Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 8, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1908
Page 3
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f r THE K.C. MARKETS Receipts of Cattle Almost Double^ Hogf Increase-One-third. Kansas (Sty, Mo.* Jan. S.—Receipts of cattle In Kansas. City yesterday were 13,600, a week ago, 7,950; a year ^go, 16,700. Chicagd received 7,G00 as compared with 4,500 a week ago and 6,000 a year ago. the Ave West- em markQts received 33.C0O. a week ago, 18,750; a year ago, li7.20O. Onlor biiyersf and shippers: were the first traders and paid wrtik lo 10 contf lower prices. .\n export buyer bouRht some 1,471-noiind steers at $5.10, about 10 cents low6r. J.«cal !t;!ler uiiy- era were not Inclineil to do much early tradinfr. As a i^ule tlioy nld l .'i centfl lower prices, bu)t fiinlly boii ;;lit ft fair num';"?.* nt aboiit l'> -rents. «lo- cllne. A large jinrt Of tlio oriVihinii were plain lo CD ^d abort -fi -d Kint. .s tlint sol Uut I4 .su lo ^C.OO. Souie com- nion kinds hrouubt "|.1.R' lo- JlJ 'i. Dresaed beef inP'i wt-re no*. ' T I V VI • y nnxioim for «ho hlglier pi li- • I I' II «T Inga. though they bought a few ti)-.(l<; nt »> to $5.35, Butcher grades were In c^"<! qui 'Bt again though pl'lrcs wink to 10 cents lower. Tlio H I IIHI '.- fairly liberal and ii iiiimI)or t)f Diitslilf buyers were In the CnnipeUtlon. In the past two days I here hiis not horn as niaieh decline on cnws and lu'iff^rs is on .steers, though (lie advanri' on •the i)\:tcher'grades in the former two weeks was greater tlian on vii -oi^. Veal calves were q'lotod .sicaily tn strong, fat bulls and stags sica<Iy to 10 cents lower. Receipts of hops tn Kansn^^ City were 31.000; a week apn. 2i>,.'n(i; a year ago, l.'i.OOn. Chicaco roooived 41.000, as compared, with :i2.onn a week ago, and 2S,00rt a year apo. Tli"' five Western markets recoiviMl 117.-; nnO: a week ago, SG.^OO; a y.»ar aco. | 7S.500. Receipts of [los^s at tiio flv Western-markets again pxceodoO lim.-j 000. and for Oie two' days this \v (>r>k , were nearly 75.000 larger than in tli^' same days last week.-and fii.iiOii larger than a year ago. Trade here oi>on- Pd slowly at If) to .1." cents low'r prices that the best time Mon'l:!y an I improved some as the day a'lv .ire";! i but towards the plose weaUen'""! again. The market i;eni.rn ''y wa:; nuoted steady to 5 '^ent-; I OWM - li-a'; Mondays averase. Rere'iits nf hois here were (he seroinl larce.--i <\-<y recorded. The former h'ch rerord was,July 16. 1901. When wlr reepived. 1 Prices of hocs raflced n.'^ !"ii''(nvr: ' Choicp\ heavy, over 2 ."iO lbs i ". ? I I .-.11 i Prime. 200 to i.'-n-Ibs ?i.:'.riT. i.lT'.. Choice light over l/nl Ihs •.... .; St.Cnri I. Ill Choice pigs. 25 lo 7 ."i lbs.?." ?"'<> I Rough, common hor,.= . •(i'(r';.7fi Bulk of sale .$1."0T( l.l'i •f- We are pleased to announce that all preparations are now complete for the January Clearance Sale, whiot im nmw Im Mi' piFrngrmmmg mtui oontfauftm to Smiui^ay, Jmnumry Wm This will be two weeks of the greatest bargain giving and the greatest crowds of visitors in the history of the stpr^. The counters will be filled full of bargains, and plain price cafds will tell the story of price desH'uction that is surprising in every instance. Come early while all lots are complete. Some lots are small and in consequence will be bought quickly. 3elow we c|in name but a. few of the many grand values that ypu'il see when you visit this sale. 9tBugMering ihm Lmdiem^ Goafm, f'JtO Flno Knttpy, eomn In brown and red; clpuraucc price )K4.75 iiilU.OO Itlork Kersey lined tbroagh< out with satio, trimmed with prHty hmlU flud TolTPt. Clrarance price $C.50 Fine Kersey Cloth comes in castor and lilack. riegnnlly lrlnim«>d in pretty siili braid and vrlTCt and coats that sell in man} stores for $1.'