The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 13, 1944 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
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Wednesday, September 13, 1944
Page 8
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Christian Science The * Victory of Good Over Evil Seattle Speaker Delivers Lecture at First Church twcho brought back samples of the fruit.' O f the land. Ten of them submit ted to Moses a discouraging report. They were judging only nc- cording to Die material senses. "U'e i-nine unto the land whither thou i sci t test us." so they reported to of Lectureship <>f The MOUHT rimn-h. The I'irsf ('hnn-h nf Christ, ilowcth with milk and honey: and Scientist, in Boston, Mas-arlitisriN, delivered a l<-<-fure cnliMcd "f'hrisHan this is the fruit of if. Xeverfhe Science: The Victory of (;<><><{ over Kvil," hot evening under the auspices ] less the people he strong that dwell of Fi?*st Church of ChrM, S'imJj-t. J'.nkci Micld. jjj n,e ClmrHi edifice, in tiie land, and the cities an The lecturer vvn* hitrmluc.^l by Charlt^ I 1 . 1'rewvU, i-'irst Header of the Wllll(Ml - !llld vt>r >' K»-eat." And. a- local church, and spoke smvcmtinllv ^ Inllows ; . if '" sHI1 " (ll ° 'H'cslion for all time, „„ , , . . , _____ Hiev added, "Wo saw tile ehildrci Today there is a prc»mu demand ~~ — r \ . ., .. . . . . 1 of Anak there. Anak was a might; irwnt. His three sons also wer- giants. Tlicy belonged to a wandei ; ""' , and not he afraid." Von 'in- privileged to he K-ariiinu for practical Christianity. Men and women, finding them-i : v<-- in mi foreseen situation-, ar-- nunin- 10 day by day the practical Mgiiilicniice j lli; | r n M , n, M j ],.,,| taken temporal this Matcnicnt. Divine Love is p.^M'ssinn of tliis region. God for help, rhriMiaii S-inn e enabling lat 11111 n 11 • • this, r • with good result -= U hile cii one hand there is mu< li ili.-ii inay occ-a sion us grave enuMdt-r;it i<-i•. on the other we see in rt-rcnt tiitn 1 - a widespread qnfckenih;. 1 ••/ ii.'fcrcM in our > e\ (TV 1 every ill. habit ually, t hinU iiiL r . on. from Hut (wo of the twelve scout Love sa\es and danucr. from Caleb ;uu! .Joshua, brought back ; AS \vc accept tliis fuel favorable minority report, in whiei u e practice Trusting divine \ \ spiritual nnd i and pros-peril * The life ot em pi a r, is hi Irimanity. eMi 1 *. oui Kx- vieinrjous re absolutely. we caunol fear, because, iu the iaimuaue of the UiMe, "per- feel love cn>tet.h oui fear." Since Cod. i:.,.. correct ' ln ''. v proposed that the Israelities forward and possess the. laiir* Korty years later, Joshua sucrecdei Moses as leader. A Her the Isrn< ites were established in Canaai; Caleb Jiad occasion to remind hi, is All-in-all, there is in this universe of Love to ^ fear. As we allirm and reali/.c the corded In hi>t..ry. Hi- triumph was ; lnith ' wt ' JII>(1 I'vaying aright. When complete ni:,«iery nf the belief in Jnl ' '"•»»'>' resolved Jim 1 declared n selfho.Ml >ep;.rnt.-d from (Jod. Mis tll:l1 ll(l Wulll < 1 tn '- st (; " (1 whatever n victorv lav in In- eonscious reali/a- * * lion of hiv (j!ienes> \\ilh (Jod. One dav. when .Ie-us was at Ca- t nig lit. come, lu> adopted a correct menial at t it ude which evontuallv » rcstilfcd in his cord former companion. Joshua, of wha hud occurred \\\ those curlier vhiy^ He explained the basis of his out courage and confidence, b sain "f wholly follouvd UK? J-^rd m; *JooV' lie went, 'in to say, "As yet I am as strong this day as I was in tin 1 day that Moses sent me: as my strength was then, even so is my freedom ' Mreimth now." 'ibedienee t" divine pernamn. a Unman centurion asked ; lrotn !t S( ' ri " l(S pbysicjil ailment. It law hud preserved his him to heal servant who wns JlJso brought lo liim a fuller ' moral, and mental viyor. To Caleb The practieal application of these centurion w.-o <'on/Ment lhaf merely by speaking tltf word, declaring truth. Jesus cojjhj accomplish tho healing, wiDiont needing to visit the patient. "Speak the word only." he said, "and my shall he healed." The Romans had cone by military might. i> so-called power was power- Jess in Ihe pri'sence of disease. Only spiritual power could cope with it effectually. Here we see the between true power, which is spiritual, and a material sense of Christian Science Buildings itt Boston one stands up in the face of danger, and forgetting self, does :i great and ness than he had before enjoyed llis llm ' p s " ns fl ' ( ' m (ll(1 llil! "f I illustrated simply by the following noble work, mnn, the real man in tVilh this -rowing reali/ation of Hebron. I' 1 "* '"^ '"' performed ; r x lMM .j r nce. 0,10 day a man who Cod's likeness, nppenrs. Mrs. Eddy »• • * • ™ ] • • • •.^••.