Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 8, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1908
Page 4
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fli^OUtillXIEilSTEl GHABU8 F. BCOR Baporten' Room StS Offlde » Bntond at loU, K UUHU , Pottofflo*^ ai Seootid-clau Matter. AdrartUlng Sat«s Made Known-on Applleatloii. SDBSCBIFTION BA^ixS. By Carrier I« loU, Cbu CitTf lamfM- T OU TW La Harpfi One Week ..i..... ..lOeenti One M'ontb 44ioanU One Tear $6.00 Bj Vafl. One year Inside eointy 9£M One year ontalde county liM Three Montli% In advance IlLOO One Montb, iiC advance .......... .44 OFFICUIi FAFEB, CITX OF BISSET. MEMBBB OF ASSOCUTED PBES8. Tha leU DaOy Be^rliter If a meaber •f tke Aaioelited Press and Beeelres tke iay report if that great news or* •••Jiatlen for ExcIaslTo Afternoon PibllcaUon Ivlola. News 9f the County BATARD. Mack Patiorson and family nro vls- ttlng with his brother and stater this week. . Mr. Cox and wife 8|>ent Sunday with J. A. MiSCoy and family. Charles Trimble and family 'have returned from • Colurado to which place they weht about four months ago. They will probably remain here and go to housekeeping in the same placo they vacated on going to Colo- rudo. • 1 C. T. Vestal, wife and son visited his parents in La, Harpe Sunday. J. A. McCoy and family enjoyed a visit Sunday from Mr. McCoy's brother, John, of Topeka; his sister, Mrs. Fetters, and his mother of Klncaid. A. P. Mauk butchered the first of the week. r" I! '• Heartiest congratulations are extend ed to Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Hummlston who were mirrled last week. Robert Parker is working for Luther Baker at present The M. W.A. lodge gave an oyster supper at the ^ayard hall last Saturday night. A- good attendance was reported considering the condition of the roads. ; _ WESLEI CHAPEL. I Mrs. J. Turner and Mrs. Will Wright visitpd Mrs. Arthur Edwards Thnrsday. Mrs. Joe Rcade's, brother, Mr. John Doothe, returned to Oklahoma Friday after a" week's visit here with relatives and friends. i Mies Bessijs Hoernlng itbommenced her school a^n Monday morning. We hope her school may not be broken up again by scarlet fever as there are no new cases reported. Mr. Uootheiund Mr. Joe Reade took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. joa Turner Friday. : *'% Mr. Win Myers Is remodeling his bam on the farm he bought, Mr. \Vm. HIgglns and family spent Sunday evenlttg at Mr. King's. Services at the Chai>el were very well attended Sunday afternoon and at night considering bad roads. Mrs. Joe Reade visited her slater, Mrs, Foulk, Sunday. We. were glad to know Mr. Will Rogers familr had returned from their visit Hope they will decide to stay in our neighborhood. Mrs. Hlbarger and Miss Strode attended services at the Chapel Sunday. DIST. >0. 38. -+ Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Moore visited at Chas. Lake's Sunday. Mr. P. Bensen and family were guests of Mrs: Hansen and daughter. Harry Moore and wife and R. D. Lake and wire visited at Ira Boman's £unday. Miss Edna 'Harris visited at Mr. Roberts over Sunday. The pie social at Odense was postponed on account of bad weather. Mrs. Chas. Norris, of. lola. came down Sunday (or a visit with her parents. ' .-.-.w JUss Nora Thompson returned Wednesday from a-visit in Nebraska. Mrs. R. D. Lake and Miss Marie Moore visited'at Dr. Bradens in Els- mbre Thursday. ID", and Mrs; Morrison are the proud parents of a baby girl. LIZETOWS ITEMS. We understand Mr. Hewlett is going to move to Larned, Kansas. Mr. Thompson from north of Lone 'Elm, Is going to move onto the Hew* lett farm. Mr. Monyhab made a business trip to Thaj-er lastr week.. | Born to Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, a boy.naat week. Miss Alu Hewlett returned to school after spending the holiday vacation at home. A slrl was:" born to Mr. and Mrs. Cox last week. Mr. Dewees hauled hay to Colony last week. Mr. Merritt, Hewlett has bought a farm and wlll;move to It In the spring. I WEST OF THE BITEB. 