Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 7, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 7, 1908
Page 6
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1-HE TIRES OF FIGHT J.' R. Charlton, Attorney of Montgonv eiy County, Ka«^ Hands In < ; Resignation. Independence, Kas., Jan. 7.-HA. political upheaval which promises in- tetreatlns developments was set off here this momins when County Pros- ecSit (»r J. R. Charlton handed in his re^I^ation to TV J. Flannelly, Judge of the district court. People about the court house and city were dumb> foi^inded by the iction. Mr. Charlton gave aa his reas<l >n that he had found the enforcement' of the prohfbltorj* law, 4ii the face of the obstacles thrown! in his way by those from whom he had a right to expect sympathy and assistancp. too much for him. and he was sick and dlsgustetl. The county attorney had been in office one year and being an able lawyer, had made a. brilliant record, es- peeially against the Jolntists. but much friction hdd developed of Into and several times 3udge Flannelly had seen fit to act over his head. This, It is believed, had wounded the attorney deeply, although lie assured Judge Flannelly if his regard. Mr. Charlton was elected as a Democrat, succeeding Thomas Weestaff. H(!: carried the county by a large ma jority. For twelve years past he has been a minister of the Christian church. "iTie crisis c.ire ovp- the handllns of jsome cases from CoffeyviJIe. Judge Flanne'ly Ignored both, the county prrteecntor and the sheriff, issued the warrants himself and placed them in the hands of a CofteyvlUe constable. Judge Flannelly has the appointment of Mr. Charlton's successor, but has not announced his choice. It Is rum ored tonight that Sheriff Paxson will be ,asked to resign and that he has hired attorneys to fight the action. Ali- kinds of stories are and much bitterness Is being engendered. 900 AT THE BIB HouM saw opening Bill New Management. Under STU6BS SCARED'EM state Officers Advised That They Can Get a Finh* Easily. Topeka, Jan. 7.—There was much conferring and whispering svbout the state house today and those who par tlcipated appeared loath to talk about it. It was all about the gubernatorial situation. W. R. Sfubbs has given the state officials a scare, for it has been announred thai If any of the present offlocrs want to dig up n flght of their own. all that is necessary Is for one of them to mix in the gov ernonshlp fight and the "square deal er«" crowd will bring out a cnndldato for that place. There Is no dopbt that this wll! h done and the talking today lo get all the officers llnrd up so tha' they will keep.oiu of the tiBh| lis op IHisltlon to one Is bound to liur( the others. C E. Denton, secretary of «tat.>. is a I/ong supporter and. of courHO. K Is expected that he would be for B.iilev for.governor as It was Senator Long chief lieutenant. Senator Kltzpatrick. leader of the "senate lodge " and .-it- torriey for the Standard Oil eoiupany. who got Bailey to enter the raee. Rut Deiiton probably wi'l not take an active part in the campaign siiiee the threat of a candidate for his job. it Is known that .1. M. Xation. auditor. E. T. Fairchild, superlntendpnt of schools, and F. S. .Tackson. attorney gehieral, are in favor of altendinc strictly to business and lotting the candidates for governor do (he best they can. This is not what some of the state officers wanted to do. LOCATED ON WRONG LAND. Bad Surveys Cloud Title to Hundreds of Thousands of Acres. Washington. .Tan. 6.—Titles to several hundred thousand acres of land in -Western Texas held undsr Mexican grants, are claimed to be affected by the action in the case of SuHi- vail vs. the state of Texas, which. In an-opinion by Justice Brewer, was decidsd today by the supreme court of the United States favorably fo the state. This particular suit is over a tract of 55.000 acres in Hidalgo county, which it was claimed was comprised in a grant made to Pedro de La Gar/.a. The state did not question the grant but It claimed that the old 6urv?ys under which Sullivan made claim were not valid and Hence that the lend was nbt properly located. The state courts sustained the state's contentions and the supreme court took the same view. TO, TEST THE PROHIBITION LAW. Alabama Liouor Dealers Sut When Refused a License. Nine hundred people, the largest house that has gathered this season to see a performance by a|Stock company at the Grand, witnessed "The Soldier's Sweetheart," presented by the permanent stock company last night The new company is being strengthened by the best available material and when a few changes are made will bo one of the best companies that has been here. The management is determined to build up company that* will draw a full house eveiTr night. The bill last night was well played The Irish comedian furnished much fun through the evening. The specialties were far above the ordlnar>' and were heartily encored. The lead ins parts in the piece were well played also. Some especially fine bills are being planned tor the week. TO LOOK IMO THE TARIFF. Senator Bererldge Wants a Commls gion .