Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 28, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1908
Page 5
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Mail Miod a Bank M When hard times approach, he feels perfectly secure. He.kxiows.thar, even if he isn't making money rapidly, he at letst doesn 't have to BacriSce everything he has for enoiigh to live on. Have you a hank account? If not, why not? The time •will surely come when you^il need a little ready money to fall back on. And it':; so easy to own a bank account, for once you make the start and get a few dollars in the bank, tb« most fascinating game in the world is to watch your money crow, little by littie, until almost before you realize it your account will reach hundreds and then thousands. K ^ If you have money hidden aboiit the house, bring it to this bank and let it be earning interest while you are not using it. State Savings Bank i.OOO Ma, Kanmas Open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights fine Hand Painted China at exactly tlALF PRICE This Is a Tery flnr line of CHINA and yon ran not a&'ord to miss tlie bars^Ins we otTer. See Window at 9PENCER'» . Funeral aervica Cor tlnia P; Gray, 212 Nortb Sycamore strcat, 'who was killed by a -Mlaaouri, Kansas * Texaa passenger tralti at'3 o'clock' last Friday afternoon was held this morning la the family home. The senrice was conducted by Rev. W. H. .Garfield, pastor of the First Baptist church. Burial wae made in the' lola cemetery. —Hard Shell Crab, Lobsters, Blue Points. Our Way. Worit In Des SToInes. Dave .Morrill of the United Iron WTorks company' will leave today for Des -Moines, Iowa, to Install the ma- nhlnory which the coaii>any has been huildiuK for the now DPS Mnines ci- nioiit |>lant. Rooms tor men, Y. M. C. A. hnllding. Steam heat In each room. Baths frea. Taken to Hospital. .Mrs. S. A. Thompson, of 419 North Jefforson a%-enue. wns taken to St. .k'hn's hospital yesterday for trpaf- nieiit. ^Sign painting, phone 1428. Fred Rowden. Short Stories I o r i lola Happenings —Frank B. Beattle, V. S., Phone 139. •Indire Ballhi^r In rnhlnet. \\":v'h!iiKtoii. Dec. L'S.—.Iudt;e Richard HalUnpi^r of Seattle, who is a.s- si ^iiiHiI to tlif liiierior porifi)lii> by iiiauy iif the cabinet muknr.^ \f. a fDnu- or Kiiiisan. In his y<intli ho was a .siiiUi-';it ai the I'liivpr.sity of Knusas anfl V.'aslihiirn colioKe. Tojieka. .ludfip /•fcillinKpr is :"0 years <if a^p. 11^ \s tJic author of spvpral .lawl)ooks. THE lOLA (CE AND COLD STORAGE CO. Hasirni t Whotesote vuk K0ua Dealers CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water Xew CsM Storsgs Meair tpr Vaslsess. Phase IIC [FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. For the best and quickest results use the Iteglster's want columns. At Carterville. Mrs. H. A. Bishop entertained at Cliristraas dinner .Mr. and .Mrs. C. I. Warner, of lola, Kas.. Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Gregg and children of Carthago, Prof. W. H. Bishop and wife of XP- o.sho, .Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Bishop anil i-hi!.1ren, Mr. and .Mr-s. Walter Potts "f tlii.-5 city.—Cartprville Item in .Inp- lin Herald. —Insist on Imvinc V. S. Flour. / -^ Walt Mason Balled Up. lola is naturally feeling gay. havin? completed arrangements for a Xor- dica concert in January. She feels I that this will humiliate Parsons, ; which has noUiing better to offer than -the,Paul Weggen case, as an induce: nieni to settlers.—Emporia Gazette. Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans Low Rate. Annual Interest, Payments received at any Ume without notice, and Interest ceases on amount paid Long or Short Time Loans. E Cunnlnsham & Arnett —.A.lways lirae to eat at the Oar It is a Fad Now. White girls seem to be partial to the fad of marrying negroes. A' week as-o the papprs wore telliii;: of a whitp .woman at T«iipka who wa.