The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 13, 1944 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1944
Page 10
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10 Wednesdoy, September 13,1944 Che gakrrrtielb Calif or man AIR PROGRAMS Krlld In fi:.1l< p. ni. KKT?.V—News, 6:!,"). SOUKS bv L-c.n I'a.Mir. KKI—Th" .Mnn Trillin Sh.'iv i;PMC—eliil'i-iol H-ai-.n; S.I.'.. f-.i*fii Trsts. <i::lo tn :.-nn u. m. KKH\—S|...!;-t-l,t liiin.l«. h;:.;,. r, : .., • t .«nirv THIfi. KIM—Mr. I>:«iri.t Atlnrn'-y KI'.Mf—Fi:ci Niehc-i. 7:00 tn 7:30 p. in. KKK.V- IJnMiii.nil (ii:,ni M\ i: ', : '. To.l .Maluiif. KI'J—K.v.Tr C'lllr-pp ff MII--..I Kno\\ Ifrlfcr, ^J;u?ltti I'll i )!• • Kl'.MC— i;i< HI .Mum-nls ,n S; ••••• 7 "'. T.'ilny's \\HT Cnninir'tii.!: \ ; i.. I.OWcil ThMHlHS. ~i:'M\ (n 8:0(1 p. in. K l;ii.V — Si irunl.y Ami.- Kl'l Kv.«.'t Ij.ik'C' •':! M - ••' Know i.'.lKr. sim mil; I'h : M i - KI'MC—l..i|.» It.diiB''. B:(MI 11, K::lll p. in. Ki-:r;.y—\V;r, h on- '.v- •..] .... i> S:l-"., I.uin<! \h KKI —Th" Mufir si,.,i'. .- i:, i: y KTMiJ—Jim K'nc. ' 1'• " • ' '.' '!•'' K:HI1 In !):llll p. ni. KKK.V -.--My H<M c , ;. KKI —Hi>nl lh« F, I. Kr.\li.'—HiilMoi: In M.I.:I..•: !>:(>() (n ^:.{|l p. in. KK.II.V—nnni, n«,: KKI — Mr. ;in.| Mi.- \ • :: KPMO— Nr.«-.<; f, i., r... i I-: -< r. fli.'UI In 111:1111 p. m. KK.II.V—Hfni\ .1. •['>!-,. !' i.. r;.,i-,-:.i!id Hallrninn; !i..'- . N. " ". KKI—KKI l,,i;l,: '!•• :., >••: • -. \> Hi KKI Si .-iff in, !vi i KI'MC—Knlli.n !..•«•'. .!• '• l.'i, \, ivs. 10:11(1 In lll::!0 p. ill. KKtlN—\\ rollnif M.U. In'i. KKI— Th.. li, -i.-i . H 1 ,... KKI Ky own n. s^. KI'MC — \Vini;" ill.; tl. \W:,| foast. I (I :.'<(! In II :l)ll n. in. KKIt.V—Kic,J,!' ,M;nln'.- HH>,,-MI,I KKI —In.-iilc. Hi,, .VMVS. in I, Tiiili.iina.le Mrlnr]i..« KI'MC— ';.n«o.,d V.-M. (• "i, I,. Mrn. I 1:1111 In I I :.ln p. in. KKI!N--Th..- Mi.v i :• W"! Id. 11 r, Hcniy K hi s i in li.'-n i. Kl'l— KI-.-..i-,.h II,,,r \. « -. 11 i:. IV^I ]•',,;,,!••: 11 "II. |'..|, i- rl,-. I,,,,,;, KI'.Mf- \i •«'... II 'I!:.. Snl.rl ll::lli In l":lin Miilnclht KI'IIN —T.'.i Wrnns .'nifl Ui« ()i ( h...«ira ; 11-;,:,. Ni «>. KKI- 'I".] \V..-i:i.«. 1! .',.",.] Kl'ili'- .- 1v r \.i. iNinn. TIII iisn.vv (i:0n In "t::tO H. in. KKF.N'— -M:iili .mil h.ihK'r-". : il IS. '-;, 1 ,,,ri i ' i ,- I in ii ll't I lonu- H*,,JI . ii::lll In 7:00 R. m, Kl-:i:\—N'.ii" • .'i K.-II- rn.-in.l llnm- Hour; ., r.,. .M-I^ . .,i i:i.\.-iiii.. Kl'l —I'ln; kw.iK'.n .liimlinic,,. KI'MC—AIn>-, .il Cloi'k: II .',;,. (In Iho K;i! ni. 7:1)0 In 7:11(1 H. m. Kl.'lt.V—.\.•!•.>: 7 I.',. M.IIIIII ABl-onsky. Kl'l—Tttil.i.v 'ii I he .Ni-ws. 7:1.",. [••(.•"tw,,»,i l.:i\\ (on. Kl'.Mc- .\v\\ t 7 i,,. MpiiKjiPH or Tt.tlny. 7::<ll lo 8:011 n. in. KK.I'IN—.':inn>. Ahlii- ( HIHI-I vcs: 7 t:,. The l.iM.