Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 29, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 29, 1908
Page 2
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fB« lOlA PAUT BEi veil /begun and to leek othen and except with plaaunt meiibHit for interest tta«m. Iota and lola Mople. Aa • BMpBseato . An tnvltaUon vaa extended to all of the oecaaion Miaa Manaba. was pre- not idenUfled with other oburchea to sented with a beaatifiil taand^'^nted ptece their memberahip with the club picture. Ai -dellghtftil luncheon waa and to become members of the youns served, MIsa Acnes Munson-balngi aa- men's Bible class,'which In the future sisted by Miss Hattle Fronk. The will be instructed by Robert Asplnall. party waa made up of Misses Rosalia The Altruistic club-Is offlced by Charles, Lena Culbertson, Mary Cul- these young mch: James Woodin, bertson, Myrtle Newjaan, Jennie Newpresident: Claude Nigh, vice presl' man, Elnuna Newton. Oraee FlUgerald,. (lent: William Burtnett. secretory; Nettie Brigham, Clara Crangle. Alice Charles Vance, treasurer. The dub McCkiwen and Bra Armstrong. waa organized about Ave years ago and holds these banquets as a source of social enjoyment and as i means of meeting tholr fellows. The Bible class meets in the church each Sab; bath morning at 9:45. • • •:• .N'nvt Thursday Is ihe Great Remnant Sale at the Now York Store. • • • To Entertain Her Cousin. Mr. man WANTED—Good housekeeper; no washing or ironing. Must be good cook. Mrs. J. W. Coffey. • * * Raturntd Home. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Jackson of St. Louis who have been the guests of WANTED—Experienced male sten- Mrs. Susie Mitchell and. Mrs. Henry ograpber. Apply by letter only, glv- Mcnzi returned to their home last ev- Ing experience. Address "H" care ening. Register. if, ^ —— , Miss Ressler Sick. WANTED—Men to learn barber Miss Lizzie Ressler, society editor trade, few weeks required, best paying of The Register, is on the sick list work within the reach of poor man, AuKUsta Phillips, the .leadlnp tclay and the society work is being j-ave shon with small canltal ....... in "The Wolf which plays at taken care of by the sporting editor, I^, . t, •'the Grand tomorrow is a cousin of Mr. the religious editor, the police court ^^^^^ '12 to »20 weekly, wonderful 'B . P. Robinson and will be entertained reporter and the advertising solicitor, demand for barbers, catalogue mailed at the Robinson home on South Firs* They are all doing the best they can free. Moler Barber College. Kansas so if you have any kick to make city, Mo. please pad It as much as possible. + • • To Entertain at Dinner. I street' tomorrow. • * 4. A. A. Bean Here. Mr.s. Harvey Dowler Is entertaining 'her brother. Mr. A. A. Bean, of Ottawa. + + * Mrs. Harris Entertained. Mr.s. A. P. Harris, assisted by her East street. Fister. Mrs. Glenn D. Finney, enter- ' 4. .j, A tained this afternoon in honor of her p^P fl^^ Students, sister. Miss Mary Hllles of Sapulpa The week's round of pleasure and SONNET. Where are thou. O my iove? .Where bast thou strayed? Thy garden i)aths, where thou wast wont to tread Know thee no more. To tell tho\i hast fled. t called the winds, wliu paused In flight and stayed To murmur. Woe! and then blew on T. prayed A tell me. hut it hung its head And breathed, with pt-rfume laden "She Is dead!" And woodland birds the same sad answer made. O Death! Thy ebon portals cannot keep ConQned a soul Immortal! Prom the deep And black domains .she rumns again. At dawn The fragrant lily, dewty with thi mom. Recalls her spotless soiil. The sunset skies Her smiling lips recall: the stars her eyes! —From the Grotonian. • •;• •> No Meeting This Week. The ,500 Club will not hold their regular meeting this week. • • + Mother won't you come to the N'ew York Store with me next Thursday. They have so many pretty Remnants on sale cheap that would make me nice waists and skirt. • + * Entertain