Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 28, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1908
Page 6
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Ladies' Entrance. lola, Kansas Con$uI|||Hon and Examination Free. Office liours, weeliiy, 8 a, m. to 9 p. m, Sundays 2 p. m. to 6 p. m. lUmt Treat all Diseases, but I Heal all I Treat mmn endowed with the gift of heallns. Dr. BfeCIellan spares no money in. Ha reaefl|rch tUrongh the llteraare bt medicine to fortify his wonderful prescience of intuitive diagnosis. Of an attractive figure, erect-in person, a notable man in any crowd. Dr. McCIcl Ian wins favor wherever he goes—but even with such an Inducement he and his asslstanU at the Infirmary are unequal to the task of attending to the patients when he: is abroad In the state, so hp hereafter Invites his patients and all the afflicted In this vicinity to visit him at his headfjiiarters. am! prays that the afflicted communicate wlih him pr visit him here, to the suro end of being relieved of pain, cured of diseases and )>e made again us (Jod designed, after Ills own tni- a.i:e. a wholesome and healthful creature.—Leavenworth. Times. ISST. THIRD LECTUBE COVRSE BER ON TUESDAY >'IGHT.\^-i BY REV. T. H. MICHAa ' fa A SHOrLDER DISLOCATED WHElf CHARLES SMITH FELL. t A Saturday Afterooon Accident at a Snscltcr-Choral CInb RehrarMri —PeMonalg. The World is My Field and My Object is to Heal At thereamest •oUdtaUon of many former patients. Dr. G. B.McClellan has decided to remain a few days in lola. This Is the third visit In lola, namely: April, 1887; again July, 1897, and the intereat laon th* Increase. Among the vast number of patients who have received my treatment who have not received beneficial results, please brin.g back the bottles and get the price imld. No other traveling or iUnerant doctor makes this liberal offer after a pralonged stay, or on his return. In fact, few return who treat chronic diseases. Those who contemplate consulting the famona doctor should not prolong their visit until the eleventh hour. Delays are dangerous and a word to the wise Is snfficent. VOLUNTARY TESTIMONIALS Received at Leavenworth, Kansas, During , the Years 1887 to 1892 LIYEB CUBE. Leavenworth, Kas.. Oct 20, 1SS7. duced to call upon you, and Doctor you forbade me to speak a single word Dr. G. B. HcClelian—Dear Sir: My until you had made complete diagno- daughter went under your treatment sis. Well, 1 placed myself under your Cor a oompUcaition of troutries. You treatment six months ago, and In ex- prooounoed the aeat of disease was in actly three weeks I was able to rec- lier liver. She took medicines from ommend you to all my afflicted aeveml doctora and was fast wasting friends. I am now well. I know of away. Her color was very changeable several you have helped In this Ini- at tlmea very yellow. Yon called it mediate neghborhood. Hoping I will yellow Jaundice. Please allow me to always be remembered by you, 1 re- aay that today I would not begrudge main, very respectfully yours. $1,000 for the great good you have rendered her and my family, as she ' baa gained 16 poonda of flesh and iter eolor la moat remarkably white. She now ia apry. and all la happiness, and your aucceaa in this case has made .MR. \V. WIXFIELD. llcPherson, Kas., October, 1890. This is to certify that my daughter m«Vfri.nA.T ;rf i «.r»„tr »nThi; ^sed 17 years, is greatly Improved In «?^nifnl vn^r.liealfh sluce having taken treatment peara to help me as I rest better at! ous ailments with which she Is af- ni^ -.LiTr^ -.,^J; V f^ifllcted. and I .have encouragement to tnanwully. MRS. B. F ^OWS- dies prescribed will cure her. I will jaarKei M. i^jgj, ^^^^^ friends, both In the city and elsewhere, can heartily recommend Dr. G. B. McClellan to suffering humanity everywhere. KRAXCIS E. McCA.X.V. DnDIfflESnOK XSB itDXET CURE. Weaton. Ho., April 15, 1888. Dr. O. a McClellan—Dear Sir: My- Mit and huMnuHt took treatment from yott laat winter. You have benefltted na both j Mrs. Nancy Hora was ( ed of dia- My bead was so dlzsy that betes, dyspepsia and kidi:- .