-liint; I'osl. KKI —.Mii'ili in Virlni-y; 7:4:,. Siim H.T.TP. Kl'.MC—T'tp Tunes; 7 40, Wc'ill's Newt; i . IT). .N\ \\ K. K:0(l In 8:30 ». in. KK.n.V—rii'clw-.ifid Lii H'liin; 8.15. Vnioi.v MnrrhpK. KKI—Johnny Murray; 8:15, T. V. Hlukislfin. Kl'.MC—Shady Viilley K"ll>s. H::iO lo I):(MI u. in. KI-:I:.V—Hinikfjisi ciuh. KKI — News IVnnd; S:1.'i. Inn,Minium. KP.MC—ll;ipny -loc iind lUlph; S.4,',. In Your NriKlihni hood; h ;,.',. Chfirlotip Derhle. !l:ll(l In (h:l(l n. m. K I.I.N — Nrws ul' Hi- World. :>.l'i. I. . ,il Nrws . !l:i;,. lii-U-4 [lain h. KKI--.Ncn^. !)."... Krlw-iuil J..IK, ns,,n; " 1. . I. .11 i * Sin, Hi. h r\l' '- .|l,,.il,e Oiiui, 9:1.'.. Nunii-s und J ' : . ff !! the .\>\vs ! "::in (n 10:00 n. in. K i:HN -Hi. akfasl Ml S.url.'... j |. l-'l - M.,j..r II. S. Tin IK i . :>:|1. Mr.C.iV'l'" I'itK'. ; 9.1.".. ll'illlly I \|.|l!*f-<-lll i K I'MC— .Midhin.l K. S. A ; H Ii. .\ni I:-I:IK .!• ninf'i I.XKIIM. i 111:00 In I0:.'<0 n. in. i K i;i:N T'.ny Mi. i:" 1" I.,. lilnc ! C..II-M, ..... I. ins .Miro:id. : KII \',, , •• ,,r .-i .Vnin.n. nt:]:;. ' I'. I'T .1" I. HI!. IS C|tiM-tlp? K I'M' - .N,'\VS . ]« i:.. .la. k H. n h I0::ill In 11:00 11. m. K Kl!\ -M\ Tun- Sinn I" .'..'. 'Mi- Auni .1-111.111.1 Sl,,,>\. j K Kl - A, mi Mni> . in 4.'. A i I ll.ik-i. j KI'MC- -Tn,- Finn, Tilili-ns. 1" \',. Allli'lM III! \Volll:in'> ,lll!>. I I Mill In I I ::!0 n. m. K l:l! V - |{:nikh:n:r. T:i!k UK, 111 J. h !:,:!•! M, .•-• KKI; l.ichl : 1 I I.",. T"d.iv S ..|; , I I :.'IO III 1'MIII Nnnll It's a sensation in comedy quiz! 'STOP TUT TILLI&R" radio's newest hilarious quiz show don't miss it! THURSDAYS 8:30 P. M. KPMC Mutual r.':llll In I'JiIMI p. rn. KKII.V -\<\\.« i.r HIP Win M. i: in I.". ..-I X-u^. !.':!.,. ll.illv »„,„! ,M,,r Tim.- K I'l -.\',,,n I 1 ;,| III !!i-|>.» If! . K I j, M.i I',-ilnns. K I'.Mi' — \<-w*. i:' i;,, .\.i,,,] Tune .\-K u i unc. r::!W In ':()« p. ,n. K KILN - li..i«ri>n HIP j,ii..-s. KM;,. KHtlMU's Cni-IIIT xri ivpp.., VI.IMIB'B Fiiinii). i: i.,, KI'Mi'- I'niilitiY ( 'oinnii'lilii Irii K 15, .\lll>,f. I :()() In \ :'.',» n. in. K'KIIN ^.ini llni.-s. 1 i;, I:,,I, M,-In,Is. KKI- -r.;i. ki-niBi' Wil.-. I I . .-ii. ll.-i KI'Mi' M.-IM! N,.i\ II.", (.Minnas nf I.ifi- I :.'l(l In ::llll p. m. KI-:I;\ Tim, \H«B UM- \eas i r, Illu.. S,.«i,|-<,imi llrv,..« . l.;,li Oflicisl Millnllf KKI- I...|i-ri7.n .lulirs. I ',:, YIMIIIB \\'l,l,lr., !.,.,«!! KI'MI' -T , I" iiiiiiciini ,-,! '.MID tn '.'H::!(l n in. Kl:ii\ -\V|IIMI :, I'.iii .\liinics, -J K., \Ve I.HVP -I'l'l I.l-ll III Kl'l - Win-i a i;nl Ma MICE, -' 15. \V« I.OVM ,IM>| I.I-H in K I'M' '•-!•'. i' c« and I'la.ns in I|IP Ni-\\s: - i:.. .Mm,in in. HIP HiRli Seas. •!:'M tn MillO p. in. KWIN- - Wlun'f Ii '. 1 ' Kl-'l- .IMS- I'lai. Hill: - !.'• I-'inni I'aKC I'ill!. II K I'.MC' i i;miiMi«. ;. i;,, i^my Kh\ Him :i:iHi in :<::«» n. in. K Klt\ •A|i|ii,inlnii'ii> W.lli l.ili, K I'.MI '• - Hi u i in IJ.