Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 8, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1908
Page 2
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Club Dance Sixteenth. The next New Bcllpse Club iliinrel •will occur on Thuisday, .laiiiinry Mxi' teenth. * * * Y. C. Club Party. Mr. and Mrs. A. Iviipanenr iilcas- anlly entertained the T. C. club wKh an loformnl party last niglit. TIUMIV was a delicious luncheon proci'di'd by nn hour of couversatlon. Tlip KIH«;;IS numbered eight. * • • For Sewinq Club. MIftR Rosalia Cliarli's Rave a v.ry Informal jmriy f »r her aewiuR rluii Removal Sale AT Sewall^s Jewelry Store Is Still Going On. First door North Postof f ice \rsterday. Tlio guests spent lbs aftiT noon with needlework and after a five o'clock luncheon enjoyed an hour at can! tables. Miss Clnra ('rankle, who was a suest of the club, gave s.' improniplu piano niunbers whirli wero liH |>plly n'cMved. The yoiin;; l.idli 'S ill alteiidaiici' wore n-nu iir nu'inber-i of Ih:' club. * 4i * To Go to Washlnnton. A;IS. .Mnlcilin Hu'.T'iU'.>< and dau'^hler n con'.pauy with Mr. and Mrs. Thos .\;arllu who have siient the winter In lo'n are to leave next week fur Sent- 111'. Wiis'inivloii. where they are to •. .Mr. Hir.:lii'R hu.s been In the .St f.T .•.•<>\<> ir.onths arianglii!; tislni .r, I'ffrlis. Mr. Tlrs. Hugh's have fakf^n a veiy active part In the sooia! life (if the comniun:ty dur:n.^ ilieT time Jlir- aiiil Mi.s. Hu'^he.;. «lio is now IJ rsident of the 't.'; Music club, ik i -spoojallj- prominent In musical oir- elo^. So ihat the many friends of the familyi wil' be pony to hear of her intended departure. • •> Preparing for Lecture. The Woman's Chrsflan Temperance Union is making special prepara­ tion K for the visit of Miss Aiinia Uob bins to the city. Miss ilobblns will Rive two lectures, on Thursday and I'rldny evenings and the organization whch is presentlnK her hoii.-'s for a lai -RO audience. .MIsa .Bobbins Is sad to l:e a lecturer of etmslderable ability and because of her extensive ex- |ieri,''ncp In mission work the subjects rhtisrn are exriM >dli)K\v Intereatinj?. The W's will pr.ibahiy have a small reccpilcn to liiii'oduce their Kuest to friends of the I'nion + • f Out of Towrl Visitors. Or. U. A. l.iRl.t and .Mrs. Haiii< niro of Clianule. are gupsfs of Dr. Mrs. A. V. Ixidse for a few days. • • * Receive New Members. T ;ie Friday 5no cub had a spec'al meeting yesterday afternoon at the residence of the president. -Mrs. B. )".. .XIliRcn. Two upw members, Mrs. A. ij. Studer and .Mi-s. M. Schoenliniii' voted In. + + + About the Club Convention. The convertlon of the Ped.^rated ' lubft of the Second! district which is to occur in lola next year is going to mean a great deal to club women here," aald Mm woiMn today "Tbc c'idw here are to widely separated by the personal feelln^a and petty dirferences between the membsre that h^rmonioaB work seema Impou- Ible. Club women ataonld not let the Ismail troubles Interfere and It aeema to me-that the w«jrk of preparing for the convention will unite the federated clubs and prepare them for much better work." The woman who voiced these sentiments has scores of friends In this community and she Is one of the most influential workers in the club to which she belongs. The lo'a members of the federation sometime ago cast an affirmative vote relative to