Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 29, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 29, 1908
Page 3
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THE lOlA PAILT BBCagKB, TUESDAY ETEmC. DECEMBEB 39, 1W8. NEWS OF LA HARPE A PEESE5T FOB ADD BREXXAK, FOOT BALL CAFTAIX. R. HENDERSON [ACQUITTED JTRY FOrXD FOR LA HARPE MA> YESTERDAY AFTERNOON. Brrak In (Jradlnir Eqnipment Tanspd Delay in Work Yetitorday—New Year*!* Foot Bali Game. I'reM'rit for Brennan. Add Urennan, capt:dn of the Trli>- letB foot ball team, received a handsome Christmas present from the tii Harpe members of the eleven. The gift Is a silver shaviuR set. Oi) one piece is engraved (he name "Captain Add." Brennan aj»pre('iates the girt very much. liendenion .leijuitted. A jurj- in the case of the state vs. R, Henderson, charged with the theft of a plnsh lap robe from 1>. Kose, found the defendant not guilty yesterday afternoon. The was tried in the court of .lustice Hough. From the time of his arrest. Hender.son has stoutly maintained hi."? innocence declaring that he found the robe in the street.s and did not t:il<e it from Hose's buggy as charginl. OSTEOPATHY— DR. W .H. ALnKllrtlT. Registered OsteopatWc Physirmn. State nank Bldg. Phone ur> Only Osteopath la Harpe. Visit in Colorudo. Ed I-,antz. of .Moraii. will It-avi- today for a viiit in Colorado. Mr. Lant.'. spent yeiterdriy in La Harpe on business. Repair (•radinir Ki|uipnifiif. The gradiii;; equipment with which the construction cn-w on the switch track of tile I'uion I'ortland Ceiiifiii company was worlsini; was acciili-iil- aily damaged yesterday and a nuui- l»er of men and teams v^-i-re <jl'f duly until tills inorniiiK. llulcliliisoii .Man Here. \V. I). Crffii. a nnnib'-r of llii' re- jmrtorial staff of the Hutchinstiu Democrat. i> visiting friends and relatives In this city. STREET RAILWAY TROUBLES. Former Ciianiite Promote Gets a Bloody S'osp. Chanuie people who attended the council sessions while the franchise granting a street railway rights to a local company was tinder consideration, will remember Lew Phillips, the Girard promoter, says the Sun. Phillips Is now engaged In a battle for the control of the Olrard railway and according to a dispatch got poked in the nose last week by .1. T. I>eo;;ard, ler of the First National Rank. The fracas was the result of a rumor that F. V. Crouch, the erstwhile lola promoter, wants to gain control of the Cirard line. A dispatch says: Girard is having a strenuous period of excitement. The town Is actually all worked uj). A fight for the control of the Cirard Coal Helt Klectric Railway company is the cause of tlie sensation. The Coal Belt line, which runs east from dirard to Franklin, and Croweburg. was built by local capital. .About every man, woman and child In the town Is Interested with one or more shares in the Coal Melt line. There Is a rumor on now that outside interests would like control of the line. One rei,ort is that tile llifim iiitoresls, which own the I'litsliurg system, want to get the Coal Melt line to l)e a link in the Pittsburg interurban s.vstem. The other is that tlie Crouch interests, which propose to build ii line from lola to Pittsburg, through (Jirard want t<i acquire the Coal Hell. Whether either Helm or Crouch want the line is a (juestion. There are some who doubt whether either would si)eiid a cent to gel it. But at any rate the fight started in Girard among the local stockholders to get conirol of tlie line. One bunch headed by I.,ew Phillips, the promoter of the Hue. and recent DenuxTallc candidate for ccuniy attorney, and the other liunch Is captained by .1. T. Leonard, cashier of tlie First National bank. The directors and stockholders meet iiigs have been strenuous affairs lately ovi-r ihe fight for cruitrol. Finally matters reached such a sla^e tliat blood was actually shed, and I'iiilli|>s anil L''Ouard met in cdiiilial. Leuuaid ixjkinr- Phillips in Ihe uu.i'. ' M J fkthcr bud bmn a naffftrar from atek haada .'or ttia loitt twnni7*flTp jean auil n«T«r f«/auil an/ -nlle'r nntU ba becan taWiiiK yoar Caneaiati. 8lBe« <9bu bccan taLlug L'airaraU'be baa Dcrer bad lia baailarbo. Tliny Lara entirely enrad blm. .'ascA^ru what you nromniand tbam to do. I riU trxn j'oa tlio priTU^ca of aalnc bis nana.