-omplalnt amnetimea it was Impossible for me to walk or stoop without falling to the ground. I am so well. Thanldng you vary mudi. Respectfully, MR. AND MfiS. BOESIGXER. FEXALE WEAKNESS. Wyandotte, Kas., April 12, 1888 Dr. G. B. McClellan, "Diamond OIek"—Dear Sir: Hearing from my trienda In Leavenworth of your curing » lady that was trouble exactly as 1 •affered, I was induced to call on you I took your treatment and have improved steadily fnnn the start. Having gained 13 pounds and 1 am not half through using your treatment Uy hnaband has spent at least 1400 on ne in Kansas City, and I have kept growing worse until I took your treatment. My trouble was disease peculiar to my aez. MRS. P. S. STRONG. LITEE AND KIDNEY DERANGE- KENT. Easton. I^., April 29, 1888. I am able to speak a few words in your favor for the good you have done me on your trip to Eastont, It seems like kind Providence sent you to me, for I was near the grave with dropsy, liver and kidney derangements, which canAed nerve affection. The .water was gathering around my heaA; my breathing was so bad I could not lie down. I scarcely alept at night was nearly paralyzed all the time and I bad given up all hope of living to see spring. I came under your treatment October.18,1897, and am thankful that I gave your medicine a trial. I feel better now than I have for years I don't feel like the aame person. MRS. SPARKS. DBOPST AND LITEB ENLARGEMENT. Weston, Ma, Dec. 3. 1897. My Dear Dr. McCIellan^aving nfTered tor nearly two years with en- laigamest of the liver and dropsical deraagemeBt, and traveled conaider- ^y IB dUEerent climes In search of bealtta. I have jnst returned fnMn Cal- -tfomia. where I have been under treatmaBt by. some of the best physi- eiaBS, bat widi no reliet Since I have bMB OBdsr rovr treatment of Indian lUmadlas my general' health has im- pimd .WOBderfiiUy and am feeling .lOca piy. seU again. Tou may use tlibi,1aatiaB0Dlal for the benefit ot oth- •TftBtlenn. I remain, youmtvery tmir, CHARLES DIE. by Dr. G. B. McClellan. was 66 years of age at the time. My son and daughter who were seriously afflicted, one with female troubles, the other with Infammation of the bladder and stricture, have both been perfectuly cured by Dr. .McClellan. PETTEU STRU.MQUIST. PAIN IN THE BACK. E.'dora, Kan., March 1, 1889. 'Dr. Diamond Dick." Dr. Sir—I have been taking your medicine for about three months and I wish to inform yoii that I am greatly benefitted. I am not now troubled wjth the ach- Ings In my back, which were so distressing. My husband also Is much better. Yours resi)ectfully, AIRS. F. n. CORY. I-yPIKE BI,OOD. Belolt. Kan.. March 9. 1SS9. Dr. G. H. McClellan. My Dear Friend—Have neglecjed to write but now wish to Inform you that your medicine has done me much good and feel sure It will euro the breaking out on my face and the p.aln in my lungs. Shall require more medicine shortly and will write you again. Youns gratefully, MRS. A. n. McBETH. EXHAUSTED VITALITY. Hiawatha, Kan., May 10, 1887. To the Public:—This Is to certify that I have been under the treatmeni of Dr. G. n. McClellan, and have been Improving steadily from the time he took charge of me. war. RADFORD. DYSPEPSIA AND FEMALE TROUBLE. Wayne, .Tan. 9, 1889. Dr. Diamond Dick, Dear Sir—We wish to let you know that the medicine you sent us Is nearly all gone and to let you kuow that we are very much better, for which wo are gr.nteful. Please send another lot of medicine. Yours truly, MR. AND MRS. JOHN ZAHLER. LUNG DISEASE. ,fl Wabausec, Kas., March 15, 1SS9. Dr. G. B. McClellan. Dear Sir—Have nearly finished taking the medicine. Am feeling better In every way. The pains in my head, breast and lungs have nearly ajl gone. 1 am confident your medicines will do all you warrant. Send me some more. Yours respectfully. JAS F. RICHARDS. FEJTALE DISEASE AND IRREGULARITIES! McPherson, Kan., Oct. 2?., 1890. Dr. G. B. McClellan, "Diamond Dick"—I am anxious to express my sincere gratitude for what your reni- edles have done for me. When I commenced the use of It I was a confirmed invalid, my feet and limbs were swollen so I was unable to