••j • B _ -A lyin- ar home >-ick of the pnlsv The i !mi;lsm '*' (>1 ' pvnsprrily nnd happi- '> fell Hu* task of Anak and | precious rules of conduct may be i I (iivine Love's ever presence, we uli M roim " ? " ! ..... X ' " f ! li/e the Word of (Jod with g The clear sense lite fen who brought, back the «'as ( Truth, an i ho\v we may tis( : t ruth scie of (lie ><>iiie report to Moses entered the slailoner's store was observed by and exactly in on to promised land. They had proved i OIM1 rt| ' U "' ( ' k ' rks ! " l )it<k "I* » box themselves unworthy of this privi- ! of stationery and make off with it, This clerk is M student of Christian HVOUIUI u counter in n ^empliflod .this true ideal of mnn l.ood and womanhood in nn outstanding degree. Mrs. Kddy's work as tho Discoverer of Cli rist ia u Science is set forth in simple and beautiful [i. Science and Health < p. '2 flj (, i Science, and she i/ist/intly declared | allffua jr 0 j n "Science and Health 1 its i jtecific '' lion of each problem, becomes Mrs. Kddy presents a practical ! mentally, "Cod never made^a thief." j wi (], Kl , y to ( | 1O Scriptures." I ' rilainer dav l.v dav. as we sfudv (lie means of oven-ojniug evil wlien she IIlT recognition of the fact that shall always remember the hnprcs- 1 * t » i ? •, ••..*• ^ h i i Christ iaii Science textbook. The daily proofs of the em'cacy of the divine Word constantly inspire and WI ' il( ' s - " In l«iHent obedience to a ; ni;m ™ 111:1<it ' il1 lh « image ami like- si()I1 ,] lis c made upon mo when power. Jesus lo the centurion. st renuthen us. New "(Jo thy \\ny; and as Uioti hast be- lievrd, so be it done unto thee." u Malcjiiejji follows : Thi ? "Ills servant WI\R hen led ii\ tho selfsame hour." Christ Jesus came preaching the gospel of the kingdom of heaven, lie proclaimed the good news that harmony is always present. He honied disease instantaneously, because, he was wholly and overwhelmingly controlled by the spirit of Truth, the Principle <f harmony. No disease, whether it was leprosy, paralysis, or insanity, could stand patient, (Jod, lot. us h.hor to dissolve ; 11( ' ss " r <i(J(1 supported her dechira- . [ jj rst 1V;H i u. The purity of its with the universal solvent of Love i >.> 011 ' ;II1(I the f ' !i(lt silft < i(lt ' lni ' 0( l WIIS langunge, its beautiful concepts. the adamant of error,—self-wilt. !' : lcarly realised. Soon the man re-j immediately lifted my thought to a Ncir.jus(i//cation, ;m <2 ,sclMf*ve,~ , Burned. Jaid the box of .stationery percepfio/i of God's presence. It Is whereby to apply this truth become : w hich wars ngninst spirituality and j ol! th(t (1 ounter, and said, "1 never :l W0 rk of eternity, however, for apparent. Our life experience in the law of sin and death.'" In ] <1"l nnytliing like that before." Can } O . i( .i l ono O f u .. ( O r j so demonstably broiMloir; and rises higher. Our our upward journ,\ from sense to I ""o dinibt that this instant, practical j L O the altitude of thought expressed avenues usefulness increases. <»ur health Soul, whereby we find fuller free- i » st ' ()f Hie Kigbth (^oiniuaudment n and Health. Neverthe established on a (inner foundation. llom ' » fl »l'», and happiness, we each i blessed Unit, man? Can wo estimate ; i ( , s . s so prncMcnl nro its truths that have our hill of Hebron lo conquer. ; tho value of that experience to I CV(Ml n t our earliest stages of We have to snhduo In our own eon- ; hill >'- Tnste;ul of succeeding in his growth we find that those facts, Our happiness grows. Our true enjoyment of life in all its fullness, beauty, nml grandeur continually multiplies. It is right, to be happy, healthy, j evil brings out a fuller sense of love ! encourage him ever after to be hon- sciousness these three sons of Anak, ! w »'»»ff conrso, ho WHS arrested in it. j w hen hold to and faithfully utilized, self-will, self-jHKtiHcalion, and self- I rt was enough to tench him a U-s-j wo vlc wonders for us in our human love. This scientific conquest of | Stm never to be forgotten, and to free from JimHation. enjoying ample ; f<ir Cod a/id num, unself(»d Jove, it (i - st - Mrs - experience. writes in Science ,j 1( Our Leader's Avork in founding i supply. Actually these blessings, i enables us to practice true volition, according to Christian Science, are active obedience to the will of God. here in divine,Mind for evcrv one! l! sholll < 1 enable us to justify our- V '4 *m_^A K & of us, in s of opposing evi- K(>lvi * on a Imsis dence of tho senses. We shall not ourselves ns tho children of God, expressing our true spiritual solf- and Health (p. 4.>3) : Honesty is spiritual power. Dishonesty is human weakness, which forfeits divine help." Mrs. Eddy's IJfework In humanity's progress from p;ir,n\M>, or insaniiy, conni siami;. . . ( r.\pio>sniK «"ir uue spiriiuai sen- i n humanity s progress Irom a before bis understanding and dem- 1Ill > lox | tr | >11 ° Ult ' rs h ; v n ni u ' o l irlalll| K j hood. As these victories are won i material sense'of things to n higher * ^ •-•-i^^^i^i_^i-_-_^^^ ^A^_I.