The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 27, 1936 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1936
Page 5
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I THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA?*, THURSDAY, AUGUST 27, J93« 5 Many Youngsters March in Shaf ter Couple to Big McFarland Pet Parade »«Married Sunday ^J CJTT A wtitnr* A ..«• nn t-*i > WS Weed Patch Group Will Meet Tonight (Special to Tha California*') cFARLAND, Aug. 27. — More than 00 happy youngsters who have taken part In the recreational program furnished by tho "WPA under the supervision of Mrs. Betty Myrick, with Mrs. Gwondolynnc Knapp and Mrs. Gladys Richards as recreational directors, staged a pot parade from the American Legion hall down Kern avenue to the Golden State highway and back again Tuesday morning. The parade started at 10 o'clock *nd was composed of single, double and group entries. The Judges experienced difficulty in awarding the prizes as nil of the costumes nnd pets were outstanding. Tho grand prize was awarded to Martha Myrick und Rosalie Ratekin, who costumed and with their faces painted as clowns, drove a cart containing a baby pip dressed In a pink gingham dress, with Lady, the hugo German police dog, pull- Ing the cart. Tho consolation prizo was awarded to Willis Gossage, McFarland's diminutive movie star carrying his pet fighting cock, decorated with bright colored ribbons. Many ribbons with attractive cat or dog pins were awarded to other children for their part in the parade with their best pets. Darrell Garrett, riding his bicycle equipped with a platform on which reposed Tiny, his pet, which is also tho pet of every McFarland citizen, was out- standing. As they rode through the streets the dog, at a word from her mantor, would perform with many tricks. The ribbon for tho cutest Pet was awarded to him. Tho prize for tho prettiest dog went to Uttlo Miss Barbara Usrcy, who costumed in a pink crepe paper dress, led her pure- white Alaskan Spitz by a leash. Prize ribbons for tho largest cats wore awarded to Alma York and Betty Thomas, while the prize for the smallest cat went to Nita-Lu Carver. A group which was outstanding in the parade was Mildred Marrowhead as the rich lady; Mary Lou Bowen as her colored servant, and Ronald Bowman as a little rich girl and carrying his small black Scotty dog. Betty Waldo holding a leash and Betty Lou Melsky wheeling a small wire-haired terrier in her doll buggy attracted much attention and were awarded a ribbon, Favorable comment was heard of Barbara Nabers, who was dressed as an old-fashioned lady and carried a life-sized doll. Also her sister, Patty, \vho was costumed as a Gypsy. Forrest Vaughan made a favorable impression leading his fine bull pup. Several children riding bicycles added much to the parade. Various other children and pets were also awarded ribbons. Judges who presided during the parade were Colonel O. S. Grant, W. C. Hanawalt, Jr., and L. L. Combs. SHAFTER, Aug. 2-7.—Plans are being laid hero for tho wedding of Emma Jean Schnaidt and LeRoy Lovi, to bo held Sunday in the homo of tho bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Schnaidt. Miss Schnaidt is a graduate of Shatter High where she was active in student affairs. Tho groom has been ,ln business hero for tho past several years. Walkers Basin State Employ May Lose Post Hard t (United Press Leased Wire) SACRAMENTO, Aug. 27.—Possibility that many state employes may loae their positions If an appreciable number of workers discharged during probationary periods last December aro reinstated through court action was revealed by E. II. Christian, chairman of tho state personnel board. Commenting on a Los Angeles Superior Court order returning eight board of equalization emploj-es to jobs they lost during- the probationary period, Christian pointed out that successful suits for reinstatement would- necessitate layoffs for those now holding tho positions, to nvold overstaffing departments. Next meeting- of tho personnel board has been Met for September 8 in Sacramento. (United Press Leased Wire) ST. LOUIS, Aug. 27.—Capturing a wild animal Is not BO difficult, according to Cbrlstoph Schulz, veteran East African hunter, who delivered a consignment of animals to the local zoo. But animals are hard to keep and deliver after capture. Schulz Hays. In support o£ this he pointed out that-a giraffe, delivered here, was separated from a herd and roped from a horse in about five minutes. After the capture, however, It was necessary to move the animal 300 miles overland from East Africa, place it on n ship for a voyage of 37 days to Boston, after which the beast still faced a 15-day quarantine. And despite tho long Journey, the animals must be delivered in good health or they will not bo accepted. WALKERS BASIN, Aug. 27.