The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 13, 1944 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1944
Page 12
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12 Wednesdoy, September 13,1944 gftf Haftfrfflftt) Calftonrfan For Sale—Automobiles 1942 CONTINENTAL hnn=e tni!/ 25-foot, very good pr?w*nr tn<?. T., : ."\1.' rlectrtc brake*. Excellent rond.t.on. 1. J-jsttne. Highland Park . ilAlNLIXK IB-foot trn'ler house, hrater «nd range. built-in fa n. irood tlv"s all in jrnnd conrtii on. sell today. £517 Lake sure;.. S.U.K <!;i n ' 1 l'-::47v TerranlnnMt 4-rlor.r PO- fall after 4;.lO p. m , 41 Automotive ft«rvic«, Parts 7-7325. 1942 GYPSY CARAVAN ho'iee tr.i:!-M Equipped with butane, t n *••$ fit "08 Pcinita at reel , n ! t H i ' ; n» I H L- .\ COMPLETE body and fender repairing, nlso front wheel alignment. Charles Garnse. H20 Twenly-elRhth 20-FOOT homemade house t«a !"i. lirrs, f untuned exropl Movr>. J*i <• sell. 2517 T^ake strert. Phono 7-7::: •: 4 GRANT piston rings l«st lonfter. Mntnr tuned up. nrea»m« and oiling; car stnr- Blue Rlbbor Garage. 1916 Nine- f h Pnnn * 2 -° l7 * 1 • 1 5-) f 1938 INDIAN house. trailer, U-'oot t« •hape, $r>25 cash. y.'O Cm : ^ Pi i v Casa Lnma. Phone L'-i !.'<•'. u.«k f Davenport. •' For Sal Automobiles THESE CAT7S OR BELOW 01 'A Ml Dodgo Do Luxe Ml Mercury t'lub O>ujn' '•if Lincoln Xt-phyr Sr-l.'u MO Packard Eiuhi s,-(f:.n MO Sludpl»aUer <*M:jmpion Bnick Club Co t Oldsmobilu Six M9 Lincoln Xeph\ r MR Pontiac Scii.m VIS OldsmoViile Six S»-.!:ui MS StndebaUor Six S.-a^n T>7 Plymouth Pf l.u\t- Sed;ui T»7 Terapl.ine Sei];in '36 Oldsmol'ile Six Scd.-tn ';;fi Plymouth -M w.r Sedan •S5 Dodpo 4-DoMi- S"ti,m '35 Pljnouth J-J)oor Sedan AT WE CAN PAINT Tour Cnr Immedintely. OMAC Budget Plan Coll for A. Carter FRED C. SCHWEITZER OLDPMOBII,E DEALER Phone 6-5597 Eighteenth and N 1-4-tf AVAXTKD TO RUV—Boys' hirycle in A-l . -oirlit !.-n. (".-ill AIAIM 20?-\V. ;: n t 74, r n ri UeaidMU-y ai'tfr 6 u. in.. S A ;in:o For Sal Furniture, Fixtures For Sale—Furniture, Fixtures For Sal Miscellaneous WE HAVE THE AVI.VG. FIRESIDE AND BARREL, CHAIRS Individual and Smart Covers Something Different $L'M9,:t5 5-l'ipc-e Turned Oak Modorn Bedroom .Set, Kxtr.i large Round IMMp Minor $269.95 5-FMere Bleached Wntnut Modern Bedroum Set, V stylod Tlnee-VVay-IMato Mirror $349.95 ,$JJ!).!»:» 0-J'ierp DnmoiKl Matchrd Hlo.uhcd "Walnut Watnrfall Boil room Set, very p $lit4.9."» fi-f'iere .Modern Walnut Junior Dining Room S^t. very smart design $lK!i.n5 S-Pi'Tp BipaohPd Mahogany Modern Dining Room Sot, FlinflMp I_.eaf, extra value Therm*?.i Tint ties Hnninoo rhlrk#»n Kmrher. Humlles, in Churns $!M.93 $13!».fir> :er Tfifrh-Spccd Drills Tn PB Yankpo Sr TPXV "P river!* < 'i *-sf f.i. \Vr**nrhes, all aizea Knurl fhnppf'l'ft St illson \Vrer.fhes I'M mi Kiid and Box Wrenches ri'- ( Drills ^ \vitrh FtoxpR Wnml Rloi-ks. single, double and triple Ruhher Ppllinc - Holt Drpf ?i Belt l,ticing Hlou TnrihPS A>=>nmp Your Responsibility to Democracy by Registering to Vote Qualifications: One year state resident, 90-day county residpiu. SEPTEMBER 26 LAST DAY » bin t^i 'a rp«>ni*»i V I Drop 1*:-M HaU- (i p. in. r. nr 1 1 1* 1 1 ln<Ji:in ', w un hj, ?::;»;.. '•ail mM I;MVS or ::.nj:.i ] .1 MANY MOKK— i' RKiUT t •& 1^ t 1 D1 .,,. y tit 27 TEARS OF FAIR DKALIXO CONSIGNMENT IK If you wish to sell your car for top price but can't properly show It, consign it with us. We'll get you top cash. Come in and let us plain our plan. :i l.-io MII:I II IIKU '!ni, in tnu condil ion, jivr \\ ;i r. • nrm-'i ;i. pi d.ifru.r SA LJO— M;i TI'H IIM y<in::; "KV" ^trfi. c'an he 40 For Sal Lumber Jll f< U'liZliiJ ter WHILE IT LASTS 3x0 2-° o i4 A Small Store Bulging With Values" Slreeis ?<ni\'p« Slack Pnis Stufa Fnnntaiii Glasses Ha r Glasses Pa if \ < 'a n Openers Phone ^-ti^ 41 For Sal*—Miscellaneous Kitchen Knives 1C You Can't Find It Anywhere LOOK KOK IT AT Chesla M i J )in*-t 'c- SHIP -Ma r hilltop K it< lien Tablei Hcflroum Su M »>H Si ml 10 Coui-hf'8 prod Cha !r a IMay In and Sf** Our New ]-'uj naui u JJepa r i IIICML »^ m f ^ V ^ U^ft 0 ^ ^ InHUv 3x4 ;j x ti TT^O JOSS Hot Wale- Heaters Laundry Trayi Fruit Jar Platfirm Scales Show Caeca y tools Ire Cream Maker Hevera^e Cooler Wooden Bowla Dishes Stock Pot.; Steam Tables Brooms are and Rostaurani. Supply :*l i a Twentieth. Phone 3-0381 41 $10 75c doz. USKD T-:'0 MrCormlck tractor. at fl01 Nineteenth at May he 30-40 KKAG ririe with shells, row. Oildalp. 220 Wood- 38 PACKARD elertrif? shaver; elertric plale, < '(irona typewriter, therapy lamp, f olden me i a, na vy wool mat. size 18; Mellon (lieHfl. size IS, Call after 6 p. m. 2-iss:!. :: 16-FOOT hil-nurd motor boat. Call about L ni *-» i-> jjb Ty=-a\T7 i i d WH i P a ud Restaui M ui S l.IJL' Tncnli'Hh 1'hoiie Coolers Hundreds of other Hems. Or-wald'c Resiauram Supply 716 Nineteenth Street Phone 2-9317 A 41 Location, Standard Oil Company Tank Farms. Go north on Chester avenue and China Grade Road. First gnio on left side, nenr gale. | UU) . KASHION - KD (late open 9:00 a. m. to 4:30 p. rn. Closed Sal unlay and Sunday. KEHX WRECKING COMPANY TWIN ^KOS, roil 011 rings. nui 1 1 rrs*; H-pipi o rur k maple **uiir; Hi>r!n*(-IIIIeiI st'rt ion ft I (In von port 7 \v;* v riimr hi nip* All prewar, Sf^vtMM 0011 \ \\ si t »**-t . acmies Al'TOMATfr t in-set plain], !! mm. Lu K'-\', rcxeellpnr Condition, with shells. 1717 Twenty-! hird street, Apartment __>»"'': _J v 41 FOR SAI K—Collapsible baby buggy, nl- most new. Call 5-J1S17. :iS nnk He\vinu rocker, iip ttlai Turin i'(j*-Uf-r niul hirge glass- rnffce tab IP, undine iI^siKii* 4'ifi US Sew ins ^^arh!ne Exchange. 