__A. . _ • . _ i i . . *-' t ~~ oust a tinn of omnipotent harmony. Few intelligent, people In our cjvi- lixed ies will deny the vital fact which Christianity presents, namely, that there is a su- what belongs to us, but actually en- progressivoly, Ueallh rests no longer spiritual sense, the time came when .Sciencc movement Is preserved in the Ma mini of The Mother Church. Jn order to main- lain n proper balance in our work, we need to hood the instruction this hook contains, and avail ourselves of the guidance afforded by* Mrs. Kddy in tho Church Manual. This book contains the basis of our en ™ ' ' i •» *l'"l*<t*t»»" J '\-J"* 1 ».(»«i* 1. • t t 1 * * t t t K A V.' 1VBt\4> i — ^^--^.»,--—-^ m •• ^r - *»'^™^^ --•- --.•» ^_ • » rich Hiom ; iM-eaiise, as each one lays j on the drifting sands of material \t was necessary that the gospel of J tin? organi/.ition, and it furnishes I 1 J i 1 1 1 dkl fltdt tll*'l»t4\ VkAd'klidt.* ' * I I > ^. . » «^ 4lti>lt^^r~ I « 1 t I t. 1 f.^.|<.lLl>il>..^l . . » » ._ J »>>.'.! fit i . t f -m • > ^ • '1 t _ . ** 1 * 1 . J* 1 hold of (hr- divine riches—"the ex- j belief, but is established on a true ; Christ should be proclaimed anew , helpful guidance for human con- cceding riches of hN grace," in-' foundation, even as in the case of ' ; md spiritual healing lie restored, duct. The plan for all the activities quote the words of Paul—more of ' r '' J(l|> - \Vo an» enabled through (ho , AS (,'od had prepared Moses, Caleb. • of our movement is simply those riches are being brought, into l ' unls(( '! >x (lt ' 'Milighlonod failli to :l!M | .h.shua through obedience to ; openly set, ^ In this hook. premo intelligence governing the ; { , vi(h , M(l(1 The Idd-dofn of hc'iren |ll:tnl "'"' 1W| °" ilu ' l )(M ' in;lI1Pnt i Mis law, «H in a later age He had order of services hold in universe and man. This ever- ... ' .... ..... *.., . ,, ,,' '. , r»>ck of spiritual undorslaiuliug. Iu i uivpared Christ, -Jesus for his areat Mother Churd), and in its I The The universe and mnn. THIS ever- present power, which is nble to govern tho sun and tho earth, and all tho other planets and stars, is able also to control all the affairs of men. When we recognize and yield to this omnipotent intelligence, which wo call God, we have the basis for effectively majoring fill difficulties*. We nre using tho means whereby nil human affairs may be liarmouixod in accordance with the law of Truth and Love. We nre establishing the kingdom of heaven, tho reign of harmony, on earth. is here now, for Jesus .said that it "is within yon." Jn it there are not some rich ami some poor, .some wise and some unwise, some, healthy and some sick. All express, in reality, the wisdom, health, ami affluence of rock of spiritual understanding. Iu i prepared Christ -Jesus for his great thin promised land of divine reality, work, so in this ago God prepared then 1 is unlimited abundance of nil good things. Dwelling therein, it Is our privilege to enjoy freedom, true self-government, harmony. We have the promise of the full enjoyment tho infinite Mind, boundless Love. ! of « n &"«** nml !) substantial ^re- All have access to Infinite supply. This is the realm in which we now dwell, and we are all tho heirs of God, enjoying (hose boundless riches, these unlimited blessings. A friend of mine, who as a young man was sentenced by his family taste of it now. This Is not won without: a struggle, without diligent, persistent, straight forward work. Nothing worth while over was. Awakening From a Dream The overcoming of evil with good involves an awakening, as from a Mary IJaker Kddy for the work she had to do. As a child she was (aught to love and obey the commandments, and the First Commandment, "Thou shalt have no other gods before mo," became her favorite. In the Sermon on the .Mount, uttered by Christ Jesus, she found the answer to life's perplexing problems. The ninety-first Psalm assured her of protection, prosperity, and length of days, a promise made to those who dream. Good is (lie reality, and it ! trust dod. She early became u f physician on account of a suppas- j is always actimJly bore, because I member of a Congregational church, is a i and retained thitf membership until Mary Maker Kddy, the Discoverer 0( n y horo<Jitary disease, was ipiickly | (Jod is'intlnito good. Kvil . .. , .... ... and 1- omnler ol Christian Science, j . uul completely honied through dvc;un, which nil too often seems to she founded her own church. ll( As tll(l n»ality of good is Kdwanl Kowland Sill, in ono of tells how we may use this harmony i Christian Science. A few years which Christ Ji-su- utilized. Her | ] M ter, in order to sntisfv certain : (lt * r larcd and realized, the dream of bis whimsical poems, tells of a man teaching is simple, direct, effective. Christian S'-ience enables us to roiiuircinonls, he under- v.ont a medical examination. The evil is dispelled, even as darkness is named Yunus, who ciime one day to dispelled by tight. This may be n city called Gnostertown, in the prove that spiritual power is su- (ixam ii,jng physician not only pro- prcme. ;t rcvenls tho fact, that | noiinced him in K oud health, hut God, tho divine Principle of being, ; ^nplmsiml the fact that his pbya- as perfect, and that man always haw ] ir;l t c(.nditi<.n was excellent. He been and ahvays will be God's per- '],.,„ ( -njoyed still more blessings, as feet imago ami liUon.