— Charles Wright Smith IB recently employed by Lcroy Rankln at tho Korr ranch. Mr. and Mrs. Pavtd C. Mills recently spent a few days visiting with relatives Jn Low Angeles. They were accompanied by a cousin of Mr. Mills who has been a house gucafc at their home here. Mrs. John Cross spent a fow days of last week visiting with her daughter, Mrs. Leroy Uankln at tho Ran- kln ranch hero. James Leroy Montlol, who has been visiting with friends In Pasadena has returned to his home here. T. M. Cooper, tho clerk of tho Vaughn School District was through hero last week on business concern- Ing the bonding of tho school district for $12,000.00 to build a new school house. The Vaughn district now Includes the Havllah and Walkers Basin districts. Miss Bljly Geraldlno Rankin of San Francisco IB visiting at the Walker Kankin ranch here. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd B. Glggy and baby son Robert Leo spent last week end nt tho Voltz homestead on Piute mountain. Orvllle ]3stes of the Weed Patch district was a recent visitor at tho Rankln ranch. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mattinfcly who recently spent their vacation In Mono county and Jn Paruidona have returned for a Tow days at the Pluto ranch .before returning to their home In Bakersfleld. Tho Misses Nltn, Ruby zel Williams. Mrs. Mae and Messrs. Jimmlo Colt Arnold. James Coehran .— Wood and Wilfred Wood attended tho benefit dance at Isabella last Saturday night, Wallace Wood and James Cochran hauled wood lust week. The Misses Alice and Raecel Rankin were recent visitors in Bakersfield. DISTRIBUTE 20,000 TICKETS POMOXA, Aug. S7. (A. P.) — Twenty thousand tickets to tho Los Angeles county fair aro being- distributed to chambers of commerce of southern California. and Ha- Williams William Wallace UIO BRAVO. Aug. 27.—Mrs. Fred C. dridley und son Courtland of Walden, N. Y.,, havo been vltiltlng Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mead and family of the Standard Station. They will return east this week. W. B. Wilson transacted business In McKIttrick Tuesday. Mr. ami Airs. K. p. Klrkham and children Muriel and Dlckoy Jim and Mr. and Mrs. James U. McMillan and small BOH of Bakersfleld left Saturday for a two weeks vacation at Bnss Lake and Pacific Grove. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Wood aro spending a fow days with Mrs. Wood are spending a few days with Mrs. Wood's brother Lenurd Temple and family oC Mountain View. Mr*. Viola Saincn of Grceloy, Mm. Luclle Sanders ami son Chester, and Mrs. Ila May Salncs wero recent visitors of Mrs. Dora Devlin. Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Protssman spent tho week end with relatives in Lorn ore. They were accompanied home by their daughters Dorothy and Thelnm who had spent tho past week In Lomoro with their grandmother Mrs. H. E. Protzman. WEED PATCH, Aug. 27.—There Mr. and Mrs. Carl Haag and chll- will bo a mooting of tho Weed Patch I ^. K A W V • A • • 1 1 A A ^.K _•* ^T L _ _ A a. • .1. _ M _K M A .^H. K _!. .• I ^* f * m t ^^- ^^ ^ f A ^K ^ ^ Clrnngn tonight at 7:30 at tho Vineland School, according to an announcement by officials today. An interest Ing program has boon arranged. All members and friends are urged to bo prasont. ilron Phillip and Jean Leo accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Martin of BakorMftcld spent Sunday at Lako of tho Woods with tho Hoy Newman family. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Tlbbs spent two days In Los Angeles first of the week. Mrs. Ayhltlny Martin and daughter SSoruyda accompanied by Mra. Wimilo Martin spent Tuesday at Kern County Park with Mm. Alvin Urooks and family. Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Barnes und children of Old Hlvcr wore Sunday guests of tho former's ulster Mrs. Oscar Hlce and family. Mr. and Mrs. Marl Calder and children returned Monday from a few days' stay at tho Jack ranch with the former's mother Mrs. Hannah Calder. The O. C. Rico family will leave Friday for tho coast to spend a fow days. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Wilson and son CnJvln and Charles Morchoad motored to Kugur Loaf mountain yesterday and visited tho C. A. Mer- rll family and Miss Ireno Wilson. McFARLAND •<*> 1178 MOJAVI3. Aug. 27.