1218 Baker. lias Singer, White and New Homes. Re- puiritig. FOR TALK—Hi-foot double cockpit ply- wnod hoiauli'fti'pi'i»nei-5(>8S.4 FOR SALK—Baby hiiKgy, in good condition. Phone U-4Stf.. 3 WRITE P. O. X 883 9-5-tf :'\'!. Ixll 1 slH-pting. No unorlly, ;i \-f-nnn, Ttlvprvicw. 4 HI 1 * A TTI Fl 1 1* 5-pi^re lM'4)rf>uin snit(* t hi rtc ^prniu'i "if* hi mall I'f/s IM ;i 1 Is IMC I I'w rasl^rn inir!*oi\ box spi IMUP, All liki* n*-\v. ' JPII- murhU I Milin t y 1 !! la 2629 Chester (Corner Twenty-seventh) 9-2-tf Model A Ford cnupp (3B7i>!M); nlso .33 special HtMiiinplon deer riflr and a s. 6H J , a \Voodro\v, Oildalc. Sit SAL.K—Ifl.'M Plymouth, fair B good tires. J-liu. L'hcme l!-fi578 01 at 41 Ft Irene eireet. L'SKD LIJAiriKII — ^xfi. ^ hc;ivli?r tiinhprtt. WiiiKlaml Luinlx-r Co. XorrlH RonO. 9-1 -t f SA LK— Hi fc aut iful. a 1 muni new id'H lindruotn HPI . 11; 12 Tula re H'MHKR Sure \\-<> hnvc 1x1^. 2x4. 2x0, rlc. Some (»f it. Avitliout in'iority, too. A7Hl, ariothtT tiling, all mir Inmiier fumes from Oregon nnd that is \vhtTo tho t r ood lumbe T\V<.i-riKC f K wine rolur* 1 '! livinjf ruorn ilitiinK H<'t; linhy IMJKKV; Alwati-r 1 - ratlin; iUi vrnptirL nnd rhuir t $H7,r>n; twin fuul iull-HiXH hiMls, <lri*HM*M-H nnd mis- iiH Al ter ti , in.p 3Ti3 1 from. \\'o dn not handle local niunniain i>itio. A ^ood supply MA rt-K bPilrnom complete with box HP i in KM and K minions inai l r*' i HS ( J*hone r>;\ FORD v-« (IR-K-THU; Rood battery* new brakta, mdio. Call 2- 40 AUTOMOBILK AD COPY must contain license number; If out ol state license. state Included In copy. 3.4-tr 6ELLRR OR PURCHAtiER Do you need additions,! cash to compTete purchase of car? If so. lust phone or drop by the ACME rtNANOB COMPANY, opposite Montgomery Ward. Locally owned and operate*!. Frlendl*. cnnfidentla' service. !W. .». "B1U" BergTnan, manacer. Phone C-6796. SALE, to hicheBt bidder, to clcnr nn estate. 10*10 Hudson de luxe spd;in <45A719). \Verts, 1107 Washlncmn Oildalp. ^^^^^^^^^.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^••^^•^^^^^•^•^^^•M^b^^b^^^V^HVV^^PV^WV^HtV^^VB^^^H^^B^^BVf^^H'^^^'V^'^'^'^^'^^''^^^^^^ ~** ~ 1940 FORD SEDAN (87V44H) ILL TRADD3 TOWARD LATE MODET, STATION WAGON Ofl HMD AN WITH LOW MILEAGE. I'HCNK 2-C450 OH 8-OS12. 3 '» I'OR BALE— 1934 Koi'd C-door nr-ilnn Hi bargain, for quit-k sale. S10 F si reel. Uty. (tM4;jhJ.) A' 1339 V-8 TRUCK nnd »eini-lralle.r. <PTfll41.) 1!'41 Mercury motor; penit has two nxeln and 30-foot bed. Will take pickup n« part, payment. Phone S-1447. 6112 Del Mar street, Bakern- field. J93;t GMC I* -Ion truck. Hut bwl. winch, almost n^w rubber (I'CHRf'iM 1 ). Can he seen ut €16 Arvin fc'ticct. rhon*- ^ 5-5710. __________ 4 1 35 fiTUDEBAKKR Rtdan (SF(J507). Good of doors nnd windows, roofinir pappr. I Jl ' ou *<ALK—Smuil whin* uibk-tup «tove. moldings, otr. Oh, yo Sp don't iorpot ' " S " <1 " llly H Hhort tiin ". Outside white I "?:. ._»!.' x \ ^"'V.Y/!^ ^' *"™^\ 0 '!!* our paint a.s low as $l.-l!J ;i Rjilluii. H will pa you to pay us a visit. MUTTS A 1IOX ri:T KATE i.t'.MRKU YAKIJ 21' 00 KIJISOX HIGHWAY tnnnlhp. Apply KlltMi'a Ct\tv, HtlPCt. DK UAVAL MILKING MACHINES HARN BROOMS IH'DSON SI'RAYRRS t'.AhVAMXKD BLT'KETS WASHING POWDKR KIl.TKi-t COTTON Kl.KCTRir FLY TRAP? HCHBHK PARTS FOR ALL, TYPES Mil, KINO MACHINES J>AIHV PAILS JM1RY BRUSHES OARDEN TOOLS ANIMAF, VACfMNES VAX HORN * MET.TOX DAIRY SUPPLY STORE MILHI NORTH OP" TAFT HIGHWAY ON WIRLLO ROAD. AT PUMPKIN CKNTER 38 HARD TW GF-T Perf**riion oil rnnkinir VSIIIKPS?, 9 and 12-font wide A i-ni si rontr linoltMitn. 1 0 pattprns lo choose f?on\ 6x!i nnd up lo 12x15 Arm- wt rotm ru*iH, !*xl - Axmfnlsler rugs, !i.M« *o $:ifl.">0. One ftxlri Axminnter ». $97; hliip lea r pattern. One a vy AxtninslPi- IMJK, $ 1 29. 50, Onn Txll: A xnii lister rug. J l*»a f pa i If rn. JIMMY'S FI:RMTI:HR COMPANY 1111 -Nineteenth Wl reel, Near Bus Depot SKVKRAT- pairs of shoes* eizefl 5, 7 Vi , 8 anrl !>AAA; no shoe Htamp required. Also well-built doff bouse, $n. Numerous ONE 20 CATERPILLAR in food repair. Star Route No. 1, Box 28A. Lancaster, Calif, 41 — FOR SALE—Double laundry tray, with metai ntand. $1L', and f inured tapestry. plat form inrker, no gphnK*?* Si 1 5 ; bn)h in good ron t-lition. Phone 2-r>724, 38 For Sale—Furniture. Fixtures ff 3 L ft Duncan Pliyfo dinette sot, maliog- any finish, $fifi.5U. Two-ploco livinK room sol^. full spring constructiun, $15-1.50 and up. Lonngo cliairs lo close out, forinorly $74.50, now $;J7.:::"». Larp;o tahlc-top stovos, white por- PREWAR baby buggy for sale. 302 Ohio Drive. Phone 7-7353. 3J8 REFRIGERATORS overhauled. waahlnff mnrhines rebuilt. Cooler pervlre. We also move refri pera tors. J12S W ash 1ns- _ton. Oildale. Phone 2-7878. 41 FrRMTrKK for nale; nil prewar Rood F OR SALE—Cowboy hat. size 6U: cowboy boots, size 7: pair brown leather slip-on school shoe?, eize 6 '.ii ; several p;i it s ladies' shofs, si^e 5 \k to 6 '2. Call a rier_6_o'cloek, lilin Twenty-fourth. 38 UTTROARD BOAT, V bottom, marine plywood, ] '2 feet long, i wo cockpits; sents four, $70. Also nave 10-foot racim? boat, will sell very reasonable. 7-8 Twenly_-fcinHh_street. Phone 7-71 67,, 38 FOR BALE—Small house to be moved. FOR including living room smite, wool rutr n "d pad. tlincttn with blue len thcr npholHtpritiK, tin i i c-(| Ha rter hod wit h HIM inns ami Innpi'HpriiiK nuittrpHs, drpsH- inu iiililc mill t-hPHi i>f ilia WITH; tJ-fooi i It-inTii I .Mnloi'H f-'t i«idH in\ In vvn mnwcr, KHnlen IIUNC. (Irnp^n; niiHi-fUHnpoiiH jtr- i i< leu. I'lffcr yi-llinK Jill toB»*ihpr. din he Hi-fii miy t inn? « fi cr 1 . r. I'OK SAI, i; — Deep lilup OxU' rut? nnd port In cxrollpnt rondit ion : ln*d rhpMtPrf n ml inn h h JTIK fhii ir. cof Ti-o In hit 1 , round dlniiiK labli-. rhair». Cull 2 J-'Olt SAIJ'l — Lovely hnsim-Me on si and wilh IKK d. Uille sal in lining with IIPW SEE THE DAVIS FURNITURE CO. 1400 CHESTER AVENUE 49 REPAIR your own shoes. We carry a rood stock of leather and accessories for repairing. Paul Hornung, 1606 Nineteenth street. 