Dr. Ebright. Dr. and Mrs. H. K. Ebright of Baldwin, who are to come in this afternoon to attend the Baker banquet to- hirM. will be entertained by Mr. arid Sirs. W. G. Anderson. Dr. "Ebright is the head of the department of Greek in Baker and was a class mate of Mr. Anderson. He will mak ethe princl pal address at the Baker banquet to nl^t • • * The Baker Banquet. An enjoyable occasion to all ex students and students of Baker un! verslty in this county wi'l be the annual banquet of the Allen County Baker Students" Association which is to be held in the auditorium of the T. M. C. A. building tonight. Preced Ing the hour when the doors of the banquet room will be thrown open, an informal reception will be held in the reading-room of the Y. M. C. A. building. About sixty Bakerites will be In attendance. The menu will be served by the Ladies' Aid society of the M. E. church. The following Is the program of toasts: Toastmaster W. G. Anderson President's Message, Dr. Garllnghouse Music Baker Quartette "The Why of College Ufe" Albert E. Brown "The Unsophisticated Freshman". Mfss Trean Loudermilk Music— "How You fyook to Me" Rev. S. B. Knowles Solo Miss Florence Root "Baker" Will Laury Music— "A Bakerites in Chicago" Earl Arnold Music— "The Baker Outlook" Prof. H. K. Ebrlgtil •:• •:• • Mr. Atdrlch Returns Home. Mr. Horace Aldrich who has been hero for the past five weeks visiting his sister, Mrs. C. R. Sucher returned yesterday to liis home in Downer's Grove, 111. Mr. Aldrich was here several yeors ago but could only remain two days. He was very much Impress- od with lola at that time and has been wanting to make an extended visit hero ever since. When he left yis- terilay after a five weeks' inspeetloii of the city he said he llliod. the tov.n very miic-i) nnil that his expeetations had been realized in every way. Thursday Deo. :!l8t. will'be Remnant dav HI the .New York Store. All kinds of remnants will bo sold cheap. •> • • Miss Munson Leaves. Mis.s .Mherta Munson. who has been f.ocicty editor, telegraph editor and proof read, r on The Reeister. leave:: today for Chicago wht-re she will study music. Every one in the office regrets her departure, but all wish her the success duo her in her new line. .Miss Munson has been faithful and diligent in her work and has made a success of it. Her place will be taken by Miss Lizzie Ressler and Tlie Register trusts that its friends will assist Miss Ressler in every way possible until she becomes thoroughly acquainted with the work. •> -i' • .The Palmers Home. Mr. and Mrs. Mont Palmer have returned from Topeka where they spent Christmas with relatives of .Mr. Palmer. •* ... 4. At LaHarpe. The Embroidery club is meeting tlii:! afternoon at I^aHarpe at the home of Mrs. Bibber. Quite a number of lola ladies are guests. • <• • Remnants of ral;co, K:nKh!ims. muslins, dress poods, silks and velvets, on sale Thursday at tho .New York Store. •!• <- •> To Entertain at Euchre. Miss Bertha Swigart will be hos toss to the students this evening at her home on South Cottonwood. Euchre will be the principal enter tainment. • •> • Altruistic Banquet. Fitzgerald Sioragm, Tran^far mndAtitoUvary Goods stored by tlie month in larKi'. dry rooms. Auto livery by the mile or hour. liucal calls li .'i cunls. Office, II.-. West St. Of (lee phone ItoU: lies, pbuue (13 WANTED—All kinds of second band The R ET'a'chapter wiirentertaln bousehold furniture.—The lola Puml- their husbands and gentleman friends ture Exchange. A. W. Beck, Prop, at a dinner Friday evening at the res- pbone 25. idence of Mr. and Mrs. Prank Riddle, WANTED—lola property to exchange tor Kansas and Missouri land.' "•"•^^ —.• -- — —^ „c =.v^ Golden West Land Co, Office over Iowa Lin^r. «»hnJl,.***T„„i „u. ^- A- Northrup home on Tr ? ^c^?"^ Tonight. Raat street. The house was very oret- Miss Maude McKInney and a group MU- anrt tnatiiv .»l««T .otL # «. of friends will give a linen show^ to caslon anKere was nof In 'm.