—-Mrs. Ellon Planck and daughter Mirlarn nnd eon Paul have returned home from Los Angeles where they have been the guests of Mrs. Planck's mother, Mrs. Louise UasmusHen, fdr tho past two weeks. Mrs. Al Sylva and daughters. Helen and Hazel, who havo been vacationing In J31gln, Illinois. haVe returned after a two weeks' visit at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. John Peabody, parents of Mrs. Sylva. Week end guests at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. AVegmann at Mount Soledad were: Misses Mae Floy and Catherine Steele. Joseph Meehl and Bill Haggerty, all of LOB Angeles. They wero also tho guests of Mr. Mcehl's brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Mcehl at Randsburg. The recent pot hick dinner given by tho Mojavo Ladles' Aid was a success. Approximately 45 gucsta wero present. Mr. and Mrs. H. 31. Toll spent the week end In Los Angeles on business. Mr. Toll Is a prominent mining engineer here. Mr. and Mrs. Dan O'Donnell, Mrs. George Thompson, Sr.. and Mrs. "Wesley Newsom and daughter Grace visited relatives in Bakersfield on Monday. Mrs. Paul BIschoff und her sis- tor. Mlns Floy .Sullivan recently returned from a two weeks' vacation In Utah and Arizona. While away 1SSI& ... a barrel of quality that doesn't cost you a barrel of money Y OU'LL find such a friendly straight whiskey as Old Quaker is looking for. Those two things together ... a barrel of quality and mighty good company when good a friendly price . . . have won Old fellows get together. For Old Quaker such wide and enthusiastic Quaker has a real rich taste which it seems everybody has been looking popularity that over 4 million cases of it have been sold—and orders are for. And Old Quaker has a friendly still piling up. If you order it, you'Jl price which certainly everybody have plenty of reason to be glad! 90 PROOF W AS YOU PREFER IN BOURBON OR RYE throat taste purse they visited tho Zlon and Bryce National Parks and Grand Canyon, Dave Sweetser of Mojavo accompanied by Kdward Byer of Uose- mond visited with friends In Santa Monioa over tho weok end. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hardln and son Stephen. Jr.. will leave on Saturday evening for a two weeks' vacation to be spent with relatives In Mason, Illinois. They will also attend the annual homo-coming celebration to bo hold in Illinois. Uusscll Kelly of Klngman, Ariz., visited friends in Mojavo on Monday. Mr. Kelly formerly resided In Bakersfleld and Is well known hero. Frank 13. Smith, county clerk visited in Mojavo on Sunday. Mrs. William Harder and daughter Nancy Edith who havo been spending tho summer at tho homo of Air. and Mrs. W. c. Chldtet«r. parents of Mrs. Harder in Los Angeles returned homo this week. Constable and Airs. Truman Hamilton entertained over I ho weok end tholr daughter and family. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore C, Rich and daughters Shirley Jean and Alary Leo of Santa Barbara. Tho niches wero on routo to Mammoth Lakes on a short vacation. Mr. and Mrs. John H. Jackson had as their weok end guests Mr. and Airs. Fred Gaylord of Westwood. Mrs. A. II. Hoffman and daughter Flossie attended tho birthday party honoring tho third birthday anniversary of their granddaughter and niece, Flossie Marilyn Mitchell, held at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Murl Mitchell In South Pasadena on Monday. Mrs. Mitchell is tho daughter of Mr. and AZrs. A. II. Hoffman of Mojavo. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Huskauff and daughters CJairo, Audrey, Patricia and Frances have moved to Lancaster to reside. For the next month Mrs. Huskauff and daughters will bo the guests of Mrs. Haskauff's mother at her home at Idylewlld lu- cated In tho San Jaclnto motmtalnu. Jack Stivers left on Tuesday for a week's vacation to be spent at tho home of his grandmother, Mra. J. U. Shirk in Tulare. Mrn. Kd Monroe and son Milton Htrudel wero Monday Lua Angeles business visitors. Mrs. K. S. Mitchell and Mrs. Paul McUrath and HOII Paul and daughter Sammy, all of Jlanford, spurn the weok end with Mr. McGrath at tho California Houmlng House. Mrs. Lily McDonald and .son Donald arc the guests of Mr. aiul Mrs. Harry Burdict and family at Oak- dalo. Mrs. Burdict la tho daughter uf Mrs. .McDonald. Mrs. II, L. Chenard and daughter Vivian visited at tho homo of Mr. and Airs. Mike Chenard in Alhatn- bru recently. On tholr return tlu-y wero accompanied by Henri Chenard, Jr., who has been visiting in tho southland for tho past week. Mrs. Ktmor Harvoy of Bukers- field was a Saturday business visitor in AIojav». Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beamer wero Los Angeles business visitors on Saturday. McFATlLAND, Aug. 27,—Mr. and Mm. Joseph Schneider wero recent visitors at Santa Barbara. Mrs. Claude Klchardson returned to her Dt'lnno homo Sunday night, al'tor passing a week In LOH Angelen ab tho guest of Mrs. D. Hillings. Mr. and Mr*. .Paul Llndley ontor- talned recently 1'or tho latter'a nophow, H. AVIlcox, who la second nontenant In tho national guard at lUveraldo. Ho with Mrs. Wllcox and their won Hohcrt, wero returning from a vacation passed in Oregon. Mrs. W. 11. Philbrook and nor son "Waldon, accompanied by her brother- in*lu.w and slater, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Goorgo of Bakernfleld, aro oti routo to tholr fomior homo In St. Louis to pass three weeks ofl guests of their father and other relatives. Dr. and Mrs. M. M. Taggart and Mr. and Mrs.' M. A. Boh rack ntayod tho week end /it Shaver Lake, where they attended tho motor boat races. W. J. "Woolverton, manager of tho Camp, West & Lowe trln. passed the week end in Los Angeles and accompanied Mrs. Woolverton home. Mrs. Woolverton and her brother- in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. 13. H. Tobias and their son Bob of Yunia, Ariz., look an apartment in tho southern city for two weeks. Mr. "\Voolverton passed tho wank onds with them, returning to bis business during tho week. Miss Vivian Steward is working at Delano at present. Henry Dlllas of Berkeley is a. business visitor In MaFarland In tho interest of his business In the city. C. 10. "Wellor returned to his homo in Long Beaoh Monday night, after spending a week at tho ranch homo of Ills son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. ICarlo S. "Woller. Mr. and Mrs. Curl Wagner woro visiting tholr frlondfl. Mr. nnd Mrs. Ezra Schneider at Shatter Saturday afternoon. CONVICTS FEAST OX SPOUTS SAN QUENTJN, Aug. 27. (U. P.)— Tho weekly San Quontln Sports News having proved Insufficient to satisfy tho appetite of prison Inmates for sports news, Warden Court Smith has promoted It to a biweekly. Y-: • .v:; 4 U *** * *'* f you feel... Mountain View -tire - run-down - nervous - out of sorts T HKRJ3 Is usually a definite reason for such complaints.. .BO, now let's reason sensibly. Don't try to get well in a clay.. .this is asking loo much of Nature. Remember, she lins certain natural processes that just cannot he hurried. Therefore, if you ure pale, tired, lack a keen appetite, have lout \vetyht and feel'n.. .a frequent sign that your blood-evils are weak, with a. tendency towards anemia—then do try in the simple, easy way so many millions approve—by starting u course of S.S.S. Blood Tonic to feel like yourself again. MOUNTAIN V1KW. Auff. 27 — Ralph Brct-H of Unitf Ueauh IH puna- Jutf ihta week u-ith the J. K. Ponton family and other rehuivoH hore. Mr. unil MI-H. (_!. 1*. Thornbunc and AildlnKton arc* pugging two with relatives In Santa Ana and Whlttler. Mr. nnd MI-M. L. C. Huckeba returned from Ureenhorn .Sunday. J. Ilu.rkeba, J. Jlrixic. Mrn. J. nurfjesfl und dajighler Helen und Mr. and MI-H, Huckclia were dinner ffut'Nta Sunday of Mrs. A. Merrlot of Kot-nvHlo. Mr. Mtn-rtott will roturn Boon from an KuroppHti (rip with » group of Canadian Legion inomberH. Mr. and Mrs. Morrlolt rcHtdftl In tho Mountain View rommunlty u number of yt-urn. Mr. and MTH. L. (,'. HiK-koba* left tMlncHilay for Long Heurh. J. K. Uanton returned Friday from vai'fitlun at < 'arnifl. Mrn. Ituntun went to Oakland for a nhurt stay bo- fore ALL CAR NEEDS TERMS Paul Mason Head of State Bureau TIRES . 17.PTRWIEK BATTERIES . . SU PER WEEK BRAKE ItELlNE 0*< PER WEEK CAR RADIO . . - *1-*0 PER WEEK Johnson's Firestone Auto Supply and Servioe Stores, Inc. Chtster at Twthty-tourth Strut Phoru 4060 COPYRIGHT 1936, THE OLD LAWRENCEBUR l'rcnn Leased Wire) SACKAM13NTO. Aug. 27.— Appoint- inent of Paul MOHOII, Sacramento, an chli'f of the tftatu dlvlwlon of driver**' HeenHOs and adJustmentH, Huereodtng HtiKHoll Mo vans, was announced by Director Hay Ingcta of the motor vehicle department. ItaciinK resigned from state wcrvln? to become wontorn ehlof of the new federal bureau of truck regulation. Jn Helectlog hla auoceNSOr for the 13000-a-yoar job. IngolM Kald ho mudu the choice from the civil flon-ico dig- IbJe list for wtato rogjalr/ir of motor vehicles. Mason wan Hccond on the llHt. Mason, recently employed MM administrative a»«J»tani to Ingeln. fui-- merly waw an attache- of the legislative counsel bureau. Sore Aching and •"thing MenlkoUlvm relieves the soratvss,aching, *n4 fevtrishness. •-t f 111 -\ , J Now priced low as week Over 22 Million Sold - that's how good it is! Let us show you why it's a better tire than most dealers offer at their highest prices.' LOOK! 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