** . I>i<-k«<in. IIM Railaar8l.t W.IndlaaaBoUt,lad. Best For w m^^^ The Bowels' ^ CANOV CATtUNTIC n «aii...t, Pai talila.i ,*nt. Taste flood. Do Goad, Snter Mcten, * /eskfm or (irlpt*. lOe. 2Se,He. NsTar ft >i(i In bulk. *i ii9 irnniiliid tablet stampad OOO* auaraiiU'v'l to riire nr yior niftticy back. Sterling Reme;:y Co., Cliicago or M.Y. S(l ANNUAL SALE, TEN MILLION BOXES KIND *^rOOT,SY WOOTSV LETTER. .laniliir .Mel'liep Cuptiiri -M I^ire EpiMtl at <'ourt House. TIiEV NEVEll K.Ml.. I'liat Is >Vhat Tliey .Say .\liiMil Tlyni in litla. and It Is Tlierefure, Keliable. May lliive New Yeiir'« (Jame. A .New Year's ganie of foot ball lie- tween the I-a Harpe members and the lola members of the eleven may be Iila.ved. it will be neces.sary for the •1 .A' Harpe men to recruit their lineup from Iwal players and the lola iilay- ers will have to do the same. To Play the BtMisfers. The lola Booster foot ball team will |i!ay the 1.^1 Harpe eleven on the .McDonald gridiron on .New Year's day. Itetnm to Harrisonville. Mr. and Airs. Albert Brown have returned to tlieir home in Harrisonville, Mo., after a visit with Mrs. Brown's parents, .Mr. and .Mrs. G. A. Cowden. of this city. Personals. Miss Margaret Heine, of Baitlesviile. is a guest at the home of .Miss Kl.-a Felger. John .Allen, of Yaies Center, is in the city vi.siting at the home of his aunt. Mrs. J. A. Taylor. Mr.s. C. W. Graen lias returned tpiim a visit with friends in I-^ort Scott. Miss Clara Laury. wh« has been visiting with friends in Toronto, returned home yesterday. Miss Ada Peterson, of Kansas City is visiting her parents here. A letter received from C. C. Hahn, formerly of this city but now engaged in rqiigious work in a monastery in Sewanee, Tenn., states that he is enjoying his new work and that for the first time in a quarter of a century he is really haiijiy. Mr. Hahn's work is among the lioys of the tnoiin- fains in Tennessee. Mrs. Sam Single, daughter. Miss Gertrude, and son. George, returned today from La Harjie. Kas.. where they spent llie Christmas holidays.— -Nev-ida -Mo., Post. .\aiMher proof, more evideii.-e. lola lestinioiiy to swell the long list of local people who eudor.-e the old Quaker remedy. Hoan's Kidney Pi.V.s. liead this convincing endorHeiiient of thai remarkable preparailon; .Mrs. Ida Smith, of .'.ilT Norlli SI. lola. Kas.. says: •'lean vouch foi Diiali's Kidney Pills beilii.'. a geiiiillK' reiiH'dy for kidney ciiiii|i|aliii. .My ilaUL'hli-r. I.'i years of age. has suffered :i »:real deal frutii thai CDiiiplaliil which came on her during Iter In- I'aiiey. As lline went on her <'iinilitloii grew worse. There were sharp ^lalti." <;ver 'her eyes and :icrdss the abdomen in the regloti of her kidneys. At limes llie parts around her eyes were so swollen and the pain was so Intense that slie has come iulo the house from school screaming and crying. During th.? night she had terrllilr dreams and was very restless. A |ihy- siciau treated her and although there wa.< some improvement, it duly lasted for a shon time. We tried different remedies, but in no case were the results satisfactory. J finally saw Doan'f Kidney Pills highly recommended h\ peojile in lola and I went to Chas. B. Spencer &. Co.'s drug store and got a box. The benefit received was altogether satisfactory. My daui;hter haF r.iil har! the least sign of pain over her <-ve^ since taking this remedy and there has lieen a general improvement in lier condition in every way. I most heartily endorse Doan's Kidney Pills." For sale by all dealers. Price r«Oc Fo-iei ->rin )Uru Co., Buffalo. New York, sole agents for the Pniied Slates Kemember the name—Doan's—and lake no other. Notice. The annual meeting of the stockholders of the lola ice and Cold Storage Co., will be lield at llie office of (he company at lola, Kas., Monday, .la'nuary Jl. 1:109. 2 to .". p. m.. for thr election of directors and • any bust ness required. FIIANK KIDDLE, Sec'y. Dec. 22, 'OS. Below Is a sainiile love letter found in Ihe corridons of the court house liy .lanltor .McPhee. The young lady !o whimi it was addressed may get it by calling at the Register office. The names of the writer and "wrltee" are withheld: iola, Kas., Dec. 2."i, "08 Dear Friend: i wrote you this let ter to let .vou know how much 1 love you. Dear .\ as sure as the grass grows around the stump you are my darling sugar lump. .