^^"^ night for Miss Grace Fitzgerald who men?" The danc,„^^^°v^f° j^^^ IS .0 be nmrrled on the of .lanu- ^r^d ^Jo^! mri ?LrgN "um7^^^^^^ 1908 Calendar Pads DIARIES BLANK BOOKS OFFICE SUPPLIES at Evans Bros. Business Diteetoty. WANTED-^irl wants to do general I housework. 20'9 South Tenth. tOiuMtooa 'Ee Average Person wlU pay S6.00 to $10.00 a yewr for Shoes, and at the same time wfll eom- ])IalB that $.>X0 is too much for a good pair of glasses. Do yon think more of yonr feet than of yonr eyes? Our GB.iDl'ATE OPTICIAN will exanlne yonr eyes free of charge mmi At ihtm wtth glasses If needed. SATISFACTIOX GIARANTEED. A Little Bit of Altruistic Wit. '•U*hv is Why?" 1^ don't know wh.v.—Harold Fulton.' "You can never tell wbich way pleasure is comin' or when yon will be called upon to respond to a toast."—Claude Wright. Being happy."—^There is nothing In which people deceive themselves so much as in the pursuit of happiness.—Claude Nigh. • "What is the best use of time?" • Why. sometimes it is necessarj* to • think fast enough to do two things * at the same time.—Fred Asplnall. • "Ambition."—It is important that when we know anything, that we know it correctly.—Rev. S. B. Knowles. "Keep smiling."—Some men laugh like a blooming bud, bnt most of them laugh like a hand or?an.—Harvey Heller. "Goodfellowshlp." —Goodfellow- shlp is kindliness and help.—Archie Hottenstein. "Things worth while."—Things • * worth while should be done by someone worth while.—Carl M. Ball. "Nothing."—And after all these good things, it comes to "nothing."—Roscoe Ponsler. guests of the club made friendly with each other. At 9 tiie banquet feast was servcil in tlie basement of the church. Tlil.f excellent menu Was served: Uiiililon. n la Woodin Celery a In Fulton Wafers a In Gardner IftOH Tnrkey a la Vance Cranberry Saurc a la Barton Cream Potatoes a la Nigh Oysters a la Atchison Olives n in Burtnett Salmon a la Delparno Fruit Salad a la Bowen lee Cream a la Thorpe Assorted Cake a la OfflJi Cafe Noir .\ssorted Nuts /\ftor Dinner Mints The apnntizing menu of delicious viands held attention for something like an hour, then Delbert Bowen, acting as- toastmaster. introduced the program of after dinner speeches. Mr. Bowen long since made a reputation ns a toastmaster and his witty shafts, hurled in ever>- direction before and between speeches were sources of nr.iHi good natured merriment. The descendents of George 'ngton were not present last night. Fverybody to'd a story. Of course, thev were branded and Kuaranteed under the mental pure food law and were perfectly harmless and of value In uettiny. to the point. This was the program of toasts. Little nuggets of wit and wi.sdora in abundance were cleaned from the words of the spck- er.s. And every speaker drew 3 les•"•n from the toast asslened to him: "Why it Is why" Harold Fulton "You can never tell whl'-h way nlens- ure is comIn" Claude Wrteht "Being Hanpy" Claude Nigh 'What Is the best use of time" Fred AspinaM ••»'nbltlnn" Rev. S. B. Knowles "Keep Smiling" Harvey A. Heller "GoodfelIowshir>". .Archie Hottenstein •The M'ssed Miss" Myler Atchison "Thlnes Worth \\niiie" .. Carl M. Ball "Nothing" Roscoe Ponsler After the recular program was exhausted Dr. Woodin vnve an excellent talk, praising the Altruistic CIIIIJ for its work. Dr. Hilscher followed with an earnest exhortation to the young men to attend Bible class and church service, promising all who came to hear him the best effort of years of study. Then Miss MInrow. who organized the club, urged the boys to keep on with the work so nrv. • • • Returned From WInfield. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Wolfe and children returned today from Winfield. Kansas, where they have been spending the holidays. .;. .