-IMII i NIB. :: i;,. S'-llU'lliur" SVHIIB. :<::<(! tn 1:011 p. m. KI-'.KN -Dili,'I an,I Allii'il . :i l.'i Hlilii] Tr,.n In'ii. KI'.Ml' 'I'll,lit.- \Vrillll \Vlilk-; 3.1,,, .Inline,,11 l''i,iniii'. 5736 liy MUS. A.VNK CAnoT Fl\iMB Ul> HIP Uiti-hcn, HIP ilinclln nr Ihi- breakl'asl i (iniPr can IIP fun it' .you'll JUKI lakp lime lo ml n few IciiKili" of hii*rhtl.\' inloi-rd percale, calii'ii, sailrlolh. iBllain or rhinlz into \vcll-f ill inK tailored it and dlH Ir-hat'li cover*. The kitchen sliinl ran also lie hroUBllt into IhG har- lunnt/.iiiB picllllP liy ineaiiH of n Kay liulp ci)\-er. The one.* illuHlriiled are ilone In i ed-atid-wlijle polka t.oiled rotlon [inn* iiunineil >vith \vlnlo by-ihc-yaid eyelet l''or conililele »ninnK and finlHliinK in- sl t ui't itin.s for Hie de,-oralor'.s kiulion fiet fPaltern No. f»7ull) wend 1j cents in coin, plus ) cent T'OflaHe. your name. addrPHS and Hip pattern number to Anne I'almt, Tile IlakerAlield ('allfoniian, 7(l!t Misuiun tti eel, Snn 1'ianciMco. HOW IS THE FIGHTING MAN YOU KNOW FARING ON HIS MARCH TO VICTORY? Ted Malone Takes you overseas to bring you warm, intimate stories of our fighting men . . . Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 7:15 P. M. KtWH OUT OCR WAI- By J. R. WILLIAMS 7 WHY. I'VE COME IW 'AT DOOR- FIVE ER. six TIME.V- EVERV DAV AM' TH' EOo MO, IT WOULDN'T WITH YOU EIGHTH \ GRADE ElMSTEiViS/ VOU GOT ALL, THE ANSWERS/ I'M STUPlD- BORM IW TH' NUMB MIMETIES—A CIGAC. STORE IMDIAW OM CASTEC1S.' COME OUT WITH IT--SAY IT MOVE; THIS is wo CLAMCH--WE HAVE ME:<3HBORS.' ^ v w -^s-.- '- .-.^ J n-W.LLI/X'l*. 'WHY MOTHERS GET GRAY ^.".r.^'./H.'.fJT »r J ' /i Ol'R BOARDING HOUSE tt'ith MAJOR E6AD,T\)OlGGS.' X MUST SOU FOR SAVING MV *I,OOO FROM. THW CHM^L^ANl.'— UM.' \MOMOF-R I SHOULONi'T PLACE MV CAPITAL, iNi A, SANiK?-«*• DiO HEAR. STEALThW FOOTSTEPS fM THE OEA^D OP M16WT? I'D SV^EARTHERE BURGLAR. ' SNOOPER AROUMO \MlTi4 \ TO SAV J. SUSPECT YOU'RE CRfVZV A ,000 'CANi BE THE Gt.MPS And What a Koof By GL'S EDSON BOY.' I HAP A JOB WHEEPLIN<5 YOUR LUNCH OUT OF THAT BI<T-NO5EP COOK - TOLP HER T HAP TO FEEP THE INNER MAN ANP SHE ASKEP FOR H& RATION BOOK- TI/V\/V\IE I'/V\ GITTIN' PlSCOURAGEP- THIRTY YEARS, I BEEN SEARCHIN' FEFf THEAA. COMBEP EVERY INCH OF THIS HOUSE- THOSE ZUf*PFOLK<5! OF COURSE.THEV PIPN'T FINP'EWV- THE fiUMPS'LL EJE <SOIN6 SACK TO THE CITY SOON-SH! PUCK our OF SIGHT; QUICK f SOMEONE'S CO/WING! HELLO, THERE TIMMIE- r I THINK IT'S HVSH TIME ) EFt- WE SOT ACQUAINTED- / YES. NOW THAT WE SHARE/MA'AA* THE SAAAE ROOF- /I MEAN H-HELLC r- ^r - /'• -• :.? W-'^'/ •A'-'-A* '* \ GASOLINE ALLEY Fromotcd U.v KING - I CAPTAIN MfACfP! SO ~\ THEY FINALLY 'f CAV6 VOJ A I, OLAD TO SEE 10D. VOU LOOK A MILLION) AT LEAST.' I SAW THAT BOV F(?ltMP( BJV FKlEMD' | Of YOUKS ovee IN i HAVEN'T ANV j SlClLV MANV MONTMS \ BOV FRIEND. ), AGO. POES HE S1UL l?4Te /AS HE PID? / <v S NO? THAT MAKES IT HOOTS AND HKIt Bl DDIKS One Happy Family By EDGAR MARTIN ffL*t.