>.IM). Clenrnnce price #(>.oO 9i:,J00 Fine ChllTon broadcloth Coat,' lined with line Uulches .s YvneUun Satin, elegantly trininied. Cienmncc price S9.00 The Grain Markets. Another decline of :il:ou; a c< i\: <c rnrred in the spernliitlve \vlie;i' ::::!r kef yeetri"d«y owing to more iiher.r Northwest receipts und favoral >Iiv _\r- gentlnp crop news. -The niaikei Wl.i within a narrow nihue ihfist of the (lay around ^londay's elosiim lir ci's. May wheat in Chlcaso star;<d 'je up. at Jl.07'4- reeedeii to $l .m'.'.., rallied to $1.07. nud near the rinse fell to $1.06. The clos? was -^r lower for the day at $«j\. Slay wheat in Kansas Citv sniil down %c to $l.oii„. Minneapolis mav Iwlient soM down 34(fi%c to ?1.I2\. . • The Hay -Market. I The demand for hay was snmcient j to take moderate dfforinps at sieady ; prices. Receipts inCUidi^l'U ears of | lirairie, 1 xar of timothy, n eais of | cloverniiJced, 2 car's of cover and . cars of alfalfa, a total of 2.") cars, com-1 pared with 11 cars- a week a-o and I S9 cars a year ago. Quotations arc as follows: prairie, $9..50(<i SIO .OO; No. 1 .\il of our lirsl ^•.»0.0fl. fS-VOO and •ritl.tiO {'<tals will lie -"eld regardless of I 'CKt in this trrent Clearnnce Sale. Just a word aliout our couts: This stock is all lirl'ihl, rhic and strictly up-(ndati: all iMiught tliis year and from one of the best houses that MC know lo III- authority for style. MVc haie no old out-of-dutc stulY as yuu see in nmnj stores.' sLinxn THE I 'HicEs ox SKIRTS «5.(10 Skirts, clenmnfc price.. .»:i .T5 W)0 Skirts rlrarancK price. .#4.7.'» «7/M) Skirts, rieurancp price. .JU.j.CM) $1:2.00 Voile Skirts, clrarance. .)i (8..'>(> Do not ask to hare Skirts altered at Clearance prices. DItlVING' (UT THE Dress Ooods l.> Donlile Fold Sultln? Clearance price Oc' -i:,c \\\ Wool Dress (ioods Clearance price :. 10^ .•|.»c Double Fold Pretty I'laids for ..children. Clearance price 216 Cic New Ijindsdown Plaids Cieurnnre price 41<!r Km All Wool l4insdown Ptaids Clearance price (>06 iii|.2.'> Fine Chiffon llniadciolh Ciesinince price 8.16 ^1.7.'. <)nr Best French Voile I'Irurance price iremcniher these prices are just for Uie Two Weeks' Clearance Sale. Warm Furs I> THIS CLK.IK.V.VCE S.VLE. $1.2.^ Furs at this sale 730 $l..'.0 Furs at Ibis sale SI.10 $:U0 Furs at this sale S *i.'i."5 *.-),0(l Black Martin S:J.«."» Isalieila Fox JS4.7,"> $7«>0 Salde S.l.tM) *10.(H) Mink, elegantly lined.. .Si .-lO $l.-),0« IsalKlia Fo$ $10.00 WdNDEKFCL V.ILCES IX WAISTS IX THIS CLE.\K.\X('E S.VLE. C 'lC Waists, clearance price l."»<^ #lji."» Waists, clearance price ;.. ,8IJ<^ Waists, clearance prlce .«1.10 ^.00 Waists, clearauce price. $1.4 .5 Waists np to Iii7.d0 all go In this Great Clearance Sale nt proportionate low prices. IMXCHlNn THE PKOFITS OX KnU Und'skMm ?,:,(• Knit Skirts clearance price 'iXti .Vlr Knit Skirts, clearance price :t80 ;;k- Knit Skirts clearance price iH\t <i|.0O All M'onl Knit Skirto, price 75^ A LAXD.SLIDE IX TaMo Linens 2.'.c Linen, wide white (inality in red or .. G-V Linen, splendid (|nallty 4:{^ Xiv Linen 0.1* 1(11.00 Linen, the best quality that can lie houtrht 7.16 These Prices Only for Two Weipks. HI 'XDHEDii UP BAK0AIX8 IX Hesiery Black Cat Bnad nicjui Kia|iit:a HMHUJ Conpaay ^eacaha-Wiii lOe Ladles and Children's Hoae ...8« Vtc Black Cat brand Vie 2.K- Black Cat brand 21« .-»«c Black Cut brand 40*' SLASHING IXTO THE SILKS t LKAKA.XCE PKICE 2 WEEKS tIM.Y .'dir- Best China aud Jap Silks Clearance price iiiiti uOr Chiffon TaA'etas Clearance price 3.16 s.'»c SIik.s in beantifal patterns clearance price (Ul6 <i|.mi regular Silk: this includes nil 6ur pretty Fancy Silks. Clearance price Siit !!i|.2.*> hlack Silks, guarantri'd the bettt In the land. Clearance price... 836 INDEK PKICED VALIES IX Underwear CLEARAXCE PRICES. •J.K* .Misses and Children's I'nion Suits 1 »C <mc .Misses I'uion Suits 386 7.'.c L.adles Suits 406 )!ll.<iO Ladles' nil wool Vests and ..Pants 756 tldi Ladles' all wool Tests and Pants 856 .-.Oc Men's Heavy Fleece Inder Shirts and Drawers 37^*6 MICH-A-DO IX MILUMERr All of this elegant line of pretty. Trimmed 3IJIIInery fifty cents on the -dollar. llUMUats, clearance price 506 i^L-'iO Ilat.s, clearance price 756 ij!2.