walk scarcely across the floor; my right arm was completely dead or paralyzed during the past two and had gained in flesh In fact I was hopeless and incurable. have been afflicted with a combination of diseases. Among the most prominent was fast losing my faculties. I was unable to keep my eyes open but a short time during the day and would fall to sleep most every hour; tbis was my condition when I began your treatment. I have used your remedy three months; the effects are simply astonishing my friends and neighbors. I now can walk without inconvenience. I can raise my hand over my head, something I was unable to do for eighteen months. I have been reduced in flesh and can go at>out and do considerable housework. My appetite is immense and my strength increasing. MRS. NANCY FLOWERS. TO THOSE WHO ARE AFFLICTED. I will have to say th:it we have a doctor in our city that is one of the wonders of the nineteenth centur.v. That doctor Is Dr. Diamond Dick. I have been afflicted with disease prevalent to the hutjiau family. I h:ivo had the most eniin^'nt jiiiysicians in .the Tnltod Stales, who stand at the head of the medical fraternity to diagnose my ease, and will have to say that Mr. Diamond Dick, beyond a doubt, excels them al! in locating .vour pains and aches.. He undoubtedly knows his business. T. H. SMITH. McPherson, Kas. SORE LEG. Michigan Falls, Kan., March 2, 1889. "Dr. Diamond Dick." Dear Sir—Am thankful that 1 ever the good fortune to meet .vou. Have suffered for years with a terrible sore on my leg. Tried many doctors without receiving the least benefit. Your remedy Is Invaluable. My leg Is entirely healed, and I can go al>oiit my business with pleasure. Publish this If you think well. Yours most gratefully. •A. BASIL. Deputy Sheriff of Osage County, Kan. COUtJH AND SORE THROAT. Delphos. Kan., March 6, 1889. Dear Doctor—Am pleased to Inform you that your medicine Is doing me much good and am thankful to say that I can now wa'k al>out again, which I had given up all hope of. I have cautiht a bad cold, have a dry cough and sore throat. Please send me some of vour medicine that will cure me. Youis grntrfnllv. FKKDOMN HOK.Snr. gave out. In fact. I was unfit for work or manual labor. I am 24 years of age. and work my own farm, or tried to, but had to give up. Now, as you have kept your promise and came back and called on me and all your patients In this neighborhood, 1 wish to reward you by adding one more testimonial applied with what 1 paid you. You can .say, or publish In the county l.apers. that I have gained 18 pounds of flesh, am as strong as a mule my food Is i)erfectly digested, my back l.s strong, my eyes do not need glasses now, and clothes ore all too small. I have five months' treatment yet to take. .My sister suffered the same as I. Her nervous system was .so bad that she was compelled to quit school. Her eyes were like my own. Her health has been restored, she has discarded the eye glasses and returned TKSTI.MOMALS RECEIVED At (-Hl)lwell. Kan., and PubHithed Iu| fulUncll .\ow.s, June 13, 1898. Caldwe'I, Kas.. .fanuary 1, 1898. Dr. C. B. .McClellan. Ur. "Diamond Dick." My Dear Sir—In reply to how I am since using yonr treatment. I am more than pleased to say that both myself I and wife are much improved in health. It Is about three months since we began and mtist say that 1 feel ten years younger, notwithstanding I am past 70. 1 have worked all fall, and feel as though I have a new lease of life. 1 was subject to dizry spellst and would fall; my wife became alarmed and would not allow me out of her sight. I have not had a dizzy spell, nor have I fell down since t.aking treatment. I am well pleased, and so are all tht people that took treatment from you in this neighborhood. My son-in-law. living six miles north of Kingfisher Okla., will ca:i on you at Hennessey. We recommended you to all. Yours truly, WIUJA.M CI.AYPOOL. Five miles north of Caldwell, Kan. I'hird Lecture Course Nnmber. ,' The third number of the Gas City e.'ture course will be given tomorrow night. It will • be a lecture by Rev. T. H. Michael, D. D., who comes highly recommended. What Happened to Snitb. Chailes Smith, a blacksmith employ . i ed in the smelter here, met with an f icciilent Saturday afternoon which re- svU€i! in the dislocation of one of his .