\' I quit A because I loved you better. love you better than any one else In the wirld. A told me 1 would have to cut you out because she loved ine l)etter than any one "else in the world, but j'ou know I can't cut you out because I think I IKI much of you .\' 1 would die fore .vou and you know 1 would. WHien you are washing over a tub think of me before .vou rub If tlie water is to h<it put in a little for-get-mi^iiot.' I thinkmuch of you. If I had .vou I my arms I could squeeze you In to«). .\.... will you go out on a siKXjning trip with me Sunday night. From the one that 'i.ves you best of all. I will have to close for this time iiecause it is bed time and I at)i getting •ileepy. Ans. this letter right away •o I will know. You will have to ex I'lise this pi.or wrigliling I was in iiiirry. P. S. Give llie ans. to tlie one that nlve you tills one. LOANS! LOAN.S! LOANS! On fami land or lola property long or short time: lowest rates; liesi terms. Money today If title Is good See UK at once. iOLA LAND COMI'ANY. OPKX TilK IIOXE.S, SAVS BALL. Only Fair >Vay fo Seitle Ll4 >uteiuin< (J'oTemor ('onlroveriiy. .Tefferson City, Mo., Dec. 29.—Colonel Dave Ball of Pike county wants to s-ce the ballot boxes opened and every lallot counted in encli locality In the slate where there has been the least (|uestlon raised as to the correctnesp (jf the original official retiiriis on the vote cast for lieutenant governor. He says this is the only fair way of forever settling all doubts concerning Uie controversy and that the legis^a- !ire has power to adopt this method Me was in town today and gave his views to the newspaper men as follows: "The returns, as originally certified by the several deputy clerks and eiec tion commissioners in the cities In the contest for lieutenant governor would 1)P unfair for the reason that every vote cast for either of the candidates should be counted as cast. If mistakes '.vere made, they should be corrected but to say that county clerks could -eriify additional returns, would be to set a precedent that would be bad herefore. the only way to do It would le for the legislature to appoint a "onimlttee to open Ihe ballot boxes md count the votes In all the counties where mistakes are said to have iccurrtd. - In this way, the actual vote lo,- e-ich candidate can ascertained, ind in this way, every honest man in .Missf.uri, whether Democrat or Re- i.i'.bliean will say it is fair, any other •.va\. they will say it Is wrong." Register Want Ads Bring Ki-sults. Xmas at Onion Creek. A Christmas tree and entertainment was given at Onion Creek school district 19 on Wednesday night, Dec. 23, 190S. A beautiful cedar tree greeted the eyes as one entered and Old Santa was tiiere in his splendor. As there was no snow this Christmas hi- was forced to make his round.s In a ''.uggy. A pleasin^^ program was rendered. Miss Mae McWllliams teaches In this school. (Fir.«l Published, Dec. 2!», I DOS.) Notice of Appointment (>iiardian. Slate of Ivansas. Alien County, ss. ,In the matter of the estate of Sheridan Veager. a per.son of feelile mind. Notice of Apiiointnieut. .Vi.tice is hereby given, that on the 2(;th day of December, A; D. 190S. the undersigned was by the probate court of Allen County. Kansas, duly ap- IKiinled and (iiialiffed as guardian of •lie e.-^iali- of Siieridan Yea.u-er, a person of feeble mind, of .\llen County. .All ri.-irlies inieiesied in said estate will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. .1. T. TIIKDWAY. I2-2:i-.".-12 Guardi;iii. Dr. Pierce's favorite Prescription It -the belt of ail medicine* for the cure of diceasei, diiorden and weakneaset peculiar to women. It is the only prcfMration of it* kind devised by a regularly graduated piiysicion—an experienced and bkilled specialist in the disease* of women. It IS • safe medicine in anj condition of tb* syatem. THE ONE REMEDY which contains no alcohol and DO injurious habit-forming drugs and which creates no orarini for such stimulants. ' THE ONE REMEDY so good that its maker* •re m>t afraid to print its crerr ingrodient oa «acli outside bottle-wrapper and attest to tha tnithfiilnes* of the same under oath. . It is sold by medicine dealer* everywhere, and any dealer who hasn't it can (et it. Don't Uke a *ub«titute of unknown compositiMi for thit medicine or KNOWN courosinoN. No counterfeit