8-23-tf icrs :t.122 Monterey. Phone 2-7200. 38 Bud and P*t« Klaiitn. 3-1546 Pbon* S-1769 or 46 i-'CHt PAT, 10 — 10 Ice 1 rii* PPWinK 1 mni bin P. SimmoiiH box spring A nnd white Knis'ht. in it 1 1 roHH. 1 'J-Luhn SilvrM toni* console i iiilio. elorti ic phonograph. All prn* - ti«-;illy inuv. 'jr.iir. l.ulto eolain cMiiniclrd, wilh automat ic KOR SAF.K— Prewar like n r w. pilot, two stoi'fiKO drawers, $1*0.50. Just r'.Toivod a now sliipment of loop shag rugs in a large variety of colors. LVo our hudgot plan, no Interest or carrying clinrues. -' CT C^ DAVJS ri'RXITURR COMPANY Avenue in exi t-llent condition. 4 15 st Allt. lined thrpo months only; new nuiHi'i-y rhtiir for sale. tiOO Acat'ia nr rail L'-.' THE OFFICE OF PRICK ADMINSTRA- TION ha» act dollar«*and-ceou ctllinc prices on uied r«trfv«rato». washtni machines, vacuum cltaners, typtwrltcrs. bed aprinfi. camera* and photnrraphlc equipment. Th«»* mnxmlum prlcei apply to evtry ••Her. even to an Individual selling his personal household «fr«cts, For information concerning- these and alt other celling; prices, call the Bakersfield War Price and Rationing Board. Phone 3-9419. fi-13-tf LOWEST PRICES OF THE YEAR OX OIL AXD GREASE IX DRl'M LOT QUANTITIES. LIMITED TIME ONLY. MONTGOMERY AYARD & CO. TWENTY-FIFTH AXD CHESTER AVENUE PHONE 7-7S71 o o GO ire box, one ' Htovp, one full-fllze find one 1 win Nize bod, irond innerHiH-ing niut- t r* is *MCs and *<prhitrs; one sin nil drp^vpr good rulibcr, $3 Off. or HOP n t. 6 '.''I J l*ire*' ( J'honp •'' x J941 MliRCrHV town srdun. rxcplk-nt condition. riiono 4-1!T.r,. CIX.HM I ). 0 Wanted to Buy*— Automobiles Just one block youth ol' court house. one I'all inl!lo 11 tnble _ Phone 3-0521. Flyint and balsa model plan* kit. Jeepa, land Drive. I'HKU'AH S-picco walnut dinins: room set. J300. .Phono 3-00(iS until 5: :t 0P.m . 3 !t SJXGEU AND AVJHT13 MACHINES FOR SALK—A Fiigidaire 4-hnie onbinot Good, clean, guaranteed machines, | frc-fzor. Cu}\ ni s«n_ JoHquin Grain A\'e do heinst itehiiifi. Also repair trucks, tanks, ships. flttltiKa. balsa wood carvin-, knives, dope and cement. Come in and took around. Ed ward'e Camera Exchange. 1609 Nineteenth street 8-22-tf machines and vacuum cleaners. 1 ".()!* AVesl Kiglith, oil' corner of . 47 TAMLK. M; bf'dwlfiui, Jit; ouk lovo He ;. Otht-r HI tides. Tll(i Yo.scmite Drive, PAT THE LIMIT FOR MOST CARS. NO RED TAPE. CASH IN 3 MINUTES. er 8-11-tf Before Belling your car drive to Twenty-first and K streets. We need cars. Motor Center Used Car Department. PAT CASH for 1!).T7 or l!(38 Chevrolet or Plymouth, from private owner. Fhona 5-0653. _ 38 LATE MODEL STATION WAGON OR SEDAN WITH LOW M1I.KACE. WILL PAY ALL CASH Oil TKADK IN 1940 FOttD SKDAN (87V44IO. PHONE 2-B4ij) OR 3-OL'JL'. 3 !> HIGHEST PRICES PAID for furniture, household articles, appliances, tools, etc. Prompt, courteous «ervlce. Victory Fur- , MAr ,i K ,i aV( >nnnit nltur.. 618 Union avenue. Phone S-IOOB. ! AIAI ''*' daxenpoit. 88 KOK SAIJ 1 '. — hnrKP office desk and nwivel t ha ir, t;ood UH iu»\v, $ S5. 4Uli A\'n ter Mt I tM t . 4 1 Service S QUfyffl LIMITED Dumber nf new and factory rebuilt Hoover sweeper* available only to persons having old Hoovers to trnde In. Liber I allowance. Guaranteed factory parts and service. Call Weill's service department. 6-6863. 7-S-tf FOR SALK—Overstuffed chair, small table, cunvas tent, one dozen large top fruit jars, prewar chrome music stand. Hiid. all-wool blue pin-striped euif. size 1H. 101 2_JJhest er Place. Plione_^-1 !t S L'. FIVK-FOOT modern castiron kitchen Pink, with fixlureHjgas healing stoves, gasoline camp Htove. kerosene heating stove, camp chairs, car radio, small electric fan, large, good quality window shades, mirrors, IIPW fruit Jars, ha1f-ras«> of 8-pcnny nails, half-case of 6 pnnny nnils. dishes nnd cooking tiiPnsils, eight pa ics of drapf-s. also L'-wiict?! 1 railtr. DIES' coats, jackets, suits, dresses and miscellaneous articles of clothing. Sixes >> lo 14. Very reasonable, i'bone n n USED FURNITURFl wanted. We call any place In city and give free estlmatna. < AU-KT Brown's Furniture, formerly Roy White ' J1 ' Furniture. Phone 7-7021. 6-12-tf moha Ir Chesterfield bedroom wet, box MprinffH and mat, » of fee (able and drapes. Alia Vista Urive. it-ne new davenport nnd chair, en f fee I able, i ockcr, maple dining r<min Hi't. t'mir chest of drawers. J'hoin 1 New and used. Bought, sold, repaired and exchanged. Largest stock in Kern county. KERN PUMP EXCHANGE 400 Sonora Phone 3-14 88 39 USKD FURNITURE, toole. etovei, mlscel- laneouK nrttcle* of ill kinds. We will buy anything. Call 4-4828. Authorized May tan service and parta. Furniture rcpaiied. Bob film-ley'* New and Used _ Furniture Storft. 1800 Q. 46 GAFFM-:» & 8ATLKR liiKb-ovcn stove. 2-7JTi 4 or 2-3QR7 nfier 7 P. in. FOIl SALK— Two-pieco Kroc-hler livinu room set. divan, makes into bed. 1'honn L'-^fift. 2.'t2rt AlturaH Drive. 39 FOR SALK—..10-06 rifle and box shells. Ph o ne li-r.57«. KEROSENE COOK STOVES GAS ROOM HEATERS WEDGEWOOD RANGES BAKERSFIELD HARDWARE CO. 2015 Chester avenue JUST ARR1VKD— Carload of wlie chirken For SaU—Miscellaneous nettinK. One to six foot high; heavy I FGI - SALE—Caterpillar L-28; yood duty barb wire; 26-inch hog fence. Get shape; plenty speed and power. it while it lasts. Cousin'a Tractor Co., "PHrmo ° A^n •?« Twenty-fourth street. 41 ' none - *«*-«• ^' SKWl.