8o far thi« year has been very pleasant Mr. Groom Was here last week look- ins for a farin to rent Mr. Oreen is well pleased with the treatment ahi^ is taking of Dr. Pet- «rs, and so flar it aeema to be he?pins him. Dave IftMTison came over tram Gas. Monday, after his dog. Little Ira Peck had quite a severe time with tala lungs last week. He Is better now. W)e are sorry to hear that our friend, Archie Montgomery, Is confined to the house and his bed a good share of tlie time. . Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gay are very tiiankful to their frrends who bron^t and gave them so many lovely flowers to use at the funeral of their soi) Ira Gay, and to all their many friends who were so kind and sympathetic daring their great bereavement. Nettie Osborne visited ESla Peck Saturday night and attended church at Union Supday. We expect Elder Frank McCormIck and wife here Thursday evening and there will be meeting at J. M. Preston's Thursday night Mrs. Pair, who was called to Center- vllle, Linn Co., by the serious sickness of her brother, phoned to her husband Thursday that her brother was dead and he went up Thursday night Rev. C. D. Mayfleld and wife write that they are at present. located at Linder, Nebr., and are still in the evangelical work. Letha Mbrrlson visited Ruth Jones Sunday afternoon. Uncle Jessie Riggs is here visiting friends this week. J. W. Beaver of Burlington visited T. I... Dawson's Friday night There are perhaps several couples In Allen county who have passed their fiftieth wedding nnulverrary^ but we will venture that Mr. and Mrs. (B'drldge are the only ones who ran boast of using the cookstove they went to housokeoping with and it is good for several years yet In Dried Fruits and Breakfast Foods. 2 ttts. King D. Apples lor 26c 3 lbs. 60-70 Prunes 260 3 Crown Raisins, per lb 10c 4 Crown Raisins, 2 lbs 25c Seedless Raisins, 2 lbs 25c Currants, per package 10c Seeded Raisins, 2 packages 25c Breakfast Fowls. Dri Prices Food, per pkg. 7# Life Food, per pkg. 7c Kom Kinks, per pkg. 4c X Cel O, per pkg. 13c Ralston Hominy GriU, per pkg. ... 8c S<$otch Quaker Oats, per pkg. ... 12c Call up 'Phone 308 or 301 and we will deliver the goods. Fryer Bros. POLAR BEAR FLOUR Has Stood the Test Because its the Acce|it No Other Wm Oberdorf, Agi SKIMMED MILK DIET FOR FAT FOLKSI Physicians who are callous and hard hearted prescribe a diet of skimmed milk for the reduction of fat. it is a sure, bui insupportable method of cure. Other doctors not less successful but more considerate of their patient's comfort prescribe a teaspoonful after meals and at bedtime of the following: One ounce Marmola, one- half ounce Fluid Extract Cascara Aromatic and three and one-half oiiiiced Syrup Simplex, which is. by the way. Just as sure and quick a means of relief as the old-fashioned fkinimed milk method, and a far more pleaFant one. for a fat person can.! eati the same variety and quantity of food a? usual while taking this remedy an-l btill lose twelve to sixteen ounces of superlluoua fesh a day. HARRIS IS OUT OF IT Says He Will Not be a Candidate for Governorship. , How to Avoid Pneumonia. 'You can avoid pneumonia and other serious results from a cold by taking Foley's Honey and Tar. it stops the cough and expels the cold from the system as it Is mildly laxative. Refuse any but the genuine in the yellow package. Burrell's drug store. TOM L. MOST PAY $20,000. Guaranteed Payment of a Traction Company's Coal Bill. Cinclnnattl. O., Jan. 8.—Mayor Tom Johnson of Cleve'and must pay a |20.000 coal bill to .the Charles D. Norton cotnpany, coal dealers of Philadelphia, according to a decision by the United States circuit of appeals handed down today. The company supplied the Phlladol- phla and l.«hlgh Valley Traction company with coa', and Johnson guaranteed the payment of the tract ion com- |)any'8 bills up to 120.000. The rond was later thrown into the hands of a twelver and th« Norton Coal company sued Johnson for $20,000. Johnson objected, claiming the neglect of the Norton company to collect the bill from the tract'on company released him from liability on the guaranty. Inasmuch as the company did not exhaust its resources against the original debtor. The federal court at Cleveland decided against him and he appealed. The circuit court of appeals upholds the Cleveland court 5oUce. The Smelter Union will meet Thursday night at 7:30 In Union Labor Hall. Topeka. Jan. 