«0 Hats clearance price... .$1.00 $3..'»0 Hats, clearance price ...$1.75 iM.00 Hats clearance price.. .$2.00 $.'1 .00 Hats clearance price . . .$2.50 We nrpe yon to come early as the good thiu|{s will go fast at these priceH Siapi0 Dep'im All liest Prints Standard brands. 56 Good Heavy BUniched Toweling. ..l^- lOc Heavy Linen Toweling... 81-36 Good Bleached Muslin ........ 0'«6 ia»4c Hope Muslin 106 7Uc Dating Flannel 56 H»c Heavy Ontiug FUnnel ....7H*! 'tiMr Heavy Flet-ced Lined Goods for Kinionn.s 9546 20c Heavy Fle«'cc Lini-d Goods for Kimonas 12^6 CLEARAXCE OX Blankets A Good Heavy Donlile Bhinket ,..456 Our $1.00 Blanket 756 Oar Blanket ., 986 Everything in Blankets mast go and will go at these prices. Kemcmber the qnotation» are for tiie tiTU weeks of this Cleanince Sale tinly. after which everything will be put back to regular price. We have gone throngh our stock and selected all short lengths We have \\ ' ' ' sale price. Rtnin3ntS! ^^^-^ hundreds of remnants that wIH go. less than whole 113 East Mmdimon Clioxp prairie $S.75®^9.50; Ko. S prairie. $7..">i""fT $j!.50; iso. 3 prairie; $0..')'ifi $7.5'i: timothy, choice $12.00^$12.50: No. 1 timothy. $ll.OO0$12.Od: No. 2 timothy. $10.00@$11.00; Xo.-."timothy. JS.fiOTT $9.00; clover mixed, choire JlO.r.O'a- ,$11.00: No. 1. $9/iU'fr$)(i.o>i:-xo. JS.00(g'$9.00; clover, choice. ?iii.nn« } $10.50: No. 1. $9.00 Ji $1(1.iMi; Xo. 2.! $S.0O@$9.00; alfalfa, choice. .«i 1.:,(!•?; ; " ' \ $15.50: Nq. 1. alfalfa. $12.r,o^.SM...o: : REVISES SUNDAY_CLOSlNG LAW. NO. 2. alfalfa. $10,00-5 $12.11.: Xo. ::.; ELxempts Drug Stores and alfalfa, $S.l0Og.$10.O0; wheat and oat j confectionery and Candy Shops, straw, $4,50@$4.75. COTVie EKRI-V T^MD TKKE KDVKNTKCE OF^ THESE RRICES. 2 doormWmmt Tbamu' monMmimi. .lUDOE E. N. -VVerf. who was ii; the city loday. said that tlie finiera! of Mrs. .lames P?.'ry. who died at Humboldt yesterday morning was to Topeka. Jan. S.—The Topeka city council has agreed to revise the Sun- dav closing ordinance so ihat hereaf- NEW MOTIVE POWER I .Maxim Invents One That Excels All ! New Others York. .Tan. S,— K new motive power known as "motorite," which is expected to revolutionize torpedoes occur some time tomorrow, tin time he did not know. ter drug stores, confectionery and jaud torpedo lioats and pos.sildy in the exact flower shops in Topeka may he open;future replace steain as a motive pow- on the Salibnth. Complies with the piire food laws of every state CALUMET BAKING POWDER r|||£J^^Y|| Calunel fs tnsde of the finest mstcrialu pon- er for ocean-going vessels has I)een invented, it is announced, liy Hudson Ma.Kim. the well known inventor. It is said that Mr. Maxim has already made extensive tests with models of tfirpedous aud torpedo Ijoais and has notified the governnieiit of liis Invention. ".Motorite" the new motive power which is the l)asla of the torpedo "LIVING IV1USIC" IN CHICAGO. Thomas Orchestra Benefit Brought $12,000 to the Fund. AIR THE NAVY ROW Chicago, .Tan. 8.—The Theodore Thomas orchestra gave the first lllns- traled ccmcert of Its career last night. "Living music" was what the program called for. the music cal'ed living in the sense that its spirit' was incarnated hy 100 men and wom?n proniin- «'nt In society who pave concrete expression to the rythni of the nura- l)ers by ingeniously contrived pantomime. The stage pictures illustrative of the music varied from the classical of the Homeric age to a j )a8 de seul of Oriental dancing girls to illustrate the weird tip-tadate music of Grief The novelty of the affair coupled with the exceKence of the orchestra's ECOMMY slljle to scli-Lt. and mokes Ji^lit. eailly dicestcd . Broad. Iliscuii.K <ir P.->fctr>-; therelore, it Ik rocom- ' mended by Icadint; pbysiciuns and cbcmUes. la Mixns Caturact you arc tdirays assnred of a cixii: bi-.'K:rr:: therefore, there Is no waste of materia! or time. Calunel is put np in air-tiebt 1^ cnni; it wiil ;;ccp lomrcr than any other B.iUirit Powder on the marliet and has more raising power. 