\(i MAf'HINKS Riid vacuum t-lenn- «M s rt'imirt'il. A\'e nlso buy inn D w:t I nut bedroom ^ot, wilh api i nml mail ITMS : (luniiK i mmi set, coffee tHblp. H17 Alt;i Vista. Plmne 2-&214 lid vv.'^u ft nnd '.* .WANTED to buy, 4-door »eri;in. wbonl 19H7 or ]0.'!S. Will v; ( y t-afch. 1'hone _ 2.3633. 17C I Foi-i es t_aircet . __ 38 WANTED to buy, 1941 Ford or Chevrolet coupe. Phone €71.', WQHCO. runswick PRIVATE PATVPY wnnts itond used r: (r . for cash. \Miat hiive you.' 3'hoiu 1 9-1*7 i before 6^ TI. ' 1 1 . TO Ul'Y. 3 Slid Musl-M 6 Will buy motor. 5-5554. 'in. WOULD L1KK 1o Imy HMO »,, Ch*»vrol'-t nr Plymouth in*lnt CflUpe Or C0n\i|t!b;- • lub t,nuiu;. pay cash. Call iXiVSU. J*lH)tu> 38 ]-•„.(!. * )nb 40 STCD1O COLTH. ihrre pillowe. 123. Jt;idio, J 1 0 Tbrfp jm irs drapes. Throw rujjs. Cirl's ni'\v iilii nl winter roat. FI-/I. U, J10. 'JI;,iU riu-sler Lane. Phone SOU P oak twin tod .'isluiig rHi. of sei rim) library table. Hot C'cjint electric ran go, * 1 . couch, maple droaner, *Ir:i \\ ers, \vhoplharrow ; otio liv(? Whito t'orni^li hiMin and 1'hune i'^i;tj t ^ 1 a \Vilmni UVP- 38 l'V>l; SA I JO ~ Montorey wrillnff closk. Indian iii«, idr tup ffifffo lahlo. hardwood plu n, r;u s^ai and junnirr combination, *n din-It o CUT FLOWERS Cauliflower, broccoli, cabbnpo, lot- two, i-clory, other vouetable plants. C'henp tier doxen. Special prire per thousand. Funeral dt»- sif^ns, flowers for nil occasions. "Wholesale price. House potted plants. Table grapes, lOe a pound Open Sundays. 715 L street. J'hone L'-474S. HAND-LOADED HUNTING AMMUNITION IN THE CALIBERS, .30-.06, .30-.40 KRAG, .U70 WINCHESTER. ..100 SAVAGE, .30-. 30, .2n-.35, .257 ROBERTS. SOME OTHER CALIBERS. CALL REAR 1032 KERN* STREET, 3 TO 8 P. ft i ._ __ _ 38 GET TOUR rubber stamps from Bakersfield's only rubber .tamp company. You will b« satisfied with Its prompt s«rvlc«. Pad*. Inks, datern of all make*. 1808 "Eye" street. Phone 8-8102. 48 rtECAPPINQ Brlnr your old tires tn us for .rccapptn*. W« us* Grade A rubber; 24-hour service BENZINOS SERVICE Twentieth snd K. Streets FOR HAl.K — Bed davenport, miscellaneous furniture, child's desk set, and rowcycle. all 2-0461. FOR SAT, 1C — Boy '8 3-piece blue suit, size 14. almost new; ladies' tailored suit. piste IS, brown pin stripe, never boon Avorn. i-Hf|i*onablo; ladies' gray wool slack coat. Bisie 18, worn only a few tinio.*. hone 3-17fi « . :t ! FOR RALE^-Man'a Dohba hal, sixe 7 v» ; "\ViUon tonnla racquet, medium weight. FOR SALK — Two four-room houses to be moved; in g-ood condition. Call Arvin 48-T-12 between 6 a. in. and 7 a. m. or 40 pin-stripe tailored suit, ttize 16; electric, razor, silverware, bathroom cabinet, two windows, miscellaneous arti- Phono 2-51H4. 8-6-tf I KKKRIdKRATOH CAR. eouipped wilh a KOIt ^ A LU3 — Hoi HP i* HfuMli?, t\vn hi id Ion n iifl hits, nnc* liulit wei«ht o In in in tun bit ; hk" now. IMionr Tafl S74-J-1. ; uom DECOR ATffi your horn* with mirrors. We specialise in mirrors and mantels, wells snd doors. BaUerefleld Glass Company. 17 15 Nineteenth street. V (K Wanted to Buy—Automobiles Wanted to Buy—Automobiles f^^^^i^ix%^w^tf^^«^^b^^«^i«*^ *rf-w*^h*s*'*rf-w»v-**w*tn*W'iw-v WE BUT ALL MAKES OF CARS VACUUM CLEANERS, irons, toasters, heating- pads, motors, every thlnr electrical repaired. Money-back guarantee. Hunttey Appliance Service snd Repairs. 917 Water street. Phone 2-4670, 64 'Paris r,i berated" and "Yanks Capture tlnnm" inn! other newsreel*. 8-mm. and (I-nun. ki en if, adventure and aporti nnure •. New cartoons. Little Kfne. Donald Duck. Mickey Mouse, eic. Kd- i NOW ls THE T|MG to f €rt m Md before vanlH camera Kxchnnge. 1GO« Nine. tne raln> beg | n; 10(> per cent pur<| dg , ry ltH ' r " n - J-19-tr 1 fertilizer, mechanically pulverized.. 16 FOP SALK—1200 feet of 8^-lnch aeam-I pel load delivered. Phon« RueVi less Krade J aecond range. 36 casing: Dairy. 2-4027 or 3-9351. 64 ^.m ^rVS^iu'l^S'^Hi? 11 ^!" 'im 1 t ENJOY meeting my friends on the »treet Jolnta; 800 feel 2 Vi-lnch dril I ipe Im- ., nce , Pan hear wjth VA noiJTB. Cle- tool joints: 950 teet 4H-(nrh line | ment Her . heyi 2 785 Center. Phone 2-0571. 8-29-tf J*n rker l:& Machine Comimny refriKera- tor unit that anld origlnnllv at $;if>00. 1'iicfd for quli'k tilile nt $1850 cash. J'hone 2-70S4 for further in formation. ___ ____ ____ 40 FOR SAT^K — Pressure cooker, qunrt &\7,e. Wire racks, pan, ins! ruction book. .'{1 5 O street. Phone 8-81 Til. 3 9 ripe. 8-thread Arthur 1 J . Anderson, Supply Row. Tnft. Calif. 44 T7 L. S.. with scrappr Case L. A., with scraper I>-7 with carryall .1-6 xvith carryall Oliver 70 4-row cultivator and 4-row planter Vsed Klllefer fi-foot disc One u*ed turnover plow Central Celifornla Implement Company IMS Main. Delano. Phone 4731 RADIO REPAIRS Quick service. General Service Company. <HS Baker. Phone 2-9278. 4-24-tf FOR RALR—Rifle. 30-40 Krag, wilh cart- riditeH, $45 caHh. Al«o IL'-naupp double- barrel fihotKun, Borne sliellH. $110 cash. 1414 Nile.1 street. Phone 5-5307 after f> p. m. ?,9 COMPI'TINO SCA1.KS. bal>y srnles. table model radio, electric drill, sewing ' ma- rliinp. CHrhon arc «un lamp, wardrobe trunk. lawn mower, nmbrtlla table, clockH. ah* condiiioners, coffee urn. an- tiqiteH. \ce boxes, desk. dreHfiei-«, rock- erw. Bhou'cajsen, vejfetnhle rackft. box trunks. Alorley's Kurniture, FREE FREHJ FREE ^^^ ^CL WASHING MACHINES Repaired, quick service, Montgom- [ Highway 99 ery Ward, Apex and all makes repaired and rebuilt. General Service Co., 913 Baker, phone 2-9278. 9-8-tf SAWDUST AJ^D PLANER CHIPS Load It Tourulf BAKERSFIELD BOX COMPANT FOR PAT.K—Fine clean leafy alfalfa hay. 23 per ton. Phone £-7(M!». Don't call M111 d_a y. It 9 Radios, Musical Instruments S Miles South of Town »-5-tf TIRE RBCAFFINO BAKER-ADAMS MOTOR COMPANY 2706 Chester Avenue Phone 9-9745 7-11-tf VACUUM CLISANRR. Irons, clock* and all B inn II appliances repaired. No delay. Oneral Service Company. 