Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 7, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 7, 1908
Page 5
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o b«^< »oe:boob>ooo|»od 3*ioiii! miiBorABT HOSPITAL e o ^ O fniBit A BMtttoi T. 8, 9 TdfylMMiaS. Pnp. . 50 0^00 oooo'^oooooo 9 |>eDcer'ft Tar and Wild Cherrii Foi^C0i^9 iiBd Co )d5(. Priatrd forma la In wiadov. ConUIiu nothlis injarions. Z3c a Bottle SATISFACTION GIABANTEED. 'S HE. J. FI JA1IE805, Tfe* S««eesafal iie* ttoneer, Tcterlurlan. I ^tTin ulcsor Pedigreed xtock •ales made unywhcie. Vctcr j inary callii noKwerrd 'day or nixht. Office with DouKlaiu Bros. Phcne ij, residence iio IOI.A, KANSAS. RtchardMNiHi Orekt- GiMraace S«le bringa'many Aopiwra. C. B. HUFF, of Elsmore township, is contoinplktlns maklns the race for county treasurer. He was here yesterday interrlawins the poltUclaus who had gathered to see the oommlB- sloners on the appointment ofia coun ty assessor. Dr. MMekell, offite ni nMtmct, *pboae 40. MR. AND MRS. O. W. Grantham left this afternoon for Cheni ^Tale, where they expect to make their home. Slausfaterlng the Ladles' Coats at Richardson's. SHKIUKK C. O. Bollinger sol* the Chas. McCabe eighty acre farm located in 22-24-21 last Saturday to Jas. H. rirown, for $1,800. The sa'e was the result of the partition suit of Geo. Willetts- vs. Anderson, Cummings et al. EWING & Burdick are Just In receipt of a large shipment of school books and are now reMy to meet the demands of the new Kbool term for text books, etc. A .MRS. WHirthum. of Baldwin, called op Sheriff C. O. Bol!inger Saturday and asked the officers to be on the lookout for her little boy who had left home and was believed to be coming to lola. Nothing has been seen of the boy, however. Wonderful values In Waists In the Great Clearance Sale. Richardson's. DR. GARLINGHOUSE received word Uiis morning from Topeka stating that Delbort Bowen who was oj)- crated upon yesterday morning is improving rapidly. J. V. SPONENBAROFm. of Hum boldt is In the city totlay on business. Slicing the prices on Ladies' Dress Skirts. Richardson's. Start the JTcw Tear right—own a good IVATCH, one that is gnar< ant«^ to keep time accanttciy— wear a lifetime and alwayit prenent.. the standard of what a good watch should I N) In appearance. We *carry Just the styles that will suit you. Make y our pick today. Q. A. LEFFLER, JEWELEB. Swiff's rremlnm Calondar for 1908. Swift's Premium Calendar for 1908, .surpasses in beauty any of Uio many striking calendars already issued by this firm. The Calendar is made up of three separate panels, each SV4 by 17 inches. The first panel portrays "An ideal American Girl's Head" painted by Miss A. C. Eggleston and delicately lithographed in twelve colors and gold. The second and third panels are of classic beauties. These two pictures are frpm the brush of the famous Russian painter, Eisman Semenowsky, whose work is so well known among art connoisseurs. Swift & Company. Chicago, is sending out this beautiful 190S Premium Calendar postpaid for 10 cents in stamps or coin. Send order to Swift & Co., Dept. P., Stock Yards Station, Chicago. A, T. STEWART was here Saturday attending the funeral of his sister- in-law. Mrs. Fred Stewart. Arthur is now assistant vice president of the Missouri Pacific railway- and has charge of the freight department. He is one of Himiboldt's boys who has made good and is rising steadily in the railroad world.—Humboldt Herald. STABTED BY A> EGG. Romantic Courtship Which Is Alwut to Close With a Wedding. Wlnsted. Conn.. Jan. 7.—Emll I.,au- ritlson is going to Jojjiln, Mo., to marry MI BS Louise Odcock, whom he has never seen. Miss Adcock, whose father is a prominent iMultry fancier, wrote her name on an egg that was among those going to market. The egg came east and reached Lauritl- zon's bakery by way of a cold storage plant. He wrote Miss Adcock and she replied to his letter. Correspondence went on until marriage was proposed. Miss Adcock accepted him. but her father insisted ithat I.auriti- zon should go to Joplin l)efore the wedding was positively agreed upon. He sent him the money for his expenses. UNVEIL BENNINGTON MONUM'NT Thousands Saw Cerenjony at Saiv Diego, Calif., Tbday. San Diego. Jan. 7.