<J£&&~fo~S~r>- —i^i~» ^.^o-r^- 4>s-/ FKKCKI.KS AM> HIS FKIKNDS f THIS is TME PICTURE- 1 HILDA HAD TAKEN, To j PROVE HER peer ARE ,TME ONES THAT SHOE ICOMPAMV is LOOKING FOR.' Discontented Cows By MERRILL BLOSSER SHE AIN'T HOME IN TMF UPPER. STORY, IF THATi5 WHAT YOU MEAN / WHV ? WHATS 0 ) SHE BOUGHT TWO WRONG, HECTOR?^ QUARTS OF MILK TODAY, JUST so SHE COUUD Give HER FfEf A BATH ' IMAGINE THAT/ COPB.'t9*4'BY NtA SEIVICt. INC. T. M. RCC. U. S. PAT. Off IF you ASK ME, THERE ARE SOME COWS IN THIS TOWN THAT ARE GONNA FEEL THEY A'N'T GOT MUCH TO __ LIVE FOR/ WASH TUIiltS Oriental Snhlnx By LESLIE TUIiNER 7:15 DON LEE-MUTUAL "LOWELL THOMAS NEWS TIME tfCaKforaia /^ HE WON T TALK, EA-SV, BUT N [ I I50U8T IF HE COULD GIVE US ,MUCH USEFUL INroRMATlON/ YOU WAWT MANV INFORMATIOWS ABOUT JAPAM, BUT NO JAPANESE SOWERS WILL TELL .• NO WAV TO FIND OUT IP WE WOT TELL! KES SMART ENOU6H TO «WOW HE'6 RISHT.'ONEOF OUR 8K5SEST PROBLEMS NOW 1S2ETTIM6 PATA WE MEED OM JAPAN AMD THE PHILIPPINES: COPH, 1944 BV NE4 SERVICE. INC. .T. M. REG. U. 8. PAT. OFF One Point Landing By FRED IIARMAN HE HAD HORNS ICOUID) REAL i.v PULLDOG u "«— '> HE'S oOT FLENtl EF FOR A SOFT "Things Worth While" Brighten Your Life KPMC at 3:30 P. M. LET IVERS FURNITURE COMPANY Brighten Your Home Th* Ho mi' ul <luallt> »t>lr and Hr»ut> In Furnltiir- 625 Nineteenth Street Phone 4-4711 AI.LKV 001' Lead 'Km to It! V. T. HAAII.IN "AWR.I6HT, YOU J&O THIS I* IT, SUVS, UP ON / LAND CAKES VER HIMP J ALIVE.' WHAT A DREARY PLACE AT WHICH TO . ARRIVE.' / VVU6? LESS.' IT'S TIMET'6O T 1 WORK/ VOU SAN IT'S TIME T'GO TO WORK- VEAH? WHERE? QUITE A WAYS,.. ABOUT ISO MILES, TP SAV/ Announcement* WANT AM !lnp9irted Advertising columns of The Bakersfield Call Torn Ian clone promptly Bt 10 o'clock ench mnrnlnjf for R!! one- column ada. Two-column or larger adi must OP pieced the dav befnr* publication. Phone 7-7631. 1-U-tf For rent—Trucks. ; ickups, trailers. Parker' «. Eighth and Union avenu*. Ptmne 2-994J. 1-21-tf Al,i. kind* or welBhts and width* of canvas. Canvas goods made to order it __ Hnrnung't. * 60fi Nineteenth street. 1-8-if RKFUNDS on ench classified advertisements which have been canceled before the expiration date mimt be called for WITH CASH RltX,:ttlPTS within on* month from date of cancellation The BakerBfield raltforninn 6-21-If FIRST UNITY TKMPLB— All Unity serv- irpp aval la Mr. f 'ompletr wtork puhtlrn* t inns. Siitippflpl Ions tflken Noon alien re dailv 12.1 Southern hole 1 . Phone 8-8928 BAHHKhS — Iron harr^ls. CM us. palls for Kit i-linire, t rn.^h. fpfd, MIC inn rating : wood h;irrels. 