The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 6, 1971 · Page 21
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 21

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 6, 1971
Page 21
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Page 22 The Hutchinson Newt Wednesday, October 1, 1971 Still Debate The Cause of Chicago Fire CHICAGO (AP) - One hundred years ago a great fire burned Chicago to the ground, but the calamity was only a temporary setback to the city's growth. The fire started during the late evening hours of Oct 8 1871. Before it burned itself out two days later, It had caused more than $196 million in damages, turned nearly 2,000 acres of land into ashes and rubble, killed 300 persons and left another 90,000 residents homeless The city leaders, headed by Mayor R.B. Mason, wasted little time setting in motion efforts to rebuild the city, then the nation's fourth largest. Within four years there was hardly a trace of fire damage Historians agree the fire started in a South Side cow barn owned by Patrick and Catherine O'Leary but the actual cause has been argued for the past century. Popular belief Is that the O'Leary's skittish cow kicked over a lantern. Others claim a drunken neighbor, who fell into the lantern, or boys smoking in the hay-filled barn were responsible. Shipping Center Chicago in that era was fast-growing center for river and lake shipping, and railroads brought more traffic. Located on the edge of the prairie, the city was busy retail and wholesale trade center of 350,000 residents. Wood was the cheap building material of the day. It was ev ervwhere. Some 57 miles of streets were paved with wooden blocks, and another 561 miles of sidewalks were made of wood. It had been a long, dry summer prior to the fire. By early October the area as far north as Wisconsin had been without rain for 75 days. "The Chicago Fire Department's 216-man force kept a 24- hour watch stationed atop the courthouse in the business area. Less than 24 hours before the fire started, Chicago firemen answered an alarm at a mill on the South Side in the vicinity of the O'Leary home. Despite a 25-mile-an-hour wind, the fire was confined to a four-city block area. The exhausted firemen returned to their stations 18 hours later, but then the real blow came. Shortly after 9 p.m. on Oct. 8 the courthouse lookout spotted the Leary fire. Whipped by high winds, the flames headed north destroying the central business district, all major hotels, governmental buildings, newspaper offices stores, nearly all railroad depots, many churches, mills manufacturing and lumber fa cilities, banks, and stables. Most of the persons trapped in the downtown area fled to safety over bridges to the west and north. /Sweeping across the Chicago River, the fire burned eight bridges and three viaducts. Soon the Chicago Water Works was afire. Its pumping facility at Michigan and Chicago avenues was gutted. The facility and its tower remain today among the few surviving prefire landmarks. Dr. Justin Hayes, who operated a downtown clinic on the north side of the river, told re porters the next day that most couldn't believe what was happening. "Wages were low in those days," he said, "and people soon became terrified lest their hard-earned belongings be swept from them. They began to stack their most valuable things in curbstone piles ready to move them if necessary. /'Finally the fire jumped the south branch of the Chicago River and only then did the panic-stricken families gather their children and bundles and start hysterically toward the northeast beaches of the lake. "The terrified people ran in front of the pursuing flames The red glare of the sky, the roaring noise of the fire and their cries drove them out of all reason as they poured through the downtown streets." Candi Cane Sugar 10 Lb. Bog $129 Golden Heart Flour 10 Lb. Bag 77 Betty Crocker Duncan Hines & Pillsbury Cake Mixes 38 Canned Cragmont POP Flavors 12 12 for $100 POOCH DOG FOOD 15V 2 ox. 