\ppointed to Gather Data. Washington, Jan. 7.—Senator Beveridge will introduce a bill tomorrow creating a commission to gather data and aid the commiteees of congress in tariff revision. The duties of the commission will be immediately to investigate the cost of production of articles covered by the tariff laws, the price of .-American labor and the cost of raw material entering into manufactured articles. In discussing the bill Senator Ileverldge says he re- malnsi an ardent protectionist, but. he believes there i.s a universal demand for the revision of the tariff .schedules, which ought to be made as soon as the next presidential campaign Is over. TELEPHONE TOUR WANT ADS. TO THE REGISTER OFFICE. As an accomodation, the Register receives ads for its want columns over the telephone, but expects the advertiser to call at the oHice and settle as soon as convenient, as the bills are too small to warrarft the expense ot a collector. Telephonb your want ad to either phone. No. 18 or 21'2, and it will receive careful attention. HIS THROAT ("IT. l'adrrow>kl >"urrowly EscapeM Death ut llunds of His Dnrlier. ("iuciunall. Jan. 7.—While being shaved by his valet last nli:ht. Pad- orewski, the gieat Polish pianist, received a gash across lii.s throat that narrowly missed being a fatal injury. As it was he If)st much blood and suffered a nervous shock. The musician was being sh.ived aboard his private car and iliey were iu the midst of the shaving when \he vehicle was Inimjied by a freight ei-.:-,ine. The shock caused the razor to sink into the musician's nerk. but the valet was thrown off his ba-lanee. causing the blade fo turn uiiwavd befoie it had gone in very deep. MOUNT ROYAL INTO PORT. Broken Machinery Caused Delay in Ship's Voyage. Qoenstown. X. Y., .Tan. 7.—The long overdue steamer. .Mount Royal, steam cd into Queenstown today. Trouble with the boilers caused a delay. The three hundred passengers and the crew ars a'l well. A LATE CONVENTION E. A. Wert Says That Is What Hum holdt Wants. , Birmingham. Ala.. Jan. C—The •^leyer Marx company, former wholesale liquor dealers, today filed an application with th3 probate Judge for a Ifcense to conduct a liquor business in Jefferson county. The application jwa^ Immediately refused and an ae- jtioh was filed with a judge of the city court: to mandamus the probate judge to issue the license. This means a test of the prohibition law. NIGHT RIDERS BUSY, Kentucky Mob Destroyed Warehouse of Tobacco Firm. Carlisle. Ky., Jan. 7.—The ware- hoOse of A. E. Robertson, an independent tobacco buyer, at Bethel, was burned by night riders last night at midnlglit BEGI8TEB WAST IDS. PAT because In Allen County nearly everybody reads tlie RegUter. Guaranteed the largest circulation of any paper in E. X. Wert, chairman of the republican ward committees of Iiuml>oldt was in the city today and stated about nine republicans out of ten at Humboldt wanted a late convention. He said he had talked to a number of men nud they seemed to think that it would not be best to hold the county convention until late In the spring or In the summer as a number of candidates wanted more time to make up their minds as to entering the race. The indications are that there will be a full attendance of the county central committee Saturday when the mat ter of setting the time for the convention is decided. There is a feeling on the part of many that an early county convention should be held, or at the same time the convention is held which selects delegates to the state convention. By holding but one convention the expense would be cut down. 1 em KING OF ALL A clearing sale of Hen's and Boys' Clothing, Furnishings and Shoes, that interests and attracts every careful buyer of clothes. Boys* 50c Sweaters, . 2Bo 25c Neckwear 18o Boys' 25c Underwear . tSo Men's $1.50 Trousers . 9Bo Men's 50c Neckwear . 