-; found df.ij : in the shanty of her black husband: ithen tiip lola ca.^e attracted attention, a girl of fifteen being determined to w.-.l K;!ilc«;>ian "n whom charcoa' , would lir.v.' ma'k- a white mark. Ycs- j it-nlay a Kaiiy:'.s n'^.'ro loomed up at j Ar.;.'i!ii!i.>. .vi-h !i l.hishini; whito dam- si I {.II hi: a.r.i. lookiiic fur somebody wi!o W(.;:ld join :l>'>;n in the holy bonds. Wis •••.arpli was fruitless, as ^ thrre aiipt ar.s to In- soiupthing of a prc-.iudip.' a;; phronia'.ic, marriages in .Xrm-ntiiii'.—iCniporia Ga^f-tto. Home for Holidays. Walter Faddls come In. yesterday from Fresno, Californl.i, to spend the holidays with home folks. Organize rentral I'niou. Delegates from the several lalwr organizations will meet the first week in January for the purpose of rcor- ganlzing the central body of this city. —Dn. Lathrop. Osteopaths. Phone 488 Kelrase (Jeo, Fields. Companions of- George Fields, the colored nnin who. was fined J^.l by Police Judge Hlldner, of Bassett Saturday morning for disturbing the peace smi for drnnkonness, raised the amount of his fine and secured his release Saturday afternoon. Get the Elko, the liest Sr rigar, at rruhh.N. , .1 home fijrar. Stinson Goes Northwest. Cv Stlmion. at one time a crack pitcher In the Missouri Valley base ball league, will return to the box again next sca.son after a two years' vacation and has signed up with the Bellingbam. Washington team. In the Northwestern league—Pittsburg Head- ll?ht. —Cnnntugham & Amett, 8 per cent, money. To Chanute. Mrs. W. H. Richards of lola, and B. P. WiUoughby of Chandler. Okla., arrived at noon to spend Sunday with their sister, Mrs. W. S. Woodward.— Chanute Sun. —For fine llrery and Iwardlnp •stable for horses, sec Ralph R. Drake. Phone 101, 212 North Jefferson. Well on Wert Farm. Til Da'e, for the lola Portland Cement CO., brought in a gas well on the E. X. Wort farm the first of the week, of about 4.000.000 feet per day. Humboldt News. —Try Sea Fi -od if yon feel bad Fresh fr«m Ocean—"Our Way." Ife hsre on sale winter tonr. 1st tickets to many points in Xew Mexico and Texas, with final retnm limit Jnne 1st, 1909. Please see for partlipulars, Tf. E. BALSTOS, Agent XAQAZDIES ASD PERIODICALS can be secured of J. E. HEVDERSOy. who deals with the publishers and fomlshes them at the lowest price possible. Trial Bubscriptlon to Van Norden 'B. 3 months 25c. f>hoae 98. 414 N. Buckeye .Bitimates cheerfully given anoll ' LOOK AT OCR Nkkd Plated Ware When Christmas shopping. Chafing Dishes, Percolaters, gold-lined Tea Sets, Cake Trays, Baking Dishes, and many other useful and fancy articles. Aim} a fine line of Aluminum Ware .Monin KaNes «3.2«!."». Local ir .w-rrs; In ihp propn; rd cv- inpiit |il:int hps intr^a.-rd ;;rpaily wiili fti t^c '-•if «•«"'!•- T'l-^ ;/ni>it'p,'"ls for landin:; this entt -rprise ajiiiears to be v.ry g<:..ii :i! This time. Siib::priiJtIons f <ir sto'k liavp bc-pn made amoiintiriT •lit and more have sicnifipd their iiifc:;!lr-;;-. cf i -ik :ng fr.:no -stocks. Thp committep. J. I>. Moore. Ki. Kir>p and Dr. Delx.iig has been work'nE; hard with Uie subscription jisper aftd should I'o assist.-d ;!S nmch a- possible liy rvc rvbody. —Mc-an Herald. —Good Things to Eat. "Our-War." To and V'roui Topeka. IJoir.or Saook will return home Sunday morning from lola. wJiero he went to spent Christma:?. • * « John Jforris cf lola. Kn.'s.. .spent Christmas here the guest of bis niDther.