entertaining the federation next year and the invitation which was extended was accepted several weeks ago by the various officers of the state and district. • * * Card Club List. The list of members In the new Thursday card club which- appeared In the society columns yesterday afternoon was Incorrect in (hat the name of Mrs. W'. S. Goodln was given. Ths Tat should read Mrs. Fred Relnlsch Arrs. A. E. Balllet. T.rrs. J. Balllef Mrs. H. F. Barnard. Mrs. .Tames Ba-.tlett. Mrs. B. S. Burton. Mrs W. 13. Cnrnialn. Mrs. Oeorge DcCliite Mrs. Fred Oerbltz, Mis. S. L. Jack son. Mrs. H. I.. Harris. Mrs. Her bert Martin. Mrs. W. H. Redfern and Mrs. Geo. Rudnlck. + * • For New Members. The Ijidles' Aid society of th« Clni.stlau church will have n rccep When Yoor Watch Needs Repairinjt Bring it here where we'll fix it to stay fixed. Every piece of repair workgiveu to us guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction—or money back, Mo. Pac^ Santii Te and"M. K. & T. Watch Inspectors. Jir£W YORK STORE'S NOW IN FULL PROGRESS. SACRiFIQ- IMG ALL WINTER MERCHAHDISE AT U2 en, t-3 m ami 1-4 Oil 25 per cent Off .1 c On all wool and cotton blankets. Ladies Coats $6-coats for 7.98 coatafor.. 10.00 coats for . 16.00 coata for . 20.00 coats for.. 30.00 coats for.. .$2.98 ...$4.98 ...$5.98 • • $7.98 $12.50 $14.95 25 per cent Off - On any Lace Curtains and Portiers in the house IS iOc Dress Plaidi As long as they last, ior 56 20 per cent Off On any ladies' Wool Underwear. 1-3 Off On any Fnr Coats and Furt«. Reiniiant«s 5emi-Annual Remnant Sale still on, ^IJ kinds of /remnants at fb^n (-2 actual price. Pen't miss it Grand Clearing Sali Of all Ladies* Waists, i ofiF from regular price I5c Ginghams As long as they las for -71-20 at I 2 price and lees Sacrificing Siil(s 7oc silks for .39c Sacrificing Dress Goods i All 59c fancy dr'-ss goods for 386 All %\.2b fancy dress goods fjr 79c Ladies' Skirts One lot Ladies' and Mis.ces Skirts, worth op to $7 50, take your choice for $2.$a One l(t Ladies' and Misses' Skirts, worth up to $10.00,take your choice for ........ $5JMi tkm tomorrow erenlns fur ROT . Kitchen, pastor of th» CHaante ehurcb and members of the church. The hours '.between elfht and ten o'clock will be obserred. 4> <•> • Evening Party. Mr. and Mrs. Fre<X Gerbitz have Issued invitations to a small group of friends for an Informal party tomorrow evenlnr. * * + Smalt Dinner Party. A party of ladles were dellphtfully entertained at dinner today by IHTS. D. .M: Blxler. The guest of honor was Miss Virginia Dodds who Is leaving Gas City to reside In Stockton, California, and the other guests were Miss Esfe'la Blxler, Miss .Mary Rems- I-erg and Miss .Afargaret Knowlton. who enjoyed a trip through the west with .Miss Dodds saveral summers ipo. Miss Dodds has been entertain n<l limes since cecl'llng to go to California, but none or the parties was more pleasant than the one •vhlch occurred today. * * * Personals. Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Northrup are •pending a few days in Kansas City. Mrs. n. N. McMlIlc* and Miss Hattie McMlUen left yesterday for Toot ka, where they will remain nntll ifter Washburn commencement In Jnne. Mrs. T. 8. Stover, who has been MI for the past week Is much Imprpv ••<) today. .Miss Clara Crnngle ha.i accepted n •r.slllon ns sfonofirapher for Mr. F. '. Oyler. Miss Grace Fitzgerald Is expected ':onie tomorrow after a week's visit with Miss Rva Hall of Tjiwrence. Miss Helene Tholen will be home '.