-ss, It oiTors a ivsult of , lis ^hole-hoartod dovo- illustrated by the following simple, but far-reaching proof of healing. .V woman was suffering from a physical ailment, n serious heart trouble. One day while going to answer the fclcphune, she walked across the room with groat dilli- kingdom of Mhundus. When he arrived there, tho citixens were waiting for the thousand clocks in that city lo strike the hour of twelve, whereupon it wn.s their custom to sot their watehox accordingly. Throughout the years many things. to us the nracliciil means whereb fj (l ,, (o He/Wo ho learned ' tMllly ' We mav aonlv sniriie-il l-i\v t.i flu. <• ,.i • • ... • i . Could reach the telephone. 1 • <l l'P'^ spnnh.n i.iu 10 me ,,t Chrisimn Science, his business ' not knowing whether she i had occurred which rendered the 11 was i clocks inaccurate. Yunus, whose results. details ,,f „„)• M...-U.-MII..V Uvc«. It w;1 , yMl y i}ts ,.....„.„.,.,, .„ ,. IU «l a good under- ^| 10 our human ' standing of this teaching through ' her sister calling to toll of a visit i wntoh kept perfect time, ventured who was seriously ill. (Jay, ma friend that ho must awake. Tho by eonh'.np];, ling the fad the study of Science and HoaHlu words, spoken with authority and unchanging perfection. It pro- and learned how to apply it Tides a definite, scientific wa to every detail of his experience, the to ! conviction, so aroused the listener gain and prc^-i've health by depending on spiritual trull.. ft is, in short, the restoration of the method which Jons i/mglii ami practiced. It reveals the supreuu* pood, and from his business improved. that she left the telephone free and well. As it was proved when the how it may b, attained. J[ j s this - -, f , (M | n( , ([ M t ;tJ((] u'ithoiK intcrrup superiority of spiritual power over ti<>n for many years. the physical that Christian Seionco! Victories Kworilw) in Mir Bible oiuphasi/es at e\ cry [.oiuf. Mrs. ! Ins su;)])]y was multiplied, i centurion said lo Jesus, "Spoak Hie Soon the way opened for him to j W ord only," so at this time, oilier upon a work of wider usefulness. ]h- has progressed continually, and has carried on hi.i work in although the speaker knew nothing of her sister's need, tho words spoken with clear understanding am! posiliveness orought healing Instantaneously. Throughout her entire teaching. Flic niblo is full of accounts of , Mrs. Kddy makes clear that the Kddy has wriiei. iu the < 'hrl.sHaii ; spiriiual ron.juost. This givos to it i basis of healing in Christian Sci- Scionco, textbook, "Srirn--e and j its grt'iit value, vitality, and practl- j once is the conscious fact of the Health with Key to Hie Scriptures" caliiy. Ir is because of this that the ! perfection of being. This basic fact (p. KJO) : "It is unwise in doubt it which include* some of the ! is -stated in Ihe conimniulment.s of (he information (hat it was not twelve, but three o'clock in the afternoon. Confronted with the opposition which his statement aroused, Yunus took himself to (ask : "O herotic; O hapless wight! Can tt thousand he wrong, and ono bo right? O Yunus, Yunus, it must: lie true, l-'ov there's morn of thorn than there is o'' you." One Sunday, some time Inter, the court preacher delivered a sermon, in which he inn do. the point that "truth ... is not a thing of majority." Yunus, however, had not remained true to his convictions. lie had made the mistake of follow- Mother Church, and in its branch churches throughout the world, is embodied in the Manual. Those who have been blessed by the healing ministry of Christian Science naturally take the logical stops resulting from their enjoyment of these blessings. They become identified with the organized work of our church, and lend their aid, according to their experience and ability, to the promoting of the Cause which has blessed them. Healing at a Church Service The benefits derived from attending the services hold in the Christain Science Church are shown by the following incident: A student of Christian Science at one time felt very much burdened by what appeared to be difficult problems. In this mental condition Iw* went to a Sunday evening service In