The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 27, 1936 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1936
Page 3
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA?*. THURSDAY, AUGUST 27, 193(5 Rev. Shuler Was Stern Dad, Claims (United rre»s l'en>ed Wire) LOS ANCIEU3S, Aug. 27.—The Rev. Robert V. (Fighting Bob) Shuler's port blondo iliiughtcr-ln-lnw charged In a divorce wult today that the noted radio preacher Insisted her 18-year-old husbund: Jack Cornell Shuler, bo buck at the family homo by 10 p. in. nightly, "Ho had to say good night to me and leave for homo every night at 9:30 o'clock. We never lived together," said Melln. Nadlno Shuler, also 18, who doped to Vuma, Arlx., With young Shuler us the climax to a high school romance. Atra. iSlmler bnseil her suit upon grounds of nonsupport. She said young Shuler, brother of the West Point football hero, Bill Shuler, had planned to continue legal studies after their marriage. The elder Shuler, after expressing favor over a proposed annulment, suit, said the family would fight any attempt of the young wife to end the marriage through divorce. Ho Is pastor of Trinity M. B. Church, South, and lost his radio license several years ago aftorji, spirited fight. OIILIGING MONOTONY COLUMBUS, Ohio, Aug. 27. (A. P.) Mrs. Elinor V, Lewis asked police to look for a dally burglar who raids her Ico box about noon. It's been going on for months, she said, and on occasions ho prepares a dessert, cooks a meal, washes his dishes, turns on her radio, reads her magazines and leaves "thank you" notes. Western Paintings \ Will Be Exhibited I and Sold at Fair (Untied t'reim Leaned Wire) CACRAMENTO, Aug. 27.—Visit^ or« to the California state fair here, September 5 to 14, may be able to obtain paintings by widely known artists at bargain prices, in the opinion of Mrs. Jane Amundsen, superintendent of the art division at the exposition. Reports from eastern states, she said, indicate modest prices are being paid for rare paintings. Canvasses from 250 to 300 of the west's outstanding artists arc exhibited annually at the state fair and most of the works arc for sale. Lemke to Speak in Golden State (United Preti Leafed Wire) CHICAGO, Aug. 27. — William Lomko, Union party candidate for president, will tour California, Oregon, Washington and Montana from September 10 to 18, his headquarters announced today. There will bo three California meet- Ings, one In Los Angeles and others at cities yet to be decided. Lemke will speak In Seattle, Wash., Portland, Ore,, and In a \Monlana city to bo announced later. -^ Flavor-Famed Meats ^* FANCY 1t3t SPRING lADY MILK ^fe mm LAMB LEGS -~ 25 LAMI SHOULDER Ik. I7e WHITE CLOUD SHORTENING 8 89c GRAIN-FED "HANDED" STEER IEEF ROASTS Ctntir Cut Sheulrier or 7-lent Chvck Ib. "IEST CUTS" 17 SUNNYFIELD or CUDAHY'S Puritan Fancy Eastern SLICED BACON S? 19 C BACON By the Piece Ib. ORAIN-HD "HANDED" STEER IMF PRIME RIB ROAST lit 5 Rlbi "«EST CUTS" SAVE ON FOODS CRACKERS 2;' b •box '1C BULK SALAD OIL ga ,,on $1.09 FLOUR $4i b . 69c EIGHT O'CLOCK Mild* Lib. 1 •?Mellow bag 1 / C 3-lb. bag, 49c DEL MONTE CATSUP TOMATO botlVeSC DEL MONTE GARDEN SPINACH 3 pc '^; e 20c VAN CAMP'S PORK A DCAIIC With Tomato 2S-e*. fk • H*I1* Sauce can fc EVEREADY—WHOLE PEELED — APRICOTS " can1 10c SACRAMENTO ASPARAGUS "THE WAKE UP FOOD" POST TOASTIES RV7e HEINZ TOMATO JTO 3 ca °:20c C.H.B. Sweet Mixed 4. Sweet PICKLES V23c "ALL READY FOR BISCUITS" BISQUICK M C e°Ja, t : 28c LAURA SCUDDER'S P-NUT BUTTER/,? 17c CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP LAUNDRY FO'.GER'S COFFEE 2*, 9U i? rer1 - lb -97« WWrrtt Drip Grind can £/C CHURCH'S PURE GRAPE JUICE 8%S25c "FOR COOKING" WESSON OIL 40 COLD STREAM PINK SALMON c N .°i 1 lOc NAMCO—FANCY CRAB MEAT "/,,;< 23c DURKEE'S I ifUvlf Margarine Ib. 15C ZEE ORCHID, GREEN TISSUE TOILET 2 roX. 9C "MAGTC SCOURING PADS" BRILLO PADS 12P ,f 8ad l5c GEBHARDT'S—SPICED BEANS 3 ?a°n. 1 25c PURITAS—SALAD MUSTARD "y.risc VALORA ORANGE JUICE NC a n1 lOc KING KELLY PURE ORANGE MARMALADE MEDIUM RIPE OLIVES 2 '.;?.• 25c TENDER SWEET PEAS N cJ n2 10c CRUSHED SWEET CORN 3 C ; ,25c YUKON CLUB—Lime Rickey GINGER ALE •r Root Bear (Plm Deposit) CALIFORNIA TOMATOES 3 N c°an^25c CRYSTAL VINEGAR CIDER b % ut ^ IONA COCOA,,a.t "ca'n KENNEL KING DOG FOOD DEL MONTE TOMATOES wets iffecwf FM.. Mr. & MOW., AUGUST 21, z» t j». (We Reterve The Right To Limit Quantltld.) A&P FOOD STORES YOUTH CONFESSES OF GIRL Joe Ardy, 21, Says Me .Slew Dorothy Drain, 15, "Just for Meanness" (United I'reiu Leaned Wire) CHEYENNE, \fyo.. Aug. 27.