-om Wchlta next week when she •vjll have completed a five months <rm In Mount Carmel academy. Miss Freda DIckerson. who faas heen the guest of Emporia friends for 'he past two weeks. Is expected to re 'urn on Saturday. Mrs. W. E. Lyons and daughter. A.'lelalde, are visiting relatives In Chanute. WOULD OPEN ROOMING HOUSE. Pueblo Woman Writes to Bassett •Marshal. Mrs. Lizzie MIoffltt. now of Pueblo. Colorado, formerly of Inrtlana, writes to .Marshal .Tim Frederickson, of Bassett, asking if there is an opening here for a rooming house. In writing to the officer she said she supposed he would recall who she was. Mr. Frederickson does recall who the woman Is. WJille he was on the police force here several years ago, Mrs. Moffitt came here from Indiana and solicited the officers to find her husband whom she said was In the community. Mr. Frederickson found himj hut the couple has since separated. Mrs. Moffitt had promised to reward the officer who found her husband, hut forgot to do so. THAY ARE FRESH. A chelce assortment of this popu- l4r brand at CRABB'S. Whe'ti yon buy Lowney's ChoctJ- lates here, our Ipers^onal pledge of their freshness goes with them. Get your next candy at Crabh's and see how well It pleases you. GRABB^S DRUG STORE, Collier Washington and West Sts. KX16HTS OF MACCABEES.— Knights o( Maccabees of the World meets in K. P. Ilall, second aud fourth Satiirday nights In each month. J. W; Postwalt, commander; It. B. Porter, record keeper. W. 9. If-r-Camp No. 101 meeU i> K. of P. Hall every Friday night M t. Stetle. C. C; A.H.D»^ Cleif ?ialtora cordially Invited. KXieHTS OF FTTHIASr-> oalr Lods* No. 43t mMta trery 4* ada night at K of P. HalL VisiU i» bro then Invited. W.&Ttaompsoa. iLC: Chm Rltt«r, K. of IL aad B. a. W. A ^Ttaa M. W. A. Lods* me «u every FrXIay night in M. W. K ball. VlBiang b^theri Invited. W. H Andermn. V. C; W. A. Cowan. Olerh BOTAl HEIOHBORS ^IoIa! Cam Na S<5, Royal Nelghbora, neeta B«IV ond and fourth Taeadaya of MM month. Ura. F. A. Wagner, oracle.- Mr«. Mary Hntton, 413 W*** S:;«ei. Reeordar. FRATERNAL BROTUEBUOOOr- Fratemal Brotherhood No. 880 meeU second and fourth Thursday of each month In A.O.U.W. Hall. yiaiUng members eordUly invited. W.H.An- derson, president; Golda Elam. Mcre* tary. Janlor Order United American M» chanJea^MeeU every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock in K. P. Hall. All visiting members Invited. R. A Wtdick. Councelor; C. 6. Black. Rec Secretary. Dlitflloi f Iter One hundred pounds of Cry> tal lea will maka U gallooa ot dlMIIad water aalUbla lor fUnily BM. Try It Iilalce&ColdStenfeCf FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. Stock Broker Suicides. New York. Jan. 8.—Chas. W. Whit ney, a member of the stock exchange firm of H. N. Whitney & Sons, com niltted suicide today. The cause of his act Is unknown. Ilesolatlong of Condolence. January 7th. 1908. Whereas; The grim monster has again Invaded our ranks and laid his relentless hand upon one of our young brothers, Clinton G. Taylor, a valued member of lola Lodge No. 98, A. O. IT. W.. who departed this life In Colorado Springs, Colorado, on the .".Oth day of December, A. D. 1907, and. \Vhereaa: We are again, so forcibly admonished that death is no re- spector of persons, age, rank