—In the presence of thousands, including officers and sailors of the Pacific Squadron and citizenB of San Diego and of pther southern cities In California who had gathered here to witness the ceremony:the memorial monument to the Bennington dead was unveiled this afternoon at the Xational cem etery on the top of Point Loma. DR. H. J. WILLE"V left this mom ing for Liberal, Kas., at which place he will follow his profession. Dr. WBlley has many friends ir^ this city whbNrlsh him success in his new location. You'll be healthy and happy If your liver, and bowels work naturally. Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea keeps these organs working right, brings robust heajth to all. Try It now; • 86e Tea or Tiablets. Burrell's Drug Store. MRS. C. C. KBSSIJEai who returned Saturday evening from Kansas City, where she has been living for tthe past several (weeks, asked if ther^ were many holdups hero. Mrs. Kpssler said there were twenty-three last week In Kansas City. Powell, the real estate man, has a few thousand dollars to loan on farms at a reasonable rate. THE ANNUAL meeting of the Mo- nian State Bann was held Saturday. Everything was found to bo In the l)cst of condition. HaVlan Taylor was re-clocted president, Joseph vice president, and Grace JfcKittrick, cashier. Driving out the Dress Goods in the Great Clearance Sale. Richardson's. Dr. 0. L. Garllnghonsc. Office 'phone SB. Residence 475. J. E. WAKEFIELD has had a large number of friends urging him to make the race for district clerk. John is well qualified for the position and If he should make the race would get the support of all who know him. He may decide to enter the race.—Hum- Ijoldt Herald. A Landslide in Table Uncus in the Great Clearance Sale. Richardson's. MO.NTGOMBRY & Brown of Tola have rented the Schaffncr building, and will open a cigar store and factory. They have an establishment at iola. hut this will be separate from that one.—Humlwidt Herald. Dr. Wniey, Oeillst MR. FRANK Humes came in this morning from St. Joe, Mo., for a fcv; days* visit with relatives and friends. -Mr. Humes was formeVly employed as lookkeeper for the Chicago Lumber & Coal Co., of this city. He has rs- signed his position with this company at St. Joe, and accepted the position cf manager of the Clark-Bates Lumber Co., of Collinsville, Oklahoma. Hundreds of Bargains In Hosiery. Richardson's. MISS EDITH Marr has returned from a visit at Neodeeha. Special Bedneed Prices on ail new and second hand Sewing Machines until January Ist Singer Sewing Machine Co., 110 East Madison. HARRY DAVIS, the second hand dealer on the north side of the square is having a modem five roomed house built on his lot at 219 North Whlnut. The house Is being built for rental purposes. Say, did you know that they were retailing meat at wholesale prices at The City Meat Market, on the east side of the square. Half or whole hogs 6% cents. Roberts & Ballard. Much-A-Do In Millinery; 50 cents on the dollar. Richardson's. WJIM Rlley left yesterday for Bar- tlesvUle In response to a telegram telUns him that there was work there for him In the tmelten. Now is The Time to InsuFel Y ^ITHIN the past week two fires have occurred, and It is iike'y that many more will occur before tiie winter is over. Yoii cannot afford to go uninsured at this time of the year and you cann.t afford to carry insurance except in the best companies. My companies are the best In America. Let's Talk the Matter Over. POWELL, the Insurance Man Orand Theatre TO-MOHT. 'A Seldier*s Sweetheart' A Comedy Drama In Four Acta. Lower Floor 20c Balcony 10c. WAS SHE POISONED? (Continued from page 4.) plete!y or partially. Coroner Carl Phillips to<Iay swore in a conuior's, jury and began an inquest. Tin' .stomach was removed from the body a' the Smith Undertaking Co.'s morpu<? this morning and delivered to Pnif. E. H. S. Bailey, head of the choniistry department of the University of Kansas, for analysis. It will take two or three days at least to detprniino tlii' results of the analysis which he will make. The coroner's jury summoned was sworn in and viewed the body, after which it was dismissed to convene again Friday at 9 o'clock. By that time, it is believed, the analysis will be completed and tlie jury will have evidence at hand upon which to base conclusions of some sort. The matter was brought to the coroner's attention by the neighbors who complained that they suspected iiois- oninp:. A druggist said that Mr. Van- cii tried to purchase rough on rats finni him Saturday and. upon being questioned, y .r. Vancll readily admitted th;it he had purchased that imison. He said ho put it out in his cellar to kill rat.