^honider.--. Mr. Smith was working . about stm;e machinery* in the factory when he fell and struck the ground with snch force as to Inflict a sevei^ and painful injury. He was sent to i" his home where a surgeon attended ^ him- A Cboral Club MeeUn?. The Gas City Choral c'nb orchestra rill hOi<J a regular meeting and re- iinisal •o 'i ;.'ihi. The program for-a ru.ure concert will be discussed and he evening s] ent In rehearsal. A •onrert given by the orchestra some ii:ie ago wis a fine success and It }s he. iur|>ose of the club to make tlj« jiip now T be given even inore sup? ;es«rnl. Dr. G. B. .McClellan. Dr. "Diamond Dick." Dear Sir—In reply to your request will gladly say that your treatment prescribed last fa'l has given me much satlsfactkm. My troubles were heart to the Winfleld school All the pa- and\stomach troubles, .vellow jaundice tients In this neighborhood have the same praise for you. You have the best wishes of the entire family for continued success. We remain thankfully and truly your friends. I1ER.MAN F. OBRKE., MRS. F. OERKE, Four miles northwest of Caldwell.-^ Caldwell .Vews, .June ]."., 1898. ARTICULATE RHEITIATISJI. Dr. G. B. McClellan—Dear Sir: fn the year 1879 I was attacked with what was termed by the physicians articulate rheumatism, the effects of exposure and dampness, as 1 worked on a farm and have always been ex- l>osed to the Inclemency of the weather. I called many doctors from neighboring cities. Several treated me while west for health, and all failed to relieve my i«ln or suffering, and as I am 58 years of age, I gave up doctoring last spring. So, as some of my friends look medicine from you June and were cured, I placed confidence In you and paid you a large sum; .vou have my money and I hav- my health. So in return I am well and have used .vour medicine three months. My wife began taking you medicine a few days since and Is tm proving already. Do not hesitate to refer all suffering with rheumatism to me. Your friend forever. WM. PARSONS. Second Avenue. CATARRH, KIDNEY DISEASE AND DROPSY. Washington. Kan.. Feb. 20. 1889 Dr. (;. B. .MK.'IeUan. Dear Sir—I now have the p!e:isure in writing to say that I am feeling quite well. I began the use of your treatment In Voveniber and am very grateful for the hea'th and strength your medicines have iiivm ine. You will recollect your diagnosis of my case was eatarrh of the licad, kidney disease, numbness of ihc hanis and soreness around m.v heart, which was quite correct. Send me another consignment of medicine so that I can use it if my troubles rrtnru. Yours thankfully. .MISS IRKNR MARTIN. DR. DIA3I0ND DICK'S INFIRMARY. A Bower of Beauty Wliere ReKtonition and other troubles. I have gained about fifteen ])ounds in three months .My general health Is now good. 1 have several months' treatment yet tr take. As far as I can learn ail your patients in this section are dolnr nicely. Publish this If it will do yoi: any good. With best wishes. 1 am Yours very Iruly. .MR. J. TIH:R.MAN, l '/2 miles northwest of Caldwe I. Kan. Gifts for Opcraten. Mrs. little Klnman and Miss Ida ! Klnman, operators at the Gas City elephone exchange, were reroemt>ered . jy grateful patrons on (Jhristmaa. ^.mong other gifts Mrs. Klnman and I VIlss Klnman received |5 from the .'ockerlll Smelter company. The Gas 3lty exchange Is one of the moat ef- iclently managed and courteously .onducted In the county. V BuUdlng on New Site. The Presbyterian church has been iit)ved to its new site and was used •<T tht first time yesterday since ser- .ices were discontinued several weeks igo. STBS JOB KIDNEY CUBE. Wsatoo. Mo^ Dec 8, 1887. B. - UeaMan., "Dianwnd DMk^rPoelor: AUkt; vaiag jnedidnes • gopA Apctpn, also ;Biiibop,' Mo .t^ for my >'I was certain no- »:«Mi..8|«ilBg so many DIZZDiESS AND NUMBNESS. WeWeton, Mo., April 16. 