a branch church. During the rending 1 of the Lesson-Sermon, he began to see more clearly Ihe facts brought out in it, thnfc-God is perfect and that man in God's image and likeness is perfect. This wn.s so clearly renl- ixod that the burdens and diflicul- (ios, which bad loomed mountain high, wore seen to he powerless, nonexistent in Truth. He knew that he had reached the solution. When he left the church edifice that night, the appearance of everything bad changed, changed. His nffairs had not But his thought about the line of least resistance, and reality is in pertcci harmony with i IIH(M -'""'it'"' literature evianl, is nt ; Moses and the gospel of Christ | yielding to the majority. <jod, divine 1'rim-ipie. - i'' Science. ihc <-:)me time the DJI>M modern of Mrs. Kddv writes in "Mis- when understood and demonstrated. all disced.- -si/ice you admit thai (lod i> mnnipntrnt ; for from this premise ji good and its sucei ( , all-power." Allirmations About, tho time when Sill wrote bnok<. It- spiiiiual verities arc : c.-llaneous Writings" (p. ti7), ,i lis delightful poem, Airs. Kddy was •'new every morning," as .Jeremiah "Above physical wants, lie the j pursuing her pioneer work as the to : higher chums of (ho law and gospel j Discoverer anil Founder of Chris- k - ; of healing." Then, after carefully j ( | nu Science. Tho beliefs of the thorn had. His fear of evil had given place to confidence in the power of good.. His sense of insufficient supply in the presence of pressing financial obligations had yielded to the realization of the fact that in God's presence—and that is here—is tho abundant supply sa\>. As ilie sun brings hav u« whal is necessary in j , mi jori,y of the world's millions, to ohey certain command- j trusting in the renlitv and mib- Science und Health has proved be u priceless aid to n large number of people in overcoming difficulties. It shows us how to think from tho us cadi morning ne\y hopes, new fH'»ibi(ines. nc\v j"ts, so (he truths , • eoiiiained m the Itible come home to ordei ns. with new and practical mean- ments—she enumerates the seventh, ' stnutlaUty of matter, wore arrayed is, awakened spir- | the eighth, the sixth, and ( ho ninth \ against' the truth which she pro- K _ & ^ m A jm L • ^ Tnllke the fanciful Yunus, * o stood her ground— for every need. He saw that the difficulties with rtlilch he had been laboring were of the nature of a dream. The actual fact remained that unlimited good is present, but he saw that it was necessary to keep awake to this truth, in order to prove this. Very soon his improved state of mind was manifest in better conditions, and each pressing problem was met In a most simple and natural way. Such things are taking place time and time again, That is not. hard to understand. It would be more difficult to eomprcrhent how it could be intr. MS ilually. When mr-n in times of trial -, in ^>nt order—she writer further, and danger turn to tin's "(look of i books," they lind therein the answer I » s indispensable to health, happl- '« to their (juestionings, »nnd the way to demonstrate the power of Truth For (hem, " ness, and length of days. Those commandments do more than require purity, honesty, love, standpoint of Truth, spiritual real- j t 0 solve theii ity. Presenting us it does hnjior- j then, nevei again can there bo any ' and integrity." Obedience to those commandments imparts the ability \o exemplify those rjuttlltioN. Tho human mind needs something above itsolf to bring out good results. The divine Mind imparts what Is needed. <*od has given to us the commandments for this very pur- taut basic facts, it leaves each ono ' gainsaying of this power, free to utilise, these truths in »c- \Vhcn the Jsnu'IlfjVs wore i cordance with well-defined rules, as suited to the individual need- it « e » L pro; to the promised land, Mosey twelve men fco recon- teaches us how to affirm truth, and I !! 0|U T' Tllls J""" 1 ^ ot the Israelites is symbolic of the progress of oiich one of us from a material thus appropriate wlmt i« iKiiiah, In the midst of Kreitt Jta . tlonnl ditiicultk'tf, raised Jiis voice clearly and strongly, mid of things to a higher .spirilin'il ! pose*. pro sense. In thin, jjs in nil other Jiihle claimed, is my salvation narratives, it is the Knrlltunl moaning which conceais us most. ice to those divine dv- L mands enables eacii one who obeys them to reach a higher standard of thinking uad living. however, n lone as she was—and vindicated the precious truth which God hml revealed to her. With 'dauntless courage she uvesented this revelation of God and man, which healed her, and thiough her has healed many others. Like. Caleb, Mrs. lOddy could have s-iid truthfully, "1 wholly followed the Lord my God." Iu advance of others, she saw the promised hind of Spirit and its great p<issihlH(l«*H. Undismayed by the ohstiicles and difficulties .which confronted her, she opened the way for \\\\ to enjoy the fruits of! her discovery. When, iu H crisis, s n Dwell, therefore, my friends, long und much on the fact of the present perfection of God and man. Take in what this means and involves. Let this fill your consciousness. Thus you will lind that which will solve your problem** And meet your needs'; You will prove the divine power of good which dispels every suggestion of evil, One of our hymns soys: "In vain shall evil strive, And hell *u vain oppose; The cause is God's and will prevail, Iu gpiie of all His foes." (Christian Science Hymnal, No.