The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 6, 1971 · Page 17
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 17

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 6, 1971
Page 17
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Kansas City Experiment Hutchinson News Wednesday, Oct. 6, 1971 Page 18 Rent Help or Housing Project? KANSAS CITY (AP) - About 150 familes in Kansas City have drastically altered their life styles since December by moving from substandard housing in inner city areas to considerably higher quality units of their own choice. These and an anticipated 100 additional familes -all drawn from Model Cities neighborhoods in Kansas City — represent a federal government experiment to show if rent allowances, dispensed directly to low-income families, are more effective than standard supplement programs, such as public housing projects. Housing officials, city and federal, who have watched the entire public housing concept subjected to increasing heat from Capitol Hill, are reserving judgment until the pilot project runs its three-year course. Chance to Save But while they watch and wait, a 27-year-old black woman with six children, who has moved from "a house that was falling down on me," said she and her husband, 36, consider the program an opportunity to save money. "When it is over," she said, "we might be able to purchase a home of our own." What effect has it had on their family in nine months? . The woman said her utilities payments are cheaper, adding, "Of course we no longer have to burn the lights all night to try to keep the rats from coming out : "This house doesn't have new furniture; It's certainly not exclusive. But it's clean and it's neat The kids have a nice basement where they can play and we don't have to worry about them getting killed by soma drunk on the street." The basio difference between the plan and existing programs is choice. In this case recipients are not compelled to live in public housing projects or units. > They select the home or apartment they wish to rent, then receive all or part of the monthly housing allowance provided their choice meets standards of the project's administrating agency, the Housing Development Corporation and Information Agency (HDCIC), contracted by Model Cities to assist in its wide-ranging functions. In Kansas City, the choice for recipients extends through seven counties, five in Missouri and Wyandotte and suburban Johnson counties in Kansas. One recipient, a 28-year-old black woman, widowed with five children, said, "Everybody wanted me to go to Wayne Miner (public housing project in the inner city). But I had my reasons for moving to where I did. "If an individual sees he doesn't have to be cooped up, feels some of the freedom others to — then he'll continue to live that way. "If any people in this program haven't done anything in three years, then there 's no hope for them." The experiment, authorized by the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1970, was established to test propositions recommended by the 1968 "Report of the President 's Committee on Urban Housing' (Kaiser Report) and the 1970 "Report of the President's Task Force on Low-income Housing' that housing allowances might provide more feasible means, socially and econo- minically, of placing low-in­ come familes in standard housing facilities. About $750,000 was allocated for the life of the test to answer two basic questions: —If given the financial opportunity, will people move to locations offering better housing and jobs. —And once there, can they increase their incomes to be able to afford their new homes without help. Joe L. Mattox, program director, recalled when the project was launched in September 1970, "we had to walk the streets to make people believe it was true. "What kind of a reaction would you expect when you offer to pay someone's rent in much better living quarters?" Once the word got around, more than 720 persons had applied by the end of June. Of these, 408 were found to be eligible. Because of the limited funds, drawings were set up to determine the recipients. Can the recipient sustain himself without help? James I. Threatt, Model Cities director in Kansas City, said, "It's a three-year demonstration program ... The proof of the pudding is at the end." Threatt added, "I know Mattox is very enthusiastic about it, I know many people have moved in a short period of time, but it is an experiment." A study published by the Midwest Council of Model Cities last July 30 when there were about 100 participating families reported 85 per cent of the recipients were black. A profile drawn of the average recipient showed that in 79 per cent of the cases, a female was the head of the household, 32 years old with between three and four children and an annual income of $2,591. Seventy per cent were unemployed, the average formal education totaled 11 years and 75 per cent of the recipients received various assistance grants averaging $141 per month, not including the rent grant. Among the council's conclusions: —The program is moving a large number of familes in a short period of time. —It is attracting participants with low socio-economic characteristics and can be used to reduce the centration of poor familes in the inner city. —The particpants maximize the allowance benefits by exercising sound consumer instincts in renting housing. Mattox said the only other project like it, but of much smaller scope, is in Wilmington, Del. It has a goal of only 35 families. If the pilot project in Kansas City is conclusive, he feels it "is bound to be one of the national programs along with FHA (Farmers Home Administration) and public housing." "It's been a quiet program," Mattox said. "We counsel people to seek housing where they will be comfortable — we want them to fit into neighborhoods, to become complements and not complaints." TAPE THIS AD TO YOUR WASHING Some Heavy Duty Detergents that contain water polluting phosphates. Cold Power ^Ajax. Gain Breeze Fab' Bold Punch Cheer* Drive Tide Dreft Bonus This ad can serve as a housewife's guide to water polluters. Because the phosphates in the detergents listed above promote the growth of algae pollution—killing fish, stagnating water, turning lakes into swamps. If you want to help save our nation's waters, switch to Arm & Hammer Washing Soda and use it together with a phosphate-free soap (like Lux or Ivory). Arm & Hammer Washing Soda is 100% free of phosphates. 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