i* as <ood a* the ({eouiiM and the dru|ii*t who says something else is *^u»t a* good a* Dr. Pierce'*" is either micUkcn or is trying to deceive you for his own selfish benefit. Such a man i* not to be trusted. _ He is trifling with your most prioe|c«s possession—your health— my be your life itself. St* tkat you grt wkat yom tuk far. Stop, Look, Head. All members of the W. O. W., W. C. and friends. Start the new year by coming to the oyster supper given by lola Camp 101 .lanuary Ist, 1909, at •he iv. P. hall. Kverybody cordially invited. A. H. D.VViS, Clerk. CO.MPLETE.S I'AVINf.' CONTRACT. F. P. Deloue Will Soon Re TlirouKli n( ludopondenre. - F. P. Delone, formerly a resident of ibis <-ity, is cKiniiletlng a big paving contract at Independence. The Reporter says: Today marked the completion of tht -Vinth and SycauKire streets pavinf; from .Main to Kail road street and from .N'inlli, west to the city limits, a total of eighteen blocks. This big stretch of paving is forty feet wide, with at: isphalt filler and practically noiseless. The completion of this paving contract is a pleasant incident In the hls- lory of the city and marks another step forward in the city's march towards a metro|)oll8. The contractors F. P. Delone & Co. began work about Xlay first and today the completed job stands to their credit as a first class example of modern |>aving. Every citl/en Is proud of the newly- paved streets and particulairly the owners of motor cars and pleasure vehicles. Our Bart,'ain Coanter If Sold Before JaDuary 1, 1909. A »200 lot for 1130.00 A six room house and barn.. .$650.00 A nice smooth lot, high $80.00 An eastern Oklaboina ranch, $3 .00 per acre, WHITAKER ft DONNELU NEWS OF GAS CITY EDDIE GOES, OKLA. CITT CATCH ES, TISITIN6 HOME FOLKS; A SCHOOL LOARD SESSION FIRST MEETING IN 2ND SCHOOL TER.H NEXT MONDAY NIOHT. JampM Hnrvey Is III—BoyR Athletic Club ConipluinH of Marauders —Personals. Eddie (loes Here. l::ddle Goes, a member of the Oklahoma City Western Association base ball team. Is In tlie city visiting relatives and friends. Goes is a fielder and catcjier and one of the mainstay of the Oklahomans. Board to Meet. The Gas City board of education will meet In regular session Monday evening .lanuary 4. Return to Lawrence. Alma Ulm, of I.awrence, who has been visiting relatives here for several days will return fo her home this afternoon. .fames Harvey IIL James Harvey, who resides a few miles north of this city, is reported quite ill. HunterM Are Hunting. J. K. Hunter and son, Edwin, spent today in the fields south of low shootin.g. Boys Are Molested. Some of the lioys who are connect ed with an organization known as Ihe Boys Athletic Club, comjilain that they are being molested in their work by -ibme of Ihe older fellows ol the town It is stated that the books and other irtlcles belonging to the club myster iously disiippear. One of Ihe club members said yesterday that he lliought the club would have to dis band. Adams (•'rowK Ketter. The condition of .1. .\. Adams. wh(> .vas Injured In tin accident Christmas lay. Is Improving rapidly. I'er.sonalx. .1. Hyatt, of Colony, was a visitor I 'las City yesterdtiy. Miss Dl/./.le Driscoll spent yesterday • n lola vlHitIng relatives. Jessie Gurt/. has returned to Bar ilesvllle after a visit with frleiid:< I this city. Frank Vaughn has returned from 1 visit to friends In Piqua. \ GUARANTEED CURE FOR PIMPLES 'Lcmo, a clean liquid for extemnl use draws the germs and their toxin.s to tht •urface of the skin and destroys them, 'eaving tlie skin clear and healthy. Two to six bottles will cure any case jf pimples and blackheads. For sale everywhere. Write for sarn pic, E. W. Rose Medicine Co.,St. Louis. For sale at Burrell's Drug Store Glad We're Here, a new one and i. flavor seldom tasted. Crabb's FouP tain. WAS SENT IP FROM HERE. Allen County Ex-Convirt In Trouble at Cbunute. According to the Chanute papers \V. S. I>awrence, a man under arres there for Immoral conduct, was one* sent up from this county for sonu petty offense. The Chaniite Tribune says: Mrs Belle Pruitt, a regular visitor in poller 30urt. and W. S. I.flwrence were ar rested last night about 11 o'clock by Officers Harry Hedrlch and Runisey Taylor at a house on North Wbshing on avenue. A charge of unlawfu; cohabitation win be placed against them The couple have been giving the lollce officers a great amount of trouble of late. Both are notorious characters and both have court records Lawrence has been In the penitentiary It least three times. He was sent tc hat institution once when City Attorney S. C. Brown was county attorney and he was also sent up from .