35 G Men's $4 Trousers s $3 $3, $3.50 and $4 Sample Shoes, $1.85. $1.50 and $1.75 Sample Shoes^ $1,W Men's 520 Suits SIS Men's $15 Suits $W Roduottona on mil Boys' mttdOMIdron'e Suite. $20 Overcoats StB $15 Overcoats SiO Rmdmtiloif on mil Boy* mf.d Oblldmom'm Ovoroomtm M. E. JONES, The Grocer, Says ONE NOTCH LOWER t; packaf.'es Life lireakfahl Kood. .:;.'>c packages Corn Klake 21c jiaekages i:gi;-l)-Sec :.'lc Potatoes, per bii.-ilu'l '."ic ller ;t I'Umr %i:M Silk or I.e!!ox Soap. S bars J ."ic Corn .Aleal ir.c •^<^ pouuds Sugar $1.00 Cans Corn li .'c Cans Peas 2r,c Cans Tomatoes 2JC Cans Hominy : Cans Kraut 11 l-ancy lliied Peaches, per lb. ... l.'ic 10 and TiO Prunes. 3 pounds 2.">c f'ancy Three Crown Raisins 10c Horse Shoo and Star Tobacco ...-IT.c Round" Steak 10c Porterhouse or Loin ISi^c Shoulder Steak. :> pounds 2.".c Pork Steak 10c Pork Chops 10c l-ard 10c Fresh Side Pork 10c Coito'ene nOc 102 S. Ehio. Fhone 739 NOT PLEASANT JOB AIM'OIXniEM OF COfMY ASSES- SOU WOHKIES t0.1I .>nSSI<».>EKS. ('has .SchuiYner of llunilioldt I^< Here \\Hh Friends Today Working for Appointment. PAID LAST BILL .Scbuul Board Settled Business Relat' ing to Bassrtt BuIIdlD? Last Mgbt ASK FOE WH.AT TOU WAXT and ask emphatically. Do so through the Register's want columns. If you want an employer or an employee you can find him in a hurry if you take this coarse. The Register will tell your wants to many thousands of people as quickly as you can tell them personally to a dozen people. You can't afford the slow way. Beglstcr Want Jiia, Briar Besvlts. At the meeting of the board ot education of the lola schools which was held last evening the final payment on ;he new nassett school building of '.bout $2,000 was made and the contractors were discharged. This building in all costs the city something like SC .OOO. Although the smallest In the city it is steam heated and is modern in every respect. • On December 31st there was $7,000. in the treasury and last night after making the final payment on the Bassett school building and allowing the bills $3,000 was left. There Will be ao more salary lists until February 7th. Jiist before Christmas the teachers were paid one week in advance. It will be five weeks before the teachers are paid again. •I wliih the lesislature had relieved the eoiuinlsshuiers «t the ri>!*p«>nslbll- Itle.s of appoiutin.i; the <-ounty asses- .sor. It has turned out that it Is no small lliiiiK. I Ihiiik that if there is a special session of the le;;l.shilure this winter, that body should transfer the power of appointing the assessor to the {;overnor or to any one but the commissioners." said Commissioner Ceor.iie Keynolds jokingly this morning'. .Mr. rieynolds was promr>ted to this remark by the excitement the api)plnt- ment has created in democratic circles the iiast few days. Yesterdaj' there was a big jam at the commissioners' room a!l day as it was siip- I)osed the appointment would be made then. The commlssiouers decided to postpone making the appointment until tomorrow aftern(x)n. Since that time the active candidates for the office have been very busy. Their friends have been going to the commissioners and holding whispered conversations. .\s a result the members of the board have not had much time to devote to the routine duties. Today Chas. Schaffner. Jr., of Humboldt, is in the city with friends working to land the appointment. J. W. .N'apier of this city is also very busy. Yesterday Henry liambeth of Moran had a large number of friends here working In his behalf. The fi.ght Is entirely among the democrats as they ccutrol the board. Mr .Anderson, the repiibt'can member, is said to be for I'raiik Nigh, republican. Mr. .\ndcr- son will endeavor to land a ropub- Ilc;<n it i)Osslble. Since yesterday the democratic leaders have been busy trying to rustle up a compromise candidate. It fs said that E. J. Schwartz was picked as the compromise candidate yesterday. Friends of J. R. Cllne. of north ot the city, wore working in h's behalf this morning. Headquarters for Gas Light Supplies ^ (lETS OFFICIAL NOTUE. Hnyniond Wflh Ilecelves Xofico «»f 0. A. K. Leairiie .MtM'tluK Jan. l.