141) Chester avenue. Cull L'-8.'»i!5 or 4--1S2S. Lost — Found — Strayed LOST — Lnrge en moo pin. by 90 rv iceman's \vi fe. Pin is kpnpsake. bpIonginR to mother. One side cracked. If found, home address is Mrs. Purvis, 2039 Shut- tuck. Her kelpy, Calif. Krwa rd. 40 LOST — Tan billfold hoar ins label "Rand Construction Company." If found, pleuse return to KHz Foster, 700 Wood row _ iiveniie. Hen'iird. Or rail 2-3S1I. __ 88 LOST — Bin rk hoisehldn billfold, with Hprtirity and postal saving cnrdn. Finder Kof p money, but rciurn billfold. Phone _ 3-1 -M_R. ___ __ __ _ ___ 3* LOST— YKLT-.OW GOLD KUTIN POCK FIT WATCH, "\V. K. M. ' OX BACK. (liKT TO SlSnVIC'K.MAN. CALL MANAGKR _AT HOTKL KL TEJON. ______ 38 L ( ">ST, Monday evening. V)illfold. containing navy idrnt if M ,'Hinii t-a rd and apnrnx i- ina l*'Iy .$:;">. Finder may kocp nuiiipy. hut jik'Hse mail ullfold and idoni If k-sit i<m raid imiivdi;tto!y in 1 1 ilda Gilb<>". __"in May her t Coin 1. __ _ ___ 3S LOST - hi upper t 'ot'lVp ra nyon. Saturday 11 m I't , i liivi- t ra it hoi iiid.". imp IVnin IP hlin 1% ;iml t.'i n ; oiu» in; 1 , Ir Mack and \\ hit.' \v;t Ikt'i ; mil- main hlnrk a nd tnn M tid wliit.' \\ ;i lk<- 1 •. l.asi hoa rd Kninij tmva rd f ' l-'latM. running n royn(<\ Call 2-1M V.i 'or -"• 1 3 Mmolu Flieoi. Oil- FOl'M>- -Black Cnckpr SpanU-l, in vii init.v di' Chps'rr and Kinhi h si root. Owner idpnt it'y a nd PJI V for ad. I 1 ho no "-2 -."• 1 . YKI.T.nW cold hahy brrirc-M. with blun I'lmvci'.s on pjtcli side of IIH IMP "Xaiify. " LOST — Keyring WH h about :if> ke.v«. earn. Ivf*y has ini mhprpd brass pla i r. lie ward. __rhun_e :i-p3l:! or jS-JiJiiiT. ____ __ 39 LOST, Sept Pint'* 1 " 12. c In Id's road ins «lassr.s, brlwrcn A V ill tains School atnl 'Hen l« avenue. pprhap* in a liny hrl \vpr-n Munu-n-y and Lako nr on Lake street. _Ufward. __ 1'hom- ^-4«sr>. _____ 40 LOST — \\'oniaH's idfiil il'irat inn card and C ua so line ral inn bunk in hrmvn leal hi i r- PI lo i a. «P. vit-iniiy of Tinkers field busi- ii'-^s dislrit't or t iM'L'iif ipld. Mintor Kipld cinployt-, n !•«:•' ntly uporled. Libci a I rp- w;ird. I'hitiu* L'-8j3.>. 149 Chest or Personals HBMURRH01D SUFFEHBRS — No ho»- Ditull7.ation nnr loss 01' time. No aurKery nni- Injections. New safe. painless method at elimlnatins; hemorrhoids now avallablr from Dr I . R. Psnninictnn, D C... suite i. Profession*.' building. Phone 6-(il 00. 8-6-If SA('R').II,IAC LKSION8 I iw back pains, arthritis, conallcallon and Diinlate disorders coriecterl Dr. D II Parish. D C... 40' Haberfeldi building Phone 9-D.32 8-8-tf B. D. AlnBndp Detective Agency room 110. H.ny blrldlnp Bakersfield Licensed and bonded, f'onfIdentia 1 investlffatlon. Phone :-2SOO or g-Sfir.9 9-7-tf AFTKR THIS HAY and d:Hp I, C. .1. Bonns, will not he responsible for debts other thnn my own. (Signed) C. .1. Konns. Gill'•; Snnincr sfirct. 