8—I3x-Senator W. A. Harris. Democratic candidate for governor last year, while In Topeka at tending the meetings of the Kansas Live Stock Association, this afternoon authorized a statement that he will, under no consideration, permit the use of his name In imlitlcs next year. "I am out of It entirely," he declared. "I served when pressed into service last time. I have earned my honorable dischange. and mean to have it. I \.ill not be a candidate for governor: I do not want it I will not take it I am out of politics and refuse to have my name used further in connection with political matters." This is accepted as final by Topeka Democrats. Plans of considerable magnitude have been made by Damo- crats to enter Harris in the governor race again next year. AX I>SIDIOrS DAXGER. One of the worst features of kidney trouble Is that It Is an insidious disease and before the victim realizes his danger he may have a fatal malady. Take Foley's Kidney Cure at the first sign of trouble as It'corrects Irregularities and prevents Bright's disease and diabetes. Burrell's drug store. H. KLAUMANN A CANOIOATE. Would Like to Be Elected County Treasurer. H. KTaumann Is now an active candidate for county treasurer. For some time he has been considering the od- visablMty of petting into the race and A day or so ago decided to make his announcement This Is Mr. Klaumann's first entrance Into the game except when he wns elected to the council year* ago when Captain T. S. Stover was mayor. Mr. Klaumann Is now laying plans for an active can- vase. ARREST OF AUGUSTUS HEINZE. Falsification of Check Charge Against the Co.oper Man. New York. Jan. S.—F. Augustus einze, the copper man. was arrested today charged with false certification of a check. He was held in 150,000 bail. Try a Want Ad. In the Begister. Noted Temperance Lecturer to Speak Here Thursday and Friday Eveninigs. Miss Annie A. Robbis, national lecturer and organizer for the' W. C. T. U.. is to deliver a lecture on Thursday and Friday evenings of this week at the M. E. church under the aus- Rices of the local W. C. T. U. The lecture will be free to the public. Miss Robblns Is a woman of wide elxperience In the field of her life work and is an exceptionally fine Weaker. She was formerly chief nurse of the United States Army hos- plta's. The following from the Duluth News-Tribune says of Miss Robbins: "Manila." was the subject of an interesting address delivered by Miss Annie A. Robblns at Kalamazoo hall lost evening. The lecture was given under the auspices ofthe k)cal O. A. R. Circle. Perhaps the prettiest tribute which could be paid this charming r ledlurer is to quote' the comment of a well known attorney who remarked as she concluded: "She has said more in an hour than most peop'e can say In six." Yet Miss Robbin."* did not speak rapidly. She sim ply has a great number of extremely interesting things to tell and tells them simply and directly. She is an ardent worker In the cause of tern peranco and her attitude toward the army canteen, after three years* ex perlonce as army nurse, la pregnant with the spirit of her convictions along tempi'rnnce and temperate linos. She unhesitatingly and uncom promisingly denounces It PILES riKKD IX e TO U DATS. PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to cure any case of Itching, Blind, Blewl- Ing or Protruding Piles in G to 14 days or money refunded. 60c. MRS. OSBORNE WANTS DIVORCE. Former lola Woman Brings Action in Cherokee County. (Joplin Globe.) The January term of the Cherokee county district court convened yesterday morning in Columbus, and' al though the opening day was mostly occupied by setting dates upon which the various cases will be heard, the divorce suit of Mrs. Flossie Osborne vs. C. E. Osborne was disposed of. The woman fi'ed siilt for a divorce but her husband filed a cross bill and was himself granted the divorce. The first case to bo tried this morning' will prol)ably Y>e wherein R. J. Bland Is charged with selling liquor, an appeal fnim Justice court. Bland has two charges a.