—Topeka Ca]>ital. —Dr. J. R. Pepper. Dentist, Phone 16S Sale of Strong Estate. ^^'hat was perhaps one of the largest lu'blic sales of live stock ever made in this nart of the State was tbp.t i!f the J. C. S'rcng estate at the Strong farm last Thursday. Counting what sold at private sale before the sale, that ripht being reserved on what was advertised, the sale amounted to $7.n^0. That which was so-d at auction brought J5.731.28. Of this amount the very small sum of 1277.60 was given In notes. What better-U- lustrntlon of the country's finances could be given than this? Think of It! l>esfl than five per cent of the amount of the sale being bought on the time terms of the sale. , Buyers were here from Oklahoma and Missouri and tfie crowd was large. Of course, the ma- lorlty of the stock sold was high bred blood and brought good prices but not lanv more than It was worth for every body concedes the fSct that Blr. Strong tmd a class of horsei aad jacks that were as good as could be fotind any- HeraM. -Dr. P. E. Vt'anzh, Dentist, Phone 82 Well, on Knox Farm. Tho lola Pipeline company recently brought in a good gas well on the Knox farm southpast of Humlioldt. Thu WPU IS said to IIP a large one.— Hiiniholdt .Vt'ws, *'.>00 .ME.\ WANTED." To Trap All Kinds of Raw Furs. 1 atn now paying for No. prlmir la' each: Black skunlt, $1.75; ml Ilk, y.M to $4.00; opossum, 3')C to Oc; house cats. 2.")C to 3'ic: civlt cats 40c to .'Oc; raccoon $1.00 to $1.25; niu^k r.nts, 25c to .10c. Medium, small ind lower grades full relative value. Come to headquarters for a .sauare Jeal hi;:hpst full market prices. B. S. BARNARD, Horse and Deef Hides, Junk, Poultry. Ftirs, etc, etc.. No. .•?24-32G .North Huckeye «irtef, lola. Kansas. Easy Money The easiest way to make a dollar Is to save one you bare already made. By trading with ns you can save several dollars each month on your grocery bill. We can sell you goods on two weeks' or thirty days' time , at strictly cash prices. le'sCo-Qpen' End of the Year Tuesday, Wednesday and Prices chopped, profits dropped. A jrand finish to the year 1908. »2,L>5 Heatherbloom Petticoats, with nice deep ruffle, for these 3 days,-special, $t.69 «1 ..")0 Satin Duclwss, m inches wide, in black only, for 3 days, special per yard, $uoo 50c Bed Sheets, 72x90, made cf good quality muslin, special sale price, each 39o During the next 3 days and in time for the New Year's Elk 's Ball we offer our entire stock oi party dresses and evening coats and capes at Onm'FourthOfr . Oae lot Wool Suitings, soitable for Suits and Skirts, regular 50c quality, per yard, Fine Farm Raiitfomd One-fourth off from wgnlar prices on all fine Fur Sets and Pnr Coats. 11 .50 black Taffeta. Silk, 36 in. wide, cbiffoa finish, for- 3 days, per yard, $t.00 One lot all wool Snitiags, lo, stripes and checks, 46 in; %ide,' will make fine suits and slaits, $1.25 value, per yard J1 118 ladies' Long Coats, satin lined, made of chi£fon broadcloth, green, blue, red and-blacky i|>cc{il! for 3 days at Watch for the AbnoanceiQ<|nt> of our Semi-Annual Wluch will taHe ploce soon. HIS "BID" TO IXAUGURATIOX. DU. WILEY IS OYERRULED. benzoate and in the ruling Issued yes-^ terday says benzoate in quantity nc The Lure of tlie Auto .\ot an Indnre- ' At the llennest of Canners. Secretary more than one-tenth of 1 per cent ma; ment to Senator Travis. ' Wiis .ni will Allow Tse of Benzoate. be added to those foods In which I Wilsoji'w'ni Allow fse of Benzoate.' be. added to those foods In which I: has heretofore been used. The committee in cliar^ie of the in- ! " Washiuston. Dec.'2S.