1888. Dr. G. B. McClellan—Dear Sir: took treatment from you last winter for malarial fever and my limbs were so numb at times that it was impossible for me to walk. Yonr treatment has cured me after seven years of- suffering. LIZETTE VADERSTAY. GENERAL DEBILITY. Dr G. n. McClellan. Dear Sir- have been taking treatment from you and have been greatly I>enefltted. Also mother. .lames and I are advocating your medicines. All patients in my nelghlKjrhood speak highly of your ski.'l as a doctor. ARMILDA SCOTT. .No. .'>39 Metropolitan Ave. FEMALE TROUBLE. Bellville, Kas., Feb. 9. 1889. Dr. G. BT McClellan. Dear Sir—I wish to Inform you that my wife is improving faster than could be expected, under your treatment, and feel sure that ahe will recover from her trouble (female weaknese) entirely. in pddae of i Thankfully yours. I WM acaln in-« . G. W. SKIDMORE. DROPSY OF THE HEART. Hiawatha, Kan., Dec. 28, 1887. Dr. G. B. McClellan. Dear Doctor— I placed myself under your treatment for dropsy of the heart. I was con fined to my bed for two long years. I was given up by all the doctors to die, and when you came to Hiawatha. Kansas, my sons brought you to my bedside, and you prescrilied your remedies and In three months I was up and well. I am 61 years of age; I have resided four miles from Hiawatha fifteen years, and all the people or old settlers in Brown county kdow my fami'y. 1 am-pleased beyond words to express my wlllingnesa torrecommend you to all the affected patients in this vicinity. I have several of my fiamiiy who also took treatment of you. and they all received tbe same beaefhelal results. Very gratefully yours. SABAH MQBGAK. CHRONIC RHEUMATIS.H. November 10, 1887. Dr. G. I!. .McClolian. Dear Sir—I placed mysflf under your treatment lasi .Iiine. .My trouble was chronic rbeumatlam. Medicines from many doctora failed to benefit me. Wien I. commenced to take your treatment 1 could rot walk across the street. I am well known ln< Weston. .Mo., and have suffered the last four yeai-s. I am uow able to go about and do considerable work, notwithstanding I am .59 years of age. I am neither weak nor nervon.s. I am stronger than I have been for several years. I eat and sleep well, and am free from all pains, except a little trouble In my right foot, which will disappear when I get all my medicine used. I am vfcry respectfully, JACOB METTTIER, Corner Second and Shawnee Streets, Leavenworth. PARALYSIS AND DROP.SY. Blain, Jan. 30, 1889. Dr. Diamond Dick. Dear Sir—Am glad to Inform you that Mrs.. Madden is doing we!! under your treatmient. Have eevry confidence that she will recover. Yours trul.v,' TI.M .MADDEN. NERVOUS PAINS AND DROPSY. Dr.- G. B. McClellan. Dear Sir—Your medicines T have used for the last week. I have been troubled with nerrousness and pain In ray side for many years. Could not lie with ease on my bed at night, or rest without a fearful pain, and distressing feeling In my back. I had the health. My trouble was the same as my father Siiffered with for eighteen years befcjre his death. So after trying all the known remedies and doctors In thU section, I gave up in despair. Your name and reputation preceded you to Caldwell, so I ca'led on you. You read my feelings as by supernatural power, every symptom, pain and ache. My people and neighbors gave me poor encouragement, but I was convinced that you nnd^stood my troubles better than others.^ You pre- afflbed and left me elgft .months' treatment. I could not kei^ food on my Btoniacb, myi eyes wertTfalUng fast. I could not.sleep but a fear hours at a jtroubled^lne, ny back to Hcuitli Relgn.s Supreme. Environments are always symbolical of success, and in every business or profession they invite a confidence begetting sncess, though in no sense meant to be the mean measure In advertising. A wei;-filled library in a lawyer's office tella that he must be successful to thus provide himself with. ,and proves as well that he must be a student of his profession that confidence Is indeed without the aid of personal solicitations. In the medical profession all said holds true, why it is even more tru:!iful. The days of the dingy df>ctor's office is iiast, for nature has invoked along