-^. The coroner is proceeding upon nnlhiug more than a suspicion of the n.'ighbors that Vancil is guilty, and luis not had him arrested. "1 heard tiie stories that were being circulated." said the, coroner tnis morning. and 1 determined to I»now the facts so as to sot everylmdy at rest. I dtv temiined that if the woman liiul l)eon poisoned, it was due her to make the fact known, and that, if she had not been poisoned, it was certainly due to her husband to disclose tlio fact and free Iiim from-all suspicion." The husiiand. Bphrram Vancil, is a 8hoenial <er, and he worked for a long time at Fischer's shoe store. More r.->cently he has worRed ."or the Ncwby shoe shop. The neighborhood gossips say that he has, for a year past, been flirting with other tromen and malting the life of his wife unnappy generally. How true ;n:.= storj- may b" s not determined, but It appears to have considerable foundation. Mrs. Vancil was taken 11! with the grip several days ago. A physician was summoned and treated her case. He did not diagnooe It as anything other than grip, but he says she had a weak heart and that this may have complicated her othrr illness in such a way as to cause death suddenly. J. O. HI.TK. of Kansas City, a liro ther-in -iaw of U B. Giadfelter, has moved t^ Iola. Try a Want Ad. in the Better. Ing Sm§B NOW IN FULL BLAST Che Baitlay'SHields Cioihinfi CoT^ THK 3I0BE IHAT SATISFIES. MANY CONTRACTS Union Brick Company Working at Full Capacity Now. The fact that the UnTon Brick com pany of Gas City has enough contracts to fill to keep the plant busy for five mouths is evidence of re- tuminc prosperity. Peop'o who are contemplating spring building through out the wide section which the company suplies are closing up their con- irncts early so that ttiey will not be delayed. The Union Brick company closed down recently until lietter gas supply ronld be secured. Now that the Read- irker pumping plant Is nmning the brick company has resnmed operation and thirty or forty men were given employment again. PLANS FOR JURY ROOIVI READY. New Room Will bs 17x34 Feet In Dl mensVons. Chas. Smith, of Humboldt, who drafts the specifications for all of the county bridges, came up today to attend the mooting of the commissioners and l)rought wifli him ths plan^ and siieciflcations for the new jury room wliich will he located in the fourth story of the court house. The pians show a jury room 17x34 feet or nearly twice as large as the one now us?d. A toilet room will be installed. At the last meeting of the Iward it was decided to make a jury room out of the fourth story so that Judge Foust can uao the present jury room for a private office. COL. SAPHAR'S BROTHER DIED. Possed Away From the Effects of Army Wounds.' Col. \V. D. Saphar today received a telegram announcing the death of his brother. George Washington Saphar. at Athens, Pa. The death occurred at four o'clock yesterday and the funeral services are to he held sometlm^> tomorrow. Mr. Saphar at the time of his death was over GO years of ago. .Mr. Saphar was formerty in the British army and received woundv which caus?d his death. As it would bo an impossibility for Col. Saphar to reach Athens before the funeral services were over, ho Is not planning to attend. "PEEPER" IS TERT FLEET. Night Prowler EInded OfHcers Again Msht . "Jack the Peeper" is proving himself the nimlilest footed man the olTic- ers have had to contend with for many months. Assistant Chief of Police John J. Creed was called again last night to run down a "Jack the Peeper" who was working In the north em part of the city, but the prowler succeeded In escaping. This time however, he was seen by a man who can give a good description of him. Up to date the officers have not been able to get close enough to take a shot at the man.. . COMPLETING LAST BRIDGE. Canton Bridge Company Working at MarQn Creek. A representative ©f the Canton Bridge compan.v, which firm Is just c'osing up a contract for the construction of seven bridges In the county, came in today and will probably present a hill to the commissioners who are now In session. The Canton people are now working on the last of the seven bridges, the bridge over Ibrtla enelc. F«r best and qnlekcnt ncnltt ase tke Bcffbtcr Wiat Coluui. FIKE l.