> Willing Workers Met. The niemhei-s of the Willing Work ers held a very pleasant meeting at the home of Mrs. J, M. Mason yester dav afternoon. .;, .;, .;. .Mrs. .lonoH will you have time In the DIckerson orchestra. Punch was served during the evening. Those present were Misses Mamie \nder8on. Florence Hobart. Edith Sut^her. Barbara Fry. Cora Klein, R'lza- •'olh Apt, Florence Wheeler. Mary liilles. Luclle Rafan of Sapulpa. Ok.. ' ria Holmes. Gertrude Holmes, Ethel Morton, Bertha Swigart, Elizabeth Boner. Gladys Northrup. Ruth Swallow, of Chicago, and Leila Blxby, of '.nHarpo. Messrs. John Ivovoca, I^ynn Coffo.v. Waldo Coffmnn, Newton Brig- hnm. Fred Apt, Arthur Brigham, liou- Is Northrup. Louis Robinson, Phil TO EXCHANGE FOR LIVESTOCK. —Eight room house, good location, lola. Price |1S00; mortgage $6U0. Equity for live stock, feed or implements. lOLA LAND COMPANY. Six Clear La Harpe residences |700O and 13000. Cash for merchandlso or farm. W. O. Lenbart. lola, Kas. BE A REPRESENTATIVE of The United Wireless Telegraph Co., In meei me nt The New York Store 'I 'llurs Stover. Stanley Herman, of Oklahoma, your home town; employees earning day iinorning and help me select sonio II. fthose UeninnntK (hey wDl have on said. You know I silways get sueli n lili: bargain at tliPHo sales. • • • The Bow Has Been Made, President Roosevelt's younge:<i dauchfer. Ethel, last evenine; made bir formal bow to society, precedine (In- dancirip; In the Kn8t room of the White liouse which began at 10 o'clock. Mrs. Roosevelt and Miss Ethel Kil. Horshkowitz, Harvey Howard. ,„ , lotto Hough, Paul Cooper. Marshal «1« Howard. ""^ same; no capital required; apply * • at once. The United Wireless Tele- Announcements Out graph Co.. Cooi)er Building, Denver, -Cards announcing the marriage of p , their daughter Bess to Mr. C. H. Bar- ^ ' nitz. of I.etart Falls. Ohio, on Wednesday. December SOth, have been] "ont out by Mr. and Mrs. 3. L. Hamll- toit. 810 East street. The marriage | will occur at the Presbyterian pars^n- LOST mmd FOUMD LOST—Gentleman's watch fob between east side and Majestic theater. Leave at this office. rect^lved guests in the Blue room. Mi^s npe in Kansas City, the service being iloosevelt's gown was of soft white re.-id by Rev, Youn 'S; who is the father .satin trimmed with crystals, whilr Miss Edith Young, a schoolgirl that of her mother was of dark blue 'riend of Miss Hamilton. Immediate- satin. Seldom has the East room pre- 'v following the ceremony. Mr. and sented a more attractive picture. The \frs. Bamitz will leave for I.etart, invited guests numbered about 400. Pgl 's where they will make their fn-|CrMt* WesteFA L flncf \ only unmarried members of the young- t,ire home. Miss Hamilton will leave LOST—At the Majestic Theater Saturday night, a small mink fur. Finder return to Majestic theater. er set participating in the dancing. Among those present were Mrs William S. Cowles. and Mrs. Douglar- Robinson, the president's two sisters: Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Longworth. Mrs. J. Helen Roosevelt. Mrs. Simpkins, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bacon. Mrs Charles A. Munn. Mrs. Richard Wayne Parker and Mrs. Herbert Wad.-^ worth. At midnight the music ceased and the fuests partook of a supper which was served at small tables arranged along the lower corridor and adjoining rooms. <• •> •:• Woodmen Circle to Meet. The Woodmen Circle will mi-et 10 night for Initiatory work. • • • New Year's Party. Mr. and -Mrs. Joshua Butler, CO? North Washington will give a watch party Thursday night which will be attended to a large extent by their Immediate neighbors. • • • Exoectinq Guests: Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Esse are expecting .Mrs. Frank Martwell and children from Leroy for a visit. Mrs Hartwell was formerly Miss Nell Hamilton and has many friends here • * • Farewell for Miss Munson. A number of the friends of Mlas Alberta Munson gave her a delightful surprise last evening at her home 011 South Chestnut street. It waa In the nnlure of n farewell parly as Mis:Munson leaves today for Chicago and her friends didn't want her to go away nianv friends in lola where she has '•esided for some time. Possessed of sweet and charminsr disposition she I 'ins made friends easily and she has .1 'lost of them who will wish her all the •lanpiness there Is in life. Mr. Bar- During the holidays ';r.:i v.