science to citre, and while medicine gives the remedies nature frrrn- ishcs the environments of fresh air, beautiful flowers -and landscapes to interest and divert the mind from self while the medicine does its own work. So true is this that hospitals nowadays ai'e made clean well ventilated and attractive, and Infirmaries and consult ing rooms are adorned and beautified so as to divert tlie iiatient's or visitors thoughts from his ailments. I>r. G. B. .McClellan, "Diamond Dick." has this Idea, and has crystallized it' in a most superb and artificially decorated Infirmary In this city. He has been with us for two years, and has secured a local iiatronagc has spread his fame all over the stale, and demanded his presence in various states. But so great has become his local or office practice that as much as the relieved may advertise him and cause other i)at ix )n8 outside of Leavenworth to seek his services, he has about concluded to attend to home folks, abiindon his tours through the st.ite; and those seeking bis Infrlnstlv? v'.d of curing and acquired skill In ctiectlng cures must seek him hereafter at his infirmary. It Is located at the corner of Delaware and Fifth streets, and Is a beau tlfully appointed suite of rooms, where rare good taste in furniture, paintings dropsy and lost ten pounds In weight. .My health Is better now since I have been taking your medicine than ten years ago. Yours with respect. MRS. L. CRESSlLirS. FoIJowing was taken from the Garnet Journal of .-\pril 29. 1897: "Dr. Diamond Dick' has returned tc Garnett. after an absence of al )Out r month, and is again located at the Cottage hotel, where he is prer>ared tr receive calls from those who are afflicted with any ailment to which hu nianity is held. A\'batever may be youi ailment, yon are invited to call anc" see him. Consultation free. The Doctor has been here over siy month.«, and dnrrn.s: that time he has convinced the peop'e that he is not c •'lon.g-haircd fraud," nor a."fakir." bu that he i.s able to describe your ailments and cure them. He has ciiref' many of our best people of various di; oases, and benefited many others wht ire yet under his treatment. For instance: Mr -,3. Jlargaret Gardner of flecder township has been an invallc "or srveral year-s. She has paid bun- Ireds of dollars for treatment by oth- or specialists in Kansas City—withou t)elng benefitted. Her case was flnall: pronounced hopeless by these phys! clans, and she made up her mind tha her days on earth were few. However when Dr. .McClellan-r"DIamond Dick" —came to Garnett she heard of som- of his marvelous cures, and took fres' courage and concluded that there wa I chance for her yet. Accordingly shi smmoned him, and he cal'ed to SC' her. He readily diagnosed her cas< :\n <i prescribed for her. •\s a resul she Is now "as lively as a cricket." anc takes great pride and comfort In caring for her twin grandchildren—thf threc-months-old babies Of Ben Ecord and wife. By the way. these babies when fli-st born, weighed, together abo.ut 23 pounds. Mrs. Gardner is wel' pleased with the treatment given bet Funeral Services for Boy Cterdaer.^ F^incral ser>ices for Roy Gardner, *-ho died Saturday. aftemon --will be heid today in Uniontown. Burial wltt be mad.? in Walnut Hill cemetery: Mr. ind .Mrs. J. Eastwood will go to Union- own This afternoon to attend the 'uneral. by the Doctor^ and recommends hlir to eevrybody who visits her. She thinks—and It is no doubt true—that FEMALE WEAKNESS. Leavenworth. Kan., April 28, 1888. Dr. G. B. McCIeMan. Dear Doctor—I have been suffering for several years—have suffered death almost—but have received no benefit till I came under your treatment. My worst troubles were diseases peculiar to my sex. I know many whom yon have cured, and v;ho refrain from send Ing In a testimonial. You have the liberty of publishing this.' .MRS. 1X)TTIE RETCOLDS. Caldwell, Kan., Jan. 2. 