—As the result; This reasserU the present practice, augural cercmonie.:; for Governor-= of a concerted attack just made upon • Meanwhile the case has. been app^Iec elect W R Stubbs is sendiuK out in-jhlni. the enemies of Dr. Hari-ey W. over Wiley s head to a board of chem . . • ..... ,«..:..,.! Wiley, the •autocrat of the dinner ists headed by Dr. Remsem, who i table," lielipve that th<" end of his i regarded as one of the greatest chem-, rei^ii as autocrat is in sifiht. The j ists in the world. v )iati(;ns tn all of the state official-? :ind the incnibtM-s of ihe house ar .d sf >na [o. askitijcr tlieni. to be present at lif inaugural ion on .laniiary li. The iuvltail <Mi includes a "bid" lo an auto- niobie rido tbrouKh Toi>eka. Senaior -eleci Frank I... .Tra\:= has acknowlod«i *d the rcci 'ipt cf his Invitation and AvlM Ipavi- for Toiieka on men of the south, the fruit men of California ar.d the vcsctable canners cf the whole country joined in the onslaught ujion Dr. Wiley, who is the .=i;verniuci.t chcnrist and as such ihi- iiriucipal administrator of the • anuarv IK. Seriator Trav!.< says that j new pure Uyod law. ihe lure of the auto is noi the thinj;; The combined assailants scored a •.vhich called liim to Toiteka and In ac- ; preliminary victory Saturday when '.cpiinK the invitation to aiieiid the In- they obtained a ruling overturninc; Dr. augural ceremonies he declared his; Wiley's prjsitlon as to the use of ben- To Help Panama Clabs. St. Louis. Dec. 28.—Mrs. Philip N. Mcore of St. Louis, national president of the Federation of Women's clubs and Mrs. John Dickinson Sherman of Chicago, will sail' from New York January 29. for Panama for the purpose of visiting the women's clubf there and advancing the work. The augural ceremonip.-; ne ui-tiarru ins - »»iic-.> o IM..OII.WU i-- . .".„'.»i„V. „.„„,^„ v _j pleasure in witnessing the installation zoate of soda as a preser^-atlve in ve«-|v.sit of, the two club women had tne Into office of Governor Stubl.s but ' .>table and fruit packing. Dr. Wiley |endorsement of Stated that he did not care |.aril<"U- after exjirriments with his poison lariv ••about the automobile ride, since stiuad luSt spring, denounced the use thev are numerous in lola." : of benzoate In unmeasured terms. Sec-j The Invitation received by Sen-ator' retaiy Wilson has refused to follow i ":„'V'~~-~-"--^J-t^-- Travis follows: ; Dr. ^Wiley's recommendaUon as dtiring a two weelta trip. 'Dear Sir: The committee appoint- i _ government officials who caused clubs to be formed In Panama more than a year ago. Mrs. Moore said today she expected to visit all the nine clubs in the canal ed to arrange for the inauguratiim «;f j the Governor and the stale officers take pleasure In informing you th-it. the Inaugural ceremonies will be held . in Topeka's Auditorium on Monday, i January U, 1909. The ceremonies will be held at Hayden Getting Material. T C. Hayden. owner of the Pltts- hur? baseball franchise, is working steadily getting together material for i,,^ ^.o,™,^^-^., v.- — • — a team In 1909. Hayden has not yet rtlph noon, and it the weather permits. • a team in vjvj. no^uru jiuu ..-v „,^.. picked a field captain for his coal-dig- the citizens"'who own automobiles de- ' J""' ^° '^^I'^al city to all the • sho.t time. r have a likely aggre- members of the House and Senate and h^lT""^ ""l^ f Starting from the sta°e • heads." said Hayden, "and I expect ••- ^n.nn „ .t; ..,„„„,,v vn,, the bunch to show up well. There are still several places I will have to fill before r am ready for the spring try-out."—Joplln Herald. I I house at 10:30 a. m.. promptl.v. you will arrive at the Auditorium in time ' for the inaugural ceremonies at noon. "At 7:30 p. ni. a pub'lc reception: will he held at the state house, and we ho|)e that in yonr coming you will: arrange It so you can participate In the above ceremonies. Also, please advise the chairman if your wife will ticwmpany you. so we can arrange for a seat In an automobile for her should \ she be here. Very truly yours, •THE CO.M.\IITTEE OV ARR.