—Joe Ardy, 21, who confessed attacking and killing 15-year-old Dorothy Drain In Pueblo, Colo., II days ngo, did It "Just for meanness," officers quoted him as saying today. Ardy was captured In railroad yards hero yesterday. Officers said when they found him ho appeared dazed and waa muttering unintelligibly. • Wounded Her Sinter Ho confessed to Sheriff George Carroll that he killed Dorothy and wounded her sister, Barbara 12, when ho found them Bleeping In their homo at Pueblo, "I'm sorry, and I'll be good If they let mo alone," Ardy woa quoted as saying. Sheriff Carroll said Ardy told him that ho hid for a week In tho attic of his homo In Pueblo. I^ast Sunday, Ardy said, his mother gave him some money and ho left home. Ho went first to Denver and later came here. Will Check Story District Attorney French Taylor of Pueblo, who came to Cheyenne to get Ardy, said tho story Ardy told was contradictory and would bo checked. The two little girls were beaten with an ax about tho head. The crime was discovered by their parents early In tho morning when they returned home from a dance. *-»-• N. Y. Attorney Asks La Guardia Removal (Associated Frets Leant Wtre) ALBANY, N. V., Aug. 27.—Robert Charles Moore, New Tork attorney, asked Governor Lehman today to remove Mayor Florello II. LaGuardia of New York City on charges of "gross Incompetence and demonstrated neglect" in connection with a labor dispute involving the Queens Independent subway. Moore said he was filing the charges as a citizen of New York City. The charges allege "willful waste of over $5,000,000; Inexcusable delays, Illegal increase of costs In the completion of Queens boulevard subway, New York City." < » « GODBOUT CABINET QUITS QUEBEC, Aug. 27. (A. P.>—The government of Premier Adelard Godbout, defeated In lost week's provincial elections, resigned today. The resignation brought to a close the Liberal regime which governed Quebec for the past 39 years. Maurice Duplessls, head of the victorious Union-National party, u Conservative-Insurgent coalition, announced his own cabinet. Burglar Wants to Find Some Money Next Trip There i f, s, (United FrrM Lented IV(rc) IVfARYSVILLE, Aug. 27.—Own- crs of a locnl Hairy were most IncoitHldoratc of the burglar who entered the establishment late at night. The Intruders expressed their disappointment in a note which read, "next time leave some money," loaded a gallon of ice cream into their own container, and departed, police were told. Famous Viennese Scientist Called (United freti Leaicd Wire) VIENNA, Aug. 27.—Julius Tandler, 62, famous Viennese scientist, died in Moscow from a heart attack which his friends hero attribute to excitement over tho recent executions there, It was learned today. Tandler acquired International fame when he reorganized Vienna's* hospitals, lie was once medical nd- visor to tho Chinese government. He lectured widely In tho United States. Tho scientist went to Moscow several months ago as a medical advisor to the Soviet government. »»» Life Imprisonment for L. A. Murderer PEI.L CITY, Ala., Aug. 27.—Howard Craig. Los Angeles hitchhiker, began a life sentence for murder today while his court-appointed nt torney prepared an appeal from the conviction. A . St. Clalr county Jury deliberated 50 minutes yesterday, then found Craig guilty of stabbing to death Georgo AV. Stoken. Cedartown, Ga., oil dealer last March. Stokes was found besldo tho highway 8 miles east of here with IB Ice pick wounds In his body. He had given Craig a ride from 1-IUIe P.ock, Ark. Arrest 32 Arabs in Bombing Plot Vrt»» Leaned H'd-r) J13UU8AI,KM, Aug. 27.— J'ollco announced today tho arrmt of !12 Arabs on charges of Implication In a bombing plot .Jews. The prisoners were- taken In a rnld on a Moslem Hpcivllng club In Jnffn, (in Aral) city iidjolning the nll-JcwlNh city of Tel Aviv. Among tlipni was said to be an Arab nrrnnnil of srmllng a bomb through thn mulls to a Jew In Tel Aviv. The bomb was discovered In the Jnffa post (if flee. Tim bombs, similar to tlio onn found In the post office, wero reported uncovered by pollen lii the sports club, and police said there was evidence that numerous bombs had been dispatched by mall to Jews. Arabs for 19 weeks have, been protesting Jewish Immigration and land owning In Palestine, « « » Budget Balance in 1938 Held^Certain (Un\tr.A rrent LtatfA Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 27.