41 HAVING boiiKht. all Interest in business know:, as Rninbow t.'al'e on Spptemher Ui. will nni bn responsible for any hlllH unlesi ^o-itrRcted for by myself. E. C. Cuinhx. Lurnonl. Calif. .19 Your Hpiiuty \\ill not IJP fontrncted bf- (SiBticd) Edith up. U A VI MS PT'RCHASKD th* Shop. ?7no ('hcKlt-r nv^n T'fsponsiblp for a ny hi Ma fore Srptrmhpr ] '2, 3D11. f I. Smith. -10 HA VINO SOLD (ho Your Beiiuly Shop. L'TOO Chester avemjr, \vill not lip n\«pun- sihli; for any lulls emit t M ft > p d ;i f t er S*>n- u-inhor K', 1!I44. (Signed) Viola C;i'l- llOUIl. 4 9 HAVING SOLD business known HP A & A Poult ry. will riot be responsiblo for bills ron t flirt' 1 *! by anyone other t ban mysel f. T.ayton WitiKel. September 11, 101-1. -10 HA V IXC SOLD the Boulevard Stop. 6:U Has I Nineteenth street, we will not be responsible, lor debt? ront racted Jit'tr-r St-pleinher 12. 1044. Frances K. S lee If. T>"rot by L._Thie»f*rn. _ 40 NOT RKSPOXSIFUJC for any rhar^e no rount co ni'ted by nnyono oi her t han myself. Mr. Kred W. Jones. J'loule 4. BOM HI. ISakensfh'ld. 42 Financial for INCOME TAX PAYMENTS SCHOOL, NEEDS NECEPSiriES ETC. BORROW ON Automobiles Trucks Fur.niture Farm Equipt. "Salary "PAID FOR OR NOT" You may still borrow for as lone a* 12 months. Private Sales of Automobiles, Trucks find Furniture Financed LllC 100 r » LOCALLY OWNED Trade with local people who understand local conditions. W. J IBiin Beriman Maurice St. Glair LTtlh ami (Mioster Opp. MontBomery Ward Phone 6-A78C Appnlntmsnts Made A MONTH HKPAYS JIOO LOAN IN FI'l^L IN 12 MONTHS. NO CO-SIGNERS. made on salary, furniture, aulos (no Insurance needed^ to ot'l'icc employees, skilled nnd unskilled industrial vvork- ors, civil service employees, business executives, ett? Private Prompt. Come In. write— or phone first: when approved pick up cash. You get full amount of loan. Private snles of automobiles and furniture financed. Nation-wir? Credit Cards Issued and honored here. IMO Pill niilldliifr (Under the hiff ('m-K-fnUi sign) lollS 18lh Street W. Vethaag. Mgr. Phone 6-8.195 EMERGENCY CASH LOANS Borrow $100 Cash for Thirty Dayi Repay $102.60—Total Co«t ONLY $2.BC If you Prefer, Take Up to Twelve Months to Pay Only You Have to Sign- No Co signers AUTOMOBILE, FURNITURE TRUCK LOANS Private Sales ot Automobiles and Furniture Financed SEABOAKD FINANCE COMPANS 2300 Chester Telephone V-9421 8-21-tf MONEJF TO LOAN Long term, all type arm loans. 4'.4 P«r L-ent Interest. No commlaslon to bor- J.'B. WARREN REALTT CO. TULARE THEATER BUILDING TULARE. CALIF. PHONE 11 »-<•« NEW soft drink stand, complete with awnInge: trlanaular Khape. r>0-foot counter ppnce. Ideal for Fair concession or permanent location. Can be seen at 361'fr _M_stj "-el. . t± INDIVIDt'Ar.l.V OW.NT.O ,1-pump nil h- firld Hprvii t? station, iluist. tooln. liuild- inc-". lots. etc. Write or cull ill? Front atrppt. Buttonwillow, Calif. 