The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 27, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1936
Page 2
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THE BAKEKSKIKLD CAL1FORNIAN, THURSDAY, AUGUST 27, 1938 College Week at Harry Coffee's '"Back to School" Values from Harry Coffee's College Shop! CONFERENCE Varsity Suits * • Ccnf*n«nc« Varsity Clothoi «r« the exact duplicate* in style, fabric, pattern and color of those worn on the leading campuses of America. You'll like their easy style.. .colorful fabrics and the way they stand the gaff. Single and double breasted models including the new English lounge. Stadium Corduroys 3 9 . 5 An eicellent quility corduroy made up with the popular iippcr front. It it reinforced at every Mtentiil point and cut over the moat popular college pattern Stadium Wool Trousers Check*...ftripe* and plain colon in pure wool fabric*. The majority are made with pirated front •* worn it the leading American Universities Stadium Shoes Smartly styled campu* model*, in tough grain leathers and selected calfskin*. A whole-carload of comfort and mile* of wear. . . 3 9 . 5 3 9 . 5 Conference Shirts.. • All woven pattern* in madra*. end and end cloths, clipped figure*. Many with the Duke of Kent collar ana brushed finish. Also Oxford cloth in white, blue and fancy pattern*. . . 1 30 • Academy Striped Ties Made of pure silk and beautifully tailored by hand to tie into the perfect knot. The correct tic to finish out the college outfit oo Varsity Pullover Sweaters A lot of new weave* including the smart (haker color* too. These all pure wool pullover* are the popular campus swtster. Brushed and plain nnithet in large selection* are included 15 Bubble Weave Jackets Made in the new bubble weave of firm worsted yarn. All the smart color* and detigns are included. This will be the popular garment on the campus this year Varsity Sta-up Hose A very fine assortment of pattern* and color* in the popular short length hose with self- supporting top. Smartly patterned in the newest Fall style idea*... and the smartest colors. Harry Coffee SILICA MYSTERY STILL UNSOLVED 'Why Docs Dust Responsible : for SilicoHis Turn Into Poison? lly IIO\VAIU> \V. III.AKKSU'IK (Amnftatnl /'rr<« l.raurd Wlrel CAMBUIlKiK, Mn*«., Aug. 1!7.— Kcli'iu'o has oni' mystery yot to solvo In Hlllconls, tin- imiHi dangerous of nil dust dlseuHc.t. The mystery Is why H|||I:U, I In- dunt responsible, turns Into a poison when ground to particles (lie H|/.I> nf bacteria. Tin 1 surprising lichuvlor of cllli'ii \VIIH cxplalni'il In purl today nt I ho Iliirvuiil tiMvonti'iiury l'.v 1'r. W. Irving ('lurk mid TYnfossor Philip Drinker nt the Harvard School of 1'ublle Health. Iliiiirh sand IH almost pure sll|c.a. Klllca Is part of tho beauty of opnls and occurs In quartz, flint, Hand- Mono, juspar and many cither common HiibstanccH. In nil of thorn It IH harmless to human beings. New Lung Diseases When ground fine enough to fly In ho air particles of silica causa a dls- Inct, new lung disease. Tho particles havo tho power to :auso fibrous growths In < lung UK- tiles even years after tho bits ot dust have lodged In tho lungs. When ho dust particles outer tho lung hey ar« engulfed by wandering, white blood cells. Those white cells hen move with their cargoes away from the red lung tissue. They carry ho dust Intn tho lymph vessels of ho lungs, mlnuto passageways for ho flow of lymph, a clear white 'lu Id, tiro win of Fibers Tho lymph passages become jlockod and thereupon set upgrowth of tho slllcosls fibers. Tho Hlllca dust kills a good many of the white corpuscles which are trying to carry t away. The victims, said Doctor Clark, become susceptible, to tuberculosis, pneumonia and other respiratory dls- loses. These diseases are likely to kill thorn before slllcosts produces fatal Interferences with breathing. Tho only method of treatment, Doctor Clark said, io prevention. Tieless Tycoons Order Is Formed (Amnelated I'rtiit Leated Wire) A/USA, Aug. 27.—Tho Tleless Tycoons, organized hero on tho proposition that tho necktlo Is a UBclcss article of mascullno attlro and opposed to hot weather comfort, are finding adherents throughout the country, their sponsors «ald today. The Aziina club has taken tho title of Patrick Henry Chapter No. 1. By-laws of tho organization Include tho following: No officers; no dues; no treasury: no speeches; membership only on unanimous vote, but onco admitted to membership, a candidate cannot got out; mind nobodys business, not even one's own; no community singing accompanied by gestures. Pleads Guilty of - Tombstone Theft (Aitoftatet Prcti Leafed Wlrt) DEL HID, Texas. Aug. 27.