— Tho national budget will bo balanced In IflSS regardless who Is elected president this year, Henry II. Helmann, executive manager of the Nallnmil Association of Credit Men told delegates to their convention here. "Tho normal forces of business recovery aVe so strong that Irrespective of some of our future uncertainties, the prospects ahead are really bright," Helmann said. The budget will be balanced bo- cause recovery will bo so far advanced, he predicted. "There will be more employment, the Income to the government will bo greater, and there will bo no huge expenditures such us tho soldiers' bonus. - * » » ENFORCE MILK ORDINANCE POMONA, Aug. 27. (A. P.)— Mayor Urban R. Zlegler signed a contract with tho Los Angeles county health department for services of county inspectors to enforce a "local milk ordinance. NEW • NOVELTY NECKWEAR A New York Purchase A ••Iceman, willing in the street, Said, "Men who brave the ran are foolit" A friend Mid," Vou can cheat the henti | The COLLINS coot* la • till flan, pat~« ]i|(«r~et lay CXLVERT whiik«y, 1 Uupooa powdircd iunr, ittlee of H lemon. Hilt fill limn with let. Fits In ipirldiof wmt«r. Cilrart-Maryltnd Dtatllllnr Co., Inc. Chry»l«r Bldg., N. Y. C. OWENS TOY and VARIETY STORE 1228 19th St. Bakersfield TOYS Books for Children Just Arrived All New Stock Large Assortment of Toys Many New Items GAMES Monopoly $1.95 Hundreds of New Games and More Coming 500 Sheets Typing Paper, 45c DOLLS Effanbee, Dy-Dee Babies Shirley Temples Dionne Quintuplets Dolls, Any Price You Want TOBACCO I Ib. I»A 79n 1 Ib. Velvet 79c I Ib. Dills 94o 1 Ib. llaloleh 94c FRESH TOBACCOS - CANDY ROKQ Onrden Marsli- iimlloM-8 I Ib. pkg. IJc KRE8II CANDIES COMING IN NOW Our Merchandise Manager bought this group of line neckwear on his recent Irip lo New York. You'll find here a nice selection of lovely new collars—while pique and satin, with hand-made Irish crochet lace. Come in and choose several at this inexpensive price. 65 EACH Trimmings—Main Floor FASHION LEADERS PEDIGO SHOES SONNET— A flattering step-in that is one of the new season's creations by Pedigo. Deep, soft suede with silk braid trim— $8.75 Street Floor Shoes ">o size Bost Tooth Powder with pur chase of Bost Tooth Q AC* Paste at W for 9DG BROCK'S W6XAI With Charlotte Anne Moore—8:55 Every Morning REMNANTS He here tomorrow when the doors open at ',) o'clock for Hemnant Day. This is a particularly limrly event iii view of the fact that school opening is hut two or three weeks away. Choose remnants ami make your children's dollies at half what they would ordinarily cost yon. PRICE WASH FABRICS, WOOLS, SILKS—MAIN FLOOR DOMESTIC YARDAGES—DOWNSTAIRS DRAPES, CURTAINS, LINOLEUMS—THIRD FLOOR FALL MODES FOR MODISH MISSES AND SMALL WOMEN Petite, fashions are arriving duily from our NCAV York offices —dresses that reflect the latest style frend for early full wear. See them tomorrow. SIZES 9 TO 17 High necklines, molded waistlines, tunics, pepluim —choose your preference and visit Brock 8 Downstairs Heady-to-Wcur Department. You'll find fashion (irsls here in new crepes and novelty weaves fashioned for street, business and sizes suitable for the smallest women. / BLACKS • BROWNS • BLUES 51A95 10 BROCK'S—DOWNSTAIRS STORE Hurry for the Advance Sale of FURS •trailers, Trotteurs, Swaggers Again we emphasize the importance of buy- iny your fur coat at the beginning of the season. First because of the values a sale at this time brings, and second (and most important) your coat will be expertly made of the linc'st pelts. We have a wide assortment of gorgeous fur coals and a price to suit every purse.. You can buy them on our convenient budget plan. LAPIN, JAPANESE WEASEL, ERMINE PERSIAN LAMB, CARACUL SQUIRREL LOCK, KIDSKIN FITCH AND SQUIRREL 00 ! 49 60 ,. $ 598 BROCK'S—FASHION FLOOlt MEN'S FALL OPENING (lave you scon our imposing displays of men's fall suits? Our entire Chester avenue window front is used to present what we believe to bo Hie finest assortment of quality suits we have ever shown—Fashion Park, Michaels Stern, Trutuf Twists and other line makes. Hinds' Cream With Dispenser, ;]9c BROCK'S Kleenex .100 Sheets 3lc

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