43 Schools—Instruction HIGH S'.'HOOU completec at home fnr recognized cl'plnma <0r othei course*. Free t-ntalnrue ('n)l Msnful), 7-75r*>, fnterns tlonal Corieipondenr-e Sc^o 'i. 45 Transportation—Buses fr'RKK MliAbS AND PII.1.UW8 Lowest Farce to All Point* ALL-AMERICAN BUS LINK INC. H Chester Bills L. Ball Phone 2.3433 1-7-«f SANTA FE AND BURLINGTON BUS DEPOT Sixteenth and F Phone 2-0472 3 6-tf 1 HAVE H Hit-foot apmi-flat, making reffil- lur trips to Lns Angclps. would like rp- turn toadp. Phone L'-03fi.1. 39 LKAVINCr for .MuskoEPP. Okla.. l«kp IhrPe pMsspnKPrs, shmp pxppnsos. Inntilrp 'J31 ^'cst Twenty-first strept. Keferetu-os Occupational Services HAVE your car glazed in the modern way. A smonth. long-lasting^ finish done by an expert. The cost is reasonable and satisfaction guaranteed. Also steam cleaning and car washing. Make your appointment today. PHONE 6-G457 FIRESTONE STORES TWENTY-FOURTH AND CHESTER AVE. 9-2-tf TRUMAN'S TRANSFER—Long distance and local. 812 North Chester, Olldalc. Phone 2-8914. 39 WB DO THER topping, removing fence bull.line team work, plowing general work, lust work: have truck Phone 5-B740. 38 i'RBl: SERVICE CO. ' Pruning. Shaping Topping Msr Trees Taken Ou' B. Parker Free Estimating 1807 H Street Phone 2-3Ua __ _ _ ___ _ ____ 43 FOR GENERAL contract an-' repair work. phone 3-OR7&. _ 63 ~~ FOR STENOGRAPHER SERVICE SEE US Courteous and prompt service. Will consider phone or rush orders. San. Joaquin Agencies, Edward \V. Moody, 1S12 "Eye" street, phone _ 2 -0653. _ 9 -1-tf "BRAKES KELINED ANL ADJUSTED WRiOHT'S BRAKED SHOP H\vy. S9 it Circle Jlohnwk Corner Jack \VriKht Prop Phone 2-9101 WASHING POLISHING STEAM CLEANING SIMONIZ1NG MACK AND SON California Avenue. Phone 2-1220 _____ _____ ____ 45 PAPER HANGING and painllng. Work guaranteed. Thompson, phone 2-07SO. 38 POLISH ING, SIMON1XING—PRO- TECTS AND MAKES ALL FINISHES LAST LONGER. COME3 IN TODAY AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. TWENTY-FIRST _AND R STREETS. __40 REFRIGERATORS overhauled, washing machines rebuilt. Cooler service. We also move refrigerators. 3^8 WaehlnK- ton. Oildale. Phone 2-7878. n HOUSEPAINTING inside and out and commercial spray pointing. Estimates gladly given. M. S. Druey. Licensed contractor. Phone 2-u^UO. 3S TRircK riAKLIXO—Anything, any time, nnywhere. I-'urnilui'p moving H specialty. Phone "-'.i:2.>. Whltie Morehcad, 101! DeiHtnr sti-ppl, Oildale. 62 WANTED- I'RfNINt; AND Tit KM TOP- PINli. TAKING TREES OUT. WK Cil'AriANTEE Ol'R WORK. FREE- ESTIMATE L. C.. KI.OVD. 331 WII,- _' -° \^L1' ™ ! .VJ1_J > IJ!?j!i!' : _5: 'I'lZd tl HATS cleaned nnd blocked. Oppmtor former employe of Stetson factory for seven years. California Hat Shop. 807 Bakpr Hlippl. East Biikersfleld. 43 Bl'ST plinnbiJig pnrvif-e. Thp host costs less. Repair and rernodplitiK; littlo ,1ohs get fii'st attention. County license, l'hone_2-;19:'. 