^alnst him. but it was agreed by the attorneys to allow the decision of one trial determine the verdict of the other, and he was tried on one count on'y. Mrs. O.sborne was once an lola resident but was known under another name. You'll l)e healthy and happy If your liver, and bowels work naturally. Hol- llster's Rocky Mtmntaln Tea keeps these organs working right, brings robust health to all. Try It now. 35c Tea or Tablets. liurreH's Drug Store. CASHED COCKERILL'S CHECKS, NpToda, MOH BankN Easily Met Big Pay Rolls. Nevada. .Mo., Jan. 8.—The late financial stringency is evidently passing away, and today all of Nevada's bankii solvent and strong, are handling business in a way that Insures confidence and as the circumstances demand. Today the Dank of Nevada cashed the checks of all employees of the Cock- erlll Zinc Smelter works. Just as the bank had done before the financial flurry that caused banks generally to liimt the amount of cash paid out to individuals and for pay roils. This pay roll of Mr. Cockerlll amounts to considerable money, and the. public will be pleased to know of this substantial evidence of retuniing prosperity and that affairs are getting back upon a cash basis. Is Your Boy of Girl Thin or Nervous? P^nts do not seem to realize the great importance of curing nervousness in their children. They call in a doctor for a cough or a cold, but nervousness does not strike them as being serious enough. It is. A thin, nerV'- ous child rarely develops info a strong, healthy man Sr woman. More often nervous conditions become chronic and the child becomes a life-long, delicate, nervous invalid. You can positively cure nervousness in your child with Amerlcanltis Elixir This remarkable remedy supplies phosphorus in soluble form to the body, tones and quiets the nerves and brings them to a normal, permanently healthy condition. The first bottle will convince you of the genuine merit of this remedy. Your duty to your child should urge you to try it. 75 C«nts Per Bo«M« THE fAIIWCSS or THIS SUMUUITEC win Bppeal to •very pamt. If AaMrieaai. tiadoasBOt braefit your child, just brine ua back your ampty bottlaandtaU aaso.aadwa 'H pro»ptf7k»d yoMbackywur aoMey. That •bows our ca«- fideace fat this lamedy. There'aaotli- tac daagerona •boot AoMri* cuulis. Well giv* yoa tke antirm formula mpom re- qaest S. R. BURRELL, Druggist IHE ySUdgg 8T0»E WA M TSJ S.tTED FRO.M BEIN« A fRlPPLE FOR LIFE. "Almost six or seven weeks ago I becnem paralyzed all at once with rheumatism," writes Mrs. Louis McKey. 913 Seventh street, Oakland, t'al. "It struck me in the back ;uid extended from the hip of my risli'. lej; down lo my foot. The attack was so severe that 1 could not move in bci and was afraid that I shoi'Id he a cirpple for life. "AlMJUt twelve years aso 3 received a sample bottle of your liniment Imt never had occasion to use it. as I have always been well, but something tofd n;e that Sloan's Liniment would help me, so I tried it.- After the second ap- piicution I could gel up out of bed. and in three days could walk, and now leel ft ell and entirely free from pain. "My fi 'ends were very much surprised at my rapid recovery and I was only too glad to tt-ll them that Sloan's Linlinont was the only medicine I used." SITUATIOKS WAMTED Adretrlsements under this head will be inserted three times without charge. W.VNTED—l^y man and wife, work on a farm. Phone 637. WA.N'TEIJ— Girl w.ints place to work. Phone 12«S. . WANTED—A position i>y a competent man as clerk or meat cutter. Address "L. 1'." care Register. . SITUATION WANTED—A hoy wants a place to work after school and Saturdays. Address 118 South Vennont St. DEATH CLAIMS t8SO,000,OOa Astonishing^ Figure IPaid to Policy Hbldera Last Year. I- The yearly aggregates of life Insurance take some little time to all 'come in. be tabulated, totalized and spread before the world. But enough iff approximately known of the most important feature of all. the money paid tn policy holders or their beneficiaries last year, to be able to say that these claims thus swiftly settled, amounted to the haavy total of at least $335,000,- 00f>. The sum when known to a cent will run rather over than undef that imposing whole. There was none of the "sixty-days* notice" of the saving^ banks, no hesitancy as to paying individuals'large sums or recourse to clearing house certificates, ail necessary and justifiable enough