%7.) While the teaching of Christian Science is presented IKS a definite % method, this in no way interferes with spontaneity. The very eor- rcstness and adequacy of its method ensures freedom of expression. It makes possible a fuller enjoyment of the spirit of Truth, the sweet influence of divine Love, which brings liberation and strength to humanity. It makes It possible to nwe Hie infinite divine resources, and to enjoy the eon- unfoldment of good. This extends to everything we have to do, improving every activity. In Science and Health Mrs. Kddy gives definite arguments us nn aid in healing the sick and in overt-tuning evil of various kinds. At the same time she emphasises the fact that the most important thing is to gain more and more of the spirit of Truth and Love. Students find (hat the declarations of Truth given by our Tender in this book guide them to use the specific nltlrmntions needed in their own particular case. Her words, written on page 412 of this textbook, illustrate this fact: "You may vary the arguments lo meet the peculiar or general symptoms of the case you treat, but be thoroughly persuaded in your own mind concerning the truth which you think or speak, and you will be the victor." Our Modern Triumphs Today, the word "victory" is on many lips. The work that is essential to victory engages many willing hands. The ideals underlying tiiis triumph arc enshrined in ninny loving hearts. Never before has the necessity for united work toward a worthy end been so emphatically brought home to the consciousness of humanity as it is today. The issue that confronts every thinking mnn and woman in the world has gradually defined itself. It is this: Can the ideals of Christianity survive, or will they be submerged in a flood of pngnnismV More simply stated: Can evil triumph over good? It is gratifying to lind that on this simple fundamental issue there is such widespread, positive agreement. The best element in humanity everywhere arises und proclaims in no uncertain tone: Good is supreme over evil. Christianity is victorious over paganism. Truth is now and forever triumphant. In the Middle Ages many armed expeditions were made by those professing Christianity for the purpose of recovering the Holy Laud from the pagans, who In earlier centuries had conquered it. These expeditions were called crusades, and those who took part in them crusaders, because the cross was the emblem they used. Today we are engaged in a crusade. But Christian Scientists have added to the cross the crown of victory. Early in the thirteenth century an unfortunate expedition started out from France and Germany for the Holy Land. It was composed of fifty thousand unarmed children. It was ill- advised and ended in failure. The crusade in which we are engaged today is no "Children's Crusade." We are armed with the omnipotence of Spirit, impregnable, irresistible armor. This crusade Is to prove tluit the forces of good ca nnot be overcome by SO-CH 1 led forces even more crued than those of the Middle Ages. The Saracens were then in possession of Jerusalem, and the work was to dislodge them. Today our crusade is to prevent such a result before it seems to be consummated, to prove that the one Mind governs this universe. Christian Science makes clear Unit we canont afford to leave evil alone. It must be,overcome by good, and wisdom is needed iu this process. It is the teaching of Christian Science that evil left alone extends its baneful activities. It must be arrested before its subtle influence can spread, claiming to overmaster good. True Christianity will never counsel a passive, supine attitude toward evil. It overcomes evil by positive, direct, and vigorous action. The effort of evil to gain possession of this world Jjas been u huge gamble. The stokes have been tre- f mendous. .Gambling, whether on an iudivdiual, a national, or a worldwide scale, is always unprofitable. The triumph of Truth is assured. Christian Science naturally leads one away from gambling'or speculating of every kind, whether it, be iu theology, in finance, or in statecraft. 