^llen ind Montgomery counties. He was released some time ago on a parole, it is not known whether or not his parole has expired. Warden Haskell, thf warden of the Kansas penitentiary will be communicated with, and that fact will be ascertained. Truth and Quality appeal to the Well-informed in evetj walk of life and arc ca9cntiaI*to permanent success and creditable iitanding. Accor- ingly, it is not claimed that Syrup '>f Figa and Elixir of Senna ia the only remedy of known value, but one of many reasons why it ia the best of personal and family laxatives is the fact that it cleanses, sweetens and relieves the internal organs on which it acta without any debilitating after effecta and without having to increase tlie quantity from time to time. It acts pleasantly and naturally and truly as a laxative, and its component parts are known to and approved by physicians, as It is free from all objection- aWe substances. To get its beneficial cflTects always purchase the genuine— manufactured by the Califomia Fig Syrup Co., only, and for sole by all leading drug- tatotbeFJilCI FOR ONE WEEK ONLY Prices will bs smashed to smithereens all week Up to New Year's Day. Christmas fs gone—It has left its trail here. Now we are to clean up the trail. All holiday goods will be sold at any price to get them out of our sight. The prices on all merchandise will be cut deep. What you have wanted for a long time is waiting here for you now, at the littlest price you ever saw for like merchandise. 5o .19o ..8o .2Bo SOo IOC prettj' fancy Turnovers, slightly soiled 35c pretty fancy Turnovers, slightly soiled 10c embroidered Handkerchiefs ; 35c fancy Collars, fresh and clean 65c fancy Collars, fresh and clean 25 per cent discount on all expensive collars. 25 per cent discount on all Hand Bags, Chatelane Bags, etc. All our pretty Hats at 50c on the Dollar An elegant line of Ladies', Misses' and Cliildren's Coats going regardless of cost. ^\ e will turn over the profits to you on everything in this Final Clean-up Sale—one week only. RICHARDSON'S «KTTIN(i BAXK OX ITS FEET... ConiniUsloner CloHlntr np Affulrs of .VrkauKaH City Inxtitutlon. ABOIT MIXED FEED. .Vedluni Through Wblrh FrundH In Fwd StiiffH llnre B«»n Perpetuated. Mixed feeds Tiave always been the. medium throuRh which the most lla-I Topeka. lOins., Dec. Ii?.—Captain W. «rant frauds In the feedlnK-stuffs Lus-.S. Albright, state bank commissioner, Iness have been jierpetrated. Oatjls nuiklng a great record In closing hullH. rice bran, ground corn-cob«, and lUP the affairs of the Farmers' and Clt- ofhcr waste ]iroduct8 of little or noj'zens* State Hank of Arkansas City, feeding value have been systematical- 1 That institution failed November (». ly Incorporated In such feeds. The!Commissioner Albright placed one of value of mixed feeds cannot be estl-ilds deputies, E. G. Marshall in charge, mated by a purchaser with much as-i with .Instructions to keep things mov- surancH of satisfactory results. In thej'ng. During the first six weeks dlvl- case of pure feeds, the consumer canjdends aggregating 75 per cent were 10 a degree, judge for himself notwlth-j Paid to the depositors and another 10 standing the considerable variations to I Per cent dividend will be paid within which even they are subject In respect'a week. This will leave only 15 per to composition and consequently feed- I pent unpaid. Commissioner Albright Ing value. Mixed feeds have therefore I 'Pl '^^'es that he will be able to pay always come under feeding-stuffs laws!""at within the next thirty days, and have, indeed, received special at-| He has submitted,a proposition to jihe directors of the'defunct bank to FOR 8TEAUNQ A RIDE. Chanute Police Hold Three For an In- vestiflatlon. tention. The Kansas law requires that feed- turn over ail the assets of the b.ank to ing-stnffs that have been subjected to!them if they will advance enough any mixing process, or subjected to I money to pay off the rest of the de- .iny process whereby the character of' iJosits. He says they can make some the original niaterl^ is altered, shall jmoney out of the deal: or rather save i)e registered with the Director of the'themselves,'some. If they decline to Kxperiment Station if sold, offered for-accept the proposition then he will ap- saie or held for sale within the State I point a receiver and direct him to sell of it further provides that i the assets to the highest bidder imme- every sack or other package held for' diatel.v. He says a receiver can real- .