43 VACI'LTM SWEEPERS, hair dryers. lron?» hpat pads, toasters, motors, evprything picctrical rppnirpd. ^loopy-back guaran- to'\ "Will pick up and dplivpr. Huntlffy Applk-ame SL-r\'icp and Repair. 917 Water strpel.>70. BRICK WORK of nil kinds, barbecue pits and fireplaces a spei ialty. Phone 7-7325. Interior and exterior brush or spray. Commercial or home. Free estimates. Contractor O. H. Hinep. riume ii-lM:!;;. 43 _ Help WanUd-— Male _ SALESMAN wanted. Apply in person. Ivers Furniture Co., 625 Nineteenth __s ti-eet. __ __ 9 . 9-tf Bt'S BOY wanted. El Tejon dining room. WANTED— BODY • ND FENDER APPLY AT THE UNITED GARAGE. 1.101 EIGHTEENTH STREET. 40 WANTED—West BakeraCield High School boy to help in mail room and emergency route work. Apply California!! office. 9-9-tf WANTED — AUTOMOBILE MECHANIC. APPLY IN PERSON AT THE UNITED GARGAGE, 1301 EIGHTEENTH _ STK EET. _ __ __ _ _ 41 WANTED — Boy over 16. who can work Meady, or man over (10. to work in washroom. Family Service Laundry. 830 California avenue. Phone 6-6436. _ <ivenil>Bs_3-m;!^ ____ 311 YOUNG MAN between 17 and 20. Call at Bakersfield Laundry Association, corner Nineteenth and L« _ s_treets. ______ ______ _ W A N T 1C D — LUH R ICATION MAN . PLY AT THE UNITED GARAGE, EIGHTEENTH STREET. WANTED — Men for warehouse work. Sea Sir. Spence at Hopper Machine Worki, 2:il 5 M street. TiHkcrsfield. 39. WANTED — Man to learn trade in repair _ uhop._ Phone 4-4343. _ 41 MAN to <1o yard work. Call 3-1746. BOY to wash dishes and assist on foun- tai n. Apply S I i chener's Drive-In. 39 WANTED — Janitor, mlddle-aced. white," experience preferred, hut not necessary. Apply in person. William J. Smith, WA NT TO HA_I 'L hay. Call 3-l'04li. _ 39 NIGHT watchman needed Immediately. Steady joD. Apply in person. Schlum- bi'rscr \\'ell Coi'porution, Thirty-fourth and I, ___ ____ 40 HELP WANTED— 7-Up Bottling Company of BaUersfieUI, 230 East 39 __ ____ WANTED— .Man and wife for general farm work ou mountain ranch. M. A. Weatherwax. Apply Kurm Labor Office, 99 H lull way and V Hlreet. 40 STOCK RECORD clerk lo work In oil company warehouse. Must have transportation; permanent position if you can qualify. Answer In own handwriting. stating aee and past experience. Wiita _ Box_ 8-19. The Callfornlan. _ 4£ WANTED — Garage attendant from 3 p. m. to 11. \pp]y at El Tejon Garage, 1409 treet. 43 _ ._ __ _ MAN to drive wholesale milk wacon. Petcock Dairies, ask Jor Clpra, __ 39 MAN WANTED STOCKROOM CLERK Good pay — 8 hour day. Between ages 35 and (j,° years. Must have good references. Steady work. If now employed In essential work, do not apply. See manager. J. J. Newberry Co. 1528 Nineteenth Street Bakorsrield 40 HAND MILKER for 30-cow dairy. Phon» S-2081. 49 WANTED—Bus boyi Padri hotel. Afc- ply »L coffee ibop. It

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