\ GA.S CITY, Ifciiideucc of J. D. Johnson Couipietely • Destroyed Today. The home of Mr. J. iJ. Johnson ot Gas City was burned to the ground today about noon. The fire is said to iiave started from a defective Hue. The lire was first discovered by -Mrs. Johnson who was out in the yard t.Tlking to E. W. Cantrell of Iola aboiit the sale of a cow. She happened to look toward the direction of the house, when she saw smoke raising frism the room near the chimney. She and Mr. Cantrell ran into the house which, by (his time was filled with smoke. The two succeeded in sjiving about liaif of the household goods owned by -Vlr. and Mrs. Johnson. The Johnson home was a five room -Structure and was located in the La Grange addition to the city of Gas which is outtiide ot the lire limits. This made it impossible to get assistauce from the city hre department. The which will amount to several hundred dollars is partially covered l)y insurance. AdTCtriwHMta nit tkii|]hf«i.1lW? be Inserted tliree tli WA.NTKD—By man and wife, work on a fann. Phone 637. » WANTED—Girl wants place to work. Phone 12S8. •WANTED—A position by a com- peleut man as clerk or meat cutter. Address "L. P." care Register. SITUATION /,V ANTED— A boy wants a place to Work after soijool; and Saturdays. Address 118 Soatli Vermont St. W.,W«TED—Dining room girl at the Cataract hotel. i - WANTED— Second band Wtncbtrtnr pop gun. InQuire 105 Soati^ Bncood streL foil SALE'immomHm FOR SALE—Twelve White Rock chickens and hen house 14x28. Address XYZ this office. A FA .\IOrS WOLF IS, KILLED. Furnished One Hundred Wolf Scalps to Salem Farmer. Gef>. Ifhofles of Salem township wlio is said to be the champion wolf hunter of the county aud who in tlie past few years has turned in oyer one hundred scalps to the county clerk and received the bounty thereon, now mourns the loss of the chief source of his lucrative business. One night recently Titus Simons, u neighbor, heard a noise of some kind in his chicken coop. Armed with a trusty gun he sallied forth and spied what he thought to be a dog. His aim was true and the auimai dropped over dead. He ran uj) to the body of the animal to find tliat he had killed a large wolf. Mr. Wolf says it is the mother of nearly-ail of the wolves he has killed in the past few years. J. W. COUTANT POLICY IS PAID. IMIss Kate Coutant is Beneficiary to Amount of $2,000. R. S. Moore, recorder of Iola lodge Number 98. A. O.-U. W., reports the payment of $2,000 to Miss Kate Coutant on certificate held by her father, the late J. W. Coutant, in Tola lodge number 98. Mr. Courant was one of Allen county's best known citizens aiid died but a few weeks ago. Card of Tbankii. We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Royal Neighbors Camp 1281' of Iola, for the kindness shown us and beautiful flowers sent us during our recent sad liereavement. TUGS H. JONES and CHILDREN, Caney. Kansas. For beiit and qnlcknt malts use the Beflster TVait C O I HBBS. FOR SALE—Good Studebaker buggy, practically new, withApod set o( |:;5.00 harness, for sale aTHoward'n barn if taken in the next few day* at $80.00. FOR SALE—Good mllch cow. Inquire 404 North Elm. FOR SALE;—$1800 stock ot srocer- les and store flxtares. 402 Sontb Kentucky street FOR SALE—A driving mare and buggy. Horse dty broke, safe tor. lady to drive. Inquire 832 North atreet.. FOR RENT—-One five room hoose on South Second and one 6 room house on South' Fourth. Intiuire 21S South Buckeye. J. H. Bock. FOR KENT-Two choice offlce rooms. Inquire at Burrell's drug store. FOR RENT—Eight room, modem house. Adams & Burns, nioae 1111. FOR RENT—Seven room modnm house on paved street, 5 blocks tram square; newly remodeled. Intitiira J. B. Kirk, 621 North Washington.' FOR RENT—Five room hoDse; good repair. Inquire 423 South Cottonwood. FOR RENT—Eight room boosa. 29^ North Walnut. Apply at 204 Nortb Walnut. FOR RENT—3 room hoOBe.- Iwn, chicken pen. outbuildings and l.K acre truck land. Close in. WUitaker & Donnell. TO TRADE—Equity in twa iKMWaa. 5 room and 3 room in Iola, to ox- change for good team and wagon. Hamilton Bros. Its Economy To have yotir Cupett ^ and Sags cleaned hf >otice U Hmtenk You are hereby forbidden to do any hunting on the premisea'of the following underslgaed parties ' W. A. DAWSON FRANK BLISS I.VY RUSH N. T. HO&r ^^'M. DINGMAN S. T. BAXLBT J. A. TRINE E. T. HAZMAMD W. A. BASSETT J. R FES8. JOSH VALENTINE H. E. IXOUKCB GEORGE STRAWOEBUAN.

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