>. Raymond Wells received olUclal notice today of the called meeting of the magnates of the O. A. K. league to bo held at ten o'clock on .lanuary ir>lh at the .Mecca hotel at Coffcyvllle. At this meeting the circuit and other preliminary nrrnngcmcnts for the o|)enlng of the season will be taken up. Mr. Wells with Mr. Massengale will ask for the admission of lola In the league If the terms of the franchise are satisfactory. FATHER KIDNAPPED CHILDREN. Topeka Children Taken From School and Put on Train. PROGRAM COMPLETE -Mrs. Fnnston Invites I'nhlic to Hear State Saperintendent Saturday. County Superintendent Maude Funston has completed the program of the meeting next Saturday at the high school building which is fo be addressed by State Superintendent E. T. Fairchild on the school merger plan. Mr. Fairchild is to speak in the, afternoon. In the morning Captain H. A. Kwlns of this city and J. H. ^liller of the State Agricultural school will speak on the needs of the school. Mrs. Fnnston is issuing a special invitation to all .school officers in the county to attend. She also' extends an invitation to the general public. Topeka. Jan. 7.—bold kidnapping act took place in Topeka today. Sev eral years ago J. R. Smith and his wife were dlvorcsd here. Smith going to California, and t:ie wife remain ing with the two children. Today Smith appeared at the Garfield scliool at recess and hurxied the children into a cab and drove to the Rock Island dapot where he toos a train for the west. A telegram has been sent to the train conducTor to cause his arrest. TEN JURORS SELECTED. Thaw Trial is Progressing Rapidly in New York Court. New York, Jan. 7.—WiUi the jurors la the box all being subject to per emptory challenge anc: tiie new panel to draw from, the Thaw case was resumed this morning. Mrs. Evelyn Thaw was not in the court room this morning whe nths proceedings began. Josejih was the only re'uitlve ol the defendant |>rescnt. Two of the provisional Jurors se- U cted In the Thaw case were cxcus- .>d by consent shortly before the morning session ended, Unnj leaving eiiiht men in the box. Chas. C. Goss was selected as a Thaw Juror shortly before the noon recess. Wlllam H. Roberts, secretary tq the A. Signal concern, was chosen this morning as Tiiaw juror number ten. Y^oung^Irs. Thaw came in while the first talisman was neing examined. She was ruddy of cheek and appeared in the best of haa'ih. The Grcali'xt .Selllnir Book for the year 19 (17 vian ''ThB Lmdy of ihm By FrnnclN Little. It was In the six best sellers seven times, and at the head of the list three times— few books make such a record. The publishers are far behind on orders, are running two binderies night and day to catch Hp on this little book.-^ Have you read it? - • Evans Brmtm THE BOOKSELLEBS^-i^ Everybody Knows Where. scon WILL BE SURE Hold Primary to Elect Delegates Second District CouTentloB. Washington, Jan. 7.—Congressman Campbell of Kansas has decided not to hold a primary in his district His committee will call an old-fashkmeo convention, probably at Parsons, the latter part of February, to select a Congressman, presidential elector and two delegates and two altemateg to the Republican national conventloa. Congressman Scott will take na chances of any question neing raised over the legality of the manner in which the delegate? from his district to the national convention are selected. His call will provide that the delegates shall be elected at the congressional primary, bni tbat\he delegates to the stato convention from the Second district saall meet at Topeka on the morning or the state convention and ratify the ^ult of the primary. Congressmen Miller ami Reeder are busy comptetnig plans for their primaries. ReMer will attend the meeting of his committee at Be- lolt next Monday. GAS LOOSES ITS XAYOB. FRAUD IN MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. St. Joseph. Mo., Jan. T.—The criminal court grand Jury today uncovered gross frauds and graft in tha city's electric street llghirng department and returned a number of indictments against heads of departments and em- had b3en carried on the pay rolls for ployees. It was found that dead men several years. V. H. O'Connor Xoves His Stock t» BartlesTille Tomoirov. Mayor P. H. O'Connor, of Gas City, announced today that he would begin tomorrow moving his store to Bartlesville, Okla., where he will make his future home. Mayor O'Connor has lived in Gas City for a number of years and is considered one of its most substantial citizens. The moving away of the mayor of the city may make it necessary to call a special election. In talking to a Register reporter today. Mr. O'Connor said that he did not believe it would be necessary, as the regular election was I only two months hence and in the meantime the finance ^opunlttee would transact the city's business.

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