'Christian Science rests upon the demonstration of Truth nml Is cnpahlc of being proved. It promotes the quality of diligence; It awakens and keeps alive the faculty of effort. Many nn individual who has labored long with the oltort of human will to overcome Home onslav* ing habit, such as drinking or smoking, has won freedom as his thought has become Hpiritualized. Tho understanding that God is Spirit, and that man, in reality, is spiritual, changes every human experience for the better. This understanding spiritualizes the huinnri consciousness. Jt corrects the tendency of mortals to rely on mat* ter or material beliefs. Mrs. lOddy, wiih her keen insight into cause and effect, has written iu her book "Miscellaneous Writings" (pp. 'Jrt7, The predisposing and exciting cause of all defeat and victory under the sun, rests on this scion- Htic basis : that action, in obedience to God, spiritualizes man's motives and methods, and crowns them with success; while disobedience to this divine Principle materializes human modes and consciousness, and defeats them." In the course of the centuries, the idea of freedom has developed gradually and gained momentum continually. This hus boon exemplified in tho conduct of men nnd of nations in a fuller expression and enjoyment of the democratic ideal. Human freedom gained an Impetus when the English barons wrested from King John the charter which is known as Mugna Chart u. Tlris has reached a fuller development on the American continent. Tho Declaration of Independence and the America n Constitution with the Hill ot Rights are the outgrowth of this, liberal ing process. It is plain that it is Christianity that has made tho development of democracy possible. Today Christian Science is showing us how Christianity may be applied to the .solution of all human difficulties', not only to our needs as individuals, but to our problem* as nations. Thus Christian Science stands at the very forefront of the defense of democracy. This leaching mnkes clear that God, tho one divine Mind, is governing this universe, including man, in perfect harmony, nnd that wicked mortal minds nre powerless to overthrow, or even interfere with God's perfect nnd harmonious governmnot. As those who nre gaining an understanding of Christian Science use these unassailable truths, they nre mightily aiding in the .solution of the soom- ingly perplexing: problems which confront us today. Practicality of God's Law The law of God may be likened to a stream.' As demonstrated humanly, It grows continually in volume nnd strength. All who think truly, humbly, unselfishly, helpfully, are being borne onwurd on the current of this mighty river. To conform to Ihe operation of this law, so that its influence may flow unhindered In human experience, always has been, and still is, tho greatest privilege that man can enjoy. The currents and crosscurrents of mortal mind's propaganda can never stem the current of the divine law, nor turn it from Its irresistible onward course. The good work that Truth, infinite good, hns wrought can never be undone by evil, Kvil is not person. The ability to separate evil from person is essential to scientific victory over evil. Man In Go^e image and likeness is in perfect harmony with Truth. God's man loves .the truth, and is continually expressing truth. Error has'no intelligence, and throughout the centuries it has been proved that the power of Truth ultimately and Inevitably prevails, while error destroys itself. Caleb, to whom reference hns already been made, proved this. Through his obedience to divine law, he won a decisive victory over lawlessnes. He overcame the pagan belief that advancing years bring decrepitude. He preserved youthful freshness and vigor.. Happy in ho, who, like Caleb, intelligently and consistently identities himself with triumphant Truth. The examples and illustrations contained in the Bible, showing the potency of Truth, are helpful to us today in demonstrating this divine power, as adapted to our Truth is something more than old. It is eternal. Therefore Truth, demonstrated from olden time, is ever new, fresh, and vital. Because Truth is ever present, it follows that the Hible, which records these victories, can never be out-modod. Truth demonstrated two or throe thousand years ago is the same Truth that is demonstrable today. Eternal Truth is adequate to satisfy every need, whatever that need may be. In the seventeenth chapter of the ^^^ — modern needs. This and It "ac- hook of Matthew, we read that nt one time Jesus took throe of his* disciples, Peter, James, and John, to a high mountain. There he was "tran.