- ern Land Co. will huva iijei;i:il bargains in both farm and city properties, sell or trade. See us before you have your insuring done. We have JODJr e. WOODDT, V. D. Physician and Surgeon Over Burrell'g. Pbone 14S. DB. McMILLEX, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office 32, R«s. 232 • Office over Burreli's Drug Store F. H. MARTIN, • Surgery and Diseasea ot * Women. • Office and Residence Pbone 576 * Office 7 North Jeffersoo. * Pbone 687. Re«. 701. • DR. 0. L. COX, • Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. • Spectacles Properly Pitted. • Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. • Lodge Dffectofy KNIGHTS OF PrTHlAS ^Neosbn Lodge No. 43 meets every Mondfli* night at K. of P. Hall. Visiting tiM* thers Invited. W. S. Thompson. B. O* Chris Hitter, K of R. and S. - • nit-/, is a young business man of ex-[money to loan on farm or city property. Good loans from three to tea years for Six Per Cent. We want a good home, modern, close in, about G rooms, all on ground floor, for which we will trade an SO of land in Missouri, and pay the difference in cash. One ot the best homes in lola, close in. modern, paved street, sewer connec- •^ellent character and Is one of the "nluab'e men on the road for the Scotten, Dillon Co.. of Detroit, Mich. • * • Mr. and Mrs.. J. D. Arnett enter »ained a few friends at cards last evening. * * • A class of fifty probationers met '.-ist night in the Methodist church for KNIGHTS OF MACCABEEar- Knights of Maccabees of the Wofjf meets In K. P. Hall second and tantt Saturday nights of each montk. . W, Postwait, commander; R. B. ter, record keeper. Instruction in the tenets of thejtions, for good land. Come to our crf- fice and make known wliat you want. We are in the office over the Palace Shoe Store. ''hurch. At the conclusion of the meet ing a social session was held. The members of the Methodist "hurch will hold a watch meeting in • he church on New Year's eve. An Mabornte program is being prepared 'or the occasion. • * • The ladles of the Methodist chnr--h will serve the banquet to be given in • he Y. M. C. A. building tonight by the Baker Unlversitv alumni. • * • The members of high school class of 'OG will be gnests at the home of lyle Currv. 420 North Second street on next Thursday evening. >V. 0. W.—Camp No. 101 meei» ' T. Steele. C. C. A. H. Davis. CHgL Visitors cordially invited. M. W. .A^The M. W. iSlJSS: meets every Friday night In M. V.. Hall. Visiting brothers Invtted. V. > Coffleld, V. C, W. A. Cowan. CUi^ BOTAL NEIGHBOBS^Iola LS* No. 365, Royal Neighbors, meets ond and fourth Tuesdays of month. Mrs. P. A. Wagner, m .K^ Mrs. Mary Button, 413 West tt*> Recorder. WORK FOR PASTOR Strenuous Schedule for the Ministers of lola Churches—^A Sample Schedule. TO SUCCEED ROB'T BACON. Beekman WInthrop For First Assistant Sec'y. of State. GRAND THEATRE QH Wednesday, December uU Washington, Dec. 29.—Beekman. , WInthrop, of Massachusetts, assistant Secretary of the Treasury was today Monday evening—A meeting of class of probationers, concluding with a social season. Tuesday night—'Attendance upon Baker University banquet. Wednesday night—Prayer meeting and annual election of trustees. Wednesday morning—Preach funer- Thursday night—Annual meeting offered and accepted the office of first election of Sunday school officers, assistant Secretary of State under the watch meeting. Incoming administration, succeeding Robert Bacon, of Kew York, who Is expected to temporarily succeed Elihu Root upon the latter's retirement on January first Altruism—A regard for others. Altruistic club—An organization iilh regard for others. >\'ho