913 Baker. Phone ONE-DAT SERVICE CLEROU TIRE COMPANT 171" K STREET FHONE <*606» FOR AUTO-RADIO SERVICE We now have facilities for mounting and dismounting auto radios. Aerials installed while you wait. POSTON RADIO Corner K Street and 99 Highway 3-27-tf FOR USED CARS DRIVE TOUR CAR TO .* * TOUK CHEVROLET, BUICK, CADILLAC DEALER 8-24-U bicvcln with four tin 1 .*, »I*o inufcrr funn. i'hone I'-l'iMS after p ' n 4() A1KAT UIUNDKH l''(.Hl SALK—Kuur-pifce bedj."om ai-t, Bood | for sale; '.i-hoiHepower nmtor: perfect ...?- _ .--I _- 1 A - - - - m. W 't . . <A_L h'tV * K I ^ * 4 fm. * 2-29-tf | TOP PRICES paid for late model radios. Pot ton Radio Service, corner of K and 99 Highway. Phone 2.0498. 2-1-tf and inaltrosn, $35 complete; Hft, $1^: bridge lamp. *;t; rir- hetitpr. ocraalonal chair «nd rimml tnbh', Inmp tuhl**, end table; lattfo IIOK ' hoh'ia veterinary «>•** ** - re Also Phone 2-6044. machine, new. 4L WILL PAT blthsst cash pries for your piano. Call 8-8673. 1-28-tf KKKX AVKUM FKRM at 1920 Cherry fur the toutrheBt, vuggliest worms thnt tver lempicci a ti*h. J'hone 2-4»31. 1'HEWAR bnthlnette. baby basket, watcr- proof luggage trailer. Phone a-USCtt. 40 FOR SALE—Toilet, romplete, In good con- ditluii; will lit 14-inch rough-In. Phone *J-4 2HO. SALE—Prewar baby buggy. Twentieth 1811 We Have Facilities and Available Parts to Service Any Make Radio HJCH-OVKN gas ranire, bed. hot writer tank and oilier things. 20U Orange (JOLDFISM for sule. M reel. J'lmne l'-6419. Ca«a Loina Acres, 1130 40 FOR SALK—Electric motor, 14-home- TWO new blcyclen. i«-lnch tires. 1130 i>ower, ul»o 14 -inch fan Hardmg. Phone 7-7280. blade. 114 40 C'a8B USl-.'D DHKHSKS and coats for Biile. cheap. £>Ue up. Coats witl inuke good braided r " BB. See at 2230 K street. Corner K Street and 99 Highway Dial 2-0498 12-2-tf FOR HALK — Prewar collapsible baby I orAMn ivANTnn^Hi*h..i *..v> nvtM n -i<« » r ^- «£ sw.".-,ssffi I '^^^STB^JttTaraia 1 chair, dull buggy and two rear wheel* »*li«tf WASHING MACHINE:. 6i)-cyult; n«w nu it on . Phoim 2-7riUO. . trad* for chuir, electric 40 for tricycle to fit 7/16-lneb, rod. Phone 7-7121. 1301 Grace. CAR AERIAI^S for any make of ear. S4.9S and up. Poaton Radio, corner of K atreet 16-INCH electric fan. wheelbarrow, accor. I * nd ** Highway. t-l-tt dlon, lariee lawn mower. 100 Flower | HIGHEST PR14!BB paid for uatd radtoa. Bakerafleld Radio Supply. SIOI Cheater .„„„,„„.,„ . , ,, , ,, .FOR HA».K-M.n'» St^wel pocket wMch. | *"""*' PhO>> * > ' >16 °' ^^ IHiiKK-PAUt r»»t colored drapca; electric | 15; ftUo 7.j flWc l Elglu watch. |2ft. FOR SALK—12-haii Hohner accordion, «x- waffie iron; Kleci.rolux refrtgriator, old j.iQ 3 Jeffrey. , 33 ceJlent condition, Phone S-BTS?.^ 40 t ^'PC finOfl FllMHinaT UT'lpr A|0kfl MO ^M* I •'••"••-'•'*•' >P«^"-^— mi^~^**+m H l I ~-*~t^^*^^m~^^^^~m mil • I i •• i i i m^f^i' mm^irmuu ^.. —!•— i II ••. , , m*\ •^^^••^.. i . frr. Phone 3-ifiOl, 1611 Lincoln atreet. I FOH BAI.K—KrpBgy oil burner atove, with | FQR__HALE— Baby Grand piano. SALK— .32 Winchester, in good con- tion; Hhelln. J14 'Washingon. i'bouo 2-«094. 6-59T3. as Radios, Musical Instrument* BOUGHT AND SOLD Cabinet Modela 129 SO Up All radloa offered Cor eale have been recondltiored. and are guaranteed. VICW ON ANY MAKE RADIO BAKERSFIELD RADIO SUPPLY = CHRSTUR AVENUE DIAL 2-516(1 8-11-tf KKKN ArUSIC SHOP. 900 Baker. Musical Instruments, supplies and sheet music. We repair all musical Instruments; bows 57 CASH for your old radio, regardless of ace. mak*: or condition. Phone 2-5193. _ 702 Washington avenue. Oildale. 38 9-T1 T RK SpHrtan radio in cooil conrtllion. After ti p. m. at 3331 Chester avenue. -'car radio, dual speakers. 401: FOR SALK— Upright piano and Hawaiian Kdison phonograph and rec-oids. 2-Q41M. :;;t GK.VKRAL RLECTRIC 12-tube cabinet radio; splendid tone, good on sborC wave. $7.1. :t14 Oleander. .1 7 FOR SALT-:—Zenith portable radio in good condition. 11."11 Lincoln. 3!) Cameras and Photography ^k_^^ b _^^^ H ^^b_^^^_^^k_^^^__^^fe_^^^_^^fe__^^^_^^^_^^k_^k__^^ K __^^k__^^ b _^^^_^^fe__^^fe_^^___«^^^^F _^^__^^b_ ^L_ ^^__ _^b.V^__ FOR SALE—2Ux3'.4 GRAFLKX SERIES B, LOTS OF ACCESSORIES AND FILM. CALL REAR 1032 KKRX STREET. 3 TO 8 P. M. Poultr and Livestock VKRY ATTHACTirR Pinlo s nNn saddle, bridle ana blanket. N \f a • 9 FOR PAT.K — One Pinto marr-. well broke for ladies and children. Than* 1 _ 6-K7.1:!. __ __ _________ _ 40 FOR SALK— Thi-fo Kniin-fpd heifers, ready FOR SAFJO — Ono vpal nnd porker, and n prewar Tn ylor Tot. Phone '2 - 4 7 1; 3 40 *" * Pets SALK — Sinners, bird ra^fi* and stands. __ 11 lI4_Thi I'd street. Kowlrr !Vt Simp. .18 SALK — l-Vmali? C' shop. ^ For Exchan •Miscellaneous WANTKn—8-MM rifle shell.-, rtny amount, or will ItTiflo .300 Savase for I'hmie Legal Notices puppies. WANT to buy, Boston Bull pup. Call FOR SALK— Corker Spaniel pup. 10 weeks . as _ FOR SAT-K— Blnrk Corker Spaniel pup<?« Chp;ip. _ _ _ ^ ______ _ GOOD HOMK fur while Shepherd mule doe, 0 mouths old. Plume IMUJfM. NOTICK OF INTKNTIOX TO ENCAGE IN TIIU SAM-: OF ALCOHOLIC HKVEJN AOKS.—H^plomlipr 11'. 