—R. S. Alkcn pleaded guilty today at Hock Springs to stealing a tombstone from Jin Edwards county cemetery, removing tho Inscription and selling tho marker for $56 In Crystal City. Ho was sentenced to six months In the county Ji'l- OIL ««t MINING Kern Oil FieldsWeekly Review *•»* * * * *** *+* Recent Developments Summarized ,-^, M ^^^| ty JOHN C It A W FORD) -~O HIO Oil, COMPANY, after abandoning Rio Bravo wildcat at the considerable depth of 9000 feet, Is preparing to enter the Ten Section field, west of Old Hlver, with an exploratory Job to be drilled on section 19, 30-26, one and one-half miles north of Shell's discovery well and approximately five miles south of tho Hlo Itravo Job. Same equipment used In the abandoned well will bo employed at tho new location. The recently opened Ten Section area already Is beginning to take on the appearance of nn oil field, Standard OH Company having begun Its test project tltls week to add a third lighted rig to the two Hhell derricks. Tho Standard well is going down on tho section Just cast of tho proposed Oil wildcat. ' Abandonment of the Rio Bravo test ended ono of the most exhaustive attempts yet made for oil production on tho valley floor. A few thin streaks of oil sand encountered on tho way down wore deemed Insufficient to warrant setting casing. Another abandonment this week, Standard Oil Company's No. 9 on Marlcopa Flat, marked termination of a drilling' campaign which extended over a period of several months following opening of a rich lense (stet) by Gibson Oil Company. The Standard project was at tho south- cast end of tho pool, where Gibson's last completion came In for only 100 barrels dally and later declined to 30. Kncouragert by the oil strike made In Seven Spot Oil Company's wildcat northwest of the Kern Front field, tho Big Eleven Oil Company, hendnd by J. J. Travis, Is rigging up preparatory to drilling a wildcat on property of the Bakcrsfleld Fuel Oil Company on section 18, 28-28. The new test Is located a quarter of a mile northeast of the Seven Spot well, which Is being reconditioned. Installation of tho heaviest rig In the Frultvale field Is held Indicative of plans by Magnet Oil Company for a deep test In this area. The big outfit Is set up at Magnet's Seymour No. 3, located three-fourths of a mile northwest of tho only other deep test In tho field. This earlier wall was drilled by Western Gulf to almost | 8000 feet without finding anything below present productive formations at around 3600 feet. Mohawk Oil Company's outpost KCL. 23-3 has been begun as an attempt to extend tho northeastern part of the Frultvale tlold two locations north of present limits. L. W. Hunt Opens Geological Office Ii. W. Hunt, Inspector with the state division of oil and gas In Kern county for the pa«t eight years, today announced opening of offices at 1712 Chester avenue where he will operate as consulting geologist specializing In petroleum and mining engineering problems. Ho has resigned from the state office effective Immediately. Mr. Hunt has a background of many years of practical experience In petroleum and mine engineering. Prior to coming to Kern on the staff of the state division of oil and gas, Mr. Hunt was In business as a consulting geologist at San Francisco. Ho served for two years In the oil fields of South America and one year In the mines of Mexico. Ho Is a graduate of Stanford University. FLUSH OUT 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES Medical authorities agree that your kidney. conUIn IS Mllei of tiny tube* or filter* which help to purify the Wood and keep you healthy. Kidney* ehould empty S plnti • day and 10 get rid of more than » P °if n you hav" trouble with too frequent bladder paiUEei with scanty amount caus- Ing burning and discomfort, the 15 Mljee of kidney tubea may need fluihlng out. Thle danger ilenal may be the beulnnlng of nag- glng backache, leg Bains, lot! of pep and energy, getting up nights, swelling. puMneii under tie eyei, headachea and dltilnen. Don't wait. A»k your druggist for Doan'ft PHI", uied successfully by million* for over 40 years. They gl»e happy relief and will help to flush out the II UUei of kidney tube*. Get Doan't Reopen Hearing of Fresno's Demands (United Prem Lcaicd Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 27.