under the circumstances, as with other Judiciary Intere^ in the closing depressed months Of the year. Whatever sum any of the standard life insurance conipanies owed a man or his family, and it was. as seen, a big total pile, was paid at once, and most of the rompaniea were even ready to loan money t(f pinched policy ho'ders generally and at a de- cf^nt rate of interest. There Were a pood many: uncomfortable people In this country the last two months and a hnlf of the year 1907. hut th<>re were far fewer of them In thft<ranks of life policy holders than in [almost anv other class of men In the country. TELEPHONE TOCR WAUT ADS. TO THE KEOIKTER OFFICE. As iin accomodation, the Register receives nda for its want columns over the telephone, but expects the advertiser to call at the office and settle ns soon as convenient, as the bills are too small to warrant the expense of a collector. Telephone your want ad to either phone. No. 18 or 222. and It will receive careful attention. KANSAS RAISES COTTON.'TOO. Report Shows 186 Acres Under Cultivation in the State. ; . SHE WAS MRS. EDDY'S .MECE. Woanin Murdered by Her Lover In Nevada. Try them for lunch and you will have them for dinner. Uneeda Biscuit The most nutritious staple made from wheat. In moittun and dust prQ0f foekatf*. ^0 NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY Rhyollte, Nev., Jan. 8.—Mrs. Isabel ileskett. who was murdered here early Friday morning by Fred Skinner, alias Fred Davis, was a niece of .Mary Itak- er O. Eddy, the Christian Science leader. The statement is made on the authority of her husband, C. C. Heskett, who has Just arrived from ballon, Nev., to take charge of the body, Mrs. Heckett Is a daughter of Mrs. C. E. I'eterman of Ualiard. Wash., and was married to Heskett at Shadron. Neb., aliotu two years ago. From there the couple moved to .Arrowhead, Col., last July. She eloped with Skinner. Mrs. Heskett ^SLS shot four times in the back about three o'clock Friday morning by Skinner and instantly killed. Skinner then shot himself, inflicting a couple of flesh wounds in his left side. There was strong talk of lynching Skinner last night. A band of determined citizens was organized and ready to move on the Jail when it was learned that officers, fearing something of the kind, had removed the j)rlsoncr to Beatty, a neighboring town. FOUND WITH FACE SHOT OFF. WANTED—Second hand Winchester pop gun. Inquire 106 South,Second streL FOR SALE-mimomllmi—oum FOU SALE—Good Jersey nillch cow. Imiulro l:.' Ilruner. $3r>.00. TOK SALE—llousehiild Koods. house lilaiils. phono.!;rapli. JOl .North Second, i'hono 11 SIM. FOR SALE—Twelve White Rock chickens and hen house Hx2S. Address XYZ this oflice. FOU SALE—Good Studebaker bug- g>-, practically new. with good set of $r .."i .00 harness, for sale at Howard's barn if taken in the next few days at 180.00. FOR SAUi:—Good milch cow. Inquire 404NorthElnK^ FOR SALE— JISOO stock^of sroeer- ies and store fixtures. 402 South Kentucky street Death of Independence Man Is a Case of Saicide or Accident Independence, Kas.. Jan. 8.—The body of Chas. Lukenbill, a young man of perhaps 2 .*i years, was found yesterday evening a short distance east of this city with the face torn off and his brains lying in a puddle near by. The hands clasped a shot gun which had done the work. The young man was seen going out that way al>out noon and the stiffness of the body Indicated that death had been a matter of several hours. FOR SALE—A driving mare and buggy. Horse city broke, safe for lady to drive. Inquire 832 North street FOR Ran' MImUmamoum FOR RENT—One five room house on South Second and one 6 room house on South Fourth. Inquire 215 South Buckeye. J. H. Bock. FOR RENT—Two choice office rooms. Inquire at Burrell's tirug store. She was the pride of the country 'round. Envied by other girls was she: In beauty and health she did abound By taking Rocky Mountain Tea. Burrell's Drug Store. MILD DAYS DELAY LOGGIN& FOR RE.\T—Eight room, modem house. Adams & Burns. Phone 1161. FOR RENT—Seven room modem house on paved street, 5 blocks from square; newly remodeled. Inquire J. B. Kirk, 621 North Washington. FOR RE:NT —Five room house; good repair. Inquire 423 South Cottonwood. FOR RENT—Eight room house. 