1014. To Whom It May Conr**i n: Notice ia hereby given that f iftfM^n d*iyo n firr the tin to posted, the umloi signed proposes to sell alcoholic bev* or;iCPH nt th**Sf* pretnisr-n, tlesrrihfd as follows: Doin^* Imsim-fls as The Alnyfair fof- , Kern Avrmtr, Inyokorn, Knrn I'm HIIant lo mirh intent ion. the i>f! i,s ar-pl.vine to the Stale lioanl of Krjua } r/M\ ion for inHuance of an a l*-o- hnlie hovrrairp limn HP for IU-PHSPB) for tho^e promises .IH iollmvM: On Salo Beer. Anyone siring lo protect the Issuance of surh fuse's) may file a verll led protest with the State Hnard of KMiiHlization at Sa'-ra- mnntn, < "a It Turn in. AIM t ins tfround* fnr dp- nial an provided by Jaw. The premises Ik rn not now iirciiscti for I he sale of alcoholic bPVPniKPj. NICK SAROF. Sf*t. 13 Lnl'lS KO1.QVQS. KERN BIRTHS RECORDED ANDKRSOX n. a RAKKRSFIEM) To \vilV of Curtis Moyd daughter, JCJIH Carol, An Au OO 08 WANTED to buy, 8-millimeter projector. Phone 2-1 12G. WILL PAY CASH for typewrUere. adding machine*, check writers and caab reela- ters. Lynch Typewriter Company. 1660 ue. FOR SALK — MrCaskey cash rejfisler nnd sma II el or I r to Na onsh rpRister. J J yiK-h Typewriter Co.. 1(1^0 Cheple vontip. Fruits and Vegetables t *J>t i) \17-^ ^C YML ^) V V^ v o,itf J.. . S. No. 1 STOCKTON POTATOES $:i.OO porxi) SACK. BFRBAXK PKR 300 I WIIEF/DEX'S MARKET. T \\' E X T V- F IRS T A X D L ' X J O X ° . aia 11 C'i- sie I JMli $2.69 Full Lug, Bring your own containers. 0 A 1019 Baker East Bakersfield 9-7-tf CANNING PKARS—It will soon bo the end of the .season for canning pears. We will have choice Te- harhapi pears for about one or two weeks more. These pears are very nice six.e for canning and have no hard cores. They are very reasonably priced at $1.3!) per lug. Mooney's Market Spot, Eighteenth and Union. Phone 3-0961. ' 40 69c FOR FULL LUG Bring your own containers, same kind of pears we had year. The last 1019 Baker East Bakersfield 8-17-tf Medium Size, Full Lug 69c FULL LUG Bring Your Own Containers 1019 Baker street, t Bakersfield 8-30-tf FOR SALE—Ever-bearlne strawberry plants. $;> per 1UO. 419 AVater street. 35 SPKCIAlj J-arge, striped ivjuermelons, Uo per pound, (.'urner Third and Union. 1'hone 1!- AVJ'3 ARK 1'ICKING Freestone peachra this week. Tliey are good for canning, slicing or drying. Ateo a few clingH, last of the v/eek. Rrintr containers. Merrill Fru i I. Itanch liio Hran. ?, (I late canning ppadiPR. $1.25 and up a Ing. Bring your own contnim'r. Also lubh- craiK-jj. 10c Ib. 715 L slro^r. Nui sfry. ; FOR CANNING Field box, approximately 48 Ibs., $1.25 VALLEY'S FINER FOODS Twentieth and Union 40 Poultry and Livestock ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^r^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^^^^^^^^^t^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SAljB — Thoroughbred Hampshire boar pig, 6 months old. Phone 2-4059. 39 FOR SAbfil—Two «pan ol goofi work mares. one brood mart with colt. Mr. Groat. Phone 2-7066. 7-19-tt ATTENTION Blood-tested baby chicks, brooders, poultry supplies and feed. We buy your ess a. Chicks $15 hundred. 2219 Union, or 814 Eighth. Phone 7-7028 or 2-9489. 2-1-tC BABY CHICKS. f!6 per bund red: New Hampshire Reds. Rhode Island Reds. Plymouth Rocks. Rock and Red Cross: new shipment every Monday order early. Also plenty of metal feeders, fountains and poultry medicines. Ward's Farm M Store. 2523 Chester. 4-17-tf OFFERING n number 01 outstanding yearling and 2-year-old registered Hereford bull* A. H. Karps. Phone 9-9671. 7-19-tf BAbT CHICKS started on order W* have colored broilers, roasting hens. Riverview Hatchery, 216 Roberts Lane. Phone 2-939S. 7-19-tf BUY. SELL or trad* all kinds of livestock. Phone 2-S022. Roy Johnson. 1 mile north Pumpkin Center. 200 yards east on Hosk Ins Road. 42 WILL EXCHANGE some Rood work horses for yomiff cattle. A. H. Karpe. phono 9-9671. 3!> ATTENTION. POULTRJfMEN! Ou. Market Is Open We Pay Tops for Fryers and Roasters One Bloc* West of East Bakersfield Post Office 1106 Kern Street Dial 2-2458 BRADFORD POULTRY MARKET 76 FOR HALF—One team mules, one horses, une mare and colt: all stock. Can see these at ranch. ArMn 48-Y-12. evening's. team good Call 38 ^^^ ^^ FOR SALK—Seven bred doea, one buck, three double hutches and equipment; *mal! chick coop. Phone 4-4381. *° - — r 38 BABBITS for sale. One buck, 9 does. 13 young, 6 weeks' old. $15. With three ^hutches, $26. ISliS Jefteraon. 38 FOR SALE — SEVENTY-FIVE GOATS, FINE MILK STOCK. FOUR THOROUGHBRED BILLIES. FOR INFORMATION WRITE, BOX 53, BODFISH, .46 FOU SALE or trade, cash or terms, one 3-year-old, pnat, Palomino filly: two now heavy stamper! saddles. One mile north of Pumpkin Center. 39 FOR SALE—Brown Swiss Jersey cow. frenh by September IB. Call 2-6017 After 7 p. in. ANDUKWS— To wifi? of Harry P. Andrews. a son. LMllard Uay. August 14. AHATJO— To wito of Uufacl liamon Araiijo. a eon, RohtTt Franklin, Au- KUMt ^ 1 BAUJ*;V— T.i wiffi of JamoK Wilson Bailey, a H»'ti, Ilodrii'k Dai- roll, August 1 !f. BAI1JK— To wife ol' John B. Hallie, n sou. John LaroreiiL-e llaruld. AUBHHL 2."». DATTK1C— To wile of Milton A. Halte.-, a drtiiBhLfii. Cynthia Kilcon. L'4. BKRRICAN — To wif»> of Vrrnon Felix rU'rrig;in. a son, Jtobcrt Alicha*.-!, Au- KU»t l,"i. BhANSCKT— To wife of Kdwin Loo Blan- H<nt, :i daughter, 1'egb'V Iconise, Au- lf'181 20. BHi>WN— To wifr of William Thomaw Hi own. a son. ilnrrif* Ci am . AHKUMI L 1 '). Bri.LOCK —To wit*» of UaymuiHl Louis Hullo" U. a Mon, Rcln-M Thomas, Ati- ffUKl IS. CAN!.)!-:i,ARIA- To wife of Chn rlr.s Cundo la i in . n daiiKhtpr, Msih»T, August "!.'. C.\ 1 1 1 > I N — To \\ i iv o f Thoiua H I-'] a nk < 'a i-d in, a da UK m or, Carmen Juni-, Au- ^.'tisL -4. CHASK— T-> wife of ThonuiH Hana Chase. a (i.-nmhior, ,lulit» Amif. August l!t. UIVINK-- T-t \vilV of llutncr William Viii*'. a son. I'ojia td \Vilha in. August -L'. DO\"KU- T i wife of K'm.-nc Ceor^f I>ovcr, a datmhu-r. Alai'y Ktlu-l. the stMond, Au- SI1.COX — To wife of Loron Klmer Silcox son, Rir. hard Dean, A net) a .' 