\>;GE- MEXTS." Dor Bargain Connter If Sold Before Jannan h 1909. A $200 lot for $130.00! A six room house and barn.. .J650.00 ; A nice smooth lot, high 180.00 j An eastern Oklahoma ranch, )3.00 per acre. ^N'HITAKER & DON.NELL. Where Voa can quickly lieat ami keep cosy the draashtr hall or coU roMrrr no matter what the wealkcr eonditioiw ne—aai il yoa only kpew how much real comlod yoa can lem irwi visiting at Otthwa. Mr. Sidney Juleson of Iota, was; here vlsltlna his parents, Mr. and Mrs, | ?. 8. Juleson over Christmas, but •will • go to I.«avenworth today to spend! Sunday. • • • Homer Beach came up' from lola yesterday and was the guest j of Col. and Mrs. J, McKeever of the: Occidental.—Ottawa Republic, mE8 rn?T!i» nr c TO 14 DAYS. PAZO OIKTBiIENT is guaranteed to enre any case of Iteiiln«r, blind. Meed log or, protnidlng pflea in 6 to 14 daya or Boney 'refanded. 50c. you wouUn't he without one another hout. Tuia the wkJ( a or a> low •« you ploK—ihere'i no ilangci—no moke—mb wmA- —jus* direcl inlenae hcat-ihat a^eekuio ol the mokdcM deviefc oeautihilly iiniihed in nidcd and japar—«au> menial anywhere. The bran toni holds 4 qaarti,glv- ing heat kr 9 hours. Il iil^hlinw«iglil MUIT carried from room, to room. Every heater wuiranW. The KegU ^ir V«it Ads Brisf KewlU. meeislheiwed«(dtt Pfhideal—akiiflhL skdy bghe-iJeal li icwLor •hidyhy. Madeofhn«--i!kkdvhriea.ialalaih proved central dnithomer^ EvoyWim^^ l( your deakr does not csrr^|»«fcdioi^M H«*r oA Rqrt L«V writ* Mr aMjil iBraiy. mmm .iddress DeUveni by fattier F. 1. Jtednire on HJatorieal Effects of V tkefloVeL - Father F. A. SCeGulre of St. JtApjs hurch preached an exceptloiMlqr :trohg sermon Cbriatmas momliiic. rlls remarka deaM with tbei bHiiorfai effects brought about tbroo^;' tlie ckiepel of Christ, the RedeoiMr, (or :be benefit of humanity- during tlw Jhrlstlan era. Tbe f^lowing is aa e^ ract of the sermon: In every land under the broad-eu- 3py of heaven, whererer the Chrtttisa 'alth sways Jiunnin hearts aad-ttiers is not a nation nor scarcely-'* trfli»o( men where that fUtb Ima not entwined itself about the hearts d multitudes, the anotvfrsary of Christ's human birth is celebrated today yjth' as much Joyr happiness amis u» oat- pouring of the spirit of genierastty lad good will toward their fellow beings as In the twUi^t of Christlanltr- This fact prompU iis to .ss«Ar! tbe causes of a phenomon so .w4di^qirrMd and of such perennJal Tigprand Itivt- felt attraction. SMrch for the enaso and syoi4 will And tlmf It listtlie nature of the human henrt ia^ta noirm it condition to manlfe^st its.-appreaai- tion for the. giver of som^gTMi^ft. to honor aad venerate tlM jnempi^^oC one who has dellVered lt.,fraia~*onw dread .calanvl^. tikat threateaed kmLoC wealth, heal<tk<>r life ttselt TUisi^ canvas oa which U. patated tliv.dfida af genius, or virtue Is s^s^dfit Wilth the names o^ W9fidertui :n)^^«a4 <;1n^ then, whose extraordinary. ^llStdu- zled. their fellow mortals' and-wido their names household words in aa-' tlons. Yet. compared with the elflort which Christ's memory and Ids sab- lime rerelaUons and tke «natpl *^«C his life and deaths hM produced oafha; nationa ot the wotldj tllrirs la a dand., and soulless memory, saparfldal^ aad?-.. witlKMU hsart. wUlo.tkejwleadiBRrwid soul reselling effecU, «hidkthf;aa«M and memorrof Christ. hl»^hto*i.|ito aad teachings outsUne. tkqu' M«kt> ness ot human heroes and-ffolsllSitM isreatlr as the rays qfetka s«i|.««t- shlaea those of ,a caadlac - r y:y.L ., . 101581 LOIHM- On fam land-or IMa^. long or stort tlsi^: InrertnUfligMMt: terms. )^er todnr, if tltto^ tp ^gftd See .us at'taos: lOiyk ULNI>- OOMMinf/ Mnisap.iKry ta u «*i4^ decIarevthM 'Mt te^ Mn Wiefalta, bafc-ia fNI tkit; tndisd td a;w« as tbairlMVW- m

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