or condition, and that, "one by one we are passing over," Therefore,. Re It Resolved, That we extend to the bereaved family, wife and child, father, sisters and brother our most heartfelt sympathy in the early removal of one; who, by his genial and lovable disposition has endeared himself to them and held a firm grasp on the affections of those to whom he was so ddvotedly attached. Resolved; That a copy of these preambles resolutions be presented to the dally papers of lola. for publication and that a copy be sent to the family of the deceased Brother and a copy be spread upon the Record of the lodge and that the Charter of the lodge, whidi^ is now draped in mourning in smypathy of a-departed Brother, be further draped for a period of thirty days. T. T. ANDERSON. A. R. ADJOIS. D. B. D. ^BIELTZER. Committee. For best a«| mMett rcsalts nse tko IcfMer Waiil Cctausi »TEYER'» OROCCRY MMd^Mftan Ht Good Things to Eat. Tei€|>hoDe 139 The "Oar Way" Restaurant mmrohmm1a'luaeh28o Everything in Season. SHORT ORDERS OF ALL KINDS FARMS, In Howell Coanty, MlssowL To Exchange for City Property or Merchandise. Write for list. Give full descritpion and price of what you have. J. T. CilLMODR, Pomona, Mo. DR. MeMILLEir, Special attention given to the * treatment of all Chronic Dlaeaa- * es and Diseases of Children. * Telcpbones: Office 32, Rea. 2SS. * Office in ifrs. Turner's BIdg.. * West Madison. * Phone 687. Rea. 701. .DR. 0. L. GOX, • Eye. Ear, Nosa and Throat. * Ipactaciea Properly Fittad. • Offlco A. 0. U. W. Bldg. • Offlco Phone 1088. » • Night Phone 406. • • DR. K. 0. CHRISTIAir. * • PhyBleian ani SngeoB. • Rooma T and 8. Cvana BIdg. .* * n^. Tel. 198. Offlco TeL 168. * DR. J. B. PEPPER. * Dentist • Is permanently located over * E. C. McGlaln 'B Clothing Store. * and la prepared to do all kinds * of up-to^ate dental work. * Evening work by appointment. • • • • Bi£$p<^ciaiCut on on all kincb ot M^rcl|iandbe until change. A. 6. 9IUIIU. fm- • F. H. MABTnr, • • Surgery and Diseases of • • Women. ;• • Ofllce and Residence Phone 576 * • Office 7 North Jefferson. • • * • • a • DR. w. R. HETunnr. * • Pkysiclaii * BariMB. • • Office N. E. Comer of Sanara. * • Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'a Btora. ' • Res. Tel 38. Offlco TeL 60*. • * P. IJ . Lathrop. * Mrs. Bessie O. Lathrop. * OSTEOPATHIC PHTSICIAirB. • Special attention given to Dia* eaaes of Women and Children. * Over East Side Hardware. * Office 'Phone, Main 468. * W. H. AHDSR801, * Notary and .Stenographer In • Offlco. • PtKUM 466. * H. A. Bwlng. 8. A. Oard, O.R.Gard • EWDie, GARD * GARD. • • Xawyefi. * Practlca In all OomtS. ^ • 8^ W. Madison. Fhoao 181. * JEWEUSaiS. B. P. Pancoaat. old reliable iewslor, no Bast street. Livinq «toD £• Co Caatraetm and BalMsnu AH kinds of work a spedalty • Sontt ByeaMisk PioM mt R, S, OILnUAR^ ' Cfeaeral CdMradsK riagstone and GonoBt ttdiwalks and Curbing a ^adalty. Oaea lU Bast JackMB Ava. mXRERMUl Office and Sfana^e Ware Room at #5 West Sttieet. Phone 35ff StocUolders' VeeUag. NoUce l8 hereby given that the annual meeting of stockholders ot the lola Ice and Cold Storage Co.. ot lola, Kansas, will be held at their office In lola' between the hours 2 o'clock and 4 o'clock p. m. Monday, January 13th, 190S. FRANK RIDDLE. Sec'y. . lola. Dec 30. 1907. REGISTB WAKT AD gets It

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