over invented a better combin- a.tion ? ' And you can never see. anywhere, the workings or these altruistic qualities better manifested than they were last night, at the fifth annual banquet of the Altruistic club, of the Presbyterian church. No one stopped to count the guests -^everybody was too busy shaking bands and chatting—but perhaps about one hundred wouldn't be a bad ouess. A social hour began at 8 o'- dodc and until 9, the members ai|d lOf far EUGENE WUJClCSCiMlactPlayl THE WOLF Six months run at the Lyric (Shuberfs) Thea;?e. New York City, and four months at the Chicago opera house and Garrick (Shuberfs) Theatre. Chicago. Cast Inclndes Augustus PIillllps, William Norton, Joseph Greene, E .Heanilllo Per- nandes, Harry Malnball, Alice Baxter. TOOK HIS OWN LIFE. Friday afternoon—Visit, the sick Personal visits. Friday night—Meeting of the offic ial board of the church. Saturday, all day and most of the night—Preparing for the Sunday services. [Wealthy Business Commits AStoryoftbe Great* Hndson Bay Coimtry COMPLETE PRODUCTION Frmm llmi PamMvfy Suapmndmd Prices 25-5o-75-$r .oo $1.50. Seat Sale at Merchan 'ts Do preachers have anything to do? Man of St. Louis For an answer glance at the above Suicide. program to be observed this week, by Rev. J. M. Mason, pastor of the First St. Louis, Dec. 29.—David F. Malon- Methodist church. Pastors Hilscher. ey. a wealthy business man, promin- Garfield, Ellett. Shuits and the re- ent n club life, killed himself at the malning ministers of the city have home of a relative today. Maloney's the same strenuous schadnles In their suburban home was destroyed by fire church work. Sunday. The fire is said to be of In- Rev. Mason Is expected to attend cendiary origin. While viewing the everyone of the meetings given in the ruins of the place Maloney was arrest- above schedule. As the leader of his ed on his father's-in-law complaint. people. It fails to his lot to be on hand at every meeting of his church and this he must do in connection SHE LOVED ANNI8. Iwlth his other pastoral work. It is observed that this is the closing week So Says Samuel C. Reid Testifying in of the year. It may be that ever>Annis Trial. week does not bring as strenuous labor for the preacher. But the weeks Flushing, N. Y., Dec. 29.—Testify- average about the same, according to ing today in the case of Thornton J. the pastors. Halns, Samue C. Reid. a government 'The program which you mention is I building Inspector said that Captain hardly an exceptio n," said Peter C. Hains Jr., -In June last had Rev. M!ason this sftemoon. "Each told him that bis wife bad confessed week of the year Is usually filled with that she loved Annis. IU particular duties which keep the , preacher busy from one Sabbath to an- Reglster Want Ada Bring Results, {other." FBATEBNAL BBOTHEBBOOSu. Praternttl Brotherhood No. 38» m««r« second and fourth Thursday of eMh month in A. O. U. W. HaU. Vlslt)a« members cordially invited. W. H. A»- derson. president; Golda Elam tarjr. JEWELERS. B. P. Pancoast, old reUabl* Jeweler, 110 East Street. 00000000000000000 O AUCTIONEER. O O Am now booking sales for Jan- O O uary and February. Claim your O O date early. The lowest terms; O O satisfaction guaranteed. Write O O or phone at my expense. O O E. E. VICKERS, O O 1204 N. Jefferson. lola. Kas. O O Phone 835. O oooooobooooooobbo OUR TtLEPHONE is constantly ringing these days. Now is the time, you know, to have all the summer dust Cleaned out ot yonr carpets. We are busy, but your order will receive prompt and careful attention. Phone us today. iOU RUG FACTORY Phone SIO. J. O. THOM Palalmr, Estimates cheerfully given on all worli Phone 319. Ber. 409 8. Buckeye. General Coatractor. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks Curbing a Specialty. Office 115 East Jaeksem 1 T«. PboaetM. For the best sad qnlckett malta •se tJw Betbtei^ wul eeluaa.

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