1898. Dr: G. B. McClellan, Dr. "Diamond Dick." Dear Sir and Friend—I was one of I mending to any yoiu" first patients in Caldwell. Kas., to take your treatment ten weeks ago. I bad given up a'l hope of regaining my and general ornamentation has been displayed. The ladies' parlor is a gem In all it* appointments; the office is! neat and tastefully equipped. an4 the he is not beraj laboratory- is equipped with every leave them t< chemical contrtvianee to; compound tbe t^vellng "i roedlqines foj trfalch '^lainand Dldc*'I i CaH and b«» become ;faiiioDS^Mdtlit. secret of ,piMMd.-9< he has given her a new lease of life and that she has many years before her. David Stout Is another of the Doctor's patients, and he is no less pleased than Mrs. Gardner. He has treated hut a short tlnje, but he feels like a new man. He has had heart trouble for years, and that has disappeared. He also has. or had, rheumatism and kidney disease. At present the kidney disease has almost entirely disapi)ear- ed. and the rheumatism Is "followlnc suit." Mr. Stout is loud in his praise of Dr. "Diamond Dick"—he can't say enough in praise of the Doctor. The Doctor has numerous testimonials from other patients, which anyone can sec by calling at bis office In the hotel, and he takes great pleasure In showing them. Dr. McClellan rode out to the Gardner-Stanley neighborhood on Wednej_ day, and when he reached the schokSl house he found a merry crowd of .voung folks and old folks, who were observing Arbor Day by setting out trees. Here he found several of his patients, who warmly welcomed him and introduced bin to ollicrs, recom- iO might be ailing. As a r number of new will be pleased As before been here ovee people have haft Personals. .Miss Flossie Hall, of Colony, is a :t:cst at the home of Miss Leta Swan. Joseph. Henderson, of Columbus, la in the city visiting friends. . Mr. and Mrs. Roy Roberts, of Col* my. are the guests of Mrs. ^Roberta^- -a!e^t.•.. Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Wade, t- - la NOT ETHEL'S FIRST DANCE. The White House Debutante Has At. tended Many Parties. • Washington, Dec. 28.—When. Ml»« 3thel Carew Roosevelt makes her ormal bow to Washington society to- ilght In the east room of the IVblt^ loiise It will be with much mpre grace, md dignity than the average debU:> ante' brings to such a function. Mhp •^csevelt has danced and dined, gpns lo the opera and receptions In at leaui^ hree largo cities with great fre^ • . . •uency since :eaving the sdioolrdtW: > rf 'j ast June. ^ ' •* ' She already has appreaed at a Mat* linner where the guests of honor wer» he members of the cabinet and Sio will attend two more formal dinner. Arties in honor of the chiefs of eai- ')assies and legations and the Justices •}t the supreme court, so tomorrow 'a. lance is quite.properiy given over en- . •ircly to the ydnnger set of society. U will bring to the White bouse many zirls widely known in the smartest Mrcles of New York and Boston anil:, 'lalf a inindred college men, friends - rheodore, Jr., or of the debutanto- berseir, who has attended several Ti^ ind Harvard promenades and ball games. All last summer she wM ' meeting many young people on,. ,a round of country house visits, mlalnly In New England. INVESTIGATE PACKLNG INDUSIBT Feedral Grand Jury la Heariiff Evl- dei^ce In Chlesga. Chicago. Dec. 28—^The federal grand <ury today began the hearing of evi. •lence In investigation of the packing house industry. Various employes of ^ the packing houses are on band ready to testify. Pope SAW JO.IN W AWCl . / Declares He Saw Xald in TMsa • Recently. r Rome, Dec. 28.—^Ahe Italia publlah- -f-"- es a report, which haa caused a a «te"",%^ sation in ecclesiastical circles. ttgtj ^''!f:'> loan of Arc recently appeared if^M^ i"' vision to the pone and ad *ea «s*gi^' secured, a fSDf course he flrip. Doctor haa ths; and Ihe :e to learn that the people and I, as do so many r.and ypi^ will-tw him colenm words of encon exhorting him to continue hia policy which she promised shortly be crowned with It was while the nope wa* in devout prayer and medii private oratory bttmediBtdp' ceremony of reading tl|» beatiflcatioQ^ tb«t>th* said to baye spPMured;,;; It was notlcedviaat came oat,el ^*''^pale and Coc;' anwrked

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