2:'. Dl'XCANSnX— To wife oT K/Minmh F.zrn. uiica nsoii. a son, David J^t-llny, Au- T-:i,KINS- -To wife of Thomas W. P.tkins, a da uplift , fa 1 1 ii'ia . August ?:\. FUWLKK— Tn wih> of William Donglaa l-'owlcr. :t son, Kr-iili Lynn. Aiifjust 'JO, XDKftm'HK- -To wife ol Luciiin ('lir- ton FuiidtTbut'k, a sou. Don me Clifton. ST1TKS---T0 wife ol' Freddie Lee ytitea a Hnti. Dona Id Lcn. AuRiist 1 6. Z—To wife of Ma too Alavardo Sam 'hex ;i daiinhLei', Annie. AUBiist 1 7. Tr wife of Roh«-r Henry Souders, a son. Larry Doxvayne. August 1H. SPAi:LI)l.\<;— T«i wife of Joseph William Spaulding a eon. Raymond Clark, Au- trilst 1 '' STKWAUT— Tn wife of Wesley Rocer .-i rt n daughter, Dor it* Jolene, Au- 17, •* — To wife of Benedict Ilnnry u da UK liter. Ann Marie Therese, August IS. TUKUKX -Tn wife of Frank C. Torrcz a daughter. Stella Louise, August IX, Tlti;iTT— To wife uf Wood tow Wils.yi Tmitt a aou. James Woodrow, Au- CKUTT. 1 --To wife of Kdward Amos < Iroi Is. a son, Kdw ni Ra> . August L':J. IIKH.VANtiKX— To w i f <? of Alex V. Hr>r- nn nde/,. a dau filler, tlloria Jean. Au- 'j:: HDKFKItU— To wife ..f C'hnrlps 1 lof ferd, a son, William Kuyene, Au- Kiist IT, HOLLAND—TO wife of Kivrrc F*'itx iioi- land. a son, Roht-rt James, Aunust 17. Ilt'CIIKS— To wife of Kiley s, a son, I>avid Hiley. Aiiffust -3. : — To wife of Knorh T. Jackson. ;t daughl'T, Jennifer Koslyn, Au- Kust 21. JA.MKRSOX — To wifo of Marlon Brisro Jamnrson. a d.'uiBht(-r. K> londia June, August 'J4. JKItXiriAN — To wife of llnberl Herrell nn, a fcoii, Hubert Allen. Au- II". JOXKS -To wife of I. ouis Jones, a son. T. ,1 . August 10. KircilX— To wife nf Kdwin If. Kichn. a son . W a r rr 11 l\d win. A u KI i s I 17. T<ASSMAN- To wife ol Kuwpnc John Lassman a daughter. Janet Kay. AuKUst 1 !L LpULAXC—To wife of John Chnrl.-s LP- Itla m\ a son, I.)a niel Loin . August _:i. rJ-:i-:---To wife ol r ivd W nod row Lee, fl snii. Konaltl Jiimes, August 'Jfi. LIXDSKV — To wife of Jimniv Liudsey. a d;i UK liter Llllio Ann. August 21 . MARTIX— - To wifp .if l)»|p Martin, H (huitrhier. Di:i n;i Cay IP. August "4. MASOX — To -wife of Xnhel Lawrenre .Mason, a dauyhtcr, Sherry T.eM. Audi s t 'J 2 . MA V— To" wifp of f Mel us Dale May, a da u pliier. ( 'an do Pi a IIP, August U.">. Mcl'flKKSOX — To wifo of Donald Furhps M' PhprsoM, a daughter, .\orma 1'a- t riria . Auwust 17. MKXO1 VKL— -To wifp of Pominpo MPH- divnl. a son. Domitigo Pa ul. August 1.M . MlLHOrSK— To wit'p of Phillip l.nwreiire .\l il house, a son, Ronald Kugenc, Au- IT 1 1 S t ' * ") M I L 1 . KR— To w i f e of TTa r ry Miller, a da up liter, Pona Sup. Aiifrusr S. MOXTC.O.MICRV— To wife of Roy Thomns MontB'omcry. a son. Brent Lee, Au- pust 10. MORRIS— To wifo O f R Pn .Tampa Morris, a son. Ken .James, Jr., August "4. Ml'RRAY—-To wife of Irviiip Bnir« Murray, « won. Don nr las T'onnell. Aupust -(). MOXTnOMKRY— To wife of Charles William Montgomery a diuightur. Karen, VAlll.RV — To wife of. Franklin Dallas \'n i ley u daughter. Charlotte, Au- KUH' 15. V JUKI-: V - -To w i r.« o r J un n S. VI rroy a .son. Is.Td'il n. AlifiUKl 14. \VI KI-'Rlllcil— To wife of Anthony H. \V,i>fi-ri<.h n won, Anthony Lun Au- S'USt. H3. YMAHHA -To wife of JI'KH Ortiz Ybarra n dn nrli ( «>r. .In Ann, August 20. Xt'Ku\VSK I— Tn wifu of I'lijirlos Michnpl Xuknwski a Ua Mahler, Billle Ann, Au- Bust K. T A FT BAr>DKKS— To wile of Francis Elraor Jl:nltiei H. a daiitfhter. Brilti*. Ann, Au- BUH-. IS. UAKKH--TO wife of Jaclc Carroll Baker a. son. Kobert .lanu-H, AUKMSL 1U. DKTTKP. —Tn wife of Stanley Carl Biittke :t daui?h(r r. Ka rnic-n Marie. Au^uwL J S. CllOlcK--To wife of By rnn Oti« rhuice a da UK liter, Ma rria Ann, August I' 2. HILLA.X— To wife uf Alvin Hubert Hit- la u a scin, Sidney Thomas, AuRiist 2fi. LAXCI-:— To M-ifp of Knl Adolph Larme a daughter. Harriet. Uayna, August 1!J. HI TTOMV1M.OW CUATO — To wife of Charley Harvey Craig a daiitfht.M . Nor m a. Jo. AueuHl L"i, MAUTlN~To wife of Vircil Corwin Martin. a son. L*?niii"l Corwin. August 22. R1CCO.MLNI— To wife of Aladino Kirco- mini, a son, (.Jerry Frank, August 22. To wife of Cnrtic s»'r. n daiijihlft, Itena Ann. August 21. I1AKPKR— To wife of Homer Arvcll* a daughter, Janie Gale. August 20. MMLTON— To wife of Frank Wayne Mellon. TI son. Wayne Howard, AIIKUM 2-1. L r N K KTT— To w i f e o f J asp*, r H •• 1 Inn lMunk"tl. a dau,iihU-r. Pamela Jean. 22. TKHACIIAPI HALT*— To xvifo nf Lynn Martin Uall. » da lighter. Lynelln Ann, August - r >. WOOD— To \vift> of Krvin Heod Wood, U son, Clifford Olto. Aiigimt 20. MOJAVK GORMAX— To wiffl of Robert Hnland CJor- rnn n. a son. Robert Knlniid, AUKUHI 1 i). HAWLKY— To wife ol' Klmer Daniel Hawley. a son Walter Klmer, 24. JOHNSTON— To wife of John Kirk Johnston. a son, Johnny Sppncer, August 1'J. Ml'ROC MK'KKL — T.i wife of Paul Brooks Mickel a son. T.JI rry Veruon, Aucust 11. PATTOX— To wife of Paul Kenneth Pnt- ton. a son. Mifhnel Ben ton. August 10. PKKKIXS— To wifo of Leroy Perkins, a dnuphtf-r. LuHllu Jo. Aupupt 4. QT'irUXC— To wife of Klmnr Kdwin Qnlr- irip. a POM. M irlinel Kdwin. August 1 9. RAC.SDA1Jv--To wifn of John T.eioy Rnus- dale. a son. John Felipe. August 17. RKYXOL OS — To wifp of Donald Morse Reynolds, a daughter, Adell. Au- srupt M. RKA — -To wifp -of Tony Rpa, a daughter. An ton in . Aucust 21'. RTCIfARDS— To wifp of Pnul Daniel Rlrh- a rds, a daughter, Colleen Sue, Au- KUHt 17. RISK— To wifp of Kavl Brunner Hish, a dauchipr, Nan<-y. August. -0. ROfJKRS— To wife of Hubert Pudley Kndpers, a daughter, Kla me Kvelj n, Aumisf 24. ROi'KWOOD — To wife of Veryl T.amont Rorkwood a son, Lamont P.. August. 17. ROLL— To wif.' of John Joseph Roll a daUBhter. Judith Ann. August 22 OBITUARIES JOSKril A.