1 R Gocarefnily and sclei>- tiiicaUy prepared that ——the ncntraUiatlos of the Icerediects Is absolntcly perfect. , Therefore. Calumctlcaves DO Kochelle Salts or Alum in the. food. It is chemically carrect CftLUMET $f ,OOOaOO iclven for any sulKtance in; jurious to health found lo , Calumet and the orpedo boat, is said to be a ^.r„ten for "Peer Ovnt." comliinatlon of certain powerful ex- lidosivos and by means of it torpedoes land torpedo boats are Vrin^\\^'\\r^;;^xll^^;Zli7\^^^ through the water at great speed. Mr. j successes of Chicago's historv of Maxim sa.vs that an ordinary sized tor- charitable entertainments. It Is es IK -do can be sent through the water at, timated that the net proceeds for two a speed of rtO miles an hour, while the; p?rformances. one last night and one best of the present ga.soline-driveii j tonight, will run above $12,000. This projectiles do not travel faster than • snm Is to go to the founding of a fund :'.r, miles an hour. Mr. Maxim's new' for members of the Thoma.s orches- niodel torpedo boat which is practical- tra who may be stricken with illness. H- sulmiergcd can lie propelled, the The Boston Symphony orchestra ex- 'nventor says, at a rate of from to I>^cts to duplicate in Boston the nov- 00 miles an hour. With a boat going venture of the Thomas orchestra at this speed and a torpedo traveling '«*• Chicago. at twice the present speed, and for, more than twice the distance now iws-i It goes lo the root of disease, sible Mr. Maxim I)elleve3 he has made strengthens and invigorates. Its life a discovery which will rerolntionizc. giving ciualities are not contained in the building of warships. The inven-janv other remedy. Holllsfers Rocky O'ill of Maryland Asks for Data in BrowBRon Matter. tor is also of the opinion that his ne motive pocwr will sooner or later come Into use on merchant ves.sels and will double their speed. He de- cline.s to give details; of "motorite" until his applications for patents, now pending, have been acted, upon. .Monatain Tea has stood the severest test—time. For thirty years the surest remedy. 3.".c. Tea or Tableta. Burrell's drug store. For bent and aalrkeot resnltii nse tlM Besbter Waat C A I IHU. Wa.shington. Jan. 8.—Representative (Jill of .Maryland yesterday offered this resolution, designed to open the way for a congressional airing of the Admiral Brownson incident: "That the secretary of the navy be. and he is hereby requested, if not incompatible with public interest!!, to furnish to the house of representatives for its information copies of ail letters, rejiorts. orders and so forth in the navy department in connection with the appointment of Surgeon Charles F. Stokes as commander of the rnietd States hospital ship "Relief" and also all letters, reports, and .so forth filed in the navy deiiartment In connection with the appointment and resignation of Rear Admiral WII- lard H. Brownson as chief of the bureau of navigation. Good Agents make $5.00 and more per day selling new Automatic Fastener for either skirts or trousers. Unrivaled agency proposition because repeat sales are guaranteed. (Not sold In stores). Write for special offer to represent ns. Automatic Hook & Eye Co.. Hoboken. N. J, One of the callings of a newspaper Is to do good. The Register believes that If it can assist tliose who are out of work to find positions that it will be doing a great deal, so commencing at once. The Regliter will hereafter until dne notice la given, publish nation wanted ads three ^es free^ chr.rge. r >«>serTing are Invited to advantase of tliia opportunity. A Paltry U4 Cent An Heur ^URNS a miserable, shivery drive into a pleasure. If beating tbe feet will cure a, cold it will surely prevent one—and the doctor bill. Gidrk Garrlmgm Uamierm r. B. SHAMMOM Two Big Sioros tola, k»mamm fh9rm Is Only One Thai la Laxatlvo Bromo Qulnlnk OVOt TO Ahra ^B remember the foil name. Look iar this sij^tare on eve :7 box. 25c. icing - trryaWantA(l.inthefegbt^

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