-ilignred before them/' "HU face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white ns the light." In this experience Jesus enabled his students to gain n clearer view of immortality, ns expressed by Moses and Kilns. As we discern the immortality of Moses, we understand better the enduring vitality of the Ten Commandments, or Mosaic Decalogue. It canont be reasonably questioned tl\at the present wave of juvenile delinquency and race hatred has reunited from putting aside the Mosaic Decalogue; and to the extent that the divine law is more fully obeyed, these present-day problems will be solved. It is the birthright of every child to have n sound moral training from his earliest years. It ia bis right to 1mve wholesome surroundings in homo and school, and to be kept free from erroneous educational methods and' other harmful materialistic influences. We pny much attention to the development of our natural re-^ sourcoH. Let us gives more of the right kind of attention to the development and care of our most precious charges, our children. Obedience to the law of God will meet this need, and do justice to all Individuals, race?, and nations, obedience will spiritualize transform Liunmi experience, will elevate society in general, cording to the pattern shewed in the mount," and ensure the progressive victory of good over evil. There nre today those who claim that Christianity has lind its day. They admit that it has accomplished much good, but Insist that the time has come for a "new order." The good work done by Christianity stands, and will stand. What we need is a fuller utilization of that which Christianity makes possible. Christian Science has come in time to meet this need. Individuals, groups, nations—Christendom in general—may well give heed to the wise words written by Mrs. Kddy in "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, nml Miscellany" (p. 200): "What holds us to the Christian life is the seven-fold shield of honesty, purity, and uu- selfed love." It was customary for the children of Israel, at various stages of their journey, to sing songs of triumph. Thus after crossing the Red Sen, Moses composed such a song, which Miriam, his sister, joined with other Hebrew women in singing: "I will sing unto the Lord, for he hath, triumphed gloriously. . . . The Lord is juy strength and song, and he is become my salvation. . . . The Lord shall reign for ever and ever," King David snug feongs in gratitude for deliverance from his enemies. Before Christ Jesus went to tho garden of Gethsenmue, prior to his crucifixion and his victory over death, we read that they sang a hymn. It is indeed true that when we face our difficulties with a song of triumph in our hearts and on oui; lips, the victory is assured. The Revelator, speaking of the victory of Truth over error, writes: "And tfiey sing the song of Mosea the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying 1 , Great and marvellous are thy works, Lord God Almighty; just and true are thy ways, thoii King of saints. . . . For all nations shall come and worship before thee; for thy judgments are ( made manifest." Christianity, as restated and re- instateO by Christian Science, teaches us how to demonstrate tlje power of Christ, Truth. It enables the student to practice true religion. Christian Science is conservative, because it protects us from taking any step be.vtmd what we can demonstrate. It is liberal, in that it gives free scope to the enjoyment of unlimited good, to the extent that we can prove it. It affords inspiration to the thinker and worker, hope j.. 4 d assurance to the religionist, guidance and strength to the statesman, comfort and healing to all. It is the practical, satisfying religion of Christ, suited to the needs of the present, and perfectly adequate to meet every demand in the future. Whatever the problem or difficulty may be, whether it be one of sickness, sin, or lack, whether it be individual or national, the victory is won through obedience to the law of God. At last, through the revelation of Christian Science, the application of the divine law to ever* V » human need can be made with scientific certainty. It rests with each one of us to learn this law, and gain experience in its applica* tion. We have the encouraging assurance of our Leader, Mrs. Eddy, written in "Miscellaneous Writings" (p, 105), "Christian Science is an everlasting victor, and vanquish- ment is unknown to the omnipresent Truth." CHTUST IENCC MONITM ^^•^^•w^ -JI I • • •• • Army Revolt ViiKdOutt FoottoU Seeurt ou will n yourself one of the best informed persons in your community when you read The < , oni ? r re « u > rly - , You wil1 find ''««• ~w » fuller, richer understanding of world tffairs . . . truthful. mo K trial tubscription. • Thf ChrtetUa I ^.. :i, °**< | *«"»> r ~, — *——• . ! d EL'i*!. Mn i , frt * *E* 1 ! co ? toi cf th * n «•«• «"<! * one-month trial ^Ecri*. I I u w-srRuwstraai D rJMI sass. ••?. -5§ i I^ADDEiiiIII"""III""!"IIII"I"IIIIIII""""I*^ • I Christian Science Reading Room 5 Arcade, Haberfelde Building Bakenfleld t California :•

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