208 North Walnut Apply at 204 North Walnut Lack of Snow Seriously Hampers Luml>ering Operationa. Washburn, Wis., Jen, 8.—The lack of snow In the woods of northern Wisconsin at the present time is having] a serious effect on loggers, who have to depend entirely on sleighing In order Uo get their logs to the lakes and landings. It Is tb« first time In the history of this part of the state that tho ground has been entirely free from show as late as this. The weather otherwise has been ideal for logging purposes in the wooda for ^e men at work have had nothing to ecmtend witb to prevent rapid work. Its Economy To have your Carpets and Sugs cleaned by TheiolaRosFactoiy Kansas is neither a tobncco nor a cotton State, yet last year there were 61 acres of tobacco and 186 acres of cotton cultivation in the State. Th's is shown by the report of the State Board of Agriculture, issued yesterday. ' The total production of tobacco was fi.mO' pounds, and the total .cotton production was 50 850 pounds, The tobacco was worth $671 and tfie cotton was worth $3,085. E'lis county had 57 acres of tobacco and prtduced 5.700 pounds. had four acres and produced 400 iwunds. Cherokee county had three acres of cott«^n and produced 750 pounds. Harper had thrae acres and produced 750 pounds. Meade county had five acres with a total yield of 1,375 pounds. There 17 acres of cotton in Seward; county and the yield was 4.675 pounds. But Stevens county is thfe big cottoil county. It had 15S acres and produced 4.;,l.''.o pounds of cotton which sold for $4,343. • ASK FOR WHAT TOU YfkST and ask emphatically. Do so through the Register's want columns. ;lf you want an employer or an employee you can find him in a hurry if you Uke this course. The Register will tell .vour wants to many thousands pt people as quickly as you can teli them per.sonally to a dozen people? You- can't afford the slow way. (First Published Jan. 4. 19(=8.) SHERIFF'S SALE. I Tlio Slate of Kansas. Allen County, s.s. In the District Court. Thirty-Seventh Judicial District, sitting ii and for Allen County. State of Kansj£s. lola State Bank, plaintiff, vs.- J. E. Benjamin, et al., defendants. By virtue of an order of sale ^.ssued by the Clerk of the Thlrty -si -venth Judicial District Court, in and fijr Allen County, State of Kansas. \h the above entitled cause, and to n;e directed and delivered, I will on \%e 4th day of February, A. D.. 190S. aX one o'clock A. M. of said day. at the south door of the court bouse in the Cjty of lola. Allen Conntyt State of KxJnsas. offer for sale and sell to the highest bidder, for cash In hand, the following de.soribed real estate, to-wit: I.x)t One (1>. Block Six (6). Hehder- .=on & Powell's .Addition to the CJty of loia. Allen Count.v. Kansas. Said lands and tenement.s will be sold without api)raisenient to satisfy said Order of Sale. C. O. BOLLINGfiR, Sheriff of .Allen County, Kansas. Ewing. Card & Card, Attorney- fo< Plaintiffs. 1-4-11-18-25-1 (First Pub.-January 4. 1908.) SHERIFF'S SALE. State of Kansaa Allen County, t .y. In the District Court Thlrt>r -Sev. cnth Judicial District sitting in and for Allen County, State of P. S. MITCHELL, Plaintiff, TS. P. C. PADGETT, et al. Defendant.'!. By virtue of an order of sale issii .d by the clerk of the Thirty -SeVt 'nth Judicial District Court in an^ for Allen County, State of Kansas. iU the above entftled cause, and to nie directed and delivered, I will on th^ 4th day of February. A. D., 19fiS. at 1 o'clock A. M., of said day. at tha south door of the court house in the city of lola, Allen County, State of Kansas, offer for sale and se!l to the bidder, for cash In hand, the following described real estat.\ towit: Thi» one acre tract llt'-S ft Northt and South by 264 ft. East and Wejit. in the South-east comer of Section Thirty-two (32), Township Twenty-four ; (24). Range Nineteen (19), Allen County. Kansas. Said lands and tenements will be sold without appraisement to satisfy said order of sale. C. O. BO LUNGER. Sheriff, of Allen County, Kansa.". Ewlng. Card & Card, Attys. for PItff. 1-4-11-18-25-1 For best and qaiekest resnlts use tke Befflater Want Colamns.

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