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But this winter, says Dr. Oliver Scott, "I wouldn't be surprised if our eagles are down to half." Poison baits and gunfire have killed scores, perhaps hundreds, of the rare birds. The eagles are only one species of wildlife caught in a crossfire between ranchers and conservationists over the government's death-to-predators program. The Sierra Club and Defenders of Wildlife charged in a lawsuit that the widespread campaign against predators throughout the Western rangelands also has killed black-footed ferrets, ringtails, kit foxes, wolverines, California condors, rough-legged hawks and burrowing owls. Innocent Victim Like the bald and golden eagles, the species are innocent victims of a campaign to prevent crop and livestock destruc- jtion by killing such prey -seekers as coyotes, bears, mountain lions, bobcats and black-tailed prairie dogs. The animals are killed in a variety of ways. Chunks of meat treated with deadly compound 1080 (sodium fluor- acetate) are placed at strategic points. Lard-coated strychnine pellets are scattered over thousands of acres. One helicopter pilot testified before a Senate subcommittee that more than 700 bald and golden eagles were gunned down from his aircraft in skies over Colorado and Wyoming. But such instances of gunfire deaths are believed minimal. Y Swimmers Advanced Making one or more swim advancements this summer were 172 YMCA swimmers. They are listed within the group they had reached by Sept. 1. Tadpoleo Dawion Airier, Marc Blicklm, Brad Chalf.nt, Kelly Curry, Den Devlgnon. Dane Deviation, Suien Dick, Jamla Downlno, Brian Flffe, Loren Orlmei, Reed Hlnkle, Brian Horning, Tracy Hoylo, Mona Klghtlinger, Dean Leonlda, Kim McKay, Jeff McQueen, Afmeo Markol, Daryl Mark.l, Dane Moodor, Kim Murray, Gar.y Pelmgren, Cortle Parry, Rhonda Perry, Rendy Porter, Andy Rstenqulot, Mike tehrlner, Loolla Shook, Mike Suterland, Jeff Taylor, Carmo Troyer, Jan.ll Troyer, Nell Unruh, Leslie Well, Lorl Yod.r. Minnow. Jen Alderton, Jill Amet, Laura Baker, Nancy Bllek, Nad Blkk, Jeff Chalfant, Cindy Cohnoy, Malloa* Cheney, Todd Chrltttoni, Margla Dunmlro, Dotobl* Eerl, Keith Ely, Paul Eumyor, Krletan Friend, Trecl Gltel. Kim Hlett, Cynthia Hlnkle, David Jarzynke, Brian Kae- gl, Kim Ko*gl, Bryan Keaier, Lynn. Keeitr, Mallnda Mecy, Julia Moore, Patty Morltz, Robtrt Newton, Melyn NoyM, Doris Psltera, Johnny Price, Everett Ray., Jeff Regehr, Jlm- ml. Snyder, Karen Sfrawn, Coiey Swart. Deborah Tracy, Brad Way, Sandra Way, Shannon Webber, Laura Welch, Carolyn Wlobe. Pith Joe Auitln, Lsrl Black, Emily Bllck, Marie Decker, Steel Orewi, Sally Burn yer, Allen Fee, Randy Greihom, Robbin Orethem, Curtl. Hart, Keith Haydan, Jennifer Hlotf, Jim Jacob., Shorn Lacy, Don Martin, Mlk. MeKee, Juaen Miller, Jennifer Morltt, Curtlo Rod- ko, Becky Rage., Chrle Roblnjon, Batty Sllai, Steve Sprinkle, Jennifer Itila*, Cloy Webber, Abblo Wllllemion. Plyiaoj Pit* Lorllyn Adams, Linda Armbruit, Tanya Brenton, David dentine, Jon Olx, Pot Ford, Amy Gladden, Ricky Oreehom, Berbero Oum, Corrla Howklno, Mouroan Hlckey, Nicky Hilton, Terete Howard, Berbero Jerzynka, Robin Lecy, Mlk* McGuIre, Karla McMullen, Merclo Mon- donhell, Julio Rogoro, Steven Jcherz, Virginia Sliei, Mlka Turner, Bill VonRu- don, Stephanie Warner, Linda Woilnojar, Sreh Wlllelmeon, Billy Winter. •hark John Alexander, Joff Austin, Canlta Blck.l, Todd Brown, Sutan Conklln, Krl. Decker, Connla Earl, Joff Oroonhaw, Loulio Sum, Pom Horner, Mary Jarzyn­ ke, Tom Jerzynka, Lorl Johnson, Krloty MeCoy, Kara) MeRoynolds, Krlsrl Mill., Jim Morltz, Scott Nation, Jerry Notrtotd, Catherine Strewn, Rhonda Swltzor, Paul Taylor, Chrle VanLanlnahem, Steven Werner. Lei io Adomt, Tommy Branson, KI m Doxon, Jim Eorl, Suzlo lorl, Kevin Hall, Kendall Hlto, Karon Koaior, David Marshall, Torrt Mill., Mile Quint, PeOblo Schneider, Cindy Stllao, Mark Unruh. Ltfooovlnf Tommy Bronaon, Kirk Bloeklm, 0}aar- gla Docker, Lour* Dfx, Brag Bailor, il- loen Hewklns.

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