—Tha state railroad commission today reopened tho hearing on demands by tho cities of Oakland and Fresno to require the Pacific Gas and Electric Company to fix a definite standard of he;it content value to natural gas being served subscribers in those cities. F. B. Fernhoff, city attorney of Oakland, said that present regulations permitted tho average monthly heat values to vary from 800 to 1'JOO British thermal units and charged that this was improper and not permitted by law. Football to Take Place of Apple (United I'reit Lcatcd Wire)' DALLAS, Texas, Aug. 27.—Cor- rlne, who dances with an apple for n costume at tho Texas Centennial, will throw away the apple tho night of September 7. She will use a football Instead, she snld, because tbc professional and amateur teams staging a football game hero will be guests at a special show. »« » Scotch Executive in Mexico Called MEXICO CITY, Aug. 27.—W. II. Fraser, 04, general manager of tho Mexican Light and Power Company, died today of a bullet wound In the splno received Tuesday when a former employe of the company attacked him. Fraser was a resident of Forros, North Scotland. Ho Is survived by his widow. Expansion of tho Taft Well Drill- Ing Company's operations Into tho state of Louisiana has created a traveling problem for company officials. W. F. Buass, president, and F. L. Shoppard, secretary and treasurer of tho firm, have solved the problem by doing their commuting In a D-passenger Stlnson plane. Associated Oil Company Is drilling two wells In the now district recently opened by this concsrn at Lost Hills. Williamson No. 3 Is being cored below 1500 feet In quest of productive sands below the shallow pool previously tapped, and Taylor No. 1 Is down 2000 feet. These wells are northeast of the older portion of the field. A series of four drilling projects now In progress between tho southeast end of the Mountain View field and Arvln should give a good idea of the potentialities of this area toward tho end ot the year. General Petroleum Corporation Is already nearing 6000 feet in Us Ar- vln No. 1, outcome of which will bo determined fairly soon. This Job Is just south of the town of McFarland. Operations are Just getting under way, however, at Shell Oil Company's Greer No. 1, 2H miles to the north, and at Mohawk Oil Company's Earl Fruit No. 2, the next section north of the Greer project. Associated Oil's second Earl Fruit project forms the north end of tho line of test projects. •»» » HOME FROM MONTEREY Verne Austin, inspector of the state division ot oil and gas, has returned from two weeks spent at the Reserve Officers' Training Camp at the Presidio at Monterey. This is an annual event attended by some 600 officers of different branches of military service who receive practical Instruction and work out tactical problems. Mr. Austin holds a reserve commission of major, and acted as Instructor In cavalry maneuvers. Garvin & Haar Will Try for Production darvln & Haar's redrllllng Job In tho old School wildcat south of Fruitvale school, In the southwest quarter ot section 28, 29-27, has been finished and a 2^-lnch pump Will be Installed for a production test. Original depth was 4710 feet and water was shut off by 8«4-lnch cos Ing at 4383 feet. New operators have cleaned out to 4406, and set a B-lnch liner on bottom. During swabbing It Is reported that clean 19 gravity oil was pulled out at tho rate of 160 barrels per day, with the fluid standing at'the 800-foot level, *• » BACK FROM L. A. Frank Carter, geologist of General Petroleum Corporation, has returnee from vacation spent in Los Angeles with Mrs. Carter and their daugh tor, to his home at 2901 San Emldlo street. Shell's Second Job Near Sand f)Vf on the valley floor *t Ten ^ Section field, Shell's important Stevens A-6 on Hcction 29, 30-26, Is down 7745 feet, which is less than 100 feet from the top of the oil sand reached in the discovery well. This second well Is slated to explore deeper than the gas and oil disclosed in the first well. Wildcat Spudded in Eastern Edison Four miles east of Edison field the East Edison Oil Company has spudded a wildcat near the east quarter-corner of section 22, 30-30, on a lease said to comprise 2880 acres. The location Is reported to be not far from where sedimentary rocks of tho Kern River formation outcrop against tho granite of the mountains. Tho 101 Oil Company, which i quired the lease from tho Title Insurance and Trust Company, Is do Ing the drilling with gasqllne-drlven machinery Installed In a OB-foot wooden derrick. M. M. Young Is In charge ot operations. Texas Grades Site for No. 16 Project Texas Company Is grading for No 10 in tho foothills in Sunset field section 32, 32-24, one location nortl and down the dip from No. IB. Th