<ale.or sold within the bear a distinct brand and ^'I^- English language, i but that if the directors will take the; ;;;g;fe To 'l^'heW at t^ which shall state the name of the assets and handle them in a busmess- Thrue men are In jail at Chanute as the consi'(|uence of stealing a ride on the morning Santa Fe passenger, which passes throiish lola about U a. lu. The trio evidently rode on top of one of the coaches. A glass In one of the vestibule doors was broken by one of the fellows In attempting to alight from the train, r He kicked his foot through It. The Chanute police were at the depot and arrested them. They claimed that they were regular passengers and had paid their way. Conductor J. C. Ramsey said that they either rode the rods or e 's4 rode on top of the coaches. Santa Special Agent Gregg Is absent from Chanute and they v^ill be held.until his return. —Hard Shell Crab, Lobsters, Blue Points. Our Wa^. CALLS MEETEXG OF W. A. Shirely's League Will Adopt a Schedule Wednesday. Kansas City, Dec. 29.—Dr. D. M. ... ^. ^ ... , ShiveLv, president of the Western As^ State shall; ze enough on the assets at force sale | ^ociation of Baseball Clubs, yesterday ^d consplcu-jto pay off a I claims against the bank, • ^ ^.^I, ^ ^^^i^^ manufacturer or seller, the registered name, trade-mark, or other designa- ion of the feed, the net weight of the package, and a guaranty as to the i)er- ?entage of fat and of protein. It must be distinctly recognized that hio provision has no bearing upon niixlures made for one for his own use, order any mixture whatever by a with his own hands, has it done by his hired man, or orders it done by dealer. A consumer may. for his own ise. order anymixture whatever by a dealer, and the law has no application to the transaction. If he Is feeding a ration to his animals he is thus •.ible to modify it at any time and In iny way he see.s fit. The law hamiiers aim In no way whatever as long as the mixture made is not offered for 5ale. While dealers are thus permitted to mix feeds in any way that may be desired by a purchaser ujion his siieclal )rder. he has no right to anticipate irders and mix feeds In advance, ho!d- :uK them in stock until i>urchased. \uy mixture of feeds thus kept on .'land by a dealer Is subject to all of he i)rovlslons of Ihe law as designated above. .\IientIon may be drawn to the fact hat wheat bran mixed with wheat -screenings, torn bran or other foreign substances must be regarded as a mixed feed, and Its manufucturcra ire required to comply with the law ts applied to mixed seeds. So. too, corn bran may not be mixed with corn chop without subjecting: It to all of these provisions. A clear recognition of the provisions of the law and rulings thereunder on the part of both dealers and consumers will. It Is believed, enable business to be done in accordance with the law and with a minimum of annoyance and expense consistent with protection from fraud. As with all laws, however, the honest and up- Ight are In part obliged to bear the trouble and cost of restraining the dis honest and fraudulent. J. T. WIHARD, Chemist Bxpertment St#tloft. Piano Case Appealed. The Stelnman piano' case %rbich came up for hearing In Justice Hough's court yesterday was a |>iifa1ed to the district court. 1 like manner they can make money. '•What I am Interested in is getting the depositors paid," said he. "An expensive receivership has been avoided up to date and 1 hope we can avoid it entirely." Register Want Ads Bring Results. tel in this city Wednesday, at which time a schedule for the coming season will be adopted. Four have been offered. Dr. Shively stated last night that there might be a discussion as to change In circuit of the league, although It is completed, towns having taken the places of Wichita and Topeka. Iv. Gr. 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