—Funeral Hcrvicea 1'nr Joseph A. JJeean, 70, who died Sop- it* m be r 10 in A Ihumnra, will be held September 14 at 'J a. m. at St. Joseph's rhiitrh, the llevcrnnd ThoniiiH J. lOarly orftfintlner. Soloist will be Richard Skinner and nct'ompanist. Laura Nichols. }toHary will be conduciod September 1II at 7:HO p. m. at tlie Hopson Mortuary. Jnterinent will be in Union Cemetery. Surviving Jlr. Degan are his son, Kirat Class Jloior iluchinist Alate RoOser De- Kfin, I'n f led Slates Nuvy; daughters. Mis.H Helen Derail. Mrs. Waller Crone, both of Bakersl'ipld; Mrs. William H. I.anRford. Alhambra; Jlra. Walter Mi- Petlnma; Krandrhildren, IXMI Ann d, Alhambra: .Maureen Minoeue, IVtHliima: chnrles Leslie dross, I3ak-'ield; nl.sterH. MISH 101 izabelli Deean. 111.; Mrs. Christine Bremtner. 111.; nieues and nephews livinK in the fast. JKWKTT, CiOT.DlK—Funeral BervlreB for (Joldie Jir.vett. 45, who died September 11 at her home, 620 Arvin el reel, Oildale, will be held September 34 at 2:110 ]>. m. at Greenlawn Chnpel, the Kever- end W. R. Wheatlaml offiHatinsr. In- lerment will be in (ireeniawn Altunorlal Park, Siirvlvlns Mrs. Jeivelt are her hiiHband, Kay Jewett, OiUlnle; sons, Lieutenant Clordon W. Jewett. United Slates Navy; Sergeant Harold R. Jew- fti. I'niled StaleH Army; brothers. OMie KvaiiB, Arvado. rolo.; Marion EVMIIB, Chiro; sifllera. Mrs. H. W. Potts, LOIIB- mnnt. f'olo, BOrsTON. MARY T^OUSE—Funeral serv- ires for Mary Louise Houston, S.'i, who died September 1~ at her home. 120G Al reet, will be hold September Hat '2 . in. at Cain A. M. K. Church, the Reverend K. A. Clinton offieiatinir. In- lermeiit will be in Union Cemetery. Pallbearers are H. M. <!. Spencer, Al- lierL Urisden, Jl. K. Simpson. J. K. Kehols. Henry Pinkney and Neal Harvey. Payne & Son Chnpel him charge or'arraiiBi-menis. Snrvivinp Mrs. Houston are her daughter. Sudie Booker, Hakersfield; sons, Henry S. Houston, Willis S. HotiHton and Robert P. Hnu- ptttn. all pi Bakerafield; (?i-and(.'hlldren, Kuasel Hoiifiton, Springfield. Ohio; Boh Houston, llutb Cra\vf«rd. both of Bak- ei-Hfiekl; Wei nice Hardemnn, San Francisco: two ureat-RTandrhildren. AKTIIUR—Funeral set-vices for Arthur Milloy. SO. who died AuBust 20 In lledondo Ueat-h wore held Ausust 21! there. Interment wns in Holy Cross Cemetery. Jlr. Milloy made hlfi home in Hedondo Beach, comins to vlait in Bakersfield every winter. He is *ur- vive^ by his widow, Afrs. Klixah^th "MiHoy, Hedondo Bench: non, Tom Milloy. Bakersfield: dauRhterP, Mrs. Ted Hanlon and Mrs. Homer Kiihwodcl. both of Bakersfield, four more children and IS grandchildren. Bl*HKK— To wife of Leonard Tatrir-k Htirke, a son, Hrlan Pnntel, August 13. FKLL— To wife of Albort Wesley Fell, a son. David A Ian, Ausust 16. GILL1S— To wife of Joseph H. Gillis. a dauKbtiM-. Barbara Anne, August. 22. MA'miKWS— To wife of John Reginald H a son, John Reginald, Jr., 21. THOMAS— To wife of Leonard A. Thomas. a daughter, Patricia Ann, August 11. ARVIN BHTCWKtt— To wife ui' Arlio Brewer, a daiiKhlei-, Lorelta Kttye. August 27. Dl'KFIX— -To wife of Xk-k Duffin, a son, Kenneth Dale, August 24. LO PER EX A— To wife of Joseph Louis Lopei-pna, a son, Jark Lee. August 22. PETKRS— To wife of Floyd Lnlhcr Peters. a son. Theodore Allen. August 23. LVTRKL— 'lo wife of Hoy Lee Lulrel. a daughter, Corinnia Fny, August 14. I, A MONT SIMO^rsiT— To wife of Jamoa Simonish. a son, Harry -Michael, August 24. STOXK— To wife of Karl Stone, a son. Loye Howard. August 20. * WILLTAMS— To wife of Walter Kobert Williams, a son. Larry Neil, August 21. WASCO BARNES— To wife of George Fergus-op BariK-B, P. son, Stevpn Leslie, August 14. DKVOE— To wife of Roy Stillman DeV<*-. twin son and daughter. Gerald Ray and Winifred May, August 10. 1IAYXARD— To wife of H. C. Maynard, a son. Jimmy Earl. Augrust 14. MKASE — To Wife of Douglnn Dean Mease. a dniiKhtcr, f.inda Lou. August 17. MOXTECIXO— To wife of Richard Monto- rino. a daughter, Hita Aueustina, Au- 22. PARK- To wife of Harold Gordon Park, twin sons, Raymond Lowell and Ronald Frederick August 17. RAMIRKX— To wife of Lnls Ramirez, a chiUKhtpf. Maria Elena, AuBUsL 18. SMITH—To wife of Harold B. Smith, a son, Gerald Borden, August 18. 1.OKT IIIM.S LTXGO— To wife uC Harvey Ellis Lingo, a daughter, Wanda Jean. August 15, FOR CONVENIENCE THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN agents listed below will receivi classified advertising and subscriptions at the recular rates. ARVIN Bay Knowles, Arvin Pharmacy BLTTONWILLOW R. V. J-anniraan. Carrier DELANO I'nited Ciffni Store or K. K. Kippy. Delano Carrier GRAPEVINE SneatH Service Station KERNVILLE DISTRICT Ardie M. Walker FELLOWS VTaiEBoner'it New a Dealer LEBEC I>bec Coffet 1 Shop LOST HILLS J. L. Stolz Store MARICOPA Gat« City rbarmacy McFARLAND Frank Carter MeKlTTRICK-BELRTDGE Earl Hillary Servli-c Station OILDALE Oildale Pharmacy SH AFTER Sbafter Drun Company TAFT MaHpoBa Ne\v« and Cigar Co. TEIIACHAPI VauEhan'v Uruv Store TUPMAN Elk Hills Mercantile Co. K. V. LannSman Carrier WASCO Strlngham Drug Store Classified Columns Close 10 A. M. Tue Californlan will not he rewpon* xlhlo fo errors In Classified Advrr- tlftinc taken over telephone unlefiH correction IN mad' Immediately after first insertion. Refund* on paid advertiftiinente miiet be called for within 30 days. i Telephone 7-7631 for City Service UNION CEMETERY Furnishes n MONUMENTS FLOWER CONTAINERS GRAVE MARKERS AT LOWEST PRICES Office Within the Grounds Monumental Display at Cemetery Entrance Phone 7-7185 Flickinger-Digier CHAPEL Distinctive Funeral Service at . . Moderate Cost Phon* 7-7881 Ch««t«r Avtnu* at ThlrUtnth J. 0. Fllcklnur Fraik Oiiiir AMBULANCE SERVICE PAX «n« J ' J

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