Lakevlew sand recently was proven to extend to this undrllled part o the lease by completion ot No. 1 for 250 barrels from 2850 feet. WELL OPED UP ihcll Oil Company's Olccse Flows 1500 Barrels Daily on Potential Test Shell Oil Company's big flowing; veil, Olcese 1-6, at Hound Mountain leld, which recently came In for "45 barrels, was opened wide for a potential test, and Increased Its flow o 1500 barrels dally ot 18.3 gravity clean oil. This Issued from 40 feet of the Vedder sand with bottom (it 1970 feet. Gas output during the test, was not measured, but on another pro- • ductlon trial through two flow-beans of 13/16-Inch and %-inch, tho weir gauged 1,000,000 cubic feet of gag per day, with tubing pressure ot 100 pounds. Will Test Oil Found in Jasmine^Wildcat Oil reported in Doyle Petroleum Corporation's No. 1 on the Quinn ranch back of Jasmine, section 16, 25-27, will be tried out In a production test. Depth Is 2970 feet, and 8%-inch casing has been cemented at 2015 on showings said to be lit the Walker formation. Tho location lies In tho foothills on tho road that leads from Woody to Delano. •»*•• VAUDEVILLE ACTOR SUED LOS ANGELES, Aug. 27. (A. P.)— Wally Vornon, vaudeville actor," must appear In court Friday to show cause why he should not pay his) wife, Marlon Ann Vernon, $400 monthly pending trial of her divorce^ suit., She said Vernon earned $1000 a month. Largest tjeneral manufacture and repair plant In the San Joaquln Valley, HOPPER $25.00 Reward Will be paid by (lie manufacturer for any Com GREAT CHRISTOPHER POSITIVE Corn Cure cannot remove. Also removes V/arts and Callouses. B5c at Save-More Drue .Store, Twentieth and Chester avenue. MACHINE -M. u>U WORKS, Inc. 2JI5 Office and M Strait Shop Phsns Supply Store Fishing Tools Tanks to Order Belting Jobbers of Acetylene and Oxygen Machine Work Forging, Foundry, Boiler Works ! Manutacturm of Portabii Oil Will Hoists and Rotarios PABST- Jtni+Jb STANDARD T)ABST TAPaCan is your •t personal drink—taken from the brewery and served to you, just as Pabst made it. When you taste the beer produced by ninetytwo years of experience, the finest ingredients, careful laboratory control—you will enjoy t rare treat in flavor. You'll agree with millions of beer drinkers—he who drmJy Pabst dnn\s best— and call for your beer by name— Pabst TAPaCan. 1NO»T ON ORIGINAL PABST TAPaCaa • Brewery Goodness •ealtd Right In • Protected Flavor • Non-reflll«ble • Fltt Top—It Stacks • Saves Half the Space • No Deposits to Pay • No Bottles to Return • Easy to Carry • No Breakage PABSTfcfBEER BREWBMY •OODNEIS IIAIBB »ia«T IM © KM, nwtet-rtbet Cef*. EXTRA LAYERS OF I PIPPED CORDS UNDER THE TREAD! | DEEP-CUT NON-SKID TREADS JMORE RUBBER OH THE ROAOt IGUM-DIPPED CORD BODY? ! LONGER NON-SKID MILEA6E1 THE NEW STANDARD S INCE the startling announcement of this new tire aentation, Firestone Factories have been busy day and night in an effort to satisfy the big demand. When you buy the new Firestone Standard, you save five ways — better raw materials, buying at source of supply, more efficient manufacturing, volume production and more econom- 4.50-20 4.50-21 4.75-19 5.00-19 f«r Trull u< Inn 6.50-20|>l*9f 7.00-2o|lf.IO Olnif Sitti Prlcid ical distribution. Savings are passed on to you in the greatest tire value known. Never before Have you seen so much tire for the money and every tire carries the Firestone name and guarantee, which is your assurance of greater non-skid efficiency, greater blowout protection and longer mileage. Don't delay. Get your new set of Firestone Standard Tires now—a fresh supply just received. BATTERIES 95 •7-4$ '!•*». [BRAKE BBf Per Set . le»M Elbe SI'S IN | .4A9-21. firt*font IIITIHIL 4.50-21. 4.75-19. »-40 III TIMM MB IIHI 6.00-20 H. D. I 30x5 H. D... I •14.9* ta.M OIM SUM PrleM PnevtUMItlv Ln Tir**fon« S S I I I I » AUTO RADIOS 'HOUWt 1 ?!?j 4.50-21 !•*•*• I 4.75-19 f.9X x3H Cl 4. D**lined and built of good materials by skilled workmen in volume production nuking possible low price*. Designed and built for owner* of small car* who want new lire safety at a low price. It carries the Firestone name and guarantee. IHSICT SCRIM •axis I*™* UI*T !"***• 49' Sttr* '«"'< SI' MORE THAN 2,000 AUTO SUPPLY NEEDS AT MONEY SAVING PRICES Linen to the Voice o/ Firestone—/catering Margaret Speafci, Soprano, with the FiretConc Choral Symphony, and William Daly'* Orchestra—every Monday night over N. B. C. Nationwide Network JOHNSON'S FIRESTONE AUTO SUPPLY AND SERVICE STORES, Inc. Chester at Twenty-fourth Street Phone 40€0

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