Monday to the Merry Music of the OASIS TRIO Hear them every week over W6XAI TOWN PRICES JACK CONLEY, Proprietor Roaedale Highway at Fruitvale f * E I LI. VIM • VLisH VHH BUSY BASEMENT A Timely Month-End Sale "Bacfc-to-School" Togs at Sale Prices!! FINAL CLEARANCE Hifhtr Prieitf SUMMER DRESSES 2 For Girls tf Fino Whitt Lawn Form«r Values to $7.95! Included are PRINTS 1 SHEERS ' WASH SILKS > FORMALS \... GIRLS' WASH DRESSES Sizes 7 to 14 Clever Styles in Fast Color Prints 59c Clever Little Wash FROCKS For going to school or office, sizes 14-20 $1 00 1 Styles as new as 1937 in fast color Prints and Piques. Also some styles in sizes 38 to 52. A Special Purchase New Fall SUITS and COATS In the Popular Fleeces For the Season of 36-37 A truly remarkable price for these style conscious Swagger Suits and Belted or Fitted Coats. All sizes. You'll walk the Campus like a Queen. BOYS' GENUINE CROIY1PTON CORDS In two popular sluidcs. With two pock- els. They're "TOPS" for school wear. In sizes 13 to 13 We Also Have Them in Men's Sizes at $2.95 Boys' Sanforized Peppered BLUE JEANS ill You can't heat them for -wear! Sizes 4 to 10 '1 00 Other Types to $1.35 BROADCLOTH P.J.S for the Lad and Dad! $100 Coat and Middy Styles Variety of Patterns Fast Colors Special New York Purchase! Just Arrlvri in Timi ftf That School Wardrtbi SATIN GOWNS OF PURE SILK One Look and She'll Say They're "Ultra Ultra" $498 1 ALL SIZES. Tailored or Lace Trimmed. Long AND IN THE SAME NEW YORK PURCHASE SATIN PANTIES OF PURE SILK Regular Value $1.OO Tailored or Smartly Lace Trimmed Pure Silk KNEE LENGTH HOSE in Lovely Fall Shades 49c Lastex Tops; All Sizes Genuine Lastex PANTIE GIRDLES Two-Way Stretch All Sizes SOc Slips for the School Girl Of Rayon Taffeta. Bias Cut. Lace Trim. Sizes 4 to 16 •*r m -^nmm m 59c BROADCLOTH SHIRTS For the High School Lad and Hi* Dad! Non-wilt Collars. Duke of Kents. Fast Colors. White, Blue, Gray ' or Fancies. Sizes 14 to 17. Sleeve Lengths 33 to 35 in ni» WMUI 95c POLO SHIRTS for Boys and Men Your Choice of Dark Tones or Light 79c to *1.00 Button, Zipper and Tie Necks. All Sizes. IT'S COOL IN fr I m M* | U U " flgJa Busy Basement EDDIE GARRETT DANCE STUDIO Announces the Opening of the Fall Season FACULTY OF TEACHERS Thornton Audrey .Jean Edwards Eddie Garretl Hose H. Parenti Specializing in All Types of Dance Training Enrollment Hours: 10 a. in. to 4'p. m. Studio: 401 Truxtun Avenue Phone 134 ,OMN 11 TO ' U P.M. LAST~AY—2 BIQ A' Clark Gable, Loretta Young, Jack Oakle In "CALL OF THE WILD" and Wallace Beery, Adolph Menjou In "THE MIGHTY BARNUM" VIRGINIA LAST TIMES TODAY George RAFT, Joan BENNETT "SHE COULDN'T TAKE IT" and PRESTON FOSTER In "MUSS 'EM UP" Comedy, News and Novelty TONIGHT Dance in Cool Comfort to the Music of Bill Fleck and His Orchestra at the Union Avenue